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6:21 AM
Q: Novel that features the ultra wealthy able to buy body parts of poor for self enhancement

KellyWI read a book years ago 1980's or 90's possibly but the book may have been older where the ultra rich were able to buy or exchange the body parts of other people to enhance themselves. Not necessarily or just organs but muscular arms if theirs were week or flabby, stronger legs, etc. there is mor...

6:50 AM
Q: Slaves working in mines one able make a politician/ruler see condidtions through his eyes

KellyWI read a story about a slave working in a mine that was somehow able to either with help/technology or esp to get a ruling member/politician to see and experience his life as a slave/miner. I can't remember anything else about the story/book.

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9:18 AM
Q: How did the androids manage to disrupt communication with the real police station?

Shadow WizardWhile Rick was interrogating Luba Loft, she manages to call the fake police station and summon a cop who then let Rick use the phone too. He manages to reach the real police station and even talk with Inspector Bryant, but then the call is cut off and further calls to that number fail. How did t...

10:03 AM
Q: sci fi audio track listings?

jimIs anyone aware of any site/fan database that has listings of audio tracks from commercial sci-fi audio CD's? I am converting some audio CD's to mp3 format to play on my mp3 player and sometimes the track data is missing (for example, chapter listings). Really interested in Dr Who audio books. Fo...

Q: In The Dark Knight, what happened to the fourth bank robber?

DarrenThe opening scene of The Dark Knight shows a bank robbery being perpetrated by a gang hired by the Joker. It transpires that they are all supposed to kill each other, with presumably each of them thinking he will be the only one left to split the takings with The Joker, but as they are all wearin...

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11:07 AM
Next post I'll edit will be the 666th :P
Stay back foul beast!
@Marvin You can edit this one haha
@Marvin I've answered this one but I'm not overly happy with it, it is essentially a partial answer.
@Marvin It's in the CV queue, I've VTCd as unclear but I think it might fall under fandom information rather than list of works so on topic but would need editing to clear things up.
Scratch that last message... still should be closed though imo
11:30 AM
still gotta post that Venom answer
and that I Am Legend question
Today's the day
maybe, maybe
Maybe there is no I Am Legend question...
Maybe this is all a lie...
Am I real?
Are you a cake?
Is the cake a lie?
11:34 AM
I'm sorry you had to learn this way :(
stumbled across my new retagging frenzy ;p
Oh no ;P
If anyone wants to write the tag body for ... Haven't seen the movie and likely never will, I can't stand Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt so a movie with both is a no-go ahah
To be honest, most people don't even look at the excerpt never mind the body... as long as the excerpt is filled out with usage guidance that's all that matters.
11:54 AM
I wish it was easy to rep cap on SFF as it is on main meta :P
not the same kind of QAs ahah
I know and my posts were on the featured one too haha
eh then again Meta rep isn't that relevant
I mean not like SFF's
you get what I mean
404 carrot not found...
12:37 PM
meh, not my greatest Venom answer but might update later
12:48 PM
Q: How old is Chade?

J.SchoetersChade has always been described as old, even in the first books. I just finished the Tawny Man Series ending with Fool's Fate, and other characters are either growing old and frail I find this hard to believe as these characters were always depicted as much younger than Chade in my opinion. Of...

Q: Was Robb a virgin before marrying Jeyne?

SkoobaAs this question shows we don't know much about Robb and Jeyne's wedding. However, what is clear is why Robb decided to wed in the first place... "I took her castle and she took my heart." Robb smiled. "The Crag was weakly garrisoned, so we took it by storm one night. Black Walder and the Sm...

Q: Continuity of characters and timeline in comics

kingofthenerdz3I have a question about Marvel comics. When crossovers happen within titles we see that characters from titles which are not necessarily crossed over with appear in them (for example the Avengers and their members appearing in Infinity Gauntlet). The Avengers comics and the comics of individual ...

@Marvin basically magic, though
"it works"
and they tie up loose ends afterwards
1:03 PM
Q: Has GW referenced Malal or a Chaos God/Demon like him in recent editions of 40K or Fantasy?

Richard CI remember back in 1st and 2nd edition Warhammer Fluff there was a 5th Chaos God Malal. This God's purpose was to attempt to counteract the works of the other gods, he was smaller, had fewer followers and was no very well known but he acted to try and help anyone who fought the other Chaos Gods. ...

