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10:00 PM
reaching a particular type of audience isn't an opinion based process
and the author is asking about reaching a particular type of audience
this is so freaking funny: tvids.me/watch69/The-Big-Bang-Theory/…
"Some people are fixated on the fact you get to throw bricks at God, some get fixated on the fact you are killing cute animals.

Is there a limit to how 'art' a game can be before regular people cease to 'get it'?"

Let's talk about drinking. Everyone has different levels of intoxication just as everyone has different morals and levels of intelligence. Everyone has a limit to something. You're right he is trying to reach a particular type of audience and that audience is those that play shooters. He even said himself "Some people are concerned Some people are fixated on the fact you get to
The keyword here is some. What if someone said yes there's a limit, because he happened to be religious?
please remove the god part
it's so not relevant here
it's just a type of controversial subject
he just noticed he can't reach the god-satire hating people and offered it as an example
10:03 PM
watch it!
@Pip I never liked sheldon's face
always wanted to smash it with a hammer
"I never liked Sheldon's face.... always wanted to smash it with a hammer." - AlexM., 2013
@AlexM. It is.
It was his notion of putting "art" in a game.
10:05 PM
alright grey, I'm done talking to you
no star? why?
looks like byte won't unlock it anyway
so it's pointless to waste any more time
The community is free to vote to re-open.
the process to reopen it should be like this:
1) suggest answer
and wtf does he mean by regular people Alex
10:06 PM
2) answer gets peer reviewed
3) question gets unlocked if the answer shows the question is not opinion based
as it is right now, I have no idea how to even vote or where to go to vote
@Grey general audience
The question should be able to stand on its own, without an answer.
@AlexM. need 3k rep to vote
10:07 PM
It's just a sensational question to attract attention to their kickstarter.
well, I bet there's a lot of active "community" with 3k+ rep here
what kickstarter?
oh naturehater thing
@AlexM. As I know you are aware given by your sarcasm, there is not which is why mods are so quick to close.
They're already making the game. What's the problem they're facing? They just want to have a discussion about it and get people looking at their game.
10:09 PM
in that case we should edit those parts to remove the advertising ideas
"How many regular people can look at painting of Picasso before they throw up"
@AlexM. 1.) His username 2.) His Profile
Still opinion based without the advertising.
the rapist games
do what you think is right guys
@Pip hey!
I'd do the same in your place too
10:11 PM
hey @ChristianCareaga
@ToddersLegrande this is not always a good thing
see the flag I raised on that guy's question who was asking why unity player was unable to update
I didn't say it was a good thing :)
it got rejected
only after the 2nd flag did the thing get closed
It's definitely something I've noticed more recently and am not sure I like
how is asking why a piece of software can't update not offtopic
10:14 PM
because the problem is
the power to close the questions is... drumrolls .... subjective.
Because power is placed in the hand of one or two people.
and not the community at large.
that would definitely work if there wasn't a set of guidelines and rules backing the closing process
@Pip I'm at a coffee place doing homework lol
oh man the DB prof actually went into B-trees in the course
this will be fun. not.
10:19 PM
@AlexM. That was rejected because the message said it should be sent to support. I couldn't do that.
I didn't ask anyone to send it to support, what I said should have been read as "This question should be sent to Unity support and thus is offtopic here."
I thought it was obvious
like the question being offtopic-obvious
If you like I can paste the exact message here.
I can do that myself
"This should be sent to Unity's customer support instead. "
OK, so you know you didn't say it was off topic, just that it should be sent to support.
and the one that got accepted
"Alright, let me re-phrase it. It's offtopic because it asks why a particular piece of software stopped working on a particular machine. For the same reason we don't see people asking why Adobe Flash failed to update yesterday."
who would flag a question to tell a moderator to send something somewhere :\
it makes no sense
I must be dumb or something
10:22 PM
The thing is, you're flagging for moderator attention, when really it's just a close vote.
am I really the only one thinking "This should be sent to Unity's customer support instead. " is pretty obvious in representing the reason why I flagged it?
no, I wanted to flag for offtopic but the reason for offtopic was not in that list
OK, I guess that's an SE issue then. Close flags don't usually alert us in the same way as moderator attention flags.
I guess I also need 3k rep to vote for closing
those are some serious rep requirements
you don't need to be a master answerer to keep the place clean
That's certainly something you can bring up on meta.
Because it's true.
10:26 PM
too much vim
@Grey it's not vim-localized
I rather like perl and sed, I think it's silly to pick one without judging the task first
I know
fuck perl mickey
sed that shit
calm down.
10:27 PM
dude you think you got what it takes or sth
you think you got the big cojones
teh dramas
@AlexM. Bro do you even unity doe...
10:29 PM
GD.SE chat drama.
that's not drama
that's a motherfucking valkyrie
this man speaks the truth
Seinfeld ?
And yet all I can think of is "Kill the wabbit... KILL THE WABBIT!!!"
@ToddersLegrande The truth is forbidden /me kills @AlexM. with physical violence
10:31 PM
That's violent :O
It's super effective
New Blog Post: Fabulous Adventures with GD.SE Chat
First Line: I am a changed man.
Fagulous what?
@MickLH eric lippert reference
physical violence
through years of nerd rage
and extensive otaku training
I have achieved my ethereal form
and this is not even my final form
I have a pet rose btw
plants make amazing pets because they don't poop all over the floor and shut up
@MickLH if JayZ was here, he'd have sued you for that Z
@Grey epic lirrert
10:34 PM
I really love his blog but I always adblock his picture
because he looks like he's staring into my soul
I want to learn how to byakugan.
Nurd-RayJ sounds like an electro/dubstep synth that can be programmed in Java
@Grey neji dies
10:36 PM
already knew that
he goes gay for naruto
and dies
only saskeh can go gay for naruto and stay alive at the same time
everyone knows that
Ugh there's all this stupid pain, but the only way to solve it is to eat :'(
I honestly didn't sign up for this shit, I was under the impression that earth would be a LOT different
10:39 PM
@Byte56 what am I suggesting on meta again? to lower the rep requirements for reviewing votes or voting itself
I can't find where it's specified how much rep you need for voting
Call it viva le revolution
and suggest some radical changes
@radical is fine, grey, maybe YOU need some changes
@radical is pretty cool
yeah hes a cool guy
I really think some @Grey changes are in order
10:40 PM
don't you agree @Grey?
with the fact that we need some @Grey changes
for @Grey
@Todders tell them to stop
10:40 PM
@Grey I get it, he kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything
Guys play nice
Don't pick on eachother
Make fun of me instead
I need the attention
hugs @ToddersLegrande
10:41 PM
@pip dont you need attention
because you're like attention deprived.
@TorusLagrange better?
King shuts down Pac-Avoid game in wake of cloning accusations http://bit.ly/1e245vg
164 moderator attention flags
160 deemed helpful
3 declined
1 disputed

