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12:23 AM
Q: Do you always have to have a ticket to get on to the Hogwarts Express?

Mr. Dancing ManIn Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone, Hagrid hands Harry and envelope that contains his ticket to Hogwarts: Hagrid helped Harry on to the train that would take him back to the Dursleys, then handed him an envelope. "Yer ticket for Hogwarts" he said. "First of September-King's Cross-it's ...

12:53 AM
Ahh, good to be back after my forced one year vacation. How is everyone doing these days?
1:52 AM
Q: Book where a camp of kids evolve to face a planetary threat

JakeI read the first book in a series some time ago (10+ years) that involved a camp of kids that evolved powers and they weren't sure why. I remember there was some planet-eating or larger creature slowly approaching Earth, and it turned out the powers were the result of some injured protector that ...

@KyloRen Welcome back.
@Alex, thanks!
2:51 AM
Q: Possibly British War Movie Identification

hrhYears ago I saw what is likely a well-known war movie, possibly British made. The movie may have been set in Africa or another warm or tropical part of the world. A lot of it revolved around railroad lines and trains. I'm not sure which era the movie was set in (WW1, WW2, etc.) but the movie itse...

3:06 AM
Q: Why did Wednesday tell Shadow to toss the cell phone?

Randy ZeitmanWhy did Wednesday tell Shadow to toss the cell phone when "Cell Phones" was on his shopping list? Why didn't he note that to Wednesday?

3:35 AM
Q: Why doesn't Wednesday have unlimited money?

Randy ZeitmanMr. Wednesday pays Shadow $4000 a week (apparently, we never see any such exchange) yet they stay in the low-end American Motel (owned by one of the gods?) and Mad Sweeney, Wednesday's ally, also has access to unlimited gold coins.

3:50 AM
Q: In Doctor Who "The Tsuranga Conundrum" what are they looking for in the junkyard?

PikachunIn Doctor Who "The Tsuranga Conundrum" what are they looking for on the junkyard planet? Did I miss where they said what they were looking for? It seemed important as all of them were looking for it.

2 hours later…
5:22 AM
Q: Try to find a short story, an earth man and an alien agent married for years, also, alien invasion

Kai KangFirst, sorry for my English. The story begins with a normal evening of a normal looking family in US. Married couple with a girl and a boy. The girl was older if I remember correctly. Suddenly there was an alien invasion at night/evening, the housewife revealed to be an alien agent (there is a "...

6:14 AM
@RDFozz Hotel California ;)
(I swear I had the reference before seeing your next message :) )
@KyloRen hey!
6:51 AM
Q: Sci Fi Short Story where Astronaut comes back to earth with virus, in coma, all life dies, he wakes up later and has to nuke earth

OldsockI am pretty sure this is from one of the Annual World's Best SF series in the 1980's just can't remember the name of the story .... so in addition to what I listed above the astronaut figures out an alien invasion is coming and they gave him the virus, he survived because he was put in a hospital...

Q: Would Crucio give muggles Seizures?

Invictus IvanI mean specifically muggles untouched by any protective spells or magic taints just a pure muggle untouched by wizardry or witchery. I know it effects Wizards and Witches in a horrible way but for someone a pure muggle would it cause seizures? Then what about Gods? Animals? Or other creatures in ...

7:27 AM
Q: How crucial are the wizard wands in Harry Potter?

FilipE92I recently started listening to audiobooks and my choice in this case was the harry potter series. I had a thought yesterday when lying in bed listening. In the Thor movies, it is mentioned that Thor's hammer was used as a focusing point for his powers. That's why he could still use his lightni...

8:26 AM
@Jenayah, Hey!!!
Q: Looking for the name of an animated space movie from the 70's or 80's

Cleo MoffatI am looking for the name of a kids animated space movie from the 70's or 80s. I vaguely remember the people or one species thought the other cteature/ species was bad. The bad "creatures" looked like a beetle type thing that had many round glass spheres like eyes and tentacles. By the end the...

8:50 AM
@RDFozz yes
@RDFozz My issue is why kill same character again and again and again. I lost count how many time superman and batman died. Same for X-men
Or Nick fury
Or Kenny... Wait wrong universe
If we switching universe I can throw Vampire Diaries.
Wouldn't know, I only watched one episode
And a half
Though technically that's roughly what I've watched of South Park too
Seen Naruto?
Jiraiya had the best death ever. He didn't come back, had great fight and also left clue to defeat current villain. Perfect.
Couple episodes too
8:59 AM
Itachi almost but then he come back, his plan was stupid and he kept secret powers to sue after death meh stupid
@Jenayah Naruto is great, good, bad and ugly.
@Jenayah lol
yesterday, by Jenayah
We have a tag... facepalms
> Water is a colourless, transparent, odourless, liquid comprised primarily of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
Full form: what the fish
Q: Why would Superman leave contrails?

