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12:50 AM
Why do some comments have edit symbols on them?
I just noticed that, at least on mobile, there’s an issue with soilers
The text behind them loads and is visible on slow connections before the thing above it loads
@CorvoAttano If they've been edited.
@Alex Oh, okay
Is there a way to view unanswered questions sorted by newest first?
A: How to sort "no answers" questions list by "newest"?

JenayahYou can use the search filter [android] answers:0 and sort by Newest. There's a bunch of other useful tips you can use; for this, click the "Advanced search tips" on the right. See also the advanced search help page.

@CorvoAttano Were you asking about comments in Chat, on posts, or both?
@Alex comments on questions
The answer makes sense
@CorvoAttano Oh, because in Chat you can actually see the unedited version if you click on the edited symbol.
12:57 AM
I don’t like the mobile site much; it’s so much easier to sort unanswered + newest on the desktop site but it’s really hard to use it on mobile because it’s not designed for small screens
And other things are easier
Chat only really needs one screen on desktop but not mobile
@Alex How do you quote like that in chat?
How on earth would you use the word “zonular”??
@CorvoAttano Just paste the link.
But make sure there's nothing else in the message.
Except for the post number that you're responding to (if it's a reply).
Or the name of the person you're addressing.
And it only works for certain links.
Q: How to post a link into Stack Exchange chat so that its details get shown?

Nicolas RaoulWhen other people post a link to their question in Stack Exchange chat, they get a rich link with wonderful decorations, tags, description, excerpt, and large fonts: When I try to do the same, I just paste the link to my question, but all I get is this pitiful link: Why is this?

Q: When replying to @username posts from transcript doesn't get oneboxed

PeeHaaWhen linking a message from the chat transcript or a comment it doesn't always onebox it. When you type @username {link to message / comment} it is displayed as a link, but when clicking on reply in chat and add a link it does onebox, e.g.: :messageid {link to message / comment}. Is it possib...

The above refutes my second-to-last comment.
Here's the authoritative post on it:
Q: Which links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThere is a special linking to some sites in chat, also known as "onebox". What is the full list of supported and integrated sites? Return to FAQ index

1:49 AM
@Alex And the flag was declined.
2:11 AM
Q: Meaning of P.R.S. Aes Triplex in Heinlein's Space Cadet

Ben CrowellI picked up an old library copy of the illustrated Scribner's edition Robert Heinlein's Space Cadet and am having fun reading it and pondering the seemingly artless and unresolved juxtaposition of the 1940's-sexist first section of the book with the final section involving the matriarchal Veneria...

2:41 AM
Q: Short story about lunar nuclear energy workers going insane due to stress

David WhiteI'm looking to find a short story that takes place on the moon (I believe) and involves workers responsible for taking care of a power plant (nuclear, I think) that powers the entire earth. Due to its instability, the workers must concentrate intensely while on the job lest the whole thing explo...

3:27 AM
Q: Audio book series name?

LisaAn audiobook series sold at truck stops with over 18 titles from late 1990s early 2000s post apocalyptic where they use gates to travel possibly brilliance audio

1 hour later…
4:45 AM
@Jenayah Did you somehow get an association bonus here even though it was the first site you signed up on?
4:59 AM
Scratch that. Everyone gets the association bonus on their original site as well, once they join another site.
All those red circles for nothing.
5:47 AM
Stuff just isn't synced yet?
Ah nevermind
6:14 AM
Q: Looking for traces of previous alien visits to Earth

IlludiumPu36My time traveler is tasked with finding information on previous visits to Earth of a potentially hostile alien civ. What sort of traces might aliens leave? I'm thinking some kind of biological or light trail visible to a type of spectrum analyser...this could pinpoint the civ in question.

6:45 AM
Q: This trio of books were published in the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s I believe

MachinatoI read the books in paperback and perhaps they only were available in “bulk” paperback. I remember one book cover - an older man dressed as a typical wizard - long brown robe with hood, long grey hair and beard wearing selfless and holding a long cane or stick is sitting at some fellows kitchen ...

