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12:02 AM
On the Apple note:
Q: Can I clean my Macbook Pro keyboard with vodka?

Julien__I don't have any cleaning product right now at home, and the only alcohol I have is vodka. Can it be used to clean my keyboard and trackpad, or will it damage my laptop? (I think that alcohol is often used to clean computers, but I'm not sure that it's the same kind of alcohol)

@KazWolfe it's much better to clean it with a SCUBA tank cc @uni
@Ash That is fascinating
How quickly weather changes in Texas: +40 degrees within 24 hours.
12:29 AM
@KazWolfe Drink the vodka to numb the pain when you inevitably break your laptop trying to clean the keyboard.
@Sterno rekt
12:47 AM
@Axelrod the potato masher is a pc with the price point of a console but can play games at 1080p 60fps unlike consoles.
@arda I'm BlueBarren on almost everything, including Discord
@BlueBarren pcmasterrace?
@GodEmperorDune you know it
I think we need more pins
actually @arda Discord uses numbers doesn't it? So that would be BlueBarren#9240
I remember back in the good old days when Discord didn't need number identifiers
@Wipqozn Understood. Will instead use factually accurate words like "climate denier" and "man who ran a campaign of blaming all our problems on mexico" and "man who most americans did not vote for"
Though technically most Americans didn't vote at all so /shrug
1:04 AM
Can you name the last presidential candidate most Americans voted for?
@murgatroid99 FDR
actually wikipedia says that has never happened
@GodEmperorDune Really? In a year with ~60% voter turnout, he got almost 100% of the votes?
Most Americans who voted is what I meant
The broadest historical trends in voter turnout in the United States presidential elections have been determined by the gradual expansion of voting rights from the initial restriction to white property owners in the early years of the country's independence, to all citizens aged 18 or older in most of the last century. Voter turnout in the presidential elections has historically been better than the turnout for midterm elections. == Women's suffrage and gender gap == There was no systematic collection of voter turnout data by gender at a national level before 1964, but smaller local studi...
@Unionhawk I understand your feelings on the matter but you're pushing the whole good faith idea thing we're trying to go for here
1:08 AM
@GodEmperorDune That's interesting, measuring as a percentage of total population instead of as a percentage of eligible voters
Interestingly, before 2016, the previous time that less than half of eligible voters voted in a presidential election was 1924. And the previous time that voter turnout was actually as low as in 2016 was in 1824
@murgatroid99 apparently there was great turnout in 1876
Yes. One of only a few times that eligible voter turnout surpassed 80%
@Wipqozn fuck that's creepy
cc @Sterno @StrixVaria @TimStone @GodEmperorDune (aka cc parents)
1:15 AM
@Wipqozn wut
1:26 AM
I am getting wrecked
@badp just missed an 89% shot. You're dead to me. DEAD TO ME I SAY.
man you guys all suck
@Wipqozn we speak english so duh
lol, the Washington Post has the scoop on the Yahoo! renaming and it's pretty expected but also terrible
the tl;dr is "The idea behind the name is that Altaba’s stock can now be tracked as an alternative to Alibaba"
1:39 AM
@TimStone I read it as "alt-tab-A"
(No idea if that's even a command but I feel like it could be)
@TimStone wut
Yeah, because Yahoo! owns a 15% stake in Alibaba Verizon called it "Alt/aba" because it's an alternate way of purchasing the stock
man good job @Ronan. You just took a lasre to the face since I didn't notice the overwatch. you ran right into it. Then you killed the alien.
1:42 AM
I assume the person spoke on the condition of anonymity because that's a little faceplam worthy
@Wipqozn He was looking for that ultrasmooth shave only a laser weapon discharge can provide
@TimStone also I'm just loving this site for official documents: investor.yahoo.net/…
well @badp redeemed himself
@TimStone yeah
@RedRiderX i mean investor.yahoo.com is actually a decent site for SEC filings
WEll @Ronan you're gravely wounded, but you're tied for most kills, so good job
its one of the many things yahoo does well but almost no one cares about
do people still use the yui toolkit?
1:46 AM
sometimes I can't tell if I'm losing or not
oh hey @Ronan you became my sniper. I guess one alien laser to the face at point blank range was enough for you.
@Wipqozn i'm not in there, what happened to me?
@GodEmperorDune You weren't generated
I just have a giant pool of soldiers and the game draws from them
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ
@GodEmperorDune You're in there somewhere
1:57 AM
Wait is this some XCOM DLC or something?
Or are you just replaying XCOM 2
@Unionhawk replaying XCOM 2. I've got some major mods on though.
I see
@Unionhawk the 2016 mod, everyone dies no matter what you do
I want an xcom mod that ends terror missions with this voiceline:
all your pre-mission intelligence turns out to be fake news
2:00 AM
I should finish xcom enemy unknown
Looks like I missed drama :(
GIR: You're on fire!
Zim: Am I? Ah, well. I feel I now know enough about human affection. I hate it! Especially the part with the beans!
@Sterno Nope
@Sterno oh the political flags?
Part of me wonders if I'm eventually going to get flagged down for calling myself an idiot
To out-@OrigamiRobot @OrigamiRobot
RIP @OrigamiRobot
2:07 AM
@Unionhawk you were one time
it was great
Wait did I?
I get stars for days on those messages, but I don't remember getting flagged down for it
yeah i was trolling you and you said "fucking idiot" and got banned
Unless a mod swooped in and was like "wait hold on no that flag was dumb"
i think the subject was unclear
i felt bad about it
I deserved that one, I'm pretty sure I meant you lol
2:09 AM
perhaps i am an internet provacateur
or i'm just too lazy to do that anymore
I've redirected my bitterness for the entire world towards marginally more productive causes
@Unionhawk \o/
I fondly remember the time @twobugs got banned because we were making fun of people who wouldn't use Reinhardt's shield as "having a fear of rectangles" and that was insensitive to, apparently, those who actually have fear of rectangles. Whoever they are
That was probably the dumbest flag ever
Like, @OrigamiRobot changing his name to Gnomeslice and calling @OrigamiRobot an idiot was one thing
But "fear of rectangles" was just
@Sterno Wouldn't call it drama. Some things got flagged, some other mods came in and were like "don't abuse flags", and then @Ash and I were like "We need to be nice to people even if we disagree with their political views, even if we think those views makes them a terrible person"
2:13 AM
Painting for the day is complete!
So much work for mirror chrome!
Anyone who disagrees with me is a terrible person by definition.
@Sterno I vaguely remember someone trying to defend that flag too, and we were like "dude come on"
@Wipqozn Yeah, and you weren't even there to save him
(because the election just ended I think idk)
yes I think you're right
@Wipqozn the person saying "don't abuse flags" wasn't a mod, just a 10ker
2:14 AM
@GodEmperorDune I can't keep track
Things moved too fast
it seems like a pet project of that 10ker
I've actually been meaning to say something to him, and if he comes in again I will. 10kers shouldn't be coming into rooms telling people what to do.
@Wipqozn thanks
Yeah, "I'm from Mos Eisley I know how this feels" is just :|
2:17 AM
more importantly, if you don't feel like you should handle the flag skip it, don't hassle the room
Like, The Bridge didn't get raided and shut down by CMs, it just had some flags
