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12:03 AM
Ok this stuff with the code of conduct is bad
But now everyone on meta won’t shut up about political correctness
and radical far-left socialists taking over the Internet or whatever crap
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1:28 AM
Ooh only 57 to close voter on Meta
2:16 AM
Q: Short Story about new doctors

Over50I am trying to find a short story I read in which a new doctor makes a mistake that kills a patient. Doctor is distraught. Later in the story a killer chases the doctor who goes through as door in an abandoned wing of the hospital. The wing is occupied by the ghosts of all the patients who died f...

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3:17 AM
Q: Had J. K. Rowling seen This Is Spinal Tap before writing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

BuzzThis may sound like a bizarre question, but when I was rewatching the classic 1984 mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap, I noticed something about this scene. Nigel Tufnel: He just was like, a flash of green light, and that was it. This struck me as sounding si...

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4:40 AM
Q: Comedy manga about a young girl with a sick mother who becomes a magical girl and transforms into a high schooler

ramudaI saw screenshots of what I believe to be a full chapter of the story, showing the little girl with her mother in a hospital room, watching a TV show about a magical idol girl with the power to help others. She tells her mother that she will do magic to cure her illness. Later when walking with...

5:00 AM
Q: Can inferni Be made out of any dead body?

connorjohnsonIn book six, the horcrux is surrounded by a lake filled with inferni. Did Voldemort have to use people he killed, or did Voldemort simply just go to a graveyard to procure his army of inferni? We also read in book seven Dumbledore says that for Grindelwald the resurrection stone meant an army of ...

5:32 AM
Q: What does Kapiushon mean?

VivianIn season 6 episode 17 of Arrow. Anatoly says Kapiushon. So I’m wondering what it means because it says Kapiushon in other episodes and so I’m confused when they say this.

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6:41 AM
Q: 70s(?) kids' short story: spaceship lands, crystal plants/animals, spacesuits slowly cut by glass and they all die

Darren VancouverKids' Short Story: SciFi/Horror. Space ship lands on planet with crystal plants and animals. Upon returning to the ship their space suits are slowly cut/compromised by glass and they all die. Read in the mid 70’s. Large book with illustrations and other horrible stories.

Q: How does the expanse solve the big problems of initially settling on Mars?

user2617804The big problems of settling on Mars are high radiation (worse than anywhere on Earth) and short period extreme radiation, moderate and extreme cold, need all basics of life and energy supply and I read its wiki and it says nothing about that. Do they say anything about solving these fundamental ...

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9:44 AM
Q: Why was Captain Archer so important?

trejderSomehow I cannot understand the key plot of the "Shockwave. Part II" episode. Why did taking Captain Archer out of his original timeline What was so unique about him? Why couldn't someone else continue his work, now or later? It is said in that very same episode that So, what am I missing?...

Q: Where does "The Edge Of Time" fit into The Doctor Who TV canon?

I'm SleepyAccording to internet news reports the VR game, Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time, even voiced by Jodie Whitaker herself is canon to the TV series. So where does The Edge Of Time fit into the Doctor Who TV canon? As in what particular episode is it supposed to be set after or before?

Q: Why the library was full of books?

trejderI understand (though with a little problems) that taking Captain Archer out his original timeline But how this fact could cause that or, actually, how it was possible at all? These devices were used on regular, day-to-day basis even in 22nd century (they're in fact used today and were used...

10:04 AM
Q: Why the future was destroyed?

trejderI understand (though with a little problems) that taking Captain Archer out his original timeline But where is the connection between this and the fact that or, actually, how it was possible at all? Is there any explanation in "Shockwave. Part II" episode, that I am maybe missing, that exp...

10:25 AM
Q: Movie where two people break into a high-tech safe in underwear because of some fuel pellets making it incredibly hot

DialecticusA pair of travelers are walking through woody terrain covered in deep snow, well dressed for cold winter. They reach some sort of bunker and go inside. There it turns out they are a man and a woman. The man throws some hi-tech fuel pellets into the room that cause a lot of heat, which makes the r...

Q: How could agent Daniels survive in 31st century?

trejderThe "Shockwave. Part II" episode depicts Is it explained somewhere in this episode

Q: Was actually happened to Daniels in "Cold Front"?

trejderAt the end of "Cold Front" episode He then Upon questioning by Captain Archer he can offer only an explanation as vague as Is it explained anywhere in more details what actually happened in a timespan between these two episodes (or to be more precise -- what actually happened by the end ...

