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2:21 PM
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
2:35 PM
Hubble won! :)
You already asked a Magneto question here and it was deleted. Do you know where you are? You are on Meta.SE, the site where we discuss the Stack Exchange network and the technologies behind it. Questions about Magneto are definitely off-topic here. — Robert Columbia 1 min ago
Half-tempted to make a joke about Magento being off-topic on Meta but Magneto being on-topic on SFF
That joke works better cos the SE site is actually Magento and he's made a typo
I know it's a typo
Well boo you
3 mins ago, by Jenayah
Half-tempted to make a joke about Magento being off-topic on Meta but Magneto being on-topic on SFF
^ I made sure not to make the typo myself :p
2:53 PM
They're too similar I didn't even notcie
I see what you did there
by the way if you're curious about that flag from yesterday
You're lucky it got marked as helpful tbh
eh I wouldn't much mind if it had been declined but whoever handled it gave a hand-written explanation so that's nice
Aye tis
3:10 PM
@xkcd meh that's cheating dedicated people do that on a marble plate with a hammer and a chisel
@Marvin why's this downvoted? There's not that much research but it's an ok question
@Jenayah Maybe a knee-jerk reaction to Cursed Child? I get the idea that many people don't think of this as real HP.
3:26 PM
@RDFozz possibly, but that'd a lame reason for a downvote
@Jenayah True - and that never happens. :-)
@RDFozz I can't hear you over the sound of my illusions of an ideal world
@Jenayah I remember something of the overall plot of Candide from high school French class - "All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds". Now, if we only lived in that world!
aaaaah Candide
now with all due respect to French literature that was a painful read
L'Ingénu (also by Voltaire) dealt with similar concepts in better ways IMHO
666 and religious conflict, coincidence I think not
Q: Book about a one-eyed hero in a post-apocalyptic world with colonies of telepathic semi-sentient ants

KenI read this book in the mid-70's. The hero had one eye, as his other was clawed out by a bear when his weapon malfunctioned. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world with colonies of telepathic, semi-sentient ants.

3:45 PM
@Jenayah When you Edit in LQP it completes the review... if you weren't aware
@TheLethalCarrot it completes it like it gets it off from queue? Or it validates it for me like "I'm done"?
currently commenting on that post by the way
Completes it as in no one else can review it
which is maybe what I should've done in the first place
aaaah merde crap
Basically the idea is don't polish crap
wasn't aware :/
I'll mod-flag
3:48 PM
Can if you want... I'm currently reaching out to some people who could sort this out anyway
meh it got deleted before I could even post my comment
The world site works in mysterious ways
fetching another "ok, my bad" puppy
everything's smoothened with puppies
3:51 PM
Speaking of which
Old boy and puppy
Old boy is way better at camouflage
Old boy has tripped people up cos of it
You'd be surprised how well the pup blends in when out walking though... he's more camouflaged than the old boy... even at night
cute-sneaking doesn't count
3:55 PM
He doesn't cute sneak, he charges haha
4:08 PM
@Jenayah 1 more?
what could I possibly do next
Get it out the way
got a bunch of Qs to cleanup in my favorites but no real pattern
just stuff I stumbled upon
You don't always have to be cleaning tags ;P
Q: Editor improvements for images and links

Joe FriendWe are launching some editor improvements today. These improvements are required as a part of our responsive design efforts, but we think they are generally useful in any case. So we are making them available on all sites. So, what's being improved? Adding a link and image in your post is no lo...

@TheLethalCarrot meh it keeps stuff organized
I actually found and answered a question I wouldn't have encountered without cleaning up [the-flash] -[dc]
Q: Issue of the Flash where Max Mercury's love interest dies

SolI am looking for a scan, or at least the issue number for an issue of The Flash from the mid-late 90s. I recall it as possibly the conclusion to a story arc. Anyway, as the police are handcuffing the villain at the end of the issue, the Flash, Max Mercury and maybe another character are talking...

And it got me to read a bunch of 90s Impulse which has fine writing (though the art is horrible)
4:18 PM
@Jenayah Harder for those of us who only answer questions in one tag.
@TheLethalCarrot Nice update, a few problems though
@Alex eh true I doubt much HP questions aren't tagged HP
And I think I've already seen all the Artemis Fowl and Hunger Games questions.
Q: If the holder of the Elder Wand commits suicide, who does it belong to?

Neo DarwinI got what would happen to it after the natural death of the owner (power of the wand breaks) but will the same happen if the owner commits suicide?

@Marvin I'm surprised this is not a dupe. It's an interesting question
@Alex Check Asimov tag then, didn't you say you read some of it?
4:33 PM
@Jenayah Yeah, but probably not enough to actually answer questions. Unless there's a story identification of one I happened to read and remember. But those won't be tagged as Asimov.
Not an Answer.
I can see that, I'm just wondering what it is some people smoke
Just ask Beaker
4:40 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I don't know - when Beaker's smoking, I think it's usually due to the recent explosion/mishap.
@Jenayah This is why I sometimes comment to newbies that this is a Q&A site, not a discussion forum.
And, perhaps my comment was overly polite :-)
Aye, those are generally useful comments
that, or I should have pointed the poor soul to Riverworld
Just a shame they won't be able to read it once the answer is deleted
Well won't see the notification anyway
Two late answers coming up. Beware.
4:50 PM
From you?
@Alex Thanks - we'll look for them so we can abuse them appropriately :-)
@RDFozz Hey, if they deserve abuse, by all means.
What do we do about this?
Q: Scene where character kisses another character in order to trick him and steal from him

JennyJenI have a vague memory of a scene and I want to know what it's from. I can't say if this is from a book/movie/show, or even if it belongs in this stack exchange category, but let me explain it as well as I can and maybe someone here will know what I'm talking about. What I remember is this: There...

Question is off-topic
Answer which was more or less accepted by OP is on-topic
(and edited in the Q)
I would say just put "possibly once upon a time" and it'll stay open. — Edlothiad Jul 28 '17 at 21:37
5:00 PM
but it's still waaay too broad
open but unanswered
well answered but in the Q, you get what I mean
also hey @Seth! :)
how are the Monte-Carlo trees going?
It's answered and on topic.. not a great way of answering so you could make a CW answer and edit the Q but it doesn't really matter
@Jenayah See, this is why our chat needs its own Frank Castle, to deal with this sort of thing ... permanently
For those of us like me who don't get the reference, eh?
Frank Castle = The Punisher
He tends to punish with bullets.
So we punish the OP...? Haha
5:04 PM
You laugh now....
@RDFozz I'm considering changing my SFF avatar to a Rachel Cole picture because of this comment :D
What is your avatar at the moment? Just something random?
@Marvin So this all comes down to "does suicide count as defeating yourself" right?
Green Lantern with purple hair and glasses?
X-Ray's got black hair
And Hilda isn't X-Ray
just watch :P
5:12 PM
Meh I just looked at the onebox and tried to work it out haha
I got the timestamp for you with Hilda's first appearance and you don't even look :'(
@Jenayah Changing will ruin my association of purple and French, which will be harmful to something I'm reading.
@Alex what is it?
And any case I won't change anyway, Hilda's too awesome
@Jenayah A book where one of the main character's is French and her name is Violet.
@Jenayah Electrocuting portal gun?
5:15 PM
@Alex which is? :P
@Jenayah I don't know the name.
It's a series of mysteries.
@TheLethalCarrot and a bunch of other more or less harmful self-engineered stuff :P
@Alex wait, what?
Each one has an alliterative title that is some crime followed by the name of a place in England.
Like "Poisining in..." "Bombing in ..." "Murder in ..."
I think the poison one is Paddington?
The one I'm in the middle of is the bombing one.
But the name of the place is currently eluding me.
just link a wikipedia page, I'm lost :P
Q: Cartoon about a boy who could transform into a big blue bird and speak to animals

khumbo.nyixI watched this cartoon when I was younger. It was about a boy who could transform into a big blue bird, speak to animals and hear the song of the wind. His grandfather and sister had the same powers but couldn't hear the song. They had an evil uncle who could transform into a vulture and he had ...

