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4:00 PM
@Sterno Boo
F1 is surprisingly safe for motorsport
Must have been quite the accident. He needed brain surgery.
Q: Distribute items evenly through pipes

Menno GouwIs there a equivalent pipe to Tekkit's "distribution transport pipe" for FTB unleashed? I know diamond pipes will split items if a specific item is allowed on multiple exits/colors. The problem is i have much more then 9 items to handle and i want to distribute those items equally to my machines ...

Q: Half-Life 2D - How do I install it?

ZibbobzI have heard through the grapevines that there is a secret Half-Life 2D game that was released back before Half-Life 2 was officially available, that can still be installed onto Steam by entering "steam://install/92" into your steam client. However, I can't seem to make Steam accept this url -...

@kalina Skiing is murder.
@Lazers Huh?
4:02 PM
@badp It's also to damn expensive.
Codename: Gordon, also known as Half-Life 2D, is a two-dimensional Flash sidescroller shooter game made by Paul "X-Tender" Kamma and Sönke "Warbeast" Seidel. The game was produced on behalf of Nuclear Vision, and was distributed free of charge over Valve Software's Steam online delivery system as a promotional title for the then-upcoming Half-Life 2. The game has since been removed from Steam's storefront due factors related to the developer's bankruptcy. The game started off as a fan project of Paul Kamma and Sönke Seidel, the concept being inspired by various Half-Life 2 advertisemen...
@Mana hahahah what
> The game was taken off of the Steam Store because of issues with the website banner built into the game. The original developers (due to their bankruptcy) allowed the domain to expire, and it was purchased for advertising use. This led to the site containing links to pornographic content and viruses.
@Mana lololololololol
Q: Can you still get gold skulltulas from soil after planting a magic bean?

Mechanical LoonI didn't realize that some (most? all?) soil has golden skulltulas hidden if you drop bugs in there. I've already planted magic beans in a bunch of places. If I've planted a magic bean in a place where a golden skulltula can be found, would I still be able to get that skulltula or is it lost fore...

4:07 PM
I guess he was an FPS character
The Cave for Android is free from Amazon http://sbn.to/1cOnrVz
@ElfSlice I don't think that's Ralph
@MBraedley Maybe, dunno actually.
tea, earl gray, hot.
4:13 PM
@3ventic Do you have a problem with that?
@Powerlord early gray?
@badp Not at all
> Cook and the other executives each received the maximum 2013 bonus—twice their annual salary.
I could use a bonus like that
@MechanicalLoon See twitter above ^
@Powerlord we are not a replicator
4:14 PM
@ElfSlice Meh. I already bought it during this steam sale.
@MechanicalLoon Oh, cool. For Android though?
@Wipqozn pooooison
@ElfSlice Yeah, that's not Ralph. That's concept art for Hero's Duty, a game that was in Wreck-It Ralph, most likely a parody of Call of Duty and those new-fangled graphically intense arcade shooters.
4:17 PM
@Yuki Oh. Der.
Maybe that's ralph on the left
@ElfSlice Yeah, that's Ralph. You can tell by the distinctly cartoonish design of his face.
Q: Teleport player on horse on minecraft vanilla

André MaldonadoI've created a big circuit in my vanilla server to teleport all players to an arena each 3 days. It's all working like a charm, but a few days ago a player wasn't teleported. Chatting with him, he told me that he was on a horse. Players on horses are not teleported?

You're welcome @Sterno
I have two more snowglobes if anybody wants them
5 and 9
I have a bunch if anyone wants them
All good choices.
4:21 PM
Why am I already excited for this?
@3ventic How on earth did that get accepted?
@3ventic Do you just lurk in the meta SO chat and repost stuff in here?
@Yuki SO...
4:26 PM
@ElfSlice I rarely cross-post stuff
@3ventic =P
but this one was too hilarious.
@ElfSlice Do you just lurk on twitter/indie game sites and repost stuff in here?
@kalina Yes!
well at least you're honest about it
4:27 PM
I lurk around my head and repost stuff from there.
Q: Hacked Pokemon Through Pokebank

user64411If I trade a hacked Pokémon onto Pokemon X and Y(if it gets through Pokebank), will it ruin or affect my game?

