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1:00 PM
One could make the argument that not fixing that crap is going to make a user visit the site, see the poor quality, think such a thing is good enough, and leave their own crappy quality question. People can downvote however the hell they want. Go wild! But I think we shouldn't leave a question that we'd otherwise clean up in a shitty state just in an attempt to punish the person who wrote it.
I certainly can't be bothered to go edit all that crap though, so I'll shut up now. :)
The user in question has 85 questions and 67 answers posted, and still hasn't gotten rid of horribly titled one-liners.
We can't just keep doing their work for them.
The irony here is that the title of his meta question was pretty good.
@FEichinger So...152 questions?
@GnomeSlice Organic Panic's at $32,626. Unless today's funding takes a dive I expect it to have a good chance now
@BenBrocka Sweet!
1:12 PM
@StrixVaria Hush! I fixed that.
@FEichinger Oh, interesting; it never updated for me until I refreshed.
Good morning, Bridge.
Ohmigawd Q Games tweeted my PixelJunk Shooter 2 let's play
Shooter 2 co-op iz da bess. This let's play proves it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg6oqJn77qM&feature=youtu.be&a
Oh, our resident poster of crap is complaining about downvotes?
@fbueckert Par for the course.
1:21 PM
@FEichinger Sadly, yes.
Q: Is there a way to always 'Continue to the next Act' in Sonic 4?

RobotnikI find it really annoying that (upon completing a Zone/Act) I am taken back to the level select screen by default. I feel that this breaks the continuity of the game, especially seeing as I can then go back and re-play a level in order to improve my score/have another crack at that Chaos Emerald ...

Q: Is it possible to satisfy both Jack and Serenity at the same time?

Private PansyIn the Metaforest stage of Scribblenauts Unlimited you find Jack the woodcutter and Serenity the treehugger facing off each other. They'll each give you a starlite piece, but only, it seems, if you foil the other's plan - Serenity wants you to stop Jack, while Jack wants to cut down the tree....

