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12:00 AM
Several of the heroes were caught in bubbles, but then someone provoked Taranee and she melted hers.
Although it wasn't early on as I recall, like you said.
I think the poster would have to have misremembered a lot for it to be the Rainbow Magic books, though. The girls don't really have powers in that series; the powers come of the fairies and their artifacts.
12:53 AM
Q: Can anyone help my friend identity this book?

PCSgtLThey read it previously and have been looking for it over a year now. They don't remember much. The main character was name Mark, there was an art heist/theif/forgery situation and that the book wasn't a hardcover. This story reminded them of "If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler". They found it at ...

1:25 AM
Q: Movie about "flying spheres with saws" which killed people?

PabloMy memory is vague but more than 20 years ago there was a horror movie in tv where there were "flying spheres with saws" which killed people by cutting them, and IIRC there was a kid/teen with a gun who shoot at these. Never could find it in my searchs. Any idea which movie could be?

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2:29 AM
Q: Did the Wizarding World ever learn that Gilderoy Lockhart was a fraud?

user931Gilderoy Lockhart confessed the reality only in front of Harry and Co. Did the media ever learn the truth? The trio couldn't be credible sources to media, but they could at least tell the truth to Dumbledore (if Dumbledore already didn't know) or others who could spread the word. Did the Wizardi...

2:45 AM
Q: Game of Thrones: Why were there so many willing accomplices to the red wedding?

StoneThrowFirst question on this site as I slowly engage with the wider StackExchange family. My question, which I think is agnostic between the Game of Thrones books and the HBO series, is regarding the "guest right" social rule. A lot of online material on GoT stresses how sacred guest right is in the ...

Q: Movie about drone attacking a city

VahnI watched this movie a quite long time ago. I think it's around 2000 - 2010. It's in color and I think it's a low budget movie. This is the scene I remember: There are sphere drones attacking a city. It has a laser gun that disintegrate people. There is this man try to attacking the drones usin...

3:17 AM
Q: 80s era Sci-Fi/Horror film featuring several unelated stories (not Creepshow)

Helbent IVPlot Details/Summary As stated in the prompt, this particular film was made up of a number of short stories with science fiction and/or horror elements. It's not one of the Creepshow films or the Tales From The Darkside movie. I do not recall exactly how many stories there were, but I do recall...

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@Adamant oh okay thanks, I'll look into it then! I don't know if the novels went that far though (they covered arcs 1 and 2 I think?)
@Adamant okep then. Never read those so glad to have the point of view of someone who did
Eh who am I kidding OP will probably never come back though
5:26 AM
Q: Can Someone Explain Briar Raleigh and Magneto's Interest in Her?

Gothamite24So, doing some Internet surfing the other day and came across an article entitled 'Marvel Reveals New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants'. In the article, it said that the recent X-Men Blue #34 ended with Magneto having formed a brand new Brotherhood. Now, most of these made a good deal of sense to me (...

This one's been here for some time though
5:50 AM
@Jenayah It was just bumped to the homepage. I don't know if that makes a difference though.
Though it would have to be a pretty big coincidence that it detected it precisely when it just happened to get bumped.
Q: Looking for help identifying a cartoon

Eric RushI remember an 80's cartoon movie that had a scene with blue aliens/mutants, one of which had no head but a face on his torso, walking through a forest, did not speak in present tense (Everything was/will be fine) I think because the present was too painful for them to contemplate? This may have ...

6:08 AM
A: How and why was Miri's planet a duplicate of Earth?

CougarlandSince it's not in the episode any answer is not canon. They only filmed it that way to be more attractive to watch... but realistically it was stupid to use the same land masses and call it a duplicate if no explanation. I don't know why it was so attractive to keep using Earth in those old epi...

Borderline rude.
> The viewers of that time period must have been really stupid.
@SQB And apparently the writers too: realistically it was stupid to use
@Jenayah What's the R?
Q: Deadpool 2 Juggernaut

user23298Maybe I missed something, or maybe they didnt explain it... Why was the Juggernaut, one of the strongest beings on the planet, not able to escape a simple prison? He should have been in the Raft. He didnt appear to have a collar, not that would have affected him, as he isnt a mutant. He wasnt...

Q: Animated smurf movies

Abraham RayI mostly curious, but how many animated smurf movies were made? I figured that there had to be more than 2 at least.

