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12:04 AM
@Ash Same hah
Kept some memories from this Winterbash!
Q: Skyrim: How do I get the race ID of a custom race?

Aquiel WombleI have a mod that adds playable children in Skyrim. However, the playable child races are different from the races that NPC children use; they have different IDs, models and textures and so on. When I type "help race 0"/"help "race" 4", the custom races don't come up, so I don't know the IDs of ...

12:26 AM
I resisted Pokemon Sun for so long because I hadn't liked Pokemon X or Pokemon White but I am super loving Sun
@Ash It's quite nice because it's really different from the rest of the series.
I think that's why I M playing it more
12:45 AM
Q: How do I keep doing championships in horizon 3, do I have to be online or in free roam or what

user176517I don't know how to keep doing championships, what do I have to do to get into one

I should really play Sun more.
I got my Popplio, and a couple other pokemon from that first patch of grass, and haven't been back since.
I feel like someone had moon but wanted vulpix for days
Q: Why would someone choose X over Falcon

LestatIn Megaman X6 you can choose X or Falcon to play a level. Why would I ever choose X over Falcon if Falcon is X with an upgraded armor.

Part of me feels like I should have gotten moon just because i end up playing a lot at night in SUn but then again if Moon is meant to play more at "night" (aka in day) then I am still wrong :P
1:00 AM
I still don't understand the difference between the two versions, tbh. Other than it's dark in one.
Also, I love my new avatar. :3
Oooh, excellent
1:40 AM
why would I be shocked?
canada is just hockey ;)
I have no idea what this refers to
@Fluttershy Your new avatar is awesome
you said I would be in shock because I said canada is hockey
@Ash THanks! :D
@BlueBarren mmmmkay
@Wipqozn Class actually says very little about a built
But I have a 40ish Witch and a 70ish Marauder
I'm Sterno_Smash on there (and Sternold, and Sternolder)
1:47 AM
Oh my god
raises brow
(that unicode character was invisible in the form)
1:52 AM
@Unionhawk that looks like a primary key.....why aren't you generating them yourself (don't trust the client/user to make them)
@Sterno yeah I'e gathered
@TimStone Good riddance!
oh have hats finally died?
@Sterno well if I play I'll let you know. I'd probably make a witch and turn it into either a necromancer or occulist.
@Memor-X Its a RFID unique ID
2:23 AM
Q: Why should I get a massage?

WondercricketIn the Galdin Quay restaurant, there is a spa in the back right that allows you to get a massage. Ignis pointed it out and hinted towards getting one, so I tried it out to see what happened. Noctis however did not appear to like it and bolted from the bed. Why should I get a massage? What purpos...

2:33 AM
The bug is fixed
I think
(it adds that invisible unicode to the beginning of the scan for some reason)
2:53 AM
Afrin. Fuck Yeah.
Q: In Mass Effect When You Save Either Ashley or Kaiden

Owen BellI know you have to save either Ashley or Kaiden in Mass Effect but I'm not sure if they appear in 2 or 3. I'm just wondering, really.

3:15 AM
Q: How to make a command block give/summon chest every morning (minecraft time)? 1.7.10

Shiza RikuI'm wondering what script would be need to do to give a player who presses a button a set amount of resources every time an amount of time has passed. Base on how much time has passed the player would get more. Example: Player joins Minecraft on day 1 on a multiplayer server and builds a quarry....

> There's a zee-captain down at Wolfstack Docks who claims you can render Neath-snow into white glim on any kitchen stove. I have tried it. I have a pan of goo to show for it. Three of my cats tasted the goo when I left it unobserved a moment too long. The one that lives is locked in the cellar now. I do not expect I will ever dare to release it. I have developed a dislike of zee-captains.
@RedRiderX ^
@PrivatePansy I really like that snippet
@PrivatePansy reading that made me think i was reading how Skooma was invented
@RedRiderX There's another one that's a redacted letter from Sir Stanford Raffles, which is quite interesting
The man has a somewhat mythological status in Singapore
3:53 AM
@Unionhawk Thanks for making the AGDQ sticky thing since I wasn't around before.
4:32 AM
Q: Why can't I offer luxury resources?

