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12:01 AM
@Burgi Did you watch yesterday's handcube match?
@ThatREDACTEDGuy You should get that checked out. I don't think passions are supposed to be on fire.
@Bob oh yes! the local team did much better than that team from the other part of the world
@Bob there was a popular song about that
@Bob What if it's a passion fruit? They're yellow, that's a start...
12:03 AM
aka "Help me I was on a mexican restaurant and didn't wash my hands before using the toilet"
"darling i don't want to alarm you but...."
@ThatREDACTEDGuy they have a cream for that
@JourneymanGeek Does that cream finds whoever was responsible for the business decision of A MANDADORY FUCKING ROOTKIT for allowing web banking access? And kills them with much, much, much much much much much pain?
@ThatREDACTEDGuy being on a restaurant is arkward. How did you even get on the roof?
@ThatREDACTEDGuy this is when one breaks out a vm
@JourneymanGeek mexican food... 'nuff said
12:06 AM
@ThatREDACTEDGuy not yet.
@JourneymanGeek To catch the aardvark arkward that you put up there.
@JourneymanGeek Oh well. And here was I going to order a couple tons.
@Burgi dig ya see that ludicrouos display laast noyht?
@Avery Oh god you sound just like the drank guy I met during Carnaval
@Avery the trouble with arsenal is that they try to walk it in
@ThatREDACTEDGuy drop it right on em?
12:09 AM
@Burgi What's Wenger doing sending Walcott on that early?
sadly thats the limit of my footing the ball knowlegde
@Avery Not the words, but the accent
12:19 AM
@Avery Drunk tourist during Carnaval trying to go down a slope street
We nearly carry drunk tourist to the end of said street
"Hey man, don't drink too much OK"
In the most English accent: "Too layhte"
Explaining it isn't funny but he had a drunk guy funny look and a a drunk English funny accent
For a better example just have one of our resident Englishmen drink lots of alcohol and then give them a call
I'm imagining this is a very deep, earthrumblingly loud voice.
So I really want to know how much money I have on the bank.
Historically I had to either install a rootkit ahem, "security module" on windows
Or run a java applet (inside a virtual machine, obviously) on a webpage
Now they retired the applet in favor of a .deb package
And the last step is rebooting the machine, so I need a VM with persistence, booting the ISO doesn't work anymore
They really force you to either install their "security module" or a mobile app
And my phone is broken
@JourneymanGeek Well, if you're going to break out, doing it in a VM is a good idea. Not sure if you'll have that much time to plan ahead though.
What's "break out" in this context?
All I know is I want to access my banking without layers of bureaucracy, inconvenience and mandatory bullshit
But I guess it wouldn't be true Brazilian banking without it
It's a single company providing the same app to all the banks and their userbase
> (intransitive) To suddenly get pimples, especially on one's face.
12:34 AM
Should be called "Stockholm" instead of "Warsaw".
I wonder how many billions do they make to turn my financial life such an annoyance.
(uh. it's... probably NSFW. gameplay video plus drunk talk.)
I once was at a tourist location and met a guy who worked at the IT sector of a bank.
One of the banks I use. One that works with Warsaw.
I asked if he'd mind if I killed him, just a little bit.
But IIRC Womble has an English accent
NFI which English accent though :P
1 hour later…
1:37 AM
Open Folder in VSCode... It does nothing. Do it again, still nothing. Try a couple more times; nothing, nothing, aaaaaand nothing.

*minutes later*

Hmm... Can I not have multiple open folders? :\
1:55 AM
@MichaelFrank ctrl+shift+n for new window
or wait for the update where they add multi-workspace-in-one-window
Yea, was just reading a git issue about that.
I'd just really like to load up a bunch of mutually exclusive folders in my Explorer tab and be able to switch between them.
they literally just added the preview last month :P
Ahh, I'm using Stable.
Oh well, it's a coming soon feature I guess. I can wait.
Can someone check the video on this site?

