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4:00 PM
Dunno, I never use it, the only bloat I experience is when starting up the PC (no idea how much of that is AVG)
Only 4.5MB in memory
@kalina Time to get a life?
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I have a life
Did someone say chocobacon time?
why do people keep thinking I have no life
@kalina At least two of them!
You showed us your dual EVE windows
4:03 PM
you're all just jealous that I managed to automate my job to a point where I only have to turn up
@kalina You keep complaining about wasting your time on MMOs
I wasn't complaining
Be careful, if you can automate your job, then someone else can too
I basically have no assigned tasks at work right now. I show up and work on SourceMod stuff
@tiddy true story, I'm very secretive though and this company doesn't innovate like that
in fact, this company doesn't innovate
4:05 PM
@kalina So secretive that you're telling us all about it in a public chatroom. Yeah.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone yeah
I haven't told you what I do and how I do it
or provided any code
I quite openly say "meh I could automate that" in the office
You work in The Office? :O
there is never a "by doing... <x> <y> <z>"
oh god
please, the buzzing, so much noise
signal degradation
4:07 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Man, I played a bunch of Hover as a kid.
@kalina here, take a cookie
@Michel that looks like a nice cookie
@kalina thanks =)
@kalina I know how to cook it =X (Good chef =P)
Adding another item to my todo list: obtain good, properly baked and frosted cupcakes
mmm cupcakes
4:09 PM
I've been eating muffins all my life. Time for a change.
I miss you cupcake
user image
GOTY 2013 guys.
3 hours ago, by Yi Jiang's Evil Clone
Current todo list:
1. Finish my stupid personal site
2. Write something on it
3. Find a printer to print out squashed Twilight bookmarks and a Pinkie Pie poster
4. Email the three startups I found for possible part-time / intern positions
5. Read up about Ruby on Rails development
6. Consider the fact that I'm going to be enlisted in May and cry
Currently working on number 6
maybe you should write on your personal site about cupcakes
how much you'll miss stackexchange
Who's Miss Stack Exchange?
4:12 PM
your opinions on being forced into your countries armed forces
and how much more awesome twilight's purple streak is in comparison to her pink streak
Strangely enough it isn't even my country
@agent86 THis made my day. My friend and I have an inside joke involving bears, so this is perfect.
i'm developing in ruby....right.......NOWWWWWWWW
well that's even worse
@kalina Both streaks are purple
4:12 PM
develop asthma or something
@YiJiang'sEvilClone one is definitely more pink than purple
@kalina I already have
@YiJiang'sEvilClone then get out of armed force duty on the grounds of that
@YiJiang'sEvilClone wait, what? How does that work?
I've just realised, ever since Ethan died I haven't read a single CTRL+ALT+DEL
@kalina Ethan died? What?
4:14 PM
Can't. They give you 'modified' Basic Military Training, but it's still 9 weeks and you'll still come out an infantryman
@BenBrocka Bunny!
@Wipqozn CAD ended his storyline.
@fbueckert My word. I stopped reading that comic ages ago, do to ti being crap, and I never imagined he'd kill off the character which was essentially him.
@AshleyNunn @Wipqozn rise up against the oppressors!
4:15 PM
@Wipqozn I lost my enthusiasm once certain story elements were used to jump the shark
" Finish my stupid personal site " That was on my list like 4 years ago.
Still hasn't happened.
@Wipqozn He's pulling the players into the foreground as main characters.
but kept reading it until he killed off ethan
the method of murder stank of "meh I cba with this anymore"
Oh, he made him into some sort of super hero save the world type.
@Powerlord I'm only a few pages short of it being finished!
4:16 PM
Why am I not surprised/
Mmm, everyone knows that Girl Genius is the best webcomic
No wait, now I've jinxed it
Oh, right, because the author of CAD is an egotistical moron.
never read girl genius
@Wipqozn miscarriage should never be used as a story element in light entertainment
@kalina Plus he can't write.
4:17 PM
@Wipqozn And neither can you.
@FAE thank you for being quicker than me
I was too stuck in the initial laughter
@YiJiang'sEvilClone How long is compulsory service for you? 1 year? 2? 7?
@kalina hehe
You should've left it in and pretended it was intentional!
