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9:00 PM
You know with Cere you can reflect her projectiles
with Val just run/airdash around them and wail on her
I played against a guy online and the entire game was me blocking and peacock shooting me from across the stage
Apparently blocking doesn't stop all damage
Dragon punch motion (right, down, downright) and...one of the punches? It's listed as diamond reflector in the moves list
I think I'm done with Skullgirls
9:01 PM
It's a roll of the d-pad...
I was done with skullgirls before this discussion began
I might play it again for the boobs, but probably not. I sucked at it.
You get better as you go, it's kind of the point
I come back and the first thing I read is "boobs" ... For the love of god, Bridge.
why do you start reading midline
@FEichinger What are you, some kind of boobs hater?
9:13 PM
@badp My first focus is generally at 1/4th of the screen width.
Your first focus is on boobs
The whole area is "boobs, but probably not. I sucked", which doesn't make it better.
@badp In this case, yes.
@FEichinger 'tits' is in there too.
TIL no one knows how to read or play fighting games and you just think about boobs
@BenBrocka I can play Soul Calibur sort of okay
And Megabyte Punch
9:17 PM
@BenBrocka You finally reached the truth
... I came back at a weird moment.
@AshleyNunn Boobs!
QCF + HP = awkward boobs moment
Worst attack
quick center fist?
@GnomeSlice dude
9:22 PM
What, wasn't everyone just talking about this game
@badp quartercircle forward, eg move from down to right in a rolling motion. Common fighting game input
@GnomeSlice Talking about != large gif.
@GnomeSlice I am at work
My bad, sorry guys.
@OrigamiRobot Sorry.
I guess those were particularly bouncy too.
Stop starring boobs.
Boobs are the best.
9:24 PM
Ah man I walked into that one
You're so easy.
anyone up for atWar?
> Minus 34 reputation today. If someone thinks this isn't a serial down vote I would RECONSIDER THINGS.
He doesn't know what serial downvoting is.
Yeah, I just saw that.
Are you just sitting on that tab refreshing or what.
Fotonica dev!
CC @BenBrocka
9:28 PM
There is a system in place to revert serial downvoting. In the meantime, humor the thought that there may actually be something wrong with these posts and see if you can improve them. — OrigamiRobot 28 secs ago
I would not reconsider it. If it is serial downvoting, and I'm not saying it is, that was, at most a tiny period of time prior to you posting this. Everything after that comes straight from the increased attention your posts have gotten since. As @OrigamiRobot says, perhaps you should consider that the community sees a problem with your posts, and that they require improvement. — fbueckert 14 secs ago
2 mins ago, by Ashley Nunn
Yeah, I just saw that.
Why are you posting your own comments in chat
Jul 30 at 1:19, by GnomeSlice
Why not?
@benbrocka because that is the thing to do now, all the cool kids are doing it
9:31 PM
@AshleyNunn And I'm all about being cool!
@BenBrocka Perhaps to relay to those who are sitting in here and somehow not also staring at the meta question as it develops.
@GnomeSlice We see all
@OrigamiRobot facepalm
@GraceNote See previous statement and/or all
@benbrocka we know all
9:32 PM
I haven't refreshed the tab in 30 seconds. Have a missed anything?
@GraceNote The only reason anyone should be not watching that meta question is if they're off making popcorn
@BenBrocka I should've put more asterisks around "somehow".
@GraceNote I did it so people could upvote it because I crave attention.
(Though technically I'm not staring at the Meta question myself, since I got actual work things to be work doing and working on doing)
@GraceNote SE work or Evil work?
Or both?
9:33 PM
SE work.
Also @BenBrocka
@GnomeSlice Heard about that one, lots of huffing and puffing about it
@BenBrocka Oh? Where?
I hadn't heard about it until someone mentioned it to me.
9:37 PM
@StrixVaria He kind of looks like @OrigamiRobot.
Maybe @OrigamiRobot is secretly a sloth.
Sloth faces are weird.
@GnomeSlice thiscageisworms.com/2013/07/24/… massive drama warning
@BenBrocka Wow, this is a terrible article.
