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3:00 PM
@MBraedley I'd be really surprised if it wasn't though
Also @AshleyNunn: If you are just installing software you can install the 32 bit version on 64 bit os-es no problem, it just won't be able to use all the memory
@MBraedley Huh, how could it not be?
@No.7892142 uuh
If it's a 32 bit CPU, or a 16 bit CPU
The past did exist you know
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, that I remember, I just figure if I can do the thing, I might as well do it right :)
...with a 64bit OS?
3:01 PM
We didn't start with 64 bit octacores =p
@KevinvanderVelden Or an 8 bit CPU
@No.7892142 more specifically, 64-bit OS implies 64-bit CPU, but 32-bit OS does not imply 32-bit CPU
@MBraedley Precisely.
A 64 bit OS can run on 32 bit hardware, but you have to emulate it, and that would be slow as.
3:02 PM
@MBraedley Ahh, now I understand the statement after re-reading. I thought you implied some sort of 64 bit OS on 32 bit CPU shenanigans.
Bridge, morning good.
@MadