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6:00 PM
@JuanManuel if you looked a little up, yes
@badp Agreed
@badp oh, not interested
@badp Looking up was hard. They made sure to focus on her butt more than a few times. >.>
I don't want to spoil anything, but she was really useful in a part
@Fluttershy to be fair you can't really see the pistols and her butt at the same time
6:02 PM
@badp I wasn't looking for pistols when her butt was one the screen.
@Fluttershy Meh
@JuanManuel Sure, so she bashed him in. Big deal :P
@OrigamiRobot Agreed
Also @James @BenBrocka I think I have a Butterfly dragon breeding.
please make it not pony related please make it not pony related please make it not pony related please make it not pony related please make it not pony related please make it not pony related please make it not pony related please make it not pony related
I can't wait for Amazing Spider-Man because Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy
6:03 PM
who needs a hulk eh, am I right??
@badp Dragonvale is not MLP.
@JuanManuel 3 point landings make everyone more badass
@OrigamiRobot This.
@OrigamiRobot Also, Lizard...
sadly, I will probably have to wait until DVD release to see avengers :(
6:05 PM
@agent86 congrats btw :)
@Fluttershy That too.
the chances of me getting enough time to go to a theater are about 0%
I found the 3D effect to be well made
@Oak thanks :)
@badp Apart from that one bit.
6:06 PM
In Spider-Man 3, they ruined my favorite character (venom) and brought in two other laughable villans.
@OrigamiRobot I agree. The movies are awful, the character awesome
@RonanForman uh, which one?
@agent86 Don't let @spugsley know.
really looking forward to this "remake"
also, web shooters <-- awesome!
@OrigamiRobot why? would she then come and punch my baby so I could watch a movie?
6:07 PM
@badp When they all come out of the portal and the camera is top down.
I haven't watched any Spider Man movie and honestly I can't be bothered to watch their fourth or fifth try at it
@JuanManuel I will read any comic about the symbiotes.
@badp Spider Man 2 was pretty gosh darn good IMHO
@badp this last one seems great... a la "dark knight"
"Spiderman: We Got Him Right This Time! We Promise!"
@agent86 so why bother restarting again?
6:08 PM
@badp Well this new one is in the same universe as the other Marvel films.
22 secs ago, by OrigamiRobot
@badp Well this new one is in the same universe as the other Marvel films.
earth 199999 or something like that
@OrigamiRobot so... uhh... superman does a cameo? yay?
(I have no idea :P)
@badp I think the actors were bored?
people like reboots?
I dunno
they reboot stuff all the damn time
6:10 PM
The originals were going downhill on villains.
Sandman? Really?
aren't they making like enough money? They're making movies like there's no tomorrow
@badp ha ha ha ha ha! enough money. There's never enough money!
there could always be more money
They're rebooting so Marvel don't get the rights back.
There is a finite amount of hats
and thus a finite amount of money to buy them all
@RonanForman The new one is Marvel...
6:11 PM
any money in excess? superfluous!
@badp there are things in this world that are not hats, though
blasphemy, I know, but science has postulated the existence of non-hat objects in the universe that people might be interested in
yeah, some stranges are valuable but again there's only so many!
@badp there are things even outside the realm of imaginary TF2 objects according to some (wholly unproven) theories.
@OrigamiRobot Then they're doing it so WB don't get the rights back...
@JuanManuel She is awesome :)
6:13 PM
@agent86 there's only so much TF2 swag too
when they are finally available, some people want a bunch of money to spend on them, I suppose
@Fluttershy Awesome! Let me know if you do and what combo, I have been trying ones suggested on my question so far but I keep getting 9 hour non-butterflies :(
@badp can gaben design a thing for which gaben does not have the money to afford? this is getting philosophical now.
@agent86 by definition: no.
@James I bred air/firefly. I've not yet looked to see what other breeds have high breeding times to see what it may be, but I think it's a butterfly.
6:21 PM
@OrigamiRobot he's right, the new one isn't Marvel Studios, it's Columbia Pictures
Below is a list of films based on Marvel Comics characters and properties including its various imprints. It includes live action and animated films, direct-to-video releases, and television movies. Live-action films {| class="wikitable" |- style="background:#b0c4de;" ! Year ! Title ! Production studio(s) ! Notes |- | 1944 | Captain America | Republic Pictures | Serial; Marvel was then known as Timely Comics |- | 1986 | Howard the Duck | Universal Pictures | |- | 1989 | The Punisher | New World Pictures | |- | 1990 | Captain America | 21st Century Film Corporation | Direct-to-video |- | 19...
@Fluttershy Arg.. My firefly is busy making a Panlong
@IanPugsley My bad.
@James Just checked. It is definitely a Butterfly dragon. It's a twelve hour breeding, and the only other combinations have a max of 8 hours.
I suck so hard at Runner's retro stages
just completed 1-9's with 2 gold.
@James You have a ton of Panlongs... why waste other dragons to breed one? o.o
