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12:00 PM
Nom! Nom! Nom! Delicious... Back
12:10 PM
@kalina ...wat?
Q: Minecraft save-all timer

Meraj99I have recently found that my MC world does not auto-save (Don't answer on how to do that), so I have to /save-all every 5 minutes or so. However, I have created a timer hooked up to a /save-all command block. Note that all repeaters are set to max delay. Basically, what happens is, there is ...

@OrigamiRobot what
you don't like @fredley's alot of attack speed?
stop copies me
@OrigamiRobot Oh right, I forgot that the Alot was your idea origionally
12:20 PM
Oh right, I forgot that @OrigamiRobot replaces his friends the moment they don't log in for a few minutes
Hey man, we could all be playing guild wars.
sniff I won't play games with people who don't like me anymore
Too late! You already did!
12:36 PM
omg, why are people paying hundreds of real cash for a tf2 hat O_o
12:52 PM
maybe they just really like hats
@Ladineko See: Farmville
no ill
i'm pin ih l hn
i m
im yin igh hn only
@Ladineko An unusual hat - any one - has an expected price of $250
because you need to pay $2.5 per try and you only have a 1% success rate
Hopefully that puts things back in perspective.
@Badp have you seen vintage alien swarm parasites
only 3 in existene
each worth 1.5k USD
1:23 PM
@OrigamiRobot Virtual hats are an estimate of how long you've been playing, given that players get a hat every two months or so
Having a non-genuine hats means you stand a better chance of knowing what's going on than not having it.
@AshleyNunn I'm actually saving up for the Animal Crossing playing cards. <_<
Put yourself in the shoes of a medic who has one last uber before the end of a pub match
and must choose between two heavies, same loadout, one by the other, one has a hat and the other doesn't.
Who are you going to uber?
@badp The one who has a cuter sounding female voice on TS/Mumble/VOIP of choice, of course.
@MartinSojka ...>_>
@FAE Well, that's the reality of it quite often, as idiotic as it sounds. :D
1:29 PM
Well, in this scenario if either of them is using voice chat you can use that better than hats to determine what you should do
After all, using voice chat gives you the "I AM SPEAKING" exclamation-mark quasi-hat!
Related to that, this is why I don't show my rank insignia in PlanetSide 2, and don't check for the battle rank of the people I play alongside either. I prioritise my help (when I'm playing Engineer, as so often) depending on the needs of the team and on the people's current performance.
I wish Iain M. Banks would stop writing these coda describing the fate of characters after his books end. They have a nasty habit of committing suicide afterwards, which I suppose is not entirely unsurprisingly considering the events described in the books and the fact that they're effectively immortal
@MartinSojka I don't know how much depth there is in Planetside 2, but an eight-second uber will go better if the guy who's being ubered knows what he's supposed to be doing and prioritizes targets correctly
Sure, you could be comparing the two heavies on the leaderb---whoops, stabbed
PlanetSide has battles raging on for hours on end sometimes. Plenty of time to evaluate the people you fight alongside.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I've not read anything of his yet
Though I have The Wasp Factory on my to-read list and have for years
1:34 PM
@MartinSojka I don't have Planetside 2 out of performance issues so I wouldn't know, really
You should. The Culture series is very good science fiction
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I've heard good things, just haven't gotten around to anything yet. :( My to-read list is very long because I sit in front of the computer too much. >_>
@badp Do you have a preferred class in TF2?
The same applies to shorter "matches" though. I try to pay attention to how the people behave during it. If someone is clearly doing stupid stuff not helping the team, I'll notice, and will make sure the others get my help first before I come around to repairing him or dropping an ammo pack. That's assuming I don't just team kill him and blow up his ride for being an idiot, of course.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone The thing about tf2 is that whenever you pick a favourite class, that class' counters counter you and eventually they become your new favourite class
My latest favourite class is the spy though
but I don't mind paying medic or soldier or demo or engineer
Martin - yes obviously that's what you are supposed to do
1:42 PM
Being sick sucks.
@MBraedley The epic flight adventure of yours isn't paying off I suppose?
@badp So you are the anti-Powerlord!
@FAE Powerlord also "mains" spy.
He's also a much better spy than I am.
I'm still on the fence as to whether I should have gone into work.
@MBraedley :( Can you go home early if it gets too bad?
1:43 PM
@badp I don't know where I got it, although one of the flights is a possibiliy.
@MBraedley I'd trade most sicknesses for the head concussion I had three weeks ago. At least when I'm sick, I can usually still think straight.
When I play spy I just tank (yes, tank) my way to the enemy spawn door and take down their teleporters; I'll probably take a break while they rebuild them and stab a person or two if given the chance, but otherwise I keep the enemy engies busy and the enemy team walking
@FAE I didn't even go in. But I don't know if it's bad enough for me to justify staying home.
The nice thing is that if there's too many spies in your team, you can do the same as either scout or demoman (yay bonk/sticky jumper)
@MBraedley I think it depends on your sick day status and stuff. Can you afford to take one?
@MartinSojka Concussions are horrible. I've had way too many.
1:45 PM
I'll probably log in remotely this afternoon and catch up on some documentation reading
@FAE I get sick days, none (or maybe one) of which I've taken in the past year.
1:57 PM
BTW, a friend has a Steam code for Europa Universalis 3 + all expansions he wants to give away (he already has the game). Anyone interested?
is the game any good? i wouldnt mind playing
It's a great game if you like slow, complex strategic games and don't mind functional graphics.
