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12:01 AM
@John Ah, you're in the private beta?
@John How's it going so far?
@GraceNote Yes and it's fast and furious. Mormons, Athiests, People wanted a definition of sin...
I saw
That last one was actually pretty easy.
Oh yeah, I've got Super Mario Fruit Snacks now. I'm so awesome.
12:04 AM
Valve, why u no update?
@GraceNote It's got nothing on my NES tic-tacs
@Manaಠдಠ Psh, tell that to my face now that I've got a Starman!
They're in a container designed to look like an NES controller. How cool is that?!
...okay, that is awesome.
That's what those NESPresso machines are missing, to boot.
Please tell me these are recent products and not like the 20 year old Nintendo cereal.
12:07 AM
@Powerlord There's a reason why I threw out the Tic-Tacs and keep only the container.
But now it's no longer in mint condition!
@Powerlord New product.
I thought Sydlexia had an article about him actually opening and eating Mario/Zelda cereal, but I can't find it.
sydlexia.com <-- But he has opened and eaten other 20-year old products...
Night gents
12:11 AM
Good night!
> The Gaming 2011 community moderator election approaches its close ♬ don't forget to cast your vote!
I like the personal touch @GraceNote
@FallenAngelEyes BURN IT WITH FIRE!
@badp I'd say good night, but I already did so in that secret room. The one that exists. As opposed to the ones that do not exist. Y'know. Because they don't
Goodnight @badp
12:12 AM
What? No! Don't burn moths!
@Wipqozn I'll try not to misinterpret that.
Some rooms don't exist more than others.
@Powerlord that's good
Woohoo! I just cast my first close vote! :D
goodnight @badp
I'm leaving as well, mind you I haven't actually been here
so you know
12:14 AM
So, Valve still intends to update TF2 tonight.
pant ok it's gone.
@Wipqozn Oh, well in that case you clearly don't deserve a goodbye. But have one anyway.
I think
@GraceNote Until they learn to stop being attracted to the light from my monitors, I fear it's the only choice.
12:15 AM
@TimStone How kind of you
Though I didn't kill it, I just shooed it out the balcony door
@TimStone But they're adorable! Fuzzy! And nice!
I find large moth inside my home disconcerting
I don't really know why
I just don't like them inside
@Grace They weren't very nice when they started flying into my face while I was sleeping.
@GraceNote They bang themselves against my windows and lights constantly.
12:17 AM
@Wipqozn I do what I can
@Manaಠдಠ Also this
@FallenAngelEyes Are we talking thumb-sized large, or more like palm-sized large?
@GraceNote Assaulting my screens is an act of aggression, and will not be tolerated.
@GraceNote I'm talking palm size.
@GraceNote palm size or larger
12:18 AM
@Manaಠдಠ Aww, but that's when they're close enough to see their little furry antennae ♪
Ooh, the big ones are the best ones
The best ones to torch with a flamethrower
omg you're so right the next time I see one I'm going to grab it and snuggle it against my face
then these little cartoon hearts will fly up and A MAGICAL RAINBOW WILL APPEAR!! AND PONIES!!!!
@GraceNote Those luna moths are just creepy when they fly at you out of the dark though.
Q: Does Deus Ex: Human Revolution support a third-person camera on consoles?

James SkempI'm one of those people that has developed an inability to play many first-person shooters, but not all. Since a demo doesn't appear to be coming out for Deus Ex: Human Revolution I'm wondering if this game supports a third-person camera on the consoles (PS3/Xbox 360). From what I can tell onli...

You'd get moth powder all over your face D:
12:19 AM
@John No creepier than a pidgeon flying at your face in the dark.
Hate pigeons so much
@GraceNote Yeah, but's it green!
The thing looks like a flying bow-tie.
@John Which is a cute color! Perfect for a cute moth!
Apparently there are two sides to @GraceNote: The "Burninate with fire!" side and the "Green is a perfect color for a cute moth!" side.
@John I've always had a soft-spot for bugs. Many of my older display names are bug-related.
12:22 AM
I like snakes
I just cast the fifth close vote on a question!
but I don't like moths in my house
@FallenAngelEyes I have seen a lot of those lately...
But more lizards.
12:22 AM
hi-fives BOOM!
snakes are not lizards >_>
@FallenAngelEyes Yes, I know. I like the lizards. Especially the own that lives in my basement.
It's huge, but I've only ever seen it twice.
@FallenAngelEyes You know what's better than snakes? Giant centipedes! Oouu, they're so adorable! Especially when feasting. ♪
I miss my snake :( He's still back at my parents because I can't import him here
@GraceNote I like giant millipedes better
You can't import python?
12:24 AM
with their legs going wavy wavy wave
@GraceNote I saw one of those too! If it were alive, I totally would have run screaming/killed it/called 911 or something!!!
He's an exotic animal, so he needs papers proving that he was born in captivity
@FallenAngelEyes Hee, they are cute, too.
But I bought him from a daughter of my mom's friend like 15 years ago
@GraceNote There was a massive one in the basement of my Philadelphia apartment once, a good two and a half to three inches long.
12:24 AM
and the pet store she got him from is out of business
So I can't really bring him here T_T
@TimStone That's not a giant centipede. That's like, a centipede.
So my parents are looking for someone to sell him to cuz he's getting to be a lot for them to take care of :(
It's giant for this area. :P
That's like the size of the one that crawled up my leg one night.
Giant centipedes can eat rats.
12:26 AM
^I'm not fond of those things
centipedes I mean
Sounds delicious
Rats are cool
Of course I did kinda scream at that centipede, but, well, it crawled very high up my leg. I accidentally threw it into my fireplace in my panic.
So are tigers, except when they try to eat you.
12:28 AM
@GraceNote Poor poor centipede...
That's a crappy way to die, even for a centipede :<
@FallenAngelEyes It wasn't lit, thankfully.
I feel like the reflexes necessary to grab the centipede and toss it with perfect accuracy into the fireplace only further proves your ninja-like qualities.
ah okies
But I think I mangled a leg or two while grabbing it.
12:29 AM
Not sure what to do. Time to go fishing in Chantelise!
oh god why can't I stop
@FallenAngelEyes That's probably a pass on the BURN IT WITH FIRE then.
...I love it when a ghost teleports off a cliff and falls to its death!
@GraceNote Ghosts can fall?
What are you playing?
Ones that teleport, no less.
@John Recettear
12:35 AM
@GraceNote Ah ok.
Hm, that reminds me, I should finish up stuff in Bastion and then start looking for a new game.
Wow you guys cycle games really fast....
I'm still playing Age of Empires 3!
@FallenAngelEyes Have you tried The Patch?
@Powerlord Not yet
And no, I don't know of a patch that removes Fishing, it's just a cigarette reference.
12:39 AM
Heh, I bought Age of Empires 3 in Walmart way back whenever, got home, opened it up, and found out that someone had stolen the CDs from the case.
@TimStone Ouch. It wasn't shrink wrapped?
I have like 3 copies of it and each of the expansions.
No, which should have been an obvious clue. But since it had that sleeve around it I guess I just didn't pay enough attention.
@TimStone Yeah I don't like sleeves like that. They get in the way too much.
Luckily they allowed me to swap it for one that had CDs, so it all worked out in the end. And yeah, I've got the expansions as well.
@TimStone Glad it worked out! I just got it working in wine, though some of the triggers in the campaigns are messing up.
12:42 AM
- Added TF birthday replacement models for health kits and ammo packs
- Added TF birthday Party Hat and Noisemaker
I wonder what those look like.
Ah, nice. I might have to go back and play it some more, I haven't touched it in a while.
@TimStone Me neither. I surprised myself with how excited I got watching the intro again.
Heheh :D
Somehow I completely missed the news about this update.
@TimStone I really like the way they redid the music from AoE1 to fit the period.
12:52 AM
Thanks Valve. My server attempted to update when it was told it was out of date, but Valve didn't have the update files on the content server yet.
Well then.
and now my client and server are both stuck in update limbo.
Deus Ex came out today, right?
stabs Valve for updating TF2 on the same day a major PC game came out on Steam
@Powerlord Yeah.
So. Corn dogs = Suspension.
The More You Know.
Also, people in other chats have surprisingly quick trigger fingers.
Welcome back, @LessPop
12:57 AM
Question is...Who shot first...?
I wonder, since I am off to do laundry anyway, if the source image can get me suspended too?
It is a politician eating a fried hot dog. Someone is going to flag that and get me suspended for an hour with my luck.
scratches head
Here's the other half:
I kinda wanna dare somebody to flag either/both of those.
waits for the blue (1) or (2) to appear
since the combination of the two, animated to spin, seems to result in an insta-suspend.
1:00 AM
And my critics would say, it's a grotesque display... well, bite me baby, I perform this way!
To be fair, the mental image of these two sharing a corn dog together, is, uh, kind of unsettling.
