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2:13 PM
@tiddy Lol.
@GnomeSlice poor guinea pig
@FAE I can't even tell what it is.
@GnomeSlice Pretty sure it's a guinea pig
2:17 PM
Yeah, I think you're right.
2:28 PM
> If the two variants are that different, they should have separate applicable tags, such as dungeon-defenders-pc I'm not saying we don't need to distinguish between such things, I'm saying that using the ambiguous and cross-game platform tag to do so just hasn't worked.
insert whining about 25-character limit on tags here
Q: Is experience saved on a free account for if you decide to shell out?

ZsubJust like the title says, I'm currently playing on a 7 day free account, which apparently is level capped at 15. However, I still have some time left on that, and it took me a while to notice I didn't gain XP and thus level anymore. So, if I buy a subscription, will I get back that 'lost' XP?

@FAE Three good days in a row? :3
@RavenDreamer Today is a bad day
@RavenDreamer Today is decent so far. Started out not so great, but looks to be potentially getting better. Avengers later!
@YiJiang :(
@FAE It's so gooooooood
2:39 PM
@spugsley I've heard! But it is not available in 2D here it seems. :( 3D gives me a headache.
@FAE yeah, I'm also not a fan on 3d
If it helps almost every day I have is good.
You people just need to learn to be more cheerful.
@spugsley I don't like the 3D pandering shot stuff very much. I don't have a 3D tv, so it's not like I can ever even "enjoy" that again at home.
And that's aside from the "waugh, this gives me a headache" factor
Really ? "Too Localized" ? EVERY MAN IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO PLAY DIABLO 3. And my question, still, too localized. Right. — Marcello Grechi Lins 1 hour ago
Wow, somebody's sensitive.
@fbueckert Yes.
This isn't the first time he's reacted like that to a question of his being closed, or even people making suggestions on how it can be improved.
Q: Is Gear the only difference between all the players roling the same class in Diablo 3?

Marcello Grechi LinsUntil now, seems like Diablo 3 have no Skill-tree system, or Talent-trees just like World of Warcraft and Diablo 2 have. Also, there is no manual attribute distribution, restricting players to stick with the attributes the game will spread for you. This has me worried that the only difference bet...

2:52 PM
My automatic response to seeing any closed question is to delete it now.
Well, closed bad question. That isn't a dupe.
So yeah. I think that can be re-opened now. I removed his rant (which was basically all the question body was), and make it an actual question.
@StrixVaria Temporary state man, remember, temporary state!
But the point is I get to cast lots of delete votes and it's awesome.
Alot of his questions get closed. I'd think someone with 1500 rep would know how the site works.
This needs to be re-opened:
Q: Do players only see loot usable by their class?

Marcello Grechi LinsIs there any logic to determine what "types" of item a player can see? Is it according to his or her class? (e.g. a Barbarian won't see Witch Doctor drops?)

Not sure why it got closed after my edit.
@fbueckert Some people just refuse to learn.
2:56 PM
@Wipqozn Heh. Ok, I get the point. :P
He's not the only 1500+ rep using who doesn't understand the basics of how the site works.
It's actually not that uncommon.
Although I do think he is worse than most.
In any case.
I'm handsome as heck, and shall now resume working.
One last thing..
The serial comma (also known as the Oxford comma or Harvard comma, and sometimes referred to as the series comma) is the comma used immediately before a coordinating conjunction (usually and or or, and sometimes nor) preceding the final item in a list of three or more items. For example, a list of three countries can be punctuated as either "Portugal, Spain, and France" (with the serial comma) or as "Portugal, Spain and France" (without the serial comma). Opinions vary among writers and editors on the usage or avoidance of the serial comma. In American English, the serial comma is standa...
> In some circumstances the serial-comma convention can introduce ambiguity. An example would be a dedication reading:
> To my mother, Ayn Rand, and God
That's what semi-colons are for gosh darn ya.
@Wipqozn Sometimes, you just confuse me, man.
If you have a list of items, and the items themselves contain commas you use a semicolon to separate the items.
and someone got married again
3:05 PM
Q: What to do against game performance drop in 12.04 when using unity (3D)?

