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12:28 AM
Anyone here?
@Bellatrix I'm here! (But probably going to bed soon.)
How's the Death Eating going? ;-)
1:29 AM
Q: Was Quirrell a Death Eater?

Vadzim SavenokConsidering the circumstances happening in the first book, can Quirrell be considered a Death Eater?

Q: How does someone go to the bathroom on a Puddle Jumper?

OmegacronUnlike the shuttles of "Star Trek", which are warp-capable, the Puddle Jumpers of "Stargate: Atlantis" require a gate for interstellar travel. There are numerous episodes where someone - typically 4-6 people at a time - have to spend hours or days aboard a Puddle Jumper to reach their destination...

1:43 AM
@Randal'Thor Oh yay! :D The Death Eating is going well! ;-)
2:25 AM
Q: Rise and Falll of DODO: How reasonable is Grainne's syntax, as rendered in the text?

Jon KiparskyIt's not much of a spoiler to reveal that there's a character named Grainne in Stephenson and Galland's The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O, nor that this character is mostly represented in the text by letters written by her to another (off-stage) character. This character writes with a Yoda-like synt...

are there any avatars that can blood bend?
What's that?
@Babelfish It's a Death Eater question yay!! :)
2:56 AM
Q: Story about a disabled teen who controls a gate to another universe

BuzzI am trying to find a story, that I think I may have read in a young adult compilation in the late 1980s. The main character is a teenager, who, prior to the story, had had some kind of severe injury. At the time of the story, he is in the hospital, hooked up to some kind of machine that is mon...

Q: Title of a book - A man (teacher) having an affair

Zaid..I have forgotten the title of a book I read around 10 years ago. The book was fairly old then. The setting was in times of horses, carriages and telegrams. It consisted of a gentleman who went to stay as a live-in teacher for 2 children and fell for their mother. The father had travelled a lot an...

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4:09 AM
Q: How do the Amazons like Wonder Woman avoid extinction if they live in an island with no men?

user486818When Wonder Woman first met Steve on the island, she was intrigued by the sight of a man. That was how deprived the Amazons women were when it comes to men. The island where the Amazons live have no men. How do they avoid extinction if they do not get married and produce babies? How did Wonder W...

2 hours later…
6:10 AM
@Babelfish Maybe Orphan Black is a prequel to Wonder Woman?
Q: Were curtains the only way to deal with the portrait of Sirius's mother?

Magikarp MasterThe portrait of Walburga Black was a massive inconvenience for the Order members when 12 Grimmauld Place was their base of operations, yet the most they ever did was cover it with curtains. Were there no superior options available to them? There are so many options that would have provided a mo...

Q: The effect of horcruxes

user160370In Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore wears the Gaunt ring that is cursed so he will die in a few days as is mentioned. The trio wear the locket until they find a way to destroy it. Why didn't it prove fatal for them?

6:54 AM
@Babelfish because the Gaunt ring had a separate curse on it?
7:05 AM
Q: Asking a question about a film that is not fantastic, but its protagonist believes to live in a tolkienesque fantastic world

GinasiusHe is a misfit living with his mother. There is no supernatural or praeternatural elements in the story except the protagonist's psychosis, but his psychosis is extremely important in defining his actions.

7:17 AM
@SQB Orphan Black... like Sirius?
@Babelfish answered both of those
7:31 AM
@Riker floof?
7:43 AM
Q: Why did only Hagrid and Dumbledore clap for Moody?

Harry WeasleyIn Goblet of Fire, during the opening feast, only Hagrid and Dumbledore clap for Moody when he is announced as the new Defense Against Dark Arts teacher. It was usual for new staff members to be greeted with applause, but none of the staff or students clapped except for Dumbledore and Hagrid....

Q: What ships are on this T-Shirt?

DijkgraafI came across this T-shirt mentioned on Facebook, with a link to where you can order it from Now I know most of them A. Top left : Star Fury - B5 B. Central back: A Stargate - Stargate C. Top right: X-Wing - Star Wars D. Middle Left: ? E. Central front: The Enterprise - Star Trek F. Left: Sh...

