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4:00 AM
@GnomeSlice She looks madly out of proportion
are these celebrities of just regular ass girls?
@spugsley Regular girls, I think.
because if they are regular girls, this is super creepy for some reason
Not sure why you felt you had to throw 'ass' in there.
@GnomeSlice those power generators
4:00 AM
Well, most of them are probably models.
I throw ass in everywhere
@spugsley Angle, I think.
@AshleyNunn @spugsley
@GnomeSlice there is also no story behind turning on these generators or why we are doing it...
4:01 AM
@Fluttershy yes.
@RavenDreamer Uh, no.
@Fluttershy hahaha yesssss
@Fluttershy And suddenly, I want to see Alan Tudyk doing something hillarious.
That one is Lights, the musician.
...I think.
@RavenDreamer I'm okay with the fact that I made you think of Alan Tudyk.
4:03 AM
There's actually a lot of Lights in this subreddit.
And now I'm removing that picture from the room.
Or not because too much time has passed.
Ergh It's animated
@Krazer Puppy :D
4:04 AM
@RavenDreamer Thank you.
obliterates @Fluttershy
@Fluttershy awww why'd you take it down? :(
@spugsley Because this is an openly searchable transcript and I do not want my picture out there like that.
@Fluttershy whatevs
4:06 AM
@OrigamiRobot Liked what you saw, huh?
@Fluttershy good reason....though I'm sure my picture is all over the internets. I try not to think about it O-o thanks alot
My picture is on here. A cosplay picture no less.
@OrigamiRobot is mine on here too?
@spugsley Yea
@OrigamiRobot Other than my userpic, I dont think I have any pics on here specifically
4:07 AM
@OrigamiRobot which one?
@spugsley does your gravatar not count?
@RavenDreamer my gravatar isn't cosplay
I have a bigbig fear of people taking my picture
oh okay, that's fine
4:08 AM
@OrigamiRobot Damn, you look pretty hawt for a robot.
@OrigamiRobot blehhh that's a terrible picture of me
but a really good one of you
@spugsley Lies. It is a lovely pic of you
@spugsley He's got the vaudeville villain mustache down
@spugsley You've still got all the ones of my better costume on your camera!
4:08 AM
@AshleyNunn awww thanks :)
@RavenDreamer NO U
@OrigamiRobot nuh uh! I uploaded them
@spugsley Lies.
@RavenDreamer I know! It's lovely!
@spugsley Not a problem. Just saying it like I ee it
4:09 AM
@spugsley SHUT UP!
@OrigamiRobot I think this is a very good picture of both of you.
for the record, I like this one better:
because of my Maverick whooooo
@spugsley Oh, that is a very lovely picture of you :D
Find the one with my gloves and rifle.
I'm very proud of it :3
4:11 AM
@spugsley If you ever call yourself fat again, I will flood chat with something unpleasant.
@OrigamiRobot I think it's on the baby laptop
@spugsley I stand by what I said.
@Fluttershy in that picture I wasn't fat. I've gained some unwanted starbucks, cookie, brownie, pasta weight
Oh, are we talking about Steampunk now?
4:12 AM
@GnomeSlice sure, why not!?
Honestly, their costumes aren't the best.
I can hardly tell they're dressed as siamese twins!
@Krazer I still have no idea what you're talking about...
accually, she looks kind of scary
her waist is nasty
@spugsley Corsets are stupid
...Apparently this is 'Steampunk'.
4:18 AM
@GnomeSlice C'mon now you know better...
@OrigamiRobot You really still believe that?
@spugsley Yes. Good lord. She looks about ready to snap in the iwind.
@GnomeSlice Dinosaurs really hate generators (at the base)
@Krazer I can't find them...
@GnomeSlice I know you do.
4:19 AM
Aside from the fact that she doesn't have a nose, nice cosplay.
@GnomeSlice I hope we are talking about Orion: Dino Beatdown.
@Krazer Yes.
@GnomeSlice You know how to capture a base?
Steampunk is the shit.
