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9:00 PM
@murgatroid99 Ganeti still has a mailing list where people email patches to each other. Making patch series of small changes that apply cleanly was quite the priority. Teams with better tooling will probably have different priorities.
@badp we use GitHub
Ganeti hasn't made the switch yet.
They have their own hosted repository, too.
> The project homepage is at code.google.com.
I hope that changes soon
I'm sure they're fully aware.
Ganeti is a Google product after all.
@badp huh, I'd never even heard of it
9:04 PM
@murgatroid99 It's the team I worked in during my Google internship
I downvoted someone on A51 whining about downvotes on his proposal. Now he's finding other A51 posts of mine to comment on.
The great thing about it is that, since it is a FOSS product, I didn't have to learn the first thing about Google's proprietary anything. Everything I learned is useful in the outside world.
@Frank the canonical reason why people should not be required to explain downvotes
@murgatroid99 Yeeep.
(Well okay I did learn a few things, but no more than I wanted.)
9:06 PM
I basically just told him to shove it, and come back when he actually has an argument.
@badp Well, Blaze Bazel is open source now. Eventually, knowledge about internal proprietary stuff should be more useful in the outside world
@murgatroid99 ooooooooooo
Somehow I hadn't heard about it
@badp It happened yesterday, I think
9:07 PM
@Frank And apparently lurking on chat to flag you?
@murgatroid99 Well, grats on launching!
flag troll is back!
@Yuuki Er?
Did I get flagged?
@murgatroid99 unless it wasn't you who launched. but still, grats.
@Frank Yeah.
9:08 PM
@badp It wasn't me. It was just talked about internally
I almost feel like someone is specifically targetting me with out of context flags.
Could a mod look into who's flagged me recently, please?
See if there's any correlation at all?
@Frank don't think that's possible
That was me, because you shouldn't go around bragging about how rude you are to people.
@GnomeSlice A) I'm not bragging. I'm pointing out a sequence of events.
B) You need thicker skin.
9:11 PM
@GnomeSlice This is not an appropriate use of flags.
server wants to fsck :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz how? I thought keys were coming out tomorrow
@AshleyNunn I disagree.
@Frank Showing that people shouldn't explain their downvotes flags
@Sterno I wasn't asking for an explanation.
I was asking for an investigation.
9:13 PM
@murgatroid99 Well I can't wait for autobazel to come forward, and then autobazelconf
and then automakeautobazelconf
@Sterno i got my steam key and can download the game but it's not launchable until tomorrow at whatever time
@badp I really hope not
Sarcasm check: critical failure
(says the team that's considering generating a Bazel BUILD file)
oh of course, make yourselves the bazel build file. That'll let you use the existing autoconf hell
9:15 PM
@badp nah, we have our own build file generator tool
but do you have your own build file generator tool generator tool?
@badp no, it's just one level
We won't need another level unless someone besides us wants to use it
Basically autoconf generates the automake script that actually results in the make file with all the rules.
@badp is that a tool for a generator or a tool that is a generator?
@KevinvanderVelden Wikipedia says yes.
9:17 PM
@murgatroid99 google's whole code base is in a single version control system? one massive github repo?
@MattGiltaji Our team works with open source stuff. Our primary code base isn't the google code base
@MattGiltaji Google uses Perforce.
@badp sort of
Well yes.
9:18 PM
"Google uses Perforce" is the public answer; I didn't want to go check how much more in depth the public answer goes.
the bazel site says
> All of our server code base is in a single, gigantic version control system.
Apparently git5 is also talked about in the public however, so I guess the full extent of my knowledge of the proprietary answer is also public.
@MattGiltaji oh, yeah, that. Yes.
Hooray for openness.
@murgatroid99 sorry if i'm brushing up on nda stuff, just kind of mind blown
9:20 PM