I knew exactly what he wanted when he wanted bounties auto-awarded to the highest voted answer.
@BenBrocka weee
As a sidenote, it's not me serial downvoting him, if that's what's happening.
@Lazers Giggity
1:25 PM
@BenBrocka Oy
@fbueckert This is still my favourite meta question.
@FEichinger It shows his fundamental goal for Arqade.
To make a name for himself.
Well, mission accomplished.
My goal is to be famous.
Which I have achieved.
@OrigamiRobot I think *in*famous is what you have achieved.
@fbueckert 'Notable' at best.
1:28 PM
To be infamous you must first shoot lightning out of your hands. Then you turn red and your clothes get dirty for some reason.
Hmmm, I have done all those things.
@FEichinger That's what serial downvoting is.
Though most of the time they are independent of one another.
You're not supposed to go through a users list fo questions and start downvoting all of them which don't meet your approval.
1:36 PM
@Wipqozn But running through them as you encounter them organically and downvoting is perfectly fine.
@fbueckert Sure, but that's not what @FEichinger said.
43 mins ago, by FEichinger
I can definitely see someone combing through those 100+ posts of his, systematically evaluating them for that pattern.
@Wipqozn Honestly, I don't like him, and the fact that he gets upvotes for crap frustrates me greatly, because upvotes have such greater weight than downvotes. Education doesn't work; I've tried. So I'm perfectly fine doing drive-by downvoting as I see his stuff. But running through his posts systematically to downvote it is specifically what the serial voting script is for.
If he manages to post enough crap in a short timeframe for the serial upvote script to kick in on organic downvotes, we have a problem that needs resolving.
Morning, Bridge
@fbueckert Except that's not the case.
It's old posts all being upvoted.
It seems very clear to me someone is crawling through his questiosn and downvoting them just because it's him.
Probably someone who knows the script exists and is trying to avoid it.
I do agree that people giving him pity upvotes are a problem. In fact, this is a good example of why pity upvotes are a bad thing.
Don't upvote crap since it just encourages users to post more crap.
If his skin isn't thick enough to deal with being told he needs to improve the quality of his questions then this isn't the site for him.
Also he needs to grow up.
but that doesn't justifying crawling through his questions and just downvoting them because it's him.
@FEichinger It's sad seeing "kalina" as a closer and it not linking to a profile :(
1:42 PM
Also, I don't have any problems with organic downvoting. Just downvoting it as you see it. That's perfectly fine.
I would think it would be @OrigamiRobot that wouldn't have a problem with downvoting organics
@Wipqozn But going to his profile to look for bad content does not break the system. It makes you kind of a jerk, but you're still voting on content.
@OrigamiRobot I suppose, but I still don't like it.
@GnomeSlice You commented on Inverto, and I happened to notice it when I was looking at the game.
I really don't think it's how the system is intended to work.
1:45 PM
Mornin', Scootaloo
@Scootaloo I thought you changed your name to Trixie
or Jinx
or something like that
I did, but I changed it back.
Nintendo Direct in 15ish minutes
Meta still shows my name as Jinx for whatever reason.
1:47 PM
@Powerlord linky?
@Wipqozn The problem is it makes users automatically cry "serial" instead of looking at quality.
@OrigamiRobot Because downvotes are obviously because people don't like them, not that their content is crap.
@SaintWacko This has links to all 3 versions.
Is there an archive with deleted question? or can only moderators/admins see them?
@fbueckert Yeah, exactly. Maybe they are downvoting based on the content but they're stil just targetting the guy out of spite.
It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
1:49 PM
@Powerlord Do they show anything besides an empty box for you?
I don't even have any controls...
@SaintWacko I have play buttons on top of all 3.
Hm, mine must be broken
@Scootaloo No there is not. You need a link to view deleted content. The only users able to view a deleted question/answer are 10k+ users, moderators, and the owner of the content.
@SaintWacko Browser?
@SaintWacko Firefox by any chance?
1:50 PM
@Wipqozn Ah.
@ShotgunNinja @Powerlord Chrome
@Wipqozn I don't think spite is what's happening.
@OrigamiRobot Going through a user's profile and voting on many posts is very likely to get the vote removed and might even get you suspended. It's just a bad idea to do that, no matter what the motive is.
@SaintWacko Weird, I'm using Chrome and can see them.
It could be, and being right under the reversal script does point to some shenanigans going on, but I don't think it's wanton or just running through posts.
1:51 PM
@fbueckert I do, honestly. MAybe spite isn't the best word, but I do think someone is just targetting him and crawling through his page out of dislike.
I think it's just people dislike Young Guilo for whatever reason.
but we can argue motive all we want. We don't know who is doing the voting, so all we can do is speculate.
@MadScientist I'm just saying it's not exactly the same as downvoting because you dislike the user.
There, got it working here
What's the big deal exactly? it's just someone who doesn't like him for whatever reason. It's not going to ruin his time on SE.
I thought there was a system to prevent serial downvoting anyway.
1:53 PM
Maybe they'll announce a new Metroid game :D
That would convince me to get a Wii U, if it was only on that
Hopefully they make the next one in the style of Other M, but with a proper fucking story
@Wipqozn That doesn't work so well; three of the posts are answers from when he first got here, and two more are from his more recent questions about Centipede.
If it was systematic, there'd be much more order involved in it.
@SaintWacko You can bet they will remake a Zelda game, which gives me enough reason to buy it.
@OrigamiRobot But it is pretty much indistinguishable from that (without reading the mind of the user) from a moderators point of view.
Yeah, I can't wait for the Link to the Past sequel
@SaintWacko I hope so.
1:54 PM
A new Prime would make me flip my shit.
@fbueckert I'm willing to bet this is a one time thing. Unless the person really hates him then this will probably pass.
The look on Rikers face is fantastic.
@MadScientist I'm not saying you can tell the difference, just that there is one.
@Scootaloo Could be, could not be. Hard to tell.
1:56 PM
@fbueckert That would be amazing
Also, the new Tales game is awesome.
Although I like how Other M is much closer to the feel of the original Metroid games
Too bad many of the battle mechanics are meant for CPU controlled characters.
It went back to Samus being incredibly agile again
I could never get past the first boss in Metroid GC, so I gave up ages ago.
1:58 PM
@Scootaloo What, the parasite queen?
@SaintWacko Ya. The worst part is it was just a tutorial boss if anything.
@Scootaloo Hehe
I haven't actually played Prime 3
Just 1 and 2
@SaintWacko Play it.
Actually, I'm not sure I finished 2
1:59 PM
It's the way FPS's with controllers SHOULD be handled.
It's intuitive and natural.
@SaintWacko 2 is the hardest of the 3 Prime games
I would play it again, but I'm too busy playing LoL.
@fbueckert I need to. I'm thinking about picking up the Metroid Prime trilogy for Wii
@Scootaloo Metroid anything is better

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