@Krazer I'm still on the 'you will respawn when the next wave begins!' screen...
@GnomeSlice looks like steampunk Barbie
4:23 AM
@Krazer yeah, she does
@GnomeSlice See page 9
Whoa! Those costumes are amazing
@GnomeSlice ヽ(´ー`)┌
Okay, I really need to get a Streampunk costume.
@Krazer ...pardon?
@Krazer I don't see this anywhere. Also, am I supposed to be flying?
Oh. You have to 'double click' the class
4:28 AM
( ´・___・)
I drove off the edge and now I'm stuck
I'm good on pictures of women exposing cleavage for a while!
too far
Yeah, this game really isn't finished at all.
4:32 AM
(also, deleted)
ughhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm not tired at all
cfdae81 I'M A TIGER!!!
895612f I'M HAVING A GOOD TIME!!!!
d851f46 DON'T STOP ME NOW!
45fe891 Integration of API shit
e4cda3b Moving forward to 0.5 as when DNS completes we'll be a 0.5 release
29e6061 No ID is required
3b58f33 Added updated styles for controls and dropdown
ee0677b Created DNS module and basis
77c08aa Merge branch 'dev' of code.ondina.co:ondina/cp into dev
620cf7e small comment
ac3fdc9 affects-me-button for the outstanding reports list in the feedback form?
read from bottom up.
oh @MarcoCeppi. I will never forget that changelog.
4:48 AM
@spugsley Being awake is fun.
@Fluttershy not really
@spugsley Unless you have work tomorrow.
@IanPugsley already went to bed. So did @OrigamiRobot so I feel all lonely :(
@Fluttershy I do, but not until 1
@spugsley Well, we're all here!
Play LoL!
@spugsley When do writers go to sleep?
4:58 AM
@Krazer never! Sleep is for the WEAK
@spugsley Play LoL!
I don't have it installed
and I've never played
and it looks terribleeeeee
@spugsley does that mean publishing is for the Strong?
@spugsley Why does it look terrible?
@Fluttershy No loot.
5:02 AM
@spugsley The loot is what you buy after killing your enemies.
@Fluttershy blehhhhhhhhhh
@spugsley You suck.
@Fluttershy :(
@Fluttershy I agree with @spugsley, but I dislike that sub-genre in general so there you have it.
Game On! For the 19th-20th is Diablo 3 - With a max co-op game size of 4, how's that going to work? Several groups of 4 just sort of broken up randomly? Everyone picks teams and it becomes like some sort of playground activity where the obvious groupings crop up while the rest are left to burn?
@skovacs1 We don't have much of a turn out for Game On anymore...
5:06 AM
This game makes you read.
@Fluttershy I would have turned out for the last few, but I don't have/play either of those games.
@Fluttershy Also, it needs better advertisement.
@skovacs1 You don't play Minecraft?
@Fluttershy Nope. That's what I said.
@skovacs1 I asked mostly because I wasn't sure Minecraft was what they played the last few weeks. What do you play?
Orcs Must Die? Dungeon Defenders? MTG?
5:12 AM
@Fluttershy The schedule lists Minecraft and LoL for this week and the previous two. I didn't know about Game On! before then so I don't know what was played prior to that. I play a great many things - a lot of RPG and Strategy, but more recently ARPG à la Borderlands and the like and Action-Strategy à la Dungeon Defenders, etc. I play a decent game in shooters (TF2 or you name it) and stuff like that.
@skovacs1 They used to do TF2 but the turn-out for that was even worse than recently. Talk to @Wipqozn or @RonanForman about Game On. They'd probably welcome the help.
@Krazer Yes. Yes. On PC, yes, but not IRL for several years.
@skovacs1 I liked the original duels of the planeswalkers for win 98
the new ones get... boring
@Krazer I find I really like the puzzles. The campaign matches themselves are hit or miss. Archenemy games in 2012 are pretty fun.
@skovacs1 how does these Archenemy games work?
5:21 AM
