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A: Can we identify all the characters in this "Ultimate Space Battle" poster?

Web HeadI created a 10x10 grid for this image to help keep track of what is being identified. You can find it by clicking this link, since the image is too large to display properly here. Bold indicates unsolved. (In progress-note: Please edit only 1-2 items in at a time, to prevent overwriting others...

A nice way to break it up. For actually naming characters I almost wish each cell was on a separate page, to cut down distractions.
Is G5 Dr. Manhattan?
@Bent definitely...
G7, far right - Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan ?
The stone slab looks like Vitruvius from Lego Movie.
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Please everyone, make sure to reload the post beore you commit your edit. I've gone through the revision history to correct several overriden contributions, but it'd be better if everybody checked before to avoid such a thing.
Who keeps flattening the indents? It must be which browser they're using?
There should probably just be one person editing, or this should be taken somewhere else until the editing dies down. Stack Exchange is terrible at handling conflicting edits.
I have to leave. In I8, the triangle thing is The Tet from Oblivion
Red spaceship (mostly) in D3 is the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop, but these edit conflicts are keeping me from doing anything about it.
Perhaps we should comment, and then once one person adds the item in, we can delete our comment?
B6 has Bloodrayne, D4 has the fortune teller from the movie Big
6:44 PM
For what it's worth, I've been following the edits since the beginning and I have a Wordpad with all those which got deleted along the way (might have missed one or two of course). When the adrenaline cools down I'll edit them in, but right now 4 persons editing at once leads to too much version conflict.
Rathtar is fighting against the alien from AVP. Is that Marilyn Monroe (and Chucky) at the party? J9 has a Cromulon from Rick and Morty. Some Star Wars spaceship in J6. I3-4 (and H4) has some asteroids from Asteroids.
Slowly editing the ones I gathered back in.
Isn't I4/5 from that somewhat recent Hollywood black hole movie?
Trying to save the formatting too.
You need to add an extra space before the dash for sub-bullets. A lot of them are missing.
6:57 PM
@WebHead someone flattened them and all hell broke loose
that's when shit hit the fan.
@Jenayah Maybe just make it one big edit? You can always open another tab and check what edits happened while you were busy. Constantly making tiny edits has a high chance of conflicts.
13 mins ago, by Jenayah
For what it's worth, I've been following the edits since the beginning and I have a Wordpad with all those which got deleted along the way (might have missed one or two of course). When the adrenaline cools down I'll edit them in, but right now 4 persons editing at once leads to too much version conflict.
I'm popping one in everytime the latest edit isn't mine
and adding some spaces in the meantime
Yeah, that's the tough thing about CW and these types of answers.
I couldn't even get my initial answer updated to be formatted right because every time I went to save there was more edits
Well, you've made 8 edits in the last 20 minutes...
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the idea is that I can edit two spaces in faster than 50, so at least there's that.
@NotThatGuy yeah, but I made sure I wasn't overriding anyone's. (at least I don't think so)
I have the revisions tab open in another tab to foloow teh differences
Or maybe just add a note at the top saying to ping you here instead of editing it in themselves (which you can remove later).
@NotThatGuy tyhe comments are too far below, and moved to chat, nobody reads those :/
That was the point of:
16 mins ago, by Jenayah
Please everyone, make sure to reload the post beore you commit your edit. I've gone through the revision history to correct several overriden contributions, but it'd be better if everybody checked before to avoid such a thing.
but didn't work
And in any case I don't want to be like the big guru of that post
(is that hypocrit given what I said above? :/ )
Have you also kept track of the things noted in the comments?
I5, while not a ship, is Gargantua from Interstellar. E4 has a red portal from Portal. The guy (Wolfenstein New Order?) in the bottom is shooting a Metroid.
G7 also has M. Bison from Street Fighter facing off against Kikuchiyo from Samurai 7. Below them is a Zora from The Legend of Zelda.
@NotThatGuy that not yet, because they're easier to track than when lost in edit history.
And people can edit it back, while some anon users pop by and make contributions which are lost in edit conflicts :/
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It would probably be fairly trivial to write a program to let people submit what they think things are, and parse that into markdown for easy submission (and even post it automatically, but there's probably too much potential for abuse there).
E6: Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Kain, from Legacy of Kain; Unknown (maybe Gordon Freeman?) using the ODM gear from Attack on Titan; Cuphead from the Cuphead game
I found Waldo.
OMG it even has Boogerman. This picture is awesome.
F6: Nicholas D. Wolfwood from Trigun
I edited a link to this chat at the top of the answer.
7:12 PM
F1 has Stitch from Lilo and Stitch fused with Kratos from God of War.
