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Q: What was the point of the exercise at the start of Way of the Warrior

1252748At the beginning of Way of the Warrior the entire DS9 crew is busy flushing out a Changeling in what turns out to be a drill. But the whole thing ends when Odo grabs Dr Bashir by his shoulder, in a pretty indistinct part of The Promenade. What was the point of this drill? He just grabs Dr Bashir ...

@Jenayah That's not really necessary, though. In fact it's debatable that they're a trilogy to begin with.
@NapoleonWilson that's my entirely subjective proposition based on my history of viewing the movies :p
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Q: Is Aquaman (2018) before or after Justice League (2017)?

N. H. TungI've seen just Aquaman trailers. I saw that this is the first time Arthur Curry came to Atlantis. Arthur and Mera first met too. In Justice League, Arthur came to Atlantis like he knew it before to borrow armors and weapons. He used the trident in battles against Superman and Steppenwolf. He an...

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Q: Movie about a doctor that managed to slow human aging process but subsequently the experiment went weird.

PalliserI remember watching in the mid-90s a color movie -with English subtitles- about a clinic with a doctor that treated elderly people. This doctor discovered how to delay the aging process in humans. The doctor experimented on himself and few weeks after everything worked well, the delaying process ...

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Q: Lost Drarry Fan Fic SOS

Erin MacRitchiethis is kind of shot in the dark but I forgot the name of a Drarry fic that is kind of driving me crazy. Its a really long one where Draco lives in New York and works at a tattoo shop as well as with at risk youth. He is 'cursed' to see Harry in his dreams. The story is really Draco centric, ...

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@Jenayah Done.
2 hours later…
5:14 AM
@Alex :D
Liked it?
@Jenayah Lots of dead bodies.
@Alex that's not all there is to it, though.
@Jenayah True, I also learned who wins when a rifle goes up against a pistol.
@Alex :p
I guess it's a good thing I didn't stop halfway through – then I would have had the wrong answer.
5:52 AM
You still haven't answered whether you liked it :p
2 hours later…
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@pkgw @caprastro It’s true. Very stressful weekend. Right now HST is in safe mode while we figure out what to do. Another gyro failed. First step is try to bring back the last gyro, which had been off, and is being problematic.
Uh-oh. Hubble Trouble.
@Donald.McLean ?
@Jenayah left a comment directing the user to scifi.stackexchange.com/help/merging-accounts
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@Jenayah Can you be a bit more careful with some reviews please: This one was full of noise and quoted from a source without attribution: scifi.stackexchange.com/review/first-posts/133728
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@TheLethalCarrot tbh the noise seemed ok-ish compared to some, but aye my fault for quote
Thanks for pointing it out!
@SQB hope they will
Okayish but there was a lot of it
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So does the other new answer there
Q: Manga where two students are reincarnated in another world with magic and adventurers

GurenThis manga is about two students that died in an accident and are reincarnated in another world with magic and adventurers. The girl can wield magic of like 5 elements. I forgot about the guy, he can also wield magic and was described as "has a lot of potential to grow" or something like that.

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@TheLethalCarrot some people just don't have anything better to do with their lives
@TheLethalCarrot aye aye, I'd be an hypocrite if I were to tell others not to check up after me
'specially you ahah
No, we sorted them out quite quickly though
I wasn't checking up on you btw haha, came across it from the homepage, realised it was a FP/LA and checked the reviews to see why it hadn't been sorted and saw both were NAN
False positive, Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is a false positive don't you think?
Dunno mate never been there
Me neither :P
First posts/late answer
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Finished A Song of Ice and Fire, book 1: A Game of Thrones.
10:56 AM
So we have 5 questions and 8 questions.
Of the two implausible matchups, is winning.
But why no ?
No ones asked anything about it?
No ones bothered creating the tag?
@TheLethalCarrot No, there are some questions.
...until now
Q: Book about accidental time travel using a mirror to ancient Egypt

SynerCoderI am looking for a book about time travel. In modern times, a boy (and a girl?) see a person walk into a shop, they quickly become angry at the person for no reason and chase him into the street. After a quick chase the person touches a mirror and then jumps into the mirror or gets sucked into t...

