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7:00 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz You ninja'ed me on that one
I ninja'ed both of you #suckit
@Unionhawk nonbinding doesn't count.
Well I'm not 5 people so
that's your own fault
There's a urmom response to that, but I can't quite formulate it.
7:03 PM
Well, I got a vote in before the binding vote, so I still win. Or something.
That's how this works, right? (inb4 no)
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't get it
@GnomeSlice were you off the internet during #Dressghazi?
I don't know what that is
(If so, lucky you.)
I've been working a lot lately though
7:09 PM
Dress. Ghazi.
Are you.
I can't
The Dress, also known as Dressgate and associated with the hashtags #thedress, #whiteandgold, and #blackandblue, is a viral photo and meme which became popular on the evening of 26 February 2015. The meme originated from a washed-out photograph of a dress posted on the social networking services Facebook and Tumblr—disputing whether the dress pictured was blue and black, or white and gold. Although it was confirmed that the dress actually was blue and black, the image prompted discussions surrounding the matter across various platforms, with users discussing their opinions on the colour and why...
> also known as Dressgate
@Unionhawk $gazhi > $gate
huh, that's neat
Gate is deprecated. All future scandals shall be gazhi's
7:10 PM
I see it as white and gold
still pretty neat
please stop with the damned dress-thing
15 hours ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
How To Tell If You Are Being a Crank On The Internet /CC @Sterno and other Bridge Old People.
@TimStone the whole adding "gate" to something to indicate that it might have been an oft-discussed and argued over thing is irritating
7:15 PM
Yes, it is the worst.
Like it's not even a fucking scandal
Well, there is that as well
@Unionhawk I dunno man, all those people being so wrong is pretty scandalous.
People are wrong all the time
Alternately: urmom is a scandal.
7:17 PM
Is my existence Unigate or Unigazhi by that logic?
Yes. Now where is the button for mod name change.
Can't decide what I want for lunch.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Alternately:
cc @Arperum for metal? Maybe? I don't know, there's heavy guitar and growling.
Rube Goldbergalicious.
7:36 PM
oh ISPs.
oh god I forgot how much crapware is on a freshly formatted HP machine
oh dear
He just can't even.
This, but unironically.
7:44 PM
@badp I mean I am happy because I have a working, non-giant laptop thing again
but augh I have to get it to a useable state
He just can't.
(I guess I linked ~20 seconds too early)
Also the fact that HP laptops (and laptops in general) replace the function keys instead of making, say, Fn+F2 be brightness down, no, Fn+F2 is F2 by default
@Unionhawk Hey Apple does it, certainly that makes it right.
No that makes it wrong
It's changeable though
7:46 PM
hmmm on my laptops it's a Fn on/off key
At least
One HP, one Lenovo
For my laptop it's a bios setting
Are there even OS X applications that use Function keys?
And I'm not even kidding
7:47 PM
Much better to have people type Command-Control-Alt-Shift-Option-Tab-Capslock-5
It's actually a bios setting what the behavior of the function keys are, whether Fn+F2 means F2 or brightness down
I am just glad I found the ON button on this thing
@AshleyNunn what version of Windows did you roll back to?
@badp It has 7 on it, I am happy with that
(if you are offended by the word "fuck" don't click that link. Or read that sentence.)
7:49 PM
waits around so he can decline flags for being prudes
@Unionhawk A Softer World makes me happy
I hate few things like Milan's public transport system's so-called (dramatic fingerquotes) "customer" (dramatic fingerquotes) "support." (dramatic fingerquotes)
Q: Fallout 3 never launches

ecnepsnaiI am unable to start Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition from Steam. I click to play the game in Steam, the launcher opens and I click play. Nothing happens. My steam status goes back to "Online" from "Playing Fallout 3". I've verified the game cache and meet the requirements. Windows 8.1 64...

@Yuuki He should be bigger on the box, I've seen him up closeish, he's enormous
7:59 PM
Q: Bob's head transcends item pools?

CrubleighI've run into bob's head 3 times in a single run. I picked it up every time and even used it in an attempt to remove it from the pool. Why does it keep popping up even though I've picked it up? These 3 occurrences happened all on different levels.

