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1:45 AM
Q: Can you enter a Stargate from the back?

DragonChampion7My question is this: everyone is always seen entering the Stargate from the side the kawoosh comes out. What if you entered the Stargate from the side opposite this? Would you be disintegrated, would you exit the Stargate on the other side, or would you exit the Stargate from the “normal” side-th...

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3:16 AM
Q: Title of sci-fi movie shown on TV in the 70's or 80's

Steve LandowskiThe movie has a group of people who either were exploring an island or another mysterious continent. At a point in the movie, I think their ship was damaged or was thrown around by either an extremely large monster/dinosaur (or maybe even Godzilla?) I think this scene happened on land or right ...

3:46 AM
Q: How was Ursa's abscence explained by Ozai?

pimanHer disappearance must have been quite the palace intrigue in the fire nation.

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4:49 AM
Is there a record for most amount of sites that a single question is on-topic for?
2 hours later…
6:25 AM
Q: Can someone tell me name of this Hollywood movie?

Muhammad Asad MalikAs'slamu Allekum ( Peace to you all) since long I had watched a trailer of a Movie, of which I forgot the name. Points I remember are as so. 1 movie is set in future where it is not allowed to have more than 1 children 2. there is a man who is parent or guardian of 7 girls 3. only 1 girl is a...

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7:30 AM
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9:03 AM
Q: What is a Class-B crime and its punishment in superman?

KyloRenIn Superman Man of Steel, Jor-El goes to the Genesis chamber and steals the codex. Before he goes in, Kelex states, Jor-EL: Can you see the codex? Kelex: Its just beneath the central hub sir. But I am compelled to warn you, breaching the Genesis chamber is a Class-B crime punishable by...

9:15 AM
@SQB Did we really need a meta on this?
Just wondering if there was any special reason it went to meta rather than just straight up manual deletion
9:33 AM
Q: If the Triwizard tournament was so dangerous, why risk more people in the underwater task?

JamesDThe Triwizard Tournament was dangerous, hence the reason why it was cancelled and not run for many years. So why did the school use real students for bait. Could they not have used Transfigured objects to look like the students? I am assuming that Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore would have t...

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10:33 AM
Q: Sci-Fi short story possibly from a "Best of" anthology from the 1950s-60s about a space voyage with a secret engine activated via sex

marvelgirlI read it in the 1980s. I'm pretty sure it was from an annual science fiction short story anthology compilation, probably from sometime in the mid 50s to mid 60s. It was written in English and nothing about the story read as though it was translated from another language. The story was about a ...

SQB used a Fire move against a Water type. It's not very effective... — Jenayah 21 hours ago
BTW @Jenayah and @Alex you two are fighting it out for Best New User of 2018 with Jenayah currently in the lead by ~1.3k rep
10:52 AM
@TheLethalCarrot to quote b_jonas...
Oct 11 at 13:16, by b_jonas
@TheLethalCarrot Nice, but it's not a race.
Why does everyone keep thinking everything I'm saying is about a damn race haha
'cause you make it sound like one? :P
The first time I didn't at all
That one a bit but it's a little fun thing so meh why not?
It's not like you two are actually gonna race over it
Q: Fairy tale princess turning suitors into stone

rijnswindI read this fairy tale when I was a kid, around 30 years ago. I've now tried searching for this story, checking the usual suspects (brothers Grimm and H.C.Andersen), but haven't found anything matching. Here's the story: Once upon a time there was a king of a small/poor kingdom, and he had thre...