KyloRenIn the new DC universe, Superman when flying leaves contralis. The definition of a contrail is this, Condensation from engine exhaust The main products of hydrocarbon fuel combustion are carbon dioxide and water vapor. At high altitudes this water vapor...

9:56 AM
@Jenayah I was about to say that we should burn it.
@SQB pun already done
@Jenayah Yeah, I saw. Will repeat pun in burnination request.
Q: In the Black Mirror episode "The National Anthem" why does Secretary Alex Cairns seem keen on making the PM agree to the the kidnapper's demand?

IvanInitially the PM refuses to meet the kidnappers demand. The kidnappers cut off Princess Suzanna's finger and he does not change his mind. Cairns then talks to the PM about, How his refusal would paint a bad picture to the public and They will not be able to protect the prime minister's family ...

10:19 AM
Q: Why do good guys in Star Wars keep making this mistake?

uptoNoGoodIn Star Wars movies, in almost every episode, people who are familiar with the power of force and the fact that people strong with force can become aware of the presence of a person, will usually go to a place and end up alerting that one bad guy that he/she was there which can result in death of...

@Marvin beans?
Slartibartslow again?
Q: Can water burn?

SQBwater We currently have 18 questions tagged [water]. Going through these, I fail to see the value of the tag. No-one is following the tag and I would be surprised if we had any "water experts" within the context of SF & Fantasy. This tag is irrelevant and may lead to other similarly irrelevant ...

@b_jonas still a good point; edited for clarity.
@SQB Questions seeking scientific solutions or explanations are off-topic unless related directly to a cited work of fiction. There are several other Stack Exchange sites dedicated to answering questions on non-fictional sciences
@SQB -_-
10:40 AM
@Alex usage guidance added.
@Alex usage guidance added (previous excerpt wasn't really usage guidance).
If anyone feels like editing some tags in.
For instance @Donald.McLean, our resident -expert.
Aren't there two parts?
I mean if you really want work tag might as well make two part tags...
10:55 AM
@Jenayah one book, turned into two films. No need to split that up for now, with the small number of questions between those, as far as I'm concerned.
Work tags are still meh IMHO
This one seems up your alley: [marvel] death -[marvel-death] is:q
We have for the character, but it isn't really used that much.
Lots of false positives, though.
I'm on Stargate now
I'd rather not mix two retagging frenzies
@SQB 6/15
@Jenayah that many already? Darn.
11:18 AM
Q: Has a human ever mastered the mind meld?

KyloRenIn any canon series of Star Trek has a human been able to master the mind meld?

11:40 AM
Q: Is Flashpoint the reason for Caitlin Snow's powers in the TV series Flash?

ajaygopal07In the TV series The Flash Season 4 episode 22, they show that Killer Frost was there within Caitlin Snow since childhood. That means Killer Frost did not get her powers because of the particle accelerator explosion and the powers were naturally inside her, but before flashpoint there were no sig...

12:07 PM
Q: Can water burn?

SQBwater We currently have 18 questions tagged [water]. Going through these, I fail to see the value of the tag. No-one is following the tag and I would be surprised if we had any "water experts" within the context of SF & Fantasy. This tag is irrelevant and may lead to other similarly irrelevant ...

1:01 PM
@SQB hehhehe agreed
@SQB kill it
I need the water tag, without it I am lost.
1:36 PM
@KyloRen nah that's the tag
@Jenayah, hmm, that is interesting.
Q: Why don’t the twins notice things on the marauders map?

Daria PotterWhy don’t the twins notice anything? I mean, come on: First year: "hey voldy's balancing on quirrels head" Second year: "hey our sister is going somewhere that doesn’t exist" Third year: "hey some dead guy and a mass murderer are under the whomping willow, along with our teacher, Snape Harry Herm...

2:47 PM
Q: Old anime show with a guy with red orbs in his arms that summon things

Catrinai watched this anime quite some time ago and forgot it's name! It started with this boy/guy who is in a metro city kind of setting and he goes through this portal that takes him to some world that summon creatures out of orbs and the thing is he had 3 red orbs in his arms that bring out fire crea...