My team is just only loosely attached to that "single, gigantic version control system"
@OrigamiRobot O_O
@MattGiltaji Oh, cool. I looked the other day and the keys weren't available yet, and the kickstarter update said it would be the 26th when we got the keys. And I hadn't seen any new announcements since. But sure enough, there it is on their site. Yay!
@MattGiltaji I know I can tell you that my team uses a GitHub repo, and that the GitHub repo isn't that
Can whoever is flagging all kinds of stuff over here cool it? It's getting kind of annoying.
9:21 PM
@OrigamiRobot there is no curse, I'm immune
I was lied to!
@Flyk Hey!
Long time no see!
I'm not here that long, don't get too comfy
She is the wind.
9:22 PM
@MattGiltaji Basically, I have nothing to say to contradict what Bazel says, it's just that open source projects operate differently
@DuckTapeAl We're handling it :)
@murgatroid99 gotcha
@GnomeSlice at some point I'll appear on Steam and maybe show you what I've been up to
Sounds good.
9:22 PM
yes it does
wife is making me play Hyrule Warriors and I can't keep up with the drama :(
that's what the record labels have been saying as well :p
@Chippies It's not worth it
@AshleyNunn eh, I don't watch movies, so bridge drama is my fix for that
9:24 PM
@Flyk is too pro for us
Just played another 2 hours of Bloodborne and it was still awesome cc @Wipqozn
(Yes, I plan to keep doing this for a few weeks)
@OrigamiRobot meh
just major free time constraints more than anything
@Sterno That's fair. I did the same with citie skylines, and you ended up playing ti for 5 minutes.
pays well, though
I want a PS4
9:27 PM
@GnomeSlice you should go to @Unionhawk's frat
Well, I need to go shower. LAter... ALLIGATORS
stop that train right now
@Wipqozn see ya in a while, crocodile
@Chippies *turtle
9:28 PM
We should all have a gaming night at @Unionhawk's frat
This reminds me of Papers, Please
I am asking you to stop
but can you trust us to stop
dammit @badp
9:29 PM
Just leave him alone
@GnomeSlice yeah i get that feeling too
@Flyk That's pretty much the definition of being pro
@Unionhawk k, i'll stop
@GnomeSlice He knows what I meant and you do not, mr. knight on a white horse.
9:31 PM
Well. At least that was reversed.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, I can see that. Looks pretty fascinating. :D
Okay, now I'm actually going to go shower and then read... also something something jump on the @Unionhawk torment train something something
@OrigamiRobot bla :p
@Flyk Hey, look who it is! Hello! o/
You can't just come back and "bla :p" all over the place!
9:39 PM
@OrigamiRobot it was hardly the first thing I said!
@Fluttershy \o
@OrigamiRobot I mean, technically...
@Flyk Welcome back!
I'm not :(
I just haven't left again yet
That...technically...counts as coming back.
Until you leave, anyways.
or, passing through!
9:41 PM
Still means, at the moment, you are here.
right, I forgot how full of pedants the internet was
yes, I am here
What? You forgot we were pedants?
How rude!
Pudding is a perfectly acceptable dinner food, yes?
I will now ignore chat and just assume that @Flyk never leaves
9:42 PM
Oh! You should set him on fire!
@AshleyNunn pudding is acceptable whenever you feel like pudding
just like ice cream
and muffins
@AshleyNunn they serve it in hospitals, yes.
I made pudding earlier and should make real dinner food or something but part of me is just like "more pudding"
More pudding is good
@AshleyNunn you clearly should leave the pudding for breakfast
9:44 PM
@AshleyNunn anytime i read the word pudding, i think of harley quinn and the joker
@badp Pudding is a breakfast food?
unless my mental model of pudding is all wrong
@MattGiltaji that is not a reference I know.
@AshleyNunn you're on that side of the world where everything is breakfast food :P
@AshleyNunn 90s animated batman series
9:45 PM
@MattGiltaji That's puddn
@OrigamiRobot and thus my trap to draw out the pedants!
@MattGiltaji you accidentally a word there?
@AshleyNunn I can't tell how solid that would be.
@badp >.> of course that was intentional too
9:47 PM
@badp Not very
What I do know is that Nutella is totally breakfast food.
Q: Norton Security and Steam