11:40 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I couldn't resist milking that pun. Also, a moderator can do it in one fell swoop, instead of edit 5, wait, edit 5 more, wait, edit 5, wait a bit too short, edit the last 3 to get it over with.
Fair enough... is the next one a pun on burning your [food]? ;P
1 hour later…
1:08 PM
@TheLethalCarrot good idea.
"Oh no, I've burnt my [food]! Should we bin it?"
1:25 PM
1:42 PM
I wouldn't be too surprised if I learned we had a
1 hour later…
2:54 PM
@TheLethalCarrot tortoise and hare?
3:07 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Race is on!
But to be fair, she started a bit before me.
According to the profiles her first post was March 19, 2018 while mine was May 13, 2018.
Not too much of a gap then really
Hmmm free cake... one of the engineers birthdays so 30 min free break with cake... can't beat it
3:31 PM
@Alex I did, though technically if you want to go that way I really only started to contribute during mid-summer :^)
@Jenayah Yeah, I also started off with only sporadic posting.
And then came the JMHPRW.
I think that was the turning point.
Oh right, wasn't your life goal to reach 3k at some point? and reopen all the dupes? :)
Try and work out when I stopped lurking and became active...
Aug 17 at 15:21, by Alex
@Jenayah Who knows if I'll still be here by then? I just need to get to 3,000 so I can vote to reopen all the duplicate questions. Then my purpose has been served.
Aug 17 at 15:21, by Alex
@Jenayah Who knows if I'll still be here by then? I just need to get to 3,000 so I can vote to reopen all the duplicate questions. Then my purpose has been served.
3:36 PM
@Alex FGITW :p
@Jenayah Story of my life.
Anyway, interesting how purposes evolve.
My first purpose was to reach 1,000 so I could see the vote distribution on the Meta discussion.
Then 3,000 to vote to reopen everything.
Now 10,000 to see deleted posts.
All the other privileges are basically pointless.
20k for VTD is good
@Alex just use the timeline
3:39 PM
@Jenayah If you recall, you weren't kind enough to tell me about the timeline until mid-September:
Sep 18 at 18:34, by Alex
@Jenayah Whoaoaoaoaoa! Why is this the first time I'm hearing of this feature?
The timeline is great but well hidden
@Alex eh it's one of these things you can really only learn in chat or in the magic tips on main Meta
(pretty sure it was Mith who told me about it... in any case it was in TREU)
Q: What happened to the original crew of the Destiny?

justdan0227After watching the series again, I still can't find the answer to the question, what happened to the original crew of the Destiny?

