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6:27 AM
@Mitch in a seminar.
Less of a seminar and more of a webinar.
7:00 AM
I want to make announcement to my students. Is the following sentence correct grammatically?

The homeworks that will due by tomorrow are

- questions on the book A of page 2
- questions on the book B of pages from 5 to 7.
7:20 AM
"The assignments that are due tomorrow are
- questions on page 2 of book A
- questions on pages 5–7 of book B"
You tripped me there.
7:57 AM
Or answers to the questions.
3 hours later…
11:13 AM
@Xanne I dunno. Maybe the students are just supposed to confused about them
I've had a teacher like that.
Go read something that'd leave open a dark abyss in your brain
Q: How do I ask questions on Coding?

Prabu ReddyI'm new to Stackoverflow. Can one ask questions about Coding questions, and then how? What should be the procedure to ask? Because I'm getting negative marks in StackOverflow. Can anyone help me!!!

@Reg do people write something like this on MuseScore?
11:35 AM
@M.A.R. no, that is a rather smart and well-written question.
11:48 AM
> thucledang has added discussion "How to understand about Musical scale ??" in Piano
How to understand about Musical scale ??
> thucledang has added discussion "Do you have any book about Major and minor ? please share for me" in Piano
Do you have any book about Major and minor ? please share for me
> thucledang has added discussion "Do you have Despacito sheet please send to me thucledang@hotmail.com" in Piano
Do you have Despacito sheet please send to me thucledang@hotmail.com
> thucledang has added discussion "Flute Double Tonguing please share for me" in Flutes are AWESOME!!!!!!
Flute Double Tonguing please share for me
That is the kind of questions people ask on MuseScore.
Just four consecutive examples from this very morning.
2 hours later…
1:24 PM
> Do Not Perform Underage Driving
Do not perform under influence English speaking.
2 hours later…
3:25 PM
@M.A.R. Recognisable!
3:39 PM
@M.A.R. I have in fact used "This is more of a comment than a question" in a seminar situation.
It was intended to be a joke (people laughed), but ironically it turned out it really was a question.
@Cerberus It took me a while to get the friendly bug thing. Or I think I got it. Well, no, I don't think I got it.
But to that point, most everything I say is an utterance, so I can see why you recognize it.
4:17 PM
@Mitch But you guess you've got it now?
4:46 PM
> Can we add instrument by voice which can Read music sheet like : Do re Mi Fa Sol La ......? ALL student can learn rhythm music quickly
No student can learn anything quickly if you explain it like that.
@Cerberus No. Who is the friend, the bug or the speaker? Why would the speaker care to meet a bug? Who is this guy? It doesn't make sense.
@RegDwigнt I kinda got it. Better than that bug friend thing. What a weirdo.
@Mitch if you kinda got it, do share your insight.
And what bug friend thing.
@RegDwigнt He wants to know if instead of all this music notation, can you ascii it all up by just just the words for the notes do for c, re for d, etc etc. and also rhythm is easy, you just tap it out.
10 hours ago, by M.A.R.
I also have an utterance. Less of an utterance and more of an incantation. Less of an incantation and more of a malediction. Less of a malediction and more of a Word of Power. Less of a Word of Power and more of an Unforgivable Curse.
@Mitch well that's what abc.js is there for.
@RegDwigнt Oh.
But that's too much work.
4:51 PM
May 31 '18 at 20:20, by RegDwigнt
No XKCD in this chat.
@Mitch Children and weird people are stereotypically fascinated by bugs, and would like to show an interesting or lovely specimen to other people, who are less interested.
Jul 24 '15 at 14:28, by RegDwigнt
Fucking XKCD. Fuck XKCD.
May 16 '13 at 17:55, by RegDwighт
XKCD is just another Kim Kardashian. Famous for being famous.
Apr 22 '11 at 21:53, by RegDwight
You post another XKCD, I'll kick you again.
@Cerberus Ergo, children are clinically insane.
Or socially awkward.
@RegDwigнt Start kicking.
4:52 PM
@Mitch it actually isn't. You just say ABC# in plain text and that is it. Then you embed the js file and it does the rest.
So the bug ending is the ultimate irrelevant or weird public utterance at a conference.