Recommend deletion
6:20 AM
I only asked for the R.
I still think we should be able to flag for spam and r/a from review.
Q: Why is there no flag link in the LQP queue?

MoosemanThis review, for example, should certainly be flagged for spam. But to do so, I have to click the question title below and find the answer. Why can't there be a Flag button next to the Recommend Deletion button?

Yeah but it wouldn't make much sense otherwise
Q: Why Can't I Flag from the Low Quality Review Queue?

Kate GregoryI just spotted a spam answer in the VLQ review queue on Travel. I wanted to flag but there was no link. So I clicked Delete and then used the history to get to the question and flagged it as spam. But why wasn't that an option in the Review?

@Marvin Actually, the first film I've ever seen in cinema was La Flûte à six schtroumpfs.
6:27 AM
@SQB technically speaking that's a Johan et Pirlouit one
If it follows the albums
@Jenayah You underestimate my abilities.
Technically, yes, but let's not kid ourselves about who the real stars of that film were.
A: Include the option to flag posts as spam in the Low Quality queue

SQBSpam deserves its own special place in hell. And the sooner it gets there, the better. It should always be possible to flag a post as spam — when reading it, from a review queue, preferably even from the post feed in a chat room. But at the very least there should be an option to flag a post as...

@SQB Ah, didn't see that one.
@Alex yours no, people reading the transcript, maybe
@Jenayah Oh. I apologize for the unjust accusation.
7:10 AM
posted on September 18, 2018 by Jack B Nimble

IMDB’s description: Marvel’s hard-boiled hero is brought to TV. He is brought back to fight the menace of Hydra after exiling himself in the Yukon since the end of the Cold War. The children of the former Hydra head, Baron Von Stucker, have taken charge of the terrorist organization. Under the lead of his vicious ... Read more

scifi.stackexchange.com/q/195005/4918 "Are there plans to make the Iron Man title less sexist?" is now our second lowest score question. It won't remain there, it will get auto-deleted in nine days, but still.
@b_jonas I'd actually flag as R/A for trolling.
Four minutes ago I apparently had the most recent post on three separate sites at once.
@b_jonas Actually, an iron man is a fe male.
@SQB Yes yes. The comments say so too.
7:17 AM
@b_jonas they hinted at it. I've now added a comment outright stating it. But it's a bit of a lame pun.
Anyway, I've flagged as R/A for trolling.
eh, that's a bit much IMO, I've just delvoted
Hmm. Should we flag the comments for a cleanup too?
7:58 AM
Nah, just vote to delete the question (or as R/A).
8:44 AM
And it's now deleted from delete votes after close votes.
9:02 AM
...wrong link
^that's what I meant to link
Wow. With Dick van Dyke. That man is indestructible.
(Someone had to link to that).
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10:31 AM
Q: Why did Thanos slaughter half of the asgardians on Thor’s ship?

Chris StubbsWhy did Thanos slaughter half the population of the asgardian survivors at the beginning of infinity war? I understand that he believes half the population of the universe needs to be sacrificed in order to ensure there are enough resources to go round but the asgardians have just had their home...

11:03 AM
Q: Which was the first sci fi story to succesfully predict a future event/technology etc.?

PabloI've read that science fiction started to have a higher reputation after an FBI agent went to investigate how a science fiction writer knew about the nuclear bomb they were creating. He didnt know, he predicted or foresaw it in its story (Isaac Asimov told about this anecdote which happened to so...

Over a year consecutive days visited now, I have officially got no life
A worthy tradeoff for a badge, perhaps.
@TheLethalCarrot But you do have a shiny new badge!
Fanatic is "Visit the site each day for 100 consecutive days. (Days are counted in UTC.)" I don't think there's a badge for a year consecutive
It's called the "Insane" badge, and you carry it around in your head
12:02 PM
A: Why is warp 5 so special? Or is it?

LazyReaderThe warp 5 threshold was merely a plot device. In real life, just like the jet engine and supersonic travel, there were impediments to travel speeds. At the time humanity didn't possess the technologies needed to push warp 5, the NX was the first to surpass that, on paper.

User name checks out.
@Mithrandir oh, I thought it was called 'normal person here'? :P
Great. Now we have several @Mith talking to each other.
Renaming room to Mithical.
The question is which Mith did that ping, if any
@TheLethalCarrot all three
12:15 PM
12:39 PM
The sock ruse was a distaction - I have the Miths!
1:14 PM
Q: Mismatched icons?

