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10:02 PM
Swift Development

Proposed Q&A site for application/Software developers using the Swift language looking for some help, guidance, partners or anything else swift related.

Currently in definition.

Q: I can't update Minecraft Pocket Edition

MLGamerOkay, so I play Minecraft on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. (I play Minecraft Pocket Edition.) Recently, the new update for 1.0 came out on Google Play Store. Me and my sister tried updating, but it says we both don't have enough space. We only have 2 games on our tablets each, and a bunch of spa...

can I get another invite to the arqade discord? Invite timed out
I'm finally home from the gym, ate my food, and got settled into PJs. I also took the time to look into those flags from earlier.
4 hours ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@GnomeSlice it's embarrassing for the president elect of the united states of america to tweet about an actress calling him out on being a shitty person
That message there is perfectly okay, ain't nothing wrong with it
This one thought does cross into breaking be nice towards public figures, which Stack Exchange has made pretty clear isn't okay anymore
A: Does the Be Nice policy require SE users to "be nice" to people who are not SE users (e.g. public figures)?

Shog9Let's read that "be nice" policy: Whether you've come to ask questions, or to generously share what you know, remember that we’re all here to learn, together. Be welcoming and patient, especially with those who may not know everything you do. Oh, and bring your sense of humor. Just in case. ...