@Babelfish because all the students are so shocked by his appearance
7:59 AM
@Babelfish wow another toilet question
8:11 AM
Now I wonder when the badge icon on my profile will update.
meh :P
What, you don't like Harry Potter? :P
8:30 AM
I don't like HP, SW or ST
<silently running away>
I don't like Star Wars either.
Harry Potter isn't bad, but it's gotten a lot of undeserved attention.
I didn't like the look of ST TOS but the rest of it looks good.
8:47 AM
Q: How can the portrait in Muggle Prime Minister's office talk as per JKR definition?

Dheeraj KumarSo JKR briefed about the interacting pictures in the wizarding world in an interview as such Q: All the paintings we have seen at Hogwarts are of dead people. They seem to be living through their portraits. How is this so? If there was a painting of Harry’s parents, would he be able to ob...

9:07 AM
@Mithrandir You sound like me (again).
Except on ST, where it sounds like I have more experience than you and am less enamoured of it.
(sorry, @Praxis)
@Randal'Thor has he even been in here yet?
Not sure.
Remember I wasn't in here for the first while, thanks to being away and then super-busy.
9:36 AM
@Mithrandir I found it fun/okaish but way overrated
@AnkitSharma Agreed.
But I can't comment on novel
do we have anyone on the site who could actually translate that?
(from here)
Yes: it says "Full screen".
9:41 AM
@Mithrandir if I look at it for 5 more minute, I will get an eye cancer
@Randal'Thor ...
@Randal'Thor lol
Q: Has any Dark Force user/ally ever said "May the Force be with you"?

iMerchantThis saying/blessing seems to me just as applicable for someone allied with the Dark Force as a Light Force ally as the statement appears to be Force-neutral. By Dark Force user, I mean it (or similar words) being said in the business of Dark Force-leaning activity, not someone who may have said ...

10:03 AM
Q: Do you know this insect asteroid story?

Gustav BertramI remember reading a science fiction short story about an asteroid being discovered that is filled with ant-like insects. Initial attempts to investigate are frustrated by aggressive response from soldier ants. A biologist figures out that the investigators can spray themselves with synthesized...

*kicks @Derp*
@Mithrandir ok, sorry, my bad. Next time, I will post that directly in the other room in order to avoid spamming here :P
Anyway, time for a real floof
(also, I even warned you by posting that Majora themed final hour warning when the daily floof timer was about to expire ^_^)
10:15 AM
@Derpy O.o
@AnkitSharma Remember: if I post a daily floof after the 1 day countdown has expired, it will be a daily bug floof
unless I am sending a message to Mith, in which case you may be safe to assume that the picture is a pony :P
actually, you could very well assume that any picture I send to Mith is a pony.
but this is valid only for the first picture. Because after the second one the joke would start to be annoying.
I have phobia from none of the bug so I am safe in all ways
@Derpy TIL @Mithrandir has a desk and an office in chat. I'm enjoying picturing him smoking a cigar at that desk with a trilby hat.
@AnkitSharma also, you are a panda. So you should appreciate the red panda picture.
10:26 AM
@Derpy I am a lot of things :
Alien Werepandaolf, Some planet with water I suppose
4.3k 1 31 58
Possible fanart alert:
Activate Illuminati DB Semantic Inference Engine.
Mith posted Dark, cloaked figure fanart.
I can't see any of mith's images due to access issue :/
Figure matches Raven, Teen Titans.
10:32 AM
It's Tracer Bullet from
Raven secretly watches Pretty Pretty Pegasus. Logical conclusion: Mith likes ponies.
Are hybrid fluffs allowed ?
Like this
There is only one pony that I will post:
10:35 AM
@AnkitSharma you mean World Of Kung-Fu Panda?
hybrid animals are fun
The Grootslang or Grote Slang (Afrikaans and Dutch for "big snake") is a legendary cryptid that is reputed to dwell in a deep cave in the Richtersveld, South Africa. == Legend == According to legend, the Grootslang is a primordial creature as old as the world itself. Tales state that gods (who were new to the crafting of things) made a terrible mistake in the Grootslang's creation, and gave it tremendous strength, cunning, and intellect. Realizing their mistake, the gods split the Grootslang into separate creatures and thus created the first elephants and the first snakes. But one of the original...
@doppelgreener they've got a formatting error in there
10:42 AM
oh yeah, so they do...
I don't know how to edit something like that.
I'm sure SSD does, though :P
aaand fixed
thank you
11:27 AM
@AnkitSharma Kung-Fu Panda, the gritty reboot?
@SQB read my chat profile to get details
@AnkitSharma A discarded character from a new Sonic the Hedgehog game?
o/ @VincentAdvocaat
@Derpy uhuunnn nooooooooo
seems like something they would do.
11:38 AM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Greetings, Spaceman.
@Mithrandir, I understand I've made the comment a lot, but not everything MUST be sourced. If we're to call people answering questions "experts" their word should be believable
Oh @ankit you're still around? You've been quiet elsewhere.
@Edlothiad most things should at least provide a source that they can base it off of. I don't like headcanon unless it provides something that it can be based off of.
Ideally, answers should be based entirely on the work they come from. But then, in this place which is, unfortunately, reality, canon doesn't always have the information on which to base an answer.
11:43 AM
Ok, thank you for informing me of your preferences. But you're not the site or the network. Some things aren't sourceable. Unless you watch an entire TV series or something. If you mean simply saying "Season 2 Episode 4" fair enough. But how is that different to not mentioning it. It's a minor difference, and those knowledgeable with the show will know where it was from
@Edlothiad I always make time for SE and to be frank TREU is fine for me
@AnkitSharma If this is your humble abode, I guess I'll find you here :) I wasn't trying to threaten you, just wondering :).
@Edlothiad I don't mean sourcing that he had tried to assasinate someone. It's the claim that it could have been this Danzo Shimura that I don't see any source for - and no reason to believe that it's mentioned in the show.
I also realize that I'm not familiar with the series, so I didn't downvote.
Hmm maybe you should elaborate your comment. Saying something like "How do you know Danzo Shimura would be the next Hokage? Can you provide a quote or source?"
11:47 AM
@Edlothiad My permanent place is always The Screening Room, rest is optional
@Edlothiad done
Also, woo, 13k.
Q: Novelette/short story about a rat/mouse turned intelligent by aliens and then left behind when they leave