and same situation, I think it was a coincidence
@Jenayah Ah, Chat. Probably the other thing that solidified my participation.
3:51 PM
@Jenayah Oh Destiny is the name of a ship in Stargate too? Wow too many Destiny's...
@TheLethalCarrot stuff iI learned in my retagging frenzy... :)
Aye that'd help haha
you know now I'm interested in watching SG1 actually
so I deliberately skip the too spoilery questions ahah
will get around eventually... In any case I'll start watching some time this month and see if I keep watching
Read so much in your re-tagging you're interested? I get that haha I might actually read Wildcards or some of the Thousand Worlds stuff now after I cleaned up GRRM a while back
hey @Seth!
@TheLethalCarrot well there's that and the fact that roomie recommended it
and McGyver guy
3:55 PM
That helps too
I think I never really got around watching it because I'm usually not big on space stuff, ships and the like
basically everything that starts with Star-ahah
@Jenayah Star-crossed lovers of District 12.
@Alex I was thinking of Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate
Not much space stuff in HG
19 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Alex I specifically didn't really care. :P
Nov 2 at 17:26, by Alex
Using my own lines against me.
3:59 PM
@Jenayah Touché.
Also, does that count as you using ":P" by proxy?
@Jenayah Ha, I was thinking the same thing.
great minds think alike
yesterday, by Rand al'Thor
@Alex Weird internet pedants think alike? :-)
Hello @SamGreaves what brings you to us?
4:05 PM
Hi! waves
Hey guys, this chat seemed interesting so thought id join! :D
Go us for being interesting ;P
Hey @Jenayah! Did the room think I was in this chat earlier??
That I was present?
@SamGreaves Are you into SFF related stuff? :)
@SethTaddiken your avatar popped in right corner so that indicates you just joined or something :p
4:13 PM
I find it interesting but I don't know much about it
then it's the occasion to learn :)
The chat isn't SFF-exclusive though
That's the case for us all... I don't either except for a few select works
And of course what Jenayah said, whilst this is the main chatroom for SFF, that doesn't mean chat is only about SFF... just check out the "daily" floof :P
All I know is that its cool and I want a pet alien
What kind of alien? The face-hugger type? :p
@SamGreaves Well, just keep in mind that that sort of thing can go either way - you might wind up the alien's pet....
4:16 PM
@RDFozz that's already the case with good ol' Earth cats
or maybe cats are alien too
Cats are certainly... something
Just stick to dogs
I'm cursed with cats anyways
True - in any group of cats you have a hierarchy, and each cat knows who's the top one. Him (or her) self, of course.
We all know who is actually the Top Cat though right?
I'm especially cursed with one cat
4:18 PM
My uncle's
@Jenayah OK, how so?
I mean it's your typical human-hating cat (except for my uncle. She loves the guy and it's mutual ahah)
but if I'm in a room, she'll go all cuddly with everyone else EXCEPT me
She'll come from the other side of the garden to scratch me
I have absolutely no idea why she'd behave this way -_-
@Jenayah Maybe she thinks you're climbable
@RDFozz there are enough pine trees for that
or my uncle
meh just another cat which doesn't like me
go dogs
4:23 PM
I have to admit, one of my cats, Shadow, will get on my shoulder if I'm not paying him attention when he wants it. I mind a lot more when I don't have a shirt on :-)
I love dogs - as long as they're someone else's.
@RDFozz ahah
Eh if everything works out well I might finally get my dog sometime in the two years to come :)
I'll finish my studies next year and if I get a job which seems it'll last and can manage around to get a flat and be able to walk a dog enough times per day... It might finally happen :)
We should be getting our first dog sometime next year :)
@TheLethalCarrot oh I thought Darth-Labreagle and Carpet-Camo dog were yours
The Beagle is technically my gfs dog but he'd never leave her mum and dad's house now, the other 2 are my mum and dad's and whilst the Labradoodle there is technically mine again he would never leave
4:31 PM
The other two labradoodles, one my mum and dads, the other hers but they're not really ours at all, the one at my mum and dads is certainly my mums and the one at hers floats around depending on her mood
What dog are you thinking about getting?
I've been telling everyone since I was 6 that "when I'm older, I'll have a German Shepherd named Rex" :P
Alsatians are great dogs, just a shame about their back ends
My gfs mum and dad had one, before my time, that chewed through the fridge door cos it was hungry
I love German Shepherds they're so dozy
But then again I know that there are pretty good odds I'll walk into the rescue center and fall for whatever crossbred that looks at me with a "adopt meh" look
4:34 PM
That's what we did and ended up with the doodles haha
The one that's technically mine came from Labradoodle rescue in the UK though... we went to pick him up without having seen him before and he chose me... sat next to me the whole time we were there doing documents and what not
Then got up, burnt his tail in the fire and came back again haha
Oh is cute... like a little bear
From left to right

"Oh no we've been caught..."
"We didn't do nuthin' honest"
"Derp, hey mum we make floof"
"HEY! We had a great time whilst you was out... floof clouds!"
4:47 PM
@Jenayah ohhh it’s cause I have this tab open somewhere on my laptop so every time I open it it loads this up haha, thanks for the welcomes! @Jenayah
@SethTaddiken ahah that explains it :)
I think that's why Kevin constantly pops in and out too
eh now that makes sense
There was someone else that used to do it a while back, in TQAT I think. Same thing would be popping in and out all day but never actually there, just a rogue tab that was always open
Either that or they had a tab they'd never close and never turned off the PC or laptop so would always be there
I hate the rep cap sometimes...
5:04 PM
@TheLethalCarrot you poor thing... :P
Lost out on 135 so far today
If I counted right
Q: Story identification: Space rabbits and counterfactuals

Dan BronMy memory of this story is very thin indeed, but I’ll share what I remember, hoping two prominent points will serve as a sufficient lead to track it down. It was in a SF digest or anthology in the mid- to late 90s. Read in New York City, but could have been written anywhere (but from what I reme...

