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6:00 PM
> This game will unlock in approximately 5 days and 23 hours
Next week I guess
@SaintWacko: a bit of a question on Darksiders II
Am I crazy to try the Crucible with a level 11 Death?
I'm getting nowhere past around wave 4...
(and yes, I understand that level 15 or higher is expected.)
@DragonLord That's about as far as I've ever gotten. The Crucible is tough
Even just getting to wave 4, you'll get some fairly nice stuff
You can't exit until after wave 5.
... and every five waves thereafter.
@SaintWacko: What level was your character as of the last time you tried the Crucible?
@SaintWacko, are you around?
So, John Carmack is the new CTO at Occulus Rift... but is also continuing to work at id and Armadillo Aerospace?
6:12 PM
@DragonLord I forgot how it worked for a minute. Thought you meant the fourth set of 5 waves
I don't remember what level I am right now. Haven't played in a while
Let's see if Steam gives any hints
@Powerlord That's crazy
@DragonLord Bah, doesn't have any level related achievements until level 30
I'll check tonight
If you think about it, ping me in four hours or so
Death caps at level 30 on a New Game+, and at level 22 on the first playthrough.
I'll try to remember on my own, but no guarantees
Q: Diablo 3 Monster Power Requirements

ferrI'm wondering what kind of Damage / Health / AR I should be aiming for (as a DH) to progress to higher MP levels. Looking to do Alk runs at higher level and key runs (at MP5 would be nice). I am currently at 150k dmg, 40k hp, ~58-60% resistances. Thanks

6:20 PM
user image
@Powerlord does jarating an ubered player make them take minicrit knockback?
@badp No.
They don't get the Jarated status while ubered. This applies to other negative status effects as well.
Having said that, backstabbing or otherwise critting them while Ubered WILL send them flying.
@StrixVaria grats on your @origamirobot replica
6:24 PM
I almost killed an Uber Medic on Upward by doing that.
looks pretty close to the original
@StrixVaria Saw that video, such a graceful robot
(it did break the heal beam, though, so the Soldier was no longer ubered. \o/)
@badp I have much better self control.
@BenBrocka I actually like the US version better.
6:28 PM
@BenBrocka Doesn't look that bad to me
Does seem kind of weird though
@BenBrocka I've seen worse
although I can't remember it
Link looks weird. And it's got that "real is brown" sort of look to it for no reason (which is hilariously opposed to the actual game's color)
@BenBrocka I see gold, not brown.
6:29 PM
Bright happy game with sharp colors and stark contrast. Give a nearly monochrome look to the cover
I think they wanted the map to look like an olde mappe. Not sure why though.
then it'd need some kind of cracks or something, and some blur or similar
Clearly, Link wasn't popping enough
@BenBrocka Reminds me of the gold Zelda cartridges of ye olde times
@RonanForman Actually that makes sense.
@OrigamiRobot the carts were gold, the art was still colored
6:31 PM
@BenBrocka Just sayin.
@BenBrocka I like the US one, it puts the focus on Link more than the Japanese one does
@BenBrocka Gives a whole new meaning to "duckface".
Why do programmers get all the cool shit
@GnomeSlice Because they're the ones who make cool shit?
6:35 PM
@WorldEngineer We know it's going to have Link though, that's not really the unique or new thing about the game
@StrixVaria So do designers
@GnomeSlice but our cool shit runs
yours just kind of stands there or goes in circles
@GnomeSlice did you make that?
6:38 PM
@WorldEngineer No, but the place I did my internship at did.
I made that one.
I really should finish the one I started over my internship but I haven't been very motivated
@GnomeSlice Oh yeah, I never asked you how the internship went.
@RonanForman I really enjoyed it, but I think I was kind of slow.
I never finished the project I started, although I was working on a bunch of other stuff for them at the same time
It's been done for like 2 months now
still not done
but then again I haven't really looked at it
@GnomeSlice Is that the thing that reads the code from within Markdown, rather than the other way around?
@FEichinger wat (beats me)
It just looks cool.
@GnomeSlice Uh, right ... I forgot that you're not the one I should ask that question, sorry :P
6:42 PM
Yeah... =[
At any rate, "looks cool" likely means "is pretty crappy in practice" for programmers.
I'm going to get a bottom job like stocking shelves and that's going to end up being my career
@FEichinger I think documentation is usually an exception to that.
@GnomeSlice Hush your nonsense.
@GnomeSlice You think I wanted to be a document control person for a year?
6:43 PM
@OrigamiRobot That sounds fun actually
What did you do
@murgatroid99 It depends. Programmers not documenting is usually based on two things: a) No motivation whatsoever. b) Who else is going to look at this anyway?/This is self-explanatory.
@GnomeSlice Put files in a shitty database program.
@FEichinger Or c) No time allotted to documentation.
@OrigamiRobot Eh, data entry probably wouldn't be too bad
My friend did that at a blood clinic and apparently a lot of the forms people filled out were hilarious.
Plus his coworker was a 10/10 Iranian chick
@GnomeSlice After spending six years getting an engineering degree?
6:45 PM
@OrigamiRobot I just spent 3 getting a multimedia thing. But yeah that sucks.
@fbueckert Well, to be honest, doc really doesn't take that long. Unless it's forced. Then you just tell the code to shove it.
I can't do any of it.
I'm too slow.
I just realized earlier that the Origami Killer is the name of the bad guy in both Deadly Premonition and Heavy Rain.
@FEichinger Heh. Good luck with that one.
@RonanForman This is what I worked on at my internship mainly
6:45 PM
@GnomeSlice The point is, sometimes you have to take shitty jobs.
@OrigamiRobot I have never even had a job. I want to get a shitty job
And that will probably end up being what I stick with
I'm not good or confident enough at anything else to make a career out of it
@GnomeSlice So go get one.
I don't know how.
I don't really want to talk about it right now
Step 1) Go somewhere
Step 2) Ask for an application
Step 3) Repeat until you have a job.
I don't drive
6:47 PM
I didn't say drive.
I can't get anywhere.
You live in the middle of nowhere?
How do you get food?
I live with my parents
6:48 PM
How do they get food?
I'm going to start applying for some stuff soon though because all the summer jobs are opening up again as the students go back to school
Step 4) Repeat until you have the job you want.
I want a job I can actually do
I didn't do terrifically at my internship
where did you intern?
@GnomeSlice They will teach you what you need to do.
7:05 PM
So how'd our Char question get deleted this time? Super-delete, or was there enough members to delete it again?
@fbueckert Members I believe.
Unless it got undeleted again.
@Wipqozn Not yet.
And hopefully it stays that way this time.
A: Why can't I absorb a dragon soul?

