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1:00 AM
@badp Outside? Bad idea. I hear there's sunlight out there.
like there's a strip of skin between my brows and where the hair starts where the skin seems completely dried and dead
Zelda has branching timelines?
My head hurts.
@Sterno Yes.
@Sterno Yes.
Q: You can edit a message after you delete it, and it shows up as the latest revision **before** deletion

jeffreylin_As shown in this link, if you edit a message after you delete it, the thing edited after it was deleted is said to be "the last version before deletion". Steps to reproduce: Write a message in chat. Hit the edit button. Delete the message. Edit the message and confirm. Check history.

@Sterno Welcome to a couple years ago. I dunno if that's the official timeline, but there's an official timeline and it branches in three.
1:01 AM
Now nobody can complain I have no freehand circles.
Oh nice, they updated their video thumbnail for that one
@badp I haven't played a Zelda game since that first Gamecube one. Windwaker, I think
@Sterno Wind Waker was fantastic.
@Sterno I've only finished LTTP
@badp The best Zelda game.
1:02 AM
@Sterno I'd recommend this 40 minute documentary on the subject, if you're eager for more.
@Wipqozn This
@RedRiderX It's got to be more fun than playing Zelda 2 was.
> This webpage has a redirect loop
1:03 AM
@Sterno You must collect additional hearts.
@StrixVaria Really?
@RedRiderX same for me
> Hey there freak, these freakikn' woods are mine, the name's Woodman, have some freakin' leaves and vines.
@RedRiderX Same here
1:04 AM
Heehee, best
@RedRiderX This worked.
I'll probably watch it later.
@RedRiderX Goll darn, now that it's stared, can a mod wave a wand and edit that?
1:06 AM
I don't even see much point in 'next-gen' stuff, games already look pretty incredible to me.
I mean, the consoles are recording and encoding the games live on a buffer. That alone will take a ton of RAM.
have you guys checked out this dude: youtube.com/user/northernlion
@letsmaybeLP92 Yes, he is indeed a dude.
@RedRiderX I meant his "Let's Look At" and NLSS
That reminds me, did you ever finish Dark Souls @Fluttershy?
1:09 AM
@letsmaybeLP92 He hopes I enjoy what brought me to his channel, and that would be you
@Wipqozn Not yet.
Would you mind if I didn't... enjoy you just yet? :P
Going through and playing some of the games I got from the Steam sale first.
haha lol :P
@letsmaybeLP92 Yes, they are indeed Quick Looks.
1:10 AM
@badp .....I came back at an awkward moment
and his NLSS almost always start with Dark Souls
@AshleyNunn More like you came back at the best moment!
@AshleyNunn that's almost not noteworthy anymore
which I still don't have
@badp It is when I am not the one who made the awkward!
1:12 AM
Has anybody tried out the games in the IndieRoyale this week?
oh coronus, so you are a indie bundle watcher too
sorta :P
@letsmaybeLP92 It's a sickness.
@Coronus I had almost all the games, and I own many of them
The indieroyale gamerchick bundle is kind of meh
@Coronus the ones I don't have aren't enough to sway me to buy it :P
1:13 AM
@letsmaybeLP92 Hmm.. I hadn't seen any of them.
Little Racers is cool, Orbitron I've heard is a decent scrolling shooter, call center chaos is supposed to be pretty good, but eh indieroyale.com
@Coronus Never?
I mean it's a lot of games for the price
If you have the money to buy that bundle, buy this one instead: gamesrage.org
that was so GOOD
KAG is in that one. Great game
You guys are evil.
1:15 AM
@spugsley I am still jealous :(
What is that, daily?
@Coronus Every four days
1:17 AM
has rune classic and vox and aztaka. All wonderful games
Vox is not a wonderful game
not yet anyway
It's empty. Devoid of content.
Has good potential though I guess, but it's going to be a tough sell now that Cube World is out
@GnomeSlice Psssh... it's called encouraging people to get into the indie gaming scene...
@GnomeSlice posted that post both here and in irc eh.
Why not?
1:20 AM
@GnomeSlice hmmm have you noticed that it has been us two talking back and forth for quite a while? :P
Bah once again I got too distracted to play AC today :(
@letsmaybeLP92 Yeah that happens from time to time. People go in and out
@AshleyNunn Assassin's Creed? That doesn't seem like your type of game.
or sometimes on groupees chat, I find people talking to themselves
@GnomeSlice Animal Crossing.
1:22 AM
I like the idea of Assassins Creed (watched an ex play most of the first couple) but it is too hard for me
@GnomeSlice Hey, I still see Asheron's Call.
Anybody want to help me kill the Leviathan?
what we need to do is starting a kickstarter to get @GnomeSlice a job
Yes, this would be ideal
1:23 AM
Speaking of job, it's home time. Cya.
everyone pitch in 1 cent
@fbueckert I suspect this is Monster Hunter and I wish I could but I lack the game so no
@AshleyNunn Borderlands 2, actually.
The boss is a real jerk.
@fbueckert Ah another game I do not have
I was hoping @BenBrocka or @badp would be around and take pity on me. This thing is huge and mean.
1:26 AM
@fbueckert huh?
oh, bl2?
@BenBrocka Leviathan is kicking my ass.
@fbueckert I can pop in and help
ah there we will go with profile pic changed
@fbueckert what boss is that?
@BenBrocka Do I have you on my friends list?
@badp Captain Scarlett DLC
1:27 AM
@fbueckert oh. Hm. What playthrough?
looking forward to getting that indie gala through group buy for about 2 dollars
@badp True Vault Hunter.
@fbueckert I probably can't help you, I'm just level 50 and I haven't yet started any of the DLCs - or PT3, for that matter.
@badp I'm level 50, too. :P
1:29 AM
My top of the line PT2 stuff barely scratches the guys in the starting area of PT3
@BenBrocka Invite sent.
@BenBrocka you play bleeeeeeed
can't connect to host
invite again?
1:31 AM
Ouuu Aneta Kowal in PBMS July top 4
@BenBrocka Damn, just died. Ok, inviting.
yeah can't connect
@fbueckert Same, connection failed
Do I need to do something special?
are you set to invite only or somethiong?
1:32 AM
@BenBrocka wouldn't it say that?
Online Friends Only
weird, I timeout trying to connect to BP, that doesn't usually happen
@BenBrocka same
What the crap. A guy just banged on my door screaming how he wanted to rent my apartment and was here to view it.
1:34 AM
@AshleyNunn Was it because of the view? :P
@AshleyNunn You get all the fun crazies.
@fbueckert You have an interesting idea of fun
I'm very slowly connecting to badp now. I think something's weird server-side
I think he is banging on the front door now but no one is home upstairs
@AshleyNunn I'm playing Borderlands 2. Violence is par for the course in my mindset right now.
1:35 AM
I'm seeing if Quick Match works... it seems like it does
@AshleyNunn Go out and bang on him
It could be because I'm paused?
Er that came out all wrong
@GnomeSlice Dude, just....no. So much no.
1:36 AM
@fbueckert Unlikely
like bang on his face
with your fist
well now I can join Ben
joining you is still timing out
for a few seconds anyway, disconnect icon is now blinking up
@badp Well, if you guys can invite me, we can see about downing the Leviathan.
I'll leave my game.
1:38 AM
and it's weird, badp times out, @fbueckert I just can't join
I don't have the quest active
@fbueckert I haven't started my DLC so chances are, if I start you'll be stuck with me in the starter area, and if Ben starts, the boss will be already beat
Q: Captured a city, but it's completely non-functioning

Jack MI've just captured my first city, and it's uh... not working. The borders don't extend beyond the single tile where the city is, and I can't build anything. What do I do? In Civ 3, you'd sometimes get a message after capturing a city informing you of a resistance, which you could quell by garris...

Q: Which ships can capture cities?

ToastI was surprised when after ordering my Privateer to attack a weakened city, he conquered it for me! I was not aware that ships can capture cities in Civ 5. This makes me wonder: what ships are capable of capturing cities?

@badp So I just invited both of you.
ermahgerd it worked
ohhhhh I'm in
1:38 AM
there, start
insert coin
that was great
It is the best
insert coin
1:43 AM
You guys know what
Megabyte Punch is better than Super Smash Brothers
There I said it
Although I should figure out why my Wii is so blurry on this TV
we were borderlanding stuff
Thanks for the help, guys.
ben did most of the crazy damage anyway
1:50 AM
let me follow you out...now it spawns me in Leviathan
@BenBrocka oh crap.
I guess I'll have a nice boss fight next time I start the game then :P
yeah I wish the damage scaling wasn't so ridiculous. At this high level 4 levels leaves me head and shoulders ahead of you levels, especially with lvl 54 guns
@badp you can join while we leave this vile place
@badp I actually took off the bee after I realized he'd be dead in like...20 seconds
@letsmaybeLP92 errgh stop making me want this!
I can't afforddd ittt
You should suggest it on IGS
And then give me your free copy if it gets featured :P
good idea, and I will suggest Solstice as well
1:52 AM
@BenBrocka I should work on getting that.
@letsmaybeLP92 Doesn't ring a bell, link?
@fbueckert leaving soon?
@BenBrocka Waiting for you.
I'm just waiting for you to leave, I got kicked back to the start
if you activate the door we sohuld both leave
I forget where to go
1:55 AM
Oh, same devs. Yeah looks really nice
They could be a cool double feature, although they're expensive enough they probably wouldn't want to do that
I assume Hyperius is even worse than the Leviathan?
@GnomeSlice they will start pre-orders in a month or two
I'm still broke though
the raid bosses in DLC1 are total horseshit
don't even bother
one is 20 minutes of kiting (your DPS is irrelevant) and one is just...BS
Torgue and to a lesser extent Hammerlock's DLC superbosses are less BS
not sure about Tina's, I still need to finish that
Which is a shame because it's a the BEST DLC EVAH BOYYYYYYYYYYYYY
@fbueckert if you want help in Torgue or Tina's DLC let me know. I'll grab some crap guns or something to make it more interesting
@BenBrocka I'm probably gonna finish the main playthrough, and then start Ultimate Vault Hunter mode.
2:00 AM
@fbueckert I can help with that too. Just don't want to feel like I'm completely slaughtering everything. Not without a fight anyway
@BenBrocka Up to you if you want to help; I'm almost up to Bunker.
@fbueckert I'll pop by if I see you on when I have time. Can't tonight though, about to head to bed
@Fluttershy I have no idea.
@Fluttershy Still not 10k
though I can see the title
well off for now
It should stay deleted
@letsmaybeLP92 See you! :)
@letsmaybeLP92 See ya!
@Fluttershy Still 216 away. =/
@Ktash Nice gold badge.
2:23 AM
@Ullallulloo Heh, the great question one?
@Ktash Yeah, only 14th on the site.
Yeah, I'm pretty happy with that one. It was at 99 for weeks though lol
it was killing me
Cool that you got it though
I like can't even deal with this
The people of reddit = bra geniuses
@spugsley haha, not what I was expecting
2:25 AM
@Ktash nor I!
@AshleyNunn yeah, it was prety cool
@spugsley How so?
Did they revolutionize your bra experience somehow lol
@Ktash ummm yeah. I've been wearing the wrong size since I was 16 years old apparently. It's mind blowing
ah, /r/aBraThatFits?
I've heard some girls mention that subreddit as being a good find
@spugsley Isn't it? You will feel SO MUCH MORE AWESOME when you get the right one.
@Ktash yes! It is!
2:29 AM
Heh, well, I'm glad you got the right size figured out now lol
have to imagine that is more comfortable
@Ktash I guess we'll find out. I'm going to order some stuff tonight. I'm skeptical but willing to see
still, I'm more bothered by reddit's inherent bra knowledge :p
there is a subreddit for most anything, and once and a while, there are smart and useful people on there
but only occasionally
@AshleyNunn Correction, there are two sex clubs on the block of my hotel. There is a hetero one around the corner, and then also a gay bathhouse next door.
@AshleyNunn Also, Wait, who else besides @Wipqozn suggested checking me for strings? Because you will not find any.
2:47 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz A couple of people wanted to make sure you weren't a puppet IRL
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, well, then, if we get bored....
@Ktash some subreddits have scarred me for life.
@Jin That'll happen more often than not
@Jin oh my god
2:56 AM
@Jin So much happiness
@AshleyNunn If nothing else, it's a good place to inspect for strings, I suppose. :P
@LessPop_MoreFizz snorts Indeed.....
This is an official squadron patch
3:03 AM
Q: Bookshelf placement for enchanting

Corkig04I want to build bookshelves in groups on pistons to maximize a smaller space. Do I need to make each bookshelf independent or, what are the most logical groupings for low, middle and high enchantments?

