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12:24 AM
The design kind of irks me like most future-y type things, but this BMW future concept's method of no-contact haptic feedback is pretty cool
my cat often fights me for my seat
despite this chair being one of the less awesome chairs in the house
I do not understand.
12:46 AM
Clearly it's about dominance more than the chair
Maybe it's because the chair is warm
@murgatroid99 crazy talk
Okay that's really awesome. I wonder how close the translations are.
Q: Lego Mindstorms EV3 Help

user174432I don't know many people who know about programming with the lego mindstorms home edition program but I'm hoping that someone here knows because I really need help. I am trying to make a alarm security system, I put it all together and the program works all except for one thing. When the infrared...

1:37 AM
Meanwhile at the EU
(video is in, um, not Italian)
This is what not Italian sounds like
@Sterno ff15 is really boring so far
Q: Can you use the handbreak while Franklin's ability is on?

GalabycaCan you use the handbreak while Franklin's driving ability is on? There is a long description on wikia, but nothing talks about the handbreak. When I try, it seems to do nothing.

2:05 AM
Q: CS:GO rank gone

dlyI've been playing quite a lot of competitive games of CS:GO and after Christmas holidays my rank has disappeared, since I didn't play at all during holidays. On Steam forums are only troll answers, so I couldn't look it up there... Is there some kind of inactivity lock (and when does does it tri...

@fredley apparently Rick and morty starts Monday?
@Unionhawk yusssssssssssss
@RedRiderX I kinda figured that would happen, especially with a powered unit.
@MBraedley I just find that physical manifestation of a divide by zero error really neat.
It seems fitting
Although, to be honest, I'm a bit surprised there isn't something in the mechanical guts that prevents that.
2:25 AM
@Wipqozn Yeah. Unless you're in like the first 30 minutes, it doesn't get better
2:39 AM
Trailers spoil everything. Except for Rouge One, which spoils basically nothing.
@Sterno about an hour and a half. Repaired my car. Did a few hunts.
I mean, that's pretty much the game
There are dungeons too but they're pretty linear
Maybe I'll just play path of exile. Or xcom 2. Or binding of Isaac.
My drink is empty. I should fix that.
Or play some VR
@Wipqozn Or Dishonored 2!
I also have a new Bad Rats game that might interest you. I know you played the first one.
3:46 AM
Q: How do I purchase a Federal Dropship?

Trevor SullivanI'd like to purchase a Federal Dropship, but it's telling me that my rank must be Midshipman or higher. How do I achieve this status?

4:19 AM
@RedRiderX They're kind of small locations though. Have you tried your hand at a foreign office posting?
@PrivatePansy Yeah I've done a term. Since I finally finished my zubmarine I've been hitting up all the parts of the Zee I've put off until now.
@PrivatePansy I was thinking more about stuff like cheaper upgrades for your high level Lodgings and stuff like that.
Q: Bought Gta san andreas on Google Play is it possible to get it on ps3

Siva Krishna  AbburiI've bought Gta san andreas on Google Play store and I want to get it on ps3, is it possible to get it for free as I've slready own the game on Google Play store?

@RedRiderX I've upgraded to the five card hotel
@PrivatePansy Yeah I really want to do that but I'm one notability shy!
I'm trying to just convert a bunch of items and hope I get the right card in time.
4:56 AM
out of curiosity, why dont we have a hat for getting a Rebecca Black Friday link starred?
it seems appropriate for a site specific hat
@Dragonrage i don't think they do site specific hats
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6:04 AM
Q: Running out of fuel in Elite: Dangerous

Trevor SullivanI'm new to Elite: Dangerous, and I keep running out of fuel. I have to dock at a station, every few times that I make a hyperspace jump. It's getting tiring to keep refilling on fuel, and I've run out of fuel a few times, which results in my ship getting destroyed. How can I avoid having to refue...

6:15 AM
Q: Minecraft coordinates unavailable, how can I find them

LiriouslithiumI can't find where I'm going or what depth level I'm on. How do I turn on my coordinates? Are they even on mcpe? Also, can villagers trade yet?