That's a Half Life monster on someone's head in F9
Plus Rockman.
I'm trying to place the chair/TV screen, but it's escaping me.
Kirby's got electric powers but it's Electro's classic mask he's wearing (from Spider-man)
F9 also has a Big Daddy from Bioshock, and the painting from Mr Bean (the movie, I think?).
7:15 PM
And the screw from the Iron Giant and Ash from Evil Dead killing the Big Daddy
The Mask in F8, and the notebook and cup from Gravity Falls... and someone from One Piece?
What's coming out of that portal? Clipboard, pencil, question mark mug. I don't know that reference.
@WebHead Gravity Falls, and Rick and Morty.
@WebHead he's already in the list, as Mega Man - blue guy right?
I think there's the guy from one piece getting kicked by that Battletoad. Hefer the cow from Rocko above the Mask.
7:19 PM
@Jenayah Yeah.
I can't keep up with the list, lol
@WebHead didn't know that but yeah that was deffo Electro's mask, hence my note
D7 has a Thumb Thumb from Spy Kids.
- D4
- Zoltar from *Big*

- F3
- red Pikman from game *Pikman*
- Joker from *The Dark Knight*
- F4
- Stump from *The Angry Beavers*
- Donkey Kong displaying on Monitor
Is it Gabrielle looking up Xena's skirt? (I7)
7:24 PM
D8, little pink thing with long ears, is Koromon from Digimon
Tom and Jerry right there, too
The purple eye in F9 is called an Oculothorax (apparently), but don't ask me where it's from.
Cousin It is in front of the golden desk in D8.
Ghost from The Ring in D7.
E3 Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt
F3, Critters
7:28 PM
- H5, Tokita in giant robot form from anime Paprika
Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters behind the speaker in C5.
Ok, so who's going to make an interactive version of the image?
G6 appears to have Scorpius from Farscape on a Green Goblin glider.
It'd probably be easiest to have a Google spreadsheet where people can just add everything as a new row, column 1 being the coordinates, column 2 the character/object
Then it can be sorted and turned into a markdown list later
7:31 PM
A6 has a guy creeping out of some box who isn't listed on the things to identify.
F8 "The Mask"
@SebastianRedl A6?
I7 also has yellow and pink power ranger helmets on spikes
ickis from aah real monsters between g7&g8
oh nevermind
@SebastianRedl Reminds me of Nosferatu
7:34 PM
lmao Thomas the Tank Engine.
How has no one ided Marge?
It's Marge in H7 right?
I don't think so
OMG WALL-E and a Minion are summoning Mephisto from the Diablo franchise
Shrek's position whitin the glass reminds me of something, but I don't remember what :(
Peter Pan's shadow is behind the the space suit guy with its back turned near the Splatoon pink splatter.
7:42 PM
E7/E8 is a King Kong/Predator mash-up?
Is it an Aliens3 pose @TeemPorary?
hey what's the creepy girl's name in The Ring?
@Jenayah: you mean Samara/Sadako?
@TeemPorary dunno, never seen the movie
just you know, the girl coming out of the screen
@Jenayah: Yes. Samara from the US movie, Sadako from the original Japanese
@TeemPorary ok!
7:46 PM
@WebHead if use image uploaded to gdrive, people can add frames on charasters and name them
Speaking of creepy little girls: is the one in F2 the Red Queen from Resident Evil ?
@TeemPorary I think so.
@Jenayah I don't think that's marge. The skin color and mouth look like simpsons but she doesn't have blue hair coming out from under her towel (if that is a towel)
@Brad the towel covers a lot of hair apparently though
@Jenayah. Thanks. I added the Red Queen
@JCRM: I don't know, I don't remember.
7:52 PM
@Jenayah it does but that little whisp coming down over her forehead looks brown. It's really hard to tell. I don't know who else it could be if not Marge though
@Brad dunno
So not a single Pokémon in there?
they even put a Digimon but no Pokémon?
D8... Mother Box?
Do you think the alien in J7 is Paul?
the edit/votes ratio on this post is astronomical
@bdecaf yeah, deffo
@Jenayah: maybe Mother Box... or maybe the Moment from Doctor Who??
8:00 PM
@TeemPorary moment thingy seems more likely yeah
it's golden and the central shape isn't exactly round like a Mother Box's
D9's black shape intrigue sme
@Jenayah. Yeah but it's still hard to tell...
D9's black shape introgues me
@TeemPorary yeh
damn, I give up on formatting
too much edit conflicts
I'll do a big fat edit at the end
D10 looks like Taz with a cape coming out of the floor
oooooh so it was Limbo
I KNEW I'd seen that one somewhere
Black hole in I4-I5 might be from Interstellar
@Jenayah haha and the spider is what's scaring Aku Aku?
