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12:02 AM
@bwDraco, writing to M discs -- is that an intended feature of the drive or it just happens to be able to do it? I wasn't aware that the ability to use those discs on a regular drive was yet in the marketplace in any serious way. Are the discs readily available?
@fixer1234 Yes - the local Best Buy sells them.
How does the price compare to regular discs?
Not cheap, but within reason. Best Buy charges $40 for a spindle of 25.
Well, if they don't last 1,000 years, you can always ask for your money back in 999 years.
I'm very skeptical of the "1,000 year life" claim, but they will almost certainly last longer than ordinary discs.
There should be little reason to believe that they won't hold up for at least a few decades.
(ordinary burned optical discs are generally good for 5-10 years)
12:09 AM
Once they're burned, if it was done while the disks were young and they're stored using "proper disc hygiene", they should last for several decades.
If you're using archival grade DVD-Rs.
@bwDraco, LOL. I looked at the discs on Amazon. A bunch of people rated them as 3 stars, saying they seem to work, but they needed to wait 1,000 years to evaluate the service life claim before upping the rating to 5 stars.
LOL indeed.
12:32 AM
Speaking of optical media...
Who here remembers the high-definition optical disc format war?
I participated in the Betamax vs. VHS war (and lost). The lower quality product won, despite my big investment in a Betamax recorder and tapes.
did someone say vim vs emacs?
because emacs lost.
I was referring to BD vs HD DVD.
hd dvd never even came here
bd was huge
the sizes...
3 of those were bigger than my hard drive back then
nowadays, a quadruple layer bd is still bigger than my drive.
1:03 AM
@bwDraco not that long ago
and not sure anyone really won.
BD won.
BD never really got popular
everything is digital now
People still buy BD movies.
hm, that is odd. I just realised google detects my phone as a oneplus 3T
BD releases are still there, but with Netflix, Google Play Movies, Xbox Movies and the likes getting popular, they're slowly dying
1:05 AM
@bwDraco eh, BD walked out of that fight, bloody and bruised. Then streaming video took it out the back and kicked the snot out of it before it could recover.
@JourneymanGeek ONEPLUS A3003 (the EMEA model)?
@bwDraco 3000 the chinese/US model
@JourneymanGeek Hmm...
fleabayed that.If I get another one, will likely buy on amazon india and have it shipped to india and pick it up
My phone shows up as a ONEPLUS A3000 but I renamed it in Google Play.
The China model is A3010. A3000 is the North America model.
1:07 AM
odd. Pretty sure the chinese model is 3000 too, and mine was listed with the chinese bands
also was reflashed with a dodgy rom, and I reflashed it to standard
Mine's running LineageOS.
tbh, I am sorely tempted by the op5, but eh, too soon
especially with me getting the jelly (mainly as PMP tho)
(super tiny android phone)
@JourneymanGeek I have one of those dedicated Hi-Fi PMPs (Cowon Plenue D).
Portable music player.
1:12 AM
android as pmp? meh
I kinda considered those
@Avery eh, + can use wifi for chat apps + notifications + spare phone.
I don't really think there's any standalone PMPs that work for me anyway
also, I tend to throw foobar2k for android on then <3
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, too soon. I got the 3T because I had no choice. My Nexus 5X broke on me.
Apr 5 at 1:55, by bwDraco
...and my Nexus 5X has started to bootloop. I may not be able to recover it.
@bwDraco the 3 is fine for my use. TBH, the only thing the 5 has for me now is the better camera and the blackness
Apr 7 at 20:48, by bwDraco
Ysmir's beard, Dash Charge is F-A-S-T!
Went from 20% to 91% in about an hour. Wasn't keeping track exactly how long, though.
I tend not to use the Dash Charger, but it's always plugged in, at one specific location, so if I'm in a hurry and need to charge my phone, I can just charge it right up without worrying about setting up the charger.
that's more or less what I do
then use a normal charger for overnight use
1:29 AM
So... this is the first time I've tried using DVDs for a Windows system image backup. It looks like it'll take four discs, and the fourth disc is apparently far from full (Windows compresses it; it otherwise would fill five discs).
Windows formatted the discs as UDF.
It helps that this Windows installation is less than 20 GB in size.
I kinda regret not getting the slimline version. This thing is huge.
(Purchased at Best Buy, with a reward certificate taking $5 off the cost)
Manufactured by HLDS, the largest manufacturer of optical drives.