MrsAlexanderA long time ago, I read a novelette/short story about a rat or mouse who is turned intelligent by aliens visiting Earth. After a time they return to their planet, leaving him behind. He finds the gift of intelligence a burden, and - I may not remember this right, I was about 7 when I read it - co...

@Babelfish and that is why I tried to burn that tag with fire
12:05 PM
I've spent far to long at 13k rep...
12:41 PM
Q: producers/writers/directors Cameos

Vincent HaffordQuestion was asked but nobody answered this; Why does Stan Lee play random extras in Marvel films? My answer and probably the best answer to be given is; Many producers/writers/directors have cameoed in their productions. From Alfred Hitchcock who did many cameos in his films and once in Alfred H...

12:58 PM
@M&TVFeeds no thanks
I've seen that happen, someone tried to answer a protected question by asking a new question.
@Edlothiad - what is the point of removing lots of info from a tag wiki?
To make it a tag wiki excerpt that's useful, and not just a repeat of the Tag wiki?
I've actually made it a tag wiki exceprt instead of a mini tag wiki.
It is useful as a excerpt - it has the usage guidance and a bit of information about it.
1:21 PM
@Mithrandir I didn't before
@Mithrandir "Avoid generically defining the concept behind a tag, unless it is highly specialized. The “email” tag, for example, does not need to explain what email is."
"Some tags are common knowledge. Most tags require a bit of explanation in the excerpt, even if it’s only 3 or 4 words. But if the tag is common knowledge — that is, if you walked up to any random person on the street and said the tag word to them, and they would know what you were talking about — then don’t bother explaining the tag at all. Stick to usage of the tag within your community in the excerpt."
Yeah, but if it's already there I don't see the point of removing it.
To clean up our tags.
Because that is a bad excerpt, that portion written in 2011. Seems like it's a good time for change.
...I'd recommend focusing on the blank tag wikis before removing information from others, even if it's not strictly necessary, it's not harming anyone. The lack of usage guidance in other tags is more important, IMO.
I'll get round to it. Still don't see why you're rejecting a correct edit?
1:40 PM
Q: Book about a hive of people behaving like insects?

GuestI vaguely remember a story about a sinister organization that controlled people in some sort of hive. The authorities investigate it but underestimate the problem initially, thinking it's just some sort of cult. They might have had vats to recycle people? I specifically remember a part about a ...