2 hours later…
8:27 AM
PSA: I'm doing some tag edits; I'll keep the frontpage in mind.
9:04 AM
@Marvin @Jenayah Were you in a rush or something? That one certainly needed an edit
@TheLethalCarrot mobile
Ah crap it counted as a review with the comment?
Any action which enables I'm Done means Reviewed aye
Q: Where did the idea of using bottle caps as money come from?

Edmund DantesBeing a fan of both the DuckTales and the Fallout series, I have only recently noticed that in the former there was an episode The Land of Trala La where the main characters introduce a concept of money (in the form of bottle caps) to an isolated society. It is well known that in all of the Fall...

9:46 AM
Q: How many important people there were in Snape's life?

Shana TarSnape is usually perceived as a tragic, unfriendly loner with Lily being the only nice person in his whole life. But though as unlikable as he was, he still was intelligent and brave and hard working, worthy of some respect among those who knew him well and craving for social acceptance. Is it ...

10:15 AM
Q: Are there any differences between school level, club level and international level Quidditch?

StuperUserAre there known differences between the different levels of quidditch play? For instance, bludgers hitting harder and snitches being faster or more mobile for higher level play?

10:45 AM
Q: From where do the original symbiotes from Kyntar get their names?

ShreedharThere are several Symbiotes in the Marvel universe (or multi-verse if you'd prefer) including Venom, Carnage, Toxin, Anti-Venom, Scream, Riot and many many others. The symbiotes that were genetically created by the Life Foundation (i.e. Scream, Riot, Phage, Agony and Lasher) were given code-nam...

@Marvin pssst @Jenayah
Q: Movie about Jupiter and Blackhole

DigerkamI am trying to find an movie: Narrative is based on a blackhole which getting close to Earth To save earth people sacrifice Jupiter But on Jupiter there are an unknown alien nation that couldnt communicated As I remember jackie chan were acting, but I couldnt find the movie on his IMDB He might...

11:25 AM
I know don't even get me started class is taking forever :P
Well "took" forever
gotta love it when the teacher's correction causes every computer in the room to crash
Amazing haha
"it worked on mine"
"you didn't try it on the school's computers did you?"
"Lol no I ain't touching this shit"
"SO GIVE US A FREAKING LICENSE so that we don't have to use these stupid weak computers"
Ah schools... can't beat 'em
11:45 AM
Q: Movie about black hole getting close to Earth so they sacrifice Jupiter to save themselves

DigerkamI am trying to find a movie: The story is about a black hole that is getting close to Earth To save Earth, people sacrifice Jupiter But on Jupiter is an unknown alien nation that couldn't communicate As I remember Jackie Chan was in it, but I couldn't find the movie on his IMDb page, so it migh...

@Marvin Damn, you beat me to it, @Jenayah. Get your upvote.
Also, I now want to see the film.
@SQB thanks :P
film jupiter "black hole" was enough to find it for me.
And I'm at 5/15 again.
12:00 PM
Q: Anime with a teen boy who explores a crashed alien ship in the forest and now has demon powers

ShadowthefireFrom what I remember once he got his demon powers he would fight other demons or monsters with that power but he wasn't able to control it until later on. In the ending of the anime he fights someone else who has the same power but is superior to him. The antagonist then took the girl that the pr...

Q: Why can't things be Transfigured into gold?

AnthelothIn the Harry Potter universe, it is evident that the only way to make real gold (as opposed to Leprechaun gold, or things like that) by magic is to use a philosopher's stone. Why can't objects simply be Transfigured to gold?

@SQB If you know you're at 5 why would you do 2 more?
@TheLethalCarrot 'cause two got pushed down?
Or someone edited over?
Or 'cause SQB's a rebel
Nope on 7
@Marvin unsure if dupe
One was unrelated, the other one I'm about to answer and as such will be booted up anyway.
12:04 PM
It's not 5 related edits; it's just 5 edits
@Jenayah Probably a dupe of something
@TheLethalCarrot about your World Cup duration thing, from scifi.stackexchange.com/a/194030/98028:
> ‘Look at the time,’ Mrs Weasley said suddenly, checking her wristwatch. ‘You really should be in bed, the whole lot of you, you’ll be up at the crack of dawn to get to the Cup. Harry, if you leave your school list out, I’ll get your things for you tomorrow in Diagon Alley. I’m getting everyone else’s. There might not be time after the World Cup, the match went on for five days last time.
so either rules changed or JKR screwed up again :P
oh wait no the Lexicon wasn't suopervised by JKR was it?
It looks like the Lexicon got that statement from some other book but I don't know for sure... I'll edit to clarify though
Unrelated but I got a bronze badge :3
12:15 PM
Oh nice
And I'm surrounded by impressive people scifi.stackexchange.com/help/badges/84/comics
Feeling right now:
12:47 PM
Q: What was the name of the 80s scifi show that had ewoks?