Cheers all. I'm a noob. I think a question is really asking for an opinion as opposed to something that can be answered concretely. Can someone 5take a look at it?
sure, which one?
Q: In the Black Mirror episode "The National Anthem" why does Secretary Alex Cairns seem keen on making the PM agree to the the kidnapper's demand?

IvanIn the Black Mirror episode "The National Anthem" (S1E1), initially the PM refuses to meet the kidnappers demand. The kidnappers cut off Princess Suzanna's finger and he does not change his mind. Cairns then talks to the PM about, how his refusal would paint a bad picture to the public and that ...

I watched the episode, love Black Mirror
But it's a thinker's kind of show
So much is dependent on how you see things and how you interpret things that happen
3:02 PM
Not sure you can find a this/that answer
@Jenayah thank you for looking
Of course I could be entirely wrong and have no idea what I'm talking about too lol
@MikeB not necessarily. The makers may have commented on that somewhere.
The answer may be "going by the sources we have, we just can't tell". But that does not mean it's primarily opinion based.
Asking "what do you think she should've done" is POB.
@SQB very good points
Very important too, since I too often see questions voted closed as POB when the answer is likely just "we don't know".
Also (but I'd have te rewatch the episode) there may be clues the querant has overlooked.
Doesn't seem really POB aye
basically what SQB said
Also why is scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/198020/… in off-topic queue?
I think I viewed it as a POB because it was asking for the motivations of one of the characters. The show wiki doesn't have anything besides who played the character. So would a "we don't know" be the appropriate answer?
3:17 PM
@MikeB yes, if you add a reasonable explanation why we don't know ("There are no clues in the episode and none of the creators seem to have commented on it").
Even better would be tweeting the creators and seeing if you can get an answer.
Perhaps Cairns was hoping to see the PM step down in disgrace and take his place.
@SQB are you going to make one tag per BM episode... ?
@SQB Me?!!! Tweet the creators?!!! But....but....I'm a nobody! Eh, I'll give it a shot. Who knows? We may get an answer.
@Jenayah yes. I figure they're more like short stories.
Nobody's a nobody!
except Mr Nobody
@SQB alright... that does seem like too much tags though
@Jenayah only for the ones we have questions about, though.
3:21 PM
sure, but still
And maybe only on the ones we have more than one question on.
Why too many tags?
I dunno I'm just not a huge fan of one tag per episode even if they're dissociate
though I see the idea behind it
I mean they're already covered by ... it's not like say one Heinlein short story which was only accessible through or
As long as we have character tags even for relatively minor Harry Potter characters, I don't think it's excessive to tag individual Black Mirror episodes.
you know what I think about character tags
especially HP ones
Oct 28 at 20:25, by Jenayah
@Alex the policy about character tags is that character tags are a mess and HP character tags are even more of a mess. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.
I think that even individual Star Trek episodes could have their own tags, such as .
3:30 PM
geez please don't
Why not? Not each and every episode, but certainly the more notable ones like that one.
sure but doesn't it become POB which ones are the most notable?
I'm not a ST expert mind you...
A bit, maybe, but there certainly are some stand-out episodes.
@SQB Still strikes me as somewhat unnecessary, but it's a good improvement.
@Alex true, but tags that are primarily used on are... different.
3:41 PM
@MikeB For the record, if you do think a question is Primarily Opinion Based, you can flag it and select that as the reason.
@Marvin Voted to reopen. Not every case of someone not seeing something on the map has the same answer. Indeed, in this case, the answer should be that almost all the premises are incorrect.
@Jenayah gotta love how this was starred when I posted it, and now is starred again in chat nesting
My fault. And I was thinking that as I just starred it.
@Alex I admit I'm a big noob so I don't trust myself to make any kind of judgment so I ask here and figured you far more *cough experienced folks will know what to do :)
3:56 PM
@MikeB The beauty of a flag is that you don't have to make the judgement. When you flag it it gets sent to other people to look at, much like when you mention it here.
@MikeB it's a good way to get feedback :)
Q: How long has Victoria's ordeal been going on?

SQBIn "White Bear", S2E02 of Black Mirror, we meet Victoria, who awakes without a memory of her previous life, being pursued by some sort of bounty hunters who seem out to kill her, while most other people keep their distance, silently watching with their phones. In the end, Is there any indicat...