Q: What does the Retire button do in Homeworld (remastered)?

Billy ONealI thought "retire" was "go back to the mothership and repair" but it seems it does something else because I can't find the retired ships anywhere :/

8:15 PM
Q: Minecraft error "Unable to download Minecraft. Please try again later."

user104474Minecraft worked on my laptop. The hard drive crashed and was replaced. Now I get an error message when I try to start it saying, "Unable to download Minecraft. Please try again later."

Q: dragon market will not open,when i try,whole game shuts down,it used to work perfectly

karen palmerI can no longer open the Dragon Market.When I try to open it,the whole game shuts down.It used to work perfectly.

@TimStone Oh god, they have that on-close confirmation dialog things.
Y U LINK THAT, @TimStone?
I fixed it by linking to the YouTube video directly.
@TimStone in that video at 0:36 and after I was cringing while watching how close that kid was to the open door
The commercial came on and all I could picture was a kid jumping off the swing directly into the counter.
8:29 PM
it would hurt like a bitch to slam into the side of the door moving away from it and then most likely slamming into the door frame
"plug and play attachments"
oh god
@Chippies Toward the end the kid almost clocks the mom in the face
Yeah, that does not look safe at ALL
8:30 PM
Don't you, Americans, have public playgrounds?
But it might be raining outside like it was wasn't in any of the examples! And then you'd have to actually dedicate time to your children!
@TimStone I thought that's what ipods/ipads were for :P
or good ol' TV
ain't nobody got time for their children!
Yeah but you can't pretend that you're being a good parent by making them get exercise with those.
actually awesome
who in th above people actually has kids?
i mean sure, it might not be connected really well - - but someone could do better, and it'd be most execelent
There is zero chance I'm risking a trip to the E.R. with that.
8:34 PM
@TimStone I can see all the good parents in the ER
kids are like jelly
they bounce. trust me
@TimStone (the last time we were there it took several hours for absolutely nothing to happen)
@djsmiley2k who said it's gonna be the kids in the E.R? :P
Their face will not bounce gracefully off of that door frame. :P
a good kick to the jaw from a swinging child is plenty enough to send you to E.R
8:35 PM
@TimStone @djsmiley2k never said "gracefully".
I mean...I guess that's fair
@Yuuki I have no clue what I just watched.
@Arperum 3-second cooking.
@LessPop_MoreFizz @Frank Isn't this what led to Haven's situation? :P
@SaintWacko ?
8:38 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Er, that was actually just to point him to your post
@djsmiley2k not really as much as you'd think, and considering some of those setups, those are major injuries waiting to happen
Like kids are still made of human-stuff
hehe oh i know
i have a 1 yr old
she thinks she's indestructable
thinks and is are different though
8:44 PM
@AshleyNunn Unless you have psionic/reality-warping superpowers.
Q: How to fix the vampire lord glitch when also a werewolf

Kevin KleinThe glitch i'm talking about is the one that makes the game say,"Your vampire blood boils in the sun."I want to know how to fix this to make you immune to the sunlight again just like it was when you became a hybrid of a vampire lord and werewolf and your vampire blood did not boil.

> Stay clear! You dont want to get caught in orbit around this guys balls.
Despite what @Yuu's comment might suggest, this video is SFW
9:01 PM
@fredley A tiger is just a large cat. if you know it since birth, that's doable.
@Arperum besides, the tooth came out quite easily, so it probably didn't hurt much anyway
@Chippies it bit his arm
his arm was in its mouth
in its teeth
@fredley But not biting biting, mostly "what did you just do" biting, or some playfull biting, just like a cat also does.
@Arperum Still a nope from me
@fredley Might help that I'm terrible at fear.
9:11 PM
@fredley That reminds me of that time I was bitten by a tiger.
Q: TF2- how to deal with Roof Wranglers

alexqwxA Roof Wrangler is an engineer that uses the Wrangler to jump up to a high point--e.g. the roof above the Sniper area on ctf_doublecross-- -- use his Rescue Ranger to get his sentry, dispenser and teleporter on the roof, and proceed to Wrangle everyone from afar (usually accompanied by a second E...