4:19 PM
@Powerlord o/
@LessPop_MoreFizz 9 weeks basic + 2 years of service + 2 weeks every year thereafter till you're 40
@YiJiang'sEvilClone So, 2 years plus reserve status. Ouch. :/
@Wipqozn Same here. It used to be good, then it got bad
It's miserable, I'll tell you that. The 2 weeks every year part especially
@SaintWacko It was never good. You were just young and foolish.
4:20 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone At least you don't live in a country that's particularly likely to be at war anytime soon. I have friends from high school who had to do Israeli service. They had reason to worry.
@Wipqozn That's possible, too
Now I have better webcomics
@YiJiang'sEvilClone That sounds extremely annoying
I don't think there are any web comics I read on a regular basis anymore.
I have a friend who looked forward to going to Afghanistan.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's the worst part. Singapore's military service system is modelled after Israel's, except we're defending against non-existent threats
4:22 PM
I did read SMBC for the longest time, but lately his comics are just too wordy and not funny. I also found XKCD has dropped in quality. IT still gets the odd gem, but now I find it's more just him stating some random fact from science/history.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone You never know when the Bubblegum King will rise up to attempt to coat the island in a sticky pink goo.
I do still enjoy nedroid and hejibits, but neither update on a regular basis.
I used to read MegaTokyo. That was a mistake.
@TimStone That sounds really dirty.
@Wipqozn Yeah, nedroid's slow, erratic updates are painful :(
4:23 PM
@SaintWacko Like this one!
@BenBrocka I only check it once or twice a month due to said updates.
@TimStone No! Anything but the chewing gum attack!
@FAE Exactly. They fight... for the innocent children.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I used to read that too! I have a copy of the first print run of the first book even. I'm like 6 years behind on that though.
I mainly miss Achewood.
4:23 PM
@Powerlord Yes!
I'm loving the current stuff!
Can't wait to see what's-his-face fight
@Wipqozn It may be because he's putting focus into the What-If's now
Which are very well written
He says that each What If takes at most one day to write
Wait, CAD is dead?
@GraceNote No, it's still going, he just ended the main storyline.
@GraceNote Well, not really. He kinda...restarted? Revamped? I don't know.
It should die.
4:27 PM
queue foaming rage about how much he hates that series. Also, Micheal Bay. Stupid MIcheal Bay
zeus damn it. Why do I always replace words with otherwords?
I never read narrrrgh, I was more partial to blaarrg
Or completely omit words.
@BenBrocka Elitist.
Clearly, I'm just insane.
4:28 PM
@GraceNote killed Ethan, ended Ethan's story line, uses the players as the main characters
@Wipqozn Well, any attempt at a storyline is gone; it's just single panel/page comics now
@kalina ...I'm not even going to try and grep or comprehend that.
@GraceNote You know the Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, and Player 4 characters?
Why do people hate Michael Bay again?
@GraceNote let me add some more letters in a seemingly random but coordinated order
4:29 PM
@Powerlord I never really followed CAD, so, no.
@tiddy Because all he makes these days is military hardware porn
He killed Ethan and future Ethan, showed "the lives after" for Lucas and Lilah
@GraceNote The tl;dr seems to be: Ethan saved the entire universe. Or something. Ethan was the character which was intended to represent the author.
What's wrong with making movies for teenage boys?
then bought the four players (red green blue and yellow) forward as the main characters
from the previous interlude role
4:30 PM
I probably should've clarified that 80% of my lack comprehension of the motion was born of an innate repulsion to the idea of knowing at all.
@tiddy Well, the rest of us that aren't teenage boys certainly won't be able to appreciate his artistic vision then
Yeah but that's my point. Why does he owe everyone oscar caliber films
@YiJiang'sEvilClone am I missing something here?
@kalina Sarcasm, perhaps. And no, I don't consider myself to be 'teenage'
I never thought of "teenage" being something you could consider or not
4:33 PM
It's not a strictly defined term
you can't get much more strictly defined than "age between 13 and 19"
@YiJiang'sEvilClone ?
thir*teen* - nine*teen*
Eh. by all technicalities I am an adult, and I don't consider myself one.
My point was that he doesn't make movies to win awards or illuminate minds
@JasonBerkan Sorry, could you hold on a second while I slap myself
4:35 PM
@AshleyNunn I've been an adult for over a decade, and I still don't think I should be trusted with any responsibility.