Then again, it's not something I would need to carry under normal circumstances, and besides, it'll be used with my upcoming desktop build (so there's no need to specify a optical drive for it any more). Win-win.
External = easily usable on multiple computers.
1:51 AM
I was going to add an optical drive to my current system when I thought I needed it...
Its been what? 4-5 years?
and I burn like 1-2 disks a year
I used to burn lots of DVDs for photo archiving. That's been replaced with Backblaze B2.
There are few things more secure than an offsite backup.
2:04 AM
Feb 6 at 2:52, by Oliver Salzburg
user image
@bwDraco, the listing for your DVD writer doesn't list M-discs. Do they advertise that?
Pay attention to the product image.
Missed it. Yeah, right on the door.
@JourneymanGeek I have mine if only because I moved it from the old one :P
(the M-DISC logo on the Amazon product image is old)
The glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet.
2:19 AM
blmp sounds like a fox noise
well it was me trying to say flomp and typoing hard
why not just buy amazon.com/dp/B00ODDE33U and not that?
2:25 AM
btw @Bob, I'm still in J2EE7 hell
Wishing you could reverse engineer your DB schema into JPA entities from the reference implementation Apache OpenJPA from a Maven lifecycle goal? NOPE! Doesn't work. In fact OpenJPA generates totally useless entities with zillions of errors.
Oh, what's that, you thought the Eclipse built-in tool could do it? HAHA! No! It won't pick up any of your entity relationships, so you'd have to key them in manually!
@allquixotic Apache, ew. Maven, ew. Eclipse, ew.
So you're stuck using NetBeans (which AFAIK can't be scripted) to regenerate your JPA entities.
@allquixotic Hey, I'm actually kinda happy with NetBeans :P
I mean, it's not VS, but at least it's not Eclipse.
My experience with NetBeans has been very positive thus far.
> Disclaimer: this is purely an experiment, it is not a recommended and supported way of doing things at this point.
2:27 AM
It's a bit of a memory hog, but the code completion is almost as good as IntelliSense.
my main gripe with Eclipse is just how slow it is, but then I'm using it on virtual servers and on a desktop both with HDDs, no SSD
and not very much memory (8 GB or 4 GB)
I tried Eclipse for C++ development (CDT). It sucked.
NetBeans handles both C++ and HTML5/JS quite well.
I wonder if Eclipse has improved over the last few years...
@bwDraco it keeps expanding in its featureset, etc. with a reliable yearly release schedule, and most of its components aren't unmaintained (someone picks them up if they get abandoned), but it's still chock full of bugs and hitches
and its biggest drawback is performance
@allquixotic NetBeans performs well, and is pretty stable, but has a much slower release cycle.
@bwDraco Eh, last time I did C++ I used VS. Last time I did GCC C++, I used Code::Blocks (and occasionally KDevelop).
If I were to do GCC now? Probably back to VS. Because they support it now :)
2:47 AM
I really want to learn Rust
@allquixotic Not Go? :P
it's the only modern language with a fair amount of syntax sugar (and safety to prevent programmers from shooting themselves in the foot) that has an extremely thin runtime and built-in bidirectional C linkage
Go still can't produce native C libraries with stdcall exports that other C programs can call
Rust can
hell, .NET CoreRT can't
I should learn PowerShell.
@bwDraco automatic star for @BenN
2:49 AM
@allquixotic IIRC it can with some hackery
But you still need to write the interface layer at the moment.
@Bob It can't. It's not implemented. github.com/dotnet/corert/issues/1285
Unless you use C++/CLI but that's Windows-only and needs the full Framework
maybe you can from regular C# with the full framework, but you can't with CoreRT
@allquixotic You can, you just need to write an interface in C
oh, I see
2:50 AM
You write your exports in C, and write a bit of code to init the .NET runtime and call the .NET function.
PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-WmiObject win32_battery
Get-WmiObject : Critical error
At line:1 char:1
+ Get-WmiObject win32_battery
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [Get-WmiObject], ManagementException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : GetWMIManagementException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetWmiObjectCommand
@allquixotic I think the point of that issue is to generate all this automatically.
@allquixotic I was looking at this before: github.com/dotnet/corert/issues/768
And there was another issue with more detail in a different repo.
Oh. @allquixotic I was looking coreclr (JIT), not corert (AOT). Maybe not doable in corert yet...
