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4:00 PM
@Sterno they said they don't like to bite them, gosh
@MadMAxJr Or the chips we see are the standard format.
Yeah, this is san frantokyo after all
You're telling me that logic doesn't apply to cartoons? D:
@AshleyNunn You're right. Step 1, CLEAN fingernails, removing the concern. Step 2, bite them
I bet there's another question about how to clean them
No, we're telling you that it might be the SD card of that place
4:01 PM
@Sterno probably
@Chippies >"Overall, this coal power plant is a deviation from the original style," writes Shannon of his coal power plant. "This asset introduces a nice dirty brown brick in to the game's overall neutral palette."
Time to stop whining about imaginary data storage formats and work on incredibly boring work request forms and data validation.
Cities: Skyline is now 1000% more Real™.
4:04 PM
I enjoy watching people build dams in Cities and 'oops, flooded the city.'
I didn't know you could flood the city
I might need to actually play this now
I've seen pictures. People sink their city in half-building height water.
You can also really easily do it by accident apparently
My son was amazed last night, when a fire started by itself in SimCity 4. "I didn't even go into the Disasters menu, Dad!"
The official wiki has a note added by developers to save and backup that save before building a dam
4:06 PM
@JasonBerkan haha nice :)
Who needs a police force when the SWEEPING WAVES OF NATURE can wash the crime right out of a dirty city?
@MadMAxJr "waves" implies repetition when it's really just one big event.
SWEEPING FLOOD OF NATURE is more appropriate, I think.
Waves imply periodicity (that's a word right)
@Unionhawk Yeah, it is.
I vaguely recall building cities in SimCity 4 exploiting the 'neighboring city' options...
Pipe in all of your water from out of the city. Export your garbage. Build no residential areas, forcing people to commute from the city nearby. In doing so, you couldn't generate crime. Ever.
Can we get a feed that is just /r/aww (that's not a good idea don't take this suggestion seriously)
@AshleyNunn interesting, thanks for looking it up
@Unionhawk I second an @Awwww! bot
@MattGiltaji I wanted the rep :P
4:11 PM
awwwwbot should only post when it detects drama, debate, or frustration in the channel.
@MadMAxJr sounds like we need a lifehack for that awwwwbot
I don't think you realize how much /r/aww does things
I'm pretty sure my professor's car is sentient
@Unionhawk does it call your professor "knight rider"?
He's just telling this story about how his car is/was just having weird electrical problems
So I guess that's not the same as sentience
But, you know
A: How to kill Dozers effectively?

vladthejewlerwith the new update with rocket launchers if you hit a dozer from any side of his head it is a insta kill

4:15 PM
> i'm afraid i can't let you do that @Unionhawk
Doesn't tell @Uni the bad news
(if it is DLC, then it's not an update buddy)
(that's called DLC)
@KevinvanderVelden Of course, we're talking about Overkill here
Fucking, grenades were DLC
I want a Baymax.
With or without kungfu chip?
4:18 PM
CMU professor talking about building a real life baymax
@KevinvanderVelden Why not both?
@MattGiltaji :D
@Unionhawk Payday 2 is becoming a very, very sad joke. They're doing everything but making LEVELS.
Q: Preventing mobs from taking damage from explosions

PolarisI've been working on a concept for an arena-style players-vs-mobs mini game in vanilla minecraft. I'm looking for a way to keep mobs from taking damage from creeper explosions using commands and command blocks. Does anyone know of a simple way to do this? I've already tried placing non-player mob...

