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4:00 AM
@StrixVaria I think it violates the Principle of Least Surprise too much
Like, I expect a bare name to refer to something, not execute it
@murgatroid99 I like innovation. I think trying new things and breaking conventions is a good idea, and something more people should do. If they don't work, though, you should give up and go back to what's currently working instead.
Just because what you're used to is a convention now doesn't mean it's necessarily the best way to do things, and without experimenting we won't improve.
I just don't like Ruby.
I think Python did it right: they started with a single guiding concept (everything is an object) and basically built the whole language around that
@murgatroid99 I mean, if you read Ruby literature or textbooks or something, they had a guiding concept too (which may be the same as the one in Python).
It's been a while and I got confused by a lot of the logical leaps they made, so it didn't work out so well in the end, but they tried.
In Ruby, the way you check for nil is by calling .nil?
Which means that nil itself is an object with methods.
I think None in python is also an object. It just doesn't have methods
Q: Minecraft best chicken areas?

Martin Suni need to farm feathers for my arrows but i cannot find any chickens.... where are they???? i finally found 2 sheep but no chicken. just hordes of cows and pigs. so, there i have a bow sitting in my chest doing nothing. help???

@LessPop_MoreFizz so how do i get that discount again?
the $25, not the $60 for 3
@MattGiltaji You send money to a backer.
And they buy you a key.
@MattGiltaji Alternately, it's 33 bucks on greenmangaming if you'd prefer not to fuck around with trying to send moneys to a human being.
:SIREN: POE MANUAL IS UP. :SIREN: (And of course, it wouldn't be an Infinity Engine successor if the Manual wasn't riddled with inaccuracies. Here's the errata to date.)
also, ahahahahaha the manual is already out of date.
I guess it wouldn't be an authentic Infinity Engine experience without an inaccurate manual.
@LessPop_MoreFizz is that through a special offer? its showing $45 for me
@MattGiltaji According to thing I just read, click "VIP" link or something?
4:23 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz ah, found it in my email
hrm, they didn't give a steam code
@MattGiltaji if the game isn't released yet, they'll give you the code as soon as it's out for preloading or released
unless they gave you a 3rd party code, idk how PoE works
@Chippies ah, good to hear
i plan to flood thursday's chat with screenies to make @Wipqozn jealous
they emailed me Cities Skyline key an hour or so before release, but it depends on publisher
So, I am reading a thread of custom portraits for characters and somebody posted some PoE character fanart of random dudes of the various races. Simple enough. And there is this cool one of an Anamua (think part fishemen, part orcs) wizard and then I looked more closely at it, and OH MY GOD I GUESS I KNOW WHY HE IS EXCITED, BUT WHAT THE HELL.
(NSFW if you see what I see in that image, but honestly, probably sfw for most.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz penis.
I think that may just be a thumb though
or some other finger
thumb actually wouldn't make sense
4:37 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz dat purple penis. much excite. wow
5:07 AM
5:20 AM
Damn, why does the internet only fubar* after* @Frank goes to bed?
5:31 AM
Although, by the sound of the one cat stampede up there, Bela is doing her best to try to wake @Frank.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I didn't get my code. :(
6:06 AM
Q: Persistent Browser-Based Brick Buster Game?

PhillyPuI've playing Wizorb when I suddenly remembered that there was this game online in the past I've played before a few years ago but I can't seem to find it online. Here's what I remember of it: Brick buster gameplay (i.e. Breakout, DX ball) Played within browser Needs an account to be played Has...

Argh... seems something triggered ISP's content filtering service. So everything is going through contentfiltering.mts.net, and the filtering 'service' is slow as hell and timing out.
6:27 AM
@Fluttershy nor did i :(
I... think everything's normal again? ... well, just loaded my entire webcomic folder. nothing seems to be blocked anymore.... I'll chalk this up to more ISP fudging around during low traffic times.
6:50 AM
Q: If I Type A Command, Error

JariTheFamous12Help please! In Minecraft PE, I Cannot Put Commands. I put /time set 1500 /gamemode 0 /wand /kill all mobs.And It Said Error Command.AHHHHHH!!!