The first one at the top plays, but there are more down the page which seem to come up with invalid format for me.
2:11 AM
As a night owl, what's the best way to adapt to the world of work?
@bwDraco Coffee.
In college, I generally didn't get to bed until 3 am and would sleep to around 11:30 am.
(night classes where I wouldn't get home until 10 pm or even 11 pm were a huge factor - had late classes almost every semester)
If you don't have a reason to stay up later, just go to bed earlier.
For whatever reason, I'm often at my best at midnight.
Only because you've tuned yourself that way.
2:17 AM
@MichaelFrank works for me. firefox, win7
@Bob Yea, works on Chrome here... IE seems to fail with the second lot of videos though.
My guess is the page is just developed poorly and isn't loading the video properly in IE.
@MichaelFrank which one doesn't work?
@MichaelFrank Thanks - but I'm likely to get in trouble if I wake up at 4 am :\
@Bob All of them
@bwDraco You probably also shouldn't run multiple miles until you hallucinate...
@MichaelFrank Yes, but is AUSVAC005717-Arthur.mp4 one of the ones that doesn't work?
And which one does work?
2:24 AM
Alarm set at 6 am.
Good night.
@bwDraco But in all seriousness, if it takes you getting up at 4am for a couple of weeks to balance out the tail end of the day, it might be worth it?
@Bob Oh, none of the videos work in IE except the main one at the top of the page.
@MichaelFrank honestly that's abuse level.
pushing boundaries shouldn't require damaging the body that much.
@MichaelFrank And which one is the main one?
@Bob Yes
2:28 AM
Identical codecs, identical codec settings, slightly different bitrates.
Yea... so is the HTML that loads the file faulty?
lol... so if I take the <div> with the 'broken' video in it and throw it into an html file by itself, it works.
omg the Conditions of Use and Privacy links at the bottom 404...
Why is this on the internet! D:
Sep 5 '15 at 3:48, by DragonLord
I've experimented with wake-up times as early as 4:45am in the past (because top CEOs often wake up 6am or earlier), but could not get consistent results.
I'm reasonably sure you have cause and effect backwards.
There's a book I like to read to my daughter...

2:38 AM
@bwDraco those CEOs have been going to bed at 9pm not 4am
9pm? not really
Feb 16 '16 at 11:29, by bwDraco
When I ran the CEO wake-up time experiments last summer, I went to bed as early as 9:00 PM, early enough to cause issues with dinnertime.
also top CEOs tend to not have to drive themselves so they can nap while their chaffuer/pilot takes them to the office
they then take 3 days off to recover from having 20 minutes sleep before the board meeting etc
Is there anybody out there?
2:43 AM
nobody but us chickens
@Rahul2001 hi
3:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek hm?
4:12 AM
...is that ice skates thing real?
@Bob quack.
@MichaelFrank I heard years ago the pressure exerted causes a SMALL amount of water to melt and act as a lubricant, then it freezes back
4:27 AM
in The Bridge, 13 mins ago, by murgatroid99
@Memor-X Ice skates concentrate a lot of weight (relatively) onto a small area, which results in high pressure. That pressure causes localized melting, then the skates hydroplane on the thin layer of water, which quickly re-freezes after the skater has passed
also the static charge thing almost sounds like a high school thing
transfer of charge. Charge dosen't come from anywhere, it just flows
Yep, that's what Quora.com had to say about it as well.
5:06 AM
@Avery "localised" melting lol
the last ice rink I was on... let's say by the end of the hour "localised" would be a huge understatement
more like a 0.5cm pool of water
5:53 AM
Life is weird
@Rahul2001 Life is strange ;)
@bwDraco I got up today at 6:10am
i will do for the rest of my shifts too
As for adapting to the world of work, sadly, just accept you won't be at your best during work hours
@djsmiley2k I tried to parse that as six-colon-factorial-zero am... that didn't work :P
If you have the oppotunity for flexitime, then use it, but remember that people will still want meetings etc at 'normal' hours
The otherway is is shifts / night work
What is midnight for you, is someone elses 6am
6:08 AM
Also even with optimal timings you cannot be 100% all the time
Also yup
1 hour later…
7:15 AM
7:36 AM
@Bob Hi. BTW what is a "handcube match"?
7:48 AM
@DavidPostill A play on football :P
8 hours ago, by Burgi
@Avery its easy! just drink beer and talk "sports" loudly
'sports' :P
8:00 AM
@DavidPostill did you not see the local match?
@Burgi Why would I? I'm not a football fan. Stupid game :)
So, Quidditch would be broomball?
I heard the Lakers are a sure win in this year's Russian handegg league
Handegg! LOL.
Yeah. When I was a kid, I was shown a game in which someone who held a little brown thing under his arm kept running and battering everyone in his way. They told me it was football. I spend the rest of the game figuring out where is the ball and where is the foot.
Already seeing it in Wikipedia.
It's also a place
said to be where the game was invented
I like association football (soccer) a tiny bit, but that's all.
To be honest, I think association football is the only game called "football" in which foot and ball play the main role to the exclusion of everything else.
Rugby is ball on feet (moving)
American Football is lolwut.
8:18 AM
Are you saying every year, so many people attend the Superbowl to watch lolwut?
Q: I want to recover my old data , iam format my windows os and all drives then install kali linux