Jack B NimbleIt is possible they weren't ewoks, but as a kid I identified them as being the same as ewoks.. Basic plot: A family (husband, wife, couple of kids) crash land their spaceship on a planet. They meet friendly ewoks, but also another race of creatures which are hostile. The hostile creatures steal...

Q: Father and Daughter land on Alien World

VincentI saw a film nearly twenty years ago. A father and daughter land, maybe crash, a space craft on an alien world. When they land, they're in a forest. The daughter was probably in her young teens. There was a kingdom on the planet ruled by an evil humanoid man or alien with brownish skin and ...

2nd to 1st probs
1st remebered two movies though
and if dupe-closing I feel like the second should be the dupe-target, better QAs
Second is better but it's best to close specific to general, one book to series etc.
@TheLethalCarrot I thought the "closing book to series" only applied when it could reasonably have been found by checking series Q?
It's all a bit ambiguous and is down to mainly using your best judgement
So make your best judgement :P
12:54 PM
hence my bringing to chat
Yup doesn't answer the question that was asked
@Jenayah Did you flag it?
@TheLethalCarrot yeah
Jolly good, just taking its time then
dropping by in Charcoal HQ paid off :P
@SmokeDetector gone now (cc @SQB @Mithrandir)
1:32 PM
@Jenayah You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
shaddup Smokey
do your self-deleting job instead :P
Lethal!!! Been trying to find you.
FWIW I'm usually lurking in here
The messaging on this site is not as intuitive as you might think, or I'm not that bright. Probably the latter .
1:37 PM
"lurking" says the guy who talks almost every day :P
Not really made for messaging so chat is the best place
@Jenayah Shhhh
Is there a way to pm/dm/etc a person?
@MikeB nope
You can start a chatroom with a specific user but it'll be public still I believe
Related conversation in this same room starting from here
Oct 20 at 13:40, by Jenayah
@CorvoAttano no DM but if you need to have a conversation with a mod for serious stuff I guess you could ping them and ask for them to create a private chatroom with a bunch of locks on
1:39 PM
Ahhh well. I was going to attempt an answer to a question that was closed down.
Didn't know how to give the person the answer.
Which Q?
If closed there's likely a reason for it
The post apoc stories on cassette with gates
it was considered a bit too broad I think
Got a link? Haha
I see a lot of posts
Oh this one?
Q: 90's/00's Audio book series post apocalyptic where they use gates to travel

LisaAn audio book series sold at truck stops with over 18 titles from late 1990s/early 2000s post apocalyptic where they use gates to travel, possibly brilliance audio.