And mind you, saying ABC# is even shorter than saying la si do sharp.
Some crazy person wrote down all of Beethoven's Second Movement of the Seventh Symphony in ABC.
@RegDwigнt Since you're so against the Sound of Music, you must like Kurt, Lisl's nazi boyfriend.
@Mitch correction: I don't must like him. I like him out of my own volition.
or is it Lidl's boyfriend?
@RegDwigнt same but in emoji
4:55 PM
Well, letters are just a subset of emoji.
Again, makes it much shorter.
@Cerberus So 'not getting it' is what is supposed to happen?
@RegDwigнt emoji takes up more than two bytes, and do re mi maxes out at 2 if we chop off sol's back end.
@Cerberus first time I hear that stereotype.
Anyone holding that kind of stereotype is not an adult but a boring idiot.
Bugs are awesome.
@RegDwigнt It's hard to recognize the truth said to one's face.
@Mitch which is why we hide behind avatars here. To recognize truth faster.
It's a truth universally acknowledged that
4:57 PM
I will universally acknowledge any truth for ten easy payments of $199.99.
Yes, this room definitely needs more timestamps. We haven't really got much of anything else in here.
Well, ur musescor shares r awesoem.
I don't know who GitHub is or how to install anything. So that's all the feedback I can offer.
Which makes you wonder why they don't just go "how can i moosic" and be done with it
@M.A.R. yeah but they can be made obsolete simply by going to musescore.com.
@M.A.R. people do. Surprisingly often. With poorer speling to.
5:12 PM
@RegDwigнt You'd need an extension for userscripts (called Tampermoney for Chrome and Greasemonkey for Firefox) and then on that link click on "Raw"
@RegDwigнt Great minds
My Chrome is twelve years old. It won't even run regular JavaScript.
And Firefox is a heap of steaming evil.
@RegDwigнt Chrome is eviller, to be fir
Or fair. Or fur.
Darned keyboard. Anyway
I have a vague idea of why Mozilla is evil but I don't remember specifics.
@M.A.R. little do they know that there are 50000 registered composers in England alone. Like, actually working in the profession. Trying, and failing, to earn a living. Meaning to say, it's not in their interest to get more people to understand how 2 moosiq. It's in their interest to start killing each other by the dozens.
Are you making a James Bond reference.
@M.A.R. it wasn't as evil 12 years ago. And it still is less bloated than FF.
@M.A.R. I don't know what James Bond is or how to install anything.
5:16 PM
@RegDwigнt The US nuclear launch system is run on Windows 3.1, with 5"floppies, and EGA.
Which reminds me, what happened to Google?
@Mitch exactly. And all of Tetris is shorter than MAR's JS script.
Ain't nobody got no time to read all that.
Ever since that guy got CEO they became assholes, or was it generally a trend before that? I don't remember
@M.A.R. they bought YouTube and read all the comments on it. That's what happened to Google.
5:17 PM
Either way, right now Google ads and Google tracking and Google everything is so dreaded for me.
The lesson I learned from Tetris was the names of the capital's of the former SSR's.
But not the numerous autonomous regions.
@M.A.R. why? They suck. They still show me ads for cars and Grammarly. I don't have a driver's license, and I do know how to spell. So who cares. Let them show more of those. Always a good laugh.
Which is weird because... it's a totalitarian dictatorship, why would the bother to let some 'special' groups be autonomous?
I don't even have AdBlock installed. I literally see no point. I just never click on any ads. And I don't even have to force myself. All the ads are complete shit. It is exceptionally easy to never click.
@RegDwigнt Grammarly. I mute them and change tabs when that comes on.
5:19 PM
@Mitch You can mute ads?
@RegDwigнt ads can slow down your computer
but blocking ads can too
Funny thing. I still get spam emails from Grammarly.
@M.A.R. mute the speaker
@Mitch I used to do that but then I decided that I want to see as many of them as humanly possible. Let them pay. Again, they are paying for showing them to someone who will never, ever, ever, install that garbage.
Oh on video ads
5:20 PM
but i can also adblock, but on youtube, the ad is part of the video so unblockable.