@Marvin how can that possibly be POB? oO
To quote myself...
> You can't talk about the rudey times... VTC!
anyone versed into Norse mythology here?
Give me Google and ten mins and I'm knowledgeable in anything
well then who would be the Norse equivalent to Greek Hades?
here Google that for me while I continue reading my comic :P
1:16 PM
See you in ten mins...
@Jenayah In the review queue
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2:22 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
2:36 PM
Q: Book: Werewolf/shifter-princess, true-mate, ritualistic test in cabin of mates, fighting?

Baard KopperudI'm looking for a book in English. It's about werewolves (or shifters). A girl is sort of a werewolf princess (may not be a shifter/werewolf herself), and many werewolves would like to mate with her. I think she's sort of forced — possibly locked-up — to participate. In order for her to pick ...

@Zaphod 13 mins, what go you up so early!?
@Zaphod gotta love how Fuzzy edits all that in, and then sets up a boutny for exemplary answer :P
1 hour later…
3:47 PM
Just bought Phobos by Victor Dixen. Duch translation, my French skills don't exceed Le Petit Prince.
(Although I picked up L'étranger while on vacation, and I could read it pretty well. But it helped that I had read it before and remembered the story.)
4:01 PM
@Jenayah yeah, so what about NY? :)
Thank you for those links to YouTube clips, they were very helpful.
What I meant is that the "e" at the end of chalet and filet is rather short, which is what I meant. A lot of my fellow Dutch pronounce filet as "filé" or "filee".
4:18 PM
@SQB L'étranger by Camus, or another one?
In Norse mythology, Hel is a being who presides over a realm of the same name, where she receives a portion of the dead. Hel is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. In addition, she is mentioned in poems recorded in Heimskringla and Egils saga that date from the 9th and 10th centuries, respectively. An episode in the Latin work Gesta Danorum, written in the 12th century by Saxo Grammaticus, is generally considered to refer to Hel, and Hel may appear on various Migration Period...
@SQB ? I don't get the joke?
@Alex thanks!
@Jenayah You're welcome.
Oh by the way SQB, some Secret Wars question which should pop in the days to come. Just giving you a headsup since IIRC you enjoyed this arc :)
@RDFozz might be interested too
@Jenayah Merci!
4:24 PM
2 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Zaphod gotta love how Fuzzy edits all that in, and then sets up a boutny for exemplary answer :P
@RDFozz de rien ;)
@SQB rooooh
> > [...] up a boutny [...]
4:48 PM
Q: Science fiction short story of mirror universes

Pradeep BhatI remember reading a science fiction short story in the 1980s about two mirror universes, where the same incident is going on at the same time. In one universe, the keyword is Sleep and in the other, it is Aestivate. The story ends with the two beings interchanging their respective universes.

big fat WTF.
What's the fault?
Googling Aestivate "short story" sleep universes has a fanfiction result with, from the two lines displayed in the Google search results, has Rita Skeeter doing naughty stuff with Lockhart -___-
Swit swoo
the heck is wrong with HP fanfictions why do they pop all over
4:58 PM
@Jenayah Maybe that's the answer to:
Q: What is the name of this Harry Potter fanfiction where Lockhart is a creepy fiend?

James LawmanLockhart was committing an unspeakable crime on multiple underage female students at Hogwarts during second year, and then Obliviating their memories. When the memory charm backfires, like it did in the books, Lockhart is left with no hope of recovering any sense of who he was, as he was storing ...

HP fanfictions are everywhere. They're watching you
And before anyone comes in to snark on web history, each time I look for HP fanfic-id (which is to say, once every three months), I use incognito browsing.
Jeez you lot can be star happy
@Alex no idea, won't dwell any more into it
Q: Is there any particular significance behind "I Am Legend" being set in the late 70s?

JenayahRichard Matheson's brilliant novel I Am Legend takes place between January 1976 and January 1979, with several flashbacks to 1975, when the vampire plague began to spread. Throughout the novel, there are several references to a "war" which, the way I read it, likely happened less than ten years ...