And he never claims to, so I don't understand the hate
@AshleyNunn oh right, yeah I get what you mean
And yet, I still get tons of responsibility, so I have to be super careful not to abuse it.
@tiddy But I wanted a Transformers movie I could enjoy.
and I can totally agree with it in @YiJiang'sEvilClone's case since I thought he was older than me
4:36 PM
@JasonBerkan haha well blame the people who hired bay
Yes, of course that's where the term come from. I feel like an idiot now. Well, I am an idiot.
Once he was on board everyone knew what they were getting
@tiddy and megan "90% plastic" fox
Bay actually was the one instrumental in FIRING fox in the 3rd movie
@fbueckert Yeah, see, I figure since I jump in puddles and sometimes have ice cream for dinner that doesn't make me an adult
4:38 PM
Anyway, what I was trying to say is, I'm not exactly the target demographics here
@tiddy tbh, making somebody put on weight for a movie is stupid
It doesn't make her good at anything though.
Assuming fat suit technology is lacking
@kalina Says you
@YiJiang'sEvilClone hey I'm not defending her being skinny
I'm saying it's not right to force somebody to gain weight for something as mundane as a movie, against their wishes
@AshleyNunn I still do that. I figure I don't have to grow up completely. Ever. I might get responsibility, but that doesn't mean I can't act like a kid sometimes.
What good is life if you have to take it seriously all the time?
4:40 PM
@fbueckert I have never seen you act like a kid
@fbueckert Precisely!
Q: How can I make a reliable piston door?

SuperSpy3006My friend has a "empires" world and my castle is located on the water. I need a piston door that a boat can fit through with out breaking. Currently, I use a 2x2 piston door. (keep in mind the boat has two blocks of clearance) The door is too small to have a boat safely sail through. Any ideas on...

Q: Does the random vampire attacks end when you finish the main Dawnguard is finished?

Jonas SöderströmDoes the random vampire attacks end when you finish the main Dawnguard quest with on the Vampire Hunters (Dawnguard) side?

Anyway, I need a term now for the people in my age group who go around Tweeting #YOLO and using txtspk and watching Michael Bay films.
@kalina Well, when they are being paid six-figures, sometimes 7, they should probably do whatever they are asked
If I want to wear pretend armour and a blanket cape to class, why not?
4:40 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Term found: Morons.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Incorrect.
(I have done that. it was fun.)
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Annoying.
For the first two, anyways.
4:41 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone "Yolo County is located in the northern part of the U.S. state of California, bordered by the other counties of Sacramento, Solano, Napa, Lake, Colusa, and Sutter...."
I can't say teenager without including myself, and saying teenagers except me just now make me look pretentious
POINT IS: Daniel Day Lewis, Coen Brothers = my pants getting tight followed by blackout
@AshleyNunn The other programmer at my old job did that sometimes; got a piece of plastic that doubled as a cape, and used to wear it around the office. Technical to the rescue!
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Stupid people can be of any age
She was in her 40's.
4:42 PM
@kalina Sounds like a perfect place to repatriate those people
@fbueckert Awesome.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone they have a bombing range that Mythbusters blow stuff up on, get them all to stand on said bombing range, solves a lot of problems and answers the question of "how many humans are required to shield oneself from a C4 detonation"
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
For science!
@AshleyNunn Yeah, she was fun. Life is no fun if you never laugh.
4:44 PM
@fbueckert This is so true. :) I figure that I might not always make sense, and I look completely bizarre and silly, but I have fun. If that means sneaking lolcats and mario references into academic presentations, in a way that makes sense, then I shall.
@kalina A human body can absorb quite a bit of blast, hence the "falling on a grenade" trope.
@AshleyNunn People look at your funny. Big deal. You're having fun, they're not.
@fbueckert people look at anything funny
@kalina Exactly.
4:45 PM
@fbueckert This is really what I live by.
@kalina TROPE
So why not have fun? Nothing will change.
@fbueckert I had purple hair once, people looked at me funny
So, I finally finished Standard Chapter 6 of Radiant Historia. And then went back to Alternate Chapter 4.