Though based off that issue comment, probably doable.
I'm just amused at the amount of contortions they have to go through to get native C stdcall convention symbols in .NET, whereas with Rust it's literally built-in since almost the very beginning of the language's life
I guess the question is, does Rust have the bindings I need (or can I natively call the C APIs I need) for my TS plugin
3:01 AM
@allquixotic Well, it worked fine for me with unmanagedexports on the full framework :P
corert is far from mature :P
@allquixotic Didn't you have it working with C++?
3:14 AM
why even use TS
@Bob yeah, TS3 plugin works great with C++
3:32 AM
Jan 26 at 23:07, by bwDraco
Is Ashes of the Singularity NUMA-aware?
Someone tries it on a dual-socket Xeon E5-2670 machine (2P/16C/32T Sandy Bridge-EP):
It saturates the entire first socket, with some load on the second processor.
This is an extreme case in multithreaded gaming. This is one of the very few gaming workloads that can come anywhere near fully stressing a 16C system.
Once Threadripper comes out, I'm sure people will be benching the game on it, this time on a much faster CPU.
The Xeon processors in this video are disadvantaged by slow clock speeds and an old architecture, but it does show the kind of thread scaling the game is capable of.
The game is able to put a 75% load on a 16-core dual-socket server.
3:51 AM
@bwDraco not very high perf on the individual cores of a Sandy though
wake me up if it can peg Skylake-X top-end part :P
#AshesoftheSingularity is infamous for being insanely CPU-heavy. What if you threw a 16C dual-socket server at it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkftReyVUMw
The very fact that the game brought a 2P/16C/32T server to its knees is a testament to the incredible engineering that Oxide Games put into the Nitrous engine.
4P/96C/192T Broadwell-EX scores 7732 on Cinebench R15.
The AotS video isn't quite up to date. I would really like to see what would happen if somebody ran a recent version of the game on an Intel Xeon Scalable (Skylake-SP) or AMD EPYC (Naples) system with at least 16 24 cores...
...and a beefy GPU like a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti so that the graphics card isn't the bottleneck.
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6:07 AM
Q: Questioned marked as a duplicate (5 times) and original is answered but duplicate is not tagged as "answered"

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7:14 AM
@ThatREDACTEDGuy my 2 1 TB disks have only a few GB left.
if you have any ideas
Q: polylang menu for multilingual website

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hey @satibel, how's life?
7:39 AM
I've got my van rolling.
@satibel kewl
and I finish my job at the end of the week.
@satibel you're going to new pasture?
going to freelance.
@satibel wow
7:49 AM
I'm looking at buying this for my laptop: dell.com/en-us/work/shop/…
And it got me wondering, could I use it with my desktop as well, as long as I get a ThunderBolt port in some way?
It would be very convenient if it was just one cable I had to switch to switch between working on my desktop and laptop.
8:01 AM
what would be the best site to ask questions on polylang,please?
@WilliamMariager yes, you can, probably.
though it seems a bit expensive, look around for alternatives, there probably are some for 100$ less.
I'll browse around a bit. As long as it has the features I need, like charging and multiple 4k displays.
8:23 AM
Does Jeff have root on all Discourse installations? discuss.jsonapi.org/u/codinghorror/summary
8:58 AM
@bwDraco Works here :)
@OliverSalzburg really interesting, the CEH study book alone costs 30$
I bought the whole pack. Hopefully I'll find time to browse through the books :D
Could be something to read when I get my Remarkable
@OliverSalzburg What format are the books? pdf?
@DavidPostill It differs. One sec
@OliverSalzburg Thanks.
9:40 AM
shit... i may have forgotten to pay the parking on that day...
its now looking like the charges are shifted 24 hours
keeps stum
so what was on the bank statement?
i have no idea... totally confused
ugh, got my new 7 inch screen. I have no time to set it up today tho
state mandated fitness classes n all that.
@JourneymanGeek How long do you have to take those classes? Until ultimate fitness is achieved?
9:49 AM
define fitness
and elaborate on state mandated
dog training classes :P
@OliverSalzburg until we can confirm who's a good boy?
National Service in Singapore, (commonly known as NS), is a statutory requirement for all male Singaporean citizens and second-generation permanent residents to undergo a period of compulsory service in the uniformed services. Depending on physical and medical fitness, they serve a two-year period as National Servicemen Full-time (NSFs), either in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF), or the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). A 2-month reduction in full-time National Service is given for pre-enlistees who are able to pass their National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA...