Q: How do I get more Humble Scrap?

ArperumI got a second Palico, the poor thing doesn't have armor or weapons. Since I want to make new weapons/armor I need Humble Scrap. How do I obtain this Humble Scrap?

@LessPop_MoreFizz I... thought Tigers and Lions never meet in the wild
Did internet lie to me? Or is it lying to me now?
@Chippies This is false, because Ligers.
@fredley only in captivity, afaik
Ligers are not found in the wild
9:19 PM
The internet is always lying. Let's be honest.
@Chippies Where can you see Ligers? Only in captivity!
@Chippies This sounds like vile, Norwegian slander and lies.
> Ligers exist only in captivity or zoo because the habitats of the parental species do not overlap in the wild.
The liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion (Panthera leo) and a female tiger (Panthera tigris). Thus, it has parents with the same genus but of different species. It is distinct from the similar hybrid tigon. While the Siberian tiger is the largest pure sub-species, ligers are believed to be the largest of all known extant felines. Ligers exist only in captivity or zoo because the habitats of the parental species do not overlap in the wild. Historically, when the Asiatic Lion was prolific, the territories of lions and tigers did overlap and there are legends of ligers existing in the wild...
Never trust a Norwegianan.
9:21 PM
@fredley Maybe that is why they lie so much. Because they spend so much time sleeping and it renders them unable to distinguish between dreams and reality.
pats himself on the back
@Chippies If @RonanForman was here, he'd pronounce those things identically
I'm running an amiibo tournament
these are the scores so far!
You have 16 amiibos?
@badp Yes
wife collects them
9:35 PM
dassalotta amiibos
they're actually good value, if you view them as figurines
14$ for a high quality figurine is not a lot
I thought that there was an issue of supply rather than one of price.
@Chippies bowser to win
as it's an anagram of my surname
@LessPop_MoreFizz He pre-gamed a little too hard
9:47 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz For a second, I thought the officer killed in the LAX shooting was stuffed into a mascot's outfit and lowered during a game, like something you find in a police procedural.
@Yuuki that'd make a rad scene in the right thriller.
@Chippies Dat Sheik upset.
Oh snap, Nintendo of America made a copyright claim on like, all of coolrom
10:04 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz there were a lot of people in here bitching anout people "wasting time" talking about the dress. I was not one of them. I was also older than all of them. In fact, I think the loudest ones were some of the youngest. Kids these days seem like old people.
old people are too busy having sex with each other and playing Bingo to get outraged on the Internet.
@Sterno Good point. I just wanted an excuse to call you old.
@Unionhawk this is my surprised face.
I mean, it was going to happen eventually
@Sterno Generation Benjamin Button
@Sterno Can confirm, was most tired of dress and also least old
10:08 PM
@Unionhawk if you played more Bingo, it wouldn't bother you
Is that just the secret to not giving a shit?
The number of shits given in general is inversely proportional to one's age
You walked right into that one.
10:15 PM
I don't think I'll ever have a finer setup for a good old fashioned constipation joke.
In b4 @GnomeSlice "I don't get it."
I thought metamucil was just like a supplement
It is.
Specifically it's a fiber supplement.
I get it.
10:17 PM
@GnomeSlice is young so he gives lots of shits, and doesn't need fiber supplements.
I'm definitely sick or something, I've taken 3 dumps already today
I actually thought about what I said immediately after like, in the sense that babies give lots of shits
Pretty sure one of them was the length of my colon
@GnomeSlice Flagged as TOO MUCH INFORMATION, MAN.
3 in a day?!
damn that'd be nice D:
I don't have IBS but I have some of the symtoms :/
No, i don't have crhones either
10:25 PM
Q: What actions give you "iFrames"?

BenThere are some actions in Dark Souls 2 that give you what players refer to as "iFrames" or "Invincibility Frames". The most common contributor of this is rolling, which can be increased by levelling up your agility/adaptability. Is there anything else that has "iFrames" in their animation? For e...