@AshleyNunn Damn! How did you figure me out?
i'll look it up, sec
Also, lots of mods available for even more complexity (as well as historical accurateness if you're into this sort of thing).
2:05 PM
@MartinSojka Sounds interesting, but I have too many games already
Especially since @fbueckert convinced me to start playing X3
I'm sure it'll be fun if I can figure out how to play -.-
seems like a good game
No idea how this works on Steam, not using it myself. I think it would be easiest if I knew your Steam user name and told my friend to send it to you there. :)
@badp Except the part where hats are tradeable. Also, I have never gotten a random hat drop.
@OrigamiRobot Absolute newbies willing to shell money for trading are the minority
@OrigamiRobot You didn't play enough
@badp two years isn't enough? I thought it was every two months or so?
2:13 PM
@OrigamiRobot you were unlucky? you didn't play when hat drops were a thing?
Hat drops are very much a thing that happens
@badp I never said anything about money. You don't need money to trade.
@OrigamiRobot You need something to trade for, which you need time to get. But if you spend the time to get the items, by definition you're no longer a newbie
The alternative to time is using money
This isn't Farmville. You aren't given ten refined to start off your wonderful adventure.
@badp It doesn't take a lot of time to get something. Even then, time spent trading does not equate to experience playing.
@MartinSojka: was busy coding, sorry for the delay. My Steam user name is jacooGamer
@OrigamiRobot You get a refined every ~2 weeks? if you smelt all the drops?
That means a craft hat is yours in a month.
2:15 PM
@badp I can get a refined in like a day.
That's not true
I did it. Via trading.
Trading for what?
@JasonCoombes Oki, sent him the info, I think he'll be back at home in some 3 hours.
@badp Scrapbanking to get various items, then selling those specific items for 1 scrap each. Unless those prices have changed, it's not that hard to get a refined.
2:17 PM
@OrigamiRobot Items you need time for
Good morning, Bridge
Scrapbanking still doesn't give you more metal than you would with perfect drops
@badp "It doesn't take a lot of time to get something."
@badp "then selling those specific items for 1 scrap each."
And you get items at the rate of ~2 reclaimed a week
@OrigamiRobot Pardon me, what kind of absolute newbie does that?
@MartinSojka: cheers, and thank him too before I get a chance later on!
2:19 PM
@badp People that want specific items.
@OrigamiRobot The first thing you do when you install a game is see if it's fun or not
What are you even talking about?
You don't just jump head first into the trading community of a game you have never played
I pretty much did.
I'm talking about how hats can help distinguish people with a clue from people without a clue
2:21 PM
No, hats mean you can look up a trade value.
@OrigamiRobot I have hats, and I have no idea what their trade value is.
@fbueckert But you don't need to know how to play well to get hats.
You need time to get hats. You need to care to get hats.
If you have played for a time and you care to get hats that distinguishes you.
I still don't know what's so hard to understand about this.
Already 1/3 into Excession. Not too bad for a book I only borrowed today
@OrigamiRobot Nope. I don't even remember how I got my hats.
2:24 PM
@badp The hard part is where I disagree.
Congratulations! You have an opinion! Look at you! You're so cute. I have an opinion too.
Look at us discussing our opinions in a completely mature manner. Awwwwww.
Ok, enough condescension, people.
The point is that I don't honestly care very much to win this argument
You're welcome to having an opinion
A mental model of how things work
It doesn't matches my mental model
@fbueckert I can almost taste the water dripping down the sides of the Bridge. Oh no wait
2:26 PM
In other news, North Korea recently conducted tests of Nuclear Arms.
I'm sure we'll get over it
@badp Obviously. You haven't even called me Hitler yet. How can you expect to win without calling me a Hitler?
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Not quite condensation. :P Almost, though!
@Wipqozn That's somewhat scary.
@fbueckert Yes
American invasion of North Korea incoming!
2:27 PM
You're missing the point where I'm not winning
I've made an argument, I've brought points forward, you've brought counter arguments. You've made an argument, you've brought points forward, you've brought counter arguments.
At some point you have to agree to disagree.
I'm not sure what's immature or condescending about it
@badp No, I'm saying since you haven't called me a Hitler, it's obvious you aren't trying to win.
@OrigamiRobot If it will make you feel better, I'll call you Hitler.
Guys, look
At the end of the day
2:29 PM
@Wipqozn You're not MarkTrapp. It's not the same. T_T
I still have an unusual hat and a pair of Earbuds
> Democratic People's Republic of Korea
@Wipqozn I second this motion and put forth that @OrigamiRobort is literally Hitler
North Korea. Democratic. Hah!
Oct 18 '12 at 10:24, by user2334
Well then you're literally worse than Hitler
2:30 PM
@Wipqozn Ahhhh, that's the stuff.
@OrigamiRobot I thought it was better than just going with a stock "Let's agree to disagree." I probably come off wrong however
@OrigamiRobot That's a Demoman line, right?
@BoltClock shrug
"Nuclear Test Road"
Maybe this is a duplicate.. but I think the other question has too many words.. this one just summarises the points :) — Lipis 44 mins ago
@YiJiang'sEvilClone facedesk
I don't think I've heard of a finer argument against a duplicate close vote.
Article title: Players accuse X game of Y bad thing. Article comments: Unanimous opposition to premise of article.
More words! Bad!
@BenBrocka The PA Report had a fun article on the buggy, broken, ugly mess that is the new Aliens game.
2:37 PM
@fbueckert Is that different from any other Alien series game ever?
@BenBrocka I dunno; haven't really played any of the others.
I've only seen them played, they seem meh at best
@YiJiang'sEvilClone WORDS ARE HARD
Guys how do I words
Q: Suspended user can still upload an offensive profile picture using the new "Upload Picture" functionality