Fanfic ids, in my experience, are usually asked by new users who can't create tags and I'd imagine, a lot of users like myself, don't really care for the HP type of fanfic tags already
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Also, we need Herverus?
I wouldn't say we need them
I don't think any of those tags are useful. The same could be accomplished by a keyword search.
Of all the Harry Potter fan-fiction questions, more than half have been asked in the last year.
I don't but a meta, or chat here, previously decided they were useful enough
11:05 AM
Even though our site traffic isn't notably up! It seems to me that the fanfic brigade has found our site.
I think the conclusion was that they were a popular enough type of HP fan fiction that they deserved their own tag
Roughly ten such questions were asked in the last month alone.
Adding the and tags could be responsible
@Adamant Because it just looks like a misspelling of Hermione.
@Jenayah Yes.
11:32 AM
@Alex "yes I liked it" or "yes I haven't answered"? Can never be too sure with you ;p
@Jenayah Both? Though I guess it depends how exactly we are defining "like". (Sorry if I'm maddening.)
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@Mithrandir I don't like the tags either, but it's not true that a keyword search would catch them all. Plenty of "Dramione" questions might not actually use the word "Dramione", and searching for posts containing "Draco" and "Hermione" would yield a lot of false positives.
I think that's the majority consensus: we don't really like them but they are useful enough, and popular enough outside of SFF, that a tag is fine
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@Alex @Jenayah I saw your chat about HG, so I went to find the question you were discussing and answered it.
12:48 PM
@Randal'Thor Good answer. I thought of that quote (about one male and one female) as well and rejected it for the same reason. It is possibly notable, though, that the assertion that the other victor was female is only made in the sidebar (or whatever that thing is called). The article itself makes no mention of the victor's gender.
12:59 PM
And we can follow the revision history of the sidebar:
"one unknown (book)"
"one unknown (book)"
"Unknown Victor (book; deceased)"
"Unknown Victor (book)"
"Unknown Female Victor (book)"
As we see, it originally referred to the victor as simply unknown. It was changed to a specific name at one point, then changed back, and eventually changed to an unknown female.
Almost a year ago.
Basically, proving again that Wikia Fandom sites aren't always reliable.
@Alex well if you don't feel like you've wasted your time and laughed/were impressed/wondered what would happen next I'd say it's a win!
@Randal'Thor aye saw that, good catch (+1)
Btw these two questions might be merged no?
@Alex Oh, good find. "Grace" rolleyes
@Jenayah Indeed.
@Randal'Thor A quick search through the books tells me there is no name "Grace" anywhere.
Was it the same person who added the "Grace" and the "Female"?
1:12 PM
@Randal'Thor No.
1:49 PM
@Randal'Thor Hope you don't mind – I posted a supplemental answer with screenshots showing how the claim that the victor was female came to be.
2:21 PM
@Alex Why would I mind? +1 :-)
@Randal'Thor I don't know. Maybe it would look like I'm stealing your answer, or something?
It's not stealing; they complement each other because we're both providing different information.
And it proves the Fandom Wikia is of poor maintenance, so even better
I actually have to edit my answer to incleude even older versions.
@Jenayah I'm somewhat known for my rants about the HG Wikia.
Wikias in general have a deserved poor reputation as sources, but the HG Wikia is really bad even among them.
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@Randal'Thor How about if you restrict the search to [harry-potter] [fan-fiction] [story-identification]?
Or do we need this tag for non-story-id questions too?
Venom is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel. Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, it is the first film in Sony's Marvel Universe, adjunct to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer from a screenplay by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, and Kelly Marcel, and stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom, alongside Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, and Reid Scott. In Venom, journalist Brock gains superpowers after being bound to an alien symbiote whose...
^ This film Venom was just released to the movies. How come we seem to have no questions about it yet?
It's had poor reception so probably something to do with that
Q: Are the Sisters of Silence Augmented Humans?

Richard CIn the Master of Mankind the Silent Sisters are shown as being almost the equal to Custodes in terms of fighting ability and Survivability however I have not read anything that suggests the Sisters have undergone the kind of Augmentation that Custodes, Astartes etc undergo. Has it been detailed...

Q: Do Male Blanks exist in the 40K universe

Richard CThroughout the books I have read I have only seen examples of Female Blanks throughout the 40K universe, the Sisters of Silence being one example. Are there any Male Blanks in any of the source material?

