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9:01 PM
@GnomeSlice I feel like I saw a LP or something of this on SomethingAwful forums.
@RonanForman Uploading the zip now.
10%, its going rather slow :/
and FML there goes chat.
@agent86 Probably the old one.
this game is more like you have 6 PCs in the same room, and they are all the various "bridge stations" of a starship - science, engineering, helm, comms, etc
9:02 PM
hey @spugsley
the captain issues orders, and the crew gives him information based on what they see, but they all have to work together
@Fluttershy how do i find you on the site?
think star trek, but with a game master instead of a prewritten plot
@spugsley I'm supposed to not tell you something, but I can't remember what it is. If I tell it to you, try to forget it, kay?
There, restarted browser and I will NOT hop channels this time.
... not that it helped it seems.. ah well.
@agent86 O-o yes? No? Okay probably maybe?
9:04 PM
@spugsley I accept your apology.
@agent86 likewise
or topology. or geology. or what have you.
@Blem If you click on Games, you'll see an option to play Catan (Base Game), which will open a new window.
@Fluttershy ok im in now :)
need a password
@Blem I see you. My username there is the same as here.
Now I'm clicking start, but it isn't starting. >.>
9:08 PM
Man, I totally need a cot under my desk so I can take naps at work.
Oh. @Blem We need a 3rd player.
@Fluttershy for what?
@Fluttershy ohhhhh I like that game :)
9:10 PM
@Jin Oh hai
never played it online
@spugsley I have never played it so you are already ahead of me
Catan is serious biz
@spugsley Same rules. =P Blem and I are gonna play if you wanna make an account and join us.
my wood for your sheep
9:10 PM
@Fluttershy I don't think I have time. Those games are usually lengthy.
@Jin I need wood for my sheep. WHERE CAN I GET WOOD FOR MY SHEEP??
@Fluttershy I gotta make dinner like a good domesticated woman
@spugsley He can cook for himself.
@agent86 you have to take me out to dinner first
You worked today. <.< You can game.
9:11 PM
@spugsley What are you making for @RavenDreamer?
@OrigamiRobot Oh, he's not coming over until after dinner. Wink wink
@RonanForman Having issues trying to unzip the file on the server.
@James I definitely saw "unzip the fly"
@spugsley are you from the same town as me too?
@spugsley I am prety sure i have played board games that where alot longer
9:12 PM
@Jin depends. Where are you from?
@Jin or @agent86 Would either of you care to join @Blem and I for a game of Settlers of Catan?
@spugsley Raleigh, same as @RavenDreamer
@spugsley That's pretty generous of you to make food for all of us.
@Jin I am from Charlotte
my first time playing twilight imperium took 12 hours
9:13 PM
@Jin We are in Charlotte. That's why we all need to go to HeroesCon
@Fluttershy I'd love to.. but i'm finishing up the diablo3 contest for a certain site..
@TimStone you aren't included. It's for @IanPugsley and then @RavenDreamer gets the leftovers
wink wink
@Jin Did I win? =D
@Jin it's for gaming.experts-exchange.com, isn't it?
@spugsley LOL
9:13 PM
@Blem That is a game I would not play.
^ sneak peek
@Fluttershy negative, I'm supposed to be working, and then getting my wife and daughter from the hospital. I think they'd be mad if I blew them off for some hot Catan action.
@spugsley I was going to be hungrily disappointed, but I'm not even sure how to apply the wink wink to that statement, so I'm just gonna...turn...back to my work now.
@Jin looks appropriately hellish. And I mean that in the best way possible.
@agent86 It's Catan, I'm sure they'd understand. =P
9:14 PM
@TimStone That's probably a good idea. It's become way too complicated
@TimStone She is winking at @RavenDreamer. She isn't good at winking.
@Fluttershy It was a pretty good game, we where just playing with maximum number of players and everybody where new so it took a bit long making decisions each turn
@OrigamiRobot I'm beginning to think that her "wink wink" is just a blink and she forgot what it was called.
@TimStone Likely
I tried Agricola not too long ago... that game is like Catan on steroid.