I bet that article has the answer to my question :/
conscription is terrible and shouldn't be a thing in 2017.
9:54 AM
@Avery Yeah, let's keep places in the army free for those who actually want to kill people </sarcasm>
yolo, you only lose once.
the concept of wars and army in 2017 is also...
also borders
Armies are terrible and shouldn't be a thing in 2017.
nasa can't put people on mars because of budget cuts.
Where does that budget go?
The USA Army.
The Army that doesn't even fight. Just bomb isis every now and then for show.
9:56 AM
@OliverSalzburg until I pass, hit 40 or die.
what's more important: throwing metal pieces into other humans with expensive automated slingshots like a rich kid or actually acting towards the future of human kind?
Obviously former.
militaries are necessary as a deterrent and for national protection
@Avery I don't think the Turkish Army is any better ...
@JourneymanGeek So, get buff. Beefcake. BEEFCAKE!!
turkey invaded syria last year without a UN mandate
10:01 AM
@Burgi you don't need the world's biggest army to defend your nation
especially when no one really attacked you in many years
yes we do...
have you heard of NATO?
how so?
Of course.
@Burgi Don't forget the coup
During the coup, over 300 people were killed[35] and more than 2,100 were injured. Many government buildings, including the Turkish Parliament and the Presidential Palace, were bombed from the air.[56]

Mass arrests followed, with at least 40,000 detained,[35][57] including at least 10,000 soldiers and, for reasons that remain unclear, 2,745 judges.[58][59] 15,000 education staff were also suspended and the licenses of 21,000 teachers working at private institutions were revoked as well after the government alleged they were loyal to Gülen.[60] More than 100,000 people have been arrested or
@DavidPostill we also jailed someone UN listed as having diplomatic immunity
@DavidPostill self coup.
@Avery Oh. Didn't know that.
10:03 AM
also yeah
as second paragraph details, there were unexplained firings.
@Burgi Turkey is a member of NATO.
they can't vote against you if they're in jail™
Eh. It's a waste of my time, mainly :p
that's my point
why throw bodies at each other when we have STEM
not saying "nuke them all", just... fight with your economy and education, not expensive toys.
@DavidPostill i know
10:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek TIL: Apparently the Singapore Army has (or had) people in Iraq and Syria... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_intervention_against_ISIL
@Avery Me no like what say, me bash head you with wooden club.
10:25 AM
last time i sat down with a brew the hire car people arrived
@DavidPostill yup. We send regulars for peacekeeping missions.
In situations like this I think it's often medics.
10:45 AM
Are any of you using shared Exchange calendars on their Android device and could tell me how to set it up?
LOL! i sat down with this brew and the mechanic arrived
Even the Outlook app from Microsoft doesn't seem to do it :(
11:13 AM
Hmm, apparently that's just how it is with ActiveSync
@Burgi 32001 cups of tea :)
@OliverSalzburg sync Exchange to Google apps's calendar, then sync android to it.
11:33 AM
@satibel Yeah, I do something like that right now. I was hoping there was a more user-friendly way
Calendars might have been a bad example though. We're interested also in Contacts. Pretty much any folder
This is trivial in Google Calendar. I don't understand why it's such a pain with Exchange since forever
I thought Exchange was a business thing and I find it very common to have shared resources in a business. The fact that this use case is not covered at all by any existing approaches is disappointing
solution: sync all exchange stuff to G apps, use G apps and praise our mighty overlord Google.
More Google gamification
I don't even remember contributing to anything
@OliverSalzburg Hahaha. You must be sending some kind of usage information ...
11:49 AM
Looking at the contribute page, I now remember clicking through it once for fun
Apparently that's enough to make top 20%! :D
@OliverSalzburg almost nobody does it, so doing it a few times would put you in the top 5-10%
Apparently, yeah. And you think it would be easy, until they show you 7 different translations for a sentence which are all kinda right
I contribute to Maps a bit. That is fun. And you actually get some real perks. But you probably have to contribute quite a lot for the good ones
I'm level 5 and I get 3 months Google Music Unlimited or a couple of free movies on Play
Which is pretty meh
12:09 PM
so i was playing with the buttons in my hire car turns out the previous user have synced their phones up and i can see all their contact details
Sweet :D
@Burgi call them randomly!