Which you can counterflag instead of going in and saying "STAP FLAGGING"
@Unionhawk yes
there should not be non-CM/non-diamonds going "STOP FLAGGING"
flagging is a thing, if you feel it is being misused, message to the CMs who can actually look into it
I don't think they can even do that
Without some voodoo nonsense
i thought mods had some sort of flag stats thing
I'm not sure we can do it at all anymore, unfortunately
2:20 AM
then it's up to CM if its a problem
@GodEmperorDune Mods have very limited information on chat flags
I'd say we need to test this except rooms/1 explicitly says "except flagging"
But TBH if that nonsense with someone flagging the transcript doesn't stop I'll find someone who can
I believe there is a way for us to see the the flagger, but only if we see the flag while it's still active.
@Wipqozn Yeah
2:21 AM
I'm pretty sure I tested this once
is it annoying, sure
@Wipqozn I think they took that toy away because I couldn't earlier :(
does it disrupt the chat more than coming in here and talking about it?
@TimStone Gosh darn teenager CMs
Right? Kids these days and their "not disclosing unintended information"
2:22 AM
<small>(I don't think any of the CMs are-- nevermind)</small>
During the Emerald run
pretend that works
@TimStone I'd complain about chat flags, but I think every moderator ever has complained, AND YET.
@Unionhawk CMs are SE staff, right?
It's a funnier message that way
@GodEmperorDune yes
2:22 AM
> What a great remake of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby!
I just think the SE team wants mods to suffer
what about the child labor laws?
Teenagers can have jobs
@Wipqozn I honestly don't see why we can't at least see a user's cast flags individually, since most of the time I have an inkling who it is and just want to verify
In Canada it's 16 for most jobs. Some jobs can higher younger folks though.
2:24 AM
Same in the US
@TimStone but if user is flagging EvilMod's messages, and EvilMod could see that they could retaliate
EvilMod cannot be banned.
We learned this once
Or, a couple of times
but one big incident
Good times
@GodEmperorDune That user could just complain to the CMs
wait when was this?
@Wipqozn you and your alternatives
how dare you destroy my strawman
@GodEmperorDune Damn straight. but seriously, the CMs take Real Mod Abuse seriously.
2:25 AM
@Wipqozn Good thing I'm both a mod and also Tim Post
@Wipqozn RIP FEI
@TimStone That would certainly explain why I keep thinking you work for SE
@GnomeSlice hue
1 min ago, by GodEmperorDune
@Wipqozn RIP FEI
2:27 AM
@Unionhawk ah i only learned about it the next day and transcript was cleaned up
Well the cleaned up bit was essentially "KEEP FLAGGING YOU CAN'T BAN"
@Unionhawk that's a jerkish thing to say
though i seem to remember @fredley's links to chuck tingler tales getting flagged
you can flag mods,they just can't get banned
or they can get suspened but it doesn't make a difference
2:29 AM
(insert hahah.gif)
Nope I can't suspend @TimStone. At least not very normal means.
Yeah you need to do something stupid like force association with not StackApps
I actually don't know what happens then
@Wipqozn no, you can only do HTTP methods to @tim like POST
@GodEmperorDune I mean those are pretty NSFW
@GnomeSlice for sure, it made sense to flag them
2:32 AM
@Unionhawk hmmm
I actually could change @TimStone parent account by the looks of it
But what was funny was that the mod posted ones got flagged and none of the other people (like me) posting similar links
There's been someone here a long time who really likes flagging old messages in the transcript
This person is known as the Flag Troll
I think the Flag Troll changes people from time to time
@Sterno gasps
@flagTroll not cool bruh
2:40 AM
@Wipqozn Yes, we established that in the saga of "can you kick mods using some stupid nonsense"
Q: Xbox 360, trouble with display