@Yuki It got approved with edit. The edit wasn't shown on the page.
It changed the link text to "here."
Steam must have done that on purpose
I had 2 cards, 3 of each at once point
I'm missing 2,3,4,8 from next badge
4:35 PM
@3ventic I have 3s and 4s
Do I have you on Steam?
I don't think so
@ElfSlice added
CC @MechanicalLoon
Pretty good game
Some of the puzzles are really difficult
All of the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life
4:40 PM
"Bought" it. I'll figure out how to get it on my Nexus 7 later.
Completely legit English just there
There's a contrived example like, "John, while Joe had had had had, had had had, had had had had better results."
People pretend that it works without the commas but they're stupid.
"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a grammatically correct sentence in American English, used as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated linguistic constructs. It has been discussed in literature since 1972 when the sentence was used by William J. Rapaport, an associate professor at the University at Buffalo. It was posted to Linguist List by Rapaport in 1992. It was also featured in Steven Pinker's 1994 book The Language Instinct as an example of a sentence that is "seemingly nonsensical" but grammatical. Pinker na...
@kalina there seems to be one too many "had"s
@MBraedley nope
4:41 PM
@MBraedley It's legit.
Are you people lurking in the meta so chat
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by RyanCarlson
"James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher" is an English sentence used to demonstrate lexical ambiguity and the necessity of punctuation, which serves as a substitute for the intonation, stress, and pauses found in human speech. In human information processing research, the sentence has been used to show how readers depend on punctuation to give sentences meaning, especially in the context of scanning across lines of text. The sentence is sometimes presented as a puzzle, where the solver must add the punctuation. The example refers to two ...
you could remove one of them and it would say the same thing, but four is fine too
if not, that's a really weird coincidence
@MechanicalLoon And in the case of buffalo, capitalization.
@Butterscotch Yeah.
4:42 PM
@ElfSlice mine was different, blame the others
Okay, I guess it makes sense
@kalina Sounds good.
@MechanicalLoon I can't even figure out how to 'buy' them.
@kalina You could remove 2 and it would still pretty much mean the same thing.
@ElfSlice There was a button where there would normally be "buy this" except it said "get this".
@MechanicalLoon Does that add it to your account?
@ElfSlice That's what it said.
4:44 PM
Not what I saw.
which takes me to
@MechanicalLoon Mine doesn't have that. Do you already have the amazon app?
4:47 PM
@MechanicalLoon Oh, maybe that's why. I don't have that.
What's the app called?
@ElfSlice I just finished listening to yogurtbox.bandcamp.com/album/minimap
It's pretty cool.
@RyanCarlson My internet gave up streaming it about halfway through. Pretty good though. coda is usually awesome.
@RyanCarlson One of his previous albums, tracer, is free.
(minor) SPAM!
4:56 PM
@MBraedley BOOM
@Butterscotch Oh, @Gingersnap, you shouldn't have!
...even Origami changed name?
@GraceNote Probably just temporarily. He changed to @GnomeSlice once and got banned.
...that had far less to do with the name change alone.
Associated with his bitcoin profile. His Arqade username is still OrigamiRobot
5:03 PM
@ElfSlice Now I've got Badgers Badgers Badgers in my head.
@MBraedley That just makes it easily fixable for him.
Why does SE have a Bitcoin beta and why is @LessPop_MoreFizz not a mod?
Does not into what in change that the fact to what in that it still is what that is in a name change that there happened wherein to now.
If everyone would just stop trying to make my brain explode for a minute, I'd appreciate it.
I thought it was pretty straightforward.
5:05 PM
@Wipqozn Why would anyone use a 720p .gif?
@GraceNote Yes, I know, but still, he changed it before.
So it's not like he's never done that.
That ain't the issue.
@GraceNote Wait... I think I need to read that over a couple times.
Not that there's actually an issue what all in the whats, just that that's the term I just used now.
5:06 PM
@Ullallulloo I don't know. I don't have all the answers!
Q: Does 40% Less Damage affect Conversion Trap using Multiple Traps?

user13176What I mean is that Multiple Traps has this 40% Less Damage effect. So when using it with Conversion Traps on mobs, does that mean that this 40% Less Damage apply to mobs damage? They start hitting others with 40% Less Damage or does this apply only for spell traps?

