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6:00 PM
nvm, found it
didn't expect it to be on the third page
I have to disagree with the meat article on the topic of burgers though.
IMO, it is far more acceptable for a burger patty to be well-done than it is for a steak.
@Yuuki agreed
Yeah, I can't make myself eat a burger cooked rarer than about medium-well
The new doom should be on AGDQ either tonight or tomorrow.
6:09 PM
, but…
> Jared Kushner will be named a senior adviser to the president, overcoming anti-nepotism laws, a senior transition official tells NBC.
(emphasis mine, thinking face emoji x 1000)
Q: ERR GFX D3D INIT Error in GTA V Online

OafTobarki play gta v for 10-15 minutes and game suddenly crashed. the screen freezes and it gives me this error: ERR GFX D3D INIT later it says reinstall the game etc etc. do you know how to fix it? thanks.

who is jared kushner
A tearful award ceremony where instead of overcoming adversity someone overcame the law
@GnomeSlice Trump's son-in-law
lol oh boy
what a doorknob
@GnomeSlice what did he do?
6:13 PM
@TimStone Will he be getting paid for the job?
@BlueBarren taking about trump, and a lot lol
dude is a clown
@Yuuki irrelevant to the nepotism law, IIRC
Because I'm honestly okay with him being one of Trump's senior advisers (because you know he's going to be telling Trump stuff regardless of whether he has an official position or not), I'm just not okay with him being paid for it.
what does he do professionally
Well he was mismanaging a paper he took control of after Chris Christie sent his dad to prison
6:15 PM
@GodEmperorDune Well, the sticking point with nepotism is that appointing your relatives to paid government positions is your family will be making money off of the government.
@GnomeSlice i think he runs a paper in new york
Not sure if that's still his day-to-day or not
@Yuuki i thought it was that you were appointing unqualified people to do things because they were related rather than qualified unrelated people
plus it kind of defeats some of the checks and balances if family loyalty has to compete with loyalty to the government itself
like if you are an inspector general and you find Trump's kid doing something shady, you then report it to Trump...
@GodEmperorDune The thing is people related to you can still be qualified. And people unrelated to you can still be unqualified.
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, I think that's the actual major point.
But I'm not sure if that should apply to advising positions.
@GodEmperorDune I'm sure trump will drain the swamp, right?
6:21 PM
@Yuuki this, but it does seem a bit suspect
plus conflict of interest is a thing regardless of qualifications
6:34 PM
Q: Asking other players for materials in Simcity Buildit

JudyMega GalI recently started playing Simcity Buildit. I need materials and can't find them just by going to other players' cities and checking the Global Trade HQ. How can I ask other players for items I need? Thanks so much!

Q: Can you share Steam game files?

AlexMe and two more friends bought the same game for Steam, can one of us (me in this case) download it and then send the files to my friends so they don't have to download it again?

@Lazers2.0 how would you send the files? Over the internet?
@GodEmperorDune Yorktown is an excellent song when you need the oomph to drag a granny cart through unshovelled sidewalks to get your groceries home.
@KevinvanderVelden probably some fancy new technology like a USB stick
45 secs ago, by Kevin van der Velden
Travel question, Bridge! What's generally the earliest period when it is safe driving through mountains? If I were to drive to North Carolina (cc @RavenDreamer),id have to go through the Smokey Mountains. But I'm worried about snow
6:40 PM
@Fluttershy Summer, I believe.
Spring is rainy, autumn tends to be foggy, and winter is winter.
@KevinvanderVelden DownAndOut.exe?
@Yuuki Hmm... I was hoping March would be safe enough. T_T
@KevinvanderVelden didn't know you were actually referencing a thing
@Fluttershy Well, if you're comfortable with driving in rain and driving while other people are driving in rain, spring's the least worst of your options.
Fog and snow are far worse driving conditions than rain.
Although early spring can occasionally be fog season as well.
6:48 PM
So I didn't hear from a friend in last 3 days. Apparently she got carbonmonoxide poisoning and was on hospital on last 3 days. 10/10, 2017 is definitely not 2016v2.
The Trumpster quote #1 #ANewJeersToast https://audioboom.com/boos/5471405
Mark Hamill reads Trump tweet in the voice of The Joker
so I posted a question on SO that involves a .xls file. I'm expecting someone to edit it to be .xlsx even though I actually meant .xls
@BlueBarren Do you really think so little of our primary Q&A site?
@murgatroid99 not what I meant
That's just where my mind would go
assume no one is using office from 2003
or earlier
That's almost 15 years ago
@BlueBarren Meet corporate
who uses pentium 4, xp and office 2003
6:57 PM
@arda don't worry we're still using XP too
I'm not but we have machines that are
We are in the process of getting rid of them however
XP is no longer supported. You don't see many corporate IT guys that like having an unsupported OS.
@JasonBerkan That's the reason we're upgrading
Q: Dungeon Finder "Activity Complete", how to correctly leave a group dungeon on console?