7:11 AM
Q: What should my connection speeds, both download and upload and NAT Type, be at to be considered good enough to play?

Mox8612Recently, I got better internet speed from my old satellite internet. I got uverse but no fiber optics. Still live in an area untouched by "upgrades". was happy to finally get uverse. When I try to connect to online Co-op or multiplayer matches, I get disconnected. Or lost connection to host/par...

8:05 AM
Morning @bridge
8:29 AM
I didn't know that was possible
8:47 AM
Gah. There are css changes on the userpages on arqade. borders everywhere. or I'm just seeing things.
Nope, not seeing things, the number with rep/responses in in a blue box too now, that was green before.
Yeah it's been updated recently
Ugh. One of the biggest politicians in Belgium said that racism is relative. "Because asians aren't subject of racism".
So much wat.
@John I'm not sure why you people still do, though
9:02 AM
Because it increases the chance of random dropins by you!
@fredley timing
Q: Completely Stuck in Caravan Progression

Lambda DuskI'm completely stuck in progression of the single player content. I have reached 6 Star quests with the caravan, but there are no more quests offered to me. I would provide a screenshot if I knew how to make one. My situation is this: I did all the quests offered. But the check mark on the 6 Sta...

@fredley That joke is so horribly bad. At the very least ping @Jutschge, so he knows that you finished your joke after 260 days.
Q: How to get games with Unity engine to recognize native resolution on OS X

KimvaisI'm having problems with Unity3d engine based games (Kerbal Space Program, Cities: Skylines) with full screen resolutions on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). None of the games show the native resolutions of external monitors (1680x1050) or internal display (2560x1660) in the options selection. How to fix t...

9:25 AM
Interestingly, that message pinged me
I successfully pinged myself!
Q: Wired graphics problem when playing games

Surajeet BharatiI have installed Need For Speed Most Wanted-2005 on my laptop. But, when I tried to play the game, some wired graphical problem occurred. I have attached some screenshots regarding the problem. I have also tried Assassins creed 1 and some other games. For all of these, I am facing same problem....

I bet they're all joke pings.
@GnomeSlice Pillars of Eternity.
@John Us frenemeis need to stick together.
@Wipqozn probably not, you should check them all one by one
@MattGiltaji I do, but too many other things to play and read right now. I'd rather wait until I have time to really sink my teeth into it and enjoy it.
error CS1729: 'Bleh.Bleh' does not contain a constructor that takes 23 arguments
9:34 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz tbh I'd rather just give them extra money then go through the hassle of trying to send you money. I will buy it eventually, just once I finish up with some other games on my list first.
I appreciate the offer, though.
@Chippies I ended up reading for about 40 minutes first, then went to bed.
9:53 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Bleh.Bleh Best name ever.
@Arperum not the real name
But the real name is a bit too much information about company technology to put up here =p
@KevinvanderVelden Awww :( it would have been the best to have a thing called bleh with 23 arguments.
@Arperum Fun thing about that class, there are (were now) 3 constructors, 1 with less arguments that was only called by the one with 23 arguments, and one with more arguments that was never called
I have made the one with less paramaters private and deleted the one that was never used
10:16 AM
@KevinvanderVelden some were indeed actual messages
quite a few, in fact. most unusual!
Normally if I get more than 5 pings over night, most are just people pinging me just to ping me, or the wipqozn blame meme
Pinging you to just ping you is fun @Wipqozn
@murgatroid99 Skullbriar went up 66% in response to the rules change. That one's definitely problematic.
10:39 AM
@KevinvanderVelden It does make me feel popular.
10:56 AM
Q: I pinged myself

fredleyNot a super critical bug, but interesting nonetheless. I replied to my own message from 260 days prior by getting the post id from the transcript and manually using :16473132 in my message. This caused a ping!