Vanguard3000Since yesterday I've noticed that all of the small icons used in the "Hot Network Questions" pane, as well as some of the community nav menu (the SE icon at top-right) are all mixed up. This seems to be localized to the SF&F and SF&F Meta boards. I've tried clearing my cache to no avail. Is anyo...

@Slartibartfast Too slow
@Slartibartfast this breaks every time a new site launches
1:31 PM
A new site launched? What thing did they turn into a blockhain currency now, organ donations?
dunno if any launched, i was commenting on the frequency of this bug
Given the explanation they could have redesigned an icon or had a site move out of beta
We're renaming a site and changing its favicon and a couple of other sites' icons... messing with them always causes this for a few people. We're poking at it and it should be fixed soon. — Catija ♦ Sep 14 at 20:37
Hah, indeed!
And...they're using the main site icon for meta question tabs. :'(
Q: Why didnt tell Dumbledore tell the Order about Horcruxes

padfootWe know that Harry himself didn't have to destroy the Horcruxes: "Ron - ?" The sword flashed, plunged: Harry threw himself out of the way, there was a clang of metal and a long, drawn-out scream. Harry whirled around, slipping in the snow, wand held ready to defend himself: but there was no...

1:48 PM
@Marvin Was this self-deleted?
OP thought it was a dupe on it being linked so self deleted
I was in the middle of writing an answer when it disappeared.
OP believes it's a dupe to a previous answer of yours, I wouldn't worry about writing an answer
1:59 PM
Interesting, because if I'm not mistaken he commented that it's not a duplicate right before deleting it.
He said it's not, then actually read your answer, then said it was
Well he technically never said it was, just implied it with the comment right before deletion and the deletion
2:13 PM
I've voted to undelete. It's a useful second entry point.
It's undeleted
@Alex Yes.
I VTC'd it and commented to the OP
@NapoleonWilson scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/12072/4918 says they renamed a site, not launched one.
I...know. But thanks anyway. ;-)
2:17 PM
Yes, I see Mith already said.
Well, a lot of sites get renamed. Sci Fi got renamed once, Mythology got renamed once, Programmers got renamed once.
And I think Beer SE too.
Q: Dark Tower: From where did Jake Chambers came?

DiegoI recently ended reading the dark tower series, and I got a doubt. Warning for spoilers of several books: It is stated that the one that die in the key world is permanently dead and cannot wake up in another reality. Jake Chambers, the boy companion of Roland in the first book arrive in the...

3:02 PM
Q: Why was Kingsley Shacklebolt chosen to be the new Minister after the war?

Ken_To_2018After the end of the wizarding war II (ultimate defeat of Lord Voldemort), why was Kingsley named the new Minister for Magic? I recall that Pius Thicknesse was the Minister for Magic in book 7? Why wasn't he allowed to continue with his tenure as the Minister for Magic? Why was Kingsley chosen...

1 hour later…
4:17 PM
So no one's going to talk about Kingsley's "deep, calming voice" (something like that)? Guy got along with everyone
Even the Dursleys were okayish with him
That kind of plays when you elect a new Minister
@Jenayah I צשט נק צןדומגקרדאשמגןמע איק /וקדאןםמ נוא ןא דםומגקג ךןלק יק 'שד צםרק שדלןמע שנםוא 'יט Tיןבלמקדדק גןגמ,א בםמאןמוק אישמ 'יט דפקבןכןבשךךט Kןמעדךקט 'שד שפפםןמאקגץ
@Jenayah I may be misunderstanding the question but it sounded like he was asking more about why Thicknesse didn't continue than why specifically Kingsley replaced him.
Well it's biaised since question title wasn't one at first
@Alex And that's what happens when I post here and on Mi Yodeya at the same time.
I won't post a new answer but if I had (before everyone came in with the same - right - argument), I'd edit that in
@Alex oh I thought that was Kingsley's description written in Hebrew
@Jenayah Nah, I just forgot to switch my keyboard back to English from what I had just posted before.
Those Hebrew letters all correspond to the English letters of the actual comment that I meant to post (and did post right afterwards).
4:24 PM
@Alex oh so that's your reply, in English, but written with Hebrew alphabet
So it doesn't have a Hebrew meaning at all
@Jenayah It doesn't have a Hebrew meaning but it's also not the English words spelled with Hebrew letters.
It's the Hebrew letters that share the keys on the keyboard with the English letters I wanted to use.
Which doesn't necessarily match up to a transliteration.
So it has no meaning in Hebrew or English.
Sep 12 at 23:15, by Alex
@Jenayah Cue:
@Alex it's a distorted version of the Combo breaker meme
^ and the double post is poor mobile chat
Q: What de-aging technology is applied in Capt. Marvel?

