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12:01 AM
Wow, I literally hit 200 reputation for the day at the last second of the day.
12:24 AM
@Alex Congrats - and good timing!
@RDFozz Thanks.
Q: Looking to identify this manga

Alexandria DesmaraisSo I don't really remember much but I read this mamga a year maybe two years ago. It involves two siblings who are moving to the country side (or mountains) to live with distant relatives ( an older couple) there is this selfish ( kinda hot headed) God ( the word Tori comes to mind) he wants the ...

2 hours later…
2:29 AM
Q: Castle Wingsong - The name of the book?

openInventThere was this cool castle in the book I think it was like a giant harmonica when the wind blew in sang and they called it Castle Windsong. I like the story it should have a cartoon clip or at least a storyboard sequenced.

1 hour later…
3:43 AM
Q: Fast children zombies in the original Dawn of the dead

RevenantNear the start of Dawn when they stop to refuel the helicopter one of the characters is attacked by two zombified children that appear to be moving much faster than any of the other zombies. Was this just a production goof due to using child actors, are they not actually moving faster or would t...

1 hour later…
4:45 AM
Q: a sci-fi AUTHOR thats never heard of Heinlein!

Roostersmom MaxwellI'm not your "typical" or what I think of as a "sci-fi geek", lol. I'm an avid reader of all things mystery and some, non corny sci-fi. I'll admit that I saw Star Wars 7 times in the movie theater when I was in the 7th grade and have every special addition, complete movie set, etc. Love it! (b...

5:18 AM
Q: Looking for this short-story about a lone man's space travel, although details are a bit vague

wcullenAs I remember it, this short-story was about a man travelling alone through space (our galaxy at least to start). He had his favorite music and books (etc) with him and, I believe, his cat. It was very cerebral and all about ruminating on the reality of travelling through the vast distances of ...

Cool, Dark Claw answer got a checkmark :)
By the way @TheLethalCarrot you're probably correct about this NaA post not showing in queue because it already did once
Flag is still pending
5:37 AM
Pending flags... gotta love 'em.
I wonder if my two weeks old pending flag on Meta is still pending... Sec
@Jenayah I have one there pending for a month and a half!
Three weeks old :P
No mods on Meta innit?
Or something
I have other flags there that have been deemed helpful.
Mod flags or off-topic/spam flags?
5:41 AM
The latter.
Yeah those get automatically helpful when post is closed/deleted
Both of my flags that require moderator action are pending.
I think
One is pretty negligible.
But one is more important.
If it's important drop in chat somewhere maybe?
Unless it's like, private or stuff
You can still ask a mod/CM to create a locked chatroom thoigh
5:46 AM
It's not private. It's just a question that is closed as a duplicate of a non-existent question.
Ah, that's bothersome, yeah.
Can you ping the person who closed it?
Or was it a 5-person process
But one is a Stack Exchange employee, I think.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 12 secs ago, by Alex
Hey, there's a question here that's closed as a duplicate, but the question that it's a duplicate of does not exist. Anyone with powers want to try fixing this?
Aaaah good old days when Meta was still only about Stack overflow, but in an official way
It still is. Kind of.
Sep 7 at 17:20, by Jenayah
@Alex "Is it going to be useful for Stack Overflow, Super User and Server Fault? No? Then why should we care about it?"
6:07 AM
What I meant :P
Well I'm glad you agree with yourself.
@Jenayah it’s the only thing I can think of but I thought stuff could go through multiple times
Since I once started an answer with: I am aware that this answer argues the opposite of my other answer.
Nothing wrong with that
Especially if you can base both in evidence
True. though sometimes I would stick them in the same answer.
6:30 AM
Aye, depends how much evidence you can gather in my opinion. If it’s just a sweeping statement and one line disagreeing with one point could be best in the same one
6:44 AM
Happy Halloween
Halloween fluff
@TheLethalCarrot I was active on "Quill and Tankard". That is when I watched Game of Thrones.
Aye, tis where I know you from
And I know him from many places ;)
A man has many names.
7:03 AM
@TheLethalCarrot lol
I'm aware of https://scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/12023/98028 and https://scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/5162/98028 but I'm at a loss about what to do with https://scifi.stackexchange.com/a/195754/98028. The answer is correct but right now it's a name-only one. I can either
1. add a blurb from somewhere which isn't optimalbut still a better answer
2. do a massive edit with panels and all the comics-id good stuff, but it's both a massive edit _and_ answerer might not want NSFW content linked to his account (then again, answerer is an unregistered hit-and-run last seen on the day they poste
Any advice?
Post your own answer.
By analogy:
Q: Did the wizarding world ever learn that Gilderoy Lockhart was a fraud?