Specifically the "predictably stupid part"
also not callin gyou out or anything @Yuuki, but it was just the most at hand example for a thing I've been meaning to mention
We've all been saying stuff like that for months, myself and many other mods are included in that list
buuuuuut calling Trump "Stupid" or an "idiot", or saying the same things about his voters, is the kind of thing we need to stop
10:10 PM
@Wipqozn can we just say collectively all humanity is stupid?
@Memor-X sure
No matter how true we might all think "Trump is stupid is", it doesn't mean it's fine for us to say it. Same goes for his supporters. BEcause...well, if you guys all started calling me stupid, even if you thought I was, that doesn't suddenly mean it's okay
@Wipqozn there were flags?
@KevinvanderVelden there were.
and yeah yeah once again, I know, the mods have been guilty of this too (myself included), but we all need to make a collective effort to stop. We can still talk about politics and all that, and post links to stuff going, but we need to be nicer / more careful with how we talk about it
@KevinvanderVelden yeah
Was mine validated :O I'm curious
10:13 PM
1 hour ago, by bwDraco
Whoever is going through the transcript and flagging political messages, please cut it out.
@KevinvanderVelden I have no idea
I loved this:
5 hours ago, by Yuuki
Or even funnier, the top comment on the Reddit post is "Alright, who had 6:27 AM? You get the pool."
This... really isn't a good time for that @Jolenealaska, trying to address chat for a minute here
I mean that's pretty much all I had to say. Just keep in mind going forward that "be nice" applies to Trump and his supporters too. I mean we never really know whose lurking in chat here, and we want this place to feel welcoming. P
Sorry, that one seemed to me to be an example of not crossing the line. I apologize for the timing.
@Jolenealaska I agree, but you jumped right into the middle of the flow :P
To be fair, I don't really want to be welcoming to a subset of his supporters, specifically people like the KKK
10:17 PM
but then you're not being nice!!1
Actually, that's a pretty good illustration of why care needs to be taken - because different people see the same message in different lights. If you're going to be mostly inoffensive to at least the majority of people, you need to take viewpoints into account.
@KevinvanderVelden I agree 110%, and if someone comes in and starts talking about how great the KKK is please, let me know, because I'll quite happily kick'em out of chat
Bup bup bup. I said welcoming.
@BlueBarren give me your username and I'll pm it to you
@ArtOfCode The notion that you need to take care in your actions offends me!
10:18 PM
@KazWolfe just stop, seriously
I can be... well nice is the wrong term. I'll be polite
noted, i'll shut up.
And I'll flag for mods @Wipqozn, don't worry
If the KKK turn up here and start having a reasoned political discussion, they're entirely welcome to do so. It's only if they start on the hate that they can leave.
Hmm, should something like that be modflagged or regularflagged?
10:19 PM
@KevinvanderVelden If someone comes strolling into chat talking about how great white supremacy is just set them to ignore and flag'em. I'll happily come down with my hammer OF GREAT JUSTICE.
As an addendum - when we ask for stuff like this, making hyperbolic jokes about things that need to be flagged or whatever, is not constructive.
@KevinvanderVelden Doesn't hurt to do both
@Wipqozn cool
@ArtOfCode That's true too
@Wipqozn Hey, the Kolonel's Krispy Khicken may be worse than Popeye's or Church's, but it's not that bad.
10:20 PM
@Wipqozn I can politely say that kind of thing isn't welcome here though, assuming no mods immediately rush in after the flagging (which I do find unlikely)
@KevinvanderVelden yup, go nuts
although you might be better off ignoring them. Also room owners can kick users now, so that's a thing.
Okay, typing "khicken" almost made me throw the keyboard out the window involuntarily.
@ArtOfCode i can't even think of how you would know a faceless avatar is a member of the KKK
@Yuuki good, you should feel bad
@Memor-X they can state they're part of the KKK
We're basically just looking for constructive discourse. I know it can feel difficult because of feelings because this stuff directly affects people's lives and livelihoods. We just want to try to make things a little more welcoming, I guess is the way to say it.
10:21 PM
@Memor-X they may well proclaim it in a profile
That is not in and of itself ban worthy
If they say they're part of the kkk or whatever, fine. If they come in here and start tearing people down because of what they believe, not fine.
@KevinvanderVelden Although spelling it "itsself" is definitely ban-worthy.
Believing a particular ideology is fine, being an asshole because of it is not.
@Yuuki it's my second language, sue me =p
Repeat after me... me: I will not make the dumb hyperbolic joke. "I will not make the dumb hyperbolic joke"
10:24 PM
Does believing I'm an asshole make me an asshole? :thinkingface:
Well that's about it then
3 hours ago, by Yuuki
I kinda wanna do a summer Bridge movie series where I personally pick a number of movies and put them all up one after the other over the course of a weekend.
So like a summer marathon of "Movies That @Yuuki Liked In <Insert Year>".
@Yuuki I might pop in for some of those. No way I'd stay for the whole thing though.
I really like Bridge and don't really get annoyed by any kind of discussion here, but tbh anytime politics are brought up, bridge turns into a shitshow, which is not fun to read or be a part of. I think that keeping politics out of bridge, at least for some time, is the path we should follow.
And yes, please flag the things. Also, anyone who gets flagged, try to take it how it is meant. It's more meant to be a half hour to think about perhaps taking a different approach to things. It's not a reflection on your worth as a human and it isnt meant as an unending hatred of you or your presence here. It's more that it should be a clear indication that you should adjust behavior.
@arda Banning a subject broadly like that is tricky. How do you draw the line? What does keeping politics out look like?
10:26 PM
@Yuuki I mean, I like the idea, but I think it's over the line with the rights thing
@Wipqozn IRC will drag humanity down
@arda I understand the sentiment but avoiding political discussion is part of "The Problem".
@arda Yeah we know, but banning political discourse would be our last resort.
Or at least, some people think it contributes to "The Problem".
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, good point.
Man, we should all just establish a Mars colony or something (if we can't agree on Canada) and I can do these movie nights in person.
10/10, my phone is literally shocking me.
10:30 PM
@Yuuki I'd be fine with everyone moving to Canada
@Yuuki when the dutchlands start sinking under the sea and we finally start building giant underwater domes you're all welcome
actually I will not
@Wipqozn there are a bunch of giant old Victorian houses near me with like ten bedrooms for sale. We could house a lot of bridge.
@KevinvanderVelden I will come and watch the fish.
@Ash come for the fish, stay because otherwise you'll die from decompression sickness
@Ash You need to team up with @murgatroid99 and @StrixVaria and finalize the @Ash Overmind-Google takeover of the world and then we can all move to the Bridge.
10:33 PM
be the bridge^TM
Rule #1 of The Bridge: Be the person /r/WholesomeMemes thinks you are.
Q: How can I move or copy a witch hut into a specific location of my map?