@Krazer 1 archenemy v. 3 opponents. Archenemy has 40 health while the other three each have 20. At the start of every turn, the archenemy turns over a special effect card that takes place for the turn with some pretty awesome effects. It's quite wild.
@Krazer This reminds me that I should finish OMD! I was hitting top 100 for my Nightmare runs and top 250 for my Warmage runs and got bored/frustrated by the time I got to Finale on Nightmare and hadn't done the DLC levels on Nightmare yet either. Plus FryedEgg posted some new highscore strategy info that I should probably implement.
@skovacs1 I have almost all the achievements for that game, but then i got bored and stopped playing D:
@Krazer The only one I'm missing is finishing Nightmare. I got bored by the time I got to the last level trying to highscore everything.
Most of them are pretty easy to pick up if you know which levels to run.
@skovacs1 I need to actually start playing Chantelise xP
I bought it but never even opened it up
@Krazer I'm about 1/2 way through that one. I didn't play it for the longest time because it's super hard without a gamepad and I didn't want to dig mine out at the time. I really like it - super fun. Rather short. Has some achievement-like challenges.
Also, you buy health upgrades. No level/stat management is kind of nice.
I've been playing too much Cave Story+ xP
5:36 AM
@Krazer I made it to Ballos once and nearly beat him, but then I didn't and stopped playing.
Love the soundtrack though.
@skovacs1 I haven't played Chantelise yet, but I really like Recettear.
I've also been drooling at Fate/Extra CCC ( ๏ㅂ๏)
@Fluttershy Whereas I bought Recettear and have yet to actually play that one.
@Krazer That game is fun. I should start playing that one again. I've been mostly playing PC stuff when I have time. That and drowning in anime.
@skovacs1 any notable ones this season?
I beating the shit out of Isaac right now. Fuck yessss
5:45 AM
@spugsley Why would you beat Isaac? He's the good guy.
@Fluttershy -.-
@Fluttershy I like Fortune Summoners, but stopped playing early on as I got obsessed with min/maxing as the stat gain is entirely randomized. The same reason I never finished FFXII - Fran and Balthier join at the same time at level 3 after a 15-20 minute bit from the save point - I did the math and if I played for 6 months straight, I might have one chance of getting them with max starting stats.
@Krazer I like zombies so Sanka Rea and Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead are fun. Fate Zero is sweet if you follow the Type Moon stuff.
@skovacs1 That stuff doesn't bother me... I just play the game and enjoy it. >.>
@skovacs1 What about Hyouka? No KyoAni ♡? Or E7:AO?
@Fluttershy I know I'm strange and obsessive about stupid things. Until I found that the stat gain was random, I did run about 1/3 of the way through and thought it was great fun.
@Krazer I'm still looking through my catalogue of shows. I watch like 60+ episodes of various things a week. Yes, E7:AO is interesting although I don't know how it ties into the original.
@Krazer Hyouka is pretty cool if a bit tame - I'd like to see it do more.
@Krazer KyoAni?
5:51 AM
@skovacs1 Kyoto Animation?
needs to do another season of FMP
@skovacs1 60+? what are you following?
@Krazer Some are backlogs from older shows. I think the current shows are only about 40-ish(?). In no particular order, Ginga e Kickoff!!, Saint Seiya Omega (so terrible), Medaka Box, Smile Precure, TOro, Aquarion EVOL, Chibi Devi, Kimi to Boky, Naruto SD - Rock Lee blah blah (what is this? I don't even) Phi-Brain S2, Zetman, E7:AO, Nazo no Kanojo X, Jormungand, Tadogare Otome x Amnesia, Haiyore! Narlko, Sengoku Collection, Upotte!!, ...
Q: How do I win naval battles?