The amount of recycled content presented as new content is getting gross. And that's not even taking into account how most of the audio assets are directly ported from Payday: The Heist
> the 19th DLC pack for Payday 2
4:20 PM
Admittedly though the miniguns and rocket launchers are hilarious. However rocket launchers are dumb dumb dumb. Can't open a safe. Can't hurt a car.
@John 2 Baymax-es? Sure why not!
Make one say ouch
Hang on, let me get an official count
The minigun is sort of hilarious because you can get a short barrel version.
Okay, so let's begin by comparing the game itself to its GOTY edition, $79.99 for the GOTY edition of a $29.99 game
Which means that the DLC is more than half of the price
@MattGiltaji @AshleyNunn Someone already asked
4:22 PM
(also if you buy Payday 2 at full price you're doing it wrong that mess has been free weekend 75%+ off so many times)
@Unionhawk I would be fine with this if the DLC didn't drastically alter the game as the Payday 2 DLC has.
I'm not even concerned about the price anymore. The content you are getting is: Gun parts hidden behind absurd acheivements. Guns that render other guns obsolete. Gun DLC that is sub-par to out-of-box guns.
The real question is why you weren't bored of Payday 2 a week after it came out
@Yuuki I mean, some of it is just dumb
They expect you to play PD2 like it's some kind of horde game / tower defense game at this point.
4:24 PM
@John read your pings =p
16 paid DLC packages
@MadMAxJr Yes
@KevinvanderVelden Oh I don't see those when I go straight to the chat room from my bookmark without stopping by the site.
If I preordered a game but just because I wanted it not because of what it came with if I preorder it, thats ok right? :)
sorry @AshleyNunn @MattGiltaji
4:25 PM
I don't mind the character DLC stuff... I kinda like playing as Jacket, talking through a tape recorder
But TLDR; Payday 2 is "Buy this DLC, do stupid hat tricks 20 times or you can't get the acheivement locked content you bought."
I'll be less whiny when they give us actual stuff to /play/.
8-ish of them are weapons packs 5 are heists, 2 are characters, and I cannot count apparently
I stopped with Payday 2 before the grenades thing came out.
@Unionhawk this is not news
Yes, I am just complaining
@Yuuki When they made stealth what it is now, I uninstalled the game. It's ridiculous (but maybe more realistic?)
But ridiculous
You are talking about Payday 2 DLC?
4:29 PM
Grenades were kind of a stretch for 'really? For bank robberies?' but now it's just silly.
They've got so much range and they hurt teammates too
Oh you can stealth mod all kinds of guns! ONLY TWO OR THREE ARE VIABLE.
I looked at it all together and if you take out the character packs (2 of em ya pay for I think? maybe 3?) its still about 60 bucks and ... what is left is so not a $60 game... They played a long pay to play game ad it seems to have worked out for em
Probably release a new map or weapon pack or character when they see a 10% drop in average gamers over a week.
Maps do have a good bit of replay value, due to randomization. But once you've played each map a dozen times? That's it unless you're into acheivement farming.
Cause half of those acheivements are NOT happening in standard play scenarios
If the game had come with a 7 day heist (Does one even exist yet?) Then fine.. but just with the Ability to do a 7 day heist? Pft
I am Really looking forward to GTA V Heists
4:31 PM
Three day heists are about the limit.
@James Dude, a 7 day heist would take 8 hours
Which is the game I preordered just to have it.. Having never played online Ive no idea the value of the 500,000 bucks they give out
@Unionhawk Doesn't have to. That all comes down to design man
And now they're pulling 'we pulled day 1 out of a three day heist as it's own heist! ITS NEW!' no it is not stop telling me it is. :|
@Sterno have you beaten Ziggurat yet?
@James most of the time it's easier to stealth things so if you get caught, it's a RESET
(back to the start of the day)
@MadMAxJr Pulling the train heist out is a good change
4:33 PM
The train heist got a revamp with ziplines, so I'm less angry about that.
Art Gallery and Cookoff are the ones I'm complaining about.
@GnomeSlice No. I've been to the end boss 3 times and got him really close twice (and got completely crushed the other time)
It seems pretty dependent on what weapons you get there with
I had some shitty poison weapons on my last attempt and they just burned him down way too slow
@MadMAxJr If art gallery is what I think it is (day 1 framing frame) that actually sounds interesting
I'm just worried they're going to do something even more stupid like 'ten story tall swat cop raid boss'
4:33 PM
Poison him then spam staff
Yeah, it's day 1 framing frame.
I mostly run into trouble when those assholes show shoot a bunch of homing red pellets or whatever come out
Cookoff is Day 1 Rats
That actually sounds like a thing that could be cool
@sterno if you get really close to home your spread shot on alchemy does a shitload of damage
4:34 PM
Alchemy was grenades
@GnomeSlice My staff was what did the poison. I had the viper staff.
Yeah the demons are really hard
Spell was I think poison as well
Viper staff is probably my favourite one
Q: Are pedestrian walkways purely cosmetic, or do they help encourage walking instead of driving?