Lasse V. KarlsenA friend and I joined a random normal dungeon through the Dungeon Finder in Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One. After playing through the dungeon and killing the final boss we saw the other 2 players fade out. What is the best and/or "correct" way to leave the dungeon at this point? Is it possibl...

@Yuuki I lived in Seattle, so I'm okay with rain. I'm mostly worried about snow and ice.
@Ash i almost always lose my shit when Hercules Mulligan jumps in
@GodEmperorDune oh man. Have you seen the video of them doing that song at...crap, some awards thing I think. The same night I believe that he did his love is love is love it cannot be killed or swept aside poem thing. It's amazing.
(it's also the closest I will probably get to seeing the actual show for a while)
@Ash pls send teh videoz
I kinda wanna do a summer Bridge movie series where I personally pick a number of movies and put them all up one after the other over the course of a weekend.
Q: Weapon scaling in "One Tamriel" update 14 (and onwards) regarding leveling?

Lasse V. KarlsenÌ noticed that if I had a level 48 sword, and was level 48, it did X amount of damage. Once I leveled up to level 49, it did Y amount of damage, where Y was less than X. My guess is that the actual damage output of a weapon is also dependent on the level difference between the item and your lev...

Q: Bridge Movie Night - February 2017

YuukiWell, 2016 is finally over. It's been a long year and our first regularly scheduled Bridge Movie Night season. Can you believe that it's been two years? Putting aside how old I'm making you all feeling, it's time to begin another year of Bridge Movie Nights! Popcorn, the silver screen, exciting s...

7:24 PM
@Ash i found a video of the tony awards, i think that's it
ok that was amazing
Q: How do I hit a target without a hit cross? (War Thunder aiming)

Emerald Ocy EmOciIs there a way to measure distance on a map on War Thunder? In realistic/sim battles, without an aiming reticle, I'm trying to find a way to aim and hit a far target with cross hairs by knowing the distance, but I don't know how to measure it.

i think i will have to procure tickets for when it's in san diego, since I "threw away my shot" at LA ones
Yeah, i have no idea when I will be able to see it :(
I am very much hoping Mirvish gets it in Toronto (Mirvish being the group of theaters that get all the big plays)
i also don't see how they can fit all those locations in the 2017-2018 season
unless some of them they play for like a week
7:34 PM
No idea. Magic? Multiple groups? I know RENT did multiple groups that toured at the same time
@Ash oh that makes sense
but from my understanding there are certain lyrics that were altered because the broadway cast could handle it, like how fast lafayette can rap
so good luck replacing them
Well, they managed it for Chicago
Same with the planned London show
So I suspect they will manage
otherwise i will be listening along and then a minor difference pops up and i will get stuck on that
He did write it with people in mind, but it is doable (apparently)
like i saw a performance of phantom where they changed a few lines and my brain spiders DID NOT APPRECIATE THAT ONE BIT
7:38 PM
I must be a grumpy old man. I don't see what people like in musicals.
@GodEmperorDune oh, see I am used to that
Rent the movie and rent the stage show change the lyrics a lot
(it goes from all taking place in like 48 hours mostly to stretching it to a week)
@Ash i think with movies i don't expect them to be close at all
but cast recording to show seems like it should be closer
though i've heard there is a song in the show that's not on the recording
@JasonBerkan they're good shows, bront
@JasonBerkan I imagine part of it is the music.
And maybe other people appreciate the als.
7:42 PM
is there some canadian equivalent of broadway? like broadw-eh?
@GodEmperorDune It's more of an "eh?" held for about five or six seconds.
"Have you seen that new musical on Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh??"
@GodEmperorDune now what is the best way to express my disappointment...
@Yuuki "how aboot that new musical on Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh, eh?
@BlueBarren ಠ_ಠ
7:49 PM
Basically, I like music and I like theatre. I don't like them put together as it always seems like the whole is less than the sum of its parts. IOW, every musical I've watched, I wished was a play.
Certain musicals go overboard with the music sometimes, I'll agree.
@JasonBerkan yeah i don't like every musical, but some hit the right balance
Q: What is this monster and how do you get it to appear?