5:26 PM
@Alex That poor bear....
@Alex Barcelona? "I am from Barcelona!"
(Fawlty Towers, if you don't get the ref.)
@Jenayah Don’t think there is one.
a cover, whatever
@Jenayah Let me see what I can find.
@RDFozz Good thing you included an explanation.
@Alex I figures Paddington the Bear would be recognized, given the relatively recent movies. The Fawlty Towers ref was much more obscure....
@RDFozz Truthfully, I didn't recognize that either.
5:38 PM
@Jenayah Hi! I've focused more on training my own neural nets to learn how to train computer neural nets so I haven't created a Monte-Carlo tree yet :( But I'll do it this weekend maybe if I have time... school is a lot right now
@Alex Hence hedging my bets by adding it in my last comment!
@SethTaddiken alright, good luck! :)
@RDFozz Smart!
Q: Anime about prisoners in a warehouse being attacked by monsters; main character went off on his own and finds a school/hospital he felt he knew

AnimeThere were prisoners and they were brought to a warehouse. They were told they had to do something I can't recall. They were given weapons to accomplish the task when suddenly a bunch of monsters started attacking them. Some of the prisoners banded together to keep the monsters away. The main cha...

5:40 PM
@Alex okep!
"Violet Despuis"...
@Jenayah That's her.
@Alex Smart, desperate, something like that.
In 20 years of living in France I never encountered a single soul named Despuis :D
also, that's "Violette" :P
When you're brain's indexing mechanism ties together the bizarre things mine does, you expect to have to explain yourself periodically. Preferably, no more than once a minute :-)
@Jenayah ?
5:43 PM
@Alex French spelling would be Violette
@Jenayah Would it be "Violet" if it was a guy?
(poor sod).
@Jenayah Maybe it's a translation?
@RDFozz I'm not aware of any male name version of Violette
especially since in French the violette is also a flower and flower names aren't usually boys names
^ violette
@Jenayah Bah, you're just letting reality get in the way of my pedantic question! :-)
@RDFozz well true the male adjective is "violet"
but it'd come off strange as a name since it's pronounced the same way as "violé" which means "raped, molested"
5:46 PM
@RDFozz Yes! Another member of the Pedants Club.
^ cc @Randal'Thor
@Jenayah Understood - Just thinking Jean/Jeanne, Rene/Renee, etc.
Woah not a single Despuis in Paris (kind of the most populated city...) :P pagesjaunes.fr/pagesblanches/…
"Alex" is unisex.
@RDFozz sure, -te suffix is sometimes applied to make a female name
Pierre/Pierrette, Henri/Henriette
all the examples I can think of sound rather old though
Juliette is a better example, it's fairly common for all ages
6:02 PM
Q: Is the Doctor doing anything in this scene? SPOLIERS

Matt Bartlettduring the Day Of The Moon, the 11th Doctor, River and Rory have come to rescue Amy and broadcast the subliminal message to kill the silence on sight. This makes the silence angry and there is a scene in which they have to escape with silence throwing lightning around. ...