Yalixa ColonI have an Xbox 360 and for some reason whenever I turn it on the display is black. The controller turns on I hear the fan everything is on except for the display. I've tried unplugging the Xbox and plugging it back in I tried changing the AV cord to AV1 and AV2 and it did the same thing. I would ...

@GnomeSlice Why?
Just a hunch
I'm pretty sure it was me for a while at one point when I was really annoyed at a certain user
I'm pretty sure I use the word "fuck" just as much as I did when I was getting flagged hours or days later for it
But meh
Microsoft's OneDrive wont sync "My Documents" because of the bad folder name "Visual C#" which was created by Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.
3:04 AM
@GodEmperorDune I got flagged in that too I think
Also i apparently got flagged a bunch one day when I was talking about making milk bread buns
I don't know. There were just three flags on messages when I referenced the bread I was making
And then the other two are me mentioning tingle stuff
@Ash maybe they mis-read it as breast? not sure why but i had to re-read "making milk bread buns" because i saw it as "making breast milk buns"
3:10 AM
@Memor-X um.
@Unionhawk I like how they don't have a good picture of her in the suit.
That's a lot of a stretch.
@Yuuki The top photo is a gallery
They've got 2 pretty okay ones
@Unionhawk oh I saw Shannon Woodward tweet about this but the original tweet was deleted
3:14 AM
@Unionhawk One has up close and the other is a side profile.
Not good pictures.
So my building has shared heat and it's set to 27
Which is too hot
So I sleep with the windows open when it's what, probabaly -10 outside?
This is all in Celsius by the way
Our house is set to 72
Maybe 68
Good lord
Who does that
I really don't understand it, the higher they put the heat the more they have to pay because heating is included with my rent
3:18 AM
Much better view.
And then you get guys like me who have the windows open making them pump out more heat
I think 21C is the perfect temperature, I know some people find it cold but it feels nice
69 F is also my preferred temperature
That's literally what we had our house set to pretty much all the time
Though to be fair it's locked between like 72 and 68
You have such freedom
I physically cannot wear pants in my own home
It's just too hot
Anyways I should be sleeping, g'night
Anybody wanna play Overwatch
@Unionhawk 420 is my preferred temperature
3:25 AM
@GodEmperorDune lol blaze it
@GodEmperorDune what unit of measurement are you using
@Memor-X lol he's kidding
@Memor-X I'm trying to figure one out that isn't deadly
3:26 AM
K translates to still way above boiling, and R gets you -40
Maybe kelvin?
@Unionhawk it was -40 here the other day with windchill
I mean, but that's not an indoor temperature that makes sense
@GnomeSlice what better way to reduce the chill than with a nice blaze
@GnomeSlice i was thinking he was using a unit which uses really large numbers. like how when people bitch about 100 being too hot it's normally in Fahrenheit and they are wimps for complaining before 120.2
3:28 AM
@Memor-X pretty clearly joking bro
420 blaze it etc
The most important thing is that I'm going to see 311 in the quad later
@GnomeSlice wow they are good sports
Q: If i leave a players realm will my buildings and chests delete

user176601Will inventory delete if I leave a players realm Minecraft pocket edition

Q: Identify this racing game on snowy road with traffic

ChronosI saw this video on Instagram a few days ago and I can't seem to find any response to identifying this game. It doesn't have any identifiable HUDs. I'm not even sure if it is a racing game or a modded game.

3:43 AM
Q: Do the new DLC items count towards the collection achievements?

santyclauseSome months ago, Ashes of Ariandel released as DLC for Dark Souls 3 adding in many items including 4 new spells and 1 new ring. However, DS3 already had achievements for collecting all spells and all rings. Do these new items affect the achievements so that I will have to gather the DLC items as...

4:06 AM
This is more or less how my brain is restructuring to handle events
4:21 AM
Q: What is the interaction between heavenly ward and damage dispersion?

user1821961I'm referring to the abilities from white mage and black mage? Which one applies first and can both apply to an instance of damage taken by the user.