6:26 PM
@Fluttershy Cool. I got one yesterday, trying for a second
so I've just decided that I hate myself and I need to try another MOBA
I'm not sure I know what I did to deserve this
@badp League of Legends!
It's League of Legend's fault if I hate MOBAs being the only one MOBA I've ever played.
@badp but... why do you hate LoL?
@BenBrocka I'm a little meh about collecting other dragons now, since I have a 2nd Rainbow on the way... Might just do like you did and have a ton of them. >.>
and by played I mean "completely, totally, absolutely, utterly, positively, definitely, definitively, irrevocably, irrimediably, simply failed at"
(look mom! no thesaurus!)
6:30 PM
@badp We all have to start somewhere. I was the same way, and I'm fairly sure @OrigamiRobot @IanPugsley and @RonanForman will agree.
I got nothing positive out of it at all. It was soul crushing from start to end
every time I tried something it was simply eleventy white words coming from the top of my head, followed by a countdown
@badp That's why I only play with people here.
@OrigamiRobot I played with friends. Mumble and all. It didn't help
@badp It took a bit to find a champion I like. I'm very picky.
All I got was people screaming at me "RETREAT! GO HOME ALREADY! WE TOLD YOU!" all the time while shaking their head in disbelief
6:32 PM
@badp People shack their heads? :P
@Fluttershy lol. I'm trying to get 2 of everything. Which I think I have, except a second butterfly, dodo and plasmas
@Mana That was a very weird 40 hours
...exactly what is the new MOBA you're thinking of trying that I'm going to have to dissuade you from, @badp?
Grace suggested to just buy an hero to get acquainted with, which I did. The girl and bear one. Things didn't really improve.
@GraceNote Super MNC.
If you were expecting "DOTA 2" I'm glad to "disappoint" you
@badp Don't get it. You hate MOBAs. I can't imagine any reason you'd want to get this short of earning at least a million Euros worth in compensation.
6:33 PM
(disappoint is not the right word)
@GraceNote I do? I hate one MOBA. Might as well try another. Perhaps this time it'll click?
Besides, TF2 hats :P
@badp My response was going to be the same regardless of which one you said, though I'm actually kinda happy it isn't DotA 2 (that said, didn't you do translation work for it?)
@badp Think of it like this. You know Welbog, right? Cool guy. Good friend. Doesn't like actual shmup gameplay, no matter the difficulty level or playstyle. Just isn't his cup of tea.
@GraceNote I kinda helped, then the translation team was formed without me (but with the guy who had only just signed up) and I just stopped caring
Sometimes, people just don't enjoy certain categories of games, and crushing your face into it just in case you might enjoy it, doesn't really do you good service.
I'm glad I did, the team got in a lot of "big" fight with the Italian community (plus the internal fight) on whether or not to translate items or hero names and I don't even know what is it the compromise they took
@badp That's good that you got out of there, then
6:36 PM
yeah. maybe at some point you can pick it up on some sort of ultra-cheap-steam-sale thing, but on the whole, I say play the games you think are fun and ignore the ones you don't.
@agent86 SMNC is also $0
ah, well, I'm a non-MOBA player myself, so I don't even know what they cost and what you do with them
so price isn't a thing
it could be a butterfly simulator with little bunny rabbits and things
same diff
@Fluttershy I wasnt :D I have been pairing dragons with a panlong to attempt to get new breeds just cause a panlong has a good range.. This time around it just made a panlong :)
6:40 PM
@agent86 Basically it's 5v5 (typically?) action where each team's heroes leads a team of weaklings to destroy the enemy's shit. The weaklings walk on a few predetermined paths ("lanes") and eventually meet each other at one point where exp and gold are "generated". Each team tries to push this point away so that eventually your minion start attacking their towers and then their base.
Plus there's all that "staying alive" part I never mastered.
@badp yeah, sure you just ult their creeps with your mid carry. Totally.
@agent86 you just gank them right after you're done jungling for boosts.
@Wipqozn I meant to ping you when I posted that @GnomeSlice because I think you'll really like it. I was too busy trying to ninja in and out to be a bad ass though to do so.
@agent86 You're just spamming lingo and hoping they're comprehensive, aren't you?
@GraceNote LoL's lingo is quite LoL-specific. Many of the terms in LoL-speak I'd never heard before.
6:45 PM
@GraceNote Buzzwords. The death of comprehension the world over.
@badp this also sounds plausible.
@badp It is
@GraceNote how'd you guess? :P
and I'm thinking perhaps you meant "comprehensible" but this is the bridge and you're grace, so clearly you meant comprehensive.
@agent86 I had the same problem when I was defending again Urla in Lane 3 as Ashe.
@agent86 You're very easy to read, like a Kindle.
6:46 PM
@GraceNote ooh, can I be a Kindle Fire? I've always wanted to be android based <3
@agent86 easy to read probably means e-ink
Q: Do wands in Baldur's Gate have limited charges?

vszI did not see any description in-game about the number of charges left in a magic wand, neither did I find anything in the manual or online. I tried out a few wands (wand of missiles, lightning, etc.), but after a few dozen uses I got bored. Do magic wands and wand-like magic items (necklance th...

Q: How do I breed a Current Dragon?

EBongoThere are credible reports of another hidden dragon similar to the Dodo Dragon (initially). It looks to be a water/lightning hybrid like the Plasma. Can I just use the combinations for Plasma, or is there more secret sauce? How will I know when I've gotten one?

@agent86 There's a burn joke just waiting here.
@GraceNote well, I'll try to be ready for it, just in case you figure it out later.
I know... as soon as I mention it... chat will mess up again.. But it is nice to have smooth chat flow again :D
6:48 PM
wow, I've never read a blurb this terrible at gamespot:
> Revelations 2012 is garbage, and you shouldn't play it.
@agent86 I was kinda hoping you'd make it yourself and turn it into some sort of self-sacrificial pyre of humor.
@GraceNote (by the way, I wasn't aware of this side of Welbog. After all I barely know him, I just prod him in random directions and see how he replies. Dirac deltas in, frequency responses out!)
Why is Pixeljunk Monsters so hard? :(
....must... not... put... Raven... down...
@GraceNote It's on sale for 1$. You could look into it.
6:59 PM
@GraceNote and why not? I thought that was your job. Doesn't SE pay you to harass us?
@agent86 Nah, that's just one of the perks.
...you got Super MNC, didn't you?
@GraceNote Super MNC is free to play.
uh... I said, "LET THE PAIN BEGIN!"
7:03 PM
@fbueckert More like free to PAIN
@GraceNote I'll try not to cry on your shoulder this time around, don't worry. After all you don't know this one game do you?
I mean, if the PAIN does ever go past the splash screen
@GraceNote I give this pun a 2.3/5.0 on the pun badness scale.
@agent86 Does that mean it's a good pun or a bad pun?
neither probably
wat? I need to register? Isn't my Steam account enough? :/
@RavenDreamer it's unremarkable I suppose you could say. Ironically, I've now remarked on it twice.
so I suppose it is remarkably unremarkable
7:07 PM
i can finally see deleted posts! SO MUCH BETTER
@badp It's okay if you do.
well, "better". i can now see the crap (con) discussed on meta (pro)
Q: PC games where you can digg for stuff to find treasures which you can use to upgrade your submarine :D

KatieLike this one: http://mobile.brothersoft.com/aqua-dig-69253.html but made for PCs

Q: Choosing character names in multiplayer games

AlokEspecially when trying to create a nick for some popular MMO, a lot of the more obvious choices (dependent on game genre etc.) will already be taken. Besides, I don't really want to call my wimpy casual-gamer chars after legendary wizards or warriors ;) I'm one of those who isn't very imaginativ...

Q: Do I have to complete a mission to earn an achievement in SC2

Ryan MurphyI have just started a level, quickly got an achievement I needed. Now can I just quit the level and still have the achievement or do I have to play and complete the level before I gain the achievement?

in civ 5, if you build a city on iron (or any other resource) do you get that resource?
7:22 PM
@RavenDreamer Thank you. Im playing a game right now and I need iron badly - didnt want to waste it :P
can fishing boats be attacked after they are deployed?
Oh fuck, I got the job.
What job?
@James Turns out Current Dragons exist... So that might be what I got. o.o Will keep you posted.
7:34 PM
As far as I know, it's something to do with a client making interactive childrens' story applications.
For tablets.
SOunds nifty. Congrats on the job.
$20 says I ruin the project.
They want to share the project information via google, can someone confirm for me that this is not a private link that only I can see?
I can see it, but nothing is shared.
@StrixVaria This
Doesn't matter, they just need my Google account.
7:48 PM
(I didn't actually play any SMNC)
@Wipqozn do you play as a zombie?
@badp No.
For anyone considering Orion: Dino Beatdown... Don't. Probably the most broken game I've ever played.
@Fluttershy aww :/
8:04 PM
@IanPugsley I joined a server that was 4/5 on players. Loaded up, had to select my starting class 5 times before it finally selected something other than what I was clicking on. And, somehow, I was the only person on the server...
I looked up some stuff about it last night, and it was apparently a Kickstarter funded project that was supposed to be a Team Deathmatch shooter using the Source engine... I don't even know how Dino Beatdown happened. o.O
@badp Oh man, Tropico pulled that crap too.
@TimStone Yeah, that and dinner put me off
pain is postponed indefinitely
Q: How do the armor tiers work?

Emerica.I understand there are 16 "tiers" of armor for each class. What exactly does this mean? More specifically: Does every chestpiece (or any armor) that is 'x' tier armor look the same? Do pieces of armor that are the same tier have the same stats? What is to say the 'y' armor I picked up is tier...

yay bots ( link )
@IanPugsley I'm being repressed!
which monster glorious leader do I have to thank for that quashing of my first amendement rights? :P
8:16 PM
blah blah blah private property blah blah blah
@badp (I know)
Q: Unity shows through games

G1i1chSome native games work fine, but some don't. Mostly it happens with wine games. I play a lot of adventure games and I try to play ags games a good amount because there are a lot of them and they work great under wine. When I play games the unity icon bar and universal toolbar show through. Some...

@IanPugsley An Italian.
those pesky italians
@badp They make good pasta though.
8:27 PM
And pizza.
Itallian Pizza is nothing like American Pizza
@RavenDreamer speaking of which weren't ya planning a trip in these whereabouts?
It fell through. @FAE was disappoint.
@RavenDreamer I bet she was.
Anyone here have access to the server?
@James Do you?
8:38 PM
@Wipqozn very nice
@Fluttershy Oooo :)
@RonanForman Do I what?
@GnomeSlice Grats, thought the same when I got mine, now I have to work when D3 gets released :/
9 mins ago, by fredley
Anyone here have access to the server?
The minecraft server? Aye I do.. if I remember the info :D
@RonanForman is that the one where there is 4 spaces between all blocks?
@Blem Aye.
it looked really intresting
Sky grid
adventures in falling
@James and failing
8:53 PM
Anyone wanna play Settlers of Catan?
@EBongo ugh, I have a cool thing you need to look at:
@Blem Haha, True :)
@Fluttershy YES, but i have never tried it before
Holy crap, I need to get a LAN party together to play this game - simulate commanding a starship w/6 players: http://penny-arcade.com/report/editorial-article/artemis-lets-six-people-take-the-bridge-of-a-star-ship-and-tell-their-own-s
8:55 PM
you, me, dasfwa, optbrew, maybe SUNSEDGE and Wren? Dunno if they'd all be interested or not. seems small enough that we could get a WOTS crew together pretty easy, although time is not something I have in spades.
@James How's it going?
@Fluttershy i got it done now, my nick is Blemx, need a short afk for a trip to the bathroom
kitten I'm not feeding you now please give up
@Blem No problem.
Anyone else want to join?

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