BUT because I drove cross country a few times or more during the time frame the OP mentioned I had a brain fart and I think I know what they were asking for
Read this and see what you think
Deathlands is a series of novels published by Gold Eagle Publishing. The first novel Pilgrimage to Hell was first published in 1986. This series of novels was first written by Christopher Lowder, under the pen name Jack Adrian. Mr. Lowder became ill after developing the plot and writing most of the book. Laurence James, under the pen name James Axler then finished the story.The series exists in both an episodic style and a series format. Some of the novels can be read out of order yet others are dependent on the previous release. There are also a few trilogy sets within the series. == Plot == On...
I remembered the concept with the post apoc story and the teleportation gates
The problem is that there appears to be quite a few stories that match the OP's description as Valorum mentions in the comments
Also are those audio books?
1:42 PM
Aye audio books on cassette
pretty popular at the time and yeah in almost every truck stop I visited
The covers, and the story would seem a bit low brow by today , kind of a "Fabio" cover but for sci fi fans
I'd be hesitant to open it just because there are a few that appear to match the brief description... if you're confident you know what the answer then it might warrant reopening though
The two in Valorum's comment don't take place on Earth as far as I can tell
so Deathlands sounds more likely
I didn't actually check what he linked
lolol I remember the title character had an eye patch and his love interest was a bit...mutant if I recall right. Latent mental powers and red hair that moved by itself
Oh those were the days, and the books lol
still got the cassettes?
1:48 PM
don't judge but I think I do in storage somewhere :)
but....when was the last time you saw a cassette player?
Not judging I was just about to propose you included a photo of them if you didn't find the reference online
they are most likely in a box full of cassettes and without their box
@Jenayah You sure? It doesn't appear to have come to queue? Did a mod handle it?
Been through a few moves since way back when also left the army back in 97 so they would have been boxed up with a bunch of other junk
Yes I'm a pack rat
@TheLethalCarrot gimme some credit :P
1:52 PM
It should only take 15 mins max
to get back on that story-id thing I'd say if you can pack up a backed up answer surely we should reopen it
Aye if it can be backed up with evidence and is quite likely to be correct it should be fine
still not in queue?
2:07 PM
I've gone through all the possible ids too
A wrench in the machinery?
ahahah that's dedication
Checked off ones where they appear in other queues so there isn't a gap where it should be
It's as if it's lined up next but that next isn't coming haha
Hmm. So in Star Wars: Rogue One, I was wondering what the heck the "ring of Kafrene" was, since it sounded even more ambiguous than the "forest moons of Endor" (What is "Kafrene"? Is it the name of the ring itself? The name of the place the ring surrounds and protects? The name of the star? The name of the lord who wears the ring? The name of the person who made the ring? The name of the demon that powers the ring?) But I thought that some supplementary materials would answer that.
Mhhmmm it did survive the LQP queue back when it was posted with only two Looks OK votes so maybe that plays a part in it
2:09 PM
There was enough time for supplementary materials, but there still doesn't seem to be an answer. We only know that the ring of Kafrene is in an asteroid belt, but we don't know what this "Kafrene" is that it's named of. Or maybe we do, but I don't. I wonder if I should ask on the main site.
> The Ring of Kafrene, also referred to simply as Kafrene, was a mining colony and deep-space trading post in the Kafrene asteroid belt of the Thand sector. The Alliance to Restore the Republic sent intelligence agent Cassian Andor here prior to the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War, leading Andor to learn of the existence of the Death Star.
Greetings, Earthlings.
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, I just read that.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@TheLethalCarrot I reckon this is the problem but I thought things could go to queue multiple times, especially when years apart
2:14 PM
Just a random thought but no wonder the guys in Imagine Dragons' Believer music clip experienced pain. They don't even have the beginning of a guard
They still going? I thought they died out after the first album
Q: Alternate ending to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

user473334As Harry and Hermione travel back in time in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I suppose it could have alternate endings. Does anybody have a cool theory about an alternate sequence of events for this time travel?

dunno I only know this one song
got used to it when they put it in inter-schools sports tournament video recap
The first album was good, second was different but meh and didn't follow them since
now that I've watched the clip well of course they get punched in the face, your fists aren't for protecting your chest boys
yes I'm that bothering friend going "MEH that's not how it works" when I see a movie/clip/book about something I practice
2:18 PM
I don't even pay attention to movie videos, 99% of the time they make 0 sense
but seriously who in Hollywood thinks it's easy to run in a forest
Depends on the type of forest I suppose
@TheLethalCarrot I didn't either but I saw a brief clip when switching tabs
so I watched the whole thing to make sure I could rant about it
yes I'm both bothering and dedicated
2:20 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Lots of bands continue to release albums long after their major popularity has ceased. Just because most people aren't paying attention doesn't mean that they aren't still arround.
@Jenayah It's hard for most people (to run in a forest), but easy for some: scryfall.com/card/mmq/55/trap-runner
@Donald.McLean Was mainly a tongue in cheek comment :)
Interesting - one of their new songs will be in the soundtrack to Ralph Breaks the Internet.
@SQB that's 6 again... can you try and be more careful when mass bumping old posts for tag edits
@TheLethalCarrot final push.
2:23 PM
@b_jonas eh my forest runner of reference would rather be Thierry Gueorgiou :)
2:33 PM
There's a great running in a forest scene in Oath of Gold
The Deed of Paksenarrion is an epic fantasy saga by the American author Elizabeth Moon. The Deed of Paksenarrion was originally published in three volumes in 1988 and 1989 and as a single trade edition of that name in 1992 by Baen. The three books included are Sheepfarmer's Daughter, Divided Allegiance and Oath of Gold. Sheepfarmer's Daughter was awarded the Compton Crook Award by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society for the author's first fantasy novel.A single volume prequel about the life of Paksenarrion's guiding saint was published in 1990, followed by a sequel tying characters from both...
I'm now down to 22 questions in . Most of those do not need an additional work tag, although a couple of them might.
If you ever wanted to read a fantasy novel that sounds like it was created by a bunch of D&D players, this would definitely be the one. Fair warning - It's military fantasy.
Also, I see we have but not .
@SQB eh just dilute it like 4-5 a day or stuff
@Donald.McLean duly noted
@Jenayah no, I'm done.
2:38 PM
@SQB Does anyone even care about the Heinlein Future History any more? Other than old geezers like myself.
was wondering what to read after The Nowhere Man and Nexus
I'll pick up one of the works which was recommended in this chat :P
The books from the Paksenarrion universe were all quite enjoyable to me. Not enough to rank them as all time favorites, but still highly rated.
Hm. Wikipedia redirects "World as Myth" to "Future History". Are they synonymous?
Does it? Is there even a Word as Myth Wikipedia page or just Google just bring it up cos it contains Word as Myth in the content?
2:47 PM
@TheLethalCarrot It's a redirect by Wikipedia itself.
The Future History, by Robert A. Heinlein, describes a projected future of the human race from the middle of the 20th century through the early 23rd century. The term Future History was coined by John W. Campbell, Jr. in the February 1941 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. Campbell published an early draft of Heinlein's chart of the series in the March 1941 issue.Heinlein wrote most of the Future History stories early in his career, between 1939 and 1941 and between 1945 and 1950. Most of the Future History stories written prior to 1967 are collected in The Past Through Tomorrow, which also...
@SQB They are not. Very odd.
That URL is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_as_Myth
Though they do seem to be related.
I thought Future History was the "Man Who Sold the Moon" stories, tying a bunch of his juvies and short stories together, while World as Myth tied almost all his works together in a big time-travelling narrative.
So Future History is a part of World as Myth.
@SQB Must have had a typo when I entered the link then
Is a bug a bug if it never happened?
Okay. But there will probably be no motivation to fix it unless it can be shown to actually occur.
bugs with no repro are hard to deal with
Whilst a bug is a bug even if it's never happened yet how do you know it's a bug?
@Jenayah No repo ones are usually just closed as no repo... on here and everywhere I've seen elsewhere too... no point wasting time if you can't even find reproduce it
2:59 PM
@SQB The Future History is a simple, relatively linear thing. World as Myth is some of the most meta fiction you will ever find.
@TheLethalCarrot Do you mean how do I know the problem is a bug as opposed to by design, or how do I know that the problem exists?
@TheLethalCarrot aye they should but also depends on how much your client is a pain self-confident
@Alex how are you sure it's not a chair-keyboard interface problem :P
@Alex Well both I suppose haha
@Jenayah That's always possible. Especially after my gaffe a few hours ago.
@Donald.McLean haven't read all of it, but yes.
3:01 PM
@Jenayah True and depends on the problem actually reported but 99% of the time I reckon they'll just be closed
@Alex what was that?
@TheLethalCarrot Well I don't know whether its by design or not, but I know of the problem because it seems self-evident given the premises.
oh right
@Alex You're gonna have to stop teasing us at some point and tell us what the problem is :P
@TheLethalCarrot Was waiting for someone to ask.
When you try to answer a protected question and don't have the required reputation it gives you a message that suggests answering other questions, with a link to a list of questions. However, the link doesn't lead to a list of non-protected questions. It leads to the list of unanswered questions. On Stack Exchange, though, "unanswered" doesn't mean that there are no answers; it means that there are no upvoted answers.
Since it's possible for there to be questions with answers in that list, it's possible (however unlikely) that they could be protected. Thus, the link which is trying to send you away from protected questions towards a list of questions you can answer, sends you to a list which may well include more questions that you cannot answer.
Unless I'm misunderstanding something.
3:09 PM
It sounds like expected behaviour and that is just an oversight
Would be interesting to see what happens in a tag where there are no unanswered questions though
@TheLethalCarrot I don't think it goes by tag.
It just sends you to the site list of unanswered questions.
So basically, I would want to find an example of a protected question that has no upvoted answers.
@Alex can do, sec
But apparently you can only search for protected questions using 10,000 reputation tools.
And even then you just get a list of all protected questions.
Q: Was there any grander purpose to the first victim in Cube?