dongI experience a huge drop in game performance since my fresh install of ubuntu 12.04 My PC consists of an Nvidia Geforce GTX 460, AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU and 4GB of RAM and I use nvidias proprietary driver. I mainly play Heroes of Newerth by using their linux client. I do this since ubuntu 9.10...

there's like an entire wedding party at the entrance of my flat
bam, new gravatar.
take that, world.
@Mana It scares me.
@Ullallulloo It scares me too.
actually oh geez that's one of the most unsettling things I've stared at all day.
wow I need to change this back. it's too powerful.
I mean the way it gets bigger the more I talk...that's horrifying.
3:20 PM
@Mana Yep
Also I was just reading that io9 article, haha
oh well, I'll leave it on for a bit for my own amusement.
although I'm pretty sure I'm condemning myself to some seriously screwed up nightmares later.
Jesus Christ, what the fuck is that.
@GnomeSlice I lol'd at this response... My co-workers now wonder what is so funny...
3:45 PM
Some days I kind of forget that I have really long hair
@FAE Some days I miss my really long hair. But not most days.
@Fluttershy But long hair is <3
Not in the summer it isn't.
@Mana This is why I wear it up in hairsticks
even with just relatively medium-length curly hair summer is torture.
3:56 PM
Q: Help! I'm being attacked on sight in Dragonsreach! And I didn't kill anybody. (Well, except for that one guy...)

Jed OliverSo I came came back to Breezehome after a hard few days on the road ridding the world of several bandits, a bunch of necromancers, two dragons and a cave troll. I stored all that I wanted to, took a well deserved rest and then went out to pawn the remainder. On my way out of my home, which I bou...

Q: Will pumping from a river affect the frame rate?

AnnaI've found that digging around a river or stream to change its shape greatly decreases my frame rate. Would pumping out some water have the same effect, if I stop the pump afterwards?

I need to head to the hairdresser tomorrow to get my hair trimmed a bit
take off the last 4-6 inches or so
I need to head to the hairdresser tomorrow to get my hair trimmed a bit
take off the last 4-6 inches or so
Did that go through twice? My chat bugged out
@FAE It's okay. although now I just look silly.
then again, always do.
@Mana You don't need my help for that sir
3:58 PM
hah, we both made the same joke...:(
Okay, I need to prep for TOJam. Peace.
@Mana <3
damn it, I was going to add a dot to expand my gravatar.
oh well.
maybe later.
@Mana Your avatar keeps making me think of @RavenDreamer's old one
Man, what happened to @Mana's face?
@TimStone I dislike it
It's just not... Mana enough
4:10 PM
I agree.
I should never have refreshed chat.
I didn't even have to refresh it.
Hahah, that's great. Meanwhile, @OrigamiRobot still isn't green on my work computer.
@GnomeSlice Congratulations
@TimStone When was the last time you refreshed your chat window?!
@GnomeSlice I need some music for the intro to the latest LP we're doing, can I just take some from your NG?
4:15 PM
@RonanForman Sure, just give me credit.
@OrigamiRobot is green on my work computer but red on my home desktop and laptop (which I bought after he changed back to green).
@GnomeSlice Of course.
@fredley Gravatar is just trolling him
@RonanForman Don't use any of the ones I did for @RavenDreamer's game.
I wasn't going to.
4:23 PM
Q: Are the XBLA and PC versions of Minecraft compatible?

fredleyCan players on a PC and an Xbox play together in any way? I.e. can Xbox users connect to a (modfied?) PC server, or vice versa?

Q: What was the original Ultima Online price and monthly fee?

RobertoHow much did Ultima Online cost to buy and to play when it was launched in September 24 of 1997?

