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there are upvotes though, and through them, vindication
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> What do you call a laughing motorcycle? A Yamahahaha.
> I got caught in police speed trap yesterday. The officer walked up to my car and said "I've been waiting all day for you " Well I said. I got here as fast as I could.
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@Tinkeringbell do we really discourage questions asking about how to make someone do/not do something? interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2609/…
I see it asked all the time... to me I think the real issue is when an asker wants to make someone do something without an obviously just reason.
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@spiralsucculent I tried Reddit once or twice. It just doesn't have that special thing to keep me there.
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hey @NVZ :)
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I saw this question about how to explain why you are vegan if you are vegan for moral reasons. And I think it easily generalizes to lots of other situations where you need to talk about something you do because you think you have an ethical obligation to do so, but the other person doesn't do it and you don't want to be a judgemental asshole about it. You know and accept not everyone has the same morals even if you think yours are the right ones.
Is this frowned upon, just generalizing a question and asking it again?
@Nobody hmm, alternative is to discuss on meta whether that specific question can/should be edited to turn into a canonical question. I guess that also depends a bit on how general the answers it's getting.
although from what I can see here for example the decision to turn a question into a canonical one, is mostly based on whether it already has a widely applicable answer.
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@JAD Hmm, most of the answer are rather specific, although the intent behind some of them is applicable to the more general question. I don't think it should be edited to make it more general. I think I'll just ask the general one and see if people dislike it.
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Q: Why do I always have to put extra effort to building any kind of relationship?

user14042I know people, but I haven't had a single friend since high school. Now in my mid twenties, so basically 10+ years without a friend. I wonder if this is a common phenomenon for people of this generation with Internet and social networks. I don't know how to make friend even, any advice will be ap...

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"Once I was cutting vegetables and I saw a huge spider on my forearm and I was like "Holy shit, kill it!". I might have overreacted a bit...". Or you could go with the classic "Do you want to know how I got these scars?" — Hawker65 2 mins ago
#11728 Hawker65 (171 rep) | A: How to politely deflect questions about awkward scars? (score: 33) | posted 19 hours ago by Cashbee (2135 rep) | edited 17 hours ago by Cashbee (2135 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["offensive"]
Q: My morals make me "better" than the next person. How not to be a judgmental asshole?

NobodySo I have a lot of moral obligations: not flying because that contributes to climate change which could kill us all wearing a headscarf because going without is almost as immodest as going around stark naked being Christian because otherwise I would go to hell not using or buying animal product...

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Q: How to avoid angry stares

ReplicaI am a moderately good looking woman. With basic makeup and hair styling, I can make myself look beautiful. And this is how I usually go out. So, I do get a lot of stares, sometimes admiring and sometimes nasty, from other male colleagues and I am pretty much okay with it, mainly because I cannot...

11:51 AM
What's the close reason for "How do I word this?" questions?
Q: How do I tell a friend I don't want to play their game anymore, but invite them to mine

WendyGI am in a group of friends who meet to play dungeons and dragons. The person who's house we go to often cancels because their partner can't make it. So as we are all adults we don't meet up very often at all. Last night was the final straw, they cancelled late so I didn't get the email before r...

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Q: Ask for a wish from a woman

SorenFor context I am a twenty for year old man. Recently I made the acquaintance of a woman whom is twelve years older than myself. I was instantly struck by her exotic beauty, and made efforts to form a bond with her, a few days ago she made a bet with me that I went on to win. Because I won she sai...

need help flagging unnecessary comments for the top answer of a HNQ
With any joke you make, it all depends on your tone of voice if it is seen as hostile or awkward. — OldBunny2800 13 hours ago
IMO all except the first one are to be flagged as nln
12:24 PM
LOL. My answer got no attention.
Q: Can't stop bragging

Rakan HababNot to brag or any thing but i can't stop to brag about any of the things I have achieved, I would brag about my test scores (they are always good since I get 1st or 2nd in my class) I LOVE to brag about my english because there is no good english speakers in my town (I am even better than my en...

Q: Pro's and Con's of a no-strings-attached relationship?

AntoCan people who have been in friends with benefits type of relationships share the advantages and disadvantages of such set ups? Description: both persons are free to date other people and not interested - a priori - in an emotional relationship (attachment, texts, calls, discussions,gifts). Can ...