10:45 AM
Q: Who brought Captain Archer to the 31st century?

trejderIn a short sentence in the beginning of "Shockwave. Part II" episode (this could be in the end of Part I, I don't remember quite correctly right now, but that doesn't matter at all) agent Daniels says two things: These two information seems to be contradicting each other. Who gave order and wh...

11:06 AM
Q: in the Harry Potter Universe, is Father Christmas/Santa a wizard or magical being?

Russ RainfordThough I've never seen him mentioned, Father Christmas, aka Kris Kringle, aka St. Nick, aka Santa Claus, conceivably could be as real as any other magical being. Is there any canon evidence that her existed, may have been a wizard or some other form of humanoid non-muggle, and what his powers mi...

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12:07 PM
Q: Replicating ship - not possible. Replicating every component - piece of cake?

ShadeFrom the Wikipedia Star Trek Replicator Article: Replicator technology, even if produced on a larger scale, cannot be used to create complex objects such as shuttlecraft or starships (the production staff felt that being able to replicate entire starships "at the push of a button" would sever...

scifi.stackexchange.com/q/202760/4918 "I saw in the 1990-2005 on the sci-fi channel in Europe"
um... which one is "the sci-fi channel"?
is there a tv channel named that?
Probably SyFy
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syfy ah, apparently there used to be one named that
12:27 PM
Q: Does the song "Na na na na Batman!" exist in the DC comic universe/multiverse?

ShreedharIn Batman Vol.7 Issue#.48, the Joker takes everyone at a church wedding hostage and kills them one-by-one. And just a few moments before Batman arrives at the scene, the Joker is seen casually singing "na na na na na! Batman!!" as a sort of welcome song for Batman. Batman vol.7 issue#48 (page ...

1:39 PM
I can't tell if this list is hopelessly out of date, a giant joke, or actively trying to deceive me. movieweb.com/movies/2020/sci-fi
My first exposure to Dune was the Dune 2 RTS game from Westwood Studies. Then when I saw the movie and read the book, I was fairly disappointed.
@JackBNimble I saw both of the previous productions. The 1984 movie was an interesting adaptation of the first half of the book, with the second half compressed into 30 minutes or so. The 2000 mini series was a more faithful adaptation, but didn't have the intensity of the book.
Greetings, Earthlings.
1:55 PM
Villeneuve's Dune is the most important sci-fi release of 2020!
I couldn't really get into the book, and only read the first one a long time ago.
The rest seems largely weird, though, yes.
But while I believe there is a Dune moving coming out next year, a lot of the other ones are either wrong or unbelievable.
New Mutants has been shelved, there is no Obi-Wan Kenobi movie (but there is a Disney+ series).
Green Lantern 2020? That seems impossible.
> Me fail English? That's unpossible! - Ralph Wiggin
@NapoleonWilson More important that Indiana Jones 5: Geriatric Spelunking?
@JackBNimble I don't think that is real.
Also, Indy isn't sci-fi, alien crap notwithstanding. ;-)
More important than "G.I. Joe 3: No one gets to reprise their role"?
Umm, what?
Magic artifacts in every Indiana Jones film or aliens.
Holy Grail, Arc of the Covenant, Glowly Stones?
2:03 PM
Well, yeah, it's mostly fantasy.
Like most people, I think they paint scifi/fantasy with the same brush.
Hmm, okay.
Oh, so that Indiana Jones thing wasn't a complete joke anyway.
The subtitles are jokes, but I call it like it is.
Hopefully it's not some stupid reboot bullshit and still has at least 80% Ford.
Ford is so old and bitter.
> The plot is said to be based on one of the other books in the series.
I didn't know there was a series of books (for Indiana Jones).
2:09 PM
There's...a series of books for any crap.
Q: What's the origin of the trope that dragons used to be common but aren't any more?

Chris HIt's common in fantasy stories for dragons to be formerly common but rare or extinct by the time of the story, for example, in Discworld, Game of Thrones, and perhaps The Hobbit (I can't recall enough about Smaug to be sure). Where did this idea come from? Is it known in any old mythology?