@Lazers Is an MSRP question OT?
@Lazers I don't feel that that's a very good question for us
@skovacs1 And now with fewer acronyms?
@skovacs1 OT is a bad acronym because it can mean both On-Topic and Off-Topic.
MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
@RonanForman For some reason I've always read MSRP as Microsoft Retail Price
4:28 PM
Ah, in England we call that RRP.
@StrixVaria It makes sense either way.
@skovacs1 Yes.
@skovacs1 Not if you are expecting a yes/no answer.
@RonanForman What's that stand for?
Recommended retail price.
Oh makes sense.
4:29 PM
I used to laugh at some magazines I got that had MSRP for VHS tapes set at like $120...
the tag is very badly used as far as i can see
If anyone is interested in The Secret World, there's a beta this weekend
@RonanForman Now with fewer non-acronyms. Is MSRP OT? :P I can't really think of an acronym to address @StrixVaria's valid point. Is MSRP NG? maybe.
@Wipqozn I'd rather just nuke it. The question is basically "Can I make choices in Diablo"? I don't think we need to justify that with an answer.
If you pre-order, you're in. But you can also go here to get a temporary beta key
(with no purchase)
4:31 PM
For anyone who hasn't seen this yet:
haven't seen much about it @Sterno, but was not impressed by what i saw
I still don't understand why there's all this craziness about the Diablo 3 skill system. Have people never played Guild Wars?
@bwarner People are rejecting change.
It's pretty much that simple.
@Sterno "Offer open to GameSpot members 18 and older in the US, UK, and Australia only."
4:33 PM
311228 seconds left until they all see how stupid they were.
The runes mean that D3 has way MORE possible combinations than Guild Wars, and I've never seen people complain about that skill system.
@bwarner the worst part imo is that Diablo 2 actually wasn't much different, people mostly ended up with the same specs anyway, now you can just change easier with out having to boost another char
@bwarner I have not played GW. But then, I am also not complaining about the D3 skill system
I've never played Guild Wars, so I can't compare.
@Blem This
"You got rid of my ability to customize by removing stats!" You mean the stats that 90% of players assigned exactly the same?
4:34 PM
@LessPopMoreFizz Hey, you know what's better than platform tags?
Platform/Game tags!
@fredley This is actually better because it is a different game.
@bwarner I dunno about more combinations, GW has hundreds of skills for each profession and each character can have 2 professions.
I think there should be a setting where you can't unselect a skill or change a rune ever. That way people can be forced to rebuild their character anytime they want to try something different. Call it "I'm a whiner" or something.
@StrixVaria I can't think of a better way of differentiating, but I don't like it
@fredley How about platform shoes? loafers-xbox
4:36 PM
@fredley The fact that there is a differentiation is important. They need separate tags. What those tags are called I really don't care about at all.
@FAE Hmm, forgot about the two professions part. OK, comparable number at least.
@StrixVaria The official name Mojang have given the game is 'Minecraft Xbox 360 edition'
Maybe is better?
is too long I'm guessing
@bwarner They can play their Witch Doctor using nothing but Poison Dart for the first 15 levels until they unlock their first real skill!
@fredley by one character D:<
Just like in Diablo 2.
That sure was fun.
4:38 PM
@Ullallulloo Grrrr
@Beofett Yah, I wouldn't mind if they let people assign stats, but I also don't think having them auto-assign makes any real difference. I'd often just leave stat points unassigned until I found an item that needed me to raise them.
@StrixVaria Best so far
the thing i dislike the most about Diablo 3 atm is that it is only 4 player pr game
4:40 PM
I'm still blissfully spoiler free so far, but it sounds like pretty much the whole story line is out there now for people that want it.
@Blem I like this for strategic gameplay purposes. I dislike it because I have more than 3 friends who will be playing.
@Blem I think I played a game of Diablo 2 with more than 4 players exactly once in my life, so I guess it doesn't bother me.
@bwarner That's a pretty clear sign that the D2 stat system was, well... broken
4:42 PM
It sounds like this might require a change to one of our answers, but I'm waiting for a bit more confirmation before posting it. us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4903181020
I was annoyed about the 4 player limit because I have a group of 6-7 people who I recently went through D2 again with for fun. Then again, with more than 4 of us it was completely boring, since if we all tried to stay together, everything died so fast it was like none of us were really playing
@Beofett That was my experience the one time we tried it. We couldn't keep people together in any really functional way, and the boss fights were too chaotic to be fun.
but i can see why they cant do it higher, they want all to do there part when playing compare to D2, and if they just let them scale up to 8 people you would have 0 chance if you felt behind
@bwarner Hrm... I'd prefer some confirmation. I am... skeptical at best of Brady guides in general as authoritative sources, and some pictures posted on reddit of an early release doesn't inspire a ton of confidence in me
@Beofett Yah, that's why I'm waiting too.
Its quite possible that their info is from an older build and it doesn't work that way anymore.
4:46 PM
Tuesday needs to get here much faster ><
Which begs the question, why would anyone buy a physical strategy guide these days? When there is more and better information available for free?