5:03 PM
@Marvin downvotes
Hey! :'(
Turn that frown vote upside down
I even made an almost free-handed timeline!
no red circles granted but why would you have circles in a timeline
Making me twitch that "Publication date" is capitalised but nothing else is
Oh, so there are still people doing useful stuff with Paint.
5:06 PM
When you ignore the things that should be capitalised that is
@TheLethalCarrot you poor soul
Oooh DV turned into a UV... gotta love that
@Jenayah although obviously, timeline... Time isn't made out of lines. It's made out of circles; this is why clocks are round.
Just gonna drop this here... ;P
A: Who is the second Kingsguard at the Tower of Joy?

TheLethalCarrotThe second is Ser Gerold Hightower, the actor who played him has confirmed this on Twitter. @EddieEyre: 'Gerold Hightower' was on my contract if that helps :) Twitter, @EddieEyre

@TheLethalCarrot nice catch
5:16 PM
Now to see if I can find an answer to the other part of the Q... will probably have to wait till tomorrow though
And thanks :)
5:27 PM
aaah good ol' witch doctor
I just discovered why the badge is called Necromancer.
@Alex Because Necrophiliac wasn't family-friendly?
@Jenayah Well that doesn't explain the use of "necro" in the first place.
@TheLethalCarrot updated for the other part :)
well you go unburying a seemingly dead question
5:31 PM
@Jenayah Right, but it turns out its based on earlier internet terminology.
So no credit to Stack Exchange for creativity.
credit for fan service :P
6:10 PM
Q: What happened to spiders?

aaaaaaIn October 28 epsiode of Dr Who (2018), spiders are lured into a vault. What happened to them after? Was the plan to lock them up and let them die of hunger or cannibalize each other? Wikipedia article states: To kill them humanely, the group lure the offspring into a panic room.. Was ther...

6:21 PM
@Jenayah it’s GoT I’m always looking through old and... you want here during my busy period
6:51 PM
I read too much comics... I answer my own questions before I can even shape them :P
no need
Well then us poor common-folk who don't "read too much comics" will never know the answer.
well I find my own answers by reading a bunch of them but for that particular one it's foundable with Googling so y'know
But we can't find it if we don't know what question to search for.
6:57 PM
No, but you won't ask yourself the question if you don't read comics to begin with, will you? :)
@Jenayah Precisely. So now I'm missing out on a good question.
On the other hand, if you were to read "why was the Symbiote there to begin with, when Battleworld isn't its home planet?", would that make any sense? :p
@Jenayah Does to me
And, I don't know/remember the answer....
@Jenayah No, but hopefully it would be (at least somewhat) more explained in the body of the question.
Aug 17 at 20:39, by Jenayah
@Alex ok, so it's kind of a funnel thing? Explicit title, "understandable" first paragraph, and the further you go, the more "ok" it is to use "technical" words? (as long as you keep defining them briefly, that is)
Kind of reverse.
@RDFozz From Venom Super Special:
7:03 PM
Q: Horror movie where two girls swim in a filthy body of water

Nu'DaqI only saw the beginning of this on TV, and it was a while ago- about mid 90's. What I remember is two teenage girls, possibly on the edge of graduation, both share ambitions of leaving the small town they live in. Both go to a lake or pool of some sort because someone who moves away without swim...

7:20 PM
@Jenayah Thanks - I followed your example and Googled, but I didn't notice that explicit reference. And I don't think I've read "Planet of the Symbiotes" since it came out.
@RDFozz by Googling why was symbiote on battleworld the first two results are Wikipedia pages; the French one is a bit more straightforward than the English one, but the latter still has:
> According to the 1995 "Planet of the Symbiotes" storyline, the Venom Symbiote was deemed insane by its own race after it was discovered that it desired to commit to its host rather than use it up. The Symbiote was then imprisoned on Battleworld to ensure it did not pollute the species' gene pool.
Which upon reading it is technically ambiguous wording, though.
Venom was supposed to be "vaporized"... not cast away.
@Jenayah I definitely read the last sentence.
But I tried not to dig in too deep - I am at work right now :-)
And that was before the race was the Klyntar, and the developments from Venom Spaceknight
@RDFozz well for me it clicked because I read it recently, and used the top panel in a recent update to scifi.stackexchange.com/a/196542/98028
Q: Why Aren't There More Hufflepuffs?

ImperatorSimply put, every House has some characteristics they search after. Gryffindor has bravery, Slytherin has purity, and Ravenclaw has intelligence. But Hufflepuff? Said Hufflepuff, ‘I’ll teach the lot, And treat them just the same.' Hufflepuff takes students from far and wide (ideally), as...