GGMGIn Cube (1997), it's strongly implied that the participants in the Cube were chosen for a specific reason: Quentin McNeil is a competent but disturbed police officer who cracks under the pressure of the exercise. Joan Leaven is a mathematician who takes the first step to "solving" the Cube. Dav...

though technically it's +1/-4
dunno if it goes with score or actual votes
@Jenayah Wow, thanks!
@Jenayah I think score.
3:13 PM
you're welcome
Though I can't really test it since I'm able to answer protected questions here.
@Alex go incognito browsing
@Jenayah YEah, just thought of that.
@Alex Ah gotcha, I've never clicked, or seen as far as I know, the link
And......... it's on the list. Problem confirmed as real.
3:27 PM
If you haven't already be sure to vote in the Movies & TV election.. it ends in 4 hours
Q: Non-spooky ghost book where a boy sees ghost children in the garden and is told the stories of them

Thomas StetsThe story, as far as I can remember, played in a manor/land house. A boy, living there with relatives, (or maybe just visiting, but without his parents), one day sees strange children in the garden, which turn out to be ghosts of former residents, many years ago. His relatives/hosts obviously kno...

@TheLethalCarrot not involved enough there to vote :P
The only candidate I know is Rand.
Don't you know Skooba?
@Jenayah Oh yeah.
Well I know of him.
Don't think I've ever interacted.
3:32 PM
You might know Nog Shine too
@TheLethalCarrot The name sounded a bit familiar.
He's the "real life friend" of Shog9 and was quite active on SFF at one point
Has Shog9 actually ever confirmed that he is Nog Shine? So far, it's merely a claim by Nog Shine.
I can't remember seeing anything said by Shog on it... though there may have been
Though I don't think it is Shog himself
That is what the name suggests to me, Shog9 acting as a regular user.
A: How should sockpuppets be handled on Stack Exchange?

Shog9How can I be sure I'm looking at a sockpuppet? You can't ever be 100% sure. What you think is a sockpuppet could in fact be my good friend Nog Shine, who loves everything I write, copies my writing style, and uses my computer to vote and post stuff when I step away for coffee. But in practice, ...

Hm. The conversation in the comments here seem to indicate they're not the same person.
A: What to do when a reviewer rejects and edits with your suggested edit?

Nog ShineYes, it is unfair when the reviewer has rejected your edit and done the exactly same edit you have proposed. This can be resolved through the following steps. We all make mistakes. The user might have clicked "Reject and edit" and didn't know what to do in the next step. It happens sometimes ...

3:44 PM
Q: Doctor Who book about inhabitants of a vacation resort turning violent

Richard CI have been trying to work out the title of a Doctor Who book I read about 25-30 years ago. The premise of the story is that the Doctor (not 100% on the incarnation but think 3rd, or 4th) takes his companions to a planet that is considered the most peaceful, idyllic vacation resort in the unive...

There's the chat link too, I've always took that at face value and that they are just friends
Well, they had me fooled.
Going by the name and the mention of Shog9, I thought one to be the off-duty account of the other.
It's had a few fooled apparently
Q: Series about proxy space battles via implanted computers in kids

amflareThe premise of the story is that there are 2-3 main coalitions on Earth and they fight over resources in the edges of the solar system with spaceships that are controlled from Earth by kids with computers in their heads. If I recall correctly: The main character's name is Tom, he starts out by...