@Alex ahhhhh, so it's not like a negative thing? Ok, good to know.
@Alex they don't necessarily get "live" explanation of why they voted to close/leave open though
Partial answer:
3:58 PM
@MikeB nope, not an issue :)
Well spam and rude/abusive flags are for spammy and rude posts so it's not a "please review this there may be problems but could be salvaged" flag, but still a good flag
@Jenayah Sure, if you want to have a discussion about it, Chat is the place. But in Chat people can ignore the discussion (e.g. above) while a flag will send it to a queue where it has to be addressed for it to leave the queue.
worst case scenario you get a couple flags declined... Not a big deal. You can get a flag ban if you have too much but it would really have to be too much declined flags
@MikeB Some flags can be. But if you're just saying that a post should be reviewed to see if it's on-topic there's nothing wrong with that.
@Alex not really an ignore case, there had been clarifications before
@Alex @jenayah think I just took the term "flag" as inherently negative.
4:01 PM
and if one doesn't know they can just say so
Good to know it's not
@MikeB A flag can even be positive. Like "this post should be reopened".
@Jenayah Here?
@Alex well the Black Mirror situation had been discussed
@Jenayah What's the Black Mirror situation?
4:06 PM
@Jenayah thank you, I'll bone up on that
you're welcome
@Jenayah I'm beginning to think we had a miscommunication.
Are you referring to the question brought up by Mike B?
@Jenayah Ah, so indeed we are talking about two different things.
I was referring to this:
25 mins ago, by Alex
@Marvin Voted to reopen. Not every case of someone not seeing something on the map has the same answer. Indeed, in this case, the answer should be that almost all the premises are incorrect.
And you had me checking to see if there were any closed questions about the mirror Sirius gave Harry (Black Mirror situation).
should've italicized that
4:31 PM
Q: Sci-fi story about an alien AI satellite passing through the solar system

madswm3Iirc, at first it's thought to be a comet. But it's discovered to be an alien satellite with an AI onboard. It's flying rapidly through the solar system and is just on a course to utilize the gravity of the sun to be flung off somewhere else. Humanity makes contact with the AI, but there's not a ...

is fe used as an abbreviation for "for example"?
@Jenayah Don't think I've ever seen that. We use "e.g."
E.g. as in this case:
42 mins ago, by Alex
@Jenayah Sure, if you want to have a discussion about it, Chat is the place. But in Chat people can ignore the discussion (e.g. above) while a flag will send it to a queue where it has to be addressed for it to leave the queue.
i always remember which one to by going i.e.= in essence and e.g. example, general
Fe would confuse people with iron.
4:43 PM
Fe (pronounced [feː]) is an action-adventure video game developed by Zoink and published by Electronic Arts under its EA Originals program. It was released on February 16, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In it, the player controls Fe, a fox-like creature in a forest setting, attempting to defend it from hostile entities called the Silent Ones, gaining help from other forest creatures by guiding them to complete tasks and learning new abilities from those it helps. Fe is the first game in the "EA Originals" series, which is EA's program created to promote...
@Skooba occurs two times in this answer scifi.stackexchange.com/a/44825/98028 wasn't sure how to edit it since I don't know what is meant
@Jenayah I think it's a technical term. See (e.g.) here: us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/2842884614?page=1
No idea what it means though.
5:28 PM
@SQB There aren't that many questions to begin with, so why would we need separate tags for the individual works? That's just silly.
i.e. = id est, I believe. It's all Greek to me....
@RDFozz Latin. I.e. = id est and e.g. = exempli gratia.
Yeah, I was just double-checking the spelling on e.g.
^^ Well, on the expansion. "I can't spell e.g." would be sad....
In Greek it would be ήτοι and για παράδειγμα, if Google Translate is to be trusted.
Which it probably shouldn't.
5:54 PM
@Donald.McLean why not? I didn't create the tag, though.
@SQB lack of a meaningful use case for a population that small
6:14 PM
even our largest franchise tag doesn't have tags for each individual work
I just ends up depending on the franchise. Ones like Star Wars and LotR have them whereas Harry Potter and ASoIaF don't.
I can't really speak for anything other than Harry Potter, but for Harry Potter it would probably be disastrous.
6:31 PM
Q: Is there an equivalent to The Federation in the Delta quadrant?

zabeusThe United Federation of Planets spanned thousands of light years and had over 150 member planets across the Alpha and Beta quadrants. For the purpose of this question, I'm considering the following to be important traits of the Federation. Territory (a government or quasi-governmental group) s...