9:16 PM
@Blem Do you have the option to hit start on your game?
@Fluttershy yes, but nothing happens
There it goes
@RonanForman Uploading Uncompressed, its going to take a bit
@Jin I <3 Agricola, have played it a lot
I wish all movies were as awesome as The Avengers
I am wowed right now
9:21 PM
@agent86 Wait, you have a new baby? I...should pay more attention. Congratulations!
@FAE (and as hot)
I am sure I will find other niggling points to criticize a little at some point but right now I am wowed
@spugsley I... am not normally into muscled dudes at all but I find both Chris's to be very easy on the eyes
@James Are you spectating?
@FAE same and I can't really explain it.
9:23 PM
@FAE Good movie :D Was nice to see something by Joss Whedon again :D
@spugsley Me neither. But I was like "This is an awesome movie and it has some damn nice eye candy and I'm just gonna roll with it"
@FAE hahaha my thoughts exactly!
@spugsley Some attractions you just have to give up on questioning
@FAE truer words have never been spoken
Anybody want to comment on why this was closed? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/65829/…
9:25 PM
@OrigamiRobot also, what am I not supposed to know?
Seemed to me like a downvote, not a close.
@spugsley I am oddly attracted to Loki. :x I have a weakness for scheming villains.
@Fluttershy Was :)
@spugsley What?
Oh, @agent86 had a baby.
@FAE I KNOW RIGHT! It's sad because he's so greasy and just...ughhh. But I find him oddly attractive
9:27 PM
@OrigamiRobot is it prime for punching?
@spugsley Probably. Ask him.
@FAE in fact, after the movie, I went through every single character and told @IanPugsley what kind of hot they were
@spugsley It was a visual smorgasbord
because every one in the Avengers is a different kind of hot
9:29 PM
I almost want to just go back and watch it again
@FAE that's a normal reaction. I'd watch it again right now!
@spugsley Jochem was like "If I ever become a billionaire, I'm giving all my money to Joss Whedon and just going to tell him to make movies with it. I don't care what about, just keep making movies"
I wish there had been better ladies in it :/
@OrigamiRobot better-lady Scherbatsky :(
@OrigamiRobot Scarlett not your type?
9:31 PM
@spugsley People don't know that joke!
@FAE She's ok.
@OrigamiRobot you do. That's all that matters
@OrigamiRobot Agreed. Not quite my type, but still pretty.
@OrigamiRobot aww I like black widow
Also, there's apparently a 2nd ending credits scene?
@FAE I can see why someone would like her, but it's not my thing.
9:32 PM
We did not get it here
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, I agree
@FAE It was -awesome- :D
@James Looked it up on youtube
Q: Why is the dragon always flailing me around?

Jonny BI am so determined to kill a dragon but every time I try to melee it, it ends up with it throwing me around and killing me. I can't get out of it since it is a finishing move. I've tried keeping my distance and using only magic and archery but it seems like its not working well since I only have ...

to the kitchen I go!
9:36 PM
@FAE Made me laugh :)
And since I couldn't get any at the theater, time for some beer
@FAE liked the movie?
@FAE yeah, US only
@badp I did, muchly so
I'm still in post-awesome fugue
one more user for my fucking blocklist
there, begone from my youtube
Tony Stark wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt
I loled
9:38 PM
jesus christ so much SEO crap
I guess the actual stuff was removed due to copyright
at any rate it's the six of them eating that thing Iron Man suggested for 20 seconds, without any sound
@badp shawarma?
@badp Shawarma, and its tasty :)
well, youtube took it down
fuck marvel
Man, shawarma kicks ass. I'd eat it daily if I could
@Oak it's so tasty when it's fresh
9:43 PM
@James How's it coming?
@FAE why will I eat it if it's not fresh?
@Oak they sell it in packages in the grocery store here for you to cook yourself if you like
it is not as good
@RonanForman Just trying to start it up
@FAE ugh. Well, that's not what I mean :)
The start up scripts that I was told about by Peter have apparently been rewritten just for ctw .. or something
9:48 PM
@FAE What is shawarma?
@Fluttershy Tasty!