Robert HarveyNormally, moderator actions can't be reversed. This is especially true if a user is suspended. We generally allow people to do whatever they wish with their profiles (within reason), but profile pictures are visible on every post that someone makes, so we are more strict about them. Ergo, if a...

Sounds like that's exactly what @Gnome did. Not offensive, but still changing his pic.
2:44 PM
I think you can change your gravatar regardless
@BenBrocka Yeah, but then it's just a matter of changing the profile's email address.
You mean moderators can't override avatars in the new system?
@BenBrocka AvP games were rather fun.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone We can, by manually uploading a picture. But it's a pain
Oh, hey. One month until Heart of the Swarm!
2:49 PM
@Fluttershy @OrigamiRobot It's an Adventure Time mod for Minecraft! :D
@fbueckert How awful.
Weird, minecraftforum is blocked as "malware distribution point"
They had a problem with malware-ladden ads some months ago, but that has been fixed.
@FAE A mod? What does it even do? Add mobs?
@OrigamiRobot And items
@OrigamiRobot Ice King makes snow wherever he goes XD
Q: Punch a user button!

Manishearth Gotten frustrated with a user? Want to vent? Feel like punching them? Don't worry, here's a script that adds a "Punch" button to every gravatar. You can punch all the worst users now: Installation Click here to install. Will work in Chrome or Firefox (the latter requires Greasemonkey). S...

Q: Which skills reveal enemies in bushes?

Panagiotis PalladinosLeaving out Clairvoyance, wards and other items which reveal enemies like the new Wriggles in twisted treeline, which champion skills reveal (even briefly) opponents inside bushes? I'm not talking about stealth opponents. For example: Mundo's Cleaver (Q) does not reveal champions it hits. ...

