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Q: Do you need legitimate information on mythology?

OkeiranySo, while I myself do enjoy many fantasy stories, such as Harry Potter or Eragon, most of them tend to be rather... Inaccurate. So, I have decided to listen to any questions you have about mythology, be it on deities, dragons, or other random creatures. Now then, who needs info?

2:34 AM
Q: When did Batman get kryptonite? BVS

b.herringUnless I missed something.in Batman v superman, Batman was chasing the truck with the krytonite in when he then runs into superman which leads to the “do you bleed?”. However later on it shows Batman making kryptonite bombs ect. When does he get the kryptonite as he originally looses it in the ch...

3:26 AM
Q: Why was Flash affected by the prison pudding in Season 4?

ClassifiedIn Season 4 of The Flash when Barry Allen was in prison, when the warden figured out he was the Flash and gave him pudding tainted with tranquilizers, why did the tranquilizer in the pudding affect Barry? Why wouldn't his metabolism allow him to burn thru the tranquilizer like it did when Arrow ...

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4:50 AM
Q: When did Superman first use his super breath and freeze breath?

UndominantHybridI mean there is this general idea of it being introduced in the time period of 1950s to 1970s, but exactly which issue did he use it?

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6:05 AM
Q: Discovering Higher Worlds

SteveI am 68 years old. About 50 years ago, I read a science fiction short story that I'm trying to find today. As best I can remember, it was about a guy who was driving along and the road just ended in front of him. There was nothing past that point, and by nothing, I mean NOTHING! No road, no sky, ...

6:35 AM
Q: Trying to identify fantasy series with Celtic overtones, intermittent stone magic, and ongoing slow magic

RonLuggeI checked this series out of the library during college, maybe 15 years ago now. Unfortunately, I can't remember enough detail to find it again. It was based around 'stone magic' -- magical stones that granted their bearers enormous power. Unfortunately, the power of these stones is intermitt...

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8:48 AM
Q: What's the name of that comic team with genetically engineered government agents?

Norman HaggettThe story starts with a family living in a cabin in the woods. There's a mom, a dad, and a boy, but the boy is about twenty years old or something. They're talking, I think the boy is bringing up an old argument about going out and trying to find other people, but his parents don't want him to. ...

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11:03 AM
Q: Why wasn't Darth Vader's TIE fighter recognized during the Death Star Assault?

ThomasI was watching the first Death Star assault again and I noticed that out of all the Imperial fighters sent out against the rebels, Vader's ship was of a different design. So why didn't any of the Rebels acknowledge that Vader was out on the battlefield at that point i.e. point out that the oddly...

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1:17 PM
Q: Does humans vs. Demons and dragon bone ships ring any bells?

Johnathon EldredI'm looking for a series of books about a war between humans and demons who traveled to floating chunks of shattered worlds via boats made of Dragon skin and bones? I remember a couple of wizards, a guy that uses a cloak as a weapon, and a scorpion demonlord fighting other demonlords for dominanc...

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Q: Is Aunt Marguerite based on Marguerite from the Faerie Tale Theatre retelling of Beauty and the Beast?

Alex DownsIn one screenplay of the 1991 Beauty and the Beast, there’s a character based on Beauty’s wicked sisters from the fairy tale called Aunt Marguerite. Funnily enough, one of the wicked sisters in the Faerie Tale Theatre retelling of the tale is called Marguerite. Because of this, and the fact that...

Q: Is Birdy Cephon Asian looking?

Martin S.It's hard to tell with manga and anime. On one hand she seems to blend into Japanese society and she works as a model/idol. On the other, Altans have all kinds of ethnicities, and she got famous by portraying an alien girl, which might point to her being Caucasian.

Q: Trying to find Sci Fi Book

JamesThings I remember Books starts off a an AI/Probe enters the solar system. Probe/AI scan earth looking for something. Man finds the probe/AI tells about an invasion in the future AI/Probe helps speed up mankind's technology to aide in the future AI and man trick earth military into thinking they w...

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7:15 PM
Q: Why did Hela fail to kill/ subdue Surtur?

Newt ScamanderHela crushed Thor's hammer bare-handed. This was the same hammer using which Thor had defeated Surtur earlier in the movie. Why couldn't Hela take out Surtur's crown by hand? I don't think the size matters here because Hulk successfully shook big Surtur.

8:00 PM
Q: Were the group sent to bring Harry to headquarters authorized by the Ministry in the Order of the Phoenix?

AnthelothIn the Order of the Phoenix, a group of Order members bring Harry from the Dursely's to Grimmauld place. Were they authorized by the Ministry to do so, or were they acting behind the Minstry's back?

8:44 PM
Q: Are goats allowed to do black face?

laser dogIn the game deltarune by Toby Fox, one of the main characters, Ralsei, is a goat that makes themselves appear as being a black goat for the majority of the games story. Only at the end are they revealed to be a white goat and not a black goat. Was Toby Fox in the right when he did this? Was the...

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@Jenayah Yes. There's a holiday in many countries.
oh, right
hey Seth! :)
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Oh no! The statue has moved his head! (Mozart's Don Giovanni)
Eh, I was thinking of that SCP thing
but Mozart's good too I guess :P
No, he's accepted the invitation to dinner.
Don Giovanni has forced his servant to invite the statue to dine with the lord that evening.
A feast of dinner actually.
10:51 PM
The statue nodded his head to indicate that he has accepted.
11:33 PM
May be the quickest negative score I've gotten.
A: Were the group sent to bring Harry to headquarters authorized by the Ministry in the Order of the Phoenix?

AlexIt seems pretty clear that they were not authorized When Harry asks the Advance Guard how they will be traveling, he gets the following response: "Brooms," said Lupin. "Only way. You're too young to Apparate, they'll be watching the Floo Network, and it's more than our life's worth to s...

11:58 PM
Q: Girl is a descendant of the Brothers Grimm. Has powers that relate to their stories and the surname "grimes"

OkeiranySo there's a story I read a few years ago that really got me interested, but I can't remember the name of it. From what I can remember, It's about a girl whose a descendant of the Brothers Grimm, and her mother and her hae to move constantly because their being followed. The protagonist's fake la...

Q: How to make a custom pulsar map?

Andrew SAs above, so below. I'm looking to make a custom pulsar map like the one on the Voyager Records, but for an arbitrary location. Not sure how to do this though


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