6:26 AM
Q: Cant type into command block minecraft

Smit ShilpatulI'm in creative mode and everything but whenever I right click the command block, It just ends up placing the block I'm holding, then immediately removing it. I can't enter the pop-up console where I type in my command. Someone can you please help? info: Version: Minecraft PC 1.11.2 OS: Linux ...

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7:59 AM
Q: How do I use the 32-bit client?

WolfI'm getting stutter/framerate issues with Patch 2.4.3. I read online that this is likely due to issues in the (new?) 64-bit client, and that I should revert to the 32-bit client or remove myself from communities (shift+O in-game) as a short-term solution. But how do I use the 32-bit Diablo client?

8:19 AM
Q: What new games can I play with Core 2 Duo and MSI GTX 750ti

RishiRaj Singh RanawatWhat new games can I play with these specs- Core 2 Duo E7500 MSI GTX 750ti 2GB 2GB DDR2 RAM I have played following new games- GTA V at medium to high settings NFS Rivals at ultra settings Assassins Creed Syndicate at medium settings Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare at medium settings Splinter ...

8:30 AM
Q: how to add a simple image and text gui with using the doom 3 editguis feature

user176448Hey I need a video for making a simple GUI in doom 3 for my mod please let me know how the simple way or anyway I am very pleased. image // for custom GUI text // for custom GUI

2 hours later…
10:34 AM
Q: Loot amount in town hall

Rahul kumar I want to know about this. How this can happen no loot amount after crushing the opponent town hall. Everyone told that town hall have one part of loot amount... but three times i got nothing from town hall even loot money is more than 2 lakh....ya its true rest of the time i got impressive amo...

10:46 AM

Proposed Q&A site for those who have an interest in or need help in Photoshop specifically

Currently in definition.

11:42 AM
@Unionhawk Unavailable in my country, what a shame.
11:54 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment is there not a graphic designers se?
12:17 PM
@djsmiley2k yarp
@badp oh no there's about half a cm of snow on some places =p
@KevinvanderVelden -27°C in places
Aah you're not in the dutchlands
12:50 PM
@KevinvanderVelden I snowblowed the driveway 10 minutes ago, by the time I put the blower back in the shed and closed it, there was already at least 2-3cm of snow in the driveway again
@KevinvanderVelden coming back today :(
Hey at least you'll be warmer
luckily, the snow is very light, so it's not too bad
@KevinvanderVelden true
Q: Rimworld: Material Selection

Matthias NicklischIn my current colony in Rimworld I have a lot of different materials. Unfortunately, when I want to buy a wall or something else, when I want to select the material, I can't see all available materials because they appear to be out of screen. In the top of the list I have all those shiny things l...

12:56 PM
Let's see, do I have enough food in stock that I don't need to go outside today
not sure why you have to go to big picture for this
also I don't know if I want to have one 72 GB backup file or several smaller ones
I figure that if a single bit rots the whole thing is useless anyway
1:27 PM
Q: Dark Souls crashes with DSFix and at renderHeight lower 720

klm123I use DSFix 2.4-19-2-4 with Dark Souls on laptop. I would like to lower rendering resolution to 1024:576, but it looks like for any values with height lower than 720 the game crashes in menu. It starts fine, I press ok to see logos, and after screen with yellow "FROMSOFTWARE", it goes to the me...

