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6:00 PM
Today Dora explores the derelict alien ship and identifies the Xenomorph.
By the way, people. The SyFy series 12 Monkeys is good.
And got renewed for a 2nd season, so yay
@MadMAxJr alien, no facehugging!
@MadMAxJr She did ride a magical unicorn through space, once
Sad facehugger. Skitters away.
6:01 PM
Oops. Pegasus, not unicorn
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about Dora the Explorer. Questions regarding children's programs where the fantasy elements primarily consist of anthropomorphic talking animals have been deemed off topic in the past. — TGnat Oct 27 '14 at 15:33
I like that it has 27 upvotes, yet the question is open
Tabletop sim has so many games that I wonder what happens when copyright claims occur.
Q: Need help finding an old game

MrAbduli used to play an old RTS when i was a kid it was set futuristic settings i can remember that there was like a flying base and something like mortars. and you could control factories. Thank you guys.

6:02 PM
me and @RedRiderX have been trying to plan something wiith it
@Unionhawk brb, off to buy domain names of every famous person with .sucks
@MattGiltaji It's not going to be $10 a pop like you're used to with .com
@MBraedley unless i can get certified as a "consumer advocate"
Aaaaaaand, sub 18 oot
6:10 PM
@Sterno well it's obviously because @OrigamiRobot said "Closers, no closing!" with 69 upvotes
Goddammit SwiftKey
So who is buying Lifehacks.sucks ?
So, I'm watching YouTube with my daughter. Some Dora the Explorer kinder egg videos. And before it starts, they put up a 15 second unskippable trailer for a horror movie
I've been getting the same android ad consistently for a week
@Sterno I dunno, maybe your daughter is secretly watching a bunch of horror movies when you're not looking!
6:18 PM
I'm always looking.
That's what you think
@Sterno Adblock
Also didn't they make a kid-safe youtube fork? Or is that only on mobile?
Q: What is the best setting on iPad for reading eBooks

SandySandsI am an avid reader of eBooks and I do that mostly on an iPad. But there are many people who warn of deterioration of eyesight due to continuous exposure to the screen of an iPad. But I can't give up this habit. So what are the best settings I can use on an iPad to ensure my eye sight is saved in...

How is that even remotely asking for a lifehack?
they need to rephrase it. "What is the least practical way to not damage your eyesight while using an iPad to read eBooks?"
I'll worry more about quantum entangled hacks.
Also, googles sandbox to run native code in your browser can now no longer flush the CPU cache
good thing about a quantum hack is that your computer may or may not be hacked... you only find out when you take it out of the box
Observing your computer causes it to be hacked. So never open your PC.
... Can I tell some of my worst users this?
6:34 PM
@MadMAxJr what if I have a window in my case?
@Wipqozn Look who answered it
@KevinvanderVelden let it get so dusty that you can't see inside
@MattGiltaji Done! :D
@Sterno Oh I know. I found it by looking through his activity. He reviewed it earlier, and took the action of leaving it open. He has two close reviews on the front page of his history, both of which resulted in "leave open", and him answering the question.
I don't know what effects the window will cause, but in every inch of space outside your cone of vision is filled with cats blinking in and out of existence.
6:36 PM
Actually he did the reviews after posting his answers.
Oh nice
@Wipqozn are you stalking lifehacks mods now?
He is kinda obsessed
@Sterno I doubt he'll reply to you
@Wipqozn His reply is unnecessary.
6:38 PM
@Sterno Very true!
He didn't reply to your comment from the other day either. Or mine.
He's busy doing mod stuff. He doesn't have time to reply to questions about why he's taking the actions he takes.
Yes, people, keep telling me that the overlords chose who were most qualified to run the site, and didn't just go by the 3 top votes on the nomination post.
Okay, here's the weird part. He clearly read that meta post. He posted an answer that he "agrees with it very much"
@Sterno let's also remember that most of the nominated mods declined
.... Do we need to build anti-lifehacks?
@Sterno link?
6:42 PM
@MattGiltaji That should have told the overlords something
A: Let's make this clear: this site is **not** the same as Lifehacker

MoosemanI agree with this very much. However, I don't think that something is off-topic just because it is on-topic on another SE site, inclusive of computer issues. For example, if I'm looking for a hack to keep a child from deleting my files, it could be on-topic at either of the following: Super Us...