IzzyI've always been fascinated by naval warfare - particularly old-style, age-of-sail naval warfare fought with cannon, shot and sword (or arrows, rams, and spears as the era allows). This was one of the big draws for me towards Empire: Total War, the chance to finally control some of those battles ...

Folktales from Japan, Hiiro no Kakera, Lupin the Third - Mine Fujiko blah blah (strange art), Yurumate3Dei, Poyopoyo, Hyouka, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Space Brothers, Acchi Kocchi, Accel World, Fate/Zero, The Knight in the Area, Kuroko's Basketball, Moretsu Pirates, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Huter X Hunter, Saki Side A, Polar Bear Cafe, Recorder to Randoseru, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OTD, Sankarea, Naruto Shippuuden, SKET Dance, Sakamichi no Apollon, Tsuritama...
@skovacs1 wut? no Gakkatsu? I liked Medaka Box was a lot better as a mango.
@skovacs1 some of them you can just skip, specifically the narutoes and the breaches.
AKB0048, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD remaster, and I've yet to watch the last 3 eps of LE:Fam
@Krazer I could skip all of them if I chose. I list them because they are currently airing (Bleach is on Hiatus and who knows about Gintama) and I watch them.
6:07 AM
@skovacs1 I was a bit disappointed with "Fam"
@Krazer Mangoes are nice. I make a mean mango pie actually. If you meant manga, I don't do manga because I don't have the time with other stuff while anime lets me cover more in less time while I do other things. Anime is seldom a wonderful adaptation, but that's the price I pay for convenience - Mirai Nikki, Gantz, Tsukuhime and many others readily come to mind.
I was hoping for a multi-cour series that would do the brand proud
@skovacs1 i prefer my anime and manga as animu and mangos, respectively
@Krazer Don't spoil it, but I can see why it would be disappointing as I can pretty much see where it's heading. I've always been sort of meh about LE. It's cool steampunky whatchamawhozits and flashy grey haired assassinators was groovy, but overall I found the story a bit too political and meandering for my tastes.
I am really enjoying enterbrain.co.jp/pickup/2010/maoyu I found it to be a good balance of just about everything alit more so than wolf and spice
@Krazer I miss Wolf and Spice. The ending built up like it was going for another season and it never came.
6:17 AM
@skovacs1 it was all a marketing ploy for you to buy/read the books!!!
@Krazer I've already said my point on that so to me, it will forever remain a disappointing non-ending like so many other anime.
@skovacs1 better than a gainax ending imo
@Krazer You didn't like Eva or Gurren Lagann?
@Krazer Panty and Stocking's ending was like that - super dramatic twist, see you next season and done.
@skovacs1 more so mahromatic, gunbuster, abenohashi, karekano... et all. Gurren Lagann is the direct opposite of an gainax ending
@Krazer FLCL?
6:26 AM
@skovacs1 better than the manga
@Krazer I don't remember mahromatic, gunbuster, abenohashi, and karekano. I'm not sure if I saw those ones. One sec while I check.
the thing with GL was that the opening scene makes absolutely no sense compared to the rest of the series...
@Krazer but it was so much fun.
most people weren't even aware there was anything wrong until they re-watched the series and noticed a certain something that first-time viewers would hardly notice :p
basically the first scene of the series appears to be a preview/flashforward scene from somewhere near the end of the series, but viewers watching it for the first time will have no idea what is going on, and when the events the scene that should come finally arrive, none of it matches up
@Krazer I know. I watched the series and picked up on that. It was still so much fun.
6:32 AM
@skovacs1 and highly quotable
@Krazer For sure. And it had catchy tunes as well.
but nothing quite beats a cruel angel's thesis
clearly defines the franchise
6:49 AM
@skovacs1 You should try this game if you get a chance.
@Krazer It has Rina and Naga?! Cool. I didn't recognize 3 of the characters in there or at least they weren't jumping out at me.
@Krazer Looks cool. My Kanji recognition's not so great and that might be a hurdle, but I think the biggest problem aside from lack for time is that I blow chunks at fighting games.
7:53 AM
Q: Why do biotic combos seem to sometimes not explode?