PaperStare @spyder
@Ullallulloo what?
@spyder OrigamiRob used to have a bot that would do the look of disapproval at the person if you did that.
@Ullallulloo did what?
3:19 AM
@spyder The look of dissaproval, cuz it's hard to type.
I would C+P it for you, but that's broke in Steam, at least on Linux.
> “[Evans] didn’t ask a question as much as make a statement,” Biehn says. “He recalled that the first time he ever masturbated he was watching the sex scene in The Terminator. And then he said that he had recently masturbated to the sex scene in the movie that I had directed called The Victim. Everybody was I think a little stunned by it.”
This might be the best quote in the history of Games Journalism.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Alright then.
3:42 AM
Q: Move Decking programs between characters in Shadowrun Returns?

Yves JunqueiraMy character is the usual Street Samurai and I decided to not invest any Karma in Decking. But there's a point in the Seattle story where you need a decker. Unfortunately I'm not being able to upgrade that guy's decking programs. Whenever I buy a program from a vendor, it gets added to my chara...

Q: moving minecraft mods from old mac to new mac

Phil FaxioI have an old Macbook with Minecraft 1.5.2. I have several dozen mods I use daily. I just got a new Macbook Pro and downloaded the Minecraft app. It works fine. But I need my mods. So i went to the old mac's Library- Application Support- Minecraft folder and copied it all to an external drive. ...

Cyberpunk HQ

Proposed Q&A site for hardcore and newbie fans of cyberpunk-related novels, movies, games, music and artworks.

Currently in definition.

4:05 AM
No Asimov Allowed!
4:16 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's like the Deckers all over again
A: Can the golden ratio accurately be expressed in terms of e and $\pi$

vadim123The following is exact. :-) $$\phi=\frac{\frac{\pi}{\pi}+\sqrt{\frac{e+e+e+e+e}{e}}}{\frac{e}{e}+\frac{\pi}{\pi}}$$

Q: Am I tanning? If so, how can I stop?

Animal-CrosserIn New Leaf, it appears that my character's skin is starting to darken due to the hot summer sun. Is there a way to prevent this? Or am I just imagining?

4:44 AM
@spugsley Love today's photo
thanks :)
1 hour later…
5:48 AM
Q: Why would I want my satellites to be 'stealthy'?

JonathanJI'm part way through my first playthrough of XCom on Normal difficulty and have unlocked the Foundry project for 'Stealth Satellites'. The description text says something about it making satellites harder for enemy UFOs to detect. Why is that a good thing? I have interceptors over the continents...

So, uhm... is "The user's tinfoil hat appears to be cutting off circulation to his brain." a valid flag reason for answers?
6:48 AM
@spyder interesting. Sadly, the casualties calculator seems to be overloaded.
6:58 AM
yawn Morning
@FEichinger \o
7:10 AM
Q: Can you remove the "1.6.2 is Available" nag message in older versions of Minecraft?

ScootalooRecently I upgraded to the newest version of Minecraft only to find out that it's not compatible with a few of my favorite mods that I use. So I got my backup 1.5.2 jar, and used a custom launcher (Magic Launcher), and everything works fine. The only issue is that when I go to the screen there i...

Q: Xbox 360 green light turns on but it does not work or boot up.

qazoWhen I turn on my xbox 360 I can hear the fan working and The green light in the middle turns on. I am not able to connect a controller. When I turn on my tv nothing shows up. My xbox had been working perfectly fine a couple minuets ago. When I tried to turn it on again this happened. The adapter...

7:29 AM
morning people
7:52 AM
Q: How many turns does a Spy in Civilization 5 replaced by new recruit when killed?

Ulfric StormcloakRecently I installed Civilization 5 with DLC. I love playing the game with spies. But when I encounter that my spy got 'Killed in Action'. I have search the net for this but so far I read the wiki said 'replaced after some turns'. What is the exact number of turns? Is it based on distance of the ...

8:33 AM
Q: How do I find a Stronghold in Minecraft?

NecrosI'd like to know any hints, tips, or pretty much anything on how to find strongholds. I already know that they're frequently found under swamps, and that you can find them with an Eye of Ender, but there has to be an easier way than that right?

8:47 AM
Oh man. That facecam
The silent horror
9:02 AM
@spyder the hate is strong!
@badp HC players! LoL
wolf puppy
Now I'd like to see a hardcore death analysis video for a Nethack or Dwarf Fortress game ...
I loved that there was a lot of people who wanted a HC version of WoW back when it was in beta. My thought was "Have you ever played a MMO?"
@Blem Sure, like "A Tale in the Desert", for example. What's wrong with a HC MMO?
Q: Where can I find all three words of Champion's Spirit shout?