Anthony MastreanThis is an image of a monster that appeared... somehow in my game. It's not in the monster list (at least, as of a brand new game or install). What is it and how does it appear?

8:11 PM
@GodEmperorDune it's not a song, it's pretty much the only bit that isn't sung
Q: What does the 'curse' status do?

Anthony MastreanDoes the 'curse' status have any active effect? Or is it only used to trigger another tile/weapon status?

@Ash i could've sworn i read an article from someone who listened to the soundtrack before seeing it and they said there was a song missing
I should probably use git more
in addition to the one thing that wasn't sung
mostly incase of hardware failure
8:14 PM
@BlueBarren how else will you git gud?
@GodEmperorDune facepalm
@GodEmperorDune not afaik
I kinda want to get a mandoline, but I feel like I would only use it for chips and ratatouille.
@Ash I reread the article, you are correct, it's just a small part that isn't sung
@Yuuki that's a good reason for one
8:30 PM
@Arperum I just managed to get a great prophet before founding a pantheon
@Ash Fair enough, but I think an enameled pot or pan would be a first purchase.
@KevinvanderVelden wat
Rush stonehenge so it's not stolen
Q: What are the bosses and when do they appear?

Anthony MastreanThere are multiple references to "bosses" in the developer's design notes. I started with the enemy spawns divided into fairly explicit "waves", like maybe four would come at once then a break, then two at a time with shorter breaks between, then one boss, that kind of thing. https://mighty...

Oh my God the fanciness at my desk
Workstation equipped with 20 GB RAM and a 512 SSD, laptop equipped with 8 and 128
8:37 PM
Officer: please open the car boot, sir Me: oh god ok look i can explain https://t.co/D06alEUQow
Problems thus far: 1) phone screen is messed up 2) software center isn't installed properly so I can't get chrome 3) Skype for business won't sign in
@TimStone hue
4) Internet Explorer autocorrects skype to Skype
5) internet explorer is STUPID
6) this list is already way too long
there's going to be a captain underpants movie
8:44 PM
Sen. McConnell sent Sen. Reid a letter on nominations in 2009. We updated the dates and names and sent it back. https://t.co/nrh4yqqqx5
That's how we can increase government efficiency
Reuse old "let the process go through the normal way god dammit" letters
Ahahahaha, someone was suggesting that they do that on Twitter yesterday and they actually did
Polish Language and Culture

Proposed Q&A site for anyone who is interested in learning about the Polish language or culture.

Currently in definition.

8:52 PM
Q: What is the fastest character or speedrun build?

WolfI'm looking to max out my character move speed for running through levels fast (not necessarily clearing enemies or doing high difficulty runs), but I can only find guides on the "fastest leveling methods". Which character build is the fastest, or are speeds about equal on the fastest build for e...

Oh yay, ACA is kill in senate
wheeeeee! *crashes into the Bridge. Again.*
(I'm on the whole "stay on your parents plan until 26" plan)
@KazWolfe *drags the wreckage away into a pit*
@Unionhawk Didn't a number of people vote for Trump because they didn't believe he'd actually follow through on his "repeal Obamacare" spiel?
8:58 PM
I just got a couple of flags on political messages that, while bordering on offensive, don't quite warrant deletion. Whoever is doing this, please stop.
A: If you're gonna talk Politics, you must respect those who disagree

bwDracoThis extends to abuse of moderation tools like flags. Seriously, don't flag stuff simply because you disagree with the other person's opinion. A while back, I responded to a series of chat flags raised on The Bridge, Arqade's main chat room and perhaps the most active room on Stack Exchange Ch...