@fredley That's done that forever.
@Wipqozn really?
@fredley Yes
With any transcript ping?
@fredley clicks on random icon... "Jack the Ripper: The World's Greatest Unsolved Murder Mystery"
Seems legit
11:06 AM
All the murders
All of them
Also, this is super awesome looking:
"No one respects are presidents"
"Actually, our standing around the world with almost every country has gone up"
"what about the bad guys. do you think putin respects him"
I...okay then.
@KevinvanderVelden Can't. Stop. Playing.
@fredley I just don't have unity installed =p
@KevinvanderVelden Wait wait wait
hold up a sec
Is this Samorost guy?
11:13 AM
and then.. it sounds like they want the USA to ttack Russia. what.
Because his photos look like Samorost, a lot
I don't think so
Can't find any references to him and samorost either
@KevinvanderVelden Put Samorost in quotes to force inclusion
And no
he's not
@fredley there's 6 results, I don't need to do that
@KevinvanderVelden I get 8
11:18 AM
Close enough
I might hook up my TV to cable today!
I've only lived here for, what, half a year?
Cable TV is shit anyways.
I don't expect I'll use it till later
But at least there's discovery channel on it so meh
@Wipqozn AHEM! The term is defend against
Jeez, don't you know anything?
@OrigamiRobot Oh, my bad.
@OrigamiRobot I'm just a foolish Canadian
And don't forget it!
11:28 AM
@OrigamiRobot Forget what?
@Wipqozn Something about silence?
@KevinvanderVelden The sound of silence?
@LessPop_MoreFizz The chant system sounds really interesting.
It definitely gives them a more unique feel compared to other kinds of buffs.
@Wipqozn Yeah, and some of the names are metal as hell
11:43 AM
On the topic of Metal: H&M decided to roll with some fake bands to have a clothing line look all cool and metal and stuff. Reaction of some people: add some fake history behind these fake bands, and make it Neo-nazistic.
Q: Is there a way to download ESO files from another PC?

TrollwutAs The Elder Scrolls Online went free-to-play, I wanted to reactivate my account and see what has changed. Unfortunatelly, I deleted ESO from my PC and by now I've got a very slow internet connection. Downloading 32 GB of files would take a very long time. I calculated it painstakingly and my re...

Conclusion: don't fuck around with things you don't know anything about.
@Arperum I approve of this
That sounds awesome
@LessPop_MoreFizz The more I read about this game the more awesome it sounds.
11:46 AM
Hmm, @fredley as a brit you should know this, when does dr who start again?
@KevinvanderVelden No idea
@fredley Lame
@KevinvanderVelden I was really annoyed when I read about it (before it was known that the whole fake label thing was a hoax). I approve of this hoax so much.
What's the use of knowing British people if they can't even tell you when dr who starts again!? :(
@KevinvanderVelden why did you post nothing?
11:59 AM
> If none of these companions fit in, players can visit the Adventurer's Hall, where its possible to create/hire custom companions to fit your gameplay, albeit without any dialogue. You can have up to five of companions in your party at once, beside your own character.
@LessPop_MoreFizz: Okay, that's awesome. Want to just use premade characters with personalites? Go ahad! Want to just make your own? Go ahead! Want a mixture? Go ahead!
Most games always do one or the other. nice to see the choice to have both.
@Serverfrog huh, what are you talking about?
You guys are really bad at Silence jokes
12:17 PM
Q: How do I scratch the middle of my back in a car?

Maxie_ZI always seem to get an itch right on the middle of my back when I am driving alone - hence there is nobody to help me with this issue. How can I relieve this itch in the middle of my back while driving?