Q: What other actors played different characters in TOS and TNG/DS9/Voy?

Zeiss IkonI was recently reminded that the same actor, Diana Muldaur, played blind human telepath Miranda Jones in TOS and Doctor Pulaski in TNG. Majel Barrett Roddenberry played Nurse Chapel in TOS and Lwaxana Troi (Counsellor Deanna Troi's mother) in TNG. I'm well aware that TOS actors Leonard Nimoy, J...

6:45 PM
@Alex I see no reason why it would be any better for Twilight.
Q: Did Dama Fortuna use a Love Potion on Harold and Lillian?

Alex DownsAfter all, they HAD to fall in love, or her plan would go kablooey. Also, when Harold says “You can’t force someone to fall in love,” Fortuna says “I beg to differ. I do it all the time.”

Q: What benefits do Evangelions possess over normal "conventional" mechs?

GipsyDEvangelion Units are pretty impressive in what they are capable of, and can be a game changer in the world of Angels trying to end the world one attack after the other, but they are greatly flawed. One of the biggest flaws, in my opinion, is the gratuitous harm inflicted to the pilot should the E...

@Donald.McLean I don't know anything about Twilight, but from what I understood from above, the reason why it would be a bad idea is a different reason. For Twilight it's because there's not a "meaningful use case for a population that small" while for Harry Potter I think the problem would be that the different works are inextricably linked together such that it would be almost meaningless to identify that a question is about a particular work.
Not counting the truly separate works like the Fantastic Beasts series, where there are in fact individual tags.
7:02 PM
Which is something I disagree with. I think individual work tags for would help readers new to the franchise avoid spoilers while allowing them to answer questions about works they have already read.
Also, I may decide to re-read the heptalogy and answer questions as I go along.
I remain of the opinion that the most important tags on any question about a specific work would be a tag for the work, a tag for the franchise if applicable, and a tag for the author unless that doesn't add much (as with JKR and Harry Potter, for instance).
@SQB You can try searching for questions within the Harry Potter tag that contain the phrase Chamber of Secrets (for example) and it will probably return most, if not all, of the questions that are "based on" that particular book.
@Alex that's an argument against any tag.
@SQB But in other cases the particular downside of having the tag doesn't exist.
What is the downside of having and on a question about that book?
Because often a question about that book is not really a question about that book. It's a question about Harry Potter which just happens to have the locus classicus in that book. I.e. the same reason why you wouldn't put a tag for a specific chapter.
Take this question as an example:
Q: Was Ginny really used as bait because she was Ron's sister?

AlexIn the end of Half-Blood Prince Harry explains to Ginny why they can't be together anymore: "Voldemort uses people his enemies are close to. He's already used you as bait once, and that was just because you're my best friend's sister. Think how much danger you'll be in if we keep this up....

Is it a question about Half-Blood Prince? Is it a question about Chamber of Secrets? If I had included one of the quotes from the answer, we could even ask if it's a question about Order of the Phoenix. Should I use four tags just to describe the text that I'm asking about?
I think we can just say that it's not a question about any of the particular books. It's a question about Harry Potter which is based on multiple sources which happen to be in different books.
7:17 PM
It doesn't have to have individual book tags if it spans several books. But in this case I would tag it .
Well then aside from the unwieldiness and the potential diversion, we would also have to define what makes a question considered to be about a specific book? One quote? Ten quotes? The main thrust seems to be based on a particular book? It will likely become very subjective and unstandardized.
Less standardised than the current mess?
Did FuzzyBoots just ask a story-identification question and self-answer it and then delete it?
or am i imagining things or accidentally viewed an old post?
because i was just about to comment on mobile and then couldn't find the question again :p
@SQB Less standardized than the current Harry Potter mess.
Q: How many encounters the Doctor has had with the Rutans?

PalliserMentioned for the first time in The Time Warrior TV story (season 11), it would seem that Rutans aren't as popular as their archenemies the Sontarans. In Lance Parkin novel "Infinity Doctors", the Doctor had a conversation with a Rutan but I ask how many times (within or apart from the Canon) the...

7:32 PM
@Alex Actually, I made my statement because the Twilight books are linked just as tightly as the Harry Potter books. @SQB makes a good case though.
forget what I said, was indeed looking at an old post that just popped up on mobile for some reason
Q: Can you apparate or make a portkey to a location you see via legilimency or pensieve memory?