@bwarner I have bought them before, mostly for convenience and the really nice art they sometimes include... but that's just me.
@bwarner The only rational response I saw in the discussions on that very same question were "I like the art" and "I'm an obsessive completionist, who must have everything related to the launch"
@bwarner Something to read in the bathroom?
4:50 PM
I had the D2 strategy guide, and I read it and used it for the charts when the game first came out... until the patches made 90% of the useful information completely inaccurate.
That was before the Arreat Summit website, iirc.
@Beofett Did it tell you to always hold a Nagelring and a Manald Heal in your stash?
@bwarner No, I'm pretty sure it did not :(
That would have justified the cost right there
@Beofett See, it didn't even have the useful about to be outdated info.
From what I recall, the only useful information it had was the listing of the skills for each class, and the effect for each skill point you put into it. It made it easy to see where you started to run into diminishing returns for some of the skills.
Monster stats seemed like a nice feature, but they only included Normal mode stats, which was just stupid
@Beofett Which was important since if you made a mistake in your skill selections you had to start from scratch.
Which brings us full circle.
4:54 PM
Back to work I go.
@bwarner I guess I should do the same... later
5:06 PM
Speaking of D3...has anyone gotten an email about the grant yet? I hope I'm not the only one waiting for it.
I won all the grants. I'll be receiving 20 copies of the game.
@Sterno How can I bribe you to get a copy? :P
I got an email that my Diablo 3 CE had been send, but nothing about a grant yet
@fbueckert I'll accept bribes for $59.99 plus tax.
@Sterno In that case, I can get it faster by walking down the street.
5:10 PM
@Sterno So we have to pay you before you'll even accept other bribes?
@OrigamiRobot Correct.
Bribes are also no guarantee of results!
So if we get a grant of D3 but do not ask the appropriate number of questions or what not we are not able to participate in the next grant but can do so again in the next round after that one?
so far i have had no problem reaching the goals
@James That's my understanding of the system.
k, wanted to make sure I was reading that right. I originally thought they were just going to compensate us after we made our posts and qualified for it, I did not realise they were doing it upfront until you all just mentioned it and I went back and read the dates.
Hehe, I feel dirty about my dragonvale question regarding butterfly dragons
12k views but only 2 up-votes.. So a lot of people asked that question as well, but pretty much no one thinks it a good question.
5:19 PM
@bwarner LPMF bought the ME3 strategy guide prior to the contest, since it contained more complete/authoritative info he could use to answer questions during the contest.
I would guess that at least a few people are going to do something similar when the next contest rolls around
Although sometimes the guide is wrong, heh.
@James this is indeed the way it works. Screw up and you sit a round out.
@agent86 We shall see then I guess.. Though the irony of giving away so much stuff yesterday myself is not lost on me in hoping to win a give away today :D
@James ah, the James Gaming Grant was in full swing again? ;)
@agent86 @fbueckert was in on it too, but I gave away 3 copies of Dino Beatdown, Skyrim and... another game I can not remember any more :D
5:23 PM
I couldn't even give away my games
Also bought all the movie tickets to The Avengers for my friends last night :D
The Valve curse
Metro 2033, that was the other game I sent to @Fluttershy
I have been sitting on that copy for a long while too :D
I think I received Metro 2033 free when I bought Homefront last year
I think that is where I got the extra copy of it as well, I had purchased it earlier
5:25 PM
Turned out to be the better game
I liked homefront, it was just very very short in my opinion
I was finally getting into the game and such and then had one more mission and it was over.
It was pretty short. I liked the MP
I rarely play MP
in FPSes
It was a rare divergence from my precious TF2
5:26 PM
Haha, Yeah 4000 hours :D
Oh! Saw The Avengers last night. Have to say there are some very very Whedon moments in that movie, and its well worth watching in my opinion :)
@James Yeah; Gnome had mentioned he was interested in a copy if anyone way buying the 4-pack.
'twas fun. We had a small swap meet sorta thing going.
@fbueckert Yeah, and then you and I both bought the 4 pack at the same time and well, the rest went that way :D
There is a trading post .. post.. on meta some where.. But it keeps dying. Not a very effective medium for trading games.
@James Hey if you're just giving out free games, don't be afraid to shoot me one. :P
@James I never would've bought it just for myself. Didn't look that interesting. But the four pack was cheap, and it's fun to give stuff away sometimes.
...I didn't realize
"I'm the Web Director for En Masse Entertainment, publisher of TERA."
I guess that's quite cool!
also, @Mana, please make me unsee that
5:34 PM
@fbueckert The chatter about it yesterday made it seem fun, when I found out it is a co-op game it seemed like a better hold over for borderlands 2 :D
@Wipqozn EPIC!
@OrigamiRobot I still have L4D1, A couple of Nuclear Dawns, some DemiGods... Aliens vs Predator... And Bioshock 2 I think just sitting there.
So have the giveaway winners been announced or told?
oh, apparently not quite yet
5:50 PM
Q: Are there any ways to break rocks without bombs?