22 posts marked spam
22 deemed helpful

3 posts marked offensive
3 deemed helpful

3 comments flagged
3 deemed helpful
well at least my !helpful flag count is still below 2.5%
@Grey noes
@pip attention
@pip attention
@pip attention
@pip attention
10:43 PM
you are annoying
@MickLH wat did you call me? D:
@Pip Sometimes it's important to walk a mile in another mans shoes to understand how he works =)
@ToddersLegrande torus lol
that's new
also lagrange
@Grey :)
10:44 PM
okay thats creepy
@ToddersLegrande I'm glad that they didn't make the whole show like this: tvids.me/watch69/The-Big-Bang-Theory/…
@Grey sup
Still need a new name... though I don't think I'm going with Torus Lagrange
@Pip I'll have to believe you. Can't watch now
10:45 PM
I'm glad you noticed, if you can't tell I've been math-ing really too fucking hard today
. _ .
I swear to god I'm gonna write a paper soon
@ToddersLegrande :)
curse you markup
too many smiles pip
you know what happened to the last guy who did that
10:47 PM
go away Mr. U
Mr. W
@ToddersLegrande There should be a room just for images.
Then make one
not in my power. I don't have enough swag points.
You start getting swag points when youre a trusted user
it's not really talked about but you know I have privileged information like that.
According to the SE blog @Todders swag points were created 1/24/2014. Jesus man, try to be in the know sometimes.
\o/ #yolo
10:50 PM
@ToddersLegrande In 25 mins, I will have Chicken cordon bleu and rice :D
@ToddersLegrande I'd be the only one there
it'd never reach its full potential
Q: Lowering rep requirement for reviewing activities

Alex M.I can speak for the situation on GD.SE, where we have few active over 3k rep members doing maintenance work. There are lower rep members who would do it though. I think the 3k rep limit for closing votes and reviewing everything is way too high. You don't need to be a great question asker or ans...

Overthrowing SE for beginners:
actually blog post.
with my exams and all I forgot to check on the jam
it's going to start in 6 days
10:52 PM
I hope Intel's XDK really gets some serious development
right now it's the most attractive solution for cross platform html5 dev
@AlexM. Arguably, going on a rep hunt would be more useful to the site
I am not capable of going on a reputation hunt
I do not have the knowledge to answer most of the questions asked here
if you look at my answers, most of them are to questions dealing with architectural decisions
I have never finished a book on game development, other than visual basic game programming for teens :(
I have never actually read one either
I always end up reading stuff like "fundamentals of programming languages"
@AlexM. same
the only reason I can be relevant on this site

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