8:10 PM
Any ideas on I1?
F3. Just above the cube.
Gooish black thing with legs.
What's that?
Also, big snake. Nagini? Basilisk?
there's no HP stuff yet.
F8 - one punch man?
So, I'm pretty sure that the Lara Croft in E4 isn't and the one in I7 is.
8:14 PM
The outfit colors match there, and the characters in E4 seems to have some tattoos
@RDFozz I agree. The E4 "Laura" looks a little off but thI7 is spot on.
@Jenayah F3, hmm yeah that's a big Snake... it has a red mark on the side of it's head. Not sure where it's from.
F3, the black thing - I think that's three things, of the same "species"?
@Jenayah I think the snake is form the movie Anaconda
someone labeled it as being in G3 though
F3, near bottom left corner; a Mimic from Prey
8:17 PM
Crap, I'll revert my big snake thingy then
yeah it's Anaconda
The ship in J8 is a capsule (pod) from EVE Online.
@Brad yeah, that's what that is..
And C6 also has supply crates and a rocket container form Half Life 2.
Edit overriden
Dunno if I should post that when I see it?
I'm never fast enough to correct it :p
G3, "Sol 223,24" ?
G6 Top left: 'The Kid' from Bastion (the game)
D9-E9: Fusion Core Generator from Fallout 4
Edit overriden...
D9 just above Fusion Core Generator, looks like the Child from the Game Limbo (the character all in black with white eyes).
@onewho yeah it's been ided :)
nevermind, that one is already up
8:28 PM
wait don't tell me it gort overriden...
C7 includes Reaper from Overwatch
The large ship on the bottom (green) seems to be the Arcadia from Captain Harlock
C4-C5: Alien ship from The Arrival?
Come on, I've been trying to get that Apollo module command for six freaking times now :(
B7: Supply Crates from Half-life 2
8:35 PM
G7 looks like it's got M. Bison from Street Fighter, and possibly a Zora from Legend of Zelda (unsure about that, and it may or may not be a named one?)
D4: The fortune teller machine is from Big (with Tom hanks)
Sol 223,24 - The Martian?
Apparently named Zoltar
H8 has a thing from Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind, lemme grab a real name for it
An Ohmu, that's it
@Jenayah Mark Watney was on mars way longer than 223 sol days? Those look more like co-ordinates to me, though I'm not sure what from.
8:39 PM
@onewho dunno
The purple creature in the back of J9 is a Cromulon from Rick & Morty
B6 I see Chuckie, one of the Clockwork Orange dudes(?), Marilyn Monroe.
@Delioth Saw that too
There's a TIE Fighter from Star Wars hanging out in J6 (obscured by the watermark in the grid pic)
I9: That looks like Gallifreyan writing... My guess would have been Gallifrey, but images of Gallifrey don't look like that. Any ideas?
8:43 PM
"Brooks was here" is in I6, not I7!
I4, J3-4: alien coming out of the planet?
@onewho: I reminded me of the orb-map in Treasure Planet, but I googled it and looks different
@TeemPorary I've added that like 20 minutes ago IIRc
F5, the upside down box - I'd think it was the appropriate Calvin invention from Calvin and Hobbes, except that it looks like it has drawings on it....
@TeemPorary i'll correct
8:45 PM
G10 - Could the briefcase in front of Scrooge McDuck be the one from Pulp Fictioni?
@RDFozz it's already in the list but yeah
@TeemPorary Maybe Coruscant (Star Wars)?
Has anyone seen the page for this poster on Kickstarter? (did this get brought up already?)
8:47 PM
G9's mecha, anyone?
Ah, sorry - tried to review what I could, but I don't think I got everything :-)
@RDFozz no problem :)
Looks like the goal is 440 references
after 217 edits and a chatroom you kinda loose track of what's going on ahah
There's a character list on the Kickstarter page but it's too small to read. Also not indexed like this answer is
8:48 PM
@Jenayah - No, that can't be :-)
@Brad is the character list willingly blurry? :p
@RDFozz slowly goes insane
@Jenayah oh for sure. haha
@Brad sons of... their mothers.
it says "Everyone who receives a Digital edition of the poster will receive a FULL character list with EVERY SINGLE character listed. We have showed this poster to several people pre-campaign, and NONE of them could find them all!"
@Brad yeah but, several individual people I guess.
that's 19 users on the CW so far :^)
E2, bottom right: is something hidden behind that glass?