jordie3000So here I am, playing my little asari adept, and I'm slinging Warps and Throws at dudes, and I notice that sometimes when a dude has been Warped and then Thrown, he does not properly explode. Now, this does not please me; I want to see and hear that delightful blue boom-thunderclap that says "you...

besides the winning strategy is probably not being a sitting duck for half an hour to charge an attack that misses :P
8:21 AM
Q: What are some good ways to farm XP?

heisheWith my wallet thin and weapon prices so high, I'm looking for faster ways to farm XP. What exactly determines how much XP you get at the end of a match and what should you do to get more?

Protip: You're only really a sitting duck if someone can and will attack you in your current location. Launching powerful attacks from hiding is a very effective strategy. Alternatively, sending out minions/companions to prevent them from being able to attack you works as well.
Who misses? Giga Slave has a radius of several kilometers, enough to engulf entire cities. The larger concern is hitting something you didn't want to hit and escaping your own attack safely.
8:40 AM
@skovacs but there's no boind corners in there! It's all just empty sky.
@badp depends on the level. Some have cities and others have rock formations. Also, while your opponents are distracted engaging each other (4-way fight), it's a good opportunity to take them all out at once.
the larger problem with trying to hit a group of them is that most magical girls use ranged attacks and therefore don't clump up for easy mass annihilation.
'most magical girls'? there's stuff other than magical girls in this?
(I'm not really interested in playing that game mind you)
@badp No. I don't know how you would get that idea from what I said. Some magical girls use melee attacks, but they are in the minority.
And I'm just talking specials. They do have regular melee attacks if the wiki page for this game is to be believed.
I can't consider playing a game where I can't understand 99% of everything that's said or written, or where what's written isn'g written in a language I can at least transcribe into google translate :(
@badp I likely won't play it either. It looks fun, but I suck at fighting games, I have no time for yet another game and the language thing would be an issue at times as well. I'll note it and probably check up on it periodically though so that if one day, either my Japanese improves to that level or I just feel like it, I may give it a whirl.
8:56 AM
besides aiming is a real bitch in three dimensions. Used to play a 3D first-person space sim shooter with rts on top of it without any hitscan weaponry or aim assist or beams or anything, just a few crappy tracking missiles no one used because the non-guided ones were so superior.
@badp I believe is this is like budokai (which it seems to clone rather well), there's target locking for most attacks, but yeah, seeing the video for some of the specials, they appear to be doubt-fire targeting so that would be an issue. But that video was at release several versions ago. They may have improved on the targeting since then.
@skovacs1 What were you asking about Game on!?
9:12 AM
@RonanForman If the Game On! for 19th-20th is Diablo 3, how will that work when it only supports 4-person co-op? Some sort of structured team distribution or will people just pick their groups, forming "the usual groups" and leaving the rest to their own devices à la school project.
Man! I hated group projects in school - all the shenanigans that went on. People with different priorities and schedules that never seemed to mesh. Slackers and keeners. Pre-established social groupings wherein anyone else is made to feel like an outsider.
How was that supposed to simulate the workplace? At least at work, people are consistently in the same or a similar location and operate on the same or a similar schedule for the most part. The rest of the shenanigans are fairly consistent, depending on your workplace.
@skovacs1 Honestly I don't know, I guess we'll just have different games for how many people there are, so if 10 people turn up they'll be 3 games, 1 4 and 2 3s.
Q: What does this noble activity mean?

AnnaApparently Mountainhome is happy with my colony, so I got to appoint a baronness, and chose my legendary miner. Now she spends most of her time doing the activity "Noble" in her room. What's that? Should I avoid appointing important dwarves to high positions?

@Krazer you were probably already aware, but HSotD season 2 has apparently been green lit.
9:47 AM
Q: Does the Champion do anything?

AnnaThe wiki is quite unclear on the Champion. From what I gather he might "boost the morale". Is there a point to appointing one? The champion is a noble position appointed by the Baron (that is, you can appoint it, but you can't do so without a baron or greater noble being present). A champion ...

Q: Is Level 30 the max level forever?

QuibblerI've been happily playing Dragonvale on my Ipad for about five months, and was surprised to discover I'd hit the ceiling when I reached level 30. Is this a permanent roof, or does it get increased occasionally? I'm just a bit annoyed, because I'd finally worked out the best way to get XP and sudd...

10:08 AM
@skovacs1 What @RonanForman said.
@Wipqozn So you also "honestly don't know" and "guess" at what your plan is? Fair enough.
@skovacs1 No?
I meant this:
> 10 people turn up they'll be 3 games, 1 4 and 2 3s.
that's exactly the plan. WE'll divide it up based on how many people show up.
If 9 show up we'll do 3 teams of 3. If IF 8 show up 2 teams of 4, et cetera
@Wipqozn It's all good. Thanks for clarifying that you (in the plural - I hate you English Language) will divide it up as that was still unclear in what @RonanForman said.
@skovacs1 Are you non-native English speaker?
Q: Bad question about gaming?

FofoleI see all kind of people(including some of my friends) that simply don't know when to stop playing(for instance, wake up, play wow, eat ,play wow ,eat , play wow , sleep). Lather, Rinse, Repeat. I realized that myself spend way to much time on games. Now, would it be fit to ask a question about ...