One-OneFalskaar adds one shout to the game called Champions Spirit. Where can I find all three words of Champion's Spirit shout in Falskaar?

Q: Borderlands 2 farmimg question

user52853When farming an enemy and you get a legendary from an enemy (Killed Rakkman and you get a Gunerang out of him) when you kill that specific enemy again straight after you save and quit, is it certain that you'll get the legendary again?

9:18 AM
A "hard-core" DIKU clone (like EQ or WOW) is hard and not very fun, but that's not the only MMO variant possible nor the only one made.
user image
@MartinSojka that sounds like a pretty shit game unless you are a troll
@Blem It's actually rather awesome. Very good (if small) community, awesome crafting system including "puzzles" like the gearboxes (you have a few set gear sizes, a grid where to put them, and have to construct a specific gear ratio out of it ... or one as close as possible given the limited space).
... and then you have the politics and intrigue and the fact that the "Pharaoh" can declare a death sentence on another player - and their character stays dead -. but has only a limited amount of those and needs to think if he really wants to piss off the others or be seen as a ruthless monster for the time when somebody else becomes the supreme ruler.
Trolls thus can easily get the death sentence. ;)
10:21 AM
spam. needs more killing.
10:35 AM
WTH, "gold spam" for a free-to-play mobile game? How's that even profitable?
@MartinSojka pay-to-win I suppose?
Does anyone know about miniature wargames that are set in WW2 or Cold War era, and in 1/72 scale? Because I have a lot of 1/72 models
10:54 AM
@badp No idea, I don't play it. Its wiki describes the model as "freemium".
@MartinSojka The goods cost money (or a large amount of time). I don't think there's any actual way to transfer gems that easily though so it's probably a scam
Hmmm. So "The transfer didn't work? Oh, too bad. Give me your Apple store account data to check, I have an idea why ..." kind of deal then. :D
@MartinSojka Certainly sounds suspicious. Last I played the only way to give gems was one a day per friend. So to give 3750 gems they would need some combination of up to 3750 days or 3750 "friends" to send you the gems (and friends need to be on your friends list, they can't just send them to you)
@BenBrocka because people realized the game has become pay to win
@FEichinger Probably true, but still. At least, in theory, they're attempting to fix it
I always had the feeling that game would either be a massive grind-fest and/or pay to win though
Free to Play + a genre that is already notoriously grindy is not a good combination
11:08 AM
@BenBrocka Not unheard of. SOE recently announced they'll add something called "implants" (time-limited boosts and unique abilities, bought with either grinding or real money) to PlanetSide 2 with Game Update 13, half a week ago. People told them in pretty clear terms that it's a shitty idea. A day after the announcements, implants were taken out of the plans for the update and back to the drawing board.
@MartinSojka Yeah, heard about that. Though they never actually made it into the game, right?
@BenBrocka Thankfully, they took them out after player feedback and before they got into the game. They didn't even make it to the PTS.
11:23 AM
Q: Assassins Creed 2 undo a viewpoint sync

F4r-20In Monteriggioni one of the missions is to synchronize the viewpoint at the top of the villa. Me being impatient when it comes to having no mini-map, already synchronized this viewpoint before the mission was even available. Now, in-mission, I go back to the viewpoint, and of course get no option...

And this is why, ladies and gentleman, the alt attribute on images is so important
@PrivatePansy strongly agree
you can see the price so doesn't matter
Clearly you need to click for details about [/]
Don't you worry about blank, let ME worry about blank.
user image
11:37 AM
@Blem Not technically a CSS problem though
@Blem word-wrap: break-word
Q: What kind of patch is this?

user174072I am having trouble running World of Warcraft with Primus. I found a 'fix', but I have no idea how to apply the patch noted in the link below. Hoping someone can explain! Thanks! https://github.com/amonakov/primus/issues/91

@FEichinger Not even that, because I believe hyphens are not an option yet
And anyway I'd say in this case font-size: 18px is probably a better solution
@PrivatePansy I'm not sure, never even use it.
11:43 AM
Alternatively, text-overflow: ellipsis
Hmmm, ketchup colored snort. This can't be good...

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