Newt ScamanderGilderoy Lockhart confessed the reality only in front of Harry and Co. Did the media ever learn the truth? The trio couldn't be credible sources to media, but they could at least tell the truth to Dumbledore (if Dumbledore already didn't know) or others who could spread the word. Did the wizardi...

Post a cw answer.
If someone had posted a one-word answer "yes", should you not be able to post a detailed answer that also says "yes"?
Although in this case, knowing is half the battle.
7:14 AM
@Alex it's different with story-id as the biggest work is actually finding the book/movie etc
@Jenayah Part of answering is also writing a good answer. If no one has done so so far, there's no reason why you can't. Especially since you mentioned that you did a nice amount of work.
@SQB dunno. There'ed still be what you'd call "substantial research" (from scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/7126/98028)
A cw answer would make sense here, as it is a community effort — you and that unregistered drive-by user. But I won't fault you for making it a regular answer.
I think community wikis are more for answers that are ab initio a community effort.
@Alex that's the intended purpose, but then again when the system was designed they hadn't thought of identification cases yet, I reckon
@SQB true.
@Alex well the nice amount of work is really only reading an old pulp issue of Vampirella
It's more "substantial research" than name-only but I did have access to it so...
7:18 AM
@Jenayah Yeah, but lots of things can be considered a community effort. Should I make an answer a community wiki because you had a helpful comment in chat? We have to distinguish between answers that are designed to be community efforts and answers that just happened to have received help.
Basically, the point of a community wiki is not to remove the reward; the point is to foster collaboration. The lack of reward is merely the byproduct of the fostered collaboration. So I don't think there's a need for a self-imposed community wiki.
Also, how do we define "work"? What if I know an answer without doing any work? What if I spend a couple of seconds googling and find the answer. I think it's best to not judge how much work goes into a particular answer, because it can get pretty messy.
Well it would kind of set a collaboration since one provided the work and the other provided the panels. It also shows future readers that name-only answers should be expanded, I reckon
@Alex story-id found with memory or a quick Google search is still okay as long as they respect story-id answer guidelines
This does not seem like a case for a CW answer; you’re not trying to get others to help with the answer
question is more about duplicating answers
@Jenayah That's unintended collaboration. Like if someone makes a helpful comment. And posting a better answer will be a better show for future readers.
They will clearly see the difference between a good answer and a not good answer.
There’s a difference between duplicate answers and answers that contain the same answer
7:26 AM
Of course, it's easy for me to forego the reward; I'm at the highest level of rep that matters for privileges.
It's more about the ethics than it is about the rep.
Though you shouldn’t really be posting CW answers because “you don’t need the rep”
You’ve likely done quite a lot of extra work, that to me seems like it’s worthy of its own answer
and the reputation rewards that come with it
Then again, you haven't done a cw answer yet. You want to have the experience.
A: Can we identify all the characters in this "Ultimate Space Battle" poster?

Web HeadSome of this information is being obtained from the official chat for this answer. I created a 10x10 grid for this image to help keep track of what is being identified. You can find it by clicking this link, since the image is too large to display properly here. Bold indicates unsolved. (In p...

It should go without saying that you shouldn’t misuse a feature just to get the experience
7:31 AM
@SQB posting a CW answer just for the sake of it feels like posting a random crappy off-topic question, get it to -3, delete it and get the badge that goes with it
basically what TLC said
@Jenayah Now that's an idea.
Exactly, it’s like an odd way of “gaming” the system
@Alex hum, no, it's not :P
@Jenayah Yeah, posting bad content seems like too much of a challenge.
posting bad content isn't difficult but shouldn't be done in bad faith.... It doesn't get more complicated than this
7:41 AM
Aug 6 at 14:17, by Alex
@Jenayah Not at all, I'm just messing around.
Full disclosure: I'll be answering this with a cw answer, mainly consolidating links and conversation in the comments.
Q: Evolution of Heinlein's treatment of homosexuality?