The flag fairy has visited your transcript.
<insert flags dance gif cc @GnomeSlice>
Someone is definitely going through the transcript and flagging content simply because they disagree with it.
@Unionhawk where did you get this?
Question it not, for all complaints fall on deaf ears.
8:58 PM
@bwDraco Good lord, I don't remember the last time you were in here, how far back is someone going through the transcript?
@Yuuki 2 hours
On your messages, actually.
@GodEmperorDune It's on C-SPAN apparently
i can't see the flags, they must be my messages :D
But I got it from a dude who celebrated it on Facebook who doesn't know Obamacare is the ACA, and has ACA insurance.
@Unionhawk Oh boy, that'll be fun.
8:59 PM
And had that screenshotted censored and post on twitter with all the "wait, no, hold on, ACA is Obamacare you fool what"
Whoever is going through the transcript and flagging political messages, please cut it out.
@bwDraco Deaf. Ears.
This has been a message from a Mos Eisley goer. Welcome to our world. Sorry.
let's put it this way then.
abuse of flags? Suspend.
mmkay? Good, thanks, bai.
returns to diamond-powered lurk mode
@ThomasWard still pretty sure the person who's doing it did not hear that.
Hang on let me ping him
Hey @personwhosdoingthat stop it
9:02 PM
yeah i thought you diamonds could escalate this to CMs or had the powers for such things
problem solved
hail, @Wipqozn
no no no, you have to call out @downvoters
oh, and now all the mods and ROs are coming on.
@ThomasWard hello there
9:02 PM
@KazWolfe uhm, you may want to know Wipqozn is mod on Arqade ;)
@ThomasWard i said mods.
@ThomasWard Because who else would elect him after the sock incident.
Hmm, a Greek news site is reporting that the Russian ambassador in Athens has been found dead
9:03 PM
@JasonBerkan hey now, my socks are clean now
inb7 that becomes a conspiracy theory of some kind
Fun times. So, what's going on in the world of video games?
no man's sky isn't sucking.
Scalebound got cancelled
9:04 PM
as much
@KazWolfe If that's not the real sign of the apocalypse, I don't know what is.
Nintendo is still making money
@KazWolfe What the... they did something useful with it?
@Unionhawk BUT MUH XBOX
9:04 PM
Goats are still hip.
@Unionhawk and they have a new wii
And AGDQ is happening, so it's a pretty cool time to be alive
@KazWolfe I dunno, I've always found PC gamers a lot more accommodating towards Nintendo than Xbox or Playstation gamers.
9:05 PM
@Axelrod It's a shame really but I was also on the fence about buying it anyways
If your work doesn't block twitch as games
which mine does
@BlueBarren Their direction saddens me. Like, I always wanted that ability but doing it with a system that amounts to a glorified tablet internally is... troublesome.
@Unionhawk vpn.
so I can't actually watch most of the live runs
Sad days :(
Productive days, but sad nevertheless
9:06 PM
@Yuuki yeah, because nintendo players don't lord how "awesome" their XBox or PS# are over PCs.
@Axelrod I'm not sure what you mean by "glorified tablet" with regards to the Switch.
@Yuuki It's a tablet. It has a tablet processor. It has a tablet body. It has tablet memory. It's... not the direction I wanted.
@Axelrod Have they released the specs for the Switch?
I haven't seen any.
No specs have been released
Any specs that are out are rumors
All we know is generally what it looks like
well, it uses a Tegra X1.
9:08 PM
@Unionhawk isn't the "there's something NVIDIA in there" comfirmed?
:34661239 XBone needs a full Win10 mode.
Has the responsible person been identified and suspended?
@Axelrod or they could just put all their effort into Windows 10
i thought mods didn't discuss suspensions in chat
9:09 PM
@bwDraco Flags are anonymous except by some weird voodoo magic that mods can do if they want to do magic
or really discuss it anywhere
@GodEmperorDune they do in some rare special cases.
I also didn't see you replied to my comment about the Switch and not the Scalebound one with that message I deleted @Axelrod xD
> Nintendo Switch is powered by the performance of the custom Tegra processor. The high-efficiency scalable processor includes an NVIDIA GPU based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards.
I'm not asking to out the user in question, I just want to know if it's been resolved.
9:10 PM
@Yuuki yeah, the Tegras are a custom version of the standard NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.
I mean the messages have been counterflagged so
Tegras are a well-established tablet processor line.
@KazWolfe I imagine that means it's further customized from the Tegra line.
I mean it could be worse
9:11 PM
Ars says X1
It could be a deglorified PC that can't play Zelda games
and i still stand by my point: #PCMasterRace - mostly because emulators, full controller support, cost-effectiveness, and emulators.
@BlueBarren The power capability of designated hardware and dedicated programming for that hardware cannot be overstated.
@BlueBarren It's all good.
@Axelrod which is valid way of thinking but it also has some limitations
As much as I'd like to disregard the existence of the consoles, I'm not going to dish out the $2K to build a PC capable of running the same games at top quality.
Assuming it's even possible, as a few have... uh... issues.
9:14 PM
@Axelrod have you seen the potato masher?
@Unionhawk As long as they can get some good third-party support on it, I really don't care if the Switch is literally just a piece of cardboard that has a Post-It Note with "PUT SMARTPHONE HERE" written on it.
@Axelrod same games at console quality? You can probably do that for less than $400
@BlueBarren It's under the sink.
And the flags continue.
@Axelrod hehe, I'll take that as you know what I mean
@Yuuki First party Nintendo is where it's at
9:15 PM
@Axelrod that was by a bot, in a bot testing room
@Unionhawk Fun games > ability to render nose hairs realistically.
what the hell kind of bot posted that
@KazWolfe at the cost of online only gameplay. at least with my consoles i can have the internet off when i play them...or atleast with every console but the XBone with Fallout 4
one that learns from people.
@Yuuki Yes
Feb 5 '13 at 16:57, by Unionhawk
9:16 PM
@Memor-X i can play steam games offline no problem.
i do it literally all the time.
@KazWolfe i had to use a crack to get Commandos to work offline
@Memor-X even if Xbox or Playstation won't/aren't making offline play impossible they're both going to do their best job to make it an experience you don't want to have.
like $60/year to play online.
which quite a few games need for some weird reason.
@KazWolfe Ugh goddammit
You mean like the twitter bot Microsoft made last year that became literally a Nazi in 24 hours?
Besides, if I truly want super-realistic nose hairs, that's what a PC is for, not an Xbone or PS4.
9:18 PM
same principle i think
This will go well
@Yuuki I'm glad to see you have your priorities
@Yuuki eh, nice graphics are good to have, but you can play good games without good graphics on PC no problem, too.
It's not like you need a $3000 rig to render each individual nose-hair on Geralt to enjoy Witcher.
> Point -------------->
> You
@BlueBarren how? maybe it's just JRPGs but all i need the internet for is getting patches and DLC
9:19 PM
(the point is that Nintendo focuses on making fun games primarily not... Fish AI or whatever)
and it would be better if nintendo actually let us play those games on PC legally.
bit late but this was a funny flag "@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ Donald Trump is the leader of ISIS."
@Unionhawk Hey, Super Mario 64 implemented fish AI long before Call of Duty.
@Memor-X I've seen more and more content being withheld without an internet connection in a lot of games. Sure it's content you can live without but it's still being withheld
9:20 PM
xD funny political flag xD
@BlueBarren or games that want online mode for no reason at all. *cough* Super Mario Run *cough*
Q: Magic Launcher wont let me log in