Q: Short story about mind-hijacking aliens (60s or 70s)

James PerryI'm trying to identify a short story that I read in a sci-fi anthology from the late 60s or 70s about an expedition to an alien world. The spaceship encounters a civilization and sends one crew member to the surface. This crew member meets the aliens, realizes something is amiss, and contacts ...

7:40 PM
@Alex you'll notice I didn't VTC, just linked :)
@Jenayah You'll notice I didn't make any accusations, just posted my opinion.
@Alex You'll notice I'm not accusing you of making accusations, just posted a clarification :)
@Jenayah You'll notice I'm not accusing you of accusing me of making accusations, just posted a clarification.
this is going to last long... :P
@Alex I'm sorry, these postings have become too silly, you'll have to stop.
(Found my Monty Python's Flying Circus DVD set, been watching it :-)
7:47 PM
@RDFozz If you insist.
@RDFozz I recently learned Python (the language) was named after them, it made my day then :^)
@Jenayah I guess that's a more poetic naming than Practically Eclectic Rubbish Lister :-)
@RDFozz ahah!
1 hour later…
9:14 PM
Q: Short story about a competition to become King for a day, after which the winner would be killed

NinnI don't remember much from the story, but what really marked me was that everyone on a planet competed in a competition to become King of the planet, yet the one that won would be killed afterwards. I also remember that murder was legal during the competition, and I think a conscious machine was ...

^ Heh heh, so many different comments that seem to recognize the story!
@b_jonas Hey, it's a Thompson Twins song!
Oh darn, this is annoying. I'm reading through active story-id questions, and I've seen three older questions where I knew the answer, but were already answered, and were only active because of a new non-answer (already deleted) or something like that.
oh right I wanted to patch up an answer for one
10:19 PM
Q: Can Mastadge herds be found in the Pegasus Galaxy?

OmegacronIn the pilot for "Stargate: Atlantis", the Wraith Queen's dinner table has what appears to be the head of a Mastadge for a centerpiece. The creature appeared in the 1994 movie "Stargate" (it was the large beast that took a liking to Daniel), but didn't otherwise appear in the series. However, the...

10:46 PM
Seems like a good day for Worldbuilding. Seven Hot Network Questions. That's more than 12 times what it would be if there was even distribution among sites.
equality among the network, what did you smoke mate? :P
@Jenayah if there was
nah ut even imagining it is trippy
@Jenayah Well to be fair there have been some Meta requests/suggestions along those lines.
yeah yeah, I've followed up on that drama
10:56 PM
Well since Interpesonal Skills got removed there has been an increase of Hot Network Questions from my sites.
Offhand, Mi Yodeya, Mythology, Lit...?
Well SFF too but SFF already had a comfy place in HNQ
@Jenayah You forgot this one.
Scratch that.
But actually, I don't recall seeing Mythology there.
Mainly Mi Yodeya and Literature.
I don't think I've ever seen a Hot Network Question from Hermeneutics.
11:11 PM
@Jenayah Yeah, even I made it once when I gave a clickbait title.
@b_jonas which one? :P
@Jenayah My highest voted question.
@b_jonas ahah!
This is the second-best question ever asked on stackexchange. — David Schwartz Apr 19 '17 at 20:38
Q: A movie I saw... or was it just a dream? No it must have been real... or was it?

Mykey So I have memory of seeing a movie when I was young. I've tried all sorts of searches over the years based on keywords from my memory of it but... nothing. Did this movie really exist??? My "memory" of it is very fragmented. I seem to remember it being dubbed into English, no idea what the base ...

11:30 PM
homepage almost all yellow
Q: Movie - 80s to 90s Era, Possible Vampire and/or Sci-Fi

hrhI caught the tail end of a strange horror or sci-fi movie and the credits were cut short because of commercials so I never found out the title. The overall look and feel was campy and of the late 80s to early 90s. The lead female character appeared to be Madonna or someone else with a similar lo...

What else besides ?
scifi.stackexchange.com/review/reopen/135007 wasn't reopened though there's no acceptance in dupe-target, which is against policy. Would a mod flag be appropriate or should I drop the ball altogether?
@Jenayah Well I suppose if you watch a bunch of popular tags it's bound to happen from time to time.
11:57 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/50749/98028 would that need a work tag? (cc @SQB our work tag fan :P )

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