Luiggi MendozaI want to farm witches because of the resources they provide when killing them. I've watched lot of tutorials on how to farm them but all of them involve using a witch hut that is generated by the world in a swamp. I've tested this in a new creative world and worked as expected. Now I want to do ...

@TimStone interesting
I wanna know how that happens
10:37 PM
@Yuuki this is a perfect foolproof plan.
@Ash I can just imagine the history books now. "The Imperium of @Ash-Google was established in 2017 when some users in a random Internet chatroom decided to take over the world so they could all live together, play games, and watch the occasional movie."
If it's too much of a mouthful, we can just call it "@Ashoogle".
@Yuuki i read that as A Shoe-gle
10:45 PM
Also I'm glad someone noticed where I was going
@arda JonTron + Drunk. Game Grumps fallout?
@Axelrod His 21th birthday
celebrating with vodka
10:48 PM
@arda Was that video released today?
@Yuuki 6 years ago
@arda Oh good, I don't have to feel super-old today.
@Wipqozn The implications of the first are just as bad as the explicit statements of the second.
@Axelrod I disagree, but not getting into an argument about that. We're not acting on either flag.
@Wipqozn That's good. It's good to think before acting.
We had [a/some] similar flagger[s], but of the opposite political bent.
The mod community reaction to the flags was worse than the behavior.
It's a slippery slope, but one that you really don't need to fall into with a little distance.
And that discussion's over anyway. I want to know what changed with No Man's Sky to make it fun to play.
10:57 PM
@Axelrod This is one of those elections that is near and dear to everyone's heart.
It's understandable tensions would run high.
@Axelrod Here's the list: .
@TimStone lolwut
Pretty much the only thing Yahoo! has going for it right now is name recognition.
Yeah, it's unclear if that's just corporate rebranding or if that's the name they'll do business as
Buying Yahoo! and then changing the name completely defeats the purpose of buying Yahoo!
10:59 PM
(tbh I didn't read through the whole filing to see if it specifies that but I don't think it would)
@Axelrod the Foundation Update that added base building and getting more ships which you can use to transport cargo?

Proposed Q&A site for users of Gridcoin, the scientific cryptocurrency and blockchain-based solution to BOINC's distributed computing projects.

Currently in definition.