1:48 PM
@badp you... don't?
@Chippies where can I get a list of games ordered by size in normal steam?
like this?
there's this but it's quite different
1:50 PM
filter library by installed games, view in detail view and enable size tab
@Chippies ...the numbers don't match
and sort by it
@badp because it unfortunately uses groups, if you have them
and it's infinitely slower
but I guess you can get the same info
infinitely slower than going into big screen?
is there anything slower than going into big screen?
it's fetching all of the album arts
1:51 PM
@badp in detailed view?
nvm, it's called list view
detail view is the default one
even then
the numbers are like actually different
different than what?
Doom grew from 76.7 GB in Big Picture to 82.4 in Not Big Picture
check the actual folder size and see which one is right
actually it seems that list view shows the size in GB (1000 MB), not the 1024 kind
1:54 PM
the highlighted 43.13GB is what the folder is from
@Sterno I don't even own that, and buying it outside of a sale would be silly now.
@Sterno the hype is real
2:16 PM
I have a problem, you guys, and I dunno if it's just me being unreasonable or if it's something bigger than that
but it's like
I occasionally walk
on the streets
That is a problem
public streets
have you seen a doctor about it?
Streets are for cars though you should be careful about that tbh
and I'm minding my own business, until
some fucking brain-dead shit dog starts screaming its lungs off
triggering a block wide chain reaction
and I nearly get a heart attack
2:19 PM
The two yappy-ass dogs across the street do this and they are terrible
This is not normal right? We just have some terribad dog trainers around here who just give their owners a sense of false security and a splitting headache just by barking at anyone 24/7/366
"of course he will defend you he will bark at his own tail"
when the shockwave goes well beyond your position and dogs start barking at nothing in confusion because obviously there is some sort of thing to bark at
I mean unless you carry an emergency sausage for making pasta with you at all times then they're just obnoxious dogs, bedp
and they look left and right
/cc @GodEmperorDune
without finding anything
but they just keep barking until the shockwave goes backwards
and echoes all the way back
and you're just fucking trying to have a walk
and these canine atrocities can't help themselves from being terribad
useless waste of oxygen
One of those dogs even started trying to climb from their 3rd floor balcony in an attempt to understand what he was barking at
2:23 PM
then his owner hit him thrice with a broom, like, in the open. "I'll crack your skull open"
–3/10 all around
they're good dogs bedp
On the dograte scale
So that's like –8/10 Beyond Euthanasia once you adjust for the brain damage
What? The local neighbourhood dogs are like their owners — garbage
I just want to know it's a local thing
this is not most places, this is not most dogs, the idiocy is contained, yes?
2:30 PM
well over here we have laws about noise
even if it's your dog making it
so... yeah
I mean
There might be laws here too
next door neighbours dog will bark randomly, for like 30 seconds and then he stops
but who's going to fine the idiot dog owners
you fine the owners
the goverment mafia
so I need to be a cop in order to stroll in peace
You could have told me as much a decade ago
2:32 PM
someone put invisible unicode characters into a regex in a correct answer for stackoverflow even i am blown away by that level of evil
(stolen from @Unionhawk's likes)
I have the best likes
and also probably 15 thousand of them
Hold on...
2:35 PM
anyway yes as you know very well I am a very reasonable simple man of simple wishes and extremely few quirks and pet peeves and this is one of them
Is peeves the dog? That could explain this
fuck poorly calibrated dogs
Please recalibrate your canines regularly
Please dog responsibly
well of course.
@badp louder earphones?
@djsmiley2k this might shock and awe you but I don't typically wear them when I'm with other people
i prefer cats
2:37 PM
strangely, i reguarlly did when in nightclubs, with other people
No one can hear anything in nightclubs anyway
Q: Time left for each turn?

YuuHow do I know/see approximately how many seconds I have / my opponent has left for each turn? By the time the red circle appears, it's often too late to make a judgement.

hense my choising my own music
the dog barking stuff, you're outside?
We had a robber steal something from our backyard by walking through garden door, walking past 6 dogs, 4 of which bark at ANYONE who walks past them, even me, even after living here for 7 years now.
2:40 PM
@arda of course they sleep at night
@badp it was 2pm
@arda or after eating
I hate everything right now
@djsmiley2k I try to avoid it
literally me
2:41 PM
@Unionhawk welcome to the club, your membership number is #7074UCKU
don't use dogs for guarding
instead, lock yo windows, lock yo doors.
That's –6/10 Existence is Pain
Those dogs are –8/10 Beyond Euthanasia
there good memes bapd
they're good meeseeks bopd
2:44 PM
@Unionhawk I refuse to believe that you're that fluffy
@TimStone what about the aspect ratio
I don't want to rush to judgment
3:16 PM
This is an awful day
Why's that?
GDQ is starting soon so there's that to look forward to
That's true
Got in at 1, drove up to dayton to get some work done and I am really tired of having to deal with this
Fortunately we'll be done tomorrow
I think
Or maybe our professors and clients will just say "fuck you that's not enough" again
Plan Z is ultimately "walk out and reenroll in like a year"
Plan A-X is "it goes well", "I argue that we should at least get a passing grade because ffs" "I argue that I should at least get a passing grade because I delivered the majority of my items on time"
@TimStone yusssss
Plan A has already devolved from "I'm going to do this in a way that I think seems like good design" to "I'm going to do this in a way that works right now and let next semester clean up my mess"
Q: How can I detect the presence of flowing lava?