@Wipqozn how is that...forget it.
@KevinvanderVelden I don't know if it's my lack of knowledge about whatever you're talking about, but this makes it seem like you're approving of neo-nazi imagery.
@OrigamiRobot No, I approve of making plans to capitalize on a subculture backfire
@KevinvanderVelden This.
I'm just telling you how those couple messages read to the outside observer.
12:22 PM
@OrigamiRobot "add some fake history behind these fake bands"
That (fake) being the principle important word
Yes, it sounds like you're approving of people adding fake history and neo-nazi imagery.
@OrigamiRobot The people who added the neo-nazistic image aren't supportive of that kind of nonsense either, they just wanted to make it clear that if you go around and try to commercialize something without knowing anything about it, that it can and will backfire.
Well, people are free to read it wrong, and if they aren't assholes they'll do what you did and I point out they're misreading it
(the bad stuffs have been removed already, or at least partially)
@KevinvanderVelden I know your not racist and I read enough of the article to know it's obviously saying that racism is bad, I'm just letting you know what I'd think if I didn't know you.
12:27 PM
@OrigamiRobot aight
Like, if you replaced the word "neo-nazi" with "steampunk" and I said I approve, how would that read?
I suppose you have a point
@KevinvanderVelden is a - nah, that's way too easy of starbait.
If I actually thought you were saying that, I'd just ignore you :P
Well I won't go on a flagging spree =p
Seriously, I ignore one person and they go on a flagging/sockpuppeting spree ><
12:31 PM
@KevinvanderVelden who did you ignore? Was it me?
@Wipqozn naah, you're not banned for 30 days
@KevinvanderVelden I'm up to 22!
Naah, someone in GDSE got angry that I didn't take his (kinda outrageous) claims for granted and started being angry
@KevinvanderVelden Now I'm really curious. Was it a chat regular, or just some rando?
12:33 PM
so... who did you ignore?
MickLH (GDSE chat)
@Wipqozn I'll tell you people I'm ignoring if you pay me for each person you want to know.
$50 per name!
And his 2 sockpuppets ><
@OrigamiRobot I'm asking @KevinvanderVelden! I already know quite a few of the people you're ignoring.
Or so you think
12:34 PM
badp, fredley, your mom, some other people I cna't remember right now.
Do you still have gnomeslice ignored?
@KevinvanderVelden I'm not sure who that is, but okay.
I was hoping it was going to be @fredley or something.
@Wipqozn well yeah, different chat =p
Remember all the flags from monday?
@KevinvanderVelden No
@Wipqozn oh, well that guy
@OrigamiRobot Can I pay your in handsome?
12:35 PM
He didn't like that I had enough of him and put him on ignore
@OrigamiRobot I'm just gonna star it again though it won't work in the starlist properly
@OrigamiRobot I forgot about that. Just like how I forgot about your dad.
Go to 23?
@KevinvanderVelden Nooo sshhh, don't give him ideas
12:37 PM
Dude, it's all fun and games until you inadvertently strike a chord and unknowingly offend someone.
@OrigamiRobot That's fair
@OrigamiRobot This is the case with anything though
I figured you just found it annoying
@OrigamiRobot huh, weird. It stopped showing this is yellow when it got pinged
@KevinvanderVelden This is the way it's always been
12:39 PM
@fredley oh, never noticed
@KevinvanderVelden yarp
chat bugs
I mean, refreshing made it yellow again so meh
@KevinvanderVelden It's just a bug
It happens with stars when they edited sometimes too.
@Wipqozn You're a bug
@fredley You're just jealous of how fancy I am.
12:40 PM
I know who @OrigamiRobot has on ignore but it would be the bad kind of mod abuse to tell.
@Wipqozn Of course, you can. But not everyone has such an endless supply.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Does he have me ignored?
Looking at peoples ignores list seems like the best chat feature of being a mod.
@LessPop_MoreFizz mods can tell who is ignoring who?
@Rapitor Yes.
Draw your own conclusions. Like I said. Bad kind of mod abuse to share.
12:42 PM
Mods get access to quite a bit information regular users don't.
I think everything in your profile listed as "private" is viewable by mods, but not 100% sure.
I wonder if you can ignore yourself.
The big two are emails and ip history.
i'm not so sure if that is a good thing
@Rapitor mods being able to see IP history? It's a pretty handy feature. It lets them deal with sockpuppeting themselves.
If mods couldn't see IP they'd always need to get SE folks involved to deal with socks.
Yeah, that's kinda the point of having a special class of people to deal with that stuff
That way you can give them tools for it
Pillars preload 75% done wooooo
12:53 PM
Q: Help me blow up a space station

Ethan BierleinI'd like to create a scenario where there is space station debris scattered in an area with about a 0.5km radius. The space station is has one center structural part, and this is the part I'd like to blow up. How can I make it explode?

@Lazers You'd think that blowing up something in kerbap space program wouldn't be that hard
1:16 PM
Q: What is the Detonator's "flare explosion" and how do I perform one?

alexqwxOn the Detonator's wiki page, it says the following under base damage: I know that the 30 damage is achieved when the detonator is a direct hit, and the 10-20 damage is achieved when the flare is manually detonated (the damage depending on the distance from the detonated flare to the enemy), b...