@GraceNote Okay, I think I get what you're trying to say. The grammar makes it near impenetrable though.
@Yuki That ain't not no problem of mine.
@GraceNote was not in any way trying to be confusing when he said what she said.
I'll reiterate that I think it's pretty straightforward.
Not that it's hard to be straight and forward when you're a single line that only goes in one direction. All the same, it looks pretty clear to me.
5:10 PM
People of The Bridge, you have an opportunity to shape my opinion. This is definitely not high quality content. However, is a "not an answer" flag valid on it?
@Sterno If you'd posted those as separate questions I'd have starred one of them.
@Sterno I'd say it is technically an answer.
Well, no..
the answer is just "Google it"
With the search terms provided.
That's not an answer.
It's amazing how many "Not an answer" flags are actually answers to really bad questions. (not talking about this case)
Then again he did provide the tools name.
Q: What order or path in is the most exp/gold efficient while going woods in Heroes of New Earth?

GeorgeI realize that this differs for what kind of hero you're playing. So in both scenarios, What order grants most exp/gold efficiency while going woods Hellbourne vs Legion's jungle. From early game when it's simply gank/farm to mid game when freeroaming the map and getting the giant's and more pla...

5:13 PM
@Sterno We do have other answers on the site that link to outside resources or third party tools. I wouldn't say it's NAA, it's just not a good answer. Downvote, not flag, IMO.
@FAE There's where I was leaning but earlier today I'd re-read the "We typically close link only answers" meta. And this isn't a link only, but it's kind of the same thing. I AM SO CONFLICTED
@FAE the problem is it doesn't even have a link. It's a link only answer without a link.
I've left a comment in anycase.
Seriously, though, I wish I could see what % of my actions in the flag queue are rejecting NAA flags
@Sterno Hm.
@Sterno Probably a lot.
I used to reject a lot of NAA flags.
5:15 PM
@Lazers "Heroes of New Earth"
@Sterno I was thinking for a moment that the part before the underscore was some sort of clever ruse to make Google rank results from that website higher. Turns out it's actually part of the .rar file name.
Here's an example of something flagged as NAA which is actually an answer, but to the part of the question that typically would not be on-topic, so what the hell do you do with it? link
@ElfSlice Motor Rock got pulled from Steam.
@Fluttershy :/
I told you it would be!
5:18 PM
@Sterno Wow, I've got my window narrowed right now and that link is exactly underneath all the flag/star/reply tools at the end of your message and I can't open it. I have to resize my window.
Otherwise I accidentally star it or something.
@Sterno It's an answer since the relevant question is still part of the question.
@Fluttershy How did you find out?
If the "how hard" part was edited out then it would cease being an answer, but not before.
We don't need answers on off-topic questions just because the question is off-topic.
@Wipqozn I think what @Sterno means is that the majority of the answer is in regards to mod creation which we don't really handle here.
5:20 PM
@FAE I didn't know that could happen
@Sterno that doesn't sound like an answer
@Sterno Me neither. Every time I hover over it, it just shows the tools because it's the end of the message.
@FAE I know what he meant, but so long as it's in the question it's a valid answer to the question. We should be editing that out of the question and eleting the answer, but not just one of them.
@Wipqozn I agree, and rejected the flag. But it was an example of what I meant when I said that I think a lot of NAA flags are against answers to bad questions.
Fundamentally, the question is the problem
Crappy answers are why we're supposed to close questions quickly and then re-open them when they're fixed.
5:22 PM
@badp It answers the "how hard would it be to make one?" part of the question.
And poorly, at that. Don't get me wrong, it's a crappy answer
When people argue that we should give the user a chance to edit the question before closing they're basically siding with Hitler.
@ElfSlice I tried to visit the store page for it.
In this case, it looks like the question actually was closed, then reopened.
@Fluttershy I guess it doesn't say why anywhere there?
The world isn't ending and this isn't that big a deal. It's just a common problem I see when I'm reviewing NAA flags
5:24 PM
@ElfSlice It's pretty obvious why it was pulled. >_>
@Sterno Except the world is ending and it is a big deal.
Q: Recording Sid Meier's Pirates

user61635Is it possible to play Sid Meier's Pirates in a windowed mode so it can be recorded? If not what are my options for recording the game smoothly?

Q: How to continue playing Godus on different Computer?

