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12:00 AM
RELOAD! There are 1647 unanswered questions (94.5869% answered)
2 days in a row 50 rep from capping on Programmers.SE ;-;
wow, I just used a Java web app that Chrome didn't even support
clunkiest thing I think I've ever used
like my 512k Macintosh is less clunky
for (int outerArrayIndex = 0; outerArrayIndex < random2dIntArray.length; outerArrayIndex++)
I think that iterating variable name is overkill naming
Maybe outerIdx would be just fine and easier to read
just i works too
But I have another for loop nested, and I don't really want to use i and j
oh, fair enough
12:09 AM
Does this make a decent toString() output?
outer[0]: [0]: 1821409289 [1]: -1459757699 [2]: -1444951286 [3]: -141135047 [4]: -2130600815
outer[1]: [0]: 739573485 [1]: 1673429165 [2]: -471085458 [3]: 294645122
outer[2]: [0]: 539610958 [1]: 147434669 [2]: 877680245
outer[3]: [0]: -722467894 [1]: -447091004
outer[4]: [0]: -1270903932
I've started working on yet another obscure sorting algorithm. Fun times.
@Morwenn Just how many ways of sorting are there?
@Phrancis Probably an infinity.
@Morwenn you really ought to write papers. like proofs suck and everything, but seriously.
@Phrancis does a sort of all sorts contain itself?
12:12 AM
@Quill I just copied the implementation from a paper describing it and optimized it a bit.
I don't know what I would write a paper about.
I'm sure you're versed enough to write one on sorting algos. Even if it's just an optimised version of another algo
like the papers that make it into journals these days are just... wow
I might play around with this sorting algo: Fisher–Yates shuffle
The optimizations are really specific to the implementation; they have little value from an algorithmic point of view.
> Using Collections to shuffle an array of primitive types is a bit of an overkill...
Proceeds to implement a shuffling agorithm.
Haha, wat. Seriously.
Mine's an array of objects (arrays of primitives)
Maybe that won't work
I guess a Fisher-Yates is simple enough to implement for anything. I don't see why it wouldn't work with objects.
12:21 AM
This is not the Fisher-Yates shuffle. This is called Durstenfeld shuffle. The original fisher-yates shuffle runs in O(n^2) time which is extremely slow. — Pacerier Oct 31 '14 at 12:39
sounds like a dance move
Oh, I guess I only knew the Knuth version then.
Another solution is to associate a random index i to every element n and sort the collection of pairs on the index. It will effectively shuffle the collection.
I really ought to read TACP
Include code in your post. If you are looking for ways to improve your code, go to Code Review. If you want to improve the aesthetics, go to User ExperienceArc676 30 secs ago
Yet another book I didn't read .____.
Even though I make plenty of references to it :p
s/book/textbook set
12:29 AM
Algorithms sound complicated
Some of them are really simple. Other are too clever for their own good.
Hmm, maybe I could create a small array of random integers, then just sort them based on the random value
A few ones look short and simple but you don't understand them.
@Phrancis Why not use a simple Fisher-Yates? It's O(n) while sorting is almost never O(n), often O(n log n) and sometimes O(n²).
Q: UserScript that tracks Views Since Last Visit

ᴉʞuǝI try keep an eye on any questions or answers that I have posted here within the StackExchange network and I like to prioritize my updates and improvements based on ones that get frequent visits. I previously used a paper sticky note attached to the side of my monitor with question titles and vi...

