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Whats' the rep requirement to dupe something all by yourself?
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Enough to get elected as a moderator.
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Q: What are the powers of the Golden Lance?

Russ Rainfordin the H-B cartoon Galtar & The Golden Lance the titular weapon is a twin sword/ connected lance that seems capable of various forms of magic. Is there any canon list of everything the lance can do, its origins and its limitations?

2:24 AM
Q: Shouldn't the Ninja Turtles have a Radar Sense?

Russ RainfordIt's heavily implied in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles source material that the canister of mutagen that caused their mutation is the same exact chemical that gave DareDevil his powers. This can be seen here: But if this was the case..... shouldn't the Ninja Turtles all have enhance senses...

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4:08 AM
Q: Heinlein's Have Space Suit--Will Travel: when Peewee shows up, why is she wearing a space suit?

Ben CrowellIn ch. 4 of Heinlein's Have Space Suit--Will Travel, two flying saucers land in the field behind the protagonist Kip's house. Two figures come out of one. We later learn that these are the Mother Thing, followed by Peewee. The scene is depicted on the cover of the Del Rey paperback, which can be ...

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6:50 AM
Q: Analog(?) Short Story 2 krakens(?) from different oceans fight. Smaller one helped by humans

Darren VancouverPretty sure it was in an Analog. Mid 80s. World with two big oceans, similar to Atlantic and Pacific. Giant Kraken like creature, too big to travel to the other ocean now. Humanoids in sailing ships unite with the smaller sea monster from the other ocean and battle the 2nd larger monster.

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8:52 AM
Q: Short story about possibly the last humans alive struggling to survive in a spaceship, it ends in a baseball stadium in space

pauloI believe the main characters are a father and son, they and a group of humans are stuck on a spaceship. I don't remember if they are the last humans alive but I do remember there being a sense of hoplessness about getting rescued. They travel around trying to scavenge stuff to survive and losing...

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9:53 AM
Q: Why is Robin Hood French in Shrek?

TheLethalCarrotIn Shrek there is a character called Monsieur Hood, also referred to as Robin Hood later on. He is a clear parody of Robin Hood, a legendary figure from England. What I don't understand though is why he is French in the film when he is an English figure. So, why did they decide to make him Fren...

10:34 AM
Q: Looking for SciFi Short Story/Novella where Advanced Aliens are Choosing a Galactic Overseer

Steven Frederick BaljkasMy memory on this is a little fuzzy since I thought the story was in one of the Golden Age of anthologies that I have but I can't find it there. I can provide a few more details than in the title. There are a few different episodes or situations. We are not quite sure what is going on at first ...

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12:49 PM
Q: Who is Alice referring to when she was talking to Kate?

Memor-XAfter Alice is captured and locked up in a van Kate goes to her to reassure her that she didn't lead the Crows. Alice responds by reciting something from Alice in Wonderland about 3 Sisters before saying that she didn't like to share. To me this seems to imply that Alice is implying that Kate ha...

1:17 PM
Q: In The Vault, was the assistant bank manager acting benevolently?

FuzzyBootsIn the 2017 film, The Vault, a team of bank robbers hold up a bank, only to find that very little cash is on the premises. One of the hostages, Ed Maas, identifies himself as the assistant bank manager, offers to help the robbers access the greater sum of money in the vault in the basement, even ...

1:38 PM
Q: Gene-modified man has a 2-week period heightened reflexes and constant wakefulness

DavidWThere are just a few details I recall from a novel I read about 25 years ago. The setting is a fairly unmemorable future space-faring society. I don't recall any major character aliens, but that doesn't mean there weren't any. The 2 main characters of the novel were an unmodified human woman f...

2:18 PM
Q: Andy Weir's The Martian: getting more calories from chemical reactions?

VorbisFor those who haven't read Andy Weir's book, the main character - Mark Watney - is stranded on Mars and has to find a way to get enough calories to survive until rescued. He has access to proteins, vitamins and other essentials to last for years, but the only way he can find to improve his calor...