@kalina luckily for you I only found a wikipedia page about it en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falling_on_a_grenade
4:45 PM
@kalina Hey look, it's a trope of monkeys performing circus tricks outside your window
@BenBrocka oh thank god, this best not be some sneak attack to get me onto tvtropes
@kalina I have purple hair now :) It used to be blue, and was pink for a while and has been purple a few times. :)
blue and pink go well together
I've also had black and blue, and blonde and blue, and blonde with pink streaks at the front
Why does the Doctor want to be ginger?
I don't get TV Tropes. I go there, get overwhelmed by pointless "links" between anything and everything and then immediately leave.
next time I feel brave enough, I was going to go with a twilight sparkle style colouring
Which just goes to show you should check the link destination and not just assume because a partial URL is the link that the link really goes there.
Oh hang on I know, I'll ask SF&F
4:49 PM
You know, I was tracing down the unimplemented parts of my TF2 voting API plugin, when I realized DisplayVote wasn't written yet.
Luckily, the game-specific logic was written, so it just needed its wrapper to choose the right one for the current game.
(L4D, L4D2, TF2, and CSGO all use slightly different code to display votes.)
I've played some MvM. And I like it
A game mode where a sniper is one of the most powerful classes gets a pat on the back form me
@kalina I want to do that, but it is a lot of work.
(I suck at getting clear definitions between colours)
*A good sniper. A bad sniper is still a bad sniper.
I'm thinking about asking 'why does the Doctor want to be ginger' on SF&F, but I seriously can't because it's such a crappy question
@Unionhawk Bullet penetration helps fix that, though.
4:53 PM
Either that, or a really nice Luna midnight blue/black
Especially since you can put it on the Huntsman
I'm far too self conscience. To a fault.
@Powerlord But if you can't aim (like many snipers out there...)
Now, having said that, is Sniper really any use against either Tanks or Giant bots?
@Unionhawk Huntsman doesn't require aiming! ;)
@Powerlord This is true...
4:54 PM
@Powerlord Yes. a million times yes
If you get crit canteens and firing speed you can do some work to a tank.... Other than that, not really
Which reminds me, I was going to see how Source Film Maker works by attempting to recreate a GMod video I saw about Huntsman Snipers.
I tried MvM once
Couldn't win Wave 666 with sv_cheats 1
@BoltClock Wave 666 is the hardest MvM wave in the game
I'm stuck on a particular Mann Up mission in the advanced tour...
4:55 PM
or so I'm told, I haven't played MvM since it first came out.
Didn't help that we missed $300 each time I tried...
@Powerlord We did make it past the second tank though
Does anyone want to ask that question for me?
@Unionhawk wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Hitman%27s_Heatmaker. Max Damage, reload speed, and headshot explosions
I forget how many tanks there are, 4 or 5
4:55 PM
Basically you can fire off 100+ hp shots as fast as you can hit the mouse
Just... You know, to see if they'd close it for being so stupid
I wonder if Valve ever fixed the robot skins being used on player models.
@AshleyNunn I wouldn't do it myself, I'd get somebody else to do it
3 times that, if you have crits
I'm never going to be that brave
4:56 PM
Not to mention I can headshot a giant robot and any smaller robots(including medics) around it die instantly
They would have some weird stretchy thing that went back to the map's origin point.
Either way, I still maintain that a bad sniper is a detriment to the team
A bad any class is a detriment
@tiddy I thought it'd be too tall for that.
4:57 PM
You can still do some work as heavy, even if you aren't that great...
The rifle stays zoomed
@Unionhawk Particularly with the Brass Beast.
I just pop off 5 headshots in less than 2 seconds
With max damage I can take down a mega crit soldier in 4-5 shots
4:58 PM
But the brass beast is hell during sniper support waves...
Every time I play MvM it seems like I end up playing DemoMan, which is my second least played class in the game.
full scoped headshots deal 1000+ damage
They'll just shoot you in the body 20 times
who is this other new person
I never played MvM again. Not interested in the botkiller stranges either
4:58 PM
I'll be honest, though, the only really useless class in MvM is Pyro.
Pub everyday. Degreaser just reached 7k kills and 33k reflects
@Powerlord Huh?
You can blow back the bomb
Mainly because Pyro can't deal with tanks or giants at all.
pyros are BEST against tanks
@kalina Who?
4:59 PM
@Powerlord Why not? When there's a tank I just stand in front of it and spam melee
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Unionhawk
Giants? Yeah, giants. I can't
@BoltClock Because just about every other class is going to out-damage you on a tank.

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