@Morwenn Like this one?
12:35 AM
possible answer invalidation by Enrique on question by Enrique: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/115610/revisions
@Duga Is this okay? The OP isn't asking for a new review.
@Phrancis Yes. Without the fancy xor swap.
Okay, I'll try that
Using a temp holder variable is better then?
The xor swap only works for integers and has some quirks.
12:37 AM
60 rep despite 1.2k on other sites
Also, most of the time, a temporary integer will cost almost nothing or will be optimized away.
@Morwenn The wikipedia page says Fisher-Yates in O(n^2)
@Quill Yeah, the original, but every implementation you will find is actually the Knuth version.
18 mins ago, by Quill
This is not the Fisher-Yates shuffle. This is called Durstenfeld shuffle. The original fisher-yates shuffle runs in O(n^2) time which is extremely slow. — Pacerier Oct 31 '14 at 12:39
I learnt when you shared the article that the version I've seen everywhere wasn't the original.
12:40 AM
Yeah ^^^ you're right
Most of the time when people talk about Fishr-Yates, they actually talk about the Knuth version :p
Wow, the license debacle is just a gold mine. I'm now in third place, after two posts complaining about flawed sentiment analysis.
pretty much
one of the users earlier made a 'reduce downvote reputation requirement' post on meta, and it got like 50 upvotes, put his rep up
I wish there was an easy way to assert the code is yours and allow to share it under a permissive licensse.
Q: Swift menu code

Luciano PolitI want to know what do you think about the sctructure of this code! If you think that there is some sctructural improvement, tell me! Here github link: https://github.com/LucianoPolit/LPDropdownMenu Here the code: // // LPDropdownMenu.swift // Created by Luciano Polit on 1/8/16. // Copyrigh...

12:43 AM
I won't post everything on GitHub.
my trick is not to write anything anybody else would want to borrow
I put a note in my profile description saying that you can consider everything I share to be zlib licensed unless it specifies that the code comes from somewhere else, but I don't think it has any legal value.
It only asserts that I won't sue anyone for anything because I could care less.
^ "couldn't care less".
user image
Well, it says "boy's"
Guess I'll take it
12:47 AM
"Boy's" seems redundant.
@200_success It's an expression.
@DanPantry's work uniform, right @JeroenVannevel?
I was always intrigued by the "could care less" grammar some people use
there's a massive ELU question on it
12:52 AM
licenses suck are great fun
I spent like an hour deciding which one to apply to my github and se
an hour of precious time i could've been wasting on javascript
Holy mother of Java... this works
post for insta-review
@Phrancis What?
@Phrancis Why are people surprised when it's working?
@rolfl Yesterday, I found an old research paper about a heapsort derivative with some strange heap structures and an algorithm description in pseudo-code. I translated it to C++ and it didn't work. Then I changed a few things based on wild guesses and at some point it worked but I couldn't explain why because I didn't understand the algorithm. It's a case where you can be genuinely surprised that it's working.
1:04 AM
@rolfl I'm not surprised when "it" is working, I'm mostly surprised when code that I write is working :)
That or when you feel that something will improve your algorithm but it's nothing more than a feel and it works.
Anyway, I'm going to sleep. See you another day :)
Night @Morwenn - and, yes, I have experienced those OMG moments..... Like "Holy crap, what did I do to make it actually work?"
1:34 AM
If I were him, I would have left the original up - he is hardly recognizable.
I think I'm ready to post my Q and be subjected to being pointed out that I have a lot left to learn :)
I keep seeing posts where there are just off coding mannerisms where people are doing odd things they don't need to in order to keep the characters per line down. The couple of questions I have answered I touch on it. Now I see lots of the posts in my tag are just the same. I don't want to put the same text in every post about it.
Then I found this meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/5237/… where the accepted answer discusses making a canonical post. Which the poster also did make such a post.
After 6 months does that sentiment still hold here?
Can I make some q&a posts to cover the simple things I would find myself referencing all the time?
@Matt Looks like that never was really acted upon... May be best to bring it up on Meta again, I think, if you feel some actions should be taken based on that
At the same time, I also (personally) feel, after giving it some thought, that canonical answers may be good to save reviewers' time, but may not always be applicable/relevant to the reviewee's question
@Phrancis That last point might be true. While I am new here I have seen a few times paraphrased versions of "We are here to review all the code" (hopefully not using that out of context). While I doubt presentation is ever the focus it never hurt to mention it.
1:52 AM
@Matt One way I look at it is, if reviewing code came down to applying specific rules, we would have programmed a computer to do that long ago
(and we have, where applicable)
I will bring it up in Meta. Wasnt sure if it would be a good idea since of not but seems like the best course of action.
^^ I agree
@Phrancis True. There should be a happy medium between strict and sloppy. The main reason I am even thinking about this is I keep seeing people using line continuation characters when there is no need to. Makes editing code a pain.
I had a similar thought about PHP-MySQL questions not using PDO, but, I talked myself out of trying to make a canonical post
Not quite the same thing, though. Your concerns may be completely valid in your context
2:08 AM
If this code is working and you're simply looking for 'tips' you might be better asking on codereview. If not, specify what the exact problem is. — Jim 57 secs ago
2:21 AM
Incoming Java Q :)
in The Nineteenth Byte, 24 secs ago, by Alex A.
@Hosch250 Code Review and Code Golf and break off into a site with a dual purpose: Get help writing good code and get practicing writing terrible code.
Q: Random 2-D int array generator