4:20 PM
@Alex Posted on Meta:
Q: Protected questions should not appear in the list you are sent to when you can't answer protected questions

AlexIf you try to answer a protected question without having the required reputation you get the following message: The link in the words "unanswered questions" takes you to the site's list of unanswered questions. Questions can't be protected if they have not received any answers, so theoreticall...

I don't think there's any point in meta anymore considering what employees have said in recent discussions
@TheLethalCarrot But it's still fun.
At least for me.
I mean it's a sensible request but it'll probably get ignored
@TheLethalCarrot As have all my requests.
Post 'em to twitter
4:24 PM
I don't do Twitter.
I was being facetious anyway
Q: Why doesn't the Dalek kill Captain Adelaide Brooke?

Nemon27In the episode "The Waters of Mars" we're introduced to the character Captain Adelaide Brooke, who is an integral part of human history as her death on Mars in the year 2059 inspires her descendants to be a driving force in humanity's exploration of space. We learn that a Dalek spared her when s...

4:42 PM
ahahah good old JJJ
Q: What magic would trigger the Trace to alert the Ministry?

David StarkeyThis answer quotes Mad-Eye as saying, If you, or anyone around you, casts a spell to get you out of here, Thicknesse is going to know about it. This seems to suggest that non-spell magic would not notify the Ministry. Does that mean stuff like Potions or Charms are acceptable?

4:59 PM
Q: Story in which the Earth's oxygen level is reduced so an Andean tribe can take over

Bob SchneiderThe story might have been in a collection of short stories or I read an excerpt of it. I read in the 80's time frame. The idea of the story was that group of indigenous Andean people introduce a bacteria that will deplete the atmospheric oxygen to a level that they are comfortable with, so that ...

5:15 PM
@TheLethalCarrot What have they said?
@Jenayah Just giving JJJ some love, or is there a context I'm missing? (I assume you hit this in the context of a Venom question, based on the fact that Michelinie's the writer) (rhymes with "Pickle-my-knee", if anyone wondered)
They effectively say it on this post and the surrounding meta and blog posts
Q: What are the effective communication channels for effecting change to SE?

Nicol BolasIt seems clear at this point that MSE is not a useful mechanism for pointing out problems on SE sites and getting resolution for them. It is useful in some ways. If SE staff ask questions about future actions being undertaken, there is a non-zero chance that they will pay attention to some of th...

Essentially meta doesn't work, hasn't for years and employees ignore feedback
@RDFozz yep browsing through Symbiotes-related issues for a Symbiote question
5:43 PM
@Babelfish Is there a policy about comments that were imported along with a migrated question?
@Alex while using the potion is non magical brewing it might be, from scifi.stackexchange.com/a/11847/98028
@Jenayah Indeed, I made sure to specify "using".
Q: What magic would trigger the Trace to alert the Ministry?

David StarkeyThis answer quotes Mad-Eye as saying, If you, or anyone around you, casts a spell to get you out of here, Thicknesse is going to know about it. This seems to suggest that non-spell magic would not notify the Ministry. Does that mean stuff like Potions or Charms are acceptable?

aye but questions is vague whether it's using them or brewing them
@Jenayah Oh, didn't realize that was your point. I will edit my answer to clarify. Thanks.
5:46 PM
no worries
@RDFozz I don't quite get your latest comment?
@Jenayah - I may have misunderstood yours. I was just clarifying the order of events: Venom spawned Carnage; Venom's "remaining" eggs were harvested by the government; Carnage spawned Toxin; years later, Venom at least sorts spawned Mania; Venom spawned Sleeper.
aye was not dismissing the other cute offsprings
The article said it cleared out Venom's eggs, making Sleeper (and probably Mania) impossible, in theory.
@Jenayah Not your fault, of course! :-)
@RDFozz No, the scientists thought they had "the last five of its "seeds"". There's always another li'l egg laying around for a new Symbiote to be born when an unispired writer needs it :)
@Jenayah - Can't recall the details around Mania - I want to say it was more a part of Venom than an actual seed, which would be how the hell brand got transferred to her.
Oh, it's not like it bothers me than those weren't the last seeds - just anal retentive enough to point out that at this point, the article's been proven wrong :-)
5:59 PM
sure :)
Also lots of Symbiotes quoted bt no one to mention Scorn
Scorn deserves loves too
1 hour later…
7:01 PM
Q: Rumpel Stiltskin - Prince Charming’s stepfather?