@Unionhawk I lost it after the "We are a country united" part. <_<
4:42 AM
Also that's literally my entire thought process with "if he succeeds we succeed"
As soon as the guy on the couch finished explaining the rules for this run, the announcer asked him "what's pacifist% mean?"
So he just pretty much word for word said the same thing again.
I love how many Moonmoon subs are in chat
There was a sea of witwix sub emotes earlier.
i had no part in this https://t.co/XRdPFXcqNA
Oh, the moonmoon and witwix subs are interacting.
4:44 AM
Chart of word frequency in gdq chat
I'll just leave chat closed.
Witwix is actually one I've been considering picking up a sub on
I've used my prime sub twice, once each on witwix and moonmoon
Haven't been watching Twitch as much though since the new baby.
I don't have a prime account so
If I were going to spend money on twitch it would probably be for witwix.
I can't watch either of their streams with my daughter in the room, though.
Aside from GDQ where they are pretty strict about family-friendliness Twitch is a no-go in general.
4:49 AM
The whole live element makes it hard
She likes Octonauts, though, which is mind-numbing.
5:03 AM
aaaaaaargh. There needs to be a better way to deal with ascm files and Overdrive library book returns than using ADE. Because ADE seems to want to crash after every single action.
Return a book? Crash. Download a new book? Crash. :(
I just want to feed my reading habit!
@Ash try crashing a book, see if it crashes
@Ash I usually manage my books from within Overdrive itself
Does that not work?
Not sure. Would it let me then put them on my reader?
Ah, I usually read it on my phone, so I use the Android app
(for so long the library wasn't Overdrive that I never thought to check how it works now that they've transitioned)
I will have to investigate if it would work with my reader. Becsuse if so, that's a simple solution.
5:38 AM
Q: How do you get past this room in 3-6?

StrixVariaI've gotten to a room in STANDBY that I cannot figure out how to get through. Here's a screenshot of the room: Pictured in the screenshot is as far up the wall as I'm able to get. I can't jump high enough to reach the blue wall on the left, and I can't run fast enough to get to the blue wall o...

Q: Cant remember the game

Abhiooooi remember a game which i used to play 4-5 years ago it was something like there is a male character which has a blade which he can throw on enemies and it comes back like a boomerang the game starts near a beachy seaside area something like a port or cargo area then i remember there is a stage i...

Q: Given raw materials and finished goods from raw materials, what strategy/algorithm can I use to maximse profit by selling within a 24 hour period?

theTuxRacerRaw materials are free to produce and only cost is time. Then there are finished goods that require a combination of 1 or more raw materials and some time to produce which can be sold on the internal market for simoleons. Is there a way I can create an equation or a series of steps (without tria...

2 hours later…
8:02 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Yea, but I'm talking about a gigabyte of game/movietitles.
french stackoverflow

Proposed Q&A site for stack-Overflow in french language, a question and answer site for programmers and computer professionals.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment its not even in french
Conversational Bots

Proposed Q&A site for conversational bot software developers.

Currently in definition.

8:36 AM
From the first lecture for Introduction to Politics
He mentioned that since it's the first time teaching this, he thought of the best way to get the content to the freshman. Then Trump came along, and since Trump has exactly as much experience in government as us, we'll just learn about it together with Mr. Trump.
9:08 AM
@PrivatePansy hue
Q: It's necessary to play Dark Souls I / II, before the III?

WaikikiI want to play Dark Souls series. If I play the III before the others. Am I gonna don't understand the story (if there is a story, of course) or something ?

The Intro to Artificial Intelligence module professor spent one and a half hour trying to convince as many of the students as possible to drop the module
He mentioned that the class is 50% larger than last semester, which means a third of us shouldn't be here
@PrivatePansy Wat? Why?
9:24 AM
He thinks the uptick in interest is due to AI becoming more fashionable
He's also very sardonic
He pulled out a quote from the student feedback exercise where a student described his lectures as being drier than the Sahara
@PrivatePansy Amazing
cc @fredley
9:41 AM
@badp So Belgium stayed sorta the same. I'm curious how much redder it would be if it looked at 2013-2016...
Q: ever standalone stan smith adidas red

discountadidasThere are natural changes in sports practices, changes in technology and there are changes within sport itself so those factors technology, materials and sport naturally affect the product and determine development.In time for the summer months, adidas white with black stripes has released Cage T...