@BenBrocka This guy sounds like he took it way too seriously.
@Wipqozn He's a sloth projecting his own insecurities onto others of his kind
$ 8,475,496
Raised of $32,000,000 Goal
14 days left
Good luck with that, Ubuntu Edge
@OrigamiRobot Wow, this is a gif I didn't think I'd be seeing again for some time. Had it on my drive for a while.
9:41 PM
@OrigamiRobot Was disappointed a second cicada didn't burst out of the live cicada, Alien style
@OrigamiRobot WHAT THE FUCK
That's not what flags are for.
and now @OrigamiRobot is suspended.
@gnomeslice why is it terrible? I think it raises some interesting points.
@AshleyNunn It just feels like he took it way, way too seriously. Did you watch the trailer?
Maybe it's just me.
What was it? Maybe hyperlink it though.
9:43 PM
I don't suppose someone could undo the suspension?
@Wipqozn It's been undone for a while.
@gnomeslice yes. But then again I spend a lot of time thinking about issues like this that are rampant in media.
@Ullallulloo I wouldn't call no more than a minute awhile.
Well, that was stupid.
@Wipqozn He could have put it behind a text link.
9:45 PM
@GnomeSlice No. That's not what flags are for.
You could have asked hi to put it behind a link.
but that's still not what flags are for.
Q: Which factions' reputations are more important?

NS.X.It seems that most classic reputation rewards are no more interesting because they're low level recipes and items. WLK rep reward gears are also not attractive even for leveling alts because Cataclysm gears for the same character level have much better stats. However, I just learned not all pre-...

Q: Can Decoy grenades damage players?

avestar101In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there is a decoy grenade. When used, it generates gunfire sounds, and can be used to throw off opponents. The decoy only lasts a short amount of time. When that time is up, the decoy explodes. When the decoy grenade explodes, can it damage a player? If so, ho...

@OrigamiRobot doesn't go around flagging pictures of sloths we post.
@GnomeSlice Should I start flagging every sloth picture?
@Wipqozn That's true.
9:46 PM
Trigger warning: sloths
No, I flagged it reflexively. Sorry. I was hoping it wouldn't get approved because now I look like a dick.
I uh...didn't intend that timing
@OrigamiRobot When I get money I will buy you a game as penance.
@GnomeSlice Looks like you don't know how flagging works.
@OrigamiRobot I found it offensive.
9:46 PM
@FEichinger That is bloody menacing.
@GnomeSlice No.
@Wipqozn I don't post sloths.
@Wipqozn Yes.
@GnomeSlice That was not in any way offensive.
I don't feel like arguing.
Sorry for suspending you @OrigamiRobot.
@GnomeSlice You should flag them on my behalf
@OrigamiRobot If it will make you like me again I will.
9:48 PM
Causing someone to feel deeply hurt, upset, or angry: "offensive language".
I could see it upsetting someone.
Although it was hasty.
2 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
@GnomeSlice Should I start flagging every sloth picture?
@AshleyNunn I also 100 percent agree with what the dev said about the dog.
@OrigamiRobot I guess if it genuinely upsets you.
I am legitimately afraid of sloths and they do upset me.
I only flag shit that really upsets me. Just curse words don't really upset me so none of my flags get approved.
@OrigamiRobot Then maybe you could ask people not to post them and/or flag
9:49 PM
Bugs never did anything to hurt you :c
It's not funny subjecting people to stuff they are afraid of.
Except for wasps
Wasps did EVERYTHING to hurt you
@GnomeSlice Or maybe I can just look away and not be childish.
@BenBrocka Fuck everything about wasps.
@OrigamiRobot Don't call me childish.
But you're right I guess.
9:50 PM
Then don't be childish.
Fuck off with the passive aggressive stars people
If you think I'm childish say it and don't just anonymously star it.
@BenBrocka I can't seem to figure out how to swap to my 3rd character. I can only ever swap between 1st and 2nd.
@Fluttershy This.
