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Q: Are there any times at all in the Harry potter series where Filch is actually being nice to anyone?

Selena GomezAre there any times at all in the Harry potter series where Filch is actually being nice to anyone? Whether in the books or movies? Or is he just mean to everybody?

Q: What are the casualties from the Bonehead Maneuver?

Vogon PoetHow many ships or lives were lost trying to open a jumpgate inside a jumpgate - also known as the Bonehead Maneuver? Were any statistics documented? Earth forces attempted this tactic during the Earth-Minbari war, and I think it was used one additional time since then against the Shadows.

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@user58 why'd you change your name to something generic on Literature?
@Catija good evening!
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Q: Book about all-female world with 1 man remaining to reproduce

BrandyI found this book in my step-dad's stuff in the basement when I was 12. I feel like it was probably written in the 70s. I would sneakily read it, so it may have some slight adult themes, but not much if I remember. I believe the plot was there was 1 man being kept by a future society of women ...

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8:05 AM
Q: Was DC’s Adam strange an influence on the creation of the TV program Doctor Who?

Just wonderingBack before Doctor Who began when the creators were thinking up the idea of The Doctor they thought first of a scientist among other things. And DC’s Adam Strange was created not that long before Doctor Who. Adam Strange’s cosmic inception was in 1958 and Doctor Who was created in 1963 that's o...

8:45 AM
Q: Harry Potter fanfic where Sirius takes custody of Harry

James AndrewsI remember 3 details about this story: Sirius is gay, I believe his boyfriend was named Sebastian. At one point his boyfriend (again, Sebastian I think) was called in because it turned out Ron's body had been greatly damaged by smallpox as a child, and his magic had taken over several organ's ...

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10:26 AM
Q: Book-identification - 70s or 80s - Occult/demonic possession

John DI was watching The Rite (2011) and this reminded me of a horror/occult book I read many years ago which was quite gripping and well written. Unfortunately I can't remember either the title or the author, although I think it was 1980's vintage. It was about a French noble of the middle ages call...

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3:27 PM
Q: Why didn’t they X-ray Spencer Olham?

Vogon PoetIn both the short story and the film adaptation by Dimension Films the Veteran’s hospital had advanced holographic imaging technology. Also, X-ray tomography has been used to locate bullets since 1896. Why didn’t they just X-ray I didn’t hear anything in canon indicating this wouldn’t work.

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4:28 PM
Q: Who is the male newscaster in the movie Imposter?

Vogon PoetAt the end of Dimension Films' Impostor a newscaster is announcing the climactic event on television. He looks and sounds exactly like Voyager's Harry Kim. Is this announcer Garrett Wang?

Q: Can’t remember name of zombie movie

Abbey SteighnerI cant remember the name of the zombie movie I saw a couple years ago. I can only remember snippets but I remember that the people who succumbed to the disease would show symptoms. One scene a character was laying dead on the floor and then a couple minutes when by and she opened her eyes and loo...

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6:03 PM
Q: Children’s story: boy accidentally hits bird with stone and nurses back to health. man hurts it on purpose nurses it back to get gift

CuriousA long time I read a story where a young boy accidentally hits a bird (with a stone I think). He runs over to find it and nurses it back to health. It flies away and eventually brings him back some sort of gift (a bag of gold maybe?). A man sees this happen and decides to try the same thing. He h...

Q: When was “sf” first used to describe science fiction?

Ben KurtzerIn a book called “My Best Science Fiction Story”, published in 1949, the author John Taine, referring to his story “The Ultimate Catalyst”, writes that the story is “my favorite s-f story”. The story was first published in 1939. I’ve always thought “sf” was a later usage.

6:28 PM
Q: Tripod like creatures on planet who's time is much more rapid than on ship orbiting planet

PaulPlanet goes through its entire history in a matter of earth days

6:49 PM
Q: 70s (or earlier) fantasy-horror short story "Through the Looking Glass"

AlfredI know I read it more than 40 years ago, in some collection of fantasy (and maybe also SF), but whether in english or french translation, I am not sure. It was certainly not a french original. The "Through the Looking Glass" in the title of my question is just a joke, to describe the situation, b...

7:29 PM
Q: Why were there no communications with Aniara?

Vogon PoetGenerally the attempts at hard science fiction in this film were very impressive, as were the sociological aspects. I honestly found it difficult to find plot holes. The realistic treatment of time scales was a breath of fresh air. Through the many obstacles, most questions about science and tech...

7:49 PM
Q: Was panspermia one of the intended themes in Aniara?

Vogon PoetThe ending didn't seem to fit any of the sociological or scientific themes of Aniara. The name of the story itself implies despair. However by the nature of that final scene, it seems to actually leave hope. Was it the author's intent to express the idea of panspermia? Note: I have not read the ...

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Q: Name of a late 80s tv show/tv movie with a small devil or demon

user76329There was a TV show or maybe TV movie in ( in the mid 80s) where a family was being tormented by a small (possibly devil) type demon. There was a scene where they caught it in a drinking glass like a spider in the kitchen (it was a very small demon). I may have some details wrong as I was a kid w...

9:02 PM
Whee, my 5th anniversary of joining SFF.
9:29 PM
Q: When did Calvin get Hobbes?

TheAshIn the very first strip we see: Which implies Calvin got Hobbes when he was 6. However, in this August 1st, 1989, strip, we see: Which implies Calvin has had him since he was a little kid. When exactly did Calvin get Hobbes? Is there another strip or interview with Bill Watterson that clears...

9:50 PM
Q: Where does the tea come from?

JapyxWe know that Hobbits drink a lot of tea, but I can't find any piece of information leading to the source of tea leaves. Judging on equivalence of coordinates, Hobbits should not be able to cultivate their own tea, do they ?

Q: Two men, one woman, a antenna and a camera

Lana make me popplioI'm looking for a SciFi horror involving two men and one woman who go out into the forest searching for UFO sightings and end up with bruises from late night events which occurred in the forest involving an antenna and an opening as two men cross wires together while the female watches. The two ...

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11:30 PM
Q: Why did the Jedi Order’s ability to use the Force diminish in the prequels?

Joshua VallejoIn Attack of the Clones, after they learn from Obi-Wan about the secret clone army created under the Kaminoans, Mace Windu tells Yoda that it might be time for them to admit to everyone that their ability to use the Force has “diminished.” Why? What were the contributing factors for this to happen?


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