10:14 AM
@Wipqozn I can't hate the language I speak natively?
@skovacs1 Oh no, you're welcome to. I was just curious.
English is just a list of rules and a large list of exceptions. In other words it's terrible.
Why does iTunes suck so hard?
@skovacs1 Lack of discernment between single and plural you is annoying when you get used to it in other languages.
@FAE Exactly. Unfortunately Japanese doesn't have a future tense and French has gendered words and too much variation in conjugation for my tastes.
@RonanForman Because Apple hates freedom.
@skovacs1 Obviously the solution is to construct your own language with rules that you like.
10:20 AM
It's more that it's not recognising the album at that's in the same folder as the music and called album.jpg
@FAE That would defeat the point of using a language at all if nobody else adopts it. The real solution is to complain and be bitter about it while using the common language in order to actually be understood and maybe even one day change the language on a grand scale to suit my needs.
@skovacs1 This is why you popularize it!
(I love conlangs, so I admit I may be biased)
@FAE What's conlangs...? Because it sounds like... uh, yeah.
@Wipqozn *con*structed *lang*uages
I always forget markup hates it when you use it like that
@FAE GOtcha.
@FAE Silly mark-up.
I really hate that.
They have escape *tags*, so no need to do that.
10:23 AM
@FAE I'm a programmer and my social skills are lacking as you might expect. I don't do marketing very well if at all so I greatly doubt my ability to popularize anything.
A planned or constructed language—known colloquially as a conlang—is a language whose phonology, grammar, and/or vocabulary has been consciously devised by an individual or group, instead of having evolved naturally. There are many possible reasons to create a constructed language: to ease human communication (see international auxiliary language and code); to give fiction or an associated constructed world an added layer of realism; for linguistic experimentation; for artistic creation; and for language games. The expression planned language is sometimes used to mean international aux...
@skovacs1 This is what you wrangle front-end people and marketers for :D?
@FAE NIfty.
@RonanForman You mean it's not recognizing the album artwork? Have you tried manually adding the artwork to the album? Get Info on the album and drag/drop the artwork onto the artwork box in the lower-right.
@Wipqozn Very much so! To me at least. I know a lot of people find this stuff boring.
@skovacs1 I am doing that, but I have to do it for every single album
10:25 AM
@FAE I enjoy them and find them quite fun.
@skovacs1 My first love was D'ni
@FAE Nah, it's the people that are boring. Too busy watching Family Guy and Listening to Justin Bieber.
And reading Twilight.
and eating McDonalds
@RonanForman Yeah. I know. Unless the album artwork is embedded in the metadata of the files, you have to do it for them. I have many albums ripped from CDs so I've done a lot of this. Moreover as several video game soundtracks don't have official album artwork, I have to create my own or suffer not having anything I'm satisfied with.
Scumbag Wipqozn. @FAE makes comment about her interests, uses it as a launching pad to rage about how he hates mainstream things and rage about society as a whole.
This band is so sweet.
10:28 AM
@RonanForman YOU'RE sweet. Burn.
@Wipqozn Chaos and anarchy are amusing. Let it all burn and let's laugh at the ensuing madness.
@Wipqozn I am not entirely unused to this at this point :P
1 hour later…
11:41 AM
Q: Does the Drake Sword in Dark Souls not scale with any stats?

dormisherI picked up the Drake Sword near the start of the game. It's been great up until now, made the game nowhere near as hard as it would have been without it, it does like 200 damage and it doesn't weigh much. I'm now in the depths, I've upgraded the sword to +1, but I realised that leveling up my s...

Q: How to decide which character is on point?

ayckosterI currently play Ryu & Akuma, as they fit my fighting style the most, but I do not know how to decide which character to select first. Is this preference based? Are there circumstances where it is wise to switch the positions?

Q: Why is "Cages & Chains: 3 of 20" in red letters?

AnnaOn the tile of my Justice screen, it says "Cages & Chains: 3 of 20", with "3 of 20" in bright-red letters. Does this mean that I need 17 more cages or chains, or is the red text not a warning? The prison is currently empty, and has always been. There's just one crime, but no sentence pending.