@Marvin Historic precedent.
2:30 PM
Indeed. In medieval times you apparently could see them cross the skies occasionally.
Since dragons aren't real, the only logical answer is, those reports were actually talking about Aliens.
2:51 PM
Q: Ranma 1/2 fanfic where he runs away from Nerima and becomes a police officer. Had a running joke of a facehugger and/or Zergling

FuzzyBootsI honestly don't remember when I last read this, but I'm pretty sure it was over seven years ago and I think I first read it over ten years ago. The author had a number of "Ranma in a different setting" fics, I remember, including one where Ranma was in a post-apocalyptic landscape where he wield...

3:04 PM
@TheLethalCarrot ahahah
3:59 PM
@Jenayah Was on Saturday (12th) but I was busy at the weekend so didn't post it straight away :)
4:13 PM
Q: A sci-fi movie about a psychic girl and an alien woman

Vilx-I remember some parts of a live-action sci-fi movie I saw sometime in the 90's or maybe early 00's. The movie was set in present day and centered around a small girl, about 5 years old, I think. The girl had psychic powers and there was an alien sneaking in her room at night to teach her to use h...

Q: Why didn't Captain Pike receive any cybernetic implants?

Vogon PoetLCDR Airiam received cybernetic implants to repair severe damage from her shuttle crash. Captain Pike somehow did not. He has enough nerve control to command a self-propelled wheelchair and has to endure severe radiation burns immobilizing his face, cybernetics should be able to at least partiall...

@Stormblessed You can ask. ;)
Oct 5 at 3:31, by Stormblessed
@user58 why'd you change your name to something generic on Literature?
5:15 PM
@user58 but can you answer :-)
Well, that's a different matter entirely.
> But the shopkeeper and his son were a different story altogether. I had to beat them to death with their own shoes... but I got the M&Ms and Ozzy went on stage and did a great show.
Q: Did Admiral Holdo know about Rey's mission?

Darth LockeI was recently rewatching Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In one scene, Rey mentions to BB-8 that she still can't get through to the resistance. At this point in the film Vice Admiral Holdo has also taken over General Leia's resistance role, for which Poe Dameron is scheming behind her back, believin...

Q: Why did Kylo Ren admit to being a monster?

Darth LockeIn Star Wars: The Last Jedi there is one scene between Rey & Kylo Ren when they are force-linked, where Rey calls Ren a "murderous snake" and a "monster". Although Kylo begins to point out what he perceives as Rey's ignorance of past events, he does not deny what she stated and replies, "I am a ...

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6:36 PM
Q: Star Trek books about the Federation outside of Starfleet?

kenkujukeboxAre there any Star Trek novels that depict the Federation primarily or entirely outside of Starfleet? There’s been a lot of fan speculation over the years on what civilian life in the Federation would be like, and I’d like to see whether any writers have actually tackled the subject.

7:17 PM
Q: How could Corvus Glaive so easily defeat Vision?

MorganVision is a super advanced AI made of Vibranium and is powered by an Infinity Stone (Mind Stone). He has amazing abilities and can even change his molecular density and yet he's easily defeated by being snuck up on and stabbed in the back. Thus, how was Corvus Glaive able to defeat Vision so ea...

7:44 PM
@Jenayah it’s one point so they fall under the bullet
8:33 PM
Q: Story from the perspective of a killer and the victim

James RBack when I was in school, I remember one of my English teachers telling us about a book she was about to read written from the perspective of both the killer and the killer's victim. Each chapter flipped between the 2, and I think the victim was female and homeless, but this may be wrong. It wa...

8:58 PM
Nice I’ve got close vote power on Meta
9:12 PM
> So we march day and night, by the big cooling tower. They have the plant, but we have the power.
Q: Is there any evidence in Canon for how long specific hyperspace trips actually take in the Star Wars galaxy?

PhyneasI've read about hyperspace travel over the years, sometimes to try and answer questions on here, and something I've always come up against is how long any particular hyperspace trip actually takes. I rarely find direct evidence to answer this, and while I understand that it may often either be ir...

Q: Why is her name Michael in Star Trek Discovery?

Vogon PoetStar Trek: Discovery's lead female role was announced under the pseudonym "Commander Rainsford" but somehow that was changed. Why is her name Michael? I see several explanations online, what was the true inspiration for the character's final production name "Michael Burnham?"

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10:20 PM
Q: Was Voldemort's regime inspired by Nazi Germany?

connorjohnsonVoldemort and the Death Eaters' idea of "purifying" the blood of the wizard community and getting rid of all muggle-borns sounds a lot like Nazi Germany's idea of an Aryan race. Was Voldemort's regime based on Nazi Germany?

11:19 PM

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