@BenBrocka ...
Sharepoint sucks at providing decent error messages. Proving a 16-digit hex key for me to go look up in a text file is NOT the way to go about it!
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Stack Apps was much much more useful before Chrome stopped allowing you to install user scripts easily
Wonder if there's a flag you can set to let you recklessly install crap again
3:16 PM
@fbueckert All error messages should come with a button for "Would you like to google this error?"
brb, applying for a patent
@OrigamiRobot Except this hex key isn't a generic hex error. It's, "This text file is your log file. The error message will be somewhere in there, attached to that hex key."
Oh, and anything else on that page has that same hex key, so have fun looking!
@OrigamiRobot Win 8's BSOD already suggests searching for the error code. I think that's a big step in the right direction. Lots of people just see an error and have no idae what to do
@fbueckert Right, the hex key isn't the error. My system googles the error. Therefore, it would not be googling the hex key.
@BenBrocka Rather than just throwing text on the screen for a second, and then rebooting?
@OrigamiRobot How is it going to correlate the hex key to the correct error message?
@fbueckert That's not my problem. Sharepoint can worry about how to integrate my brilliant idea.
3:21 PM
@OrigamiRobot Uh huh. Because Sharepoint is a paragon of integration and user experience.
I wish SE would stop breaking all over the place.
@fbueckert It throws the error message and not the scary wall of stuff
@fbueckert Then they'll have no problems. Their system will spontaneously evolve to seamlessly integrate my outstanding new system.
@BenBrocka BSO:(
3:23 PM
@OrigamiRobot I was being sarcastic. If there's any other web CMS this unfriendly, it would've died a slow and agonizing death.
@fredley Was just about to post a comment and got the offline message
@fbueckert I know, I was responding with more sarcasm.
@BenBrocka It should say something like "You're a moron if you don't know what this means:" for stuff like "OUT_OF_MEMORY" (or whatever it is)
@Unionhawk That's a great idea, because everyone who uses a computer knows exactly how they work!
@BenBrocka is that a problem you're facing or are you just presenting the new BSOD screen?
3:24 PM
I just used on RPi.SE. I think I need to go take a shower.
because some VM software is incompatible with Windows 8
with the HAL init error
@BenBrocka "Unless this is your only mean of accessing the internet. Then you'll need to learn smoke signals. You can learn about smoke signals by using Bing!"
@fredley o.0 There's a whole SE devoted to the RasPi?
@kalina was just showing it since someone asked about it
3:25 PM
ah ok
@SaintWacko you haven't seen the community ad for it?
@BenBrocka Ahh, I remember playing with IRQ settings.
@SaintWacko Yarp. We even have a community ad.
And not fondly, either. They were a pain in the ass to resolve.
@fbueckert It's also a common driver error even if you don't mess with them, I think
3:27 PM
@BenBrocka Not AFAIK. There are extensions you can use though
They also provide support for GM_* functions so you can use GM scripts too
@MBraedley Hm, nope
@BenBrocka This is back from the 486 days. Sound Blaster needs IRQ 14! But your mouse is using it!
Actually, I can't recall ever seeing a community ad
ABP must catch them
@SaintWacko Yup, the community ads are served using the same ad network
@SaintWacko it might, but I disable ABP on all SEs
3:29 PM
@SaintWacko ABP grabs them. They're the only ads on SE sites, aside from SU/SO/SF, so I leave SE off adblock
I would recommend white listing all SE sites
well community ads and other SE run things, like the automatic question ads
@BenBrocka Yeah, I'll have to figure out how to do that
Haven't ever bothered with whitelisting any sites
Just click the button and whitelisting is an option
@fbueckert I memorized IRQs long enough the pass the A+ and then immediately forgot most of them.
0 System Clock
1 Keyboard?
2 Cascade to 9
3 COM 2,4
4 COM 1,3
or sommat
@OrigamiRobot Those aren't even needed to be known anymore; you're not going to be doing much digging inside them, anyways.
> @@||stackexchange.com^$document @@||superuser.com^$document @@||stackoverflow.com^$document
@SaintWacko those are just three of the filters you need, more if you visit some of the other sites on the network.
@fbueckert I didn't even need to know them when I did, other than for the sake of the test.
Almost done FF V. I'm going to have to move on to a new game afterwards. I'm thinking FF VI; haven't played that in a very long time.
@OrigamiRobot Exactly.
3:41 PM
@agent86 poor bowser
Which Lufia should I start with?
@BenBrocka ...One!
Rise of the Sinstrals is a pretty damn good game, but that's the second.
@peoplewholikecuteanimals NO, I AM THE NIGHT!
also your scifi dramatic corridor marching of the day
Morning, Bridge!
@Fluttershy Morning!
@agent86 I'm listening to the Imperial March right now.
3:48 PM
@BenBrocka Two.
You should start with Lufia 2.
@GraceNote The first one not good?
Can't say I've played it, but that's usually the way it works, no?
Eh, it's still good, but Lufia 2 is a prequel.
If you're brand new to the series, then playing Lufia 2 first is nice since the very start of Lufia is the ending to Lufia 2.
@GraceNote Interesting. I didn't know that.
In my brain, Lufia is about a magical loofa who saves his/her loofa kingdom.
@GraceNote Huh, interesting. My hesitation with starting not at the beginning of a series is partly because of mechanics/gameplay improvements in sequels that make it harder to go back to earlier games, does that happen there?
3:52 PM
@FAE They're incredibly different games mechanically. Lufia 2 is smoother as an experience but it's not exactly an "upgrade" from Lufia, so to speak.
@GraceNote Gotcha.
The first game is a pretty basic-mechanic'd RPG. Lufia 2 adds a lot more complexity to not just battles, but also the exploration segments. It is also home to "The World's Most Difficult Puzzle".
@GraceNote o_O
@GraceNote >_> wat
@GraceNote What makes it so difficult?
4:00 PM
I hear the voices of at least three people who haven't played the game, then!
About how long is lufia 2? I'm not sure if I want to start it before or after Legend of Legaia and that will take a while
@agent86 That reminds me, I should probably watch The Avengers.
@SaintWacko It's hard in the sense that in genuine difficulty to solve, it is pretty up there if you've never seen the puzzle before. As opposed to "Difficulty by obscurity and/or impossibility to know what the hejudas is going on".
@Wipqozn yes, yes you should. it is the best movie since ever
I freakin' loved that game.
4:02 PM
@agent86 My word. That's some praise right there.
@agent86 It's good, but Cloud Atlas is vastly better
@Fluttershy Same
@BenBrocka It's a comfortable length. You should play it first because I've not played Legend of Legaia and so I obviously can't tell you to play it first. This is excluding time spent in the Ancient Cave bonus roguelike dungeon.
@SaintWacko I was just about to say this. <_<
@Wipqozn it's my favoritest movie of all time
of all time
4:03 PM
@agent86 Easy there Kanye.
@agent86 I should probably watch it then.
@Wipqozn yes. yes you should. have you seen the other marvel universe movies?
mostly iron man 1/2 are good, the rest are kind of hit or miss and not really required for full enjoyment, although they do add a bit
@SaintWacko Those are two vastly different types of movies, lol
@FAE Yeah, but I still stand by my statement
@agent86 The Incredible Hulk was decent.
4:07 PM
@agent86 I'd say Iron Man 1 and Thor would give you the most relevant background.
@Wipqozn Where is that? It looks local
@Fluttershy I could not get through incredible hulk. I think I've watched the first half and maybe part of the very end
@SaintWacko I'm so sad Cloud Atlas wasn't nominated for any academy awards :(
@FAE I watched them all, I found thor to be pretty boring, tbh. captain america was pretty meh. iron man 2 was good, but I like RDJ as tony stark, so...