Q: My modded minecraft keeps crashing

FiliChiliHere is the crash report ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I just don't know what went wrong :( Time: 3/1/15 12:32 PM Description: Ticking memory connection java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking memory connection at cpw.mods.fml.common.network.internal.FMLProxyPacket.func_148833_a(FMLPr...

Q: Are there any benefits to ranked play?

Gin-SanI recently started playing Hearthstone. This evening, I tried out ranked play. I got through the first ranks quickly and am now at level 20. According to the Hearthstone Wiki, I can't drop below rank 20 once I've reached it, so I should have this month's card back in the bag (please correct me if...

@djsmiley2k why use the devil card in an empty room?
bwcause I'm an idiot
Bowser is battling it out with Sonic!
@djsmiley2k "first time?" I DO NOT THINK SO SIR.
10:46 PM
yewah thats from old game
will it never end!
@Chippies Huh, Sheik made it far for 11th seed.
@Yuuki not sure how that makes a difference?
@Chippies how did you seed the tourney structure?
Was it random?
@Chippies Well, I guess it was all a level playing field, but usually matches are seeded on perceived skill.
@badp originally wife was pulling names out of a hat, lol
then I found this tournament site thing
it generated them randomly
10:52 PM
ah okay.
but I re-ordered them like we got them from the hat
ah okay.
Well, now you have results from the first tourney, you can seed appropriately.
@Yuuki I don't think he has quite enough information
@Chippies Amiibos?
10:53 PM
@Yuuki that was the idea originally, but we went with random for simplicity
@Wipqozn yeah
Can Amiibos only be used in local games?
@GnomeSlice Pooping 3 times a day is considered normal, I believe.
@Yuuki only in local, afaik
Also, @GnomeSlice, release trailer is out for shelter 2.
I'm still definitely sick
10:54 PM
oh that's what you said
@Wipqozn GIB PLS
There goes my dreams of ASWT (Amiibo Smash World Tour).
@Yuuki Don't worry, it'll happen next year at Apex
10:55 PM
@Yuuki Amiibos are the closest thing to real pokemon battles
@GnomeSlice Comes out in about a week. Don't think I'll pick it up. I enjoyed the first one, but I don't feel any need to play the second one.
It's definitly something I'd really need to be in the mood for, because it's not a very gamey game.
also, we only got Sonic and leveled it to 50 yesterday, so it's very surprising that it's battling for gold
@Chippies as in AI vs AI?
@badp yeah, but you can train them
It's more of an experience than a game.
10:56 PM
they learn from fighting
if you put your amiibo against a really really good player, it will learn how to beat that player
So unless your amiibos are all brand new the results won't mean much!
@Wipqozn Yeah, I know what you mean.
Looks gorgeous though.
Dude, next year at Apex, each entrant having an Amiibo they trained in the tournament would be badass
@badp only a couple of them have ever done 1v1 battles and none of them are in the game anymore
@Chippies I thought they learned how to play like the player?
10:59 PM
It probably won't happen
But it'd be badass
@Yuuki maybe, but if they attack like the player and the player avoids, they'd learn how to avoid, so it's the same thing, really, no?
@badp all of our older amiibos lost in first round actually
I... need to look up how this science works
we'll eventually make a round-robin tournament
that's gonna take days though
Actually, no, now that I think about it, that will never happen at Apex because the people who play at Apex are the kind of people who play Melee and Project M exclusively
Well, then again, smash 4 is at Evo, so apparently not
Q: Where are the Dragon Balls?

BlueTrinHow do I find the Dragon Balls ? Can I find them multiple times with the same character or do I need to create a new character to find them a second time ?

Q: Wineskin steam games not launching

cvirus96I am trying to play KOTOR 2 on my mac and I have everything set up-- my steam is wineskinned, I have wrappers and KOTOR 2 is installed. But, whenever I go to click play game nothing happens. I click it again and it says "preparing to launch" and then I get "error app already running." It says I h...