OrigamiRobotSometimes I have quite a bit of trouble finding bombs or I will need a bomb in order to get more bombs. What ways can I break rocks (via items or enemies) if I have zero actual bombs?

@badp yeah, so don't blow the surprise that we're stealing all the copies for ourselves.
@agent86 fine, fine :(
I just want to start installing my 6 copies dammit!
That's a lot of data.
I know, I know! I plan on making a big collage out of all of the CD-keys
I hope it can handle WLAN P2P.
suddenly, moderators
whenever this many of us are in one place, we have to delete something big. It's like, tradition or something.
5:54 PM
la la
I say we destroy @GraceNote 's account for the lulz
I deemed skyrim off topic, everything is gone
booyah, moderator abuse highfive
guys, guys, I have a better idea. Mana's gravatar
Mods? In my chat?
5:57 PM
Avengers time! flees
@FAE It is amazing!
@OrigamiRobot I told her this. She was unbelieving.
@Fluttershy WTF @FAE? Disowned.
She won't like the black widow or whatever she's called
I know, who would've thought that Captain America was Tony's real father, right?
5:58 PM
She's definitely the weakest part of the movie for me
@FAE you found a place or are you watching it in 3D?
@badp you must have seen a different movie than me
I hope she's watching 3D.
a whedon movie with a crappy female character? unpossible :(
@Blem She's watching 3D. I think she's already gone (hence the flees)
5:59 PM
@badp Yea and they kind of just shoehorned Hawkeye in there too.
@badp she was looking for a place to watch it in 2D earliger
@JuanManuel oh please. Her two pistols don't scare anybody
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, but Legolas was still pretty badass.
and her mindfucking powers? rather laughable
@badp she had pistols?
5:59 PM
she's only a badass in the first five minutes or so

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