@Fluttershy Oh, is Skullgirls one of those squad based fighting games?
@Fluttershy There's two assist buttons, one switches for top and one for mid
9:51 PM
@BenBrocka I had a wasp land on my arm once and just stay there. Taunting me like an asshole.
@Wipqozn You can build your own team of 1, 2 or 3 characters
@BenBrocka I could only ever find one assist button apparently.
are you on a gamepad/stick?
@OrigamiRobot Just because you're okay with something like that doesn't really mean that everyone should have to though. That is basically the point of offensive flags. You wouldn't really be in the wrong with flagging it.
@BenBrocka Wired 360 controller! Default controls.
9:52 PM
@OrigamiRobot I apologize. It was stupid to flag your gross bug thing and I was wrong.
Swaps are either mp+mk and hp+hk or mp+lk and lk+mp
What's the key combo for bees?
@benbrocka I have no idea what that means.
One swaps one calls assist, I think assists are mapped to the triggers (you can change that though)
@BenBrocka wtf
@AshleyNunn High/Medium/Low Kick/Punch?
9:54 PM
mp= medium punch. There's Light, Medium and Heavy, and punches and kicks
I think swap is both heavies or both mediums
@Ullallulloo Will you approve my sloth flags?
High, heavy, low, light, same thing really :P
@OrigamiRobot I would.
But I'm gonna exit this discussion since I'm clearly biased.
Sorry again.
That's either both right triggers or Y/B I think
@OrigamiRobot Yeah
9:55 PM
Ah, okay. I am really not up on the terminology.
I saw the tutorial likes its s.mp's and c.lk's
Just played with Miss Fortune, Squigly, and Painwheel. Made it to round 5 in Arcade Mode! But it was sloppy.
Knowing the buttons is the first step towards knowing WTF you're doing, should always learn that first
Also I think the Bridge needs a rule - no triggering people even if you think the triggers are amusing or lame.
booooriiiing :P
9:57 PM
@AshleyNunn y?
@badp I am the official fun ruiner
....sorry, I couldn't resist...
@wipqozn remember how I hate you?
@AshleyNunn Yup!
...I don't think I'm going to kick or ban people for linking to sloths or SS2, sorry
9:57 PM
Okay good, because I still do.
@badp No, posting sloths is now a bannable offense.
@badp I never said you had to, I think people just should be a bit...kinder.
I think we should ban people posting alphanumeric characters.
But that might be my feminist crunchy granola earth mother side speaking.
9:58 PM
@badp !$}|
@Wipqozn :(
@badp :(
9:59 PM
@gnomeslice oh god please don't
@GnomeSlice I... I... I honestly don't know how to respond to this.
Yeah, okay, I'm gonna stop.
@GnomeSlice because... no, I'm just not going to reply to that
Please don't make me have to have that talk
I wasn't trying to say violence is okay by the way, but that sloths are bad
10:00 PM
If you can't tell the difference between an animal and apartheid you've got issues
Because legit I have no brain right now
@AshleyNunn you kinda started it, eh
@GnomeSlice I... I have no words... o_o
It came out wrong okay
That's not really what I meant.
10:00 PM
@GnomeSlice There's no way for that to come out right.
I was trying to think of something that is disallowed besides 'scantily clad women' because the answer to why that is not allowed is bosses and getting fired
Just... nevermind.
I suck at this.
@badp uh....not really? Sorry I don't want people to feel uncomfortable.
Anyway, I am gonna pop out for a while.
One thing's being kind. Another thing's placing actual triggers such as violence and rape and whatnot at the same level as sloths, system shock 2 and rebecca black
Because obviously my attempt at making things better didn't work.
10:02 PM
I don't think @AshleyNunn meant we should go around flagging and banning people for posting sloths, et cetera. Just that we should just be nicer to each other for the sake of being nicer.
Okay, now I am really gonna leave, my triggers are flipping.