@TimStone Probably pull a Google and move all their PR-fatal projects to it.
@Memor-X Oooh
@TimStone Of relevance, David Filo, one of the cofounders, is also resigning his board seat
I still think it's a bit weird to add base-building and what seems to be mechanics for trading to a game ostensibly dedicated to exploration.
11:02 PM
@Frank It's also the only one I've seen where even non-citizens had guttural reactions to one candidate or the other. We have a long way to go as a country. But that doesn't mean the response has to be full 1984.
@Yuuki well you need a place to store all the crap you keep finding and some people find it hard to explore more if they can't take their crap with them
Base-building implies finding a place (which feeds into exploration, sure) and then settling down and not journeying far from that place (which defeats the theme of exploration somewhat).
@Yuuki Exploration gets boring. People want to do something once they're there.
Else, they could have just sat for the last 10 years pressing "randomize" on the Spore creature creator.
They'd have way more variety from what I've seen
Sure, but then don't market your game as exploration-focused.
E:D suffered from kinda the same problems as NMS on release but 1) it wasn't buggy as f--k and 2) they marketed it as a space sim and not an exploration game.
11:04 PM
@GnomeSlice Buy STANDBY if you haven't heard of it.
Brand new today, reminds me of Dustforce.
what i find exciting is finding someone new who i can sell stuff to and go "here is my fleet of ships filled with all the rnadom shit i've picked up. how much can i dump on you and how much will you pay me to stop dumping on you"
The draw was exploration. The issue is that exploration is only fun when there's something to do once you get there. Fight a lizard man, get seduced by variously hued people of your favored gender. You know, the basics.
and thus Pandora was born
There is *so much unobtainium here*. Why is there so much here?!
Because there's no recipes for BIS gear that use unobtainium. Duh.
@BlueBarren I actually have no idea.
Side note: I think I would have better appreciation for Avatar if they didn't name the mineral "unobtainium".
11:09 PM
@Yuuki the first draft called it lolwutium
I mean even just calling it "space gold" would be fine, imo.
"Unobtainium" just smacks of "haha, I know tropes and am such a smart screenwriter, lol".
@Yuuki localstearsium
@Yuuki Meh, we have a garbage output system for naming our elements until we assign them honorary names.
@Yuuki it sounds like a thing they put in to change later and never changed
annnnnnnd @fredley is down
Man those aliens really didn't like you
11:11 PM
much like those passwords set to "changeme"
@Wipqozn you should've built the wall
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, it really breaks the immersion.
made the aliens pay for it
@Yuuki Seeing as how the whole film is a pretty big play on Europeans coming to North America and screwing over the natives, I don't know how they could have made it any more obvious.
If it only exists in large amounts on a planet so far away that you can't commercially mine it due to a few dozen blue men being in the way, "unobtainium" is more correct than "GuyWhoHadNothingToDoWithThisElement'sDiscoveryium"
2 mins ago, by Yuuki
I mean even just calling it "space gold" would be fine, imo.
11:12 PM
@Axelrod Well, presumably some human discovered it (for humanity). You could name it after them
Too on the nose.
@murgatroid99 Cortezium
@murgatroid99 We specifically refuse to name our elements in a sensible way.
I think @SaintWacko just died too
or more likely trumpium because it is a TERRIFIC element
11:13 PM
and @Fluttershy is panicing
@Wipqozn What?
@Fluttershy is picnicing?
@SaintWacko xcom 2
@Wipqozn Oh
@Wipqozn you always get me killed :( But icing pans doesn't seem so terrible...
11:14 PM
@SaintWacko RIP @SaintWacko
@GodEmperorDune Or HilaryForPrisonium so we can be fair and balanced.
But enough of that.
@GodEmperorDune The cache of this element you're going to find on planet Napster is Yuuuuuuuge
11:14 PM
and @John just went down
@Wipqozn Is there anyone who isn't dead? :P
@TimStone Oh. Well.
bye bye @Fluttershy
@Ash Not anymore
@TimStone if only someone had warned us of this while there was still a chance to fix it
First they came for my snow and I was really agitated. Now they're coming for my rice and they will all burn in an inferno
11:15 PM
okay I need to adjust something so I start with more soldiers
because the long war toolbox doesn't apply for that first mission
also isn't this the plot of Interstellar?
@TimStone "Hay China, you won't be able to feed that giant population you largely leave to starve anyway if you keep burning fuel like it's 1969!"
@Wipqozn they made long war for xcom2? i thought it was set to long war by default