Ben CrowellIIRC the treatment of homosexuality in Heinlein's writing changed a lot over time. My recollection is that in an early book (possibly Stranger in a Strange Land?), a sympathetic or authorial mouthpiece character refers to gay people as "poor cripples" or "confused" or something along those lines....

there are more than two people involved in this though
geez I read Bill Watterson instead of Bill Patterson in this question
it lost me for a moment
We may have to rename:
Oct 19 at 17:28, by Alex
@RDFozz That's the Jenayah Effect. Documented here:
Jenayah/SQB effect.
It can be a community wiki.
7:59 AM
Q: How come Ron knew nothing about the Sorting Hat?

Shana TarIn Harry Potter and Philosopher Stone Ron is oblivious about the sorting ceremony same as everyone else. "How exactly do they sort us into Houses?" he asked Ron. "Some sort of test I think. Fred said it hurts a lot, but I think he was joking." While it is understandable that Fred and Ge...

yesterday, by TheLethalCarrot
b'dum tss
Next one in the playlist is even better:
@Marvin dupe?
@SQB is the Angel of Death Egyptian?
Nobody got the joke? :(
oh I remember the green
I thought new grey boxing was ne design or stuff
also was the comment edited?
8:11 AM
@Jenayah There's no edited icon.
there is now
True. Which means that somehow it was edited before the notification was sent.
Definitely a bug. It used to show in bright green. Now it's not possible to tell unless you look really carefully. — Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog 6 mins ago
Or the notification can change.
@Jenayah As did I.
Don't know when it started; I only saw it today when I got my Enthusiast badges.
Q: Is it okay to use a lot of exclamation marks?

klippyI've noticed that I use a lot of exclamation marks when my characters are talking. They appear a lot in action scenes. Is there any rule of thumb when using exclamation marks?

How has nobody commented:
> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:15 AM
@Jenayah Because nobody's active on that site?
it's on HNQ though
so the question might get pranksters
c'mon I can't possibly be the only one to immediately think of such a joke comment
@Jenayah Not the first time, apparently:
14 mins ago, by Jenayah
Nobody got the joke? :(
not the same kind of joke
explanation marks joke is self-explanatory irony
Walk Like an Angel of Death with the angel of death being Egyptian is a bit more researched
also lol about that new calendar Meta question's title
No!!!!!!!!!!!!! — SQB 12 secs ago
@SQB thank you!
Finally someone with some sense :P
8:20 AM
@Jenayah Thanks for the suggestion!!!!
You're welcome!!!!!!
J'irai aux quatre vents, foutre un peu le boxon... Jamais les océans n'oublieront mon prénom!
8:37 AM
How did scifi.stackexchange.com/a/135767/98028 survive two reviews with "No action needed"? (timeline: scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/135767/timeline)
@Jenayah You can check who reviewed it.
Because reviewers are bad?
@Alex I know
I just wonder how nobody caught it afterwards
it did survive two years
without being flagged as VLQ
@Jenayah Not everyone can be the youngest seeker in a century.
Cos people don't look at old posts
8:40 AM
@TheLethalCarrot yeah but it was on the homepage at some point
@Alex :P
Yeah at a similar time of the reviews who NANed it
@Jenayah I assume you got the reference, then?
@Alex Harry Potter first book?
What Ron tells Harry after his meeting with Wood?
(Wood? Woods?)
@Jenayah Yeah, but it's more specific.
@TheLethalCarrot sure but I'd thought someone took a look to check
anyway this one should pop in LQ queue just fine
8:42 AM
Later in the book it says: Not for nothing, though, was Harry the youngest seeker in a century. He had a knack for spotting things other people didn't.
Oi MithNumbers!
@Jenayah Already in but you'd be surprised how long some stuff hangs around
@TheLethalCarrot oh I would know
Mods can tell you about my summer streak on NaAs :P
@Alex "Harry had a knack for clogging the mod board with flags on old answers"
@Jenayah So that's why he wasn't made a prefect.
@Jenayah o/
8:47 AM
@Jenayah Wood. (Unless the French translation changed it.)
@Alex that or the Headmaster wanted to give some love to the sidekick
@Alex it's Dubois in French
But "bois" is both plural and singular so y'know
@Jenayah That's rather... literal.
Do they also translate other people's names?
Snape becomes Rogue
("rogue" has a different meaning in French)
Interesting. I don't recall the Hebrew translation translating the names into words.
French rogue ~= English haughty
lemme think...
Hooch became Bibine IIRC
8:50 AM
Not counting this:
Oct 10 at 23:02, by Alex
"Tibbles, Snowy, Mr. Paws, and Tufty" is translated as "Mitzi, Pitzi, Mimi, and Pootzpootzon"
Voldemort too
well Tom Riddle
Q: How do I deal with players who make friends with goblins?