@agent86 congratulation
@Blem Just a single congratulation though
@agent86 I'm sorry :(
Your Diablo 3 time will be cut tragically short.
@StrixVaria Just get the baby hooked on gaming from an early age, problem solved!
@fredley he only got 1 right? it wasn't twins!
11:54 AM
Ah, literal grammar....
@RonanForman I'm dyslexic, any excuse to make my mistake look intentional
got mail today that my D3CE was sent, so I might already have it tomorrow!
12:16 PM
Hello Internet. Here is your Morning Reminder that I am Mad About Platform Tags.
12:39 PM
@LessPopMoreFizz not a big fan of it due to games like where there is a big difference between pc/mac and console version
@Blem and etc. solves that. If they're that different, they should have different game-level tags.
I don't know about the differences well enough to say if they are, or whether that's a good idea.
Just throwing it out there.
@Blem I'm not saying we shouldn't distinguish between radically different games. I'm saying that using a separate, distinct tag, which applies across titles to do so, doesn't work.
@Blem Also, I'm perfectly cool with people proposing alternate solutions. I'm not 100% convinced that mine is the right one necessarily. All I know is that we have a real problem.
The Status Quo is broken, just because nobody has complained yet, doesn't make it less broken.
Agh. Avengers is not available in 2D anywhere around here.
Damn it, I don't want to see it in 3D
@FAE my local theater shows it in both 2D and 3D, i will join you if you come by ;)
12:54 PM
@Blem Hey, in the grand scheme of things, Denmark's not super far!
yea, but I am pretty sure there are a couple of theaters closer by that shows it in 2D :)
Proooooobably. But I can't find them currently.
you theaters don't have a centralized booking system? in Denmark we got www.kino.dk that has a lot of the theaters in Denmark so you can see what runs where and order tickets online
@Blem The one big chain does, but it seems to be only showing in 3D in all the ones in driving distance. :(
@Blem The nice thing about @StrixVaria's solution described here has the advantage of experts on the mac-specific version of Dungeon Defenders can apply their knowledge to Dungeon Defenders issues specific to the mac version. The downside is that there will still be a lot of misuse and/or disuse leading to cleanup and for those who aren't SMEs in the console-specific version, it will be hard to know whether or not the tagging is correct.
@StrixVaria I assume the use of these console specific derivation tags would not preclude the use of the more general game tag in those same questions - or would it?
12:59 PM
@skovacs1 It should not. MOre to the point, it should only be used on questions specific to one version versus the other.
@skovacs1 I haven't thought out all of the edge cases of the system. Like I said, just ejaculating ideas at the moment.
Also, I'm sad I couldn't think of a better word there than 'ejaculating'.
@StrixVaria I'm not.
@StrixVaria ...lol
And on that note, I'm off to work.
problem is the pc and mac version is the same and i think the ps3 and xbox 360 is the same, so should they be tagged , and just incase the first 2 tags where miss tags and it acctuly is a general question about the game that affects all version?
1:01 PM
ahaha I'm assuming LessPop pinned that
@Blem I think you're missing the point of narrowing down the scope for specific consoles. It would only relate to issues specific to one version or another. There wouldn't be a need to be more specific if all the versions are the same. In that case, would suffice.
@StrixVaria what.
It doesn't only mean one thing dammit.
@skovacs1 What Blem means is that console implementations on both PS3 and 360 are the same and would require the same specific body of knowledge.
Since they are distinctly different from the PC/Mac versions
Tags should represent areas of knowledge. If you can't be an expert in it, don't make it a tag. If it encompasses two separate areas of knowledge, then make two separate tags. It's very simple.
1:05 PM
@FAE Oh. So @Blem is asking about scoping combined body of knowledge tags. Yeah. That's a bit unclear.
If the PC and 360 versions have the same body of knowledge, then use the same tag for them.
@skovacs1 Aye. So I think it would be like... maybe? I dunno.
I'm not worried about what that tag is yet; on a more conceptual level things that are the same should be grouped together.
@FAE yea, that. Exactly.
@FAE yes, but since they do share some base mechanics, I would not follow the tag, and if a question was miss tagged and should be i might miss it and couldn't edit it
1:07 PM
@StrixVaria Yes, but it is preferable to have a system that's at least somewhat intuitive, and we do that by setting precedent in tags.
@Blem That's why I confirmed that it would not preclude the use of the more general tag.
I am a bigger fan of just making it more clear that platform tags should be used seldomly
As it stands now, platform tags are meta tags in the strictest definition of the term.
we also run in to length issues with some tags I think, but guess that is a minor issue
@Blem we run into that issue as it stands, don't we?
1:14 PM
@skovacs1 yeeeeeep
@skovacs1 yes, a lot, especially with expansions, but the platform tag for a game should reflect the base tag i would say, so we might have to use abbreviation for some game names that are just under the limit, not a big deal but still irritating
Simply put, tags are a poor filtering mechanic. As far as I see it, the game-specific platform specification more properly scopes the knowledgebase required to answer certain questions and cleans up the overly general and usually misused platform tags that currently exist and to that end, I fully endorse @LessPopMoreFizz and @StrixVaria's approaches.
The details of the implementation are still up in the air and it likely still doesn't reduce the amount of incorrect tagging that will occur and consequent cleanup that will be needed, but I believe the idea is a sound approach.
1:35 PM
Q: When exactly is Diablo 3 Going Live?

Marcello Grechi LinsFirst of all, i know it is going to be released May 15, but, when in hours is it going live ? Is there any released information about the exactly time it will be playable ? Any chance it will be released, maybe, on Midnight from day 14 to 15 Pacific Time ? Thanks in advance

Just add a console dropdown to the question form and then have tags based around games

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