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9:00 PM
@StevenH. define it however you want=)
But said limit actually holds.
It's like saying that (-0.5)! ~= -3.54491... Factorial is only defined for the positive integers, but gamma is its extension to all other numbers
Just a matter of definition.
user image
@Rainbolt The singularity has come!
Who knows, perhaps the title is in a differnt time zone than the body.
@Dennis Remember that SSH brute force that hit your VPS a while ago, well it was probably part of this: blogs.akamai.com/2016/10/620-gbps-attack-post-mortem.html
9:05 PM
^^ had the same thought
@flawr Yes. For some reasons, I always receive DHL packages from the future.
@mınxomaτ How cool is that! The parcel service where I live does not only bring me packages from the past, but also they are usually way too late...
@Rainbolt you use a @yahoo email as your primary email?
This is interesting. But it's hilarious if you read the text under each image as it's title.
Oh no, Firefox is starting to crash
> Microsoft Chrome
Microsoft Firefox
Google Word
Google Firefox
Mozilla Word
Mozilla Chrome
9:15 PM
I used to love firefox, but over the recent years it has gotten worse and worse.
Starting to? It's like saying procedural programming is starting to be replaced by other paradigms
As in, the program crashes
@mınxomaτ "A group photo of military electricians, 1918" rofl
@Maltysen I like "the princess of iran" jumping into a wall.
9:17 PM
@flawr I only started using Firefox when Chrome started BSoDing Windows and making Ubuntu hang
(no joke)
@NathanMerrill Secondary personal. My primary personal is gmail, and I used Yahoo for junk (shopping on Amazon, signing up for shady websites, etc.).
And then there's the work email that I probably use more than anything
Direct family (mom dad brother) has my work email and I asked them not to share. When other family members use my work email I forward it and respond from gmail.
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ BsoDing?
Blue Screen of Death (also known as a blue screen or BSoD) is an error screen displayed on a Windows computer system after a fatal system error, also known as a system crash: when the operating system reaches a condition where it can no longer operate safely. == History == BSoDs have been present in Windows NT 3.1 (the first version of the Windows NT family, released in 1993) and all Windows operating systems released afterwards. (See History of Microsoft Windows.) BSoDs can be caused by poorly written device drivers or malfunctioning hardware, such as faulty memory, power supply issues,...
@WheatWizard how is moorhen esolang?
9:24 PM
@DestructibleWatermelon Ah good I wanted to talk to you about that
I want to add an output, pop and no-op
couple things actually
Just change it to mod-10?
I just realised that any words with uppercase don't work
and that dict shadows a builtin
Ok that should be fixed
What built in?
9:25 PM
Did you know I had a kernel panic but no BSoDs?
@WheatWizard dict makes a dictionary
change it to word_dict or words or english_dict or english_words
CMC: group array into runs of the same number. e.g. [1 1 1 2 3 4 4 4] => [[1 1 1] [2] [3] [4 4 4]]
@DestructibleWatermelon Do you want to do this stuff for the PRs.
I think I made a language harder than brainf**k - brainfuck is to assembly as my lang is to machine code
@WheatWizard ?
9:27 PM
I thought you wanted to get the hacktoberfest thing
that seems a little bit cheaty though
Ok I'll do it
@ConorO'Brien will it be sorted?
what do you think about more ops?
@Downgoat not necessarily
9:28 PM
let me check that the new version of the interpreter works now
0010 ____ _____ - If the current address is equal to the address specified by the next eight bits, then move the execution pointer to the second 8 bit sequence
0001 - increment current address
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Conor O'BrienRandom Quine quine (something related to languages?) You are to write N programs in N langauges (at least 2) that satify the following properties: For each program P, the program P must produce an output O that is equal to a random program Q that you wrote, including P. No two programs P and ...