Xeon06In my current Civilization game, I have 2 x silk and 1 x marble. The tiles have improvements built on them and they show up in the resources info panel under "Luxury resources". However when I go to the diplomatic screen with another civilization, it shows as if I had nothing to offer. What's up ...

Q: Can you only get the same science once?

BruceWayneI've been playing KSP for a while, and can land on the Mun, Minmus, etc. but one thing I've never been able to find a clear answer to is - can I only get the same science one time? For example, when starting KSP Career mode, one thing I've done is strap like 8 Science Goo pods to my simple rocke...

Everything about this presentation is stupid and I hate it
This is primarily a software project as far as testing goes, what fucking results
It worked
And we're going to show you it works
Why are we insistent on needing this slide in our presentation
Have an entire slide that just says "Results: Success"
I'm tempted to delete it
But make sure to animate it for suspense.
The title should be "Results" and then Success should be in WordArt.
Because all of the things they wanted us to test are things that we should demonstrate
4:39 AM
On another note, I knew this MGS run would bore me to sleep and I was right.
It feels like the Innovation Center isn't used to software testing and digital design vs, like, more engineery design
with like, numbers and forces and let's face it almost all of the projects are mechanical
@StrixVaria MGS as in Metal Gear Solid? did you fall asleep at the Hind D battle?
So they're like "but teh results/?/?" even though that's the same thing as us demonstrating that it works
And that it works consistently
@Memor-X It's MGS2, and I have no idea what's going on because I never played any of the games in this series.
@StrixVaria you don't need to play Metal Gear 1 and 2, they kind of get covered in Metal Gear Solid 1. you just need to know who Big Boss and Grey Wolf are, why they are dead and why Snake keeps having to fight giant robots who can shoot nukes
where abouts are you in MSG2?
4:48 AM
I'm watching AGDQ and I have no interest in ever playing any MGS games, sorry for the ambiguity.
It's probably safe to assume anything I say for the next ~week is in reference to AGDQ.
I swear to god if this presentation is anything other than "GOOD ENOUGH YOU DID IT HERES YOUR DEGREE MR. HAWK"
@StrixVaria so someone is playing MGS2 quickly and your falling asleep in it. that must me they aren't up to the part where they are running around the inside of Arsenal Gear butt naked holding their junk with 2 hands and doing cartwheels all over the place
@Memor-X They're on the final boss now actually.
I did notice that part you mentioned :P
The plot to MGS is unexplainable because it is nonsensical and constantly retconned by sequels
@StrixVaria Doc Oct with swords or giant robot?
4:54 AM
Do you mean 20 giant robots in a row?
Because that was so boring.
@StrixVaria yeh that. Doc Oct with swords is the actual final boss which coves after the Giant Robots
Also, what happened to @BenBrocka's twitter xbone parody account: twitter.com/TheXbone
@StrixVaria yeh that can get boring but i think it ended up like that because of how the Stinger Missiles work and how it needs to show there's an army of RAYs that even if you rip though them easily you can't win.
Speedruns in general are more entertaining the more you already know about the game before watching.
Apparently people who like MGS liked the run.
@StrixVaria i assume they skipped the cutscenes?
@Sterno made sense to me for the most part
5:00 AM
@Memor-X Yeah it was on NG+2, at least partially to be allowed to skip cutscenes.
There may have been other reasons but I wasn't fully paying attention.
@Memor-X See, once something like this is needed, no.
Plus everyone has like 5 different names just to make me hate everything
My knowledge of the MGS series comes from Metal Gear Awesome and memes.
5:16 AM
@Sterno hang on, there's mo mention of Sunny? what a rip. i wanted to see if she turned up later in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
there's not even a mention of her in Guns of the Patriots
Q: What character is depicted in the Heroes of the Storm Mage Wars Brawl portrait?

ahsteeleWho is the character portrayed in the portrait awarded for participating in three Mage Wars brawls in Heroes of the Storm?

5:41 AM
Q: How do you use ranged weapons on the ipad version of Brogue

TheIronKnuckleOn the computer version of brogue you can use ranged weapons by using the mouse, but I can't work out how to do it on the iPad version. Whenever I try to do it on the iPad version by tapping on an enemy, I just end up moving towards the enemy.