ThePopMachineIt is known that Capt. Marvel takes place in the 90s. Given the release of the first trailer for Capt. Marvel, we now know that Given that these characters need to appear around 25 years younger than today, How much CG de-aging technology (similar to that applied to Rober Downey Jr and Micahe...

4:40 PM
@Jenayah What is its meaning in this context?
@Alex well you combined stuff so you did a C-C-C-COMBO!
@Jenayah I'll take your word for it.
5:16 PM
(Spelling correction was still set to Dutch)
Looks good.
Oh, it's from Boulet
Guy's funny :D
Hat tip to r/bandedessinee.
@Jenayah He is?
@SQB yeah I look at some tweets and interviews sometimes and guy's funny
Ah. I don't really follow him.
But this looks interesting.
My wallet will feel like it's on a diet.
5:26 PM
Q: What story does C.S. Lewis acknowledge in the preface to "The Great Divorce"

DqwertyCThis isn't a typical story-identification question, since it's not a story I've read myself. As such, I unfortunately can't offer any more details or more clarification beyond what's already in this question. In C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce, originally published in serial form in 1944, Jesus d...

Hey, did you give your friend the Broussaille album?
That new Blake and Mortimer cover (this one) has a "nope, it's still just about Mortimer. Next album maybe, have faith!" feel to it...
@SQB yeah, I met him when I came back (I had to change trains in Paris so I delayed the second one :) )
@Jenayah Shades of Blue Lotus.
Shades of "nope, you'll just see Blake for only 10 pages once again"
What can I say, I like Blake.
Fan of ligne claire?
5:34 PM
It's a sum of things... I like a lot of those but for others, nice art don't make up when the scenario's crap
I've never read any Blake and Mortimer, to be honest.
You WHAT?!
Get reading then!
Are they not available in Dutch?
They are.
Just never got around to them.
Then do so :)
As far as I'm concerned, it's one of my favorite series.
Even if there are kind of two eras, since new writers released albums after Jacob's death.
Much of my comics reading has been dictated by availablity. Especially as a kid; I read whatever my uncle (who still lived with my grandparents at 30+) had — Kuifje, Suske en Wiske, Flater.
5:41 PM
Most of the new ones are good, though. One especially is absolutely fantastic, and would probably be my favorite if it wasn't for La Marque Jaune
...others, especially one, are absolute garbage.
Though if we're being fair, Jacobs wrote a bad one too.
Spirou as well.
@SQB funny enough, even the newest ones are still pretty okay.
I really liked Machine qui rêve. I was disappointed that the style wasn't continued.
@SQB oh, that's my Broussaille friend's favorite
My favorite among the latest ones was Paris sous Seine
Haven't read that one yet.
I want to buy more than I do, and of what I buy,I want to read more than I do.
Although there's not much that I've bought but haven't read.
5:50 PM
What about the libraries?
@SQB I don't think you're alone there.
@Alex but note the "yet". Am I still not alone?
@SQB My bad, I replied to the wrong message. I meant to reply to:
7 mins ago, by SQB
I want to buy more than I do, and of what I buy,I want to read more than I do.
No luck on those boutnies by the way? @SQB
No one to award them too.
6:01 PM
And no one has found Pakistani Batman yet :(
On the bright side, I'm going to earn someone a populist badge.
A: Best places to be on Earth when an all out nuclear war breaks out?

SQBTargets The two major nuclear powers are the USA and Russia. Other — relatively minor — nuclear powers are the UK and France (US allies as well), China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea. In an all out nuclear war, all these countries are primary targets. Under NATO's nuclear sharing pol...

Oi @deboralopez!
@SQB are you?
My answer is at 1 (I think it's +2/-1) and accepted; highest voted is at 62.
Doesn't it require your answer to have 10 upvotes?
Q: Clarify the Populist badge description

Inbar RoseI noticed there are quite a few questions about the Populist badge. Some people are confused about its purpose, or upset about its existence, yet others simply wonder why they didn't get theirs. I just want to change the Populist Badge's description from: Highest scoring answer that outscore...