11.6% beer is awesome
just so you guys know
@FAE This doesn't answer my question. <.<
@Fluttershy Does to.
And working the script out. it has to be run by an admin.. awesome
Seeing if I can not get a hold of Peter.
9:52 PM
@James Blargle
@FAE It most certainly does not.
@Fluttershy Does tooooooooooooo
Trying again, can someone explain why this question was closed? @badp or @oak? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/65829/…
@bwarner (why are you asking us who didn't VTC the question? :P)
@FAE Always, always so mean to me.
9:55 PM
Because @Raven isn't here?
@Fluttershy I aaaaaaam and I love it and so do you
I imagine "too localized" here means "this no longer applies to the present so nobody cares"
you can debate on whether or not that's a valid reason, but that's most likely why
But is "nobody cares" a close reason or a downvote reason?
@FAE <3
@RonanForman Yeah sorry man, Until either Peter or Marco show up and explain what they did I do not have the time to invest into just starting a minecraft server with a map on it like this.
9:57 PM
I was under the impression it was the latter. Though "Too Localized" has always been a bit of a mystery to me.
ctw will start up, but not just a simple minecraft server and I do not want to overwrite anything in the ctw server.
@James It's late here anyway, we'll get it sorted for some other day.
@RonanForman k, Sorry.
@James 'tis not your fault.
Chat works as long as I am only in one effing room!
@RonanForman There was supposed to be a start up script called minecraft-arena all I can find is ctw and go2.. go2 requires su access, ctw is well, for ctw :)
10:04 PM
@bwarner "nobody cares" is a close reason as in "Why is that Honda parked outside my house"
Q: Linking with Gameboy Advanced Emulators?

IvanAre there any Gameboy Advanced Emulators that can simulate linking, that way to computers running the emulator can link with each other other an Internet connection? If one does support this feature, is it limited to which games it supports linking?

@badp That sounds like "Off topic". A valid example needs to be on topic and still "Nobody cares". And that seems awfully subjective to be a close reason.
I mean, there are all sorts of questions on this site that I don't care about. And many that I suspect that nobody other than the asker cares about. But it seems awfully tenuous to use that as a close reason. I seem to recall that being a rejected argument against ITG.
@Blem That was fun! =D
@Fluttershy yea, say if you want to play again another day, then i will make sure i get some wood from the start
@Blem Will do.
10:13 PM
What question are you talking about @badp / @bwarner?
@badp That's a stupid close reason because clearly somebody cares
20 mins ago, by bwarner
Trying again, can someone explain why this question was closed? @badp or @oak? http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/65829/what-was-the-original-ultima-online-price-and-monthly-fee
Hello Bridge.
@FAE was the movie good? im thinking of going and seeing it tomorrow afternoon
@Blem I very very much enjoyed it
10:17 PM
I'd be much happier seeing it open with a score of -10, but that's just me.
@Fluttershy thanks
I am buzzy
@Fluttershy What a terrible and useless question.
This is a pleasing feeling
Amstel blond is not bad
But is it not as good as the Grolsch 11.6
@GnomeSlice Yes one person cares. That's called Too Localized.
10:31 PM
@bwarner I don't think that makes sense
That question is not too localized. Off-topic perhaps, general reference maybe, but not too localized. It'd be applicable to anyone searching for the price of Ultima Online at launch
Too localized is "What was the sale price of UO in 1996 at my local GameStop?"
the question is, is tehre any?
@MarkTrapp The price of a game in 1997 is not relevant to a lot of people. Too localized.
@balpha Seems my chat issues only occur here when I am in multiple rooms.
10:37 PM
Also, we are not a price catalog. (unrelated to localization)
@OrigamiRobot You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what too localized means. I'm not saying this is a good question. But that is not the reason it's a bad question.
@LessPopMoreFizz can put it way more eloquently than I can, though.
@OrigamiRobot Doesn't have to be relevant to a lot of people. The point of the too localized reason is to shut down questions for which nobody except the poster would ever be able to answer or give a damn about. "Why is there a guy outside my house?" "What was my favorite thing about UO?" "What was the name of that game I vaguely recall as being fun?"