That's what you get when you write a Venom that sounds like Carnage :p
@Randal'Thor indeed
@SQB I'm not allowed to comment, but that looks like what I've heard.
@TheLethalCarrot Nah, then there'd be a "Jack's Bad Movies" entry on thesffblog.com for it
I checked that
3:00 PM
@b_jonas Give the man some time haha
Votes on Meta are confusing. When I make a comment forum, I think I'll make it so that you can cast not only two types of votes, but seven, sort of like those emoticons on github comments but with a more well-defined meaning: well written, badly written, agree with the point (or yes answer to a question), disagree with the point (or no answer to a question), happy, sad, and thank you.
The first six are in exclusive pairs and supposedly anonymous (though just like on any other forum with votes, since you can repeatedly check vote totals, you can find out about when the vote was cast and guess from other activity who voted to some amount), but thank you votes are signed (these are to avoid pointless thank you comments).
The votes are of course separate from flagging inappropriate comments (comments that you think have to be deleted or edited by a moderator).
I just have to find some nice mnemonic ways to show the first four types of votes clearly and concisely. It can't be just an up and down arrow, or plus or minus, because that's exactly the ones where it's unclear whether they mean well written or agreed. Obviously I can have tooltips and other forms of clear documentation, but the interface should be intuitively easy.
I can't figure out what the six emoticons on github work.
I guess this is not the right room to ask about this, I'll ask elsewhere.
Q: Unidentified lake creature in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD game

RexThe Lake Challenge game in Disc 2 of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD features an unidentified lake creature- a blue humanoid with huge jaws that attacks the player. It is distinct from the other inhabitants of the Black Lake (namely the mermaids and Grindylows). Does anyone know what...

@Marvin Watched the YouTube clip the Jack edited in and I haven't got a clue which creature they mean
@Marvin It's not Godric Gryffindor the giant squid, is it?
3:19 PM
Couldn't see the giant squid in the clip
3:57 PM
Looks to be Krum
4:47 PM
Someone who truly master death will die with no fear when it came
Someone who truly master time will not dared to even time travel in the first place
@Secret mh?
Well the first one came from Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows as the requirement to get the resurrection stone
@b_jonas feels like an User Experience question, might try their stack/chat
@Secret so what about the second one then?
The second one is kinda my preliminary thought after summarising what I have leanrt in the past 5 years reading and watching numerous time travel movies and literature, as well reading physics papers on time travel
Time travel does not give you any greater freedom than not having time travel at all, as either nothing can be changed (branching timelines, you cannot change the past models), or that no one has perfect knowledge of the whole board and thus any changes are ultimately haphazard and constrained (back to the future malleable timelines)
oh yeah, I get it now
I'm an avid comic book reader, that's called the "Flash, please stop screwing up with the timeline will you" effect :D
4:53 PM
@Secret But then there's the story where they figured out that time travel can be used to spy on people in the present by going back one minute. Pretty useful.
So the spies are to the past of those people being spied on in timestamp placement?
@Secret Not sure I understand the question.
you said to spy on people in the present by going back one minute, so where (when) are the spies relative to their targets when they do the spying?
@Secret Ah. I don't think they actually "traveled". It was more of a device that allowed you to view the past than to go to the past.
ah so the spies are to the future of their targets
Well I suppose unless the event is very key, a one minute time difference cannot lead to dramatic shifts in history. Though from the way you shared about that story, it seemed to be a story where timeline is immutable
5:00 PM
@Secret They're in the same present as their targets. They're just spying on their lives with a one minute delay.
well, technically they are still to the future of their targets (as it is their one minute ago version is being spied) so to be pedantic, one minute is still a time difference, but it might be insignificant enough to not matter in many cases
@Secret True, especially considering that "one minute" is just an arbitrary number that I used. In the actual story I think they even mentioned a hundredth of a second.
Right, that is so short that it won't matter in many cases even if history is malleable
One has to be insanely methodical in order to change history with less than a millisecond time difference
@xkcd ahahah
5:37 PM
Q: YA Post Apocalyptic Book from the 90;s

BrittanyNSo this is how I remember the book. It starts with the main character (young teen boy) who wakes up to his family gone, he goes outside and the whole street is desolate, no one. He takes a car and goes searching for anyone he can find but everyone's vanished. He eventually comes across other teen...