UlukaiIn vanilla and updated (1.11 as of now) Minecraft I would like to detect the presence of flowing lava in a block (or area for that matter) and output a corresponding redstone signal. Basically what I want to do is close a door whenever lava is behind it and leave it open when there is no lava. I ...

3:24 PM
@Unionhawk I thought you were done
Except our final presentation for senior design was basically shat all over by everyone in the room
And they gave us some cleanup items to work on over break
meanwhile one person in the group now has an expired visa
and his immigration status depends on getting a degree
And meanwhile I'm probably going to have to use half a day of PTO to finish this up (depending on whether or not my manager makes me because technically I probably have to spend it but technically noon monday is my first day so)
So yeah
That's what I'm currently doing
(to be fair, our final product was messy due to an error in the PCB design, but that's really the only major flaw in our design)
Oh boy. That sounds like a mess :(
Now I have two paths rendering the same template except one does something slightly different on the back end
I'd have liked to have done this using GET variables but I don't know how to do that and I don't have time to learn
At least that's most of the code changes needed
Well technically that one wasn't even needed, but it was UX and easy to do
Well, easy to do in a lazy way
This is why crunch time is not a good thing, actually
"I work better under pressure!" no you don't shut up
Dammit PyCharm why is your rename hotkey different from visual studio and why am I just now running into this problem
Shift+F6, right?
3:39 PM
Visual Studio is F2 iirc
Unless I'm an idiot
Well, okay admittedly regardless of whether or not I'm an idiot
Ugh why is sql case insensitive LIKE so stupid
Oh wait it's not stupid in Sqlite3
3:53 PM
Oh wow, that does sound like a mess. If you need me to kick someone in the shins let me know
At least code is probably done
I've got some small arduino logic things to do with lights but that's easy
4:11 PM
Q: why do i have to go to Riften to turn Valindor into a vampire, when i already do that previously

user176476Vingalmo, has sent me to Riften again to bestow the vampirism among Valindor again but he already contracted this gift. when I got to his house again, he already has a coffin for him to sleep in so this means he has turned into a vampire already. Anyone know why this is happening?

Q: Private multiplayer in Titanfall 2 PS4?

rbhatupWe bought Titanfall 2 for PS4 simply to play a multiplayer free for all between family members. We're three, so there would only be three players in the game and would be trying to kill each other. How does one do that? We tried a few things, and most of the time, we see other unknown players p...

4:24 PM
there it goes
thank fuck
Q: Elite: Dangerous :: Maximum Distance Exceeded

Trevor SullivanI got a passenger mission, where the destination is more than 5,000 light-years away. I'm trying to plot a course to the destination, in the Galaxy Map, but I'm getting an error saying "maximum distance exceeded." How do I get to my destination?

I'm not used to seeing "Delete" instead of "recommend deletion" in the low q queue lol
(yes this one is the one that people donate with stories about their loved ones with cancer and everyone on reddit goes "WHY DO YOU READ THE SAD")
4:48 PM
@Unionhawk site is down.
Q: Fix Terraria Choppy Lag Slowness During Single Player on macOS OS X

Cory KleinSee here for a GIF showing the behavior. I'm on a brand new world, brand new character, on macOS Sierra 10.12.2. When I try to walk around, the game is completely unplayable because the game freezes about twice a second just when I walk around. I have tried disabling every single option in the ...