Ryan The LeachI want to run a campaign "from the book" for a group of new players (played RPGs before, but stuff much much lighter then D&D, and I've not DMed this edition before. I DMed D&D 4e once: over prepared in some areas, under prepared in others, so the pacing was horrible and off putting. I didn't r...

Tom Marvolo Riddle = I am Lord Voldemort
Tom Elvis Jedusor = Je suis Voldemort
Must not make any Goblin Slayer references.
@Jenayah Well that's different, because you have to be able to rearrange the letters.
8:53 AM
pretty sure they didn't in all languages
also pretty sure we have a Q about that
I was actually wondering what translations did for that.
A: Did J.K Rowling have the 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' anagram set up from the start?

SchwernThe villain hiding their name as an anagram is an old trope and one that J. K. Rowling would have known and might have planned for from the beginning. But Tom Riddle is never mentioned in a book before Chamber Of Secrets. And there was no need for her to have it planned as anagram names are eas...

@Jenayah That hurts.
Makes more sense in French, both Tom and Elvis are actual names
even if Elvis is a bit deprecated
@SQB care to make that link a HTTPS?
Ah, of course.
8:57 AM
Ah Bathilda Bagshot was change too
Bathilda Tourdesac
@SQB the one you just edited
Seems every day I trust translations less and less.
to be honest it's fine
@Jenayah Thanks for the heads up, I totally missed that.
It's supposed to be a children's book with funny names (the first one at least), makes more sense to tur it into something understandable by foreign-speaking kids
@SQB you're welcome
Grubly Plank was proabbly changed too but I don't remember into what
ah the houses' names obviously
9:00 AM
Poufsouffle, Serdaigle, Serpentard, Gryffondor
Neville Longbottom became Neville Londubat
or Longdubat not sure of the spelling
Makes me wonder why the Hebrew translation, which had no problem inventing things, left the names as they were.
Mad-Eye became Maugrey Fol-Oeil
which is still in line with the original name
Pomfrey became Pomfresh
(yes, I'm currently browsing a Wikipedia list of HP characters)
Newt Scamander became Norbert Dragonneau
@Jenayah So there are two Norberts?
but there are several redundant names in HP books
@Jenayah Not too many.
9:04 AM
Q: Did J.K. Rowling give two or more unrelated characters the same first name in any of the 10 books?

SlytherincessWhen I say "the 10 books", I mean the seven Harry Potter novels, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. However, I will also gladly accept verifiable information from Pottermore or further supplemental canon information from J.K. Row...

@Jenayah Half oof those are not from the books.
@SQB - Yes!!!!!!! — Valorum 4 mins ago
@SQB ahah
@Alex true
Sprout became Chourave
Umbridge became Ombrage
Buckbeak was shortened to Buck
Crookshanks is Pattenrond
Fang is Crocdur
Fawkes is Fumsec
Hedwig is Hedwige :P
Kreacher is Kreattur
So basically you have to keep track of an entire new set of names.
Scabbers is Croûtard
Ah! Draco Malfoy became Drago Malfoy
@Alex well I spend too much time on SFF so now when I talk about HP in real life I use the English names, pause a bit while I search for the French word and correct myself
ah and Hogwarts is Poudlard
basically all of Hagrid's creatures got translated
Blast Ended Skrewts becoming Scroutt à Pétard and the like
9:11 AM
@Jenayah Well, those are not quite proper nouns.
@Jenayah Knew that sounded familiar:
"Hoist with his own petard" is a phrase from a speech in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet that has become proverbial. The phrase's meaning is literally that the bomb-maker (a "petard" is a small explosive device) is blown up ("hoisted" off the ground) with his own bomb, and indicates an ironic reversal or poetic justice. The phrase occurs in a central speech in the play in which Hamlet has discovered a plot on his life by Claudius and resolves to respond to it by letting the plotter be "Hoist with his own petard." Although the now-proverbial phrase is the best known part of the speech, it and...
second Shakespeare reference linked to HP this week ahah
For some reason I thought it was from Harry Potter. Must have mixed it up with the equivalent "impaled upon your own sword".
funny when you know that "un pétard" is also slang for "a joint"
9:32 AM
@AnkitSharma why's that not pinned? cc @SQB :P
@Jenayah I can't pin and that was fluff suggestion only
was mainly asking SQB
though I'd have another possible Halloween floof
a 2-in-1, sec
@AnkitSharma Even though I knew took me a while to realise you're no longer a smurf when seeing your name in here
Thanks for all the smurfing
9:35 AM
Q: Time to say goodbye to moderator position and welcome the new blood