6:30 PM
@Jenayah Yeah, I know. But I have another idea of where to ask it instead, at least first. It's not an urgent question in any case.
@Jenayah As for here, I'll want to write an answer about Nagni, but it's kind of long. I have to add a lot of details, mentioning the four big roles of Nagini, and detailing two of them with quotes since they're my main evidences, plus I need a quote for fake Moody enlarging a spider.
Q: Why Dumbledore did not put the same spell on the books of the library restricted area like that one on marauders map?

DiegoIn the books and movies, the marauder's map only reveals it's true information for the one that knows the password spell. If the books on restricted area of the library are so dangerous and thus forbidden to young students, why Dumbledore did not put a spell on the books so they will not show his...

Q: In The Bells of St John, do the symbols used by the Great Intelligence have any meaning?

SavaThey appear as mostly gibberish symbols on screen, as the names of the wifi access points or the code for the computer program run by and for the Great Intelligence, and I was wondering if they have any hidden meaning? References to something else in the Whoverse or another universe, or are they ...

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@b_jonas What quote do you need for Moody enlarging a spider?
"The Cruciatus Curse," said Moody. "Needs to be a bit bigger for you to get the idea," he said, pointing his wand at the spider. "Engorgio!"
Q: Was Snape brainwashed to become a death eater by Malfoy and older Slytherin students?

MayrIt's highly doubtful that a Half-Blood hater like Malfoy who judges people by their money would embrace Snape so warmly just because he has been accepted to Slytherin. We of course, have not an accurate idea of how things were in the Marauders era but through some Fanfictions I got a pretty good ...

tailsteak.com/archive.php?num=570 Tailsteak posted a fan-fic for the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Sci-Fi films.
@Alex That, yes, but obviously I'll give a book name and chapter number. I need to quote it because I will argue that Nagini is a venomous snake, and no venomous snake is large and heavy enough for Nagini, especially not the sort I need, who at one point wrestles Harry. I want to argue that enlarging a snake creature magically is something the Dark Lord could do, for which I can point to that scene, plus perhaps some role-playing magic systems.
@b_jonas Goblet of Fire Chapter Fourteen, The Unforgivable Curses.
@Alex Thanks.
7:02 PM
@b_jonas You're welcome.
Even the largest venomous snake doesn't weigh enough to wrestle Harry, and I don't need just any venomous snake, there are other serious requirements.
@b_jonas Nagini is described as venomous (or, rather, having venom) multiple times.
“I suppose something in that snake’s venom dissolves them or something... I wonder where the tearoom is?”
"a potion concocted from unicorn blood, and the snake venom Nagini provided...
Order of the Phoenix Chapter Twenty Three, Christmas on the Closed Ward
and Goblet of Fire Chapter Twenty Three, the Death Eaters
Q: How was Mary fighting human forces?

AdamantMary Walker apparently was present at where (apparently) she experienced the trauma that caused her DID. The show talks as if she was in a battle with human (or at least flesh and blood) Sokovian soldiers. WALKER:These Sokovians, they like knives. She also seems to be covered in blood (...

7:28 PM
Q: Hardcovers of Heinlein's Have Space Suit -- Will Travel

Ben CrowellI'm 52, and like a lot of American guys my age, I first fell in love with SF by reading the Heinlein juveniles, which my grade-school library had on the shelf. Recently, for nostagia, I've been building up a collection of the Scribner's editions of these books, most of which have illustrations by...

7:43 PM
@Alex Yes. She poisons Snape, Harry, George, and one more person, not in that order.
George? When?
@Jenayah George Weasley, in the fifth book. He doesn't die, because JKR was a softie, but he suffered a serious injury.
@Jenayah Alex quoted Phoenix chater 23 above I believe chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/47087135#47087135
@Alex Yes, she's milked for venom to revive the Dark Lord. That's important too, but unlike George's and Harry's incident it doesn't really tell me much about what snake it is other than that it's venomous and large.
@b_jonas that'd be Arthur, not George
@Mithrandir aah, then yeah
@Mithrandir Oh… right, sorry. George is the twin. I wrote “George” everywhere. I'll make sure to call him “Arthur” in the answer. Thanks.
See, this is why I need to look up all those quotes. I'll also have to check if there's a fourth guy Nagini attacks with venon and the details of that.
Besides Snape and Harry and Arthur that is.
I think the gardener was not killed by Nagini.
7:57 PM
Well, there's Frank Bryce, sort of.
Bathilda maybe?
And the Muggle Studies teacher?
Wasn't she AKed?
@Jenayah Doubtable, but since we don't know much about it, that doesn't matter.
I just remember "Dinner, Nagini."
7:58 PM
@Mithrandir Hmm.
That was in the Malfoy Manor, right?
Yes, at the beginning of Deathly Hallows.
she was AKed
>Nobody laughed this time.
There was no mistaking the anger and contempt in Voldemort’s voice.
For the third time, Charity Burbage revolved to face Snape.
Tears were pouring from her eyes into her hair.
Snape looked back at her, quite impassive, as she turned slowly away from him again.

