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11:01 PM
@Yawus Wikipedia says actually that China is one of the countries with the most Os
@badp Well, I'm getting things wrong left and right today, aren't I?
with A being more popular in some parts of Europe
@Fluttershy I've done my part
I don't remember which blood type I have... I believe it's whichever is the more common B blood type.
11:05 PM
@Fluttershy The titles are almost identical. Some people.
22 mins ago, by Fluttershy
Wait... Why didn't the like... automatic dupe filter not stop that RDR question from being asked? The titles are the same. Word for word. o_o
@Fluttershy No sir. Question mark is in the original question.
22 mins ago, by FEichinger
@Fluttershy Nope. There's a question mark at the end for one of them. :P
I know you're a turtle, but...
I'm being quoted, what?
@GraceNote Turtles are slow sometimes. Don't be a Turtle hater.
Side note: I had turtle soup once. It was delicious.
@jeffreylin_ Deserts aren't really known for their flavor.
@jeffreylin_ If we judge suckiness on the level of, say, "It's a desert", then I'd indeed agree that all deserts suck compared to that.
@wipqozn I am heading out to find breakfast for dinner and hoping the diner near me provides. It is all your fault for mentioning pancakes.
@Yawus @GraceNote That never happened.
11:11 PM
@jeffreylin_ It's still happening.
@FEichinger I fixed it.
@jeffreylin_ Interesting. That means the bug now happened to me, too.
@FEichinger What bug?
@yawus you really can't do better than Brinner
GRAAAAAACE ... Why does the chat randomly fail to update edited posts? :(
11:13 PM
Brinner is best dinner.
@AshleyNunn I do need to get bacon ice cream sometime.
@FEichinger It does, you just fell out of time space for a moment.
10 hours ago, by StrixVaria
@FEichinger Oh, interesting; it never updated for me until I refreshed.
@yawus recommended.
@GraceNote Do you get paid for hanging out here with us?
11:14 PM
@jeffreylin_ In certain ways, yes.
@GraceNote You're doing experiments, aren't you? It's not just affecting me!
@FEichinger Pretty sure I have at least two Meta posts noting that I am not a time mage like Jeff is.
@fluttershy if the diner doesn't have Brinner option I will be sad.
I'm not sure I've ever known a diner that doesn't have both the option for breakfast at any time of day, and awesome buttered toast.
@GraceNote I'm too tired to make a Back to the Future joke now, so just imagine I made a good one.
11:16 PM
@FEichinger It will be a pretty good one, too, once we catch up to it.
@GraceNote rimshot
@origamirobot life hacks are my trigger
@GraceNote I don't know if I'd recognize awesome buttered toast if I had it. What are its distinguishing characteristics (their than "toast", "buttered", and "awesome")?
There are smokers outside my living room window, and my neighbor is apparently throwing a party. I need to move.
@Sterno It has to have the right texture and the right amount of heat and the right amount of melted-into-it quality such that it's not too little, but not too much.
11:24 PM
@MBraedley I saw a 19 year old to up to an ATM and withdraw about a thousand dollars. Should I be concerned?
Now that you mention it, diners do seem to hit the melted-into-it sweet spot
@GnomeSlice Ouya 2.0.
@Fluttershy Sort of. It's more compact, has a better UI, better controller, less confusing, and is slightly cheaper.
It was actually supposed to release before the OUYA but got delayed.
August 26th now.
Also they have a deal with GameStop apparently, so you can expect it to be promoted better as well.
I really hope once it launches it takes off and OUYA hasn't stolen all of the devs.
I agree with this guy:
"I'm opting for the Gamestick over the Ouya so far.
First impressions Ouya - Great potential, iffy execution. Emulators! Gamestick - Less bold in terms of an open nature but more professional in terms of making sure everything runs smoothly. Love the form-factor of the machine-in-a-stick.
In the medium term we shall see whether the Gamestick gains the level of developer support and Ouya can fix it's glitchy nature and smoother´╗┐ running experience"
The idea of the GameStick makes me want to travel just so I can bring it along.
Guys. Be interested.
@Fluttershy Did you get an OUYA?
@grace Brinner achieved, with buttered light rye toast. I am in love.
@AshleyNunn Nicely done.
11:36 PM
Okay, what is up with all of the completely unsolicited, random group invites I get on Steam?
It's been around one per week since forever.
Steamcommunity is a weird place. DealWithIt.
@grace I am a sucker for breakfast. Seriously it is one of the ways to my heart, knowing how to make proper toast and over easy eggs.
Q: How can I stop invitation spam?