11:14 PM
@Yuuki that wouldn't really work, because it's unlikely that your opponent is using the same character, so what's the point in learning to play like your opponent?
also, watched last 10 minutes of the bowser vs sonic battle, it's was very intense
bowser won
Pikachu and Sheik are fighting for 3rd place now, but no one cares about 3rd
Prediction that I'm going to die writing this paper may still happen
11:31 PM
Q: Can you restart a quest from the beginning?

RachelI'm currently doing the quest "Diplomatic Immunity" and I'm stuck. I wish to begin the quest over again so I can continue on with the game.

The bar is a constant colour
Get out of here
What is reality.
We are done with optical illusions forever
so the world now know what a optical illusion is and that it's nothing bad... now do the same with vaccine ...
11:39 PM
@fredley @Unionhawk is a constant WRONG.
I love that all you have to do to roll back mod abuse is just start an edit to your message and hit enter
@Unionhawk Same goes for rerolling
Well then
Well, I also had the advantage of up meaning "edit that message"
Also @fredley is and
11:42 PM
Q: How well can i run M&B Warband napoleonic wars?

SaxtasticI a late 2013 rMBP with intel iris graphics 8gb ram and intel for i5. How well would i be able to run mount and blade war band napoleonic wars?

Q: Skyrim crashes computer (not CTD error)

FyreeWhen I play Skyrim from Steam it launches the menu, and that works fine. The problem is when I hit play it closes the launcher (as if it were about to go into the game), and then nothing, just the Windows loading icon instead of my mouse cursor. After about a minute of nothing my computer bogs up...

...and beware the Kara-Khitai; they are without honor!
11:45 PM
Is this the new game we're playing?
@Lazers "CTD error" seems redundant, no?
Chemotherapy ?
Crash to desktop
Skyrim likes to crash to desktop
Especially, I've found, if you try to alt-tab
It does not alt-tab gracefully
Most games don't, but skyrim in particular will just close all of a sudden
it doesn't? okey... i don't have this kind of problems with it
mhh... borderless windows ftw
11:49 PM
It's weird, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't
I've not tried borderless with skyrim, honestly
in my opinion the best solution in dual(and more) desktop setup
Some games do borderless really well (Elite Dangerous), others (Space Engineers) don't
In SE i don't recall to have problems with it
Q: hi, how you doing!

alexwalex*hi.*hi now. I am cool.I am very, very, very, very cool!

i run every game in borderless ;)
11:51 PM
I think part of it is the custom cursor, so it locks to the window when you press "Esc" anyway, unless you go full steam overlay to move the mouse outside
@Lazers what are the reasons why someone would post this... this are mostly results of a child that has been insultet in his thoughts
i alt+tab when i try to go out. It's on the front but the mouse is free
@Lazers Any issues with me bringing this down to just the and tag?
Yep, doesn't need steam, pc is implied in the question
@Unionhawk Heroes of the Storm for one. It still locks to the window.
@Yuuki I find a lot of games have a borderless option, but I'm pretty sure the option doesn't actually do anything. They just put it in to satisfy TB
11:54 PM
@Unionhawk FFXIV does borderless wonderfully.
That's my current working theory, anyway
Even with a custom cursor.
@Yuuki but alt+tab works there anyway and it's in the front after that
Elite has handled it the best out of the games I've used it on so far
By far
11:55 PM
@Unionhawk The borderless functionality in Elite is pretty same in FFXIV.
Which has kinda spoiled me for other games.
Hit escape, full control of cursor, click outside the game, game stays up on primary monitor
It's amazing
Yeah, that's pretty much how it works.
Except you don't even have to hit escape in FFXIV.
Q: What are the hidden objectives in the Parallel Quests of DragonBall Xenoverse?

BlueTrinEach Parallel Quest has hidden objectives, what is the list of hidden objectives for each of the Parallel Quest ?

what i hate is it that some games borderless are... to open. Like Civ i think. The scrolling via mouse is nearly disabled because you must move the mouse near the end of the side where a other monitor is but you are not allow to move some pixel over this border
Yeah, borderless doesn't work at all in some games
Really, just in games where "mouse at edge of screen" actually means anything
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