@WheatWizard If you are changing your language, I'll just keep my fork how it is, to keep that answer valid maybe?
0010 ____ - move memory pointer to address specified by next 8 bits
I'm thinking of switching from Windows to FreeBSoD
9:30 PM
execution pointer moves in memory - it will interpret memory as instructions
@trichoplax free blue screen of death?
@DestructibleWatermelon If we do that we should make a version number perhaps 0.1
@ConorO'Brien Another bad pun
wouldn't it be more like 1, then the new version is 2?
@trichoplax yeah ik XD
9:31 PM
Oh oops...
@DestructibleWatermelon Thats fine too
ok then!
let me edit my truth machine post
@trichoplax Arch > FreeBSD
Try NetBSD if you really want a BSD
All I really wanted was the bad pun...
hot -> hotter
cool -> cooler
free -> ____?
What do you use then?
9:35 PM
I really am thinking of switching from Windows though. I just haven't got as far as narrowing down what to switch to. BSD was purely for the pun.
@WheatWizard should uppercased words have the same effect as lowercased words?
I've very briefly used Rasbian, which seemed fine but then I didn't do anything complex with it
@DestructibleWatermelon Hm... currently they don't
What's the most complicated piece of software you use regularly
well, we can just change the hash thing, and we can just change the x in dict to x.lower() in dict
9:37 PM
I think it is more dadaist if changing the case changes the operation
(basically just a strange way of me asking what you need)
@quartata Firefox
@WheatWizard cool, I'll change that one line of code then
Day to day I need very little
@DestructibleWatermelon Already changed the x in dict
9:37 PM
well, actually it should be x in word_dict, but yeah
How about Xubuntu?
I'd like to be able to use python and gcc, but currently rarely do
@NathanMerrill I remember hearing about Manchausen syndrome. It's interesting.
Uh, that spelling hurts. :P
9:39 PM
@El'endiaStarman yeah. I took a quick peek at the website that was doing all of the investigations, and unfortunately, it isn't that interesting
@DestructibleWatermelon 1.0 is up here
but that was going to be my fork pls?
@Dennis s/that //
@Dennis You don't happen to be acquainted with dyadic ;:, do you?
9:46 PM
@DestructibleWatermelon Hmm.... I'm not really good at this github version stuff. You can maintain version 1.x if you want
@Dennis *Munchausen. :P
Or Münchhausen.
@ConorO'Brien Neither monadic nor dyadic.
@Dennis alright, thanks anyway
I basically created Jelly because I couldn't figure out J. :P
@quartata Just had a read. Sounds interesting
9:51 PM
haha nice. I want to get around to learning Jelly, but I have a long list of other languages first :P
What about Munchausen numbers?
@mınxomaτ A while ago? They're still trying. :P
I know. OVH reported it that the brute force traffic at their network edge was over 1 Tbps.
It's way too slow to be effective though.
Well, they are not trying to break it. They look for trivial entry points.
9:57 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Luis MendoKITT car ASCII art code-golf ascii-art string The 80's TV series Knight Rider featured an intelligent, self-aware car called KITT. One distinctive aspect of the car was a front mounted scanner bar that allowed KITT to "see" (and that looked suspiciously familiar to fans of another, earlier TV s...

10:17 PM
@DestructibleWatermelon Would you mind if I added some FEN positions to your chess solution to this challenge?
@Dennis I was looking at some of the TIO js source, and you have the following function:
function encode(string) {
	return btoa(unescape(encodeURIComponent(string))).replace(/\+/g, "-").replace(/\//g, "_").replace(/=/g, "");
Isn't unescape(encodeURIComponent(...)) useless?
@DestructibleWatermelon Also, black or white to move?
@ConorO'Brien No, that performs UTF-8 encoding.
@ConorO'Brien Oh well, I've changed that in my PR
10:20 PM
But Dennis is holding off on it until TIO 2.0
Not sure if hold off is correct (had to look it up). TIO v2 won't generate client-side permalinks (although it will still support the old ones), so there's no need to compress them.
@Dennis Just curious, why not generate client permalinks?
Because they don't have any advantages over server-side permalinks.
If they do and I've missed them, please tell me.
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ the output is the position the white king would move to, depending on what pieces are there. so white to move. And yes, you can add fen
@WheatWizard should we get Moorhen on to tryitonline?
10:47 PM
Q: Why is a robot getting a badge that states it is not a robot?