@Manaಠдಠ Well yes, but it's unsettling in an entirely wholesome, non-sexual, inoffensive way.
Unsettling like clowns. And the Olsen Twins. And GnomeSlice's tagging habits.
To be fair, I'm actually just as disturbed by the source images as I am by the other one. These have the benefit of not being annoyingly animated, but that's a minor detail.
You know, GnomeSlice was talking to me about leaving the site.
Really? That's not very chill.
1:05 AM
Yeah. He's kind of tired of all the crap people on here give him all the time.
@Manaಠдಠ :( That would be sad.
I don't mean to give him crap. :/ I just like starring things that are all in caps.
maybe that was putting it harshly
@Manaಠдಠ Hum. That would be unideal.
On the one hand, I guess after a certain point I'd start getting annoyed too. On the other hand, I didn't post on Cooking about smashing potatoes with my forehead. So I'm kind of conflicted. :/
Whoa, how many new sound clips did Valve add?
29 different "happy_birthday_tf" wav files.
I wonder if all players will get the birthday hat thing.
1:09 AM
@LessPop This track is pretty chill
/soldier/drg_hair_beard <-- Also, wut?
@Powerlord BEARDS!
@Powerlord I bet it is a promo tie in for Skyrim. Because Skyrim is going to feature Beards. Which is, quite frankly, a revolutionary development in Elder Scrolls history.
"Pre-order Skyrim, get beards!"
Forget hats, beard hair braids is where it's at.
Well, no, it occurred to me that it's probably just an updated texture for the Dr. Grodbert Muttonchops.
1:26 AM
hey @Mana
Q: How do I get the treasure in the Sealed Door section of the Sealed Palace(5-3)?

Mana ಠдಠThe hint for this one is... There is, very rarely, a reward for cowards. In response to this, I've tried not attacking the enemies, refusing to enter into the big open area for a minute, running around at the edge of the area, hiding in a corner, and generally being a total wuss. Nothing se...

You forgot to accept your answer
yeah, that's wrong
kind of
according to Grace anyways, apparently there is a way to do it in Practice Mode
And in story mode too.
either way as far as I can tell, it involves running back and forth between the staircase and the white circle in the middle
You forgot the thingamajig that has to be right in with the whoosimawhatsit.
@John Given that this is Chantelise I'm not surprised.
1:30 AM
@Manaಠдಠ Oh the game really is like that?
Finding some of the secret treasures by yourself with no hints can be rather...demanding.
@Manaಠдಠ I've played games like that before. I didn't like them. Until I won.
@John Well, they're entirely optional.
The game's pretty straightforward aside from that and the stupidly difficult second form of the otherwise easy final boss.
@Manaಠдಠ Even worse. Then you're always thinking "I wasn't good enough".
@Grace that damn archdevil :/
1:33 AM
@Manaಠдಠ Hey, I only have around 60 HP now
good luck doing that one with 48 health
oh, 60 now
well that's manageable.
I got the Omega Ferromin to confirm the name.
I mentioned that it's so much more difficult compared to the original version, did I?
True, you did.
The Stanley Parable...how meta
Did I mention to what degree?
1:36 AM
I couldn't find anything to shoot :(
HL2 pulse rifle is still one of the more rewarding weapons I've had in a videogame
sounds so nice
@Grace No
Well, let's see...
Only one cannonball or sparkball per shot attack. No fire spokes. No bomb trains. Oh, and he did maybe 20 damage with his most powerful shots.
Q: What recent (~2007 onwards) PC games are out there that play well on gamepads?

AscendantI recently purchased an XBox 360 controller for windows and have been getting a kick out of playing some Devil May Cry and Assassin's Creed games with it on PC. What other recent PC games from the past few years out there are good for playing with gamepads? I'm not asking about just games that "...

The fire spokes make me want to find the nearest baby and eat it
also that stupid fire beam attack that does physical, not magical damage, so you take 100 damage if you've stocked up on charms
You mean the one that did maybe 5 damage in the previous version? ♪
(Which reminds me, I need to update my Void Crystal answer later, since that was made using the old version of the boss)
1:43 AM
and then it seems they did nothing to the third form since that guy has these silly easy to avoid attacks that do mediocre physical damage
That part ain't meant to be supra-hard
I see. It's all about the emotional effect of seeing Chante and Elise fight together one last time?!?
That and the whole implementation of the fight being that most of your equipment is useless and you can't get gems and all that jazz.
(That said, it makes the Strongarm Band an awesome item)
Oh, really? I sold that thing.
It was practically useless in the face of all the better stuff I could replace it with.