You edited your post, you goose.
P.S. - I like to say "overlord"
@Wipqozn All I did was add the link
6:43 PM
@Batophobia something like that =p
https xkcd doesn't onebox :(
I guess maybe I see where you came from? You approached it from a non-software standpoint. He was asking specifically for iPad settings which reduce eye strain, but your answer had nothing to do with settings. I still believe this is off-topic as currently written, though. — Sterno 6 secs ago
i.e., you suck at answering questions too
@Wipqozn Well, he's reading the question. He just added the tag
Starting to sound like a witch hunt.
I think he may be taking it from the perspective that our mod rec mess is maybe. Look at the core problem not the presumed solution.
@Unionhawk It's not our job to change the scope of a question like that though. The question is pretty clearly about particular settings
6:51 PM
Sure, I'm trying to see where this may be debatable
I see the other point of view. It can be turned into a question that isn't about settings (even though the title and body both say he cares about iPad settings)
And if the question is edited to that, it's fine
But that isn't its current form.
If I asked for a Chrome extension that made viewing Bridge chat easier on my eyes, it wouldn't be on-topic because someone could say "just look away every once in a while, that should help" #lifehack
Every time lifehacks comes up, I'm always so happy that I don't have an account there and don't have to worry about it's drama :)
@Sterno At some point you need to ask yourself, do we really need that many tags on a single question? like . Really? How many lifehacks are there about your eyesight?
@Ktash But that's the whole reason to have an account!
@Arperum i don't see very many
6:55 PM
@Arperum You are probably right, but I just ignore the tags there since they're meaningless anyway. Unless we suspect there will be experts and the like
@MattGiltaji "How do I not lose my eyesight?" "Try not to stab forks in your eyes. #lifehack"
@Arperum wooosh
@Sterno If you can't have experts in a specific tag, that means said tag is bad, and should be killed with fire.
@Arperum I challenge you to think of any tag you could put on lifehacks that someone could be an expert in
Okay, I take that back
@Sterno like an ophthalmologist?
6:57 PM
I can think of tags
but they basically map up to other sites. Like (just go to Seasoned Advice!)
@Sterno Doesn't that kinda point to lifehacks being not fit for the system?
@Arperum Maybe. My argument is pretty weak though, now that I think of it. The C# tag on SO could be its own site
We should just migrate every stupid question we don't like to lifehacks, and use it as the garbage bin it really is.
anyway, I don't get too hot and bothered about tags since I never really read them
"i need a lifehack to make my minecraft install not crash"
6:59 PM
Remember not all sites can have as clean tagging as we for the most part do
Simultaneous yay! and fuck! I get to pull 12 hour days next week.
"Arqade has a clean tagging system." - @uni 2015
We are also very rigid with our tags. Which works well for us (especially experienced users)
@MBraedley That sucks
We had snow at our door up to my chest and I just shoveled it all. Wife took pics before I started shoveling and I even asked her if the memory card is in the camera and she said yes. Turns out there wasn't.
so that's one less "Oh Canada" photos from me
7:02 PM
It's memoryless memory card.
@StrixVaria I mean it isn't perfect but it could be (has been) worse
@MBraedley I've applied for a job doing 5 x 12 hour night shifts...
but then 2 days off, 2 days in, 5 days off
and the ability to book holiday consectively giving 2.5months off
@Chippies This doesn't tell me much since I don't know anything about your chest.
@djsmiley2k I will be getting flex time for this, although I'm not going to be able to use said flex time until the project is finished.
@OrigamiRobot would you like to know more about my chest?
7:07 PM
@MBraedley not surte exazctly how i'd feel about that :D
If you want the above sentence to have more value, it is needed.
@MattGiltaji We would be terrible people to start redirecting crash log posters there.
ooo ooo i wanted to ask something
you guys do a movie night right?
@Chippies The answer to "do you have a memory card in the camera?" is always "no, no you don't."
@djsmiley2k The project will be finished (hopefully) by the late summer/early fall. I'm more than willing to not work through almost the entirety of November and December.
7:09 PM
@djsmiley2k yeah, @yuuki and @ktash organize it monthly
how's that work exactly, everyone just watches the same movie at the same time?
@OrigamiRobot I'm 175cm tall, it was slightly below my chest, so probably around 1m~1.2m'ish high, maybe
@MBraedley ah december off would be nice, nod
@djsmiley2k We use a service that basically works like a remote desktop that everyone streams.
In iceland I lost my leg in a drift
so yeah, that was deep D
7:09 PM
@Yuuki oooo that's very cool
right gotta run, dinner o/
the snow was higher than that ledge thingy
@Chippies that's not lifehacky at all!
@djsmiley2k there is also a built in chat with the service, so we can write comments and whatnot while watching
lols during funny parts, etc
that picture was taken after most of the snow was shoveled and wife had realized that her countless photos were not on the memory card, as it was not in the camera
2 mins ago, by Yuuki
@Chippies The answer to "do you have a memory card in the camera?" is always "no, no you don't."
7:12 PM
@Yuuki I asked twice, she was very confident about the card being in the camera
@Chippies Always "no, no you don't."
Even if you open up the camera and see that a memory card is present, you do not have a memory card in the camera.
"The camera hasn't given me the message about no card yet"
apparently it took 10-20 pictures to notice that message
No matter what, you never have a memory card in the camera.
Does a memory card have to be observed to exist?
@MadMAxJr Even when observed, it does not exist.
7:15 PM
Until observed, the camera has and doesn't have a memory card.
Schrödinger's memory card
now I have to wait for next snowstorm (probably not a long wait) until I can post my annual complaint about winter in canada on facebook
and then another one in may, when there's another snowstorm
it's a tradition that I can't break!
Ow. I've had a headache all day. :(
@Frank have a nap
Q: Is this question about iPad settings be on-topic since it deals with the physical problem of vision?