Well I guess that's 1:1 on trying to make things better without managing to
taps the keyboard in frustration
I think what @GnomeSlice is trying to get at is that he doesn't fully understand what we qualify as "flag-worthy offensive" in this room beyond what is "not safe for work", I think. He doesn't understand where the line is but the first example he came up with was... exceedingly past the line.
@GraceNote Yeah, sorry.
Actually the first one I came up with was... worse than that.
I suspect so, but it is highly unpleasant to all of a sudden have someone then mention stuff that sends you right into trigger darkness.
10:05 PM
@AshleyNunn Very understandable.
I'd better leave.
Take care
@grace like I don't want it to be a giant thing, but I also wanted to express my feeling. I'm sorry.
@AshleyNunn You don't have any reason to apologize here.
Well, in other news, I'm fantastic.
10:08 PM
In the same way that it's very much not nice to goad people into situations where you know they'll make a fool of themselves or react in ways they do not want to but you provoked them to, picking at people's triggers, no matter the intensity of the trigger, ain't all that nice to do.
So let's all talk about how awesome I am.
@Wipqozn Yeah! How awesome is @Wipqozn? Not very as it turns out.
@RonanForman THanks bu-! HEY WAIT A MINUTE!
@RonanForman Non-passive aggressively starring that.
@Fluttershy Yeah, well, I'm going to non-passively aggressively star your face!
10:10 PM
@Wipqozn Only because it is more handsome than yours.
@Wipqozn You think Fluttershy's face is useful / interesting for the transcript?
@Fluttershy Man, you must be really handsome then.
@Coronus Correct.
@Fluttershy My favourite picture.
10:12 PM
Pizza makeouts?
Oh, goody, my phone successfully knew that I wanted a Big Steak Omelet and not a Big Steak Owlet that I actually input.
.... You don't want to eat baby owls?
@AshleyNunn Baby owls are delicious
@GraceNote Hmmm ... Big Steak Owlet."Dishes that probably wouldn't be all that horrible" is the category.
10:16 PM
@AshleyNunn Not for breakfast for dinner, no.
why not dinner?
If there was a time for owls, I suppose that would be it
Because dinner at IHOP is breakfast for dinner.
Internet Hating Owl Protection?
@GraceNote So you only eat Owlets in the morning?
...still doesn't compute
10:25 PM
International House of Pancakes.
Chain restaurant that, well, specializes in things we can't eat so I just order normal breakfast items instead.
@GraceNote You can't eat pancakes?
They're an impossible food.
I've had pancakes. I think. They weren't that amazing, or I would remember.
And entirely the reason I coined the term "Pancake English" as a prose that is overloaded with fluff and way too sweet for the recipient to swallow but people still think it'll work.
@GraceNote I think I now remember a tidbit of information about you being unable to sense one of the "five" tastes?
or was it something else?
10:29 PM
Feb 12 at 16:52, by Yi Jiang's Evil Clone
@fbueckert Every day should be Pancake Day
Y'all're crazy.
@badp I can't taste sour, which is I hope entirely irrelevant to pancakes.
@GraceNote It is.
I now have decided that taste spectograms need to be a thing that exists
@GraceNote I can't decide whether I'm sympathetic, or envious...
@Fluttershy All three.
10:32 PM
@Fluttershy It's not a great taste I suppose, but I also suppose it's one... (braces for impact) asian cuisine tends to rely upon
@Fluttershy At the end of the day, it's missing a sense. It's not a dramatic sensory deprivation but all the same, one certainly just does feel like they're missing out.
@badp Really? I always thought it was spicy. I don't think I've had anything sour...
@badp Yeah, so when we're at Oriental restaurants, I look at the soup listing and we've got "Sweet Soup" and "Hot Soup" for me.
@GraceNote An interesting question is just how much one is missing out there ...
@FEichinger I can eat rotten vegetables without knowing that they are rotten and thus subject myself to stomach torment unknowingly until it is too late.
10:35 PM
@GraceNote Hot and sour soup is best soup too. I declare this a tragedy :(
Also, Sour Patch Kids are really just Gummi Bears by another name. As with Warheads being just Jawbreakers.
@GraceNote Now you're making me sad.