6:08 AM
yay, I'm in a mandatory coding lessons are good / mandatory coding lessons are bad argument with an investor now
and the best part is, he's agreeing with modt points 👍
6:41 AM
I need to stop staying up late to play Pokemon
Q: Space Engineers - Black Screen after bringing laptop out of sleep mode

Shawn GordonI have run into a persistent bug concerning Space Engineers (now in BETA, so it isn't assumed this is a finished title or wold be free of some bugs). However the persistent bug I've run into is a known but thought to be fully addressed bug: Black Screen after system wake. This type of issue isn't...

6:56 AM
@Ash ouch, it must be 2am for ypu
Yeah just about.
I mean I routinely stay up til 1 or 2 but still I should try to get more sleep
7:25 AM
Q: Outerminds tuber simulator trouble

LexLyricalI've been trying to log into my old tuber simulator account but every time I hit overwrite account this screen pops up and I don't know what to do. Please help, I got really far. My username is LexLyrical. Thanks. The pop up screen that keeps popping up reads ( Your Google play account is already...

7:52 AM
Q: What if Noctis runs ahead too often in the mines? (Spoiler question)

Shawn GordonAfter the battle in Altissa, Ignis becomes permanently blinded. While adjusting to his disability, Ignis remains part of the group and does his best to not be a hindrance. In Chapter 10: Heart of a King, Gladio and Prompto hang back and assist Ignis through the mines while the player controls ...

8:02 AM
Morning chat
Have I complained about email in office 365 here yet? I should
"Hey! Let's add a new feature that randomly moves important email to a new folder that doesn't show up in search results because it's unimportant according to our dumb algorithms!"
"Hey, this would conflict with rules people have painstakingly made in our crappy interface. Aaah who cares about those things, let's just make them not work any more"
@KevinvanderVelden wut
outlook rules are the only good thing about outlook
Sure, except they don't work in the other interfaces for office
And the interface is crap
yeah it is super terrible
import/export of rules breaks too unless things are named just so
It basically makes the web interface unusable because I get many automated emails which get flagged by the rules for things to look at
But that doesn't work in the web interface because reasons
8:17 AM
In my office me and one coworker are nearly always the last two to arrive. But the few times we're not, we're both way earlier than the others
8:41 AM
@KevinvanderVelden You arrived early today?
I did
I don't know how that happened
Fancy, even though we ended up playing until nearly 1AM, which is way past your usual bedtime :p
@KevinvanderVelden every mail is crappy
The current provider I have causes all my mails to fall into spam >_>
And yes, I do have tkim or whatever and spf set up. and I do not send bulk mail.
@arda gmail is pretty great though
@Arperum I woke up at 630 for reasons
9:05 AM
Q: get more info:http://fitnesseducations.com/lucidal/

user176544Lucidal Laugh Just a Little: Research has shown that satisfied people are inclined to get ill less often than people that are miserable. Maybe wit is much like Brain Booster Pills medicine. Fun and laughter must be included into every day. http://fitnesseducations.com/lucidal/

@KevinvanderVelden nah its too cluttered
all those tags, folders, views. I want to see my mails not do rocket science
But rockets are cool
oh snap wait
just talk in justalk

Proposed Q&A site for student teacher programmer anyone

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment wat
9:17 AM
microsoft removed my domain from blacklist
no more spam
anyone can mail me at anything@ardao.me now, neat. (catch-all, literally anything works)
@arda That's generally not a good idea
Because there are spambots which will spray at a bunch of common addresses on a domain
So you could get hundreds of spam from different addresses
That's what spam filters are for
I did it to avoid using aliases because some ignores it
like instead of arda+discord@ardao.me I just use discord@ardao.me -- can see who is selling my pii easily.
One of my bosses has the best last name by the way
His lastname is "de Koning", which literally means "the King"
@PrivatePansy google told me to tell you Happy second 2016 birthday
9:30 AM
@badp Oh, thanks
@KevinvanderVelden Could be slightly better. What about "de Keizer"?
Wait, second 2016?
Congratulations on your continued 2016 survival
@PrivatePansy @badp's latest insanity is eternal 2016
In '16 related things: My parents dog died yesterday :(
9:31 AM
@Arperum nah, king sounds better
@Arperum :(
@Arperum =[
The dog was 16 years old.
@PrivatePansy no no. Second 2016-birthday
Second birthday in 2016
Ah, right, so I'm two 2016-years-old
9:32 AM
because today's Jatwoary 9th, 2016
@PrivatePansy You should really stop eating duo-milliarians
(milliarian as in centenarian)
@Arperum that sucks, :(
Q: Where are missions found? Do you have to have a certain amount of levels until you can do missions?