cbirdsongDoes creating a network of pedestrian walkways increase the number of citizens who choose to walk or take public transportation instead of drive?

Q: How much damage does Magic Weapon, Greater- and Crystal Magic Weapon add?

user1337All three sorceries add magic damage to your weapon assuming the weapon can be enchanted. Is there a formula that shows exactly how much damage such an enchantment provides (and does it vary with weapon types)?

The poison spell is okay, the mega spread does good DMg if you get super close
He's hard to get close to though
The other green staff is good against him.
Oh good, my network is being shit again and dropping every message until I retry 2 or 3 times
@GnomeSlice Maybe, but it did pretty shit for damage on him. I mean, it was okay, but not as good as other staves. And then none of the minions would drop green mana after that
The one that just shoots one shot with high rof
It's good I don't work at a tech company where we rely on solid internet.
Weird, I haven't actually lost to cepheus
@GnomeSlice Yeah, that one's awesome but I've only seen it in two games (where I didn't make it to him)
4:36 PM
I've beat him all 3 times I've made it that far
@Rapitor Assuming you want to see the one biggest attraction in each state, and not the second biggest attraction in any state
At this point the entire rest of the game seems pretty easy, but that boss destroys me
What really? That's like the most common staff
It's the one it shows you using in the end cinematic
@GnomeSlice I swear I have shit luck. I keep telling you how the shrines curse me a ton and you've only had it happen twice. I don't even use them anymore it go so bad
I haven't tried hard mode yet or endless
I don't use the grey shrines
Thy always curse me
4:37 PM
I don't either.
I just used the ones you pay for.
And you still get cursed a lot?
That's weird
The buffs are often only temporary, and the negatives are game-long and awful
Have you unlocked the perk that disables punishments?
And then there are the "half good, half bad ones" where the good is "more green mana" and the bad is "but 20% less health"
Not a fair trade
It's good
4:39 PM
@Rapitor Houston is not on the first route. Sounds about right.
Not sarcasm, by the way. There is very little to see in Houston, tourist-wise.
Hull hogan vs shark?
@GnomeSlice Specifically, Katy Perry halftime show shark.
Uh, okay
4:40 PM
Which we can assume to be left shark
That went big really fast.
Because, it's the internet
@Unionhawk Most of my questions are about the wallpaper
Oh is that the thing with the shark who sucked at dancing who wasnt actually that bad
@fredley ... Good point.
4:40 PM
Everybody was like lol terrible
@Unionhawk Thats right shark. See at his arm
But idk he mostly did it right
I've gotten to the point in swarmsim where they stop using number names and just use exponential format :(
@GnomeSlice Not exactly its fault. Apparently, (s)he was brought on at the last minute.
And didn't know any of the choreography.
Why do you know that
4:41 PM
Why do they know that
@GnomeSlice AMA.
With Katy perry?
@GnomeSlice Supposedly, it was with the sharks.
Mar 4 at 14:00, by StrixVaria
Why am I still playing this?
4:42 PM
Which, I guess, isn't really verifiable but whatevs.
@GnomeSlice Because Internet.
@StrixVaria i always turn everything to exponential format as soon as i can
@Yuuki why?
@MattGiltaji I don't because that's way less interesting.
4:43 PM
@fredley It's at SXSW, probably not the weirdest thing
@Unionhawk You could have just said Austin
I'd much rather see that I have 3 duotrigintillion than 3e99.
@fredley I don't know where SXSW is other than in Texas!
Well, I do NOW
@fredley Because Katy Perry wanted her own dancers instead of the people who were originally signed on to do who had practiced for quite some time.
@Unionhawk It's weird, it's in Texas: It's in Austin
Why did you bother to check that
@GnomeSlice Because I had to inb4 [citation needed].
3 mins ago, by Yuuki
@GnomeSlice Because Internet.