@Edlothiad @Mithrandir FTR, here's the guidance that appears on the sidebar whenever you're editing a tag wiki:
> The **usage guidance, or tag wiki excerpt**, is a short blurb that describes when and why a tag should be used on this site specifically.

> The **full tag wiki** is a detailed introduction to the topic, suitable as a destination for those curious about it:

> ► what questions should have this tag?
> ► some basic definitions
> ► brief introduction to the subject
> ► important links for learning more
> ► one reasonably sized page

> See our advice on [writing great tag wikis](http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2011/03/redesigned-tags-page/).
(bleh, lack of formatting in multiline posts)
I wrote about this stuff for Literature.
Quick question with the community wiki on the space t-shirt post: what do I do with my answer now I've edited the community wiki answer? Delete it?
2:02 PM
(I'm just going through all the flags and comments on that post now)
@FezWasTaken If all the info from your answer is now in the big CW answer, then yes, I guess you can delete it.
Probably not necessary here, but there's even a "Wiki Answer" reason mods can use to lock a question:
> This question's answers are a collaborative effort: if you see something that can be improved, just edit the answer to improve it! No additional answers can be added here
@Beofett @Edlothiad Thanks for your helpful comments on the various answers to the spaceship T-shirt question!
Q: What does the study of ancient runes at Hogwarts entail?

KittenWithAWhipAt Hogwarts, one of the subjects that students can chose in 3rd year is Ancient Runes. This means that they potentially spend a total of 5 years on this subject. From what little I can see in the wiki, it almost looks like they simply study the symbols, rather than their uses. It talks about how...

2:18 PM
@Randal'Thor I'd say that the excerpt should include a little bit to identify the tag as well, if deemed necessary.
I mean, even if people haven't seen the films, we can assume most users here know what Star Wars is.
@SQB Well Jeff Atwood seems to agree in cases when it's not obvious. For Star Trek, it's hardly necessary.
But if the tag is about an obscurer work or author, a single line is enough to clarify.
@Edlothiad For Star Trek, no.
I probably would've approved your edit.
So you're saying you agree with the guidelines?
Q: Is Captain America back with Iron man and Avengers?

RegolithWell in Spiderman: Homecoming while Happy (Jon Favreau) is loading the plane which is at the Avengers tower he says "prototype of Caps new shield". Does that mean Captain America is back with Avengers and whatever is between Tony and Steve is over?