@OliverSalzburg the maps stuff is the same
my wife loves it
@OliverSalzburg real perks you say.
tell me more
I'm level 5, I don't think it's given me anything o_O
i'm level 6 on the maps thing because i uploaded a photo of my local pub
you get nothing back which is annoying
@Burgi wetf
you must of uploaded more than that
I've done hundreds of photos, and corrections etc
12:14 PM
its got 2000 likes or something
my gorgeous photos of sciliy have only had 1 or 2 likes
so drunk blurry photos of pubs is the way forward
the movies thing might be the best option
Lol. Dog park photos are my main source of level ups on Google maps.
this is wher you claim it
ah i'm lvl 5, not 6 sorry
> Level 5 - 1,358 points
12:26 PM
I'm probably level 0
@Burgi Unfortunately I'm nowhere near Kuala Lumpa :/
@djsmiley2k Dunno what is required to receive them. Might also take some time. I've enrolled in Local Guides for quite some time
The best thing about the higher levels is that changes get accepted almost instantly for me
I'm changing the world!
1:04 PM
@OliverSalzburg you go to the page i linked
and it asks you top right what you want
@Burgi lol no Gene
@djsmiley2k Oh, neat. Yeah, I might give give Play Music a try
I really like it
even without subscribing it gives you access to your libarary iif you upload it
i have 60GB of music
can i uplaod it all or am i better off sticking with itunes?
1:21 PM
@Burgi You can upload all of it
Apparently the limit is 50,000 tracks
@Burgi I uploaded all of mine
I'm currently on Spotify because they had the better collection when I was switching to streaming music
@Burgi I have ~250GB of music, thanks flac x)
As a EU citizen, where do I claim my share?
1:55 PM
@OliverSalzburg your daily 0.1 cent? :p
I'd take it!
As owner of a Qualcomm CPU, I feel like I deserve 0.2 cent anyway
can we get that knocked off the UK's exit bill?
andd... there's a photo of the 27 contact lenses gizmodo.com/…
@Burgi Yes
(I have... over a hundred gigs, tho some of it is flac. Limit is by tracks not size)
2:04 PM
How do you not notice a contact lens going missing in your eye? Let alone 27?
@OliverSalzburg errrr
I once lost a contact lens and it drove me crazy. I couldn't stop thinking that it was above my eye
@JourneymanGeek Happened to you?
naw her. THey don't make contact lenses for dogs.
2:08 PM
The article sounded like she didn't realize there were missing lenses in her eye. Maybe I skipped an important bit
Anyway, 27 lenses, give me a break
they aren't too bright in solihull....
if they were, they'd move
I'd be offended on their behalf if I knew where it was
@DavidPostill Oddly enough, the command works now.
That's cool
2:24 PM
@JourneymanGeek birmingham
@Rahul2001 'ice
I see what you mean
I've lost contact lenses before (and found most of them) but not behind my eyelids :)
@DavidPostill 0_0
@OliverSalzburg she's 60+?
@Burgi rofl
2:36 PM
@Rahul2001 They are usually found somewhere nearby when they "jump" as you take them out or they fall out because of irritation in your eye (sand in your eye or similar). I once found one that had dropped into my shirt pocket after searching every else ...
these jellybabies taste like...
paint maybe
varnish? I can't decide...
@DavidPostill lol
tho strange that the wife today found some bread that was mouldy, and having eaten a bit said it tasted like nail varnish remover (Acetone)
They smell normal.... just taste like.... chemica
@djsmiley2k Is this part of the contact lens conversation? ;)
/me continues to eat them anyway
@DavidPostill lul
'weird things smiley thinks while at work'
2:41 PM
Yesterday's DVD drive purchase brought this up: How many kids don't know what an optical drive is?
@djsmiley2k So?
That is no reason to not realize that you've shoved 27 contact lenses into your eye without taking them out
Q: What would prostitutes wear in a setting where skimpy clothing is a sign of rank

tokkoI'm in the early stages of a fantasy late medieval world where only women can perform magic. The society is run by witches (all witches are part of the nobility and all of the nobility are witches). Once you show signs of magic you are adopted into one of the clans and apprenticed to one of the l...

clickbait much?
there's no advertisement there
@Burgi It's already on hold ...
2:58 PM
is it you @Rahul2001 :?
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