@ExtrovertedMainMan meh
@ExtrovertedMainMan meh returns
@AJ yeah I remember that we answered at the exact same time. About your answer, I truly agree with avazula: "answering with such sincerity could lead to an awkward silence, or even people pitying you".
@Cashbee I failed to see that.
How can I fix that?
12:42 PM
@AJ I think the humour of a witty deflection would remove the awkwardness and the potential pity from the situation. But that answer has been suggested many times already and I think your answer provides a good alternative if OP is not going for the funny response anymore. It still is a good answer. But maybe if you write 1-2 sentences about avazulas comment, admitting that this could lead to those things, it will improve it a bit.
looks better?
@AJ actually, I think "It's a long story, and now might not be a good time to tell." is the start of the perfect response. If you add something to change the topic it will not end up in an awkward silence. the addition does not even have to be funny
Oh, I can't think of any.
"It's a long story, and now might not be a good time to tell. Talking of long stories, have you guys read the book [insert book name]?"
done thanks
12:56 PM
I would include the "talking of long stories" part, since it is a genius topic changer in this situation. Also, you could now explain how this addition is good against the awkwardness mentioned by avazula.
include "Talking of long stories" and you got my upvote ;)
damn i already voted for you xD
my pleasure :)
Q: how is "how do i say" different from "how the phrase"

WendyGThis is with reference to my post How do I tell a friend I don't want to play their game anymore, but invite them to mine which is about to be closed as "not a good fit" How is what i am asking any different to "how do I say"? just because I know it has to be done via email?

1:11 PM
there is already a discussion running again in the comments of my answer, and I have no flags left.. interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/11728/8077
@Cashbee I hope my comment helps.
i hope so too. thx
I dropped a chatty flag on one of the comments as well
Given how often comments break down into discussion it might be a good idea to work on improving that comment so that it can be dropped into other comment threads similar to the don't answer a question in the comments comment.
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Mar 6 at 13:04, by Mithrandir
Comments are not for extended discussions, or for chatting. Comments are for clarifying and improving the post; please don’t use them for other purposes. Please take other discussions to [chat].
So I just got this comment:
> IPS is an SJW cesspool, used to promote SJW ideology and shutdown any opposing views. I never saw you personally do anything problematic but based on your participation I assume you think IPS is a good site. If you become an SO moderator will you try to ruin it and make it more like IPS or fight to keep it politically neutral(try to keep politics out of SO as much as possible but when they do come up let both sides have their say)?
Anyone know what specifically on here this is referring to?
Just ignore it. It makes no sense.
I see you've already responded. Just don't engage further if they respond.
I'd seriously have advised not responding in the first place.
I mean politics doesn't come up on SO, so no harm in responding to that
1:36 PM
Q: What text to read at the funeral of an a**hole?

krorkI was asked to prepare a text to read out loud at the funeral of an alcoholic. He treated one part of his family violently and disgracefully, and the other part not - they even chose to side with him. So the congregation will be split into people who feel very differently. I am certain that not a...