Alex DownsIn the Shrek 4 video game, it’s revealed that Rumpel had made Dama Fortuna his “Queen for a Week.” If that’s the case, would Rumpel be Charming’s stepfather for a week?

7:27 PM
Or morning, for some.
@SQB Wow indeed. You even hit my Heinlein question now.
@Alex True
Time of day!
7:36 PM
@Donald.McLean I've asked questions about it, so I guess that counts as me caring. (wrong)
Hmm wait no, those books I asked about aren't part of the Future History, sorry.
@b_jonas While technically true, your q&a history paints you as more of an SFF generalist who is interested in a wide swath of things, including works that are older than you are.
7:54 PM
will have to complete that Symbiote's names answer but it's coming on to something :P
1 hour later…
9:00 PM
Q: Movie of a family living inside a bubble, humans outside pelting ice cubes at the bubble to try and break the bubble-like-barrier

ManaThe family seemed to be from the past or Amish. They went about doing daily chores but I think when the bubble was broken, they became violent. The people on the outside seemed to be studying them and were pelting ice cubes at the barrier using some sort of a tennis-ball-dispensing machine. Th...

Q: Need Help Identifying book About Mermaids and Medusa

LaurynThis book is about a girl who has medusa like hair, and her enemy is a mermaid, but it has comic scenes and also actually book scenes. I remember that her sister drowned in a lake.I don't remember exactly what it was called but it had a blue cover with a girl on it. please help me find out what b...

9:36 PM
does Meta work for you guys?
main Meta
@Jenayah As in, can we access the site, or as in:
4 hours ago, by TheLethalCarrot
Essentially meta doesn't work, hasn't for years and employees ignore feedback
some sites are behaving funny
I don't know whether it's on my side or theirs
Works for me.
meh SFF is up that's all that matters
For you.
9:46 PM
Q: "Something Bad Happened" to All the Stuff

LaurelJust now, I was getting this error whenever I tried to view a question or go to ask a question here to complain that I couldn't view questions: I was however, able to post an answer (and possibly a comment) on a page I already had loaded when this was happening. Fortunately, the system pre...

^ same problem
@Jenayah Should be fixed by now.
it's meh
10:00 PM
Q: Is Dama Fortuna partly based on the witch from the Frog Prince?

Alex DownsI’m asking, because she was the one who turned Harold from a frog into a human and in the original Frog Prince, a witch cursed him to be a frog.

Q: Shouldn’t Harold be called the Human Prince from the frogs’ point of view?

Alex DownsBecause in the original story, he was a human cursed to become a frog, but in this one, he was a FROG cursed to be a HUMAN. And should it be the same for Robert from OUAT?

only 4 more BTTF questions to clean up
should be finished by Thursday
That acronym always strikes me for some reason.
10:17 PM
Why would it?
@Jenayah Not sure. Maybe it reminds me of some similar acronym?
I mean if you spoke French I could have an explanation but in English/Hebrew no idea
Okay, let's hear the French explanation...
BTTF resembles VTFF (a bit) which is the abbreviation for "va te faire foutre" which means "go f*** yourself"
Maybe that's it.
I think I'll copy that phrase for later use.
10:24 PM
It always make me think of TTFB (Time to first byte)
got to sign out now folks
See ya!
11:00 PM
Q: Looking for a short science fiction story I read a long time ago

Adam WoodburyI don't remember the title, author, book, or anything else about it except it was about a couple having an argument, and the woman left thier house and was killed in a car accident- throughout the story, things move backwards to the moment she left and the man stops her from leaving and she doesn...

11:15 PM
@Alex Test.
Some rooms have different ping sounds.
Only one question featured on Sci Fi. Post you bounties now if you want attention!
11:45 PM
Q: STAR WARS Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith

Benjamin NordgrenWhy does everyone know what Astromechs say when it’s virtually impossible to create a language for that?


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