PhrancisI've been working on learning about irregular arrays and thought making a generator such as this one would be a good exercise in applying what I have learned. The following class generates an array containing \$n\$ arrays which themselves contain arrays of integers of decreasing length, of which...

try codereview.stackexchange.com instead. It's a forum specifically for optimizing code, unlike stackexchange — Paul 20 secs ago
@Duga it's not a forum
@Duga We are Stack Exchange.
2:27 AM
@CaptainObvious @Phrancis is the this keyword necessary to access internals?
@Quill It depends, but it appears the compiler will guess right if you don't use this. I used it to remove ambiguity for the compiler
incoming lol
@Paul call me a pedant: no Stack Exchange site is a forum (they're Q&A sites), and you probably mean "unlike Stack Overflow" - besides that, you're entirely right, on Code Review you make it work, we make it shine ;-) — Mat's Mug 53 secs ago
So if those are bots do the humans running them still get the messages or is it just blowing in the bot wind
2:30 AM
@Duga is a bot, Captain Obvious is a feed
And kinda
When they log in as the bot on the main site after ages, there's a huge reply count
Simon usually does screenshots to count it
Dec 14 '15 at 20:35, by Simon Forsberg
Oh my god the pings I will see...
trying to find the last screenshot he posted...
@Matt The messages post in a chat room (or multiple, depending). In the case of @Duga the creator need not necessarily be involved with all messages; rather, it feeds the messages here so the community can handle them appropriately
Technically this is not a 2D array, it's a jagged array (or array-of-arrays). — EBrown 1 min ago
@Phrancis Not particularly. It's actually a very important distinction.
2:34 AM
^ I second that
A jagged array is an array of additional arrays, any of which can be any size. A 2D (or multidimensional) array has the same number of elements in each direction.
Please put that in an answer then!
@Phrancis Too busy. :P Waiting on my Xbox One to finish installing CoD Black Ops III.
But in either case, I appreciate the feedback
Q: Multiple connection string in Web Api 2

vantianI have a Web Api 2 using Dapper.net, and it's accessed by various client with their own database. Currently I'm using custom header called Client-Id to identify the client. This Client-Id contains a ConnectionString name, I passed this connection string into my Constructor. Here's my Project S...

