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12:04 AM
Q: Can the transporter reposition you?

Vogon PoetIn Tomorrow is Yesterday the Enterprise beamed Captain John Christopher onto the transporter pad from his cockpit. He was sitting in his pilot seat when he dematerialized, then he was standing upright, back to Captain Kirk when he materialized. Is the transporter able to manipulate you any way i...

12:44 AM
Q: What are the Djinn from Clash of the Titans (2010) based off?

user122337I was watching Clash of the Titans (2010) and I really liked the Djinn, I thought the idea of bark skinned desert sorcerers was really cool and wanted to read more about it. I know Djinn is usually another name for Genies or spirits from Arabic myth but that isn't anything like what we see in the...

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1:46 AM
Q: Song of the Sea film

Josefine Mendoza-GomezI have a very intriguing question about this film. Why isn't the brother a selkie? I already looked up on google. I even researched the folklore story of the selkie. I just don't understand on how his sister was a selkie but they have the same mother. Who you was a selkie.

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4:32 AM
Q: Lost Short SF Story, Messages from Mars, uniquely shaped coil involved

Seldon2kI read this in an anthology sometime in the 1970's. A chap was winding various coils for his radio receiver. He hears a message from 'Mars'? The story ends when the 'special' coil is crushed by some accident. The protagonist is concerned that he could never reproduce the 'unique' shape again! I...

Q: What are the limits to changing my own unanswered questions?

Vogon PoetIf a question has no answers and is closed, an edit will necessarily change some of my original intent. I am the OP, and it just wasn't working. How tightly do I have to stay in the box which didn't work? Let's limit the discussion to "primarily opinion-based" closures. Making it "not opinion ba...

5:13 AM
Q: How does Voldemort get back to Albania?

connorjohnsonIn the 1st harry potter, at the end its revealed that Quirrell ran into Voldemort in Albania, where he possessed him. At the end, Voldemort leaves Quirrell, and he dies. Since Voldemort was still a spirit, and not able to hold a wand, how does he get back to Albania? In book Three we learn that "...

5:53 AM
Q: Short Story About Clones I Can't Remember the Title to

ccc0101cThe story is about a detective talking to different people trying to gather information about a clone. The story deals with clones of a criminal who committed murders, and they make exact clones of the criminal so the families of the victims can kill the clones to feel they got revenge.

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8:16 AM
Q: In this scene from the novel, 'The Martian', by Andy Weir, how does Mark Watney store hydrogen made from water in the tank?

KshitijThis is the scene from chapter 25, where Watney describes how he had produced and stored hydrogen, which he produced by electrolysing water. I need clarification of the bold part. LOG ENTRY: SOL 529 I’m turning water into rocket fuel. It’s easier than you’d think. Separating...

Q: How do the emergency doors on the Enterprise refit work?

quantumswingIn Wrath of Khan, during the first strike, we see various emergency doors closing on in engineering. One of these appears to bisect part of the warp core. Is this merely an oversight of the production crew?

8:27 AM
@user58 What the... did you just set all the communities to hidden so the link to the network profile is hidden from everywhere but SEDE and the dumps?
Hardly "just".
8:41 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected (78): Story about a man whose childhood friend doesn't age by Raven goth mode on scifi.SE
8:57 AM
Q: Manga with main character abandoned by goddess and his entire class

Ayush KumarI'm looking for the name of manga where entire class is summoned by goddess but the main character has only paralysis poison and sleep skills and is abandoned in a dungeon. He uses those skills to kill monsters in a dungeon. Definitely not Arifureta. And ENTIRE school class is transported.

9:17 AM
Q: Why didn't petunia know that harry couldn't use magic out of school?

R_DIn the beginning of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets" Harry scares Dudley into thinking that he can do magic out of school. However this should have never scared Dudley as Petunia should have known from Lily's time as a student that students can't perform magic out of school. So why is i...

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12:21 PM
Q: 80s Mad Max-esque space movie with really long name

drkvogelOne night when I was a kid, in the mid eighties, I saw a Sci-Fi movie late night on TV. I seem to remember it had a really long name. It opened with the main character on his spaceship (which was kind of a piece of junk), drunk, and talking to his lawyer over radio about his divorce from his wife...

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2:54 PM
@user58 may I ask why you changed your username?
Q: If Harry killed Voldemort before Voldemort "killed" the horcrux within Harry, would Voldemort just have managed to come back again?

HPFANIf Harry had killed Voldemort before Voldemort "killed" the horcrux within Harry, would Voldemort just have managed to come back again somehow?

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4:38 PM
Q: Why was Lord Voldemort's nose different from his young version as Tom Riddle?

Amna AnsarWhy was Lord Voldemort's nose different from his young version as Tom Riddle in the Harry Potter films?

5:10 PM
Flagged as NaA—a single answer should contain just one possibility. — Stormblessed 15 secs ago
@Stormblessed Is that true?
@Alex should be
You can’t ask 2 questions at once
It’s unclear what an acceptance would mean, more importantly
I've posted many answers that argue multiple approaches.
Though perhaps is different.
5:25 PM
For ID questions it really makes sense to post individual solutions as their own answers.
If you need to smash 7 things into a single answer, maybe the questions is...kinda bull? (Or your answer isn't all that well thought-through.)
5:51 PM
It should be posted as two answers but it should t be deleted
6:48 PM
Q: Have aliens contributed any technology to humanity?

Vogon PoetThe United Federation of Planets supposedly works on a principle of mutually shared advancements. In TOS: Arena they say UFP works on “the principles of universal liberty, rights, and equality, and to share their knowledge and resources in peaceful cooperation, scientific development, space explo...

7:29 PM
Q: Cleaning staff aboard star ships

StacemannDid the Enterprise, Voyager or DS9 have a cleaning crew and janitorial staff? Or is it like the Japanese where everyone would devote time to clean? Or do you think they use the transporters to beam the dirt off ship or whatever mess they have to clean at the time? I wonder if they had space age R...

8:10 PM
Q: How do the Borg find consensus?

ShadeHow to the Borg find consensus, i.e. what protocol do they use? Is it a democracy like consensus or are there special drones for each task (i.e. tactical drone, combat drone, maintainance drone...)? However, if there are several borgs responsible for a task, how do they determine how and who wil...

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10:12 PM
Q: It should be “large number” of off-topic comments, not “high amount”

StormblessedSee this, one of the notices for why a post is locked (emphasis mine): This post has been locked due to the high amount of off-topic comments generated. A link to a chat room will be posted in the comments below if the conversation was moved to chat. This is totally wrong. If it is distinct...

10:38 PM
Remember, kids, pedantry pays maniacal laughStormblessed 1 min ago
10:53 PM
Q: Who were the people working for Enoch in S5E1?

thaiminAt the beginning of season 5 in Agents of SHIELD, Coulson's team is (mostly) abducted from Rae's Diner by Enoch and a crew of men. These men all seem to be human. One of them even says: My wife thinks that I'm at a friend's house for our fantasy draft. Doesn't even occur to her that we're in ...

11:05 PM
Poke @Randal'Thor ^^

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