And people have... erm... taken stands to make sure that it stays politics free.
@ExtrovertedMainMan NSFW?
Be Nice violation.
Not sure it even matters
@Magisch We tend to treat women, minorities, LGBTQ folks, and so on, like people. Some people think that makes us Social Justice Warriors, and feel that the angry white male voice is being actively suppressed. In some cases it kind of is, but usually where things have crossed the line into being rude and/or a political soapbox.
being nice isn't being policital
I don't care who people hate the be nice policy still applies so there is no politics involved in that
1:38 PM
@Magisch Some folks don't seem to get that.
@apaul And then it's not usually worth the time and effort to argue with them about it.
See I can see why some people are afraid
@Magisch People want to read politics into everything. About half the people I know think I lean left politically and the other half think I lean right. I never tell people how I lean, they just assume it based on unrelated things
Sometimes sentiments to that end go overboard hard. But I don't see politics happening on SO at all, and I don't know how it would relate to moderating
@Rainbacon I find that sharp divide unhelpful anyways
Disagree with a "Left" policy and people call you a right winger. Vice versa.
@Magisch It certainly is obnoxious
1:41 PM
@Magisch There were the Love Overflows and Joel's meta post about Trump's "Muslim ban" and the periodic gender equality fights.
Not really the place of any moderator to do any of that, but if the CEO wants to, oh well
@Rainbacon then you are a Centrist. :P
I'm not sure it brought much good and accomplished much
It happens a lot less, but it still comes up.
@Magisch Unfortunately being nice is a political act in the US right now.
1:43 PM
@Sid I'm someone who chooses not to disclose his political leanings ;)
@sphennings On stack exchange, it's a rule
we're not a small version of the US political system here
this is a Q/A website
@Magisch Yes and therefor obviously Stack Exchange is a leftist cesspool. :p
@sphennings i've heard it called both
Yeah, but it's a nice cesspool.
In all seriousness, I did mention this to an SO mod, @Magisch, and they're watching.
@HDE226868 thx for removing the chatty comments on my answer <3
1:45 PM
God, lots of crappy questions last night...
Funny how that sentence can be interpreted to mean that @Magisch is the SO mod you talked to. </ransom musing>
@HDE226868 I'm not going to respond to the accusations against IPS because first of all I'm not the entire site and second of all this is a SO nomination and not a state of the IPS address
@Mithrandir so what would "they" refer to then?
@Cashbee Mag
they = the big brothers :)
1:47 PM
I don't have a high chance tbh
@Magisch I figured. Just wanted to let you know.
Voting on SO is exceptionally rep based and I only have 6k
@Magisch being a mod will probably involve some difficult interpersonal interactions. I personally think the fact that you have an active interest in interpersonal skills makes you a better candidate for being a mod
@Mithrandir *random, you mean.
I don't get a SJW vibe from IPS tbh
this entire comment is strange
1:49 PM
Nor do I
That's because the only people would accuse someone of that have pretty not nice world views.
@Magisch Were you around when there was an incident with the term "SJW" being thrown around? That was... fun.
I ... think? I'm not sure
@Magisch, don't worry. That Oleg guy has caused trouble here before... Good luck!
I've seen some instances of certain left ideologies going overboard hard but not anywhere near SE
1:51 PM
@Magisch Consider the source... That particular user was one that showed up on the more "controversial" posts in HNQ and would proceed to throw fits, start comment fights, and then accuse moderators of bias when their comments were removed. (I remember that guy pretty well)
I had to time-out the room because of that one... I don't think you were even around at the time
even then most people can be reasoned with
@Magisch where is this comment anyway?
@Tinkeringbell sounds like I didn't miss much tbh
@Cashbee it's on Magish's SO mod nomination post
1:55 PM
It's basically a IPS trope at this point, person shows up for controversial question, isn't nice, gets told to stop, doesn't, mods attempt corrective action, complains on meta, further arguing on meta or in chat, ending when they get a time out.
Probably wasted too much thought on this already
I don't see how politics could possibly factor into moderating SO
@Magisch Claiming politics is a great way to attempt to quash legit arguments.
I think more than anything else, how you deflected their attempt to derail the conversation instead of engaging indicates that you would make a good mod.
2:19 PM
@Nobody If you wanted to make a canonical question, you went about it totally in the wrong way. Making it sound like you have those personal ethical feelings, all at the same time, is not how canonical questions work. Please do some research on them before trying again, if you do so.
What's the meta post about "answers on IPS must be about interpersonal solutions"?
oh, just found it. was searching for "require" and the word in the post was "requirements" -__- interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2421/…
@Cashbee yeah, I think I'll link that one directly, fortunately someone cross-referenced it from the other :)
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/11778 also flagged as NAA... the answerer straight up said they didn't answer the question that was asked
3:08 PM
@JAD Just seems like another user who was upset because the rules in place stopped them from posting what would have been low quality content (based on other content they posted which was deleted)
@Rainbacon of course not, it's easy. IPS is at fault here. duh
@JAD sigh
you obviously can see here a user trying to make an honest contribution and IPS shutting it down because they disagree
so yeah, not worth going in to
3:13 PM
Background doesn't change the context of that comment, I still think going further into that is unhelpful
4:12 PM
does that count as 'rude or abusive'?
See it as more NAA than R/A but I wouldn't argue with anyone who flagged it that way.
@sphennings I wouldn't go with NAA. I think it is an answer, albeit a poor one
@Rainbacon It's just saying "Do this." without explanation. That's not up to IPS standards.
@sphennings I agree that it's not up to our standards, and it needs to be edited or deleted, but I think VLQ is a better reason for removal than NAA.
@Rainbacon I wouldn't begrudge that as a flag either.
4:51 PM
Dumb question but what does that mean^ Is that just flagging it so we know or has it actively blocked/edited that message?
I think it's just letting us know
the poster of the comment edited it themself
It's a bot that looks for patterns in comments on IPS.
There's no other action taken besides posting in chat for humans to look at.
@Crafter0800 just detects and records comments, that's it
I'm actually kind of surprised the answer is still there
It's on 2 delete votes atm and I've flagged it
and thanks btw <3
4:53 PM
Unless the flag threshold for autodeletion only applies to comments
@Rainbacon VLQ and NaA are like the Spam and Rude/Abusive flags - people argue endlessly about one vs the other but they work the same way under the hood.
he edited the comment shortly after, lol. Should probably get it out of chat though, can anyone here do that?
@Mithrandir Thanks for the info
They're really doubling down too. That's the second time they've posted that answer.
Oh lovely
4:55 PM
@Rainbacon aaaand it's gone
@EmC if I wasn't on mobile :|
@sphennings seems like custom mod flag territory if they try again
I hope they don't.
5:02 PM
I know when I was a teenager I had a real problem with doubling down on bad decisions instead of changing my behavior. Somehow I got over it.
I wish I knew what lead me to stop doing it and how to package it in a form that would be helpful to others.
@sphennings I doubt that sharing personal insight about such a thing helps other people change. They will have to realize the fault in their ways themselves.
but still, knowing what lead you to stop doing it might be interesting for yourself ;)
Q: How to politely inform a friend that you already have a "best friend"?

Crafter0800I currently have a friend who is someone "clingy" to me, and often their "best friend". I have no issue with this, I am fine with being the best friend of multiple people. However, I have an issue when they make comments such as "Best friends for life", as this implies that they are my best frien...

@Cashbee I know. There was a moment where it clicked and I instead of arguing I sat down and shut up.
aah growing up.. the memories..
@sphennings I used to do the same thing, I think I figured it out once I'd gotten a job after college and realized that if I didn't change a few things that I wouldn't keep that job
5:14 PM
@Crafter0800 What do you want to communicate when you respond to statements like "Best friends forever!"?
That I already have a best friend, and as such cannot really be theirs too
Or words to that effect (that imply either I cannot be their best friend, or that I already have my 1 best friend)
So just "Stop calling me your best friend" or "I have other friends I will prioritize over you, please manage your expectations accordingly"?
As an aside best friends can be an one way relationship. When I was more of an introvert I wasn't my best friend's best friend but they were mine.
Essentially - but I'd rather not be as direct as I don't want to cause too much offence
And I'm aware, I have only one best friend but I am the best friends of 2 people (at leas that I know of xD)
Which is it?
Or both, both is also a possibility.
Which is it as in direct or indirect? In which cause I'd far rather it be indirect
5:24 PM
Stop calling me your best friend, or I already have a best friend?
I think @sphennings and I are asking about exactly the same nuance of the question but we are both being misunderstood. To be fair, it is hard to put our questions into words.
Is it only about the words being used, or are you wanting to manage their expectations about your emotional availability?
I gained 215 rep today on IPS, how is that possible?
Points from accepted answers and bounties are exempt from the reputation cap.
ah ok, thanks
5:37 PM
3 messages moved to trash
5:53 PM
@sphennings Both :P sorry for misunderstanding :3
@Crafter0800 No worries :)
@Magisch Maybe our friend Oleg is just upset about the recent podcast title "Jon Skeet wants you to be a Feminist" lmao
I don't know the guy
(sarcastic use of 'our friend')
@Crafter0800 is the distinction of "best friend" vs. "friend" important to you?
or a better question is, how important is that distinction to you?
I'm just curious about how you think of your friend hierarchy. I don't think I'm the right person to actually answer your question because I see the difference as arbitrary.
But I'm always interested in exploring how others handle the world, especially when it seems that they have very different strategies/frameworks
Q: What is the difference between a "convince" question and a good question?

scohe001In my experience with the stackexchange network, the format best supports questions that give a situation, actual behavior and desired behavior with the question being how to obtain desired behavior. I see the same thing on this site. Looking at the highest voted questions, I see: What to do if...