2:36 AM
@EBrown gosh, I haven't even played Black Ops II
I'm so out of sync
@Mat'sMug Me either...lol.
I went MW3 -> Advanced Warfare (which sucked) -> Black Ops III.
I played them all in sequential order up to Black Ops
was awesome
if you started with MW3, you're missing all the references to the previous titles
Well I played CoD II -> MW -> World at War -> MW2 -> Black Ops -> MW3 -> Advanced Warfare -> Black Ops III.
@Paul, thanks for the advice. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. If I need advice from coding style, or small changes, code review is good place. But if discussion smarter new ways of algorithm implementation, I should go to stack overflow? If I am wrong, I will make the change. Thanks. — Lin Ma 52 secs ago
@Mat'sMug Unless the previous titles explain where bullets come from im sure you arent missing much.
2:39 AM
@Matt I can think of one particular bullet where it's actually the case ;-)
I loved the Modern Warfare series.
Code Review will also address your algorithm implementation - have a look at the guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users =) — Mat's Mug 12 secs ago
TBH the entire franchise was worse than PHP 5
that's low
I call cheapshot
well.. I have all of them and have finished all of them
2:45 AM
Q: Can this python simple code be greatly improved / shortened?

xavierI just started programming, and something is telling me that this working function looks to big for what it does. Can you give a better version of the code so I can understand how to code faster, shorter code ? import os, rarfile xpath= "/root/tree/def/" dpath="/root/tree/down" def unrar(): ...

@CaptainObvious IDK about the code, but the title, certainly
the MIT MSE post is sitting at -100
I'm more of a Battlefield fan myself
@LinMa a look at the tour of both sites should answer the question where to post it. IMO you should move it to CodeReview, but there might be other opinions aswell. — Paul 58 secs ago
I like the games but they recycle content, engines, story elements. like there's no new stories, they're all just crappy reboots
Battlefield was fun, I want to play hardline
@Quill "Welcome to Game Review!" - But joking aside, I feel similarly, at least to the extent where most of the resources were channeled towards online play
Also, Hardline is very different
It doesn't play or feel like Battlefield
2:54 AM
that's kinda my reasoning for wanting to play it
A: Extract Excel data using Interop.Excel from C#

Mat's Mug The workbook I'm using to test my code has one worksheet which uses the Excel columns A through CO and uses rows 1 through 11361, so I don't expect it to be too blazing fast [...] Cell CO11361, in R1C1 notation, is R11361C93. You're reading the value of 1,056,573 cells, through COM interop.....

It's a cop game, and as long as you keep that in mind while you play it, it's great; but, if you play it expecting it to be like past Battlefield games, you'll be disappointed
@Matt I play BF4 on PC.
@Phrancis I played the beta (one of them) for Hardline and didn't like it at all. (But to each his own.)
Anyway, Black Ops III is installed, back in a bit.
@quill Stories are good and all but those games are pure multiplayer experience for me.
Yeah, there's not a whole lot of grey area with Hardline
There were certain (political) aspects of it that turned me off.
2:57 AM
Q: pagination algorithm for advice

Lin MaSuppose I need to divide scoreResult into pages (which is already ordered by score column from higher to lower), and each page cannot contain too much numbers of records (e.g. 12 is a limitation in my example), and each page cannot contain duplicate id1, and each page needs to be ordered by score...

But, the gameplay is great, as long as you agree to not judge it on past Battlefield titles' merits
It also has a really good storyline, with actual personable characters instead of "generic soldier X"
OK, I'm done here on games
hey @Phrancis how come you have generate return an int[][] when it gets called like a void
Um. Because reasons?
Probably an error on my part
Actually, definitively an error on my part.
> I'm still quite new at organizing workflow within a class.
No worries, just asking :-)
@Quill ah, here I was wondering why all these votes on that old answer all of a sudden
3:06 AM
@Mat'sMug santa moves in mysterious ways
@CaptainObvious That needed some editing love, looks better now
So how come your test call uses the jagged functionality
public class TestRandom2dIntArray {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Random2dIntArray jaggedArray = new Random2dIntArray(5);
8 mins ago, by Phrancis
> I'm still quite new at organizing workflow within a class.
In short, the name of the class is probably not very good
Also, I didn't quite realize that a 2D array is supposed to have same number of elements in the second dimension (wouldn't that make it a matrix?)
3:22 AM
Q: How do we feel about canonical post for repeat review concepts?