SternoWhat is the best setting on iPad for reading eBooks This question, in its current form, asks in both the title and the body what the best iPad settings are to reduce vision strain. Note: I'm keeping this question purposefully minimal so that my own bias is contained only within my answer, to h...

cc @Wipqozn
@Chippies Can't. At work.
Q: How to quickly cure headaches without medicines

SandySandsI've experienced this sometimes when I go for hours without water or little food and suddenly I experience a headache that gradually gets worse as time goes on. Until now I used to just pop a pill and get it over with, but I've always looked for alternatives and frankly the internet is filled wit...

7:20 PM
@Frank :(
resting your forehead against a cold hand helps a bit usually
@Unionhawk I addressed the XY problem in my answer.
XY Problem is essentially for when their solution is on the wrong path. That isn't the issue here. The issue is the question isn't within scope
Sep 12 '14 at 21:54, by Chippies
so, I am 6 1/4 A4 papers tall +/- half cm
7:22 PM
Changing iPad settings may well be the (or at least, a) solution to his problem
@OrigamiRobot very serious
A4 is awesome paper plane size
@OrigamiRobot gosh, can't you Americans do anything right?!
I'm just waiting for the Advil to kick in.
Lifehack: Oog want to make fire but have no fire rock. What Oog do?
I'm just gonna assume that A4 is part of the SI system, which is why americans are boycotting it
Supporting Lifehacks.SE is actually supporting the tobacco industry
Answer: Find tribe with fire. Take fire!
7:25 PM
Well if it's not american and it is not canadian then why does every printer in this building have a tray full of it?
@OrigamiRobot Canadians are weird anyway, they want to be like their big brother America, but they also want to please Queen of Britain. Canada is confused.
@Chippies Except for that small part that wants to please France.
@MadMAxJr prevent lawsuits of paper discrimination
we can and do buy A4 paper here in Canada though, even if it's possibly not the main size
7:27 PM
@Batophobia these are harsh
> A scout's staff, a walking-stick, or even a handkerchief or hat may be held before you as shown. The dog invariably endeavours to paw down your defense before biting, thus giving you the opportunity of disabling him by a kick.
did you know about this?
Lifehacks are a harsh reality
> 210 by 297 millimetres (8.27 in × 11.7 in)
even these old lifehacks have scope issues
Lifehack: I need standard paper and all I have is A4, what can I do?
7:28 PM
@Sterno mooseman just edited the post to change what it was asking, and lockled it
cutting a tree down is not a lifehack, that is a regular way to do things
@Wipqozn mod abuse!
@Wipqozn BEST MOD
@Wipqozn He did that in the reverse order. He locked it right after I meta'd
Cutting down a tree is a macguyver issue.
I'm not going to get too down on him over this one. I see where he's coming from
I just disagree with it
7:29 PM
How to cut down a tree with only a banana peel, plastic spoon, and @Wipqozn's socks
I'm pretending Sterno is in the tree, full camo/ghillie suit, watching over the perimeter wall of Lifehacks, watching the mods commit atrocities against the denizens(posts).
@MadMAxJr no need to pretend, that is real life
radio click Observing the eyesight tag.. nothing new to report
@OrigamiRobot they were so dirty
7:30 PM
@OrigamiRobot You should just buy an iPad
Sterno Watches Lifehacks - The Boardgame
7:35 PM
So my car is now NSFW.
@Yuuki nice
@MattGiltaji Stupid pollen season.
@Yuuki did someone draw a penis on it?
@Chippies There's plant unmentionables all over it now.
@Yuuki kinky
7:40 PM
Q: Still need help with dawnguard dlc

EthanlynchI'm still confused on how to check and see if I have dawnguard dlc. My game system is xbox360 . Do I go to options on skyrim or xbox menue to see