IdkI have the mod I need but I think that is the problem

What the heck am I supposed to make out of that.
@Arperum A "Not an answer" flag
@SaintWacko Did that one already.
7:09 PM
@fbueckert A better question would be "Why are there civilians in Charr?"
Except that's not a very difficult question
@Arperum What @SaintWacko said, and move on.
@SaintWacko Because they have to live somewhere?
It will be deleted in short order.
@SaintWacko There aren't civilians on Charr.
@fbueckert You can cast a delete vote multiple times.
@OrigamiRobot Ahh. That makes sense, then.
What's to stop questions from bouncing between deleted and undeleted states, then?
7:14 PM
@fbueckert attention spans
@TrentHawkins This is on the internet, where people being wrong means a grudge a mile long.
I'm assuming locking a post also stops it frmo being deleted.
@fbueckert It's also on the internet, where people can't be bothered to type the Y and O in 'you'.
@TrentHawkins wat r u talkin bout?
cc @AshleyNunn
@Wipqozn Ow
7:17 PM
I like to imagine that every message from @TrentHawkins to @fbueckert or vice-versa is accompanied by one of them yelling PING IRL.
@OrigamiRobot That'd have to be awfully loud, seeing as how I'm at work.
@fbueckert Even better mental image.
@OrigamiRobot going to start doing this now.
@TrentHawkins Please do.
My work here is done.
7:19 PM
@TrentHawkins I'm going to cut you off of the internet.
@fbueckert Why are you so terrible. =[
@GnomeSlice If I was actually terrible, I'd do it instead of just threatening it.
I'd've also ignored you the instant you got unbanned, too.
@fbueckert Not if @TrentHawkins changes the locks on the house before you get home!
I see things in my other rooms chat. Who is stabbing whom?
@fbueckert What, why? I thought we were friends?
7:24 PM
@Hiroto What?
@GnomeSlice I'm going to have to leave that alone, or I really WILL be terrible.
@Wipqozn all I saw was "fbueckert: @TrentHawkins I'm going to cut you ..."
@fbueckert Can you please tell me
@Hiroto Well, that's not stabbing at all. Cutting and stabbing are two different things.
details, details
7:26 PM
@Wipqozn Not on the street.
@GnomeSlice The street's wrong.
I wish this had some resolution options
@Wipqozn I'm waaay too lazy for that.
@TrentHawkins Just break them.
Wedge pencils in the keyslots.
@GnomeSlice The difference between changing the locks and this is that one would theoretically allow me to continue coming and going as I please.
7:32 PM
@TrentHawkins Yeah, still working on that.
Order a ladder for the window.
Hm, but then he can use it.
Anyone up for atWar?
...after a potty break
Q: What does the 'Strong' label mean exactly in PaD

SteveKBI was playing Puzzles and Dragons in the special Wednesday dungeon of the masks (int) and on the 4th and 5th wave when they show the masks that are harder to beat. Sometimes depending on how much hp I have they'll have a strong indicator when I enter that wave and then it goes away. In the past ...

Q: Why californian super mutants are generally friendly while capital wasteland ones not?

jorgheIn Fallout 3 there is only one friendly super mutant, while in NRC's territories seems that super mutants are quite friendly (e.g. Jackobstown near New Vegas). Are those differences explained somehow?

Q: what all is included in Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition

user53312I bought the GOTY edition from amazon and the only dlc I find is war horse pack Also the first disc contains only single player no undead

7:51 PM
@Lazers If he bought it, doesn't he know what's in it?
@wipqozn I hate you. I am sure you know why.

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