> Highest scoring answer that outscored an accepted answer with score of more than 10 by more than 2x
Yeah, but I'm confident that the acceptance will get it those votes.
6:07 PM
@SQB It might also get it to more than 1/2 of the other answer.
@Alex yeah, but somewhere before that, it will be at 10+ but below half, unless that answer now suddenly gets voted down into oblivion — a very unlikely turn of events.
@SQB Do they lose the badge once your answer catches up?
But I was very surprised to see my answer accepted. I was late to the party, but thorough.
@Alex I don't think so.
Badges can't be lost
@Jenayah That's no fun.
6:14 PM
Holy heck, there's an Artemis Fowl comics series.
And the art is awful.
@Jenayah What’s the relation to the books?
@Alex If you gain a badge (any badge), you almost never lose it from such changes; but if the badge condition was true only for a very short time, then the badge awarder script might not notice it, so you need not get the badge.
People can even keep badges that are completely retired and never awarded anymore.
@Alex apparently it's just the books, but in comics
@b_jonas So my answer that just got 25 upvotes is safe even if someone now downvotes it.
Because you know, creating new stuff is hard so let's just make money out of what already exists
6:20 PM
@Alex If you have already got he badge, then the badge is safe. The answer need not be.
@Alex But I don't see you having the badge yet. Which site is it on?
@b_jonas This one. I already got the notification of the bagde.
@Jenayah You just inspired me to ask an Artemis Fowl question.
Strange, scifi.stackexchange.com/users/100430/alex?tab=badges doesn't list a Populist badge. Is this some other badge?
@b_jonas Oh yeah, I didn’t specify. It’s a Nice Answer badge.
Do you mean the Good Answer (silver) badge scifi.stackexchange.com/help/badges/39/…
@b_jonas Yeah.
6:25 PM
@Alex why would that one disappear?
I always thought that Nice implied better than Good.
@Jenayah If it gets downvoted below 25.
@Alex no it's about upvotes
not score
I think
@Jenayah Good to know.
Nno I'm wrong actually
But it’s also possible to get unupvoted.
6:28 PM
But then again the award script timing might come into play
@Alex doesn't get the badge off
and I'm pretty sure you can see that in the timeline?
@Jenayah What timeline?
just make the URL look like scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/[post-id]/timeline
@Jenayah Whoaoaoaoaoa! Why is this the first time I'm hearing of this feature?
@Alex ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I reckon @Mithrandir has a script to show a timeline button right under the post
6:46 PM
Q: Why didn't Dumbledore or MoM ask for muggle help to search Chamber of Secrets?

Captain MarvelThere are lots of muggle technologies in existence which can find and map hidden structures precisely. e.g. ERT (Electrical Resistivity Tomography), BOTDR (Brillouin Optical Time Domain Reflectometry), Underground Radar, Seismic Imaging - MASW (Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves) etc. Talkin...

7:03 PM
@Jenayah was that a pun? It looked like one.
Artemis Fowl / art is awful.
7:19 PM
@SQB nope, but good catch!
7:34 PM
Q: 80s movie about a genius boy who invents a force field to deflect football balls

McTroopersIt's a movie about a boy who is the typical little genius. I watched it in Italy in the early 80s. The things I remember about the protagonist: his chamber was full of electrical devices he weared glasses and seemed to be about 12-13 years old and was a bit socially awkward at one poin...

7:50 PM
Q: Dama Fortuna - BIB Fortuna?

Alex DownsIn the Shrek 1 alternate opening Fiona’s Prologue, there is a witch/fortune teller named Dama Fortuna. However, some sources describing the opening give her the name BIB Fortuna, which apparently is a reference to the Star Wars character of the same name. I believed that until I actually saw the...

8:01 PM
Character-ID question coming this week :D
With one of those community wiki answers you like @b_jonas :)
8:23 PM
Q: 70s-80s short story: man obtains immortality, regrets it, tries to kill self in explosion, but lives on in pieces

SeanThere's a short story I read when I was a young kid. In it, a man meets a demon who grants his wish for immortality. The man quickly tires of his new state and tries to kill himself, but his first few attempts fail - I can't recall if he healed from them, or just caused him pain but didn't kil...