> This question is unlikely to ever help any future visitors
SE is supposed to be the place where esoteric questions have a home
A: Too localized: by population size instead of geographical area

Joel SpolskyStop abusing "Too Localized." That is meant to close questions that are so specific to a particular place and time that they can only possible benefit the poster, or questions which would be obsolete in a matter of seconds. Just because there is a location in a question doesn't mean it's too loca...

10:38 PM
@MarkTrapp Then change the description.
Yes, because that's a thing I can do.
@MarkTrapp I thought you could do anything?
I am directing it at the point you are making not you persoanlly
Like, I thought you were a warlock or something.
I am a level 97 ovinomancer
10:40 PM
@MarkTrapp sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Open your eyes, sheeple! The ovinomancer is here!
@StrixVaria I know the difference between time localized and other types of localization
My point is, the current description applies to that question IMO. If that is not a proper description, why am I at fault?
The point of the site is not to be nazis about what questions we allow.
By me I mean people in favor of closing it
10:41 PM
Not about assigning blame but about doing the correct thing given available knowledge being provided
I am not talking about blame
I am saying people are acting according to the information given in the description of the close reason
I don't see how this question has any value at all. We wouldn't allow a question asking the price of a game today, so why should we allow a question asking the price of a game in the past? If anything that just means that any price questions can't be closed, and should be converted to "what was the price of the game at time X?", and then a new question is asked.
@OrigamiRobot All people are saying, or at least all I'm saying, is that specific interpretation doesn't accurately capture the intent of the close reason.
@Wipqozn So close it for something else. Off-topic or something.
@MarkTrapp I understand that, but that means the close reason needs a better description.
10:44 PM
Not constructive.
@OrigamiRobot Sounds like a good feature request for meta.
@StrixVaria But it isn't any of the reasons listed in Not Constructive
@OrigamiRobot It is not constructive just based on the words "not constructive".
@StrixVaria I know that, but people will just complain about it as a close reason too.
Isn't a good fit for the SE engine
I think we need a meta asking what Too Localized means. I personally have always been confused about it.
Mostly since everyone seems to have a differing opinion on it.
10:46 PM
Instead of just constantly explaining that the description doesn't fit the reason, just change the description
People can only act on the information that is given to them
3 mins ago, by StrixVaria
@OrigamiRobot Sounds like a good feature request for meta.
I will get all the TVs.
@StrixVaria teeeeeveeeeeeeeeeee
why did people star the fact that I am buzzy? I am confused about this
More confusing stars aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
I imagine I shall feel silly about this in the morning
MSO Feature Request: [Consider changing the wording of the “too localized” close reason](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/132319/…)
@StrixVaria Maybe it should be. I am tired of people getting fussed at for following instructions.
Damn you one box you have failed me for the last time
10:52 PM
@OrigamiRobot fuss fuss fuss fuss fuss
@OrigamiRobot Lies and slander, sir, I say
@FAE All I heard was "Lysh an Shlandr ah shay"
I want to be drunk too. I think that means it's time to go home.
@OrigamiRobot Don't make me get on mumble sir
10:54 PM
@FAE Do it!
@OrigamiRobot I fear my reputation would never recover, good sir robot
@TimStone Get drunk enough to believe in Indoctrination Theory!
I know you wish you could
I do ;_;
I know, me too, me too
Right, leaving. Hopefully the sun won't burn out my eyes on the way home like it did yesterday.
@TimStone That reminds me.
11:00 PM
@TimStone Sunglasses!
I have some, but at this time of year, at this time of day it's like...in my direct field of vision.
@TimStone Or time for an inter-office united Beer O Clock :)
@Jin wh? who? what? WHERE?!
@Jin Lazers are the answer to everything
11:02 PM
I was just gonna whore upvotes/stars with Lazers
@James I uh...drink because of work...so...
@Jin That's just dumb.
@Wipqozn and dumber
11:04 PM
At day 5 of trying to get my iTunes set up on my new PC, I'm getting really fucking close to giving up.
is it too late to preorder the collection edition of diablo3?