8:52 PM
Is that Elvira in the tub in H8?
E3, bottom left: who's that behind the glass?
E4: 23 from that Jared Leto movie?
Blimey, Jim Carrey movie.
If anyone gets a chance, change "Marvin the Paranoid Android, from 2005 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie" to "Marvin the Depressed Robot, from 2005 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie"... He's not paranoid, and not really an android. He's always refereed to as "Marvin the Robot"
Under H8
G3 Max from Where the Wild Things Are
F3 is the inside of the Cube from the Vincenzo Natali film
@onewho: Isn't he called "paranoid android" in the book as well? And the appearance IS from the 2005 movie.
9:01 PM
D6 makes me think more of Overwatch than Perfect Dark...
F3 - Golden box - Ark of the Covenant (Raiders - and the bible, of course)
@RDFozz for a second I was going to ask you where the Bible was. xD
@TeemPorary Yes, this is the 2005 version of Marvin... I'm looking it up now... I never remember him being called paranoid or an android. He's chronically depressed.
B6, that cage next to Suidward looks like it could be relevant.
Hey, not a single superhero? :(
Don't tell me they're licensed, pretty much everything in there is
Holy heck, your edit counter counts CW stuff too?
@TeemPorary Found something: Marvin does not actually display signs of paranoia, though Zaphod refers to him as "the Paranoid Android". Nor does he show any signs of mania, though Ford refers to him as a "manically depressed robot". He remains consistently morose throughout. In fact, he exhibits remarkable stoicism, being willing to wait hundreds of billions of years for his employers.
9:09 PM
Well, anyone here who still don't have edit badges will get them soon won't we ._.
What is Obelix throwing in D7?
F9, some kind of cosmic screw?
(cosmic screwdriver? :p )
oh hey, E10...
let me check.
I5 (dipping into I6) Presumably, the skull of an Native American Indian chief - possibly from the "Family Guy" episode that parodies "Poltergeist"
I've seen E10 in a video game, I'm almost ppretty sure
I thought Uncharted but they don't have these spiky arms
Amnesia Grunt?
they don't have spike arms, but the thongs match.
@Jenayah Maybe something out of dead space?
@onewho oh RIGHT
oh wait, no.
I thought Crawler but I must've misremembered
Necormoph slasher?
9:19 PM
@onewho dunno, it doesn't have spiky legs...
A very weird Grunt/Necromorph hybrid
for anyone curious about E10
Boss right behind me as I look at Necromorph images...
E10 is Slayer from The suffering
@EgorKlyuchnyk RIGHT
@onewho ahahah
I warned you
@Jenayah oh, I was looking before the warning...
@onewho ^^
9:24 PM
@EgorKlyuchnyk - Hey - if you're the same Egor Klyuchnyk, isn't that kind of cheating?
@RDFozz Holy Molly I didn't even catch that.
What do you mean?
@EgorKlyuchnyk - H10 - "Created by Egor Klyuchnyk"
E5, Kansas. Wizard of Oz?
@Jenayah - It looks like it may say "Bar and Grill" after Kansas
9:27 PM
oh, you mean that I give tips about characters?
@Jenayah I was thinking the Band...
@RDFozz humm true
@EgorKlyuchnyk - As long as it's just tips
but Googling Knasas bardoesn't yield the expected resukt ahah
Okay, sorry about that.
9:29 PM
@Egor - I mean, if everyone's OK with it, that's one thing - and it's wonderful that you're participating - but we don't want to spoil the fun.
@EgorKlyuchnyk well, if you are indeed the creator, here's a big fat congrats. That image is awesome.
@Egor On ethe other hand, letting us know if we have something wrong would be cool, I think
D6: Training dummy from World of Warcraft?
Thank you! I'm really made this
@Egor And ditto to Jenayah's comment!
9:30 PM
Also, guess who's going to be featured on this someone soon? :p
Q: Have we had ANY professionals participate in SFF?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToAre/were there any SFF professionals (writers, or movie people) who posted on this site? By professional, I mean someone who did a paid job involved with producing SFF content.

@Egor and a special thanks for Spaceman Spiff! :D
Hey everyone, which one's your favorite reference in that image so far?
I can give you list with all characters, but not tied to a picture. So you can see names but you need to find who is where.
@Jenayah Haha, thank you :D
Avatar Aang, in Minecraft form, wielding the demon blood sword from Adventure Time.
I7 - The Shadow (added to answer)
@RDFozz good catch!
Hey @Egor, you're aware it's not the first time you pump up the adrenaline with a char-id here, are you? :p
Q: Can we identify all the characters in this Universe 113 poster?