DavWhodumsFor the past few days steam has refused to log me in. It would either A: say there is a connection issue and make me want to "retry connection" or after i log in just freeze. I decided to check the steam support troubleshoot page and it suggested that if i get Norton anti-virus to not interfere i...

@AshleyNunn as in, when you spoon it out, does the pudding keep its shape and leave the "spoon cave" in place?
or does it slowly flow and level itself after a while?
wait I guess that isn't clear enough
@badp Mine would flow and level because I like less thick pudding
9:48 PM
better question: does it spread?
but if it were commercial pudding, it would keep the spoon shape for longer
@badp Mine does
I guess it's breakfast food if you want it to be then
If it didn't flow like that, would that change?
I guess it would be more like a... budino. Which translates to pudding.
Consider me slightly more aware of what pudding is.
Here, have a picture of not-very-appetizing-looking branded cupcakes.
They may or may not be cupcakes, too.
That should either make you nauseous and remove all will of further sweet, or proud of your artigianal produce and further willing to consume your own home-made pudding.
Either way your choice is now easier.
9:54 PM
@badp The cake doesn't look like it would be too tasty.
@AshleyNunn Clearly you should team up with @spugsley to make appetizing photos of delicious sweets.
@badp Step 1 - start with delicious sweets. It helps.
@badp facedesk
It is tough to apply ART to wordcraft BUT I AM TRYING
10:00 PM
has anybody seen any of Better Call Saul yet?
I have not, @LessPop_MoreFizz has.
I've been meaning to
@Unionhawk It's probably a bad idea to ping @LessPop_MoreFizz with that, he will not shut up about it
does that mean he thinks it's worth watching?
10:01 PM
I shall summon some free time into existence soonish then
Whew, second day of trials is complete. And luckily, tomorrow isn't as early (and therefore not as long) as today or yesterday, although I may choose to head into work early to do some analysis.
@MBraedley cool, what kind of trials?
@MattGiltaji It's for work, which I don't discuss with internet friends.
@MBraedley sorry, didn't mean to pry
I bitch and moan about IT and legacy code, but never specifics.
10:30 PM
@MBraedley fair enough
when he says trials, he was submitted for medical testing of experimental anti-ebola drugs, and has so far survived two days, which is a good thing
Yes, work is forcing me to test a dangerous vaccine so that people in Africa can be safer.
you're doing good work, keep it up
@MBraedley wait, you actually believe that? Good!
scribbles notes
@KevinvanderVelden I thought this study was double blind!
10:34 PM
@MBraedley Notes have to be taken, whether you are in the experimental mind control group or in the experimental behavior control group
it's ok, he's unaware of what's happening
his pen is actually giving him a dose as well
@Flyk good use of a space there
@KevinvanderVelden But I didn't know you were my monitor. I've ruined the study!
(I just read my sentence before pressing enter and though "no no, control is not the right word there", I think I should go to bed, control is in both places the proper word)
@MattGiltaji I figured the easiest way to achieve my goals was to just enroll every single person in the trial.
10:35 PM
@MBraedley naah that's okay, it's not like you have long term memory currently
@Flyk it is very good and also @KevinvanderVelden is wrong because having said that I am going to go drive home. Bye again.
@LessPop_MoreFizz until next month/year/whoknows
@LessPop_MoreFizz will you be ranting about it in your car?
@KevinvanderVelden if only he rode the bus like @gnomeslice with his funky phone
I am going to go as well, my ears need to rest and I'm tired of being sat at this PC
see you all whenever o/
10:36 PM
Bed sounds like a plan
Take care @Flyk!
Don't forget us when you're all super duper famous
Q: How can I save my chat log or chat history?

CalculemusI would like to save my chat logs, or my chat history, for archival purposes. Most chat clients that I use already have a logging function of some kind. Does the Diablo 3 game client save the chat session anywhere?