@M.A.R. yes
@Mitch Skip 30 seconds
@Mitch have you forgot that bit where I said my computer was 12 years old? Nothing can slow it down. It cannot possibly be made any slower.
@M.A.R. hm... you can do that?
At least on mobile.
You tap somewhere twice, I forgot.
My brother is the video watcher, not me
@Mitch that's the thing. For every single file you load, it checks it agains a humongous list of regular expressions to block.
5:21 PM
@RegDwigнt sounds like a computer that a teenager use to use. someone who would click on every possible link.
And these days every single web page is like 200 separate files.
He watches every random self-proclaimed movie critic's opinion on any movie possible. Even ones we haven't seen. Especially ones we haven't seen.
@M.A.R. Well, him being able to not watch ads doesn't prevent me from seeing them.
Frankly that's better than whatever shit the random 15-year-old is up to on the internet.
@RegDwigнt 199 of them are auto-running videos.
5:23 PM
@Mitch yeah that I will never understand why people do that. They are literally selling their soul.
and the last one is recording a video of you and your reactions to all those other vids.
@Mitch It does if you're a butterfly
Like Japanese game shows.
@M.A.R. They're all on musescore asking questions like "How to music?'
It takes them literally ten years of really hard work to build any kind of audience at all, and then some advertiser comes along and gets all their audience completely for free? Why are people doing that? Fuck you Procter and Gamble, go get your own audience.
Or 'Please score for me the theme song to friends'
5:24 PM
@RegDwigнt I read some guy sometimes back that made sense a bit that said it's essentially killing websites.
@RegDwigнt always overpriced.
Everyone has a novel inside them.
@Mitch always a good one. People can't even be bothered anymore to point out how you can just type that exact same question into the search box above.
The surgery to have it removed: priceless.
@M.A.R. well we got all those fast computers now and everything, and yet Web pages somehow take longer to load than in 1991 over a 32k modem.
@RegDwigнt which reminds me, I need to get some soap and a version of Monopoly where all the streets are really craters on the Moon.
5:26 PM
@Mitch never got an ad for any of that. Does Parker do ads? I only ever get Toyota.
@M.A.R. I don't follow. That's patently untrue, because I have a patent on butterflies.
@RegDwigнt Actually he was thinking more of a "no corporation really does websites anymore" thing.
Or a browser named 'Butterfly'
But in my mind I applied to all websites ever.
one or the other
Fire fox. Butter fly
Get it?
5:28 PM
See, the top used websites now can just resort to some apps. Facebash, Instainsanity etc. Even though apps fell out of fashion even earlier?
@Mitch I totally get it. Fire butter.
You're free to read that as you wish
What was the social media thingy that
All of them
@M.A.R. I close my eyes when I read, it saves on eye strain.
5:30 PM
@Mitch You're that woman from Karate kid that was hypnotizing snakes
The one with Ralph Macchio or the one with Jackie Chan?
@M.A.R. I never got the point of apps. Most of them are just stripped-down websites. That you have to open each in a browser all of its own. No wonder my mobile phone now needs to run on an octocore with 16GB RAM.
@RegDwigнt Right, and how many end up being profitable customers?
pfft. my watch is hexadecicore and unlimited ram, all in the cloud.
Although, on the other hand, I could never purchase it if websites decided they wanna go with subscription thingies.
5:32 PM
@M.A.R. If Instagram or Twitter cared about profits, they simply wouldn't exist.
and people still invest.
@Mitch Pfft, my watch is so awesome, Amazon paid 10 million dollars to make it.
@RegDwigнt I don't get that
@Mitch Well, I think we're supposed to get the stereotype.
Unless you mean a greater good thing
Uber is no where projected to make a profit and people still dump money into them.
5:33 PM
@Mitch people invested 9 billion into Elzabeth Holmes.
But those were people who had that kind of money, so who cares if they lost it all. They certainly didn't.
@RegDwigнt Well, all I can say is that that's what the reference was for me.l
@RegDwigнt She was so convincing.
@Mitch she still is. I'd totally marry her.
Liz, return my calls.
this silence right now is the sound of three people googling "Elizabeth Holmes"
SHe's lost everything. Prison sentencing coming up. Will owe millions she doesn't have...She's not that desperate.