I guess I should qualify "all" in the previous statement to not include "most of the second half of incredible hulk"
4:09 PM
@agent86 A couple of them. Most of them looked really terrible.
@agent86 Thor is mostly so you have more information and background for Loki as a main antagonist in Avengers
In fact, I think I've only seen Iron Man 1+2.
@FAE that's true. my wife watched it without having seen thor, and I think she didn't mind not really "getting" their relationship so much. I gave her a 2 minute plot summary of most everything. she asked to see iron man 1/2 after we watched avengers
@agent86 I'm personally still not fond of 2, I hated the pacing
@Wipqozn Iron Man 2 is the important one, Captain America is good for some backstory. Thor as well.
4:10 PM
@agent86 tl;dr of Thor/Loki?
Don't bother with any of the Hulk movies
@Wipqozn thor is a Good Guy and Loki is a Bad Guy
@BenBrocka ..........................wow
they fought a lot, but it's cool, they're brothers.
4:11 PM
And they're brothers
@agent86 And they're both eye candy. :3
@FAE stop swooning
they're from a race of very technologically advanced people who the norse thought were gods, once upon a time
I don't think I could say much more without spoiling the Thor movie.
@MBraedley Avengers is one big movie of eye candy, aside from being very fun.
what's weird is that you couldn't do a fantastic 4 + avengers cross over with the current roster of actors, since captain america is the human torch
4:13 PM
@agent86 That still bothers me...
@agent86 don't worry, I'll juts go read wikipedia.
@agent86 I never saw the F4 movie.
@Wipqozn it's a good plan.
@agent86 Well, you could, it's not like there's not a jillion filming tricks you can do. Would just be weird for the audience.
@FAE I saw the first one, it was not remarkable. I passed on the second.
@FAE yeah, I think it would just be weird to have them be the same guy
4:14 PM
@agent86 Yeah, I heard kind of "eh" things overall
@agent86 The second was slightly better than the first. But very slightly.
I mean, there's sequences where they used a pure cgi captain america in the avengers
(that part where he teams up with iron man to fight in the street, for example)
apparently they filmed the actor on green screen, but then the angles were wrong and they just went "eh, cgi"
certainly things have evolved since the matrix sequels, man, you could tell that was NOT keanu reeves
@agent86 I kind of miss clever practical effects sometimes, tbh
Like the old Jim Henson movies
The work that went into the puppet animatronics was crazy
@agent86 Or the horrible CGI of the Fellowship fleeing in Moria.
@JasonBerkan How about them surfing down the underground goblin city in the Hobbit :p
4:17 PM
@FAE did you see the movie C?
@agent86 I have not.
short sci-fi, low budget, almost all practical effects. very 70's carl sagan vibe
@FAE Goofy, but not as obviously bad.
also free :)
@agent86 Cool, I'll check it out :)
it scratched an itch I did not know I had :P
4:32 PM
@FAE :(
@SaintWacko I would've hoped for at least score and editing.
@FAE Yeah, that was beautifully done
Is there an overview of this charity stream thingy somewhere?
Q: What if a king is also a duke in a different kingdom?

NixI play as the King of Ireland (and Castille), and I've betrothed my male heir to the heir of a duchy and some stray counties in England. As I understand it, my daughter-in-law will rule as a duchess on her own, but their heir will rule both my kingdoms and the English lands (as they are of my dyn...

@Blem Happy Birthday, Lincoln!
@Blem Everyday is pancake day.
@fbueckert Every day should be Pancake Day
@Blem The feast of St. Pancake
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Every day can be pancake day
:) Later I'm making pancakes(some of you might call them crepes) with melted chocolate, fresh bananas and Daim icecream
4:58 PM
I bought some premixed pancake mix and tried cooking them before. They were passable, but very plain without syrup and butter. I don't think I can get good syrup cheaply here

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