It's not all that useless, just suggests a different style of play (not unlike the Earth Crystal, as it were)
1:47 AM
@FallenAngelEyes Remember Grace's advice. Tame the moth. Love the moth.
@Manaಠдಠ Be the moth.
@KevinY Damn it I was just typing that!
tossing your sister as bait on a fishing hook apparently damages enemies
1:59 AM
You can also open chests that way.
@FallenAngelEyes Be glad it isn't a Slake Moth
What the bloody hell is that from?
@FallenAngelEyes Perdido Street Station.
An absolutely amazing novel.
Ah, China Miéville
I have not gotten around to reading any of his stuff yet
@FallenAngelEyes Fix this.
that's a better picture of one, IMO
2:05 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's awesome
Should I start with Perdido Street Station?
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, it's a good starting point.
Other works are 'better', but few do the world building quite so well as Perdido, and it's chronologically 'first'.
Ah yeah, looking at his wiki article, I see I clicked on a bunch of links for the "New Weird" authors and stuff
I like bizarre and transgressive fiction
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, Mieville is basically the foremost New Weird author.
(but if you like him, I can recommend a dozen other amazing ones.)
In particular, Jeff Vandermeer, and Reza Negarestani, for very different types of reading experiences.
I've found some really good recommendations on TBB on SA. I <3 TBB.
Sure, it's full of elitist jerks, but I can deal with that better than the dredges of FYAD
@FallenAngelEyes I stopped visiting TBB when they shut down The Bad Thread.
The Bad Thread was a form of art.
"You couldn't even see me like a cuban playing hockey" is still the best rap lyric of the past 5 years and I will fight anybody that disagrees. Just FYI.
2:12 AM
The Bad Thread?
@FallenAngelEyes the old GRRM, Song of Ice and Fire thread.
It was a cesspool of hatred, scum, and villainy, of a variety not seen since Mos Eisley.
Oh hahaha
I never read that because I refuse to start that series until it is finished
So they killed it? It was huge
Notable 'Greatest Hits' included posting comments on GRRM's blog with 1x1 pixel images, getting them through the screener, and then replacing the image with these massive 1200x1220 collages of HATE.
@FallenAngelEyes They closed it like 4 times and now they permaban people for going back to the memes of the old thread.
2:15 AM
aw man
(like calling GRRM fat, using 'lemon cake' as a synonym for 'rape', etc.)
@GraceNote 'unideal'?
@FallenAngelEyes Also, the fan fiction.
Oh god the fan fiction.
Seriously, I honestly don't know if that man is going to live to finish the series
2:15 AM
ASOIAF/WH40k erotic crossover fanfic.
oh god haha
GRRM/Winnie the Pooh rape fics.
@JohnGore As in, not ideal
@GraceNote Well, I know that. I meant why is that not ideal?
oh goons
2:16 AM
You must lose users from time to time.
@JohnGore Losing users is never ideal
@FallenAngelEyes Doesn't sound like you guys like him very much though.
@JohnGore Not true. :/
@JohnGore I have no beef, yo
@JohnGore Says who?
2:18 AM
Er no one SAID so... but I mean I keep seeing posts in here about his various negative qualities.
Who are we talking about?
@LessPop_MoreFizz @GnomeSlice
@GraceNote Oh.
@JohnGore It is more of a running joke. :/
Kind of like the fact that @arda is going to make a terrible mod.
No, it doesn't make it funny that he is seriously considering leaving the site. Which is why, like I said, it's not ideal.
Honestly I think part of it was made worse by the fact that people waited until after he was suspended to start harping on him and calling him a troll.
@GraceNote Yeah, it's only funny when it goes both ways IMO.
2:21 AM
On my resolution, that message stops at "calling him a tr..." in the starred list.
I can't blame him for seeing it as talking about him behind his back - it's basically like people waited until he's gone and then break out all of these negative points on him.
I can only imagine what could be inserted in there.
@GraceNote That happened?
@JohnGore Wait wait wait are you trying to imply that @gnomeslice is a... a... a... Troubadour?
@JohnGore The moment he got chat-suspended, people pretty much broke out into pointing him out as a troll. Yes, his meta post being in the wrong place and being insistent in an intentionally poor form didn't really help his case, but the timing was horrible and no one ever complained about that to @GnomeSlice directly.