@OrigamiRobot Yep.
inb4 @spugsley
7:52 PM
(sum of best segments is about 10 seconds lower still)
@Unionhawk cc @StrixVaria!
ALSO HELLO @spugsley
@Wipqozn cc @Unionhawk
7:55 PM
@OrigamiRobot cc @fredley
Also I have never Zelda
I am eating tuna fish
@spugsley You can tune a piano....
@Batophobia you're a monster
7:59 PM
@Batophobia But you can tuna bass
ignore me
@fredley you're next level terrible rn
@fredley But bass != tuna. And when was the last time a bass guitar was in tune?
@spugsley Can't tell if you wanted a newline at the end of your message or if @fredley is just a terrible nurse.
I won my Lifehacks meta argument but lost my Lifehacks meta argument. I'm so sad.
8:06 PM
@StrixVaria more like "right now" but let's go with the nurse thing
girls are fighting over me in everlasting summer and now I feel bad because I chose the bitchy one's path and the nice shy one is crying
@StrixVaria Don't be shellfish
@GnomeSlice I don't know what you're talking about but I'm sure it means you're terrible
@fredley You are the wurst.
@StrixVaria that's a sausage.gif
8:09 PM
You are meat it's close enough.
My avatar is decidedly not a shellfish.
(Please don't mod abuse my avatar to a shellfish.)
@StrixVaria This statement needs to be mod abused, to say that you do want your avatar mod abused to a shellfish.
I'm doing a wiki-walk, someone stop me!
@MBraedley Play cities skylines
@Wipqozn Not at home yet
I got into work a little late this morning
8:14 PM
@MBraedley Paranormal.SE
@StrixVaria That just shifts the wiki-walk to another site. Not a solution, would not recommend.
@Frank And then pinned, so some other mod than the one doing the message abuse actually doing it.
@Sterno Something else that bothers me is it would make more sense to suggest checking out ASk Different, if our primary concern is with helping the user, which it should be.
@Arperum I like that idea.
Edit the question to make it on-topic, that's agood... but don't try to shoehorn it into the site, at the expense of the user
Also suggest checking out our sister site, which would be better at answering the question actualy asked
8:15 PM
@Mooseman That would be a case of us assuming that the information the user is after is not the information he specifically asked for. Compare the answers he's going to get after we change his question here to the answers he might get on AskDifferent. It's drastically different. We're changing the intent of the question. And I'll concede, maybe that's okay, if that's what we want to do. But we can't pretend it's actually still the same question as originally asked. — Sterno 12 mins ago
Sorta said that there, but badly
Or to put it another way, our first priority should be helping people get answers to their questions, not growing the list of questions on our site. The user may be best served by being pointed at AskDifferent so they can get the specific settings they're after. If they're really just after general eye-strain reduction advice, then we're a good fit. But we don't know if we just make the assumption and change the question on them. — Sterno 20 secs ago
Better maybe
I think I'm done.
@Sterno yeah, that's better
@Unionhawk @TimStone Federation drama again
Shadow President calling out actual president for war in Lugh
Basically "No we're not doing well because the president, we're doing well because of all the independent pilots"
8:29 PM
@Sterno And this is why I won't touch Lifehacks
Because changing a question that much just...no why
Yeah. I flagged the question implicitly requesting an unlock. Which was marked as helpful and not actioned. Which bothers me much more than it should.
This is all @Sterno's fault
@Unionhawk If you feel that badly, it may behoove you to contact SE with a link to the perceived mod abuse.