Neo DarwinUnsure. Book mentions that it's essential to have a clear mental picture of the location. It's possible that a place in a memory is unfamiliar but it's image is exceedingly clear so in theory the wizard/witch should be able to apparate/portkey there.

8:05 PM
@zabeus IIRC he edited a self-one recently
Q: Can [water] burn?

SQBwater We currently have 18 questions tagged [water]. Going through these, I fail to see the value of the tag. No-one is following the tag and I would be surprised if we had any "water experts" within the context of SF & Fantasy. This tag is irrelevant and may lead to other similarly irrelevant ...

Currently at +12/-0. Seems like clear consensus to me.
In reference to individual book tags for Harry Potter.
8:24 PM
Here's my take on it:
A: Why don't we have tags for each Harry Potter installment?

SQBMy evaluation of the checklist scores 10 (but see my note at the end): Does it make sense to be an "expert in hp-book"? +1 — Possibly. While people will most likely be an expert in harry-potter, they might be fond of a specific book and may have reread it more than the others. Does it make sens...

8:42 PM
@SQB Who knew there was already a post on this.
@Alex raises hands
Q: Student drugs teacher

Hayley LJI am a high school Chemistry teacher. This morning, while my back was turned to write on the board, one of my students (age 17) slipped a pill into my coffee mug. This is a thermos-style mug that has a screw-on lid with a small opening; it was obviously a deliberate act). About 30 minutes later...

8:57 PM
ahoy all
Ahoy, hoy.
@SQB people are just awful
Seriously what the f***
Talk in class, play on your phone, stay home, whatever
To be honest, I heard rumours of a fellow high school student in a different class having done the same thing when I was in high school.
Play Profball once in a while
But SERIOUSLY who is enough of a shit to drug someone else
Rumours, though.
9:01 PM
@SQB twenty one freaking witnesses
I've also read news items of people thinking it funny not telling their co-workers that the cake they brought was in fact space cake.
Geez seriously just do not mess with health
Second most important thing in life dammit
Heh, and I thought my school was messed up
Once a girl tried to snort glucose in a biology lab, her reasoning being it was close to the drug she used to do... when she was kicked from her previous school
@Jenayah What's the first one?
I hope the student gets more punishment than just a scold
@Gallifreyan freedom
@Gallifreyan I suck at chemistry, you say glucose and I hear sugar. What does the molecule do?
9:06 PM
I have no idea. I don't think it's usable as a drug, it's just the girl wasn't good at chemistry either
Just give her sugar cubes
1€ = 1 kg
More or less
Cheap, legal, easy to buy
@Jenayah I specifically left out a question mark.
@Alex I specifically didn't really care. :P
@Jenayah Well as long as it was specifically...
Yes. In general, I tend to do things specifically.
9:17 PM
@SQB This song also reminds me of a Hebrew song.
There are specific instances of me going for the general, though.
Well half Hebrew, half English.
(eh, that's not as much as a pedant-twister as I would have liked it to be)
@Alex you get a Hebrew song! And you get a Hebrew song! And you get... :D
@Jenayah ?
Hebrew songs for everyone! :D
9:21 PM
I have to find it now.
Ah, found it. Not quite as similar as I thought:
9:39 PM
@Jenayah I don't know - feeding someone sugar cubes? It might be insulting to horses.
Why the theme so coool
seems like every one is busy but anyway, here is something I found cool:
if you're fascinated by scifi short-films(range from about 5mins to 20mins)
That's a very cool channel indeed
And in case someone hasn't seen it yet, here's a teaser of Henry Cavill as Geralt in Netflix's new series:
10:25 PM
@RDFozz what do we know, maybe Gallifreyan is a horse and the girl was a mare
@Gallifreyan yeah, mind block. I know this guy is DCEU Superman so I can't see anything else than boy-scout face. Kind of ruins the Witcher persona... :/
@IsanaYashiro I only know a few and they're mainly fan work (there are very cool ones about Matrix!), so I'll keep that in mind, learn something new everyday :)
10:59 PM
@Jenayah According to Geralt, he was a stereotypical boyscout when he finished his training and first went to hunt on his own :D
@Gallifreyan you know what I mean ;)
11:13 PM
I guess. He wouldn't be my first choice for the role, but who knows?
11:29 PM
Q: body swap (stealing) short story from the 60s(assumed)

jkaneI am trying to remember the title and find a collection, by identifying short stories that were in it - this one was a short story involving a young lady, a nurse or aide in an old folks home. Her boyfriend's name was Donald, and she was looking forward to seeing him after work. She was working...


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