MattI had started to write a question where I felt I was just going to repeat myself in reviews. Well I've been in the city since I was two and I certainly wouldn't say that I was stuck in a rut... stuck in a rut ... stuck in a rut... stuck in a rut... There are things that I have been seeing ...

I had another poll-ish question... Do you guys feel like you learn more about the respective languages you review?
Yeah, definitely. Sometimes we are commented by other people saying we can improve our reviews even! Reviewing the reviews, lol! But yeah, reviewing definitely helps the skill of the reviewer too
There is still so much too learn. Reviewing can certainly take more effort than an SO post. At some point I suppose it is a matter of picking an choosing which question to review.
^ that
and also, which points you want to point out
using namespace std; would be the "canonical example" of something people point out all the time
I had a question about that....... how far does one take a review?
3:36 AM
there's only the 64K character limit to stop you!
How many times should I mention that people pick shitty names for variables.... or just not even mention it.
A: Is it effective to review code in language I don't know?

QuillAs a regular contributor over at Code Review Stack Exchange, I encounter a lot of questions suffering from Language-agnostic issues, for example: Formatting, indentation Scope Loops Type operations and the list goes on. However, while I don't need to know the language, I can still review thos...

After which you write it out in MS Word©, take a screenshot of it and add it to your post
@JeroenVannevel Nice
There are language-agnostic issues that will be evident everywhere
Like shitty variable names. I don't think you can canonise shitty variable names
3:40 AM
@Quill You can't because it is very context specific... but you see it so much.
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 2016

Grace NoteIt's 2016 now, and we've made some changes to the sidebar size. As such, we can now restart the Community Promotion Ads for 2016! Keep in mind, we have updated some of the guidelines compared to previously - the changes are marked in bold in the Image Requirements section. What are Community Pr...

@StackExchange HURRAY!!!!
@Mat'sMug That been something that bugged you?
What about the shirt meta? Why hasn't it been locked yet?
this is our first official community ads meta!
3:43 AM
All these years and just now I learn that you can only make a select few types const in C#
@Quill good call. done.
@Mat'sMug are we going to make one for The 2nd Monitor?
I had some really cool design ideas...
^^ that one needs to go up, it's mandatory! :)
I'm not certain, but I believe this type of question should be posted on codereview.stackexchange.com vs SO. — thril 41 secs ago
@Mat'sMug that's not an official SE thing, and I can't find any information on who made it to ask whether there's a width limiting feature
3:54 AM
I know, but AFAIK the thing automatically scales. It was that size too when the ads were 220x250
photos automagically scale thanks to html, but they should be created at the dimensions required
a 4000x4000 photo will scale to 250x250, if you set the html attributes to be that
In theory, it shouldn't be too hard to rewrite
@JeroenVannevel Yeah, it's a real bummer.
It's fundamentally the same as Simon's Badges
I'm sure he could write one up if you really wanted
night @EBrown
3:58 AM
@thril Seems a bit too hypothetical for Code Review. See a guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users on Meta.CR :-) — Mat's Mug 40 secs ago
14 mins ago, by Quill
@Mat'sMug are we going to make one for The 2nd Monitor?
you totally missed my ping
Looks like I'm going back to Barcelona for a week at the start of February
I need better weather than what I have currently
Q: Check if a given path exist in Graph

Mayur KulkarniI'm using BFS to see if a given path exist in Graph. Here's my implementation: static class Node{ int data; Node next; public Node(int data){ this.data = data; } } //Adjency List to store the reference to head of each Node/Vertice static class AdjList implements Iterable<...

Q: "There are currently N bounties, worth X reputation" dynamic ad and the new sidebar width

Mat's MugYou've probably seen this sidebar ad on one or more community-ads-enabled Stack Exchange sites over the years: The image is dynamically generated from a non-officially SE app that uses the Stack Exchange API to fetch the bounties from a given site. As far as I understand, the rendered image a...