It's green so it's good right?
It's blue so it's good right?
Meanwhile in SUCCESS stories
last night I fell asleep at 11pm
only to wake up at 2am
followed by two hours of flipping and flopping around in bed
if that isn't SUCCESS I don't know what that is
Q: How long does the AFK detection timer take to kick in?

YuuMost AFK players will receive a message stating that if they do not participate in the next 45 seconds, they will be kicked for being AFK. However, how long does it take before that message appears?

Q: Can we get exclusive pokemon from our game counterpart using ultra wormhole?

JTRWe can enter to to alternate world from altar of moone/sunne using ultra wormhole with Lunala's/Solgaleo's power. In this alternate world, it seems that the in-game time is changed. When I'm enter ultra wormhole at the day, the alternate world is set time to night. Is it only change the time or...

10:05 AM
@badp clearly success is this pear for you
@badp Insomnia will continue until morale improves
Q: Explain the name of the weapon RF Missile in Jazz Jackrabbit

b_jonasIn DOS Jazz Jackrabbit, one of the five weapons available for the player character is RF Missile. What does the RF part in the name of this weapon mean? The weapon shoots two green rockets, one going slightly upwards and one downwards, from Jazz's rocket launcher. This explains the “Missile” p...

Q: get more infohttp://fitnesedcations.com/garcinia-shaping-pro/

user176626Garcinia shaping pro Food is substituted with a combination of freshly squeezed water and pepper. You're also expected to have an ocean or an herbal flush to promote digestion. It is encouraged to be on this cleansing Weight Loss Diet to get an amount of 2 weeks although there's no set period for...

@Lazers2.0 Spam
@badp Damn, Belgium is going to population boom, or at least the french part is seriously going to do that.
10:33 AM
@PrivatePansy Nice
@badp that difference between italy and it's neighbours
Also morning-ish chat
10:49 AM
"good morning" is one hell of a figure of speech
Hence the ish
sorry, I didn't write what I meant there
happens, even to me
It's a oxymoron that's weirdly often in use
11:19 AM
Q: Simultaneous Deployment of Multiple Gadgets?

CommandoAirIs it possible to use multiple charges of the same gadget at the same time? For example, can I place two Fuze charges on two different windows, then activate them at the same time?

11:48 AM
@fredley that's going to last for a while then
I have no idea what you're talking about, I slept great! Sure the timing was a few timezones off but...
I haven't been sleeping well either. I blame all of you, but I especially blame @fredley.
@Wipqozn That sounds pretty fair, especially the last part. But you do have to remember that eventually it's all @Wipqozn's fault.
@KevinvanderVelden I mean I have been staying up late too, so I am at least partially at fault
Oh right today is tuesday
That explains it
12:45 PM
Q: How can I show enemy health using console?

user598527In PC Gamer's Prospekt review console is used to compare enemy base health values between Half-Life 2 and a mod: from Prospekt's [HL 2 mod] first combat encounter, it felt to me like something was off. The breaking point came during a battle at the start of chapter five, when, in a fit of...

Amount of time spend using Xcode: 3 hours
Number of times Xcode has crashed: 2
This project is starting great!
you must be holding your credit card wrong
did you pay your $99 tax to Steve
No, but I did sacrifice a chicken and say his name three times standing between two iMacs
@TimStone I think it's only disclosed to mods for the room's website
or at least that's how it used to work
Ah, that could be
The upside to that is that we can blame @Wipqozn for slacking
12:52 PM
when people talk LoL
@TimStone You're just jealous of all my fudge. I actually threw fudge out the other day, since I had too much to eat.
It's also possible I forgot I had it
Point was it's fudge @TimStone didn't get to eat
Q: Is their a purpose to the room in the back of the inn?

Timmy JimWhile waiting for a game to start in the inn, your free to run around. Their is a small hallway under the staircase in the inn that leads to a door. Behind that door is this: In the picture you can see I circled a ledge that looks like it leads to another part of the inn, but as far as I can...

I should think of amovie for movie night
@Yuuki Do you still do sunday showings by request?

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