@Unionhawk Victory
I would like to be clear that I see no mod abuse.
Except @fredley
and @badp
@Sterno :(
8:34 PM
I don't trust an Arqade mod who doesn't abuse
eyes @AshleyNunn warily
@Sterno Maybe you just don't notice it
@AshleyNunn That's why I'm so wary.
@Sterno Are you saying it's better to run around closing questions instead of helping users understand what is or isn't on-topic? I'm trying to help build a community here. — Mooseman ♦ 45 mins ago
That's why
@Wipqozn So, "helping users understand what is on topic" = "replacing users' questions with on topic questions"?
8:36 PM
@Wipqozn I resisted the urge to point out that before I even brought it to meta, he wasn't trying to help a user understand anything. He was just leaving an obviously off-topic post open
Which question was changed? The iPad one?
@Sterno for Lifehacks mod
I didn't see any drastic change there
I don't really agree with the edit but I don't think it's that big a deal either.
@Wipqozn If your main focus is to build a community, you don't do it by unilaterally changing questions.
8:38 PM
My issue was with it being voted to be left open and answered in its previous form
@Sterno His argument would hold more weight if he actually left a comment on the question saying "hey, this isn't on-topic, but this is!"
In fact, I didn't even really see a change.
@OrigamiRobot The change from "what settings" - which makes it a Ask Different question to "how do I not burn out my tender eyemeats" - which apparently makes it a LH question
I don
@Sterno My main issue atm is the lock
8:38 PM
@OrigamiRobot I don't know what you're looking at, but the original version was "What iPad settings can I change to make it less hard on my eyes?" and the new version is "How can I reduce eye strain when using an iPad?"
@Sterno That's Zachary Levi.
Where's that from?
@AshleyNunn I'm just going to say that's a newbie mod mistake and leave it at that
@Frank ...no that's Ben Stiller
8:39 PM
@Sterno I hope so
@Frank What @spugsley said
Or Robert ee Niro, in case you were really wrong
@spugsley It was two seconds, if that.
It really looks like him.
It's Meet the Fockers
or whatever iteration of that movie
@Sterno I honestly don't see how that's a significant change, but I don't know anything about whatever other site you guys are talking about.
@OrigamiRobot Asking about how to change iPad settings is not a Lifehack question
8:40 PM
@Frank disagree. Zachary Levi is delicious. Ben Stiller looks like a melted mannequin
@Sterno We have a whole Apple site for a reason!
And a migration system!
I'm not making any statement about whether or not either version is a lifehacks question
I just think those two questions are the same.
@OrigamiRobot One restricts the scope of answers to iPad settings, and is basically "How do I configure this particular iPad software?" The other is a more general "How do I keep my eyes from hurting when using a bright screen"
Seriously? All of these conversion functions are in the global namespace? Even after someone created the logical namespace in the very header file!? Fucking legacy code.
@AshleyNunn What is the mod guidance for when things should be locked?
8:43 PM
Seems like a good edit then.
Do you guys have a How To Not Mod Abuse Like @Fredp manual?
@OrigamiRobot Umm...can't recall off the top of my head. Feel like there is an M.SE post someplace that would tackle that
@OrigamiRobot How is it a good edit if it changes the intent of the question?
@OrigamiRobot Just go ask your question about shampooing your hair there already.
I've got a +100 bounty ready for you
I don't see how it changes the intent
Intent: Eyes stop hurting
8:44 PM
Q: What is a "locked" post?