“Avada Kedavra”

The flash of green light illuminated every corner of the room.
Charity fell, with a resounding crash, onto the table below, which trembled and creaked.
Several of the Death Eaters leapt back in their chairs.
Hmm wait, how does that work? How can he be killed in Hallows? Isn't he the one Snape refers to somehow earlier in some exchange like “How many people have you killed [in the service of the Dark Lord]?” “Lately, only the ones I couldn't protect.”
But I don't recall where that exchange was.
@b_jonas who's "he"?
@b_jonas I'd say the Prince's tale
chapter something of DH
8:01 PM
@Jenayah Charity Burbage, the former Muggle Studies teacher, who Snape has to kill.
Yeah, that doesn't work out.
I don't know how that works. In any case, that doesn't seem like Nagini had to kill him.
@b_jonas does he? I'm pretty sure Voldemort did the killing.
@Mithrandir Where is that?
@Jenayah Dunno, I'll have to re-read that.
@b_jonas very last line of first DH chapter, see quote above
> Nobody laughed this time.
There was no mistaking the anger and contempt in Voldemort’s voice.
For the third time, Charity Burbage revolved to face Snape.
Tears were pouring from her eyes into her hair.
Snape looked back at her, quite impassive, as she turned slowly away from him again.

“Avada Kedavra”
From where I stand that reads like Voldemort is revolving Burbage and Snape can't help but watch
I reckon Voldemort killed Burbage
Hmm yes, it's probably the Dark Lord who cast the spell, although it's a bit unclear. And “Dinner, Nagini” is right after that.
> The flash of green light illuminated every corner of the room. Charity fell, with a resounding crash, onto the table below, which trembled and creaked. Several of the Death Eaters leapt back in their chairs. Draco fell out of his onto the floor.
They wouldn't have been that shocked if it was Snape.
8:08 PM
@Jenayah What? Why would they be shocked if the Dark Lord kills him, after explaining how he supports Muggles and Muggle-borns? That wouldn't be unexpected at all.
This reeks of Voldemort being grandiose and pompous for the sake of showing off.
No I mean,t Snape would have been like, "Avada Kedavra" and it's done.
@Jenayah Yes, but that doesn't mean he can't arrange with a servant in advance that he'll kill Burbage at a cue.
Voldemort's casting was probably full of passion, fury in his eyes etc etc
@b_jonas Voldemort isn't big on the snarky accomplice thing...
@Jenayah No no. If it was Snape, then he'd have to kill Burbage because the Dark Lord commanded him (arranged that earlier), and Burbage wasn't important enough for the Order that Snape should blow his cover at that point, so Snape so now way out. And he turned away not because "it's done" but so that the other Death Eaters doesn't see his face of how he hates himself for what he's done.
@Jenayah Yeah, probably he isn't when he's safe at Malfoy Manor in a circle of Death Eaters.
@b_jonas sure, but what I mean is that Snape casting wouldn't have had as much "grandeur" as Voldemort doing it
which was what shocked the Death Eaters
8:12 PM
I've always interpreted it as it being Voldy casting the spell. I wouldn't read it any other way.
@Jenayah Exactly. Snape killed him a bit earlier than the Dark Lord perhaps meant him to kill him, because the Dark Lord would have tortured him more and then killed him, and Snape wanted to get over it if he can't save him.
@b_jonas accomplice thing is a form of trust and Voldemort trusts no one
well, I mean
he does, kinda
you know what I mean x)
@Jenayah The Dark Lord doesn't need any trust in Snape to have him kill the already incapacitated Burbage with AK right in front of his face.
@b_jonas hum... I don't think so, that wouldn't make for that big a shock on fellow DE would it?
If anything, that would be a sign of mistrust, if he had any shreds of suspicion about Professor Snape's loyalty to him.
8:14 PM
@b_jonas alright, then maybe no trust, but... camaraderie?
Also, think about it, the Dark Lord might know that Snape was half-blood, so him killing a wizard because of his crimes of supporting muggles and blood traitors would be an interesting test. I think we have a question about who knows Snape was half-blood... let me search.
@b_jonas Bellatrix maybe? First chapter of book 6?
I think this is one of the rare cases where we should look up what happens in the movie. If this scene is in the Hallows movie, that would be decisive, because JKR would know who kills Burbage and make sure the movie reproduces that. Has anyone seen the movie and know if this scene (Hallows chapter 1, murdering Burbage) is in it?
Q: Why was Severus Snape allowed to be a Death Eater?