@Marvin guess what comes out the most when you have cartoon, warthog and uncle in your Google query?
welp I've ran out of Google queries ideas
@Marvin no robots, no gems to collect, let's give it a shot, it might be answerable.
(I'll be back in five minutes, complaining that there are too many animes with the same tropes and that Googling anime-id is impossible)
6:21 PM
@Jenayah oh? I'd expect it to be pronounced more like an è.
@SQB not much French words finishing with è
Come to think of that, do filet and chalet sound like "filé" and "chalé"?
@Jenayah no, but just the sound.
@SQB aye
@Jenayah with an actual long, open ee?
off my head the only word I can think of that finishes with è sound is boulè but it's a Greek word which no one uses except in History class
@SQB ...with an é... (and, I'm lost :P )
6:25 PM
I always thought chalet sounded more like "chalette" with the "t"-sound chopped off
@SQB what's chalette?
@Jenayah nothing, I mean the sound.
Okay, going AFK now.
@SQB I just learned a new acronym.
woman says "chalet" in the timestamp
still not sure what you meant by long, open but here goes
"ce filet" in the timestamp
(don't watch if you like fish, it's a news report about fishing)
BTTF all cleaned up :)
@Marvin there are too many animes with the same tropes and that Googling anime-id is impossible
6:41 PM
@Jenayah good job :)
@Alex you might want to learn one of your new acronym's synonyms, which is BBL
@TheLethalCarrot bows
@Jenayah Be Back Later?
That's more intuitive.
hey since we're talking about AFK
if someone's wondering what to watch these days, check out this webseries
6:43 PM
Kind of hard to watch it AFK.
posted on October 31, 2018 by Serban Tanasa

I walked into the store, leafed about 100 pages in, and all I remember is a scroll was made out of pieces of a sacrified minor deity, literally, she had been slaughtered and used as a spell ingredient. I was distracted and did not buy the book. Been regretting it ever since and have tried to find the book over and over -- googling only gets me garbage about egyptian b

stupid oneboxing
> oh shit, I'm in meta? – Serban Tanasa 6 mins ago
Kind of telling of some recurrent problems...
Also, meta feed shuldn't post deleted questions
@Jenayah Does the feed know it's deleted?
no idea
I believe the feed acts differently if it’s been deleted
6:56 PM
It is formatted slightly differently.
Timestamp on top.
Aye that’s what I mean
also they gonna post that to main? :P
Why wasn't it migrated?
OP self deleted when I said you probably meant to post to main
Didn’t give me chance to flag or what not
7:09 PM
Q: What happened to Thor's shoulder wound in Thor:Ragnarok?

King of NESAt the end of Ragnarok, after Thor becomes Electric Thor, there is a short scene where Thor tells Loki that the Surtur Crown/Flame is needed. Within 2-3 minutes, the scene after of Thor and Valk vs Hela, Hela impales Thor with one of her spears. I re-watched it, and you can see it goes in 1 end o...

7:24 PM
Q: Magic is derived from the bodies of dead gods

Serban TanasaI walked into the store, leafed about 100 pages in, and all I remember is a scroll was made out of pieces of a sacrificed minor deity, literally, she had been slaughtered and used as a spell ingredient. I was distracted and did not buy the book. Been regretting it ever since and have tried to fin...

It's posted now.
8:17 PM
anyone updated to FF63 yet?
I’m on Chrome, assuming you mean FireFox
@Jenayah If I knew what that was, I might be able to asnwer.
Don't use Firefox much.
@TheLethalCarrot right Firefox has to be free to protect the bunny.
8:32 PM
I hope it’s mauling the bunny not protecting it...
Q: Maeve's first encounter with an awake host?

akinuriI've seen Westworld couple weeks ago, and a scene stuck in my mind. I "remember" Maeve coming across a person (or a situation) and trying to stop a host (probably giving a command), but failing. She is surprised, and says something along the lines of "oh, you're awake". I've downloaded the subt...