Justin StandardA post can be locked. What does it mean to lock a post? Who can lock a post? When should a post be locked? Return to FAQ index

@Sterno I'm not touching that site
@OrigamiRobot It doesn't really change intent. It changes the scope of desired answers. If I want to know what settings to change, I want to know what settings to change. I don't want to know how to fashion a tinfoil hat that might reflect light in such a way that it lowers eye stress
> Posts should generally only be locked in cases where something seriously bad is happening. In particular, where the ongoing updates and edits are actively detrimental to the system.
@Sterno I was answering @murgatroid99's question
@Sterno thiiiiiiiis
@Unionhawk I knew it :D
8:46 PM
@Sterno I understand that, I just don't see why that's bad here.
@OrigamiRobot The user asked for a particular kind of answer. The edit made it so that they wouldn't get that kind of answer
@OrigamiRobot because it changed everything the OP was asking and now they wont get the help they need
If we're operating under the assumption taht Lifehacks can work as a site, that's the kind of scope I'd want.
@OrigamiRobot that's a pretty big assumption
8:47 PM
@murgatroid99 I'm pretty sure the new question includes the scope of the former.
Q: Is there an Android space combat simulation like X-Wing or TIE Fighter?

GregEschbacherI'm looking for an Android game that uses the gyroscope to fly starfighters, analogous to the old X-Wing or TIE Fighter MS-DOS games. I found one game (Assembly of Worlds) that's very much like X-Wing, but uses on-screen controls for steering. Anyone find a game like this?

Anyway, I just thought you guys were talking about a different question. I'm perfectly happy to not get it and move on.
@Lazers tie fighter was such a fun game
@spugsley I had less than two seconds. I could put up a side by side, if you really want me to.
Although, I agree that Zach is awesome.
8:53 PM
@OrigamiRobot The edit was a very minor disagreement. I can definitely see your viewpoint on it and am not terribly bothered by it. The initial issue wasn't about the edit. It was about the lack of an edit but rejection of close votes
@Frank nah because if it's too close I'll have a crisis
@Sterno FYI that person that just steam requested you is me :D
Speaking of which, if anyone here tried to add me on Elite, tell me your name first because I have no idea who you are
@OrigamiRobot my name is chris dolan
@MattGiltaji that's an NPC (you can tell because there's no CMDR in front)
8:58 PM
You didn't try to add me and are thus not following my instructions

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