@Randal'Thor No problem :) Sorry my comments were taken poorly by one new user. Its hard to come across non-confrontational in the limited space.
And if you're the one who responded to my flag, to clarify: I wasn't suggesting the question be marked CW. I know that's not the kind of question that CW is suggested for. I didn't have a better suggestion; I just knew it needed help.
Although I have to admit that marking an answer CW never occurred to me!
2:30 PM
@Edlothiad It still seems 1.) inconsistent and therefore subjective (I had no idea what Star Trek: TNG was before 2014, when I joined SFF) and 2.) unnecessary to remove information that is already there, along with the usage guidance.
@Beofett Well, you mentioned the possibility of converting the question to CW, albeit with the caveat that it probably wasn't the best solution.
A CW answer for this kind of "ID all the things" question seems to be a common solution around here.
Unless one person actually does all the legwork (or even more in some cases).
@Derpy Dagnabbit, I just came here to post the daily floof.
@Mithrandir Well I mean 2 people have accepted it, and one user has shown support, so I guess it was necessary. And Not knowing a TV show that aired ~30 years before your date of birth is likely. But the majority of people are older, and will most likely have heard of it. It is therefore less subjective than you think and you are using one specific case to generalise for the population. A hasty generalisation
No, I was using an example. I also had no idea about several other topics here, such as or or , which may be an outlier case. But I believe that providing a little bit of info is useful.
Also, more and more users closer to my age will join as they get older and reach 13 ad are allowed to create accounts...
Darn kids, don't even remember floppy discs or dial-up internet :-P
2:44 PM
Your examples are like saying that html and JS are obscure cases. Yes they may be to people who don't know about the medium. But as soon as they find out about the genre it becomes obvious
@Randal'Thor I remember floppy disks.
Putting a description for in it's excerpt, no. You can read the tag-wiki for that.
@Gallifreyan Mith doesn't, right @Mith?
no idea what they are
That reminds me of the Spaced Rant:
2:46 PM
Putting a description for probably also ridiculous. Putting a description of probably useful.
I'd say anything with more than like 20 questions shouldn't have a description
@Edlothiad that's... slightly ridiculous.
@Edlothiad no idea who that is or what that is....
Anyway, I fail to see how 'widely known' can be pinned down.
@Mithrandir Yeah, this.
If someone doesn't know what Star Wars is, but they're an avid fantasy novels fan, they're still welcome on the site.
@Mithrandir Understandable, but not knowing who Gene Wilder is makes me sad
... and makes me feel more than a bit old :P
2:51 PM
You might say "well, they'd never interact with the SW tag", but what if they want to ask a question about wars among the stars?
@Randal'Thor Somehow I expected a K-H-W answer from that link :)
Different cultures will consider different things common knowledge. Different age groups will consider different things common knowledge.
@Edlothiad What if one user is a huge fan of (whatever that is) and asks 21 questions about it?
That's happened before with minor tags.
@Randal'Thor he says with no vested interest at all
@Mithrandir Well, I do know what SW is at least :-)
And the same applies to someone who doesn't know what Lord of the Rings is but is an avid sci-fi movie watcher.
Anyway, gtg. Later, all.
2:55 PM
@Randal'Thor Well this is why you have a few words saying "For all questions about the Star Wars Universe" then they'd be like "Hold up I don't know that this Star Wars universe is, but it sure as hell isn't the tag I want to discuss wars in the stars". We do not need "Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, centered on a film series created by George Lucas. Use this tag for any questions about Star Wars".
The latter is just ridiculous.
Thats a wiki. Not an excerpt.
@Randal'Thor That was an example. Albeit an awful one. In either case. I have stated above my opinion. If you disagree well then go complain to Jeff Atwood, not me
@Edlothiad Seems like a better discussion for meta, perhaps?
Well Why would you bring something the creator of the site has stated is the purpose of a feature to meta?
Jeff isn't the ultimate authority anymore.
And specific communities can change the rules for their site if there's a strong enough consensus.
3:11 PM
Can you provide a source for your claims?
A: Individual community preferences vs. SE network policy: who wins?

Shog9 Anecdotal examples are nice and all, but here's the real question: to what extent can individual communities/sites override network policies? To what extend should they be able to do so? Well, they can override them to a fairly large extent, because the entire system is designed around commu...

Noted, take it to meta if you so wish. I will continue editing the tag-wiki(excerpt)s according to the current guidelines that have so far been accepted.
When I have finished with my Major tag edits, I will move onto the minor tags. There are only 2556 tags, shouldn't take too long
3:25 PM
Q: It involves a pub, a pea-soup fog, and time-travel

Loon DavidsonA guy sits in a pub on a foggy night, goes out, maybe crosses the street, or re-enters the pub and is in a different time. Not a Callahan story.

@Edlothiad sure, I might do that later.
Here's my standard comment for new ID users, BTW, which gets posted as this:
Hello, welcome to Science Fiction & Fantasy. Please make sure you've checked out the [tour], read [ask] (and possibly [answer]), as well as the [Story-ID guidelines](https://scifi.stackexchange.com/tags/story-identification/info). What language did you read it in? Where were you when you read it? Medium? Etc. I hope you decide to stick around!
@Mithrandir >:U I had one and meant to post at utc midnight but I was taking a nap
Cool, I'll prepare a long answer to reason against it
@Riker ye can post it now anyway
But it's the 10th?
@Mithrandir help me remember to pin that when it becomes the 11th
You can't post a floof for tomorrow today, that's cheating.
@Edlothiad not gonna pin it yet
I'll pin it at utc midnight
Oh wait it's the CFO never mind
3:39 PM
Chief Floof Officer
@Riker that's like 2 or 3AM for me
I'll probably be asleep
@Edlothiad Ah.
Q: Help! need to find the title of a book with a girl found under a tree

soonI remember reading a pretty interesting book a couple months ago, and it started with a girl being found under the roots of a tree where she had been for years with her eyes sewed shut. Basically what happened was that there were 4 or 5 people born with elemental magic or something, and there was...