@Unionhawk you were right about resource extraction sites being better for bounty hunting. I made like 2 mil last night.
1:34 PM
Dev update delayed till Friday :(
cc @ElitePeeps
Q: How to access Lady Liberty Island

Coded MonkeyI have completed the main story of the game and I'm traversing the city for collectables, but whenever I come close to Lady Liberty Island the game tells me it's closed to the public. Personally, I wouldn't try to keep out a police officer but this city somehow does. What do I need to unlock to ...

Q: How well should I be doing at any given moment in Civilization 3?

Jack MGenerally in Civ 3, I feel like I'm doing well for most of antiquity, and then somewhere around late antiquity/early middle ages I realize I'm 4 or 5 techs behind almost everyone else (AI players), I have far fewer cities and every civilization is bullying me to give them free stuff. I think it w...

@Lazers "Pretty good."
@Wipqozn Everything, and more! I can see what your favourite colour is too.
@fredley What is my favourite colour?
@Wipqozn Wipqozn
1:45 PM
Q: War strategy needed for a th10 semi maxed base

SupersonicI am th10 and I have all max troops. Here is a base pattern I have not attacked before. So I want some tips. Should I gowipe, gowiwi or lavaloonion it? There are a lot of compartments so I am not sure. Can anyone help me with which strategy (with army composition) is the best and how to exe...

@fredley Oh. I always thought ti was either green or blue.
@Wipqozn are you green and blue?
@KevinvanderVelden No
@Wipqozn Nope, it says 'Wipqozn' here, so that must be your favourite colour
I always said blue, but I've come to realize I might actually like green more.
1:46 PM
@OrigamiRobot reason?
@Wipqozn huh, boring
@Rapitor Guy that does them is out tomorrow
fair enough.
@Rapitor I like brown and brass cc @KevinvanderVelden
Also, I've been seriously considering one of those mini steam engines you linked me
@OrigamiRobot they are good colours, throw in a bit of cyan for contrast and it gets even better :D
1:51 PM
@KevinvanderVelden ORANGE AND TEAL
@fredley noooh
Not movie colours D:
Q: can you sell the artifacts after you unlock the hats on temple run 2

Dahviecan you sell the artifacts after you unlock the hats on temple run 2 and still keep the hat?

@fredley these colours, bit more brass needed: displate.com/displate/39868/beauty-mirror-water
@KevinvanderVelden I prefer more an an off-white for contrast
@OrigamiRobot cyan is my favourite colour so =p
1:58 PM
@KevinvanderVelden I'm drawing cyan lines in CAD right now!
And you're not allcapsing? :o
Careful there, that's a load bearing vertice in that CAD drawing.
@KevinvanderVelden I'm not typing anything ATM, but I will soon.
@OrigamiAutoCad is best AutoCad.
2:03 PM
@OrigamiRobot that's not my name, that's not my name.
    > FIGHT      PkMn
      ITEM       RUN
Right, replying in fixed font doesn't really work
@KevinvanderVelden FIGHT