Ankit SharmaIt's been 3 years and 8 months being a moderator here and it was really an enjoyable ride. It still feels like it was just yesterday the announcement was made and I joined the team. It was nice working with iandotkelly and Napoleon Wilson. And time to congratulate A J for joining the team and I a...

your previous avatar was a Smurf?
I always saw it as a weird fish
@Jenayah no few people call mods smurf due to there name appearing blue in chat
ooooh blue name right
so what was your last avatar by the way?
@Jenayah angry kiwifruit
Also better Halloween floof cos it's my dog...
9:37 AM
@TheLethalCarrot show
you got a dog?
I mean technically we only have 1 but we have 5 :P
hehehehheh cute
9:38 AM
He did not like being a ghost
He's a beagle
eh the muzzle looked Labradorish
Then there are 3 labradoodles and a wire haired vizsla
9:39 AM
@Jenayah I thought same
oh, braque
didn't know the other word
I'll see if I've got a pic of the Viz.. he's still a puppy
Georges Braque (; French: [bʁak]; 13 May 1882 – 31 August 1963) was a major 20th-century French painter, collagist, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor. His most important contributions to the history of art were in his alliance with Fauvism from 1906, and the role he played in the development of Cubism. Braque’s work between 1908 and 1912 is closely associated with that of his colleague Pablo Picasso. Their respective Cubist works were indistinguishable for many years, yet the quiet nature of Braque was partially eclipsed by the fame and notoriety of Picasso. == Early life == Georges Braque was...
Searching vizsla was easy
9:42 AM
Is this one better?
Like my sister have Dogue de Bordeaux but calling it french mastiff is better and easy
@TheLethalCarrot your ghost dog? ofcourse
Oh my phones uploading another pic
Takes a while
lol he's like "take your goddamn dogdamn photo and let's get this over with"
He was barking haha
I don't really have a good pic of the Viz
Here's the Beagle dressing up as Darth Sidious
He likes doing that
9:46 AM
That was from 4 years ago and he still does it daily
That's all the Halloween-esque pics of him
I'll stop spamming now ;P
Q: How many commas is too many?

Neil BarnwellI find myself often in writing using too many commas, but then going through and editing many of them back out again or restructuring to use full-stops. Is there a rule of thumb I've forgotten from my school days (English language was never pushed very hard beyond first-school) that would help m...

Must, not, comment, really.
Do they have a how many is too many for everything?
If not time to go ask a few questions...
I've cut my self off from leaving any other stupid comments by setting a 100 rep bounty.
A: Dashes vs. Commas vs. parentheses?

Rob HThey are all grammatically correct (as far as I'm aware), but I think they give different feelings. Parentheses feel like an aside to the audience, like a weaker form of footnotes. I use them a lot in technical writing — often to indicate bits that are optional or additional information/explana...

@TheLethalCarrot It was never spamming
10:06 AM
@SQB Thought you'd done those? ;P
@TheLethalCarrot Missed one, made my mind up about another.
For anyone who is interested one of the spin off shows for GoT will be about The Long Night
> Casting is now underway for THE LONG NIGHT, the first of the GAME OF THRONES successor series to ordered to film.