@Edlothiad lol
I thought mith sad "you can't do that" and figured that you were talking about something else
@Edlothiad - heh, and with Internet trouble too :P
but bleh repcap
3:56 PM
Q: YA Sci Fi - Failing colony ship in orbit around a red planet, some kind of psychic link with the planet, twins, and epiphytes

AzazoSometime around 1992-1995, I read a Young Adult science fiction book in a New Zealand library (so it could have been a little known NZ or Australian writer - and it was Stokes Valley library if that helps). The main character was a teenage girl on a colony ship in orbit around a red planet - not...

Does anyone know how much of Valorum's rep is passively generated from random upvotes on answers that are years old as opposed to upvotes on new/recent answers?
Like at what point do you reach a critical mass of answers to just eternally fuel your rep
There is an answer to te first one on data.se
Valorum gets ~150 rep daily from stuff he hasn't touched in 30 days.
damn, its like a runaway train snowballing down a mountain.
4:07 PM
By the way, I'm the 11th person who cast most downvotes here.
how do you know?
SEDE has a votes table that can be sorted by userid
There's a SEDE query for everything, isn't there?
@Gallifreyan now we know why community it always stuck at 1 rep
4:09 PM
I had SQB help me make one for tolkien questions with bad answers :)
wah wah
I don't believe in downvotes
@Edlothiad Down votes are an important part of the SE ecosystem.
No they're mean
Unless users post crap, in which case we're doing the site a favour.
4:14 PM
No, just leave them a comment. There's no need to downvote
Why not both?
Because DVing costs me my hard earned rep
That's true. I used to be reluctant about downvoting answers, and only started downvoting questions recently.
@Edlothiad SE does, though, for good reasons.
Because I don't feel the need to Downvote
@NapoleonWilson Does that mean I have to believe in them?
4:20 PM
@Edlothiad Well, you don't have to, I guess.
I don't see what benefit it provides that I can't provide with a comment.
Don't get me wrong I still use them
@Edlothiad You directly? None. The site? A ton.
But I use them sparingly. As I don't think they provide much.
@NapoleonWilson Sorry for editing after you linked to it, but it makes it easier if i fix my sentence there than fix it later and people read over it.
Sure, don't worry.
@Gallifreyan wow, I'm at 37th place. Gotta downvote more ;)
4:36 PM
Tron is a 1982 American science fiction action-adventure film written and directed by Steven Lisberger, based on a story by Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird and produced by Walt Disney Productions. The film stars Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer who is transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer where he interacts with programs in his attempt to escape. Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner, Cindy Morgan, and Barnard Hughes star in supporting roles. Development of Tron began in 1976 when Lisberger became fascinated with the early video game Pong. He and producer Donald Kushner set up...
Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the release of Tron.
I have to admit, I was not really a fan of that movie. Interesting concept, but poorly executed on IMO.
Legacy was more interesting, but mostly because it had a decent soundtrack and visuals. It still lacked in the story department though.
Q: Does Aunt May ever (permenantly) learn that Peter is Spiderman?

Peter TurnerSeems like Aunt May's ability to be rather astoundingly ignorant of the fact that her nephew is Spider-Man was one of her more endearing traits and she'd be somehow less of an interesting character if she were the Spider-Man's Alfred rather than his constant inspiration. In the comics, not the M...

I think that it's easier to appreciate for those of a certain age. I was almost 20 when it came out.
4:55 PM
Q: How much of The French Mistake was based on fact?

Dave JohnsonIn the Supernatural episode "The French Mistake" (S6E15), Sam and Dean are zapped into our universe, wherein they are really Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, actors playing Same and Dean Winchester on the show Supernatural. We know that Jared and Genevieve (Ruby) are really married, but is any...

Q: During the avatar state can Aang's past lives bend the four elements?

WilliamAccording to Roku in ATLA the past lives and experiences come through during the avatar state? Why then did Aang have to master the four elements if his past lives theoretically could use them for him in the avatar state? Or is this an incorrect assumption?

Concerning this meta discussion about Bablefish, what is the practical purpose of having the feed here in the first place? It is just acting as a notification system?
So you can see and answer questions you like, keep a log of deleted posts
I use it to watch for questions that I can answer.
Same here.
Q: Could Moody's eye always zoom?

DCOPTimDowdIn the Goblet of Fire film, we sometimes see through Moody's magic eye and it's always zooming in on a particular person or group of people. Could it always do that, or was it something added after it was stolen? We believe it's Moody's original eyepiece because when we see him at the bottom of...