AbiI have the app Tiny Tower on my iPad Air 2 and I've looked everywhere for the missions. In my research trying to find out why that is, I have found that I'm missing the stats section in the menu too. Can anyone help me?

@GodEmperorDune Yea, it was not unexpected though.
So my friend's Plex does this weird thing where Space Ghost won't play unless subtitles are on... But the sub's are… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/813762643924238336
10:17 AM
only have 1 more episode of Firefly until it's finished before Serenity. despite that i love the series i am an Otaku and not torn up that there is no new season after Serenity since Anime Series always end what seems like it should continue but doesn't
still, SciFi could for once stop sayig "Firefly Series 1" in the subtitle every time they advertise it
I want more GATE, japan gif pls
@KevinvanderVelden GATE?
@fredley giant magical gate opens up in modern day japan, army of invaders arrive on horseback
Promptly get slaughtered by the army
So the army builds a defensive position on the other side, giant coalition of armies show up to sneak attack at night. "We have flares and machine gun positions"
This is episode 2 btw
After that it's politics with a guy who doesn't really want to be there and I find it hilarious
@KevinvanderVelden i'm assuming these 2 are GATE?
10:32 AM
@Memor-X That's one nameless mook and a semi-main character
@KevinvanderVelden when i google it i get alot of her and the rest are from Steins;Gate
There's also the common tropes of anime series but meh, I find the concept brilliant
"That's a giant $fantasymonster", "We have modern day weapons, shoot it till it's dead"
I also like that the vastly superior force wants peace, but the other party doesn't understand exactly how little chance they have
@KevinvanderVelden a minute later modern day weapons are obliterated and in comes the guys with medieval weapons and magic
or the girl with the fat pink thing that can blowup the planet
@Memor-X not in this case =p
for scale, Blaster-3 Divine Buster ripped though an entire space ship and made a cyborg shit bricks
10:40 AM
Magic is a useful tool in this anime but doesn't beat modern day weapons. Well it'd beat a modern day knife
(also one of the characters is a magic user and she learned how to improve spells from modern day science)
@KevinvanderVelden i don't know, Nanoha's magic makes more friends than any weapon would, the girl with the blonde twintails is her wife and the little girl is her adopted daughter. good solution to end war by blasting everyone on the planet with Starlight Breaker
@KevinvanderVelden Sounds fun
@KevinvanderVelden I could use a link to that over steam or something.
@Arperum GATE
I'll link via steam tonight when I get home =p
@KevinvanderVelden \o/
10:49 AM
Railways and Railroads

Proposed Q&A site for proposed Q&A site for railway enthusiasts, modellers, preservationists and others interested in railways & railroads, both full size and minature, including subways and other specialised rail-based systems

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment that's possibly not terrible!
@Memor-X pls
11:27 AM
Q: Not getting Pokemon's and items when going to different plaves

Singh7866I have not getting the items and Pokemon's at pokestop or in the open space, and when I challenges to the gym leader it's always shows the sign of error. Please give a solution of this problem

@Ash Not sure if you're playing Sun/Moon, but apparently the Pokemon Center has a surprise for you on your birthday
11:42 AM
@PrivatePansy they are.
@badp I... but... hmm.... err... okay?
12:00 PM
imagine being fucking british https://t.co/whxFa2OHYZ
@badp I...just what
I don't what
@fredley That's some 1984 shit right there
@KevinvanderVelden Yea, no one uses cables anyway.
@Wipqozn Orwell really should've included a warning on that one; "This is not a manual."
@Arperum and no one round them uses wifi either
Also wifi jammers are pretty illegal, which true they could work around
12:04 PM
@KevinvanderVelden they decided to be around cyber criminals, they deserve to be punished.
@KevinvanderVelden wait what
Oh shit it's not?
Because the Arqade mods and I have been reading over 1984 to help us be better mods
@Arperum that'll learn'em!
@Wipqozn that was Farenheit 451, not 1984
@Wipqozn So you're implying that you are not an arqade mod?
That is indeed the implication of that sentence structure. HMMM
@KevinvanderVelden Hunnic Majesty Might Murder?
12:11 PM
Q: Custom Music for records NO MODS / NO DOWNLOADS

FIRE_of_ETERNITYI am trying to put my fav. song in minecraft, but don't know how to do this. I have been to several sites and they all sounded like gibberish. Please, i cannot download programs. If it would help, heres the link to the song.

