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7:00 PM
Them's on every milk pack!
Surely one should know what them's called?
Cross marks?
@KitFox tried cross, tried square, to no avail.
@RegDwightΒВBẞ8 adobe do?
The problem seems to be that "screen" and "printing" match every single image on the Internet.
7:02 PM
Progressive color bar, huh.
Registration marks.
What the hell kind of crazy image is that anyway?
Can you imagine being that model?
> color charts or quality control strips
> colour bar
InDesign has options for crop marks, bleed marks, registration marks, and color bars all under Printer's Marks
7:05 PM
The most common term seems to be colour bar.
Also, bleed and slug options, which sound very threatening when you've forgotten what it's for
don't slug me! I bleed easily
slugs enemy hounds and bleeds them dry
@Cerberus not for Google Images.
I am still looking for the term to link to from within my comment.
The German term is Passermarke.
@Cerberus Don't worry, there isn't really much competition for your post as guard of the gates of hell.
7:11 PM
Proofing bar?
Colour control bar/strip?
@Mahnax Good, good.
I still see colour bar everywhere.
@Cerberus nope and nope and nope. So far registration mark has the most usable GIS results.
I think it is the most-used casual term.
Why are you focused on Google Images?
I wanted to have a handy link.
Matt is right on the money. What printers actually do is have a wet run, and then check the registration marks or color bars for proper alignment. (You've probably seen those many times, when you tore apart a pack of milk, or other commercial packaging.) — RegDwight ΒВBẞ8 57 secs ago
Let him google it for him.
I got better stuff to do with the rest of this evening.
Speaking of which, AFK.
7:16 PM
@MattЭллен Nice.
I cycled ~40 miles today. I am still enjoying the endorphines
Though the grey under the nails isn't calibrated correctly.
Wow, that's far.
Yeah. I'm practising for the 63 miles at the end of the month
I'm joining my friend on a sponsored cycle ride
I'm a little worried because Oxfordshire is quite flat and the ride we're doing ascends 1.2 km
@MattЭллен yeesh
It's surprisingly not that hard. I had an hour break at the 20 mile mark, and so long as you just keep going, there's not much to it :D
7:25 PM
Woo! I finished my fourth module in this class and now I get a spare every other day.
It was a pretty boring module, but it's done.
What was it?
Albeit not particularly well, but I really don't care about this class.
Audio/Video stuff.
oh, nice
7:26 PM
I didn't put in the effort to make it all sparkly, I just got it done. Maybe I'll get 80%, tops.
sounds fun, even if it's not :)
@Matt my town is wickedly hilly; I can't imagine
hill-acious, if you will
@Mahnax yes, but with hills (^__^)
is that an empty cup?
7:29 PM
It wouldn't let me make asterisk face ._.
(* _ *)
[golf clap]
I was going to go that route, but I wasn't sure spaces would fool it
thanks. it required skills that one is born with, you can't learn this talent
(* _ *)
@Mahnax how long do the modules last?
oh, rub it in @Matt :D
@cornbreadninja Not too long.
Depends on the effort you put in, I guess.
I did absolutely nothing for the whole month of May.
And I still get a spare.
7:31 PM
@Mahnax oh, I thought they might be semester-like
@cornbreadninja Nah.
@Mahnax so you have something of a free period now?
@cornbreadninja Yeah. I don't even have to come to school for this class anymore.
@Mahnax sweet
@RegDwightΒВBẞ8 That's what I said!
7:39 PM
A: Along or Across

JLGAlong the road to success is a fairly common phrase, getting 2,000,000 results on a Google search of that exact phrase. I would choose along.