5:10 PM
@Babelfish Zoooooooooom
Moody's zoom is Moozy's doom.
5:28 PM
babelfish is annoying I'm going to flag him and say he is annoying...jk
5:50 PM
Greetings! :P
6:17 PM
Shalom! :P
6:37 PM
How does one source a negative answer? I mean better than saying "I've read/seen all the source material and there is no mention of xyz".
@amflare One should downvote, and not answer questions that require proving a negative.
@Bellatrix שלום!
@SQB careful, @Mooz!
@William please don't make jokes like this.
@Gallifreyan Mkay, but what about a question like the Moody's Eye one above? It not requiring to prove a negative, but the answer is "we don't know". Which, of course, is one small, overlooked, reference away from "I don't know what I'm talking about"
@amflare Your answer looks fine as it is.
Okay... Well I guess at some point everything is either WOG or speculation. :/
6:47 PM
@amflare well, there's speculation that's more like extrapolation.
@amflare No, absolutely not. There's also well-reasoned deduction, which is neither purely speculative nor just using Word of God.
Q: Why did Voldemort need prophecy from Ministry?

Vadzim SavenokSnape has already delivered the entire prophecy to V while still being a DE, so why did Voldy need to get a prophecy from the Ministry?

@Mithrandir Oh cool, is that "Shalom" in Hebrew? :)
@amflare Good question! There are a few things you can do, depending on the circumstances: list all the information we do know ("there's no mention of xyz - the closest is this mention of yxz on page 73"); give some sort of explanation for why it's reasonable that we don't know ("it wouldn't make sense for them to tell us, because blah blah blah" or "people have written fanfic taking xyz in this direction, so it's unlikely to be confirmed as going in that direction anywhere in canon"); ...
It's not true that a "we don't know" answer is necessarily bad. I've written plenty.. But - as you note - it's nice to say something more than just "we don't know" if possible.
7:03 PM
@Randal'Thor Excellent. Thanks!
(Woo, Reversal badge! I've now earned pretty much all the badges I can on this site, minus tag badges and maaaaaaybe Booster/Publicist and Illuminator.)
presumably the goal is to convince whoever's reading that you actually know what you're talking about and have some basis for believing there is no answer, rather than some random guy posting the equivalent of "I dunno"
“If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” - W.C. Fields
@Bellatrix yep. Shalom is a Hebrew word, so it makes sense to type it in the proper language :P
7:12 PM
@Mithrandir That's neat! :) I can only type it in English.
I'm bilingual, and speak Hebrew fairly well ;)
On an unrelated note, I have Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" from The Desolation of Smaug stuck in my head and I've never even seen the movie.
@Mithrandir Just because or do you live/work in/with israelis?
Oh that's really cool! :D I speak English, am trying to learn Spanish, and I've always thought it would be cool to learn Latin.
@amflare well since I'm religiously Jewish and living in Israel...
@Bellatrix nice! Good luck!
@Mithrandir It's crap, "The Last Goodbye" by Billy Boyd is better.
7:15 PM
@Bellatrix ¿Como estas?
@Gallifreyan yes it is better (ISF isn't bad). But that's not the one that got stuck :/
@Mithrandir This should help youtube.com/watch?v=93LJVlxzE_Q
(err... idk how to embed it :/ )
@Randal'Thor ¡Muy bien, gracias! :)
@Mithrandir Thanks! :)
7:20 PM
Mobile links and Youtu.be links work as well.
(that was linked as youtu.be/q8ir8rVl2Z4)
@Bella - not everything that ends with a question mark is a non-answer. It does look dubious, but I believe that it's an attempt to answer the question, not a new question.
(I could be wrong, though. That happens more often than I'd like.)
7:35 PM
Lol, that answer ended up in 3 separate review queues.
That happens more often than you'd expect, because we're usually fast on flagging NAAs and stuff :)
What happens if you issue contradictory actions from different queues?
...like? Once you review something in one queue you can't review it in a different queue anyway, unless you opened them at the same time.
Oh. That makes sense
7:57 PM
Q: Why do less-bright students end up in Slytherin?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToThe main trait of Slytherin house is ambition and cunning. Malfoy fits the bill. Snape fits the bill. Harry Potter has both, to an extent. But how can someone argue that Crabbe, Goyle or Millicent (or Pansy if Hermione is to be believed, though she's a bit biased) are intelligent enough to be a...

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