Dylan0303Hi Ive just downloaded the magic launcher, but when I enter my username and password (entering email address) it says incorrect details. But when I log into my mojang account, its right. Any ideas?

Q: DragonVale breeding question

TubasWhat happens if I breed two tedian dragons in DragonVale. I am not sure if breeding two of the same type of dragon gives you that type.

@BlueBarren like i said, aside from DLC and Patches i've never seen that and ofcause when Final Fantasy XV gets put in Steam you only have the illusion of a complete game because some of the new content was actually post-release patches
@KazWolfe Blops III campaign I think
@Memor-X it's there when you're looking for it but it's still feasible to play offline so enjoy it while you can.
9:37 PM
Q: Can you only get the same science once?

BruceWayneI've been playing KSP for a while, and can land on the Mun, Minmus, etc. but one thing I've never been able to find a clear answer to is - can I only get the same science one time? For example, when starting KSP Career mode, one thing I've done is strap like 8 Science Goo pods to my simple rocke...

Q: Do I definitely lose science when transmitting reports by antenna?

ZonkoIn the latest patch (0.22), which introduces career mode, we can do science. Then the way to recover the data collected is either sending it by antenna, or landing the ship back on Kerbin to retrieve it. However, only a percentage of the science is recovered when transmitting over antenna. The e...

The original is a bit out-dated (as is my answer), but they do seem to be asking the same thing.

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