MBraedleyOccasionally, I receive invitations to join a Steam group from people I've never met, and which are most likely just sock-puppet accounts to begin with. However, 99% of the time, none of my friends are in these groups, which makes it rather pointless to join them (and add to event spam). Am I a...

@AshleyNunn I'm more fond of over-medium, myself.
It's not that I'm annoyed, I just want to know what the motivation is. Are they just trying to get the biggest number next to their group or what?
11:37 PM
@GnomeSlice I have a backer version. We just use the extra PS3 remotes.
@Coronus I was really interested in the OUYA when I first heard about it, but (especially after hearing about some of the issues it has) I'm getting really excited for the GameStick
@grace I like to dip my toast. :)
Over Easy FTW
Toast dippers unite!
@brant yes!
@GnomeSlice The only issue I've really seen is the controller, we haven't had any other problems.
11:40 PM
@Coronus I've heard the UI isn't great, but yeah, the controller is definitely the big one. I also love the portability of the GameStick. I'm really itching to see some comparisons between the two once the GameStick comes out.
@GnomeSlice The UI was iffy to begin with, but updates have brought it a long way.
@Coronus Awesome.
@GnomeSlice Are you getting the GameStick?
@Coronus Once I get some money, probably.
I backed a game on Kickstarter and will get a free OUYA copy of it. Not coming to GameStick though.
Everyone is bringing shit to OUYA but nobody is mentioning the GameStick.
Makes me sad. =[
I just like that I can use other remotes on the Ouya, really. I only had to pay for the console, got one remote, and if the kids want to play they just swap their PS3 remotes over.
@GnomeSlice The OUYA is pretty cool, man.
11:44 PM
@Coronus They're both pretty cool. But the GameStick is being overshadowed. And I feel like it brings some stuff the OUYA doesn't.
Same for the OUYA, although it's definitely not overshadowed
I'm probably going to prefer the GameStick no matter what because it's just so sexy
And small and portable
@GnomeSlice I'm always skeptical of having the system built in to the controller.
@Coronus It's not.
But you can store it in it
I was skeptical too at first but I've done some lookings and everything I've seen has been extremely impressive
They certainly stress tested the shit out of the controllers too
Seriously? $20?
As a bonus they're releasing skins for gamestick controllers
11:47 PM
@Coronus It's weed. It's Steam. What did you expect?
Some people really like weed.
I entered a couple of designs in the contest. One of them is doing very well. It might end up being one of the ones put on sale
You can't smoke an emoticon.
@Coronus You can legally own it, though.
Just imagine the button text is blue
I messed it up on the submission
And that's my second most popular one, unsurprisingly
Although the other MC one is better.
11:52 PM
Q: Do I lose out on anything buying the International 2013 Interactive Compendium from the Community Market?

LouisWill I get the same perks from buying the International 2013 Interactive Compendium from the Steam Community Market as I would buying it new?

Pushcat is dead last... oh man, that's terrible.
@GnomeSlice Ouch
I guess they're going to be ignoring my suggestions from now on, lol.
I really thought it would do well.
Almost certainly not. I'd advise you to set up a server, load it up with a cool world and invite in 4chan for an hour or so. — fredley Aug 14 '12 at 15:55
I find this way too funny.
11:59 PM
@GraceNote Best job ever!

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