6:29 PM
@sphennings I feel that the last line of your answer to that meta is more idealistic than realistic of how the site is used
We want the takeaway of people consuming content on this site to be a better set of interpersonal skills and abilities
But the individual question is often results driven
with the side-effect being that they have a more productive interaction
@spiralsucculent I think that managing expectations when interacting with people is an important interpersonal skill.
An analogy to SO: The takeaway from SO is better coding practices and strategies, but individual questions are often "I want this bit of code to do X"
It's the difference between asking 'How do I convince dad to buy me a new pc' and 'How do I sell the idea of needing a new pc'
I think that difference is important.
Or 'How do I make people stop forcing drinks on me' vs. 'How do I assert an alcohol-free lifestyle choice'
6:33 PM
That difference is meaningful to us because we think about it, but often comes off as pedantic to our askers
good evening
@spiralsucculent Let's just try and be pedantic for 3 months, and people will get used to it.
@spiralsucculent Unlike with programming where there's a clear distinction between solutions that work and don't work that line is so much muddier.
I think right now we fail at being clear
@Tinkeringbell That's a great example of it.
6:35 PM
The problem right now is that there isn't a base of good examples yet, so people just keep asking variants on what they see.... If we start being pedantic now, there will be good examples and we can relax the pedantry a little because people will hopefully see how to write a good question
@sphennings okay, people are not deterministic
And that's a major stretch on 'assume good intentions'.
@sphennings Feel free to copy paste it, I saw the comment asking for an example..
@Tinkeringbell yeah, I don't have a problem being pedantic, but I don't think we go about that clearly
@spiralsucculent Huh?
Just for my info, what do you mean by 'clearly pedantic'?
@spiralsucculent We're still figuring things out. How to explain the distinction.
6:37 PM
theres a pushback against "How do I make person do X", but it isn't always a push towards "How can I best try to convince person that X is a good option/action/choice/plan
@Tinkeringbell those are great examples, thank you! From those examples though, it seems that a "convince" question can just be reworded to be more general to fit the scope of this site. Is that the only difference between convince questions and questions accepted on this site? Is there an example of a convince question that would be un-saveable?
I think we should start being stricter with what we accept, with the caveat that this should be an ongoing discussion not something that will be fixed in an instant.
@scohe001 Pfft... that's a trick question :P
its often "This is too broad" "Please add in Y" where Y is a specific detail that does not fix the post
I'm all for being stricter... finally!
6:38 PM
@scohe001 While they are similar there is a fundamental difference between them.
I'm not arguing for a relaxing of the rules, just a clear stating of a path from a common bad question to a good one
@spiralsucculent I don't believe that there is a clear path for every question.
@soche take a look at this one... interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/3344/1599
I don't see an 'How to assert' or 'How to sell an idea' here...
not for every question, that would be forcing scope wayy to small
but "How do I make person do X" is an extremely common question structure
That one would at the least need comments about what OP is willing to do, what was tried and what they're afraid of messing up if it were asked now
6:40 PM
@spiralsucculent But I think you are right that if we do decide to be stricter we should put more effort into helping people edit their questions.
@spiralsucculent That's where the pedantry comes in
Although I for one am very uncomfortable 'diagnosing' people, telling them 'oh, this is about asserting boundaries/sales pitches' by editing right away
I tried figuring it out with comments last week on a question, but that didn't get anywhere :/
and I think 90% of these could be met with a clear meta saying "You cannot make anybody do anything, here's some ways to reconsider and reframe your question, if you still have what you feel is a valid and valuable question after this reframing, ask that"
@spiralsucculent We could make that a close reason as well...
@spiralsucculent That's a pretty good idea.
that links to that sort of meta
6:42 PM
I think part of the problem is that we're still figuring out what the common types of bad questions are.
@sphennings Yeah, some people are slow on that :P
I would be happy to stub out that meta and allow others to suggest/edit additions
@sphennings definitely, but I think that we can identify one
@spiralsucculent I'd say wait a few days for the meta of scohe to get enough attention/votes/views
6:44 PM
@Tinkeringbell Hmm so a "convince" question could be defined as one where we're given a goal that is too precise (given the nature of interpersonal interactions) and with not enough information beyond the goal?
Haha @Tinkeringbell I'm not sure, but when you say "soche" are you talking about me?
yes she it
@scohe001 Probably, yeah. It's a question that focuses not enough on the Skills, and more on the situation