Meat TrademarkIt's been a while since I read the books, but I thought the Death Eaters were all pure-bloods and only associated with other pure-bloods. How was a half-blood allowed to be almost royalty in Voldemort's court? Was it just because his position at Hogwarts allowed him otherwise unavailable access? ...

8:21 PM
It's definitely Voldemort in the movie.
I always read it as Voldemort, for whatever that's worth.
It could be argued, though, that it had to be Voldemort in the movie
Especially after film 6, which is when the films went quite wrong
Basically "let's just keep it simple for the audience"
<----- still holds a grudge against the movie for that awful, useless Voldemort/Harry anime-like fight at the end
I think there's a question here somewhere about how Snape was able to cast Avada Kedavra against Dumbledore.
What's to say about it? ._.
He was driven enough to have the motivation to kill him alright
@Jenayah I think the question was how could he have really meant it enough for the curse to work.
Or it was assuming that you need to hate the victim.
8:26 PM
@Mithrandir Thanks. In that one, the Dark Lord casts a spell, but we don't know what, and then “Nagini, Dinner”, and Professor Snape doesn't do anything. So from just the film, it's slightly ambiguous if the Dark Lord or Nagini who kills Burbage. I think from the two together we can conclude that it was the Dark Lord.
@Jenayah I didn't even watch those films (I've seen a little of the earlier ones), which is why I had no idea if Burbage's death was even in them.
@Alex I don't think you have to hate the victim. I think the criteria is that you really want them to die. I don't think impostor Moody hated the spider in that demonstration.
@b_jonas I think that was the answer posted. Can't seem to find it thoough.
Recall “You really have to mean it” when Harry tries to cast it on Bellatrix in Phoenix? Harry hated Bellatrix, but didn't have the intent to kill.
Hmm wait, wasn't that a Cruciatus instead?
Lemme look up. We're getting really far from Nagini of course, but I don't mind.
Yeah, but it was about any Unforgivable Curse.
This one:
Q: How did Snape muster the emotional ability necessary to kill Dumbledore?

SlytherincessHow did Snape muster the emotional ability necessary to kill Dumbledore? In Order of the Phoenix, Bellatrix tells Harry that in order to execute an Unforgivable Curse, one has to truly want to inflict damage, pain, subjugation, or death against one's victim. ...

> `Never used an Unforgivable Curse before, have you, boy?' she yelled. She had abandoned her
baby voice now. `You need to mean them, Potter! You need to really want to cause pain - to enjoy it -
righteous anger won't hurt me for long - I'll show you how it is done, shall I? I'll give you a lesson -'
Harry was edging around the fountain on the other side when she screamed, `Crucio!' and he was
forced to duck down again as the centaur's arm, holding its bow, span off and landed with a crash on
the floor a short distance from the golden wizard's head
8:31 PM
@b_jonas then again, the "you have to hate the target, you have to feel hatred and stuff" thing might only apply to humans.
Kind of like it takes something to kill a man IRL, even with a puny old musket.
Whereas come on... We've all killed an ant/spider at some point without thinking too much about it, didn't we?
The Dark Lord using a silent spell doesn't make sense there, but I can just ignore that part of the film.
@Jenayah I don't think that's how it works. Let me find that part in Phoenix, if it's even there.
To be honest the AK demonstration on a spider never really stroke me as awful as the scene wanted it to look.
@Jenayah It's the Cruciatus that was meant to look awful, because of what it reminded Neville to. But fake Moody showed all three, including the one that didn't kill the Boy Who Lived.
It's like if I watched a police training scene or stuff, where the teacher is all like "it's absolutely horrible to kill a man. You can't do that. Look. Look what unavoidable death really is!" squishes spider
@b_jonas sure
@Jenayah The students seemed pretty affected by it.
8:37 PM
@Jenayah And he doesn't have to give a very horrible demonstration, he just has to educate the students, in a world where many of them have already lost relatives the first time the Dark Lord was in power. Professor Dumbledore allowed that lesson because of that.
@Alex if 14/15 years old react that bad when you squish a spider oh my it's going to be a slaughter on the battlefield
@Alex Neville was, for obvious reasons.
@b_jonas Neville was by the Cruciatus Curse.
@Jenayah It was a slaughter on the battlefield. They didn't fight well. They broke down in the end of the Order during the fight when they saw Hermione almost dead and all that.
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A: Why were the Death Eaters so lenient during the fight at the Department of Mysteries?