@Arperum that's one way to read it
@KevinvanderVelden We have to figure out how much I'm going to be murdered by Rome, now that it killed most of my army. I'm going to try to retreat my field cannon and hope to save my siege tower and musketman. But I'm afraid those won't survive.
tbf, if I can retreat to my city I have a reasonable chance.
Build more ranged things?
Also, take to the sea, that should buy some time
@KevinvanderVelden Getting to the sea is probably impossible. My siege tower + musketman is partly surrounded IIRC
Hmm this totalbiscuit video is 1:23:21 long
12:16 PM
The cannon can probably be saved. The other two things are improbable.
At some point I'll start nuking rome or such.
Are you near nukes already? O.o
@KevinvanderVelden Nah, Around industrial era
Got myself a ranger, or it's being produced.
Also for armadas you need nationalism
I can see oil because of a great scientist.
@KevinvanderVelden Did not know that.
I think I'm going to try to push for peace with rome and then build a city in his path to the center, there are four tiles left where you can build, and I want to build in one of those.
@Arperum gosh darn teenagers
12:22 PM
'Afternoon, kids
@Wipqozn Pretty sure I'm not a teenager.
@Arperum you youngsters
I think I ill do xcom 2
I did start one game, and tried as I might I couldn't kill off @TimStone in that opening mission. He ended up being the MVP!
The Trumpster quote #1 #ANewJeersToast https://audioboom.com/boos/5471405
Donald Trump tweets read in character by the Joker's VA
@Wipqozn Aren't you 26 or so? That would make you the youngster.
12:40 PM
@Wipqozn sunglasses
@Arperum 27. 28 in March.
@TimStone You have a mohawk and everything
I acctually forgot that I made up a bunch of characters
@Wipqozn Mass Effect Andromeda comes out March 21st. We'll have the best birthday
I was like "oh hey, that guy looks like RL Friend, and so doe- oh right"
@TimStone I might buy that. I never did play 3.
I enjoyed 1 and 2 a lot, but didn't wind up getting 3 at launch and then...well, you know. That ending.
12:41 PM
It was reasonably fun if you ignore that part
@TimStone yeah I bet
But most importantly everyone should be prepared to make us birthday cakes in March
As is custom
For people who like cake
My mother often makes an ice cream cake out of icecream sandwiches
That is pretty excellent
It's like 2 or 3 layers of ice cream sandwiches, with chocolate sauce and other stuff in-between
12:44 PM
Oh, nice. My birthday is on a Saturday this year
Presented without context
@TimStone Monday here, but I get my birthday off, so that's a thing
Oh right, yours is the 20th isn't it?
Just turn that into a four day St. Patrick's Day/Birthday extravaganza
@PrivatePansy so in other words.....we get ponies
@TimStone it is. You're the 18th,right?
12:50 PM
Everyone knows @GnomeSlice's birthday is the best birthday
Just trolled someone quite successfully by using this as lipsum
They spent a good few minutes trying to work it out
Maybe in retrospect I should have used this one
man I'm getting tired of digging my car out of the snow
@BlueBarren Garages are wonderful things.
As are flamethrowers
1:00 PM
@Frank too bad I live in an apartment building with only outdoor parking :'(
@Frank UK Garage
@KevinvanderVelden Those are weapons of war, and people tend to look askance at you using them to melt snow.
My building has underground parking
@Frank Solution: flamethrower
People complain about your flamethrower? No problem, you have a flamethrower
@Frank but when snow blocks your garage the flamethrower looks more inviting
1:02 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Counter solution: police with guns.
Not a problem! Get a bigger flamethrower
@Memor-X A snowblower can actually do even better, if you want to be a jerk.
Just blow it all onto the neighbor you hate.
Now their car has twice the amount of snow they have to dig it out of.
@Wipqozn Yup, you are the youngster. I'm 28, 29 in march.
You're old
Hey guys, I'm 20, 21 at the end of this month
1:09 PM
You're too young
noooo, that isn't possible
Don't worry, the inevitable march of time will fix that
My brother is 22 and he calls himself old so I'll believe that
At least you're not @JasonBerkan-old
@KevinvanderVelden Are you implying my girlfriend is too young?
1:12 PM
She's not on this chat so doesn't count
@Arperum Excellent. March birthdays best birthdays, clearly
Nope, april 8th birthdays best birthdays CC @GnomeSlice
@TimStone Yes! My parents and girlfriend are from march too. So yes, it's a pretty awesome month.
@KevinvanderVelden That's one way to look at it.
Q: Minecraft Mods Folder