@GodEmperorDune THe plot of Interstellar had holes you could drive a truck through, so we'll be okay because I think we're collectively less pants on head
@Ash but were they plot wormholes? ducks
11:16 PM
@GodEmperorDune Speaking of, when is the next Stargate coming out, anyways?
I don't care if it's a reboot. We need more sci-fi.
@GodEmperorDune No. It's a few additional options.
@Frank did Stargate Universe ever get finished?
@Frank i dunno, i thought the creators were just doing dark matter
@Memor-X Two seasons and cancelled.
@Ash A movie featuring fourier transformed 3d space having only truck sized plot holes is pretty good.
11:18 PM
@Memor-X it was an interesting premise that went downhill pretty quick
@GodEmperorDune I've watched one episode of that, and can't decide if I like it or not.
@Frank i don't remember how many episodes i watched before i was hooked
And they were all on the imaginary plane anyway, so it's a stable system.
@Frank which season was it where they discovered a new planet a sun and some of the people on the ship wanted to stay on the planet thinking the aliens who made the planet and sun might come back? that was the last episode i ever saw of it on TV
Dear iTunes how do I tell you I really don'tr want you to download those episodes of DS9
11:19 PM
though they do this resolve everything in the last few minutes but then crazy plot twist cliffhanger last 30 seconds that frustrates me in pretty much every episode
(every time I launch it after I restart it thinks THIS TIME THEY WANT THE EPISODES)
@Ash at least its not those U2 songs
@Memor-X Season 2, I think.
@GodEmperorDune That's truew
@Frank I thought it was three seasons?
11:20 PM
@Yuuki Eh? I recall two.
goes to check
though i might have downloaded those U2 songs and just never found them because i have too much music
Nope. Two seasons.
@Frank Yeah, it's two.
Stargate has the opposite issue that Star Trek has.
@GodEmperorDune seems like typical Military VS Civilian Space Drama to me, the only thing remotely stargate was that it had a stargate on board that dialed planets automatically....but that could be replaced with any other kind of transporter
11:21 PM
@Memor-X It was a lot darker than the other SGU series
A lot of people didn't like the focus being so much on the human interactions instead of exploration and pewpew
And there was more continuity between episodes
@Frank i didn't mind the darkness, i minded the characters that seemed lifted directly from BSG
SG1 and SGA were a lot more episodic, so you didn't have to follow along so closely
but were not as well done as BSG
yeah, SG:U seemed to suffer a bit from "oh hey, the new BSG is popular, lets do that"
11:23 PM
@GodEmperorDune I found BSG mind-numbing.
@GodEmperorDune That's a pretty low bar.
It didn't grab me at all.
begone BSG haters
though i don't know how well it aged
first 3 seasons were phenomenal when they came out
But considering SG1 lifted its most interesting elements from Babylon 5, I don't know what I expected.
@Frank and there was no real enemies. there was fish aliens who didn't like the ship but i don't think it ever explained why. i just assumed they hated the ancients.
oh man would it be a twist if those fish aliens were the Furlings we learned about way back at the start of the series
11:24 PM
it got weird season 4 and kinda recovered by the end of season 5 until it screwed everything up in the last 15 minutes of the show
@Memor-X That was the point; it was closer to the Star Trek formula than anything else.
It was all about exploration, on a dying ship they had little control over.
Yeah, no Big Bad or Bads that they had to fight.
(Goa'uld, Replicators, Ori, Wraith, etc.)
@GnomeSlice On second thought, level 2-7 has a global cycle and is terrible for precision speedrunning, the first level that has anything remotely bad in it.
Don't get me wrong; I still loved it. It was just different from the regular Stargate formula.
SG1 was ridiculous in the amount of big bads they toppled
11:26 PM
if they did another Stargate i would like it to at least continue from Atlantis because you know, they have a Ancient City which can fly in space sitting in the New York river
@Memor-X nah reboot and set it in ancient egypt
I liked SG:U and I'm a bit both sad and relieved that I don't get to find out what happened to Eli.
@GodEmperorDune well to be fair the Goa'uld toppled themselves near the end
@GodEmperorDune "None of our writing interns are capable of handling the complex lore of the Ancients and Ori. Let's kill them all off with an offscreen McGuffin."
@Memor-X I still don't know how cloaking can hide the giant amount of water displacement a city would make.
11:27 PM
Happy ending dictates that he found a way to digitize himself into Destiny so he can be cute with Ginn until the ship makes it to the other galaxy and they wake him up.