Donate link is slow
But eventually loaded for me
AGDQ is starting very soon
4:57 PM
@Yuuki That's not even close to appropriate
Sorry @Yuuki but this is going to warrant a ban
Worth it!
Actually maybe we'll just doom you to Eternal Friday
@Wipqozn Whoa, slow down there, Satan.
It's alive!
@KevinvanderVelden battleroyal announcer is extremely scottish
5:10 PM
So, I finished the first book of 2017, wrote my first goodreads review (no spoilers outside spoiler tags) and rated a full-length book 3 stars for the first time (other was a short story of Asimov).
Q: What in the world happened with my cauliflower?

Timmy JimI woke up one morning expecting some of my cauliflower to be ready to be harvested. I was alarmed when I woke up and saw this: A giant cauliflower has eaten up the spaces around it. What happened? I can't seem to harvest is by normal means or by using a scythe. The Wiki doesn't say anything ...

@Arperum yay, netherlands wins benelux \o/
5:28 PM
> The formula divides the difference between the two parties’ “wasted votes” — votes beyond those needed by a winning side, and votes cast by a losing side — by the total number of votes cast. When both parties waste the same number of votes, the result is zero — an ideal solution. But as a winning party wastes fewer and fewer votes than its opponent, its score rises.
> A truly efficient gerrymander spreads a winning party’s votes so evenly over districts that very few votes are wasted. A review of four decades of state redistricting plans concluded that any party with an efficiency gap of 7 percent or more was likely to keep its majority during the 10 years before new districts were drawn.

In Wisconsin, experts testified, Republicans scored an efficiency gap rating of 11.69 percent to 13 percent in the first election after the maps were redrawn in 2011.
@TimStone Holy f--k.
That meltdown.
5:44 PM
@KevinvanderVelden :(
@TimStone When you're 18, losing something you've invested that much of yourself into is literally life-altering.
Not that I condone the tantrum or resulting pissing match with his parents.
6:02 PM
@Frank I could understand that if it was something other than Runescape, probably. Like... the meltdown this adult child had is pretty embarrassing.
@Fluttershy No doubt. Probably isn't used to not getting his way, either.
@Unionhawk Power it right. :P
@Unionhawk What exactly are you trying to make?
I should have enough forward voltage...
I have at least 3.3
All my server stuff is done and now we're troubleshooting what looks like another PCB problem
God dammit
Looks like we may end up at Plan C pretty quick
All because "it shouldn't be that hard look we did it"
(no, you guys added an LED to your soldered breadboard setup, we're now troubleshooting potential PCB errors)
6:22 PM
Q: Old game refuses to use dedicated GPU, relies on Intel HD Graphics instead

Baskakov_DmitriyWindows 8.1 (64-bit), 8 GB RAM (game actually uses around 100 MB), Core i7 (4 cores), NVidia GeForce GTX 950M Just bought Vampire: The Masquerade -- Redemption and wanted to play it. However, the game doesn't see my laptop's dedicated GPU as a graphics device and uses Intel HD Graphics instead. ...

6:42 PM
@Unionhawk This sounds like a whole lotta effort, I don't condone this. Tell your professor they're fired
It's another fucking PCB error
It looked right on the diagram but I swear to god
Both the red and green pins were tied to +6V and also to the GPIO pins
Plan C incoming
btw I'll be taking the VY8437 tonight
Q: Witcher 3- Should you let the guards torture Triss?

IggletIn the part of the game where you hand Triss to the guards, should you tell them "Hands off" or should you go with the plan? Also, what are the consequences of each option?