Tru dat.
5:37 PM
What's funny about that whole thing (if you're into laughing about fraud about medical devices) is that she was acting like every single CEO ever.
Well yes. Steve Jobs was her role model.
And look what happened to him.
Which is why I'd rather model my business after Tchaikovsky.
Lot's of people are arrogant enough to not follow doctors orders.
All those people with kids with measles
It's okay. Natural selection. Let all their kids die.
I find all the mentions of herd immunity to be a little misdirected. As though the people not giving vaccines are even considering that they're safer because a lot of other people are getting the vaccine. If they marginally considered that, they'd get the vaccine.
That's another kind of ads that I keep getting. Ads for kids. I'm telling you, those oh-so-omniscient ad networks don't know shit about anything.
5:40 PM
Except for Steve Jobs.
@Mitch it's not about considering or thinking at all. It's all just entertainment. That's all you have in terms of entertainment these days.
Like, have you seen Netflix? It's unusable.
So if you want to make your life less miserable, you elect Trump and let your kids die.
6:24 PM
@RegDwigнt Dude, get off my wavelength.
@RegDwigнt Wait... wrong wavelength
6:42 PM
@Mitch Instructions unclear. I do get off your wavelength in the very next sentence but then you're somehow not liking that, either?
@RegDwigнt Obviously, your knob is broken
and I mean that to sting.
In other news, @JaspervanLooij what did you have for dinner? I need ideas. Noodles are out, just had them last night, and left overs for lunch.
1 hour later…
8:07 PM
@Mitch if you mean it to Sting, why are you saying it to me, then. Go say it to him.
1 hour later…
9:23 PM
@RegDwigнt We've been through this
Aug 3 '18 at 13:23, by Mitch
@RegDwigнt I did, and I meant it to sting
I know we have.
Aug 3 '18 at 13:24, by RegDwigнt
I'm Elton John. Sting's over there.
As the Russian saying goes, repetition is the mother of learning.
Sep 11 '14 at 11:58, by RegDwigнt
Some languages even have a proverb to the extent that "repetition is the mother of learning".
Sep 11 '14 at 11:57, by RegDwigнt
Nonsense. Without repetition there can be no learning. And repetition is the opposite of effort.
The Russians don't have a monopoly on sayings.
Jun 24 '18 at 17:00, by RegDwigнt
They say repetition legitimizes, but it does nothing for me here.
9:25 PM
Someone said "Learn from the mistakes of others"
only once
That someone's dead now.
see how far that gets you?
@Mitch the Russians don't have a monopoly on sayings, but they can easily prove the opposite by repetition of the assumption.
Apr 30 '12 at 10:48, by RegDwight ΒВBẞ8
Repetition is key.
Put that into do re mi
Apr 21 '11 at 12:49, by RegDwight
You're a repetition.
9:26 PM
or your pipe
Ahh April in 2011. Snow was still on the ground and what was not covered in snow was covered in gray slush.
And Trump was only just going to be elected.
By the gray slush covering the ground.
If you had prepared twenty years ago, you wouldn't be a-wanderin' out from door to door.
Why don't you do right, like some other men do?
Now get outta here. And get me some money, too.
On that note, I'm outta here. Didn't even know I was still in here. But then suddenly my DAW made the ELU noise.
If memory serves (and it rarely does, and in this instance it totally does not)... where was I.. ah yes... I was schussing down Mt Everest on the body of my dead, frozen tracker when a crevasse opened up 5 thousand feet below (imperial measurements make things sound so much more savage). With only a thousand feet left in our free fall I finally had managed to pull out our half opened tent, giving us a squirrel -like ability to fly. My companion lost a number of limbs as we grazed razor sharp ou
@RegDwigнt tcrop after blunt fumarole. I can ping you til the cows come home to roost.
2 hours later…
11:05 PM
@Mitch If you can't have noodles, then have rice. For example, baked cheese rice with mushroom and bacon.
11:33 PM
@JaspervanLooij Good suggestion. Mostly because that's what I had. Rice. but not the cheese and mushrooms and bacon (which sounds good), but some soy chicken thing.
but leftover rice is perfect to mix with cheese and chicken and whatever.

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