@Fluttershy There was a paper linked here months ago about the differences between "western" and "asian" cuisines
The main difference being that "western" cuisine focuses on one or two basic tastes at a time ignoring the rest (so there's like ice cream that's all sweet) whereas "asian" cuisine is all about the balance of all five tastes
Not to mention completely different dining styles.
@badp Indeed to this.
10:37 PM
Can mods see deleted questions in like... a list? Sortable by tags?
Western cuisine, or at least American in my experience, revolves around everyone having their own dish whereas Asian dining has several communal dishes.
It should be this one
Of course, it's different when it comes to large feasts and celebrations.
Like Thanksgiving.
@Fluttershy deleted:1 would be my guess. But that's probably too advanced for SE. :P
deleted:1 is precisely what we have
10:38 PM
Nevermind! It's not deleted.
@badp Oooh, sweet.
for values of 'we' being mods and above
sometimes I write is:deleted instead <_<
@Fluttershy So I'm guessing you found a fourth person for Skullgirls?
10:39 PM
@badp That is semantically confusing, indeed.
@FEichinger that way lies madness, or well, ruby symbols
@Yawus I think so. She says she's interested, but I haven't heard anything from her yet today. x_x
@badp I've also done that with some similar operator, heh
@FEichinger Long before I knew my reality, I did my 6th grade Science Fair project on acidity of apples (because I just learned about pH values and litmus paper and come on, acid is cool!). I was told by my dad that acidic foods taste sour. So going by my understanding from cartoons that "sour is bad", I assumed that Macintosh apples were going to be the most acidic, because I dislike them the most.
Macintosh apples tend not to be very compatible indeed
(ta bum dsssssssssssssssh)
10:41 PM
@badp That one hurt.
Granny Smith apples, actually, were the most acidic. My Dad told me that it's because they're tart. I wrote up a full paragraph of conclusion explaining this, not once thinking about the fact that I had absolutely no idea what "tart" means as I assumed it was some kind of sweet thing.
Update on my voyage into anime:

Cowboy Bebop is still great.
Robotech is so 80s it hurts. (There I watched it @Gnomeslice :P )
Trinity Blood is an interesting setting but can get pretty dark at times.
Trigun has given me faith in Japanese westerns (and that cat is great).
Outlaw Star seems like it will be interesting, though it gets weird at times.
Steamboy is proving hard to source. :(

As an aside, I can see why some people complain about what they see as the casual objectification of women in anime and such. :/ *attempts to duck controversy*
CC: Everyone who cares about this.
Outlaw Star should be pretty good.
@GraceNote You and your life stories ... Always ... fascinating, in one way or another.
@FEichinger It took me probably... lessee... how old would I be for a 6th grade science far? 12? So it took about 10 years after that to actually learn where it all went wrong back then.
10:42 PM
@RedRiderX Woo! :3
@GraceNote I don't remember the last time I had a Macintosh apple.
I mostly eat Fuji, simply because I can't stand Red Delicious.
Wait... Why didn't the like... automatic dupe filter not stop that RDR question from being asked? The titles are the same. Word for word. o_o
@GraceNote Well apparently most color-blind people only figure that out at 18 when they apply for a driving license
or so goes the rumour
so I guess your run wasn't that bad.
@Fluttershy Nope. There's a question mark at the end for one of them. :P
@Yawus I probably had some in college? They had apples in the cafeteria now and then which are some of the more palatable items in the kitchen when certain chefs weren't working, and when there weren't Golden Delicious (my favorite) I just pick randomly.
10:44 PM
FWIW, I just don't eat apples.
I just don't like how Red Delicious crumbles in your mouth. It feels like I'm eating slightly sweetened ashes.
@badp This just serves to remind me that I still have no idea what my blood type is.
@GraceNote I keep forgetting mine ...
@GraceNote Now that I think about it, I don't know mine either...
Is that bad?
According a blood donation clinic I went to during my freshman year, I'm Type B-. My parents think this is impossible since they're A+ and AB+.