Well, got my workout today. Moved probably a couple hundred pounds of snow.
since at best we have "well, everything is good on the thing except this bit, which we literally cannot fix now, but the code works we think"
6:45 PM
clearly you need to program your own arduino simulator in the meanwhile
@Unionhawk That "we think" is going to cost you
We're working on a breadboard now
@MBraedley I mean what piece of code works
@Unionhawk It's come to this? That's not a great sign...
It's -5 C today and on Thursday it's going to be 14 C because everything is awful.
6:47 PM
@TimStone Hey, at least the ice on your driveway will melt...
Murphy's law: anything that can go wrong, will.
@TimStone if you are experiencing climate change please confirm if you are a hoax
What if climate change wasn't a hoax by the Chinese but rather a complex plot to steal all our snow? HMMM
but then why does it snow
It barely did
It was just to tease us. Taunt us with snow and then take it away with 14 C temperatures in the middle of January
6:50 PM
They decided they wanted Canada's maple syrup instead
little did you know brexit means even the british weather has left us
5 mins ago, by MBraedley
Well, got my workout today. Moved probably a couple hundred pounds of snow.
Damn you!
We got our two inches, barely
So the U.K. Has sunlight now?
Which was actually two inches, so I still don't understand that weather map from the other day
6:51 PM
~6" of lightly packed powder (it was drifting).
if we actually had sunlight right now i'd be rather worried @Dragonrage
as it's nearly 7pm and the sun set at like 4
We got 20 inches in colorado last week
It was great
but was it
@Unionhawk Well you would have liked this snow on a slope, but it was a bitch to shovel.
Mammoth got 48-80 inches
6:53 PM
@MBraedley I think he's just came back from
The best thing about Trump’s new golf course, Ferry Point, is that he somehow got a hole-in-one on the inaugural ro… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/818143913743708160
Oh hey, and apparently @MartinShkreli got banned
7:15 PM
Q: History of hero release dates

Sean BWhat were the original heroes in Paragon? And what were the dates (or at least order) that each of the existing heroes were added?

there's a dude posting a lot of elite dangerous questions today as self-answered Q+A. I don't mind self-answered questions but many of them are trivial things that a basic google search would tell you the answer to. I know the right thing to do is to downvote them for a lack of research effort
problem is there's so many of them I'm worried it'll get flagged up as serial voting
what's the best thing to do in that situation?
just downvote a few of them and leave it?
@JonK Not really much else you can do.
Maybe comment a bit to tell him that low research effort doesn't get a good reception here.
already done that bit at least
hopefully he'll get the message
Damn. Seven questions in under 24 hours.
He's really near the question limit.
yeah, and they're all self-answered elite dangerous questions
7:33 PM
Q: Employees randomly drown themselves in nearby lake

FloernI'm playing RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe and I already observed it twice that a mechanic drowned in the lake. It happened in two different parks, in both cases there was a path and a rollercoaster station along the coast. I couldn't tell where exactly the mechanics drowned since I only got alerted...

Another thing to mention is that we expect a certain level of effort here at Arqade. While we allow self-answered questions, they're generally held up a higher level or scrutiny, as they may not actually be problems users will actually face. — Frank 1 min ago
Celebrating the Complete Tweet. Using every one of the 140 characters. Pushing things to the limit, even when it's at the expense grammar spelin (or punctuation
24.3k tweets, 387 followers, following 345 users
That is a bot that exists, apparently
7:51 PM
It doesn't even link its reply
Or like, quote it
Yeah, it just likes the post and tweets the user for some reason >_>
Q: Will my first four Sqauddies always be one of each class?

Stephen LeppikI noticed a trend among all of my games of XCOM that, with my first four soldiers promoted to Squaddie, I always had: one sniper one assault one heavy one support If I assume that they are assigned randomly, then the exact probability of this occurring in any given game would be 4!/44, or abo...

Q: Can not remember name of the game

Willhelmso i just decided to play an online game that i used to love years ago, but i just can not remember the name. I do not know if this is the right place to look for answer, but i will still give everything i can remember about it. So it is an online browser game. It is 2D shooter. I remember that i...

cute, that guy is downvoting my stuff now :D
@Arperum it's starting \o/
@KevinvanderVelden Yes! I'm watching!
8:05 PM
@TimStone This is a really stupid bot
Like some stupid bots are awesome, but this one is just dumb
>.> @Arperum
Yes, reading now
Wanna start a new civ game? That one will actually start on time!
8:22 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Might be fun.
8:41 PM
Q: What causes King's Quest IV to transition from day to night?

ThunderforgeIn King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, you arrive on the land of Tamir during the day time. However, night eventually falls and you find yourself having to explore the land in a much spookier setting. What actually causes the game to transition from day to night? I have seen contradicting ...

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