@StrixVaria I have no idea what a duotrigintillion is, I do know what 3e99 is (mindboggingly big, but 1000 times bigger than 3e96)
@StrixVaria i guess i never studied the number name stuff in school, exponential gives me a better view of what the differences are between the various numbers.
that and i giggle at sextillion
4:47 PM
I've learned the number names from playing incrementals; I didn't know them before.
Adventure Capitalist will teach you big number names fairly quickly.
What a useful skill
It's just less boring to me, and the actual quantity of numbers past like 1e10 is beyond human comprehension anyway.
i used to think the whole "significant digits" thing was bs... incrementals taught me otherwise... when you are pulling in 1e86 meat per second, a trillion more or less doesn't mean a damn thing
@Sterno do you have the spell yet that shoots the red homing bolts like those demon assholes
I love that one but it doesn't always do what you want
The one that shoots the homing skull is fun too plus it does splash damage
Long fucking reload though
4:51 PM
@GnomeSlice are the bolts actually like demon assholes? Is there a screenshot for it?
RMB one shots most enemies though
Not quite @Chippies
They're smaller and go way faster
@MattGiltaji Huh. Now I'm interested in using incrementals to teach sig figs.
Fun shit
@GnomeSlice I got it once
Which one
Well, I actually got both once.
The homing skull one was cool
The skull of xanatos or whatever
Yeah it's fun
It's great against carrots too
But I mean so is alchemy
@GnomeSlice The depressing thing about my most recent loss was that I had 5 points in damage reduction and a good health pool
I just had crap for damage output
Porcupine bomb is best alchemy by far
@GnomeSlice Until you get to the end boss
4:55 PM
@Rapitor ffffffffffffffffffffff
Ugh, from divine punishments?
It's good on him too
You can hit him and poison his minions
If you get close the threebomb move does lots f damage too
It's great for killing minions from far away
If you hve alchemy mana use reduced you can spam the shit out of it
I think all 3 wins I had the porcupine bomb
I've also only faced the golem boss once and I got rekt
@Rapitor What I hate most about this is that it's coming someone who's supposed to represent Texas.
Have you beat him?
I can understand this BS coming from a far-right Republican from almost any other state (except Florida, I guess).
@GnomeSlice No. I've only run into him once. And he's really been the only boss that was hard, once I knew what I was doing.
(and not counting the end guy)
4:59 PM
2 of 3 wins against Cepheus I had healing amulet
@Yuuki he is running for pres now, trying to represent iowa and new hampshire rather than texas
Third time I had awesome damage though
@GnomeSlice I've had it once. I usually get the shitty speed boost one, but sometimes I get a poison one that doesn't seem to do much damage
Boss minions don't drop health potions so its hard to get him down before he kills you
Texas at one point or another was NASA. There's a reason why each space mission called home to Houston.
5:00 PM
I've never used the poison one but I found it once. Kept my hp one
Brb almost home and gonna eat
Okay, so I have an internship this summer. So that is good
@Unionhawk grats, what will you be doing?
@MattGiltaji It's an IT internship, so... I'm not really sure, but we'll see
5:07 PM
IT internship = gruntwork setting up computers and conference rooms and stuff that the salaried IT people don't feel like doing because it's boring.
@StrixVaria depends on the shop, but for the most part, yeah
At the career fair it sounded like they treat it more like a co-op than most but we will see
@StackExchange I'm so oppressed.
5:09 PM
even if it's crap work, professional networking and getting real experience on your resume is well worth it
@Wipqozn yay for professional drivers
@Wipqozn This is fake. Notice the sequences of identical vehicles on identical paths.
@StrixVaria It's most obvious if you look at the multiple identical bicyclists and runners
@StrixVaria Yes
5:13 PM
@Unionhawk Fuckin' starbait