tobiasvlI found this Universe: 113 Character Poster, which features a whole bunch of sci-fi characters. Who is everyone?

D8: Would that be the caterpillar's hookah from Alice in Wonderland, perhaps?
9:41 PM
D8: I wonder if that little black thingy on the top right is important. It does contrast with the rest of the cell.
@RDFozz humm... the bottom of Caterpillar's is rounder, I think. But then again I can't think of much characters with hookas...
Do my former neighbors count?
D8: Magic 8 ball!
@Jenayah - my son went to a hookah bar frequently for a while. Sigh - frustrating to have a son who smokes, when his mom had asthma, and his grandma worked at stop smoking clinic and cancer clinic for years. Oops, sorry, not about the picture :-)
@onewho knew there was something up with this thing!
@onewho - yes, but just a magic eight ball - or from something in particular
@RDFozz ow... :/ is he out of it now?
9:48 PM
@RDFozz It's a magic 8 ball... does it need to be from something?
@onewho - Oh, not necessarily - but most everything else is, hence the question.
Weird kid bottom right of G6. Video game too?
Also, girl standing sideways.
@Jenayah Looks like a zombie... not sure from where.
@Jenayah - Still smokes (don't think he does the hookah bar thing any more, but he moved out last year, so...). He and his husband don't have a lot of money, which makes the smoking thing that much worse. Kids are frustrating - easier if you didn't love them I suppose :-)
@onewho hey what's the name of that game where you play a 10ish boy haunted by a demon or something?
9:51 PM
@Jenayah You're going to need to be more specific than that... I can think of 5 off the top of my head.
@onewho thought so yeah ahah
hum... Black and white ish setting, must've been released past five years...
@Jenayah We already found the Limbo character
@RDFozz easier for the parents, but not the kid :p he can be glad to have a caring father
@onewho nah not that one
that sideways girl though
H8: I think the bathroom is supposed to be room 237 from the Shining... The hole in the wall looks like the hole Silent Hill 4.
@Jenayah - He is, don't worry. He's a good kid...
9:55 PM
holy heck!
That's Voldemort in H8!
Giving out a flower to... whom?
topright corner
@Jenayah - Meg Griffin - Voldemort the blue guy
@Jenayah Meg Griffin (Family Guy), she's already been identified, he has not.
@Jenayah - Great* catch!
@onewho care to rollback? :/
formatting bugged again
how do I fix that
10:01 PM
just rollback
err... how?
@onewho did it but FWIW and select the one you want to rollback to
thanks, sorry for screwing that up.
yeah no problem
adrenaline cooled down so we're not 5 trying to edit it at once ahah
rollback can go smoothly
people are going home from work
10:05 PM
two or three hours ago it was hell
Don't ask me, it's midnight here :^)
haha, 6pm here... I'm heading home... might jump back into this later tonight, in the meantime, time trek home.
G7 swordsman?
@onewho have a good trip!
btw, no Lord of the Rings yet?
D8 - The robot dog chasing Apiff may be from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
tbh the sleeping dragon from G3 doesn't look like Smaug
@RDFozz nailed it!
D5 black goo monster looks cool
I might've said Symbiote but it's already in J7
@Jenayah - Years before it was a live action movie, The Hobbit was a cartoon movie - maybe it's that Smaug. Or, a different dragon altogether.
10:11 PM
@RDFozz if that is the thing, still not it :/
That gate in I7 though...
We don't have E4 anime girl yet?
I6 - I think ALF is just holding a martini glass....
E10 looks a bit like this IKEA stuff...
C6 - is the shark (I assume identified as Jaws at this point) coming through one of Rick's portals (Rick and Morty)?
And, signing off - have to pick up the cats from the vet. HAve fun, all!
@RDFozz I'd say yes but there are so many portals out there
@RDFozz seeya!
10:45 PM
F2 - in the acid bath: SCP-682, Hard-to-Destroy Reptile.
@Brian_Drozd could be, yeah.
Blue cowboy ghost in G2 anyone?
Wait, we don't have weird-ass octopus from H2 yet?
Sleeping person in sarcophagus in I6 should be the Doom Guy.
And the sword in the fire above is clearly a Dark Souls reference.
Who's the white rat though?
I'd have tsaid Pinky and the Brain but they're elsewhere already
H6's shadow isn't the robot's one is it?
they don't look the same.
there's a recurring potato face.
H6, behind the triangle.
top of D6.
G9 near the mecha' crotch
what's that?
11:01 PM
hhhmmmm, I don't think I'll find much more.
G'night everyone!
Don't forget to fill that post with bold description of unided stuff

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