@fredley Not going to click.
@AshleyNunn Correct choice
10:46 PM
@fredley I am hyperventilating a bit, that was horrific.
I am also terribly terribly afraid of bugs
@GnomeSlice Incorrect choice
@GnomeSlice Slow, deep breaths.
@fredley Hahaha yeah.
that's fuct
@fredley It's even more horrifying because I used to live in Corpus Christi
But luckily I never had a roach in my ear.
@TimStone Remind me never to go there
/anywhere with roaches
10:47 PM
I was bitten by fire ants at the age of 1, which apparently I am allergic to, and had to be rushed to the ER.
Q: Merge Starter and Standard Edition?

KecoeyI just upgraded my starter edition account and now I have two versions of WoW (WoW1 and WoW2). WoW1 is the Starter Edition and WoW2 is the Standard Edition (Mists of Pandaria). The characters I created in the starter edition are not available in the standard edition. Is there any way to fix thi...

Q: Why isn't my connections to the highway valid in Cities: Skylines?

corgrathI have just bought my first neighboring area and want to hook into it. I first tried with a large roundabout and then with a three-way intersection, but none of them works. I keep getting the "broken" icon and the cars just disappears once they enter the area. What have I done wrong?

But no roaches. Thank god.
lol I just put my hood up involuntarily
@TimStone Nice.
The most dangerous creature I've ever had to deal with was my own dumb self
@fredley The ones in Hong Kong were big and could fly. We had them in our apartment, which was on the 44th floor. Stupid roaches.
10:48 PM
Went through a phase of smashing my head on things. Now my hairline is receding, the scars are showing through
@TimStone D:
You'd think they'd have better things to do than manage to find their way up there, but no.
I have a shitton of scars on my back from the cystic acne problem I've had for the past year
Finally got my prescription for accutane filled so I can start taking that
it says it's going to make it somehow even worse for the first few weeks
@fredley I remember watching a movie about some army people where that happened, they used some hot metal stick to get it out or something. Either way, it's something I feared for a long long long time every time I went to sleep
I have all sorts of fancy surgery scars and also one from breaking my chin open :P
@AshleyNunn I have scars through both eyebrows, one down the top of my head, and a big one on my knee - all juvenile
10:52 PM
I have very tiny teeth marks (not really noticeable unless you know to look for them) on my face from when a stupid dog bit me when I was like 4'ish
> For some reason, he pulls my pajama top off. I still ask him why, but he doesn't know. Either he didn't want my shirt to get wet, or titties.
the weird part was that the rabies shot hurt more than the dog bite...
@fredley Fun! I have two on my head, three on my belly, my chin one, then various smaller ones (because I was a klutzy kid.)
Also a weird floating lump in my knee that my nurse sister says is nothing to worry about.
@Chippies They generally do :(
10:54 PM
I also had to have stitches in my head once and I thought it would hurt, so I cried (I was 4 or 5). When I found out it didn't hurt, I kept crying, because I was too embarrassed to admit me being wrong >.>
and my favorite scar goes through my index finger and into my middle finger, from when I stabbed myself with a knife when I was little
that one always gets people to go "wow"
@Chippies Yeah, scalps don't hurt so much, they're pretty easy with a local.
probably while thinking "wow, you were really dumb as a kid"
@Chippies you said it, not us ;)
@AshleyNunn try and explain that to a child who's about to get his head stitched ;)
@Chippies yeah, I know. :) it's like when I got my staples removed from my scalp when I was 12
10:57 PM
Mar 1 at 21:11, by Tim Stone
@fredley That reminds me of that time I was bitten by a tiger.
Tony can keep his Frosted Flakes.
They were like "this won't hurt" but that's like the doctor world's biggest lie
turns out this time it was true
@AshleyNunn I don't even remember getting them removed, I do know my mom removed them, instead of going to a doctor
@Chippies My dad removed my chin ones! My staples in my head we had to go to the doctor for because they have a fancy sterile remover thingie
@TimStone I will never look at my cereal the same way again
10:58 PM
@AshleyNunn did they whisper "a little"?
@TimStone you seem calm for having a tiger munching on your hand
@badp Might have :P
@Chippies being wrong is a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT

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