AdriaanWith the first batch of people to receive the Not a Robot badge, I was surprised to see Community receiving one as well. Does this mean I will be able to meet the fabled Community in person?

@DJMcMayhem Took 17 hours, but it. Is. Done.
A: Is this number a prime?

DennisBrain-Flak, 112 108 bytes ({}[()]){((({})())<>){{}<>(({}<(({}[()])()<>)>)<>)<>{({}[()]<({}[()]<({}())>)>{(<()>)}{})}{}{}}}<>{{}}([]{}) Try it online! How it works Initially, the first stack will contain a positive integer n, the second stack will be empty. We start by decrementing n as foll...

Very impressive
@DestructibleWatermelon Black's or White's perspective?
It's really cool to see brain-flak take off. I think the number of users who have written brain-flak before has doubled in the last couple days.
10:59 PM
From two to four? :P
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ ¯\_(ô-ô)_/¯ I don't even know what you mean
@DestructibleWatermelon Do black pawns move up or down?
@Dennis No, there was me, wheatwizard, 10000000000 (no idea how many 0's) and kenny. Now it's that plus you, martin, phi and sp30000 (and quartata i think?)
@Dennis idk, I just have strong personal objections to having all the code/especially revisions placed in a locked nuclear bunker (from the user's perspective) where it cannot be touched until the end of time
11:04 PM
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ in Xnor and Xor, the pawns attack towards the rooks. Other than that, I don't think it makes a difference
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ I could understand that objection, but there are also numerous advantages too (shorter links, revisions, testcases)
@DJMcMayhem Hm, some of those haven't answered yet, but I guess you know your user base better than I do. :P There's also a Riley.
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ I have no idea what you mean by nuclear bunker here.
@Dennis As in the database or whatever containing the code/revisions
@Dennis Woah, I never saw that. Awesome! And I just mean they had written something, not necessarily an answer
There's also another: MegaTom
in Brain-Flak, 2 hours ago, by MegaTom
I just golfed 2 bytes off the multiplication program (from the github wiki). dose this look valid? ({}<>)({<({}[()])><>({})<>}{}<><{}>)
11:06 PM
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ Yeah, I got that. Why is it locked?
Why can't it be touched?
@Dennis The code can't be deleted clientside
Sure it can. If it's your code, you can delete it.
So you'll be implementing user accounts?
Deep dream is... um... *interesting*

@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ Or anonymous authentication tokens. Whichever you prefer.
11:08 PM
@Dennis That could work better
Just give the user a randomly-generated token per program
That can be used to revise/delete/etc. it
One of the two reasons I want server-side permalinks is because they enable you to edit your code without updating the permalink, which is something I routinely forget or mess up.
But yes, your solution would satisfy my internal objections
What's the truthiness of multiple return values?
11:16 PM
Let's go with two examples, Racket and Brainflak
(where Racket can, of course, be replaced with any LISP variant)
I don't know about racket, but for brainflak a non-zero on the top of the stack is truthy.
So returning (1, 0) is technically truthy, but (0, 1) is not.
@DestructibleWatermelon I want to wait a little bit on that. I am working on a proof of turing completeness (or the lack thereof).
ok. I might try that as well. You might have an issue without the nop, so definitely add that
@DestructibleWatermelon I made a chatroom here so we can discuss Moorhen without clogging TNB
Being able to golf Dennis' code is an interesting feeling :P
I hate making grammatical mistakes and noticing it too late to edit,
11:53 PM
@StevenH. What grammatical mistake? :P
> noticing it too late to edit,
> ,
That grammatical mistake

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