@Mazura You can unilaterally dupe close something in any of three cases: 1.) You are a diamond moderator on the site. 2.) You have a gold tag badge in one of the tags on the question. 3.) You are the person who asked the question and somebody has suggested a duplicate. In any of those cases, a single person can close a question as a duplicate.
@user58 2.) and you didn't add the tag you have a gold tag badge in.
3). You click "yes this solved my problem" rather than VTCing directly. (I think anyway)
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Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean hello, space dude!
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Q: Asimov's story where a man speech contains no information

houcrosI am trying to remember the name of a tale or novel by Isaac Asimov. I am positive I've read this some years ago, but for the live of me, I can't recall the name. In the story, one of the characters, some kind of diplomat, speaks profusely. Only after recording and analysing his speech, the main...

4:37 PM
I posted this in the wrong chatroom.
4:53 PM
Q: Were Tony Stark's robots in the Iron Man movies inspired by Red Dwarf's scutters?

KrytenI was watching Iron Man 3 recently and it occurred to me that the robots Tony Starks uses in his workshop look an awful lot like the scutters from Red Dwarf. Is there any evidence that the Iron Man robots were inspired by Red Dwarf? Scutter (from Red Dwarf) Tony Stark's Robot Arm

5:42 PM
Q: Anime title from 90s blockbuster rental

DEVON C SMYLYI'm looking the name of a show set in an age before modern technology that featured a samurai in blue who's village was attacked by purple demon dogs, his arm was infected and he left the village seeking a cure. Some details will be wrong I saw this from a blockbuster video my mom rented for me ...

6:03 PM
Q: Trying to identify a movie: A black blob or possessive creature is taking over people in a town

Nate FerenskyI remember a few objects/scenes from this movie. A black cat was possessed at one point and these two guys in "astronaut" suits were looking at the cat body in a church? the black "blob" gets to one of the guys shoes and gets into his suit and proceeds to possess the guy. Not even sure if the cat...

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7:45 PM
Q: 80s possibly 90s anime with a transformation involving a red outfit and an expanding chest

DEVON C SMYLYThis will be difficult because it was only roughly 5 seconds worth of content. I'm looking for a show that featured a nighttime cityscape backdrop and an anime transformation sequence which ended with the girl's chest size growing exponentially. I believe she was wearing red, but other than your...

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8:46 PM
Q: Help identifying a martial arts film

SawyerI am looking for a martial arts/phantasy/science fiction film that I only remember very vaguely: the film is probably from the late 70s or 80s it's a Chinese/Hongkong production I think it had something like seven/seventh sign/symbol in the title? it looked very clean, with many white Ninja-sty...

9:07 PM
Q: Peter Pan & the Pirate: How did Peter become symbiotically linked to Neverland?

Russ RainfordIn the Peter Pan & the Pirates episode The Neverscroll, it's established that Peter is magically attached to the fate of Neverland. Quote Tinkerbell: "Peter Pan is Never Land...and Never :and is he!" It's shown that, if part of the Neverscroll----a magical piece of parchment which demarks all...

Q: Why weren't the Envoy's at Innenin backed up?

SonOfMunTakeshi Kovacs lost his good friend Jimmy De Soto to a "viral strike" which resulted in the "real death" of many of the Envoy soldiers at Innenin. Why were these highly skilled, very valuable minds not backed up? The Envoy training was supposedly very costly and only a select few could make the c...

9:48 PM
Q: 70s or older story about an outcast that deals with feces

AlfredI am presently reading a novel in present-day India about an outcast (Dalit) woman who has to clean the latrines of her neighbors in a small village. This brought back to my mind a story I read very long ago. In an isolated space colony there is one man who is an outcast because he deals with fe...

10:08 PM
Q: Book where the hero becomes telekinetic and sails ship through storm using telekinesis

dancer42A book I read around 1995 or 1996. I don't remember much more than enjoying it and that the protagonist was discovering he had telekinetic abilities, and stabilized a sailship through a storm using telekinesis.

10:19 PM
@Marvin way too broad, VTCd
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11:50 PM
Q: Superior Spiderman's age?

Magnus VenøyPeter Parker's age wasn't really clear by the time the Superior Spiderman arc happened. How old was Peter when Otto Octavius was possessing Peter's body and for how long was Otto possessing him before Peter finally regained control of his mind and body again?


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