your question could fit the role of what I'm talking about
6:45 PM
*Yeah, sorry, mistake. I'm bad with names first time around, I'll get it right eventually :D
although a convince is a specific breed of "Make person do X"
@Tinkeringbell Ahhh that is a beautiful one-liner. This is exactly the kind of answer I was looking for, thank you!
> And communication between people is a fine topic for the site. As long as you're focused on what you do and not what you're trying to get someone else to do.
@Tinkeringbell No worries :)
@sphennings Yep, I was trying to find that one :)
@scohe001 memorize that line sphennings just posted, it's wisdom from our community moderator
6:46 PM
@spiralsucculent I think there are a couple we can identify right now.
@sphennings This sounds good, but how exactly do you measure success in an interpersonal reaction
Generally I measure success by outcome
and outcomes are often dependent on the post-interaction actions of the other parties I interacted with
@spiralsucculent The same way that top poker players measure it. Not by the success of an individual hand but by whether it was the correct decision or not.
@sphennings Got it. Have a goal in mind, but phrase the question around how you can change the way you interact to work toward accomplishing it while also accepting the goal may not be achievable.
Sound right?
@spiralsucculent Oh sure... but I can't make friends stop offering me drinks. I can only focus on me, what I did, and how that didn't work ... Add some info on how usual drinking and forcing drinks on another person is in my culture... and then ask 'how do I become more convincing'
@scohe001 This sounds right to me
6:49 PM
It's another pedantry thing, but there's a difference between 'how do I become more convincing in this situation' and 'how do I convince my friends'
@Tinkeringbell Yes, we are focusing on our own ehavior/actions/mannerisms, but the outcome and measurement of success is often seen in others
for some reason my keyboard doesnt like to type 'b' today
@spiralsucculent Yes, which is why we can give advice on the askers behavior, actions and mannerisms
@scohe001 Think of it this way "How can I change my friend's political opinion?" is a very different question than "How can I have a mutually respectful with a friend of mine with different political opinions?"
and why askers can accept an answer that gave them the most desirable outcome (in this case, which helped them be more convincing)
@Tinkeringbell yes, part of this meta post will be introducing that difference
6:51 PM
There's a fine line between 'we need to know as much detail as possible about your situation' and 'we can influence that situation for you' that seems a bit unclear ...
@sphennings dagnabit. I thought with my "Have a goal in mind..." I'd found a line that could encompass what makes a good question here, but it doesn't fit that. I understand "How can I change my friend's political opinion" is a bad question, but can you explain why? Is it because it's too broad?
First off we don't know your friend, so we can't say anything specific about what will and will not work for them.
Basically, we want to make sure people understand the difference between "How can I express to others that I think X is good" and "How do I make others think X is good". I want to try to make that difference as clear as possible along with a guide to moving a question and frame of mind to the first from the second. I think it would be worthwhile to construct such an explanation and guide combo as a canonical meta, and perhaps as @Tinkeringbell suggested, tie this to a close reason.
I'd have gone with 'manipulation isn't about interacting well' and 'ips is the skills we use to interact well' so changing your friend's political opinion is not an interpersonal skill
Secondly if someone knew the answer to that question they wouldn't be sharing it on IPS they'd be using it to shape global political opinion.
6:59 PM
@scohe001 It's because the fundamental answer is that you can't, with 100% certainty, change anybody else's opinion
@Oleg Did I miss something? I didn't see the t-word :/ Lemme look, that isn't supposed to be there.
@spiralsucculent I agree with you, but I believe (could be wrong) that I saw that frame trap questions have a home here
Now can we get on with that convincing thing? :)
I would, but I'm heading to lunch
I'll catch up when I'm back
@spiralsucculent Enjoy!
7:02 PM
@spiralsucculent looks like you're on PST too. I'll be back with him :)
Thanks for the help here guys, you've all been awesome!
hahaha okay, both of you enjoy the lunch then. :)
Got it.
Hah, that looks better ;)
@Oleg I think I wasn't the one to remove that ;)
7:55 PM
@Tinkeringbell Ok, sorry. What's going on then? Who's removing all my comments and why (please remember that this site is part of the StackExchange network and there are certain rules here, not being able to post a single comment and being banned for 30 minutes under the pretense of inappropriate content is unacceptable)? Let's see what will happen with this comment.
@Oleg, I'm sorry. I wasn't the one that removed it. I can only imagine it got cleaned up as an actual attempt at being nice. We missed the name-calling, you pointed it out and all messages got removed because otherwise it'd still be visible?
@Tinkeringbell something totally unrelated: the first time I saw your new image I thought it was a duck, was quite suprised to see it was an giraffe. Was this just me or do others had this as well? :)