Tricks And TipsI want to recover my old data , iam format my windows os and all drives then install kali linux , how to recover old datas.? please help me

That username just makes me go 'oooooo spambot'
@DavidPostill i meant handcube...
@JourneymanGeek Pour un écu - Elyose 🎶
8:56 AM
what madness is this? Visual Studio... on OSX???
i've clearly fallen through the looking glass!
@Burgi Visual Studio or VS Code?
@OliverSalzburg they have both but the former is mostly rebranded Xamarin
But the actual Visual Studio shell runs on OSX?
the former
i don't think it lets me open or compile windows apps but we shall see
@Bob Ugh. That is sad
> The IDE loved by millions, now on the Mac.
i demand to know who these "millions" are that love VS
That is a crude children's painting of the IDE I love, now on the Mac :P
9:31 AM
@Burgi Count me in, then. Out of all the IDEs I've used, VS is by far the best.
Same experience for me
9:46 AM
PHPStorm is my favourite
but i survive with netbeans at home because i'm cheap and don't want to pay
going to mark VS for mac down.... it uses the default application icon
JetBrains IDEs are cancer
i like it
I have not worked with many IDEs that were worse. Eclipse comes to mind and then really small league stuff
netbeans is pretty shocking
I have not had the pleasure
9:55 AM
but you get what you pay for
Intellij IDEA is great.
Talking with Java and PHP developers about IDEs is really pointless. Everything that doesn't fall apart as soon as you type the first letter is considered top of the line quality
i just opened office for the first time in ages and its thrown a million windows at me
lol I'm not a developer, so I find it helps me figure out what I want to do. ;)
9:57 AM
Ah, I see
i don't get the current fashion with slim IDEs like atom and sublime
Really though, in the time we were using IDEA-based IDEs in our shop, I literally reported hundreds of issues. Some of those had serious impact on production because they introduced bugs into our codebase
And their support sucks so hard
And tickets stay open for years if they get attended to at all
Seriously one of the worst companies in the development software sector I know of
So what do you use?
Visual Studio and VS Code right now. The PHP coding we do, we still do in PHPStorm though. There really appears to be nothing better, as bad as it is
I don't have to touch PHP though. So I trust the people who have to use it. Our license still runs for months but it won't be extended. Not sure what we'll move to then
> The Kansas City Star reported some people had paid as much as $400 for their tickets -- which had sold out within minutes -- and that some attendees had even started lining up for the event at 6 a.m.
$400 Pokemon Go event
10:13 AM
Okay, so $400 was the scalped price people paid.
10:28 AM
The part that someone paid $400 for that isn't even the worst bit
Someone cared so much that they drove there in the hopes to get a ticket without having one and then they would even pay $400 for one
That feels like very weird behavior to me
to catch a pokemon?
Well, not sure what the primary motivation was
i didn't know people were still playing pokemon go...
oddly enough
ok so while i can edit VS projects i cannot build publish them on my macbook
10:42 AM
when i reboot, my machine removes the proxy settings o_O
@OliverSalzburg people flew from around the world, to go...
@djsmiley2k Group policy?
@OliverSalzburg maybe
Which proxy setting btw?
all of them! :D
proxy server, pac setting too
it never used to do this
Q: How do you apply proxy settings per computer instead of per user?

Oliver SalzburgSo far, I've used a user group policy object utilizing Internet Explorer maintenance to set a proxy for the user in IE. We have now deployed the Enterprise Client (EC) starter group policy to our domain and this policy affects this behavior. The EC group policy uses the policy Make proxy setting...

Q: How do I apply WinHTTP proxy settings domain-wide?

Oliver SalzburgWe're already configuring Internet Explorer proxy settings through group policy and it works great. Sadly, I've recently run into multiple issues where those settings are ignored by certain services. I realized that these service have one thing in common. They use WinHTTP, which has its own prox...