@Jenayah Can I ask you a French question?
@Marvin If it's not called "Rest in Pieces" I don't want to read it.
@SQB bwahaha
@Alex sure
@Jenayah Is there a way to properly distinguish between "the", "a", and "one"? For instance, if I want to say “the cow bit me”, “a cow bit me”, or “one cow bit me”. From what I understand – which certainly might be wrong (Google Translate) – la can mean “the” or “a”, and une can mean “a” or “one”. So if I said la vache or une vache would you know if I meant “the cow”, “a cow”, or “one cow”?
@Jenayah Where? Are you planning to post them?
8:30 PM
@b_jonas yes. I have part of the answers so I'll make it a CW
@Alex hmm... Here's how I see it.
"La vache" - either you know the person you're talking to will know exactly which cow you're speaking about, either there was only one cow in the pen, and well, it bit you.
@Alex Nah, the articles in French generally correspond well to the English ones. Definite articles are "the" in English, "le", "la", "l'", "les" in French; indefinite articles are "a" or "an" (singular) or null (plural) in English, "un" or "une" (singular) or "des" (plulral) in French; uncountable articles are null in English and "du" or "de la" in French. You usually use the article from the same group, although there are some stranger cases when they can differ.
"Une vache" - either it's a random cow, or there may have been several cows but only one bit you.
@Alex So if you already know how the articles are used in English, you know most of when to choose which in French too.
You could also say "une vache" when there was really only one cow of course, but in this case you don't even give enough credit to the cow to call it "la"
If you don't know how they work in English either, then it's much harder.
8:34 PM
If you tell me "one cow bit me", I'll understand "there were several cows and one bit me"
If you tell me "a cow bit me" I'll understand "some random crazy cow bit me" (that doesn't exclude the possibility of other cows being there)
If you tell me "the cow bit me", I'll reply "which cow?"
So yeah pretty much what @b_jonas said :)
@Jenayah Precisely. But in French would you be able to distinguish between the first case and the second case without contextual clues.
The thing is that "un(e)" can either be the indefinite "a(n)" or the numeral "one"
Yeah, but apparently Alex was also asking about the difference between "a cow" and "one cow", which you realized.
@Alex to be honest my snarky self would probably first ask you "what were you doing to that cow in the first place?" :p
It's more "natural" to say "une vache m'a mordu", though.
Q: Optimistic sci-fi: Looking for stories about utopias that do not end up being dystopias

ProGirlXOXOI am not well versed, but it seems like every sci-fi book/movie which takes place in what first appears as a utopia almost always devolves into revealing itself as a dystopia. Are there any stories I should take a look at where the plot takes place in the context of an actual utopia? I would al...

8:39 PM
"une vache m'a mordu" doesn't need any context.
Well technically it does, because how did you end up bitten by a cow? Give us answers!
But that's beyond French language, I'm afraid.
@b_jonas To clarify, my question was that given that in English there are three different meanings ("a cow", "the cow", and "one cow") but in French there are only two ways to say it, there would always be an unknown.
"La vache m'a mordu" kind of needs context. Were you in the pen too, and then you know which cow gets turned into a steak tonight? Was your pal describing his vacation to grandma's farm, in which it's not a big surprise that a cow shows up even if it wasn't featured in the story so far?
@Jenayah So in short, in French you have to provide more context?
@Alex if you're ready to admit a cow bit you you should be ready to give context
But other than that you can just stick with "une vache m'a mordu", people will still stare at you in a funny way but other than that you don't have to be more specific
Like, if you take a more common biting-prone animal, like a dog, you can say "Un chien m'a mordu" and people will get it. There are dogs out there, stray or not, you might encounter one and get bitten. It happens.
Funny thing though, if you go for "Le chien m'a mordu", expect people to reckon the dog was yours.
@Jenayah Eh, I would give the context in English too if I was actually telling over what happened.
@Jenayah Thanks a lot for the help. And @b_jonas
8:49 PM
That's because "le" is definite, so it kind of implies either the other guy will know which dog you're talking about (say, both of you were having a run in the park and some dog attacked you), or you indicate (unconsciously or not) that you differentiate that dog from all the others. And of course, yours would fit the description
@Alex I hope so :p
@Alex you're welcome!
9:25 PM
oh damn, I'm a fool
I have to restart
I was sewing a button back to my trousers, but put it at the completely wrong place
have to cut it off carefully so as to not damage the fabric, then redo the sewing
@b_jonas take a cutter and slice the thread from above
no risk of cutting the pants open
Q: Science Fiction & Fantasy's updated site theme is ready for testing!