more of the "episode 1: ZOMG they are so powerful, what will we ever do" to
"season finale: hahaha don't let the door hit you on the way out"
@Frank shakes hands ALIENS
I really do want another Stargate series, though.
Even if all the canon and lore gets thrown out.
The only stargate I liked was SGU, which it seems most of the fans hated
speaking on new series, i wonder if the SciFi Channel started doing Star Trek because of the new Star Trek Discovery in the works and they wanted to air it when it comes out.
because shit low budget movies like Lavalantula and Shark Movies can only be aired so many times before people realize they're being trolled
@Wipqozn was it because the ship was shaped like a turtle?
11:35 PM
@GodEmperorDune Nah, because it focused on characters
@Memor-X i think viewers of sharknado 4 are well aware that they are being trolled
@Wipqozn To me that resulted in me wanting everyone on that damn ship to just die, they went much too far in creating unsympathetic characters
i mean i didn't watch "sharktopus vs whalewolf" for the oscar winning acting
@MadScientist That's fair
@MadScientist yes
11:36 PM
@Wipqozn is that just because you just like everything everyone else hates?
@GodEmperorDune yeah sharknado is a movie you watch with your friends to laugh at
It really felt like they wanted to imitate Battlestar Galactica, but turned the character flaws up to 11
@Memor-X Probabl;y
@MadScientist One day I might watch that show, but it seems like it'll be too depressing
@MadScientist you can have flawed characters that are still likeable
@Wipqozn it gets trippy in the later seasons
I barely remember the show anymore, but many were closer to complete psychopaths than flawed characters
11:39 PM
@MadScientist on a scale from gaius to tigh
So many pins.
@StrixVaria which game?
STANDBY, and it looks like the level I was complaining about may be fine and I was just bad.
It has a speedrun mode too which is pretty cool.
It has a launch sale right now and $1 from each purchase goes to AGDQ during the event.
I'd have bought it anyway, though. Precision platformers are the best.
i mean the main thing with BSG was that it was a thinly veiled allegory to the war on terror and 9/11
i'm not sure how relevant it gets the further we get from 9/11
@StrixVaria i love done and I hate others
dust force, meat boy, N
11:42 PM
@GnomeSlice The mechanics in this one are good so far.
I didn't really like the later seasons, but BSG has some outstanding parts in the first two seasons
@MadScientist yes
You can dash straight down while you're in the air, and if you land on a slope it converts to speed on the ground, like in dustforce.
The two Pegasus episodes in season two for example
I recognize the name
11:43 PM
And they make really good use of that mechanic.
I'll look when i get home
@StrixVaria ou sick
@MadScientist pegasus was season 2? i could've sworn it was later
The levels are pretty linear so it's more about execution.
also bleed 2 was announced
@StrixVaria like trials?
@GnomeSlice Never played any trials games.
11:44 PM
or meat boy i guess
duuude you would LOVE them
Dustforce is all about execution too, though, once you figure out where to go.
ah, end of season 2, start of season 3
This one kind of gets rid of the "figure out where to go" part.
that is kinda nice actually
Yeah, my favorite levels in Dustforce were the ones where the route was obvious.
11:46 PM
there were a few I never found the exit of
@GnomeSlice I've seen them, and they seem not the same as the kinds of platformers I like.
@GodEmperorDune I mean episodes 10/11 and 12 of season 2
and the world map was really confusing
@StrixVaria Which parts? trials is all about doing it over and over until you've perfected it
but it's very physics y
lots of tricks to learn
@GnomeSlice But the actual mechanics seem more fluid, so it might be harder to figure out what you did wrong.
@MadScientist yeah i got tripped up by the half season thing they did
11:47 PM
In games like Dustforce and Meatboy you can instantly see what your mistake was. In trials maybe you had to lean a little more or something and you can only figure it out by trying something else.
I haven't actually played it, so I should give one a chance, but it just doesn't look the same.
You sound check it out i love trials so much
but you're probably right about that
Okay! Time to start painting!
So many pieces to paint with gloss black.
@Ash that is strange yet cool
@GodEmperorDune I know, right?
11:59 PM
> I considered this volume as my starting point; the perversity of a corporation owning a shape—not just the design of the object—and also the fact that the volume is actually separate from the box. They’re owned independently from one another.
@GodEmperorDune Something something Apple something something rounded rectangles.

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