@Marvin Damn homepage not updating to show me that
know the answer?
Haven't read it haha
5:09 PM
Just like watching things as they come in
I mean it does warrant an edit too
come to think of it I could push a new Stargate question
aye <5/15
I'm not a fan of editing 5 in a row and clogging the homepage with only one topic so
It's not the best thing to do, I try to stay away from it
Especially with old posts too
@TheLethalCarrot whaddya mean?
Editing 5 old posts in a row of the same topic
5:14 PM
You remove new posts from the top, flood with a particular topic etc.
yeah what I was saying above basically
It's not great.. but not bad every now and then
Yeah basically haha
Awww was hoping we'd get an abnormally high amount of FPs today so I could finally hit 1000
Will have to wait until tomorrow now me thinks
Still 16 away from LA silver too... that one seems to be taking even longer
5:18 PM
actually cleaning up Stargate is faster than I expected
Nov 2 at 15:46, by Jenayah
geez, found my next retagging occupation... Meet the [stargate-atlantis] -[stargate] query and its 45 resulting questions
^ down to 27
Nov 2 at 15:47, by Jenayah
aaaaaaaargh [stargate-sg1] -[stargate] has NINETY-SEVEN of them...
^ down to 72
tehcnically 71 because one of them isn't eligible for franchise tag
Isn't? Is it not about SG1 but something else?
Q: What's with "killing you where you stand"?

ThePopMachineWe have the rare Star Trek/Stargate/MCU/Archer crossover question. I have noticed the recurring expression "I will kill you where you stand". The first is Worf in Star Trek: First Contact: We also have Te'alc in Stargate SG-1: ...

wouldn't make sense to put a Stargate franchise tag
as you'd also need a Star Trek franchise tag and that would make too much tags
And Marvel/MCU haha
might need a tag or something
eh it's closed anyways
Mention LAs and one turns up... I think... Will be travelling home though :/
@Jenayah Yup
5:26 PM
want me to wait 'til you're home to flag it? :p
Lol, no go ahead
If a mod isn't around chances are it'll still be in the queue when I get back anyway :P
~11-15mins until the LA though so that'll come though at a similar time to the LQP if you flag it
Just FYI
@TheLethalCarrot LA is a different answer
I know
LQP already in anyway
Just in time for me to leave haha
Q: Are the small black creatures the children of the big one?

DragonChampion7Near the beginning of the movie, when Jake is first exploring the forest, he is chased by a black, oily, almost panther-like creature. In the night after he escapes that, he faces off against a pack of creatures that seem like smaller versions of the big one. Are they just related species, or are...

5:50 PM
Just here to point out that @TheLethalCarrot is helping track down a story about rabbits. — VBartilucci 13 mins ago
Q: Book about a planet covered in very, very long necked aliens

qazwsxI remember reading a sci-fi story where astronauts visit a planet, which is covered in stationary aliens with mile long necks that filter feed from the atmosphere. In was published before 2000 and after 1960.

@Jenayah There are a couple of which mention a character named Alex. scifi.stackexchange.com/… Maybe I should get involved in those.
@Alex indeed there's an unanswered one
others I didn't check if they were accepeted or not
Though based on experience, my talents do not lie in story-identification.
Ironically enough, the story-identification that I have mentioned I might ask has one of the main characters named Alex.
I think.
6:13 PM
For reference:
@VBartilucci It’s my main purpose on the site. I’ve had this one favourites since it was posted in July. — TheLethalCarrot 5 mins ago
And now I realise my phone autocorrected
short story?
Ah crap I might know a novel that resembles that but not a short story
hmmm... Nope no clouds in Vegemorphs
^ must-read for anyone who once read an Animorphs book by the way
@Jenayah According to you, Vegemorphs is actually considered part of Animorphs:
Oct 7 at 23:01, by Jenayah
that includes Vegemorphs :p
@Alex it's a parody but still gotta read it to have read all Animorphs-related works :P
@Jenayah Before or after the ~50 regular Animorphs that I haven't read yet?
6:22 PM
They may have misremembered a short story as a novel. Worth answering if close enough
not close enough
7:10 PM
@Jenayah This may be the most terrifying things I've seen in a while - people turning into vegetables.
That's one reason I've never watching Creepshow
I'm something of an herbiphobe
7:36 PM
I would be a seaweed in a reef if I had to be a vegetable. A reef with nice views and where many lady swimmers go... or lady seaweeds if my attraction to humans dissipates with my vegetable condition...
RWBY season 6 looks SO awesome
first episode is freaking great and opening shows "this character" returning :)
1 hour later…
9:12 PM
Q: Is the Stargate storyline continued after Stargate: Universe?