StampedeXVI started playing Godus on my PC. Now I want to continue playing the same game on my Laptop. Is there a way to achieve this? Is the current state saved to Steam Cloud? Is there a file on the disk I can copy?

@Fluttershy It's not obvious to those of us who have no idea what you're talking about! Man, how rude.
@Fluttershy For being too similar to rock'n'roll racing?
@Fluttershy Why was it pulled? Music copyright violation? (I'm not very familiar with the game)
We have a tag. How cute!
5:25 PM
It's a straight rip of Rock n' Roll Racing, from Blizzard. They ripped a lot of art and sound assets, as well as the chiptune remakes of classic hard rock songs from the original.
It was originally being developed as Rock 'n Roll Racing 3D, and was supposed to be distributed freely. Then they put it on Steam for $7. So they were more or less profiting from Blizzard's game and Blizzard's licenses.
It sounds like a case of stupid people being stupid and not understanding how copyright works.
That seems to happen a lot. People will make these fanmade movies and will be like "er mah gud y r u stopin me from putin tis on me ad site er me guuuuuuuuuuuud"
I bought Wizardry 8 from Steam last night for $2.50, knowing full well I will never play it. There's something wrong with me.
@Sterno Whyyyyyyyyyyy
@FAE $2.50!
@Sterno Are you trying to get more of the Winter Sale cards?
5:31 PM
@Yuki No. I am immune to cards, other than enjoying getting free cash for selling them.
@Sterno I would've replied "There's something wrong with you" regardless to your answer to my question.
I miss the fact that snow globe cards aren't still going for $.40-$.50
I have a free Steam copy of XCOM Enemy Unknown if anyone wants it
@FAE I stopped myself at the level 4 badge.
...Although that didn't stop me from buying a few more things |:
Wow. I just read the comments on our Skid row question. Assylum is a bit of a jerk.
@Frank bites tongue
5:35 PM
Also, my phone is hiding my input box. Takes it twice as long or more to type stuff.
Discussing which users may or may not be jerks is probably not productive in here.
Unless we're talking about that @Wipqozn jerk.
@TimStone I have 0 badges, just money.
Is "it's a bug and you need to wait for the developer to fix" a worthy answer?
5:40 PM
@3ventic I would accept it.
@Sterno Wipqozn is such a jerk.
Oh, I'l be getting pizza for supper tonight! So you guys can all be happy I listened to your suggestion.
@Wipqozn Since not many of us are in the office today, the management ordered us pizza. I AM WINNING
@ElfSlice Also, saying comments like "bites tongue" isn't biting your tongue or ignoring frank.
@Wipqozn True.
@Sterno Free lunch? Oh my.
5:42 PM
But I don't have him ignored.
...I call my parents every week and I'm on the phone with my mom and she just let me know one of our dogs passed away.
@FAE Oh no... I'm sorry to hear that. =[
@FAE :(
@ElfSlice I didn't mean ignored. I meant just mean not responding if he angers you.
@FAE that really fucking sucks.
My sympathies.
@Wipqozn I'm not angry.
5:44 PM
@ElfSlice You keep saying things like "I don't need to put someone on ignore to deal with them" but that's only really true if you literally ignore them manually, and don't make keeping comments to/about them. Otherwise, you DO clearly need an automated tool to help. That said, nothing you just aimed at him was offensive so I'm not complaining! I just think you should stop mentioning you're not ignoring him like it's some kind of virtue.
Oo this game is cool
Fusing and stuff
Watching the Total Biscuit thing on Motor Rock racing was pretty funny
She was almost 15, so she had a good long life, but this is always really hard.
@Sterno What did he think of it?
@FAE hugs
5:45 PM
@ElfSlice Well, I only did the first 7 minutes or so, and it was just basically filled with him listing ways it was a direct rip off
Last time I was at my parents, I gave her an extra tight hug because a lot of our dogs are older and I knew I might not seem them again. :(
My impression was he was having fun, but I suspect that part of the review came in the last 13 minutes after I stopped
@AshleyNunn hugs back
@FAE Losing pets is really tough. I cried forever when my first cat died. =[
5:47 PM
@ElfSlice Yeah, I'm kind of crying right now while I'm typing and on the phone and trying not to fall apart completely right now.
@FAE =[
@FAE :(
Q: Heroes VI - Hide Passive Unused Withheld Army?