2:09 PM
Gl with the meeting
@KevinvanderVelden ITEM
@KevinvanderVelden start9
@Rapitor ಠ_ಠ
@KevinvanderVelden I want a master ball so I can catch him. This game sucks.
@Wipqozn You don't capture the robot! That's cruel and inhumane
2:11 PM
@KevinvanderVelden but I'm a jerk
@Wipqozn you're not allowed to be a jerk
@KevinvanderVelden Telling me not to be jerk would be like telling @OrigamiRobot not to put people on ignore. It just can't happen. It's part of who I am.
@Wipqozn Games have limited option, this game does not have the option to be a jerk
@KevinvanderVelden Doesn't that make you (the dev) a jerk?
@Arperum Not allowing people to be jerks is not a jerk move
2:16 PM
@KevinvanderVelden You are being a jerk to @Wipqozn though, for not letting him play the game the way he wants.
@Arperum meh
@Arperum Do two jerks make a not jerk?
@KevinvanderVelden Hah!
Can it be not-work time?
@Yuuki No clue, Try making some weird combination of @Wipqozn and @KevinvanderVelden to test, but my brain is activaly refusing the idea.
@KevinvanderVelden I wish it wasn't.
2:21 PM
@KevinvanderVelden It's over soon.
@5pike Like two more hours...
@Arperum SOON
@5pike Two hours is not soon in this case.
I lik how this has turned around to @KevinvanderVelden being jerk,not me, edspite the fact I wanted to shove @OrigamiRobot into small ball and basically make him a slave.
you are still to blame @Wipqozn
2:24 PM
@Arperum depends on your attitude.
@Wipqozn you are still a jerk, though.
@Wipqozn We had already decided on you being a jerk, the only question was if @KevinvanderVelden was a jerk too.
@5pike this case.
@Arperum adjust your attitude
@5pike I'll go grab the attitude adjustment tool!
@5pike I still have a week to work at this job, not going to be super enthousiastic now.
2:28 PM
@Arperum congrats on new job?
or sucks if you are being let go
@Arperum nah, @KevinvanderVelden is a pretty rad guy.
@MattGiltaji Both.
I leave 31 march, start new job 1 april.
What's your new job gonna be? :o
@Frank so many downvotes
2:34 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Making websites?
That headline
@Rapitor Check out the comments and revision history.
@GnomeSlice because leeroy jenkins messes everything up?
@Arperum programming is a pretty broad job as you well know =p
2:36 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Shush.
> Stop fucking editing my sh it. It's my shit and not yours to edit. Learn your fucking place.
@Frank oh man I need popcorn for this
> @MartinJames there isn't much point in asking the OP anything for another week... – jonrsharpe 14 hours ago
@Arperum oh man, I'm sorry
That's so mena. Making someone think they have job, but then when they show it was just an april fools joke.
@Arperum Grats on new job!
I'll be getting my formal offer soonish, so that will determine if I'm looking or not.
2:45 PM
@Wipqozn KINKY
@Wipqozn That would result in them being screwed though.
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah. I look forward to seeing what we get in a week.
@Arperum but jokes
Because obviously this guy hasn't learned anything.
@Wipqozn cue frenemy song
@Flyk Maybe because @OrigamiRobot is a wonderful person?
and @kalina left a legacy in the form of the "sets fire to X" meme
@Wipqozn Jokes' on them.
@Wipqozn I haven't even clicked and it's already stuck in my head.
derped around arqade wait... arqade has a steam group o.O
@Serverfrog Yes we do. Also a vintage "Gaming.SE" group, but that's not taking new members anymore
I mean, we are a bunch of gamers.
2:50 PM
@OrigamiRobot sssssshhh
@John yhea.... i... realize that now... suddenly
@Serverfrog :D
@John is the group exclusive? or just..: you know it, you are in? xD
2:54 PM
@Serverfrog Arqade is you know, you're in, Gaming.SE is you joined when it was Gaming.SE, you're in
A: Help me blow up a space station

JoshIf you would like to do it without mods, you can use the Whack A Kerbal in the debug menu. Open the Debug Menu by pressing Alt+F4. Then select the "Show Whack A Kerbal" option. Fire the object by pressing the Middle Mouse Button. I would recommend quicksaving before doing this, in case you mi...

Is this...an actual KSP command? It's been a while, but Alt+F4 sounds like a joke to me.
I highly doubt it
@Frank Honestly, I doubt it is
> I would recommend quicksaving before doing this, in case you miss the intended target.
Q: Why was Michael hiding in his sons car?

SaturnsEyeNear the start of GTAV, Michael, Jimmy's dad is hiding in the back of Jimmy's new car when it get stolen by Franklin and Michael pops up with a gun when you're half way down the road. This never crossed my mind before but I recently started the game again and noticed it and couldn't understand wh...

Q: How to lane against Riven

MargusIf you take a look at: http://www.championselect.net/champions/riven You do see advice, but non of that really seems to work well. Rather they are situation and assume Riven can not play well, but using a decent build only way to win against him seems to be LeBlanc or maybe also Morgana and Shyv...

And that solves that.
2:57 PM
@John did i saw right that the exckusiv group has 142 members and the open has 11? o.O xD

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