you know what? No
Career fairs seemed like a huge waste of time to me.
How to get stars: 1) Be @Uni 2) Make self-deprecating jokes
I've gone to 2 as a student and 2 as a company representative, and they seemed like a huge waste from both sides.
@StrixVaria I literally got an offer from just my interaction at the career fair
5:16 PM
throws bees @Uni I'm so bad at throwing bees.
@Unionhawk Huh.
I guess that's for an internship, though.
I never did any internship stuff.
Yes, there is that
Fair enough
@Unionhawk An offer for n interview...? or an actual "come work for us offer"?
@Wipqozn An actual come work for us
Don't get me wrong, I think you're pretty rad, but hiring someone just based on interactions on a job fair seems od
Then again I've never really been to one before, so what do I know
5:17 PM
@Wipqozn Even if it's fake, it feels oddly comforting.
It probably also had something to do with the fact my mom works there, maybe a little
I didn't open with that, they figured it out
And then remarked after I left that it's nice to have someone not open with that
Because seriously you think you're going to get a job if your main interest motivation is your parent works there
I dunno, all I know is I have an internship
Well that's pretty rad
@Unionhawk Eh, you're more likely to get a job if your parent works there, but I'll agree with the "if your main interest/motivation is your parent" thrust of the argument.
5:22 PM
Paid or unpaid internship?
Not great, but not terrible
@Unionhawk Nice.
If you have family that works there and you're expecting to be hired, expect nepotism rules/laws to prevent you from working with or under family in the company.
I'd rather not anyway
@Unionhawk I can't imagine the thought process of people who would.
5:24 PM
I can't either
Then again, their parents are probably different from mine.
@Batophobia mario is gonna be pissed
Aug 9 '13 at 23:17, by badp
5:35 PM
@OrigamiRobot Are you running shield boosters or something? I'm still confused how you survived 4 vipers pretty much alone. I mean, I understand you're better at this game than me, but...
All my image uploads are failing
How am I supposed to link gifs in chat?
This is awful
@Sterno Just post them directly?
that could work.
@Sterno unless you're creating them you can try upload from web
5:45 PM
I told myself I needed to bind a "select next hostile ship" key and I never did
Because highest threat becomes useless once missiles enter the field of play
@OrigamiRobot Probably because your shields stayed up
As soon as my shields dropped I had an incoming missile
I don't know if it hit or not I was to busy boosting away from mass lock
The whole time I was like "OH GOD OH GOD PD DO YOUR JOB"
Because missiles still do pretty hefty hull damage
But they do almost no shields damage
But I'm more talking about the dumfries 7km away that kept being selected as highest threat
Or seekers that didn't even have target lock on me
I ask the important questions so you don't have to.
5:51 PM
@Sterno You're a hero.
Q: Why does saying "Swiper, no swiping!" three times prevent Swiper from swiping?

Doge The ExplorerIn Dora the Explorer, Swiper often tries to swipe an object that Dora and Boots need to reach their destination. If they confront him and say "Swiper, no swiping!" three times before he reaches it, he'll say "Oh, man!" and leave. However, I've seen in some episodes they only manage to say it once...

You sure do
@Batophobia Thanks for reminding me. My Monday just got better.
It's a lot easier hunting when you have the drop on the target, but when the hunter becomes the hunted things get hairy fast
I'm glad they changed repair costs, that whole repair was only 6k
5:55 PM
@Batophobia Doesn't surprise me. There's always people who buy a new console only to sell it within a month.
For 70 percent hull damage and assorted other damages
@Wipqozn Sell to GameStop for what, $10?
@Batophobia Probably.
@Batophobia Why is Dora a SCIFI topic?
5:59 PM
@MadMAxJr It's fantasy.

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