> HBO has just announced the first cast member: NAOMI WATTS is coming on board as one of our stars.
But I think they were planning 4 spinoff
Planned 5, went down to 4 and now potentially 3.. hoping for at least 1 to go to pilot.. maybe 2
That's the general gist of it anyway
They might have planned 4, it went to 5 and then back down to 4 but I can't remember exact details
still needs a tag wiki and usage guidance.
10:21 AM
I did say I'd do it
Aye I've been trying to keep up to date with most new tags but I left that alone
Q: Looking for a Stargate-SG1 episode - Season 1 to 5 - Religious conflict

C.FI am looking for two things: a Stargate SG1 episode, which is between season 1 and 5, and a specific quote in that episode. Episode: The SG1 team visits a planet where they are met by a team of archeologists, who just have found the Stargate of their planet. The arrival of SG1 is a shock for the...

10:43 AM
@Jenayah Literally found it as you answered -_-
I went the long way round and spent too long trying to work out if it was a similar episode or not
The episode is the right one (Teal'c being blinded rings a bell) but that's not the quote I am looking for. I'll go look in the transcript. — C.F 19 secs ago
Oh I thought that was the quote you already had in your answer
nah OP edited it in
10:50 AM
Aye, it's the one I found but I misread your quote thinking it was the right one
So annoyed that I was like 2 mins late and all cos I thought an earlier episode might be what the OP was talking about -_-
out of curiosity what was your Google query?
I didn't... I went the really long way around haha
Searched the transcripts for "scien"
> Science is about questioning the status quo.
From "Prodigy" episode?
@TheLethalCarrot which transcripts, all of them? oO
All of them from the first episode
I would have gotten there first too haha
you crazy or what
Google is MUCH easier :P
10:53 AM
Slower though apparently ;P
It was "Brief Candle" a season 1 episode but now I look at the quote again it doesn't even make sense haha
With respect to what the OP was talking about
@TheLethalCarrot whaddya mean slower, if you found it when I answered it means I found it before and struggle with stupid formatting :^)
be back later, lunch time
Yeah but I spent around 5 mins working out if that other episode was right or not haha
Had I not been a muppet and skipped right past it I'd have got there first
11:37 AM
what's the relation with the Muppets?
I'm shocked you can't work it out... shocked
yeah but... in story-di answering context...?
Still wondering if this needs :
Q: Does Lazarus Long have a beard?

Bob WarwickI'm putting the finishing touches on a Lazarus Long Halloween costume, and I've run into a bit of a question. I have a vague recollection of one of Heinlein's books stating that Lazarus never grew a beard, but googling doesn't turn out any reference to it. Does anybody remember any passages which...

@Jenayah I was just calling myself a muppet, I'd give you the urban dictionary link but I don't think it's appropriate :P
11:45 AM
@SQB That answer is little more than "link word only" - is it even worth keeping it around?
A: What does "Seven" and "Nine" mean in "Seven of Nine"?

JcnsdShe is name after Ayn Rand the phylisophycal individualist total contra to the Borg. In an interview Ayn says she is seven of nine (probably truly ment 7 or 9 with accent). This is in a documentary on Netflix you can check yourself.

That's the one you mean?
Down voted is good enough for me. I just wanted to remove the slight.
Fair enough... I don't think anyone would care if it were to disappear though
12:27 PM
Q: Why are the Weasleys specifically considered blood traitors?

Shana TarThere are a lot of wizards that are not only okay with Muggles, but even marry them (say, Tonks' mother, for example). Actually, apart from such intense cases as the Blacks, Malfoys, Lestranges etc., a lot of wizards seem to be at least tolerant to Muggles. There are known cases when wizards help...

only two BTTF left
12:46 PM
I love this game so much lmfaoooooo https://t.co/1Cxpq3gHGT
It better come to PC
Well we were supposed to be Cleopatra and Caesar.. Classic case of miscommunication
1:11 PM
Q: Book featuring a woman who is kept alive by parasite feeding during copulation

jnovachoI remember only some facts from the book I will list them below: In the book there were several story lines which then converged together. One of the figures was a man who was not really a human. He was sentenced to death by drowning. The idea was the convict was thrown into the harbour with a ...

1:46 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean yeah, I've read the news (today, o boy).
Q: Would the Inquisitorial Squad have been reinstated in Cursed Child?

Alex DownsIn Cursed Child, after saving Cedric, Scorpius ends up in an alternate reality where Diggory became a Death Eater and Voldemort won. Now Dolores Umbridge was reinstated as Head of Hogwarts in that timeline, so WAS her Squad reinstated?

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