@TheLethalCarrot Ya want to protect it until it's supper time....
Protect the usurper? NEVER!
9:07 PM
@Jenayah as you were, I’m blind
dunno why OP's subs didn't pick it though
Could have just missed it
Or skipped it or something daft
Deleted my comment btw
deleted mine too then
9:13 PM
I blame being on my phone :P
@TheLethalCarrot A being on your phone? is it a brownie, or a tiny, tiny alien?
Answered from my phone so will have a better look around when I get back to my PC. — TheLethalCarrot Sep 17 at 21:21
^ gonna have to look around at some point :P
That one can go haha
@RDFozz took me too long to get that
oooh deleted comment :P
@TheLethalCarrot Glad I can help you keep your mind agile! :-)
9:18 PM
I think I have a few of those comments hanging around still that I’ve forgotten about
I’ve been awake too long, have another excuse :P
short night?
Woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep :/
And like 3 hours early too
go to sleep
Picking mother in law up from work
what time is it for you guys? oO
aren't you just one hour behind?
9:24 PM
she works shifts
also, 34?
was wondering if computer clock was frozen again
9:25 PM
Haha, this is a new phone today so was hoping I set the time right
I'm going to change the oven's hour to new hour on Tuesday
I mean I could do it now but roommate #2 comes back Sunday
You’ll be there for hours
everyone knows oven clocks are a mad science
@Jenayah And you have to calculate the maximum confusion for roommate.
and you see, roommate #2 is one of those people who don't function until they've had two cups of coffee in the morning
So he'll freak out on Monday morning thinking he's late :P
@TheLethalCarrot nah it's pretty easy
just hold the button, press it 4 times and then set the hour with + and - buttons
coming up to queue... scifi.stackexchange.com/a/177172/98028 it did pass FP and LA reviews, but wasn't sent to LQ, so it should go to queue the normal way
9:56 PM
If tags are created for a question and then removed because they are improper, shouldn't they be deleted, or at least merged/synonimized? E.g. scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/harry and scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/voldemor
aren't they supposed to be deleted after a while?
@Jenayah Like automatically?
I thought so
@Jenayah Maybe there is such a thing. But if there is it probably only works if the tags aren't used.
They take 24 hours to purge, if no questions are tagged with them. — Robert Harvey Aug 21 '13 at 20:43
The “cleanup” script that's disabled on SFF is the one that removes tags that are in use but have a single occurrence. There's a different script that removes tags with 0 occurrences, it runs every day. — Gilles Mar 25 '13 at 21:28
well doesn't have questions as far as I can see
10:05 PM
Neither does .
But someone asking a new question might start typing either of those and have these bad tags suggested to them.
@Alex which is funny since he's here to help.
@Jenayah ?
@Jenayah Ah, another reference unknown to me.
well even in France it's not very well known
but don't mind me you know I like to throw off references :P
10:10 PM
@Jenayah And I like trying to figure out if I'm just slow and not getting something, or if you're referencing something I've never heard of.
@Jenayah Looks like he's here to help check if there are privacy issues due to the placement of your keyhole.
[harry] was recreated today
sunno about the other one...
ahahahah French original trailer is your classic "comedy which turns out to be not a comedy at all but y'know French weird but still ok" and American trailer is all "Hitchcokian! sinister music! Beware! Creepy kid! We're gonna take that funny scene, replace the music and make it into a sordid one! Mwahahahah" from the beginning :'D
@TheLethalCarrot Was also today.
10:18 PM
That’ll be why they’re still around then
Do we have a specific meta post about answers in questions? For story-id? Best I can find is scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/671/… but it's about tags
context is comments discussion starting here scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/197731/…
Answers in questions is not something to do anywhere on the network that I’m aware of
It wasn't quite an answer though.
Well it made the question pointless, the question was asking for the quote
Oh, I thought it was asking for the episode.
10:33 PM
well technically speaking does ask for episode
It's not to your pedantry that I'll teach that :)
It was essentially asking for the episode as a side effect for the quote
that was my interpretation anyway
the Stargate one was a bit clearer in this
"I'm looking for episode -- description here -- and quote -- basically what is said --, especially the reply to that quote"
In any case while I do agree the quote belongs in the answer, I'm pretty sure there should be an Atwood blog post about answers in questions or stuff
isn't there any?
It would seem intuitive that answers don't belong in questions. Would it really have required an official blogpost?
@Alex dunno
Nice; 12 LQPs today
10:49 PM
you're welcome :P
11:02 PM
Q: Story in which the Earth's oxygen level is reduced so an Andean tribe can take over

Bob SchneiderThe story might have been in a collection of short stories or I read an excerpt of it. I read it in the 80s time frame. Possibly in Analog. The idea of the story was that group of indigenous Andean (Inca) people introduce a bacterium that will deplete the atmospheric oxygen to a level that they ...

^ OP added a few more details
This one sounds interesting, would read it
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