4:19 AM
sounds like you are after a code review Code Rdinamite 45 secs ago
Q: Find the range of index of consecutive integers from a sorted array

SteephenI am new to Java, so please let me know of any improvements for my code. import java.util.*; public class prog{ public Map<Integer, Integer> findList(int[] array1) { Map<Integer, Integer> list= new HashMap<Integer, Integer>(); int start_index= 0; int end_i...

Q: JavaScript/jQuery math game

nicezebraI wrote this entire program earlier today, and would like to get it reviewed. It is an arcade style math game, where you are presented with two expressions on the left and right side. You will determine whether or not the first expression is less than, equal to or greater than the second express...

A: "There are currently N bounties, worth X reputation" dynamic ad and the new sidebar width

QuillThe reason that specific width and heights are asked for when providing community ads is to avoid squashing by images not suited for that aspect ratio. See, for example, your image would look like this in a community ad: Yuck. As to ask for the specific aspect ratio is so that it won't be sq...

@Quill nice ...got any idea about whether a querystring could be used to specify a width/height?
that sucks
I tried that, but it doesn't seem so
that app needs an update then
4:27 AM
30 mins ago, by Quill
It's fundamentally the same as Simon's Badges
30 mins ago, by Quill
I'm sure he could write one up if you really wanted
yes, we really want one!
and make it better looking than that one
@SimonForsberg What do you think of this? ^ (The above message set)
var mySet = new Set();

var setIter = mySet[Symbol.iterator]();

console.log(setIter.next().value); // "0"
console.log(setIter.next().value); // 1
console.log(setIter.next().value); // Object
@DanPantry ^
English probably — Andrew Brooke 5 mins ago
4:41 AM
var string = 'A\uD835\uDC68';
var strIter = string[Symbol.iterator]();
console.log(strIter.next().value); // "A"
console.log(strIter.next().value); // "\uD835\uDC68"
These iterators are weird. Totally better than splitting by character, though
5:07 AM
Q: Gamma function in Rust

DairThe gamma function is one of a couple nice continuous extensions to the traditional factorial function. I used this Python program as a reference, which in turn, uses this Ada program. As the Ada program describes: The implementation uses Taylor series coefficients of $$Γ(x+1)^{-1}, |x| < \in...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because codereview.stackexchange.com is a better fit for it. — R Sahu 50 secs ago
@Hosch250 we ought to make the case to get Dilbert feed posted here :-)
6:10 AM
user image
You'll be able to update the photo in 6-8 weeks time when you get one in the mail
hey @200_success - rep-capped on MSE again are you? ;-)
A: A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required

QuillDon't assume what license the developer would prefer: Instead of installing a global standard, give users the option (in their profiles) to choose which license they'd like to use for their answers or questions (two options). The MIT license could be made the default for those who haven't chose...

Surprisingly, samthebrand's rep has been more or less neutral today.
Q: Creating a BST of minimum height given a sorted array

Mayur KulkarniProblem statement is : Given a sorted (increasing order) array with unique integer elements, write an algorithm to create a binary search tree with minimal height. My Implementation : static class Tree{ int data; Tree left; Tree right; public Tree(int data){ th...

7:15 AM
@Quill what am I looking at here? (aside from it being ES6 Set/Symbol/iterators)
Q: Avoid slow for loop in R

Hack-RFor loops are the devil. I can't see a way to speed this up with apply or other more speedy functions though... pred <- read.csv("predictions_from_external_multinomial_model.csv") pred$id <- test_users$user_id pred$first <- "a" pred$second <- "b" pred$third <- "c" pred$fourth <- "d" pred...

Lol new code license currently at -128. SO got smacked
7:32 AM
Yeah, pretty much @DanPantry probably not worth a ping, sorry.
8:04 AM
Welcome to Meta.SE! Please make sure to put a clear statement of the problem in your question. — shelvacu 1 hour ago
Q: Creating multiple new child forms from a single form

G. PaceteI have a simple application reading IO and plotting chart on UI. There is one instance that I need to plot three graphs at a time, and to make this easier, I made a graph form where I declared all non-fixed chart settings during form load and load it to chart as settings when the graph form is ca...