JoeI don't know what to call it, but in several past versions of Heroes, I could deselect certain armies before a battle. When going into certain fights I may not want to bring out my priestesses or something, can I protect them this way in Heroes VI?

@AshleyNunn So I ended up grabbing both the Robert Bart version (in-movie) and the Michael Bolton version (end credits).
@Yuki oooh, good plan :D
5:49 PM
I also grabbed a song that I will never be able to sing.
Michael Bolton's voice always gives me the shivers.
He Mele No Lilo from Lilo & Stitch. My ability to sing it is hampered by the fact that the song is sung completely in Hawaiian.
@Sterno I second and third your closing suggestion. It's really, really annoying when you talk about how you don't ignore people and go on about how no one should ever, ever ignore each other. Frankly it was one of the reasons I ignored you in the first place, @ElfSlice. You may think you don't need to ignore people to deal with them, but others do. Saying they shouldn't is just going to make things worse.
@Yuki Is that the song from the surfing scene?
Hawaiian just sounds so beautiful when sung. Then again, that can be said for pretty much every language. Music is so amazing.
5:51 PM
I'm sorry guys, I didn't mean to be a downer and stuff.
@Butterscotch Yep.
I love that song.
And that movie.
@FAE Oh no, I'm so sorry :(
@FAE Life happens, sometimes it has sad stuff in it. It's totally okay. hug
@Yuki Just practice it. I can sing a couple songs in Italian and Latin just from practice, even though I'm not fluent in either language.
5:52 PM
@FAE It's no problem at all. Always willing to offer emotional support.
@Butterscotch I'm the only person among my friends that enjoyed Lilo & Stitch.
@Yuki I suspect with practice you could rock it :D
@Yuki Get new friends.
@Yuki I've never seen it.
Thanks everyone. I just don't do well with this.
5:52 PM
@Yuki Whhat omg no
@Wipqozn Fix that. Like now.
@Wipqozn It's such a great movie.
By default, I think that makes me the only person among my friends that has both seen all the Disney movies (up to the present) and loved them all.
Tonight we should have a Bridgewide viewing of Lilo & Stitch
@AshleyNunn But I'm at work.
Although, my memory's somewhat lagging so I might need a refresher course on a few of them.
5:53 PM
I'll put it on my to-watch list.
I'm also a big sister, so it resonated with me a lot for that reason, though I've never had to be in the situation of losing my parents, but there was just a lot in there that really hit home.
@FAE It's a hard thing, my dear. It's totally okay. We understand where you are at, and no one is mad. In fact, from the looks of things, we want to be supportive and such of where you are right now :)
Oh lord, is it some sad movie?
I hate sad movies. they're so sad.
you're all like "Now I'm sad"
It's horrible.
@Wipqozn It's not like sad sad, it's really awesome.
It's not super sad. It is mostly awesome
5:55 PM
Also, horror movies are the worst.
If I want to be scared I'll play a video game.
@AshleyNunn Thank you.
Huh. I've actually missed quite a few works from the Animated Canon... And I don't think some of these are easily available...
@Wipqozn It's sad in a good way.
Most horror movies are just terrible, lacking in plot, and relying on gross out ro shock humour.
Like Saw.
@Wipqozn There are sad moments, but it's not a sad movie in totality.
5:55 PM
Or Human centipede.
I have yet to see either, and never plan to.
@AshleyNunn Remember the ugly duckling?
I don't do horror. At all.
@Butterscotch yes
and if you don't know what human centipede don't google it and find it. It's fucked.
@Wipqozn yeah, especially not if you are like at work or anything
wait, why did I say humour?
5:57 PM
In other news, this video should be a little uplifting
I really need to bring my work towels to work. Also need to put some more cream on my arms. I'm suffering from dry skin like nobodies business. I'm really rough when dying my hands, and the paper towel at work is, well, paper towel, so it's horrible on my hands as well.
Now counting it up, I have an okay hit rate for the Animated Canon. I'm 49 for 53. 93% is pretty good, I think.
The combination is horrible.
Although I've only watched most of them exactly once, so the memories are barely there.
I'm OCD with drying myself. I'm trying to break myself of the habit, but I'm reallybad at making my body and hands as dry as possible.

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