10:46 AM
I'm wondering if I'm the only person to reboot my desktop since friday ;D
I've messed with HTTP proxy on Windows quite a bit
this, is all turned off
including the one below that you can't see.
No idea how that looks on 10 when GPO is in effect
it lets me fix it
tis weird
I guess some changes are being made to my account due to me moving over to network teams
but still. :/
How could I check if the current gp is affecting it, as a non-admin?
gpresult /h a.html
10:54 AM
I was thinking I can look at the local group policy editor thing
but that'll work ;D
Hmm... I can change the Terminal font size in VSCode... How can I change the font size for the Problems, Output, and Debug Console windows?
@djsmiley2k That will only show details about local policies. Not group policies. To my knowledge at least
oh ok
@MichaelFrank No idea. I recently scaled down my entire VS Code UI and I'm loving it :D
@OliverSalzburg Yea, I just zoomed out, and it's exactly what I want.
I'm on a laptop atm, so my screen size is obviously limited.
10:56 AM
I find that very pleasant except for a couple of UI elements
No idea about the specific font size though. I assume you already searched through the settings file?
> Proxy server
Use a proxy server for your LAN (These settings will not apply to a dial-up or VPN connections) No UK Proxy Settings
well that's odd
That is surely wrong
maybe not, but there's no GP for the pac script...
Yea, there's a "terminal.integrated.fontSize": 12 setting, but not for the other three windows in that part of theUI
oh there's a machine policy called 'UK Proxy Settings '
I guess that's setting it, but I can't actually see what those policies set ?
@OliverSalzburg Okay, so you can change the OUTPUT font size... it's just tied to the Editor pane option for some reason...
11:10 AM
Yea, it's strange... Terminal has it's own setting, but all the other panes are tied to editor. shrug
"I only asked you out because dating me makes you happy, but I frankly cannot date anyone right now"
What was that even for
I'm done with people
@Rahul2001 best way tbh
Ha! Ha! That's funny. Although I wish there was a slight pause after the cycle.
11:37 AM
@Rahul2001 Sounds like a typical 16 y/o response.
wow the spam seems strong today.
@djsmiley2k How so?
@MichaelFrank meh. Life is messed up. Home, school, everywhere.
Don't have a single decent friend IRL anymore
12:08 PM
@FleetCommand just seeing a lot in the new posts
it dies shortly after
And something is seriously up with proxies and chrome today too
and lastpass is no longer accepting the same password I signed in with just a few hours ago
12:35 PM
A: JHipster relation between predefined table USER and my own table

allquixoticBasically you can't add new fields to the jhi_user table, and JDL won't let you do anything that would cause that to happen. You can add a User object reference to another entity with something like relationship ManyToOne { Mytable{userid} to User } Note there that I am not putting {anythin...

and this is what always happens with StackOverflow... nobody upvotes anything
the volume of questions vs. the volume of upvotes is seriously balanced in favor of questions
yesterday, by Rahul2001
Life is cool
7 hours ago, by Rahul2001
Life is weird
@allquixotic Well it is only 16 minutes since you answered ... :)
@Rahul2001 you are a teenager
12:39 PM
@Burgi still doesn't justify the crap that I'm going through at home
possibly not
@DavidPostill true enough, but I'm not expecting many upvotes realistically, since most of my correct answers on SO don't get many/any, and when I find good answers on SO, they only have like 2 to 5 upvotes max
@DavidPostill reading that makes me feel weird
Chill out and reflect and be happy and listen
12:43 PM
@allquixotic im at work
being happy at work is banned or something
I pinged Rahul, not you
you're required to suffer until you leave work
@allquixotic =D
forever then?
a good live song
> And it takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is
@Rahul2001 ^^
@allquixotic :)
1:00 PM
ok this'll be fun
I want to check the size of a folder
then make sure I have that much free space on a drive...
LOL! its come up on google maps to answer some questions about my local doctor's surgery....
> Is it recommended to make an appointment here?
> Paint will still ship with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, however its deprecated status means the app is "not in active development and might be removed in future releases".
I'm so used to the lovelyness of bash
have to use external tools
1:28 PM
zsh > bash
@DavidPostill WHAT!
@Burgi 3d paint!
but only jurassic park has the need for 3D screenshots!
1:40 PM
(I use paint.net or licecap)
~$360 for a 512 GB 960 Pro
~$400 for a 1 TB 850 EVO
choices, choices...
@Avery yah but bash is like dogs
bash is everywhere
cats aren't everywhere
but they're better than dogs
so wherever I can find a cat/zsh, I pet/use cat/zsh.
chsh -s /bin/cat
1:58 PM
I'm good with bash :P
2:26 PM
@Bob I'm back into ACI again :P
@djsmiley2k I'd say that I'm good with people, but that'd be a lie...
2:44 PM
Unrelated: anti-vax propaganda book, made worth linking by this review
(h/t Slate Star Codex)
@allquixotic ACI?
good new ones?
@Avery lies
TOWMN has been quiet recently
Hello to all!
@BenN 8b people is too much
lets stop vaccinating so we can reduce the population
2:54 PM
and increase suffering?
You can't suffer if you're not alive
if i ever have kids i'm getting them vaccinated against everything
(first message is serious [though not having as many children as we do nowadays is a better strategy], second and third aren't)
i have a spare McAfee license to use up...
@Avery What kind of vaccines?
2:56 PM
idk, i was sarcastic
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