jcollieThe Stargate storyline begins in the movie, and then continues in Stargate: SG1, then Stargate: Atlantis, and finally in Stargate: Universe. Are there any films, novels, or TV series that take place in this universe after Stargate: Universe? If there are none presently, are there any announceme...

9:25 PM
Bunch of questions on the homepage... Well part of it is my fault ahah
by the way if anyone wants to add franchise tag for the most recently bumped one... I'm at 3/15 and might answer/ask stuff tonight so I'd wish to keep n/15 slots ahah
9:42 PM
@Jenayah The 5/15 applies to all posts, not just edits?
@Alex I think so
@Jenayah Seems odd to me.
What if I already answered 5 questions? I can't answer anymore?
(Until they get knocked down the page.)
If it's just answers it should be fine, I guess... but there's enough brewing to ensure such a situation doesn't really occur...
10:07 PM
Got a Refiner badge (:
@Jenayah Mazal Tov
@Jenayah Colloquially, yes. But literally it would mean something closer to "good luck".
Why would one wish luck for something that's already happened?
@Jenayah You probably wouldn't. People who use the phrase nowadays mean "congratulations". I was just pointing out that the literal translation of the words really means "good luck".
10:11 PM
thanks for franchise tag @RDFozz :)
Alternatively, one might be saying that the thing that happened came about because of good luck.
@Alex oh okay! And thanks :)
@Alex eh... Luck doesn't have much to do in this
@Jenayah Glad to be of service!
@Jenayah Well there is a reason why I originally said "something closer". I.e. it doesn't precisely mean luck, but that is a close equivalent.
unrelated - "radial spread" == "diameter" right?
in this picture:
10:24 PM
@Jenayah I think it's the distance between the two farthest extending tentacles, which would not necessarily be a formal diameter.
Then that means the Ur-King probably isn't a Giant Pacific Octopus... But indeed a Kraken :)
^ don't mind me
@Jenayah Eh?
a character from a comic which turns out to be a giant-ass octopus
I answered a question about a Kraken on Mythology:
A: Is the Kraken a single being or a species?

AlexIn Konungs Skuggsjá it is speculated that there are precisely two of them. From Laurence M. Larson's translation, The King's Mirror P. 125: There is a fish not yet mentioned which it is scarcely advisable to speak about on account of its size, which to most men will seem incredible. The...

Too much giant, actually, to be a Pacific Octopus so I reckon he's supposed to be a Kraken
@Alex that's a good question, actually
10:29 PM
I don't actually know much about that. In fact, I only got to my answer because of Artemis Fowl.
wait, how?
there was a Kraken in AF?
@Jenayah Yeah, in one of the books. (Fourth?)
been a while since I read them
When I read it I thought it was an invention for the books.
the Kraken must not have left me that big an impression
10:31 PM
When I saw the question on Mythology, I was like, "whoa, isn't that from Artemis Fowl?"
@Jenayah Darn, it was the sixth book.
11:10 PM
Wow! Just saw on the blog that I had the highest scoring answer of this past quarter.
11:20 PM
Does the sentence "and the virtuous living are sustained by the bodies of the wicked dead" ring a bell for anyone?
11:46 PM
@Jenayah Where did you hear/see it?
Read it in a comic (Animosity). Makes sense in the comic, and while it's said by a character who likely heard it second-hand as a law, it's never explicitly stated (well, phrased) as a law; and the wording is very formal which makes me wonder whether it's taken/ispired by something else
Hey @AniloveDan!

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