@Peter You're the first ;)
Maybe the rest was just to ashamed to admit it? :P
I'm going to shoot a new one this weekend. My brother is taking us to the zoo where he works, we're allowed behind the scenes as well!
maiby others had this as well, I'm not that ashamed of it :)
ah cool :D Then you can take really nice pictures
Did you make this one yourself as well?
Yep ;)
At the same zoo that I'll be going to this weekend, only a few years back
8:02 PM
nice, it looks really cool :)
@Peter I don't remember what I thought it was, but I definitely didn't think it was a giraffe
@Rainbacon I knew i wasn't the only one :D
@Tinkeringbell I did have to zoom in on the picture to find out what it was exactly
I know, it's not very clear in chat ... :(
I'll see if I can find something better :)
yea, he/she looks really to the camera :) I think it is hard to see because a giraffe is quite thin
8:13 PM
Would that work? It's a little too dark for my taste
it looks cute :) hmm, maiby a different background?
@spiralsucculent Partially, my best friend means significantly more to me than a regular friend however that doesn't mean my normal friends are unimportant :)P
@Peter I'm not good at photoshopping backgrounds :P
I think I'll go with the dead animal:
Whoa cool archeology!
6 y/o me is hella jealous
8:18 PM
@Tinkeringbell me neither, I'm really bad with anything that involves graphics XD
When you said dead animal I wasn't sure what to expect
@spiralsucculent hahaha don't be... That was one very uncomfortable dig!
Lots of rocks, see them piled up behind me? We had to remove them before we could even sit/kneel besides the dig, and we had to shift around about every 2 minutes because there would be some rock excessively poking you :P
thats quite a dig, since you need to be really carefull that you don't accidentally hit a bone. I think it is quite rewarding though when you finish it :)
@Peter Yeah, it was fun too ;)
That's the most important! :D
I sometimes miss it :) But the next project will be GeoICT, so I got to use some of the skills I learned during archaeology, hopefully :D
8:23 PM
would be nice if you get lucky :)
8:41 PM
Okay, @sphennings, I deleted the comments, but I'm still unclear about the question I asked.
@Froopy I can only see one side of the story now, but it seems you have concerns about a particular question? Which one?
Because honestly, from the logic I've gathered from here about "how to convince X about Y", wouldn't interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/11813/…
Okay, well, I was asking about vote to close as off topic/unclear as one question if another question appeared to follow the same format, and if it didn't why not, and I was directed here.
Hold on, I had the first link.
interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2543/… That's the meta post I asked the question in as a comment.
(well, the 'how to convince X about Y' questions are still being discussed ;) ) We had a very nice chat a few minutes ago. You could start reading from here chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/43407918#43407918...
I for one wrote the answer saying that for me, in the case of the question being discussed, it was unclear to me if this was about skills (on-topic) or creating the argument for the OP (off-topic, see the help center).
I think if you want to discuss the latest question, you've come to the right place. Now, if you read that discussion we just had, I think this one can stay, on the grounds that it focuses on 'how should I behave in situation X' more than 'How can I ensure X happens'
Not an answer but a suggestion: talk to the officiant at the funeral. They deal with questions like this on a regular basis. They can help you decide what you should do and have seen a lot worse scenarios than yours. — baldPrussian 1 min ago
#11797 baldPrussian (8819 rep) | Q: What text to read at the funeral of an a**hole? (score: 0) | posted 7 hours ago by krork (15 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["an?\\W?answer\\W?\\Wbut"]
Well, at least that partly confirms that this is still mostly unanswered territory.
It's just been a bit difficult wrapping my head around it and I was looking for some clarification so I didn't stomp on someone else's rules.
But this kind clears it up a bit for me.
8:54 PM
Yeah... Take a good look at that chat-talk (someone should summarize that and put it on the meta question!) and keep track of that meta question. Hopefully, we'll be able to smooth this one over soon and draw some lines :)
The part that cleared it up is between expression and changing someone's mind that spiral mentioned.
Yeah, there's some good distinctions there ;) I'll make sure it ends up somewhere on meta :)
I'm fairly certain I've seen someone say it before, but sometimes I forget. I'm kinda new here.
It get's mentioned a lot lately, so that wouldn't be suprise ;)
@Froopy I'm honestly unsure what you're asking. The question you pinged me under was about what to do when a question is unfairly closed.
The question you linked to hasn't been closed.
8:58 PM
@sphennings, the reason I asked it there is because I thought it could be closed for the same reason until I got cleared up here.
Now I see it was a distinction between expressing yourself (doable here) and changing someone's mind (not doable here)
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