b_jonasThe primary reason that they could probably disable fighters more effectively this way (Donald.McLean has already mentioned this in his reply). There's also a secondary reason too. Torturing the children in “interesting” ways, such as dropping another into a tank of brains or making them dance,...

^ It worked.
I still stand by that answer.
So Bellatrix casts Crucio on Neville in Order ch. 35, after having tortured his parents to insanity with that, right?
@b_jonas they didn't die
And then near the end of the chapter, Dumbledore and the Order arrive, and Bellatrix duels Sirius, and then … you know what happens.
@Jenayah Yeah. Tortured to insanity. Sorry.
Q: What was that animated barbarian show in 2006?

vallismortisA dozen years ago, I caught about two minutes of an animated show on television. I don't know the name of the show or which channel it was on, but I do know that it was quite late at night in spring 2006 and I've been wondering about it occasionally ever since. I have so few details about this sh...

@b_jonas Worse than death, according to Dumbledore.
Hmm. Then the part when Harry tries to cast Crucio on Bellatrix must be in Hallows instead.
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@b_jonas He tries it on her right after she kills Sirius.
Mithrandir quoted it above.
Regardless, it was certainly traumatic for the young Neville.
16 mins ago, by Mithrandir
> `Never used an Unforgivable Curse before, have you, boy?' she yelled. She had abandoned her
baby voice now. `You need to mean them, Potter! You need to really want to cause pain - to enjoy it -
righteous anger won't hurt me for long - I'll show you how it is done, shall I? I'll give you a lesson -'
Harry was edging around the fountain on the other side when she screamed, `Crucio!' and he was
forced to duck down again as the centaur's arm, holding its bow, span off and landed with a crash on
the floor a short distance from the golden wizard's head
And significant enough that I even posted a question on it.
@Mithrandir What book and chapter is that in?
@b_jonas order 36
Ah sorry, I see, it's in the question you linked above that.
Q: How did Snape muster the emotional ability necessary to kill Dumbledore?

SlytherincessHow did Snape muster the emotional ability necessary to kill Dumbledore? In Order of the Phoenix, Bellatrix tells Harry that in order to execute an Unforgivable Curse, one has to truly want to inflict damage, pain, subjugation, or death against one's victim. ...

Sorry, I always want the book and chapter number for these quotes because I often want to look them up in the books, to read them in context.
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@b_jonas And to make sure we're not misquoting them.
@Alex That too, but there are certain well-known posters who I trust not to misquote HP, and I still need the numbers for that.
Anyone want Maoam fruit caramels by the way?
/me offers the bowl around
I also want to find the "Lately, only the ones I couldn't save" quote
/me picks a strawberry one :p
That one is in Hallows ch. 33
A: What does J.K. Rowling mean in this tweet about Snape?

Au101As interesting a question as this is, I think the only way to be 100% sure is to ask her. I don't Twitter, so I'm not sure how this would work, or how likely it is that an answer would be forthcoming, but anything I, or anyone else says, can only be inference. But, as we know, in Harry Potter an...

> 'Don't be shocked, Severus. How many men and women have you watched die?'

'Lately, only those whom I could not save,' said Snape.
The context is this: Dumbledore tells to Severus that at some point he'll have to tell Harry that Harry has to let the Dark Lord kill him. “Snape looked horrified. / ‘Don't be shocked, Severus. How many men and women have you watched die?’ / ‘Lately, only those whom I could not save,’ said Snape. He stood up. ‘You have used me.’”
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