CatijaAs part of implementing the new unified themes across the network, we're gradually rolling out updated site themes for each site. As of today, we have enabled your updated site theme for testing. If you can't see it right now, that's by design! This is a very early test implementation of your d...

This pair of trousers uses this formal two-button system with a second button on the inside of the left hand side of the trousers, with a buttonhole for that on the right hand side that's on corner that's completely hidden behind the left hand side. I'm not used to this, so I tried to sew the button on the outside rather than the inside. But of course that doesn't work.
This will be a bit ugly, because normally a button is on the outer side of the fabric, so the uglier part of the sewing is hidden on the inside or behind the button. This way the threads will be visible clearly on the outside, and I can't make them look as neat as a professional.
9:42 PM
Woah I suck at formatting for this char-id
Q: What are the criteria for advancing from Ensign to Lt. Junior Grade in Starfleet?

einpoklumThe Memory Alpha Wiki says: At this rank ... [officers] had begun to prove their ability to perform acceptably in Starfleet, and typically began to take on more senior roles in command situations. But what actually qualifies an ensign (or an enlisted person etc.) to be appointed/promoted t...

especially with a borked Imgur
Should I put square images for the sake of overall comprehension or stick with space-consuming normal-sized ones?
@Jenayah Where?
Oh, the new char-id
9:59 PM
Q: Movie Title Search

DianeI'm looking for a movie title but I don't have a lot to go on. This is what I have: An alien has crashed on Earth, and as the only survivor of his team, continues with plans to use a bomb to send Earth out of orbit and allow the orbit of his home planet to take its place, because the aliens wa...

10:15 PM
Q: Justice League in Lois and Clark

MiscellaneousUserDid any Justice League characters such as Oliver Queen, Aquaman ever appear in the Dean Cain/Teri Hatcher 90's Lois and Clark Adventures?

Q: Did Brainiac ever appear in Lois and Clark?

MiscellaneousUserDid Brainiac ever appear in the Lois and Clark series in the 90s. I do recall Mister Myx.... appeared and so did Zod and Luthor but did Brainiac?

Q: Book like time safari with invisible and sentient dinosaurs

MikeI'm looking for a book I've read couple years ago. The plot was similar to sound of thunder and time safari. The difference was that there were invisible dinosaurs that at the end of the book somehow managed to get to the future (from where the protagonists have come). I remember that one of the ...

10:47 PM
Q: What is in the box?

Michael SternNear the end of “Herbert West, Reanimator,” the title character receives a sealed box from a series of reanimated men and body parts who seek vengeance. West and the narrator incinerate the box without opening it. The monsters soon returned and haul West away. What’s in the box? I feel as thoug...

11:24 PM
Hmmmm... I'm hesitant now.
I've actually identified pretty much all of the characters save for two or three
and it did took me some time to fetch all the pictures
Somehow CW kind of fades away now... :|
I don't know
Any advice?
11:44 PM
@NapoleonWilson not the same box, I'm afraid... :P
@Jenayah You can still ask for just the two you haven't identified. Just put the identified ones in the answer, and perhaps make the question say that you're only missing two. We have questions like that.
@b_jonas ah, not a bad idea!
Actually among those I've identified there are two that I'm unsure of
The underwear identification is the most famous, but I've seen another one with just one object missing, the rest already identified.
The other 15ish hold, though
And a reader might be able to identify a different set, so the ones you identify are still useful in the answer.
11:52 PM
The screwdriver one?
Okep :)
Will post that some time this week then
https://scifi.stackexchange.com/q/78796/4918 "
What’s the top-right robot on Wirdou’s “These aren't the droids we are looking for” shirt?" although the question and answer doesn't identify the rest;
https://scifi.stackexchange.com/q/10689/4918 "
Who are left-most & right-most DC comics superheroes in this image?" answer identifies all, not just the two missing
Oh, and there's mine: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/96701/4918 "https://scifi.stackexchange.com/q/96701/4918" but that started as a community identification effort with multiple people chiming in (Kinrah identified most of the hidden ones, but we identified many of the easier hidden ones before he posted; I did the labeling and the easy part of identifying all the other non-hidden ones)

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