How many results do you get by clicking on his link?
Funny, I only get 122,000 by following your link. And only 1030 for "obstacles along the road to success". {And only one single hit for "obstacles across the road to success", but a whopping 13000 for "obstacles on the road to success".) — RegDwight ΒВBẞ8 2 mins ago
About 2,000,000 (0.11 seconds)
chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/4830062#4830062 Are you talking about registration marks?
Ha! Yes! See? I was right!
@KitFox grrr. Can you check the other phrases from my comment, pretty please?
"obstacles along the road to success" about 2,880
"obstacles across the road to success" just 1
7:42 PM
"obstacles on the road to success" 76,600
This will be my new symbol of mobility.
Wow. That's a nice looking cane.
You damn betcha. I ordered the one in walnut.
I would surely want to shag anyone using such a lovely device, were I not otherwise and such and so.
7:43 PM
@KitFox Did you also look for "obstacles on the road to success"?
1 min ago, by KitFox
"obstacles on the road to success" 76,600
Oh, yes, you did.
And I agree with @Reg that that is the most natural way to say it.
Right. I must be off now, to retrieve my children.
@cornbreadninja I'm going to get a really shoddy mark on this project but I am OK with that.
As long as it's more than 50%.
Gotta run, bye!
7:47 PM
it first said 2,000,000, then I went to page 10 and it more than doubled
@MattЭллен oh come on.
Your Internet is bigger to celebrate the Queen.
I don't think Google hits is the best way to rank things, anyway. a lot of it is just people being wrong.
Well yeah. But people are wrong about everything which is why it still makes sense to look at the figures and compare them.
And of course you are welcome to post a BNC/COCA answer.
7:50 PM
I get this, somehow.
No search.
No idea what this means.
@Cerberus how do you mean? I do see a search bar at the top.
Well, it's got you pegged :D "not ready for change". probably noticed your'e still running XP
@RegDwightΒВBẞ8 I clicked on the OP's link.
I get 122k results at first, like you, but this later changes into 295k:
I guess europeans are less prone to search for these things
This changed from 4.4M to 10.9M.
7:53 PM
weird how where you are defines what results you get
well, not that weird
No I think it's just what page you are on.
but I would want a quoted phrase to give the same results regardless of location
@Cerberus we all clicked the same link - we should all be on the same page, but you and reg get 10x fewer results
but your "along the road to success" is 10x fewer
Yes, odd.
The other results align with yours, but not this one.
Perhaps we are on different CDNs?
@MattЭллен I can't click the link, it doesn't work.
7:57 PM
yeah, probably something like that
@Cerberus ah
I searched it myself.
well done!
Perhaps he has some weird option set in his link?
@MattЭллен Thanks!!
@Cerberus that messes searches up for the Netherlands?
What happens if you click mah link?
7:57 PM
@Cerberus you mean Americans are by default on page 5? And the Brits land on page 3?
@MattЭллен Yes...?
@RegDwightΒВBẞ8 I mean that the number of hits depend son which page you are on in the results, see above.
The number often increases or decreases a thousandfold between the first and the fifth page.
@Cerberus I get the results
@Cerberus yes, I got that. I'm asking a follow-up question.
@MattЭллен 295k?
oh! yes
7:59 PM
@RegDwightΒВBẞ8 I have no idea what you mean, so I just repeated my own stuff.
@MattЭллен So it is the link, not your IP.
May 21 at 19:32, by RegDwight ΒВBẞ8
@Cerberus I can't even parse that, so I'll just disagree.
@Cerberus odd, it must be something to do with the ei parameter
See, it triggers a different default process on this side of the Rhine.
@MattЭллен I see...
That commercial is very funny, btw. Typical of the British tabloids.
Yeah, it makes me a little sick, but I laughed too
but then I'm not a sun reader, so it's fine :D
@RegDwightΒВBẞ8 that question is totally idiotic....except the best answer of the two choices given must be 'along'.
But answering that way is misleading.
But not answering 'along' is not answering the question as stated.
the answer is not 'across', but it's not about English but about whether you drive mostly or walk.
8:10 PM
@Mitch well no one prevents you from answering the question as stated and then adding your two cents.
In fact, that's what we do all the time, no?
You gave my two cents already.
In a comment, yes.
So I came here to rant instead.
Well sorry but I took the liberty of ranting myself as well.
So nothing left for you to do.
I am going to rant about that now.
which will solve the problem.
8:13 PM
Fine! You want me to rant about something else? FINE!!
In Fran Drescher's voice.
That's hot!
I said voice.
Fo sizzle.
Oh, and can someone retag that question? I'm too lazy. Besides, I'm playing Paladog.
Get rid of the rap tag.
A: Meaning and origin of "That dog don't hunt"

RanvirIts the Red neck version of deep Confucius wisdom.

8:31 PM
@RegDwightΒВBẞ8 what 'rap' tag? the across/along has the idiotic^H^H^H^H^H^H^Huninformative 'word' tag though
8:41 PM
Word is very rappy. You have no idea, no idea.
@RegDwightΒВBẞ8 You misspelled crappy.
@MrShinyandNew: Another example: I used this screensaver that shows a slideshow of images in certain folders, with a nice colour-fade effect. Now it appear this was a trial version, and they want me to pay $20.
Who would ever buy a program like that for $20?
If it had been € 2, and there had been an easy Paypal link, I might have bought it.
8:58 PM
@Cerberus doesn't the default screensaver work like that?
by default, I mean MS supplied ones
@MattЭллен Yes, there is something like that, but it doesn't have many features.
No keys to pause, go back one image, and such.
I see. but it's a screen saver. if you want a slide show, surely you'd use the slideshow feature of the picture previewer?
@Robusto you must know, as the word expert of this chat.
May 9 at 15:55, by Robusto
@MattЭллен But I want it as a screensaver.
fair enough.
9:15 PM

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