JrFanderI know that you can add more folders inside your mods folder for other forge versions. For example: Roaming.minecraft\mods\1.10.2, Roaming.minecraft\mods\1.7.4 But I want two files of the same version.. so Roaming.minecraft\mods\1.10.2, Roaming.minecraft\mods\1.10.2 but that will not work. T...

1:17 PM
@Sterno Define "this" I'm not trusting you enough to actually click.
Well, today isn't Friday
@Sterno Yea, you'd find something else terrible.
Well, I probably wouldn't have said "WTF" if it was a good video
plus you are trying not to say what it is.
It defies words
Let me try
"It's how I imagine @fredley when he's not online"
1:21 PM
@Sterno Sounds kind of acurate.
The degree of WTF is seriously big indeed.
4320p screens are ridiculous
Q: What is the game with artwork where face looks from the printed circuit

Tomáš ŠímaI am looking for name of game. It was pretty good and known title. The plot was, that you prematurely wake up in the space ship from stasis and something took control of the ship and you need to investigate. You also gained xp and there was some simple RPG/leveling system for multiple skills. I r...

@KevinvanderVelden urface is ridiculous.
1:37 PM
did you guys see that someone stole some prototypes from Razer during CES?
@Sterno :(
@KevinvanderVelden 16k?
@fredley 8k
(7680x4320 vs "4k"'s 3840x2160)
@KevinvanderVelden :|
That's the dumbest numbering convention I've seen all... day
Q: FF15 - immortal photobomb at chapter 15

TomLI'm trying to get the "immortal photobomb" achievement as I never paid attention that Gentiana could be on some photos. However, I already completed the main story, beeing at chapter 15. Question is: can Gentiana appear on random photo at chapter 15? Tahnk you in advance.

We already need 2 cables and one of 3 available videocards to run 8k. I don't want to know how many cables you'd need for 16k
@fredley 4k and 8k? Yes it's really dumb
Fun fact, the next doubling (of both dimensions) would be 15360. If you call that 16k you need to go back to math school
1:47 PM
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat wherein we get hyped for 2017, the much anticipated sequel to 2016 [+murder] [+quickly-doing-games] [+wrong] [-2016] [jin-fanclub] [lazers]
Didn't you read the message? 2017 is canceled it's 2016pt2/∞
Oh yeah, I guess that part needs to be updated too
I'll leave that to @badp
Hmm, it sounds like someone is shoveling snow outside, which seems rather silly given it'll all melt tomorrow
@KevinvanderVelden Hrump, nobody complained when I added that
@PrivatePansy I missed that
@TimStone you should yell at them.
1:53 PM
But they're not on his lawn
Technically they are, I guess. It seems to be people paid by the apartment complex
Why would he yell at them when they're not on his lawn? He'll have to go get his cane and everything, it's just too much of a hassle
I guess I can't fault them for making money
@KevinvanderVelden This is a good point though, lot of effort involved with being crotchety
My sister's neighbours have window washers that come by every month or so, for some reason they also do my sister's windows. Despite her saying that she's not paying them for it
(and also the fact that she has other window washers that come by)
That is pretty odd >_>
Uh oh someone triggered the dog alarm /cc @badp
1:55 PM
@TimStone Now they are being mauled by angry dogs?
They've gone off-screen, so maybe!
Oh right, hat season is over, I should switch to my non-hattable avatars
There we go, an old one
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein we're giving this "2017" season pass a chance [agdq] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [murder] [success] [wrong]
/cc @Unionhawk

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