It's snarky. I like it ^^
@Quill I don't mind being pinged :-) don't worry about it
8:17 AM
Monking @all
@Quill you are living here right?
@Käsebrot he's a bot ;)
Monking @chillworld
He is here more than I am, and that's saying something
8:37 AM
@Käsebrot hello. Is there something you need help with?
just need enough rep for reviewing ^^
Oh, you want to review something?
enough rep -> Review privilege -> moar rep ^^
Oh, the review queue
8:46 AM
so you need to write a question/answer now ;)
tbh I cant think of a question right now
it's ok
I will think of one
you can always answer one :)
I am afraid I'm not experienced enough
Don't want to get downvoted for bs answer ^^
You've been put on hold here. So, if you do get approval, you might post it on pastebin [or equiv]. Then, send me a comment here, I'll be glad to have a look (e.g. download, build, disassemble, run). I have special custom tools to do performance analysis. This is what I do for a living [R/T, embed, kernel/driver, etc.] where performance is critical. Chances are pretty good I can eyeball it. Also, if you can post the code, consider reasking question on codereview.stackexchange.comCraig Estey 45 secs ago
@Duga Hilarious, that anyone would expect to get a useful answer out of that question.
8:59 AM
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Convert XML files to JSON and move them
I made a change yesterday after my boss suggested and now I've had to revert it because it is incorrect but I have no paper trail showing that he told me to change it :( RIP
@Käsebrot You don't have to review everything about a question. Pick something you know something about (say, variable naming, or readability/whitespace/indenting), then go look through the tag and you'll probably find something you can improve.
9:14 AM
@Zak now this sounds like a cool idea
will do, ty
did "[beginner][winforms]"
Code duplication is the root of all evil.
Holy hell. Sorry to interrupt the discussion but I needed to get that out there.
legacy code is root of all evil 4 me
Q: Inserting and Populating Chart with Excel VBA

Jean-Pierre OosthuizenMy Code uses a data set which has been modified using another script Calculating Time Difference and then inserts and populates a Chart with that Data. Save a Macro enabled WorkBook as Book1.xlsm with a Sheet named Book1. To setup data values for testing copy the data below and paste it to cell...

9:30 AM
If you want to improve working code, try Code ReviewArc676 54 secs ago
OMFG, why!?
Q: Stylize select listbox html not listbox asp.net control

Markus Werneri wanna change my select listbox html (not asp.net) into shown in following image: How can i change for all browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE): Scrollbar arrows into #B6171C and bar white (#FFFFFF) Higlight blue selected item (background color selection : #FFFFFF; text-color: #B6171C) Wh...

@CaptainObvious 2 more CV
wish I had enough rep on meta se to see the vote counts on those posts
9:35 AM
on SO the unthankfull are the root of all evil
Personally I only attribute if I rip solutions entirely
@DanPantry don't you use a versioning system?
aaand it's at -150
@chillworld We do.... versioning system doesn't stop devs being silly and doing the same thing in a slightly different way in two different places
@Pimgd 5 days working because the "dude" was unclear getting with more info each day. At the end I even create a fiddle and now he's gone :)
9:39 AM
At least now they should understand their understanding of 'how we received their last proposal' is seriously flawed.
@DanPantry your in a team? I don't have that problem, I'm mine own team here ;)
@Quill so I have been working on new code...
and I have an error...you free?
I am currently on mobile and about to do the dishes
If you want to ping me the gist link in Maths Is Hard, I'll take a look at it when I'm done
9:45 AM
@Quill posted BTW...
Quill ur 17?
> About:
I'm 17, about to head off towards a computer science degree.
rain rain rain rain rain rain blahhhhhhh make it stop

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