A troubadour (, ; , , originally ) was a composer and performer of Occitan lyric poetry during the High Middle Ages (1100–1350). Since the word "troubadour" is etymologically masculine, a female troubadour is usually called a trobairitz. The troubadour school or tradition began in the 11th century in Occitania, but it subsequently spread into Italy, Spain, and even Greece. Under the influence of the troubadours, related movements sprang up throughout Europe: the Minnesang in Germany, trovadorismo in Galicia and Portugal, and that of the trouvères in northern France. Dante Alighieri in ...
2:23 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, I get it now. I didn't see which message you were replying to.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, I never knew a troubadour was referred to as a , ; , , originally.
Also, heh.
Indie Game Links: ASCII Roguelikes http://t.co/SWXTH8R
One of the biggest falling outs I ever had with someone was pretty much the same thing, so I think I know a bit about how GnomeSlice feels right now.
@GraceNote That is poor form :/
@GraceNote The only thing I took issue with in that whole scenario was him posting that question on Cooking, because I know they don't appreciate that kind of stuff. But he's certainly not a troll, and I think he's a generally cool guy.
2:25 AM
And also kind of silly, imo, seeing as everyone knows these chats are fully public o_O
@TimStone Aye, I don't consider him a troll. Eccentric, but in a good and entertaining way. He isn't mean-spirited or anything.
Can I start a new game of Hammerfall, but retain any weapons I earned in my last playthrough?
Oops, HammerFight.
@JohnGore Ask on the site!
2:30 AM
Eh... I think I'll just go play it instead.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sounds like your kind of thing.
@GraceNote I am fond of beer.
A fact I recall quite strongly.
Text "You spilled your chai latte" to 90999 to donate $1 to the victims of the U.S. East Coast earthquake.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Despite 0% chance of success, I'd be tempted too.
2:33 AM
“Soon I’m going to raise the amount to eight liters, because I want to have an undisputed champ,” he said. <-Guh
I'd be worried about my customers getting alcohol poisoning :P
Hey, what do you guys thing of this?
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, 8 liters is a bit much.
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I'd be in front of the "let's get alcohol poisoning" line if I tried it. I don't have the body mass for it.
@AnnaLear Body mass, hell, I don't think I have the bladder for it
@FallenAngelEyes Well, among other things. :) But hey, given two hours, I'm sure you could carve out some time for a bathroom break.
2:37 AM
Haha true. I wouldn't be able to do it anyway, as I'm not supposed to drink with the medication I'm on.
I'd end up puking in no time
That's no fun. Although look on the bright side: there are worse side-effects of mixing alcohol with meds you could have. :) (I'm looking at you, Naproxen and your promises of severe/lethal intestinal bleeding.)
Well there's more misery than puking, but I figured I'd spare you guys the details :P
Anyone know what recent-ish (~2007 onwards) games on PC that work well with gamepads? (i.e. where gamepads would be preferable to mouse and keyboards, so FPS's no, action or fighting games like Devil May Cry or Soul Calibur, yes)
@Ascendant Do Recettear and Chantelise count?
@Ascendant Assassin's Creed series?
Really, just about anything that showed up on a Console first.
Also, Yeah, the Carpe Fulgur/EGS titles.
2:45 AM
Their original releases were in 2006 and 2005 respectively, but they were localized only last year and this year respectively.
Oh, I might as well recommend Sora while I'm at it, but that hasn't been translated. Nevertheless, good for gamepad. A lot of import games are great for gamepad.
@Ascendant I'd also count shmup games in there as well
If you like those sorts of games
Yeah, been playing Assassin's creed and DMC4 they're great
Also many indie games, especially platformers, work well/better with a gamepad
I agree, any ones that came out on console first are good
like Super Meat Boy
2:53 AM
how do I find a list on ones that came out on console first?
I'm not sure there'd be such a list that specifies what you're looking for. You'd just have to look for a list of console releases.
This is what crouching in Deus Ex looks like from a third-person view
@Manaಠдಠ Wh...what?
Woo, my meta question has two -1 (both +2/-3) answers
I know, right?
2:56 AM
@Manaಠдಠ What a shame.
Can you get to 3rd person without any dev commands?
@Manaಠдಠ :gonk:
@NickT I would assume not.
@NickT Unsure. Someone else showed me that image.
@Manaಠдಠ That is one of the more painful things I have seen. Ow.
2:57 AM
If you're going to complain about bad 3rd person, Portal lacked tons of animation for the player character, who you could frequently see through portals
What, you mean that's not how you guys crouch?
@Manaಠдಠ It disturbs me that this is what human anatomy will be like in the future.
ok sleeptime, g'night all
it is all about human evolution, right?
G'nite, @Fallen!

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