10:47 PM
@RedRiderX It's expected if you're a US citizen apparently.
@Yawus AB yields B, A yields O, BO = B.
I don't remember how the mechanics of + and - work, though.
@GraceNote I'm not positive what mine is either, which recently became an issue. I called the doctor's office to find out, but they were quite rude about it and wouldn't even check to see if they happened to have it on file (which I think they do in my case)
@GraceNote Oh, I guess I can see why that might be.
No wait I can't, that seems silly.
Okay. Apparently, I am impossible. Rh- comes from Rh-/Rh- (so it's recessive).
And the only way that a mother can give an Rh- allele is if they themselves are Rh-.
@GraceNote probably 0
@RedRiderX In the US we just don't check unless you've either donated blood or been in need of a transfusion (or look like you might need one).
10:50 PM
Wait, no, nevermind.
@Yawus This sentence doesn't even make sense.
@GraceNote How long does it take to determine blood type?
I'm... I think... O-? or O+. The one that's less of a problem. O-, right?
@GraceNote Oh ok, that seems more logical.
@GraceNote Probably not. There's a reason why I'm not majoring in biology.
10:51 PM
@Yawus In the US it's apparently dumb expensive? After running into this quandry a couple weeks before an appointment with my doctor, I asked if I could have it checked and he said "It'd cost you stupid amounts right now, actually."
Meanwhile my Mom knows hers because she got it checked when she got her driver's license, as do most European and Asian people I asked.
@GraceNote Don't they tell you that during a routine blood analysis?
@GraceNote You could always just go to a nearby blood donor clinic thing and tell them you don't know your blood type.
@badp Apparently "check blood type" is not a default thing in a routine blood analysis.
They'll tell you in return for however much blood they normally have you donate.
I was all "You have like 25 years of my blood on record, surely you can tell me my blood type" and he was all "Nope." Minus the neckstretch.
10:53 PM
All I know is that I'd be an universal blood donator, except that I can't donate blood or I'll faint
I actually have a really cool doctor. But he can't do what he can't do, and apparently that includes knowing my blood type. To wit, my father also has no idea what his blood type is.
@badp I think Rh+ is more common than Rh-, so if you mean the one that's more universal, you're probably O+.
@Yawus by universal I mean that anybody can receive it. That would rule out Rh+, because Rh+ can't donate to Rh- afaik
I am AB+ which apparently is as rare as it gets.
@badp I don't think either Rh factor can donate to the other, right?
10:55 PM
@Yawus Not sure.
@GraceNote Yeah, that's what they implied to me too, saying it was unlikely my insurance would cover it. Given the circumstances I didn't really care, but they were nevertheless uncooperative.
O- is considered universal
@AshleyNunn It's the universal recipient!
Yep. Can have everyone!
@Yawus I believe + accepts - but - doesn't accept +.
10:56 PM
@Yawus Rh- donations to a Rh+ person should be fine, it's the presence of the Rh factor when presented to a Rh- negative person that causes the antibodies to attack the donated blood.
@BenBrocka Another boss down!
I find blood types super weird.
Although the blood typing system is actually more complex than just that, but meh.
Well, you learn something every day.
It was explained to me once, I think, as "+ has a thingy on it and the body is like 'Eh I don't care' but - doesn't and the body sees that thingy and it's all up in arms 'bout it."
10:57 PM
AB- is rarer than AB+
What's with chat not getting rid of the icon for reported messages in Chrome when they no longer exist?
@Powerlord It's a known bug that's still under trying-to-fix.
Q: New messages flagged blue bubble does not go away

Travis JWhen someone flags a message in chat all 10k+ users in chat get a little blue bubble to vote on. It shows up in the upper left hand corner of your gravatar (which is in the bottom left of the page). When someone flags a message and it shows up, if I wait for a second to click on it, and then cli...

Also I didn't think it was Chrome-specific, but mayhaps it is?
The only other thing I know about blood types is that the Asian distribution is different to the Western distribution. Asians tend toward A whereas Westerners tend toward O, afaik.
10:59 PM

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