@Jin For the most part.. check bestbuy.com they might still have some left
what do you get for the CE?
some shinny armour?
Dunno, I like the art books:/
WoW pet
11:06 PM
rides off into the sunset
@MarkTrapp I already have that angel as a wow pet, hehe
@TimStone Hi so Silver, away!
@James From the original WoW collector's edition? The D3 collector's edition comes with a mini fetish shaman
That'll show me to not scroll down
11:13 PM
@MarkTrapp thanks.. looks like it' worth the price.
ofcorse im getting the CE
@Blem That is a lot of CE's good sir
@MarkTrapp There was a convention in europe I think where the pet was that angel dude, I picked up one of the codes :)
(I like those little pets, I have quite a few of em)
Oh, I see. That's right: the WoW collector's edition came with a mini-Diablo, not a mini-Tyrael
are there still rare mounts in wow now?
11:20 PM
> Tyrael's Hilt comes from the Paris Worldwide Invitation (WWI) 2008 goody bag.
@Jin Yeah, it's still one of the main ways to differentiate yourself. They're making most mounts account-wide in MoP though
@MarkTrapp i remember when one person on my server got Deathcharger's Reins, everyone was drooling
this was many years ago..
It's much easier to grind for it now that the level cap is 85, but it still takes ages and ages and it's still really rare to see someone have it
Only 50 of em, but I have never been max level in WoW so I attribute that to it :)
@James What can you do with pets?
Or are they cosmetic only?
11:25 PM
@FAE Mostly cosmetic
One of em is a lil shop for ethereal things, that give me cosmetic results :)
Ugh my typing today.
@FAE They're cosmetic now, but in Mists of Pandaria, they're introducing a Pokemon ripoff for them
Some of the bets do Battle!! :D
@MarkTrapp I heard something about that
Really @MarkTrapp? Ive not kept up on Pandaria.. just so is a setting/theme that does not work for me.
11:28 PM
I mean what was their tag line for Cataclysm? We want to put War back in Warcraft
And then.. Pandas...
Pandaria is supposed to be a breather before the second half of the expansion, where the Alliance lays siege to Orgrimmar
The hell
The alliance effing BLOW! There is no way they could get to Orgrimmar.
They can with the help of the rest of the horde who hate Warchief Garrosh Hellscream
.. As long as they dont bring their lame /jokes and stupid in-city music I guess that will be ok though.. thoughtful of them to come all that way so we can kill em instead of us constantly having to go hunt em down :)
Oh.. Yeah well Garrosh is a bit of a derp.
I got about 50% of all the pets there are i think
11:31 PM
Ive not played in so long @Blem that I have like 1/4th
That is the soul-trader pet that will give you special money to buy the neat dodads he sells :)
only $250 on ebay
I wonder if people will make real $ on the Diablo3 auction house
my guess is it will be flooded, so only people with really high end items will have a chance
@Jin Yeah, they now have a legal way to be a professional gold farmer.. its going to be nuts :)
Best money will be made closest to release before it gets too saturated
oh, i can see on armory i got 106 pets and missing 89, and 109 mounts and missing 83
if i didn't have full time job i would properly rush to 60 and sell the char, or is that not open from start?
11:43 PM
@Blem Can you sell complete characters?
I have no looked into what you can sell on there, I thought it was items.
there was screen shots of it when they first announced the AH, but haven't seen it they scraped it
Interesting but that would seem to be of limited value
uh? is lifesteal so important of a statistic?
need to do it early while people have max 1-2 level 60
oh, it's just a stat you can select
how much is 10k gold?
I mean that's not 10k ingame gold right?
11:56 PM
10k is easy to get
@badp lolololol
@Blem yeah, that's why I'm confused in seeing level 40s and 60s being sold for 10k
I think I farmed over 50k during the stress test
Q: Weapon progess on modern warefare 3

JamesI have maxed out several weapons on mw3 but when you look at the gun it says I have not reached the max progression for the gun? My ak47 for example has every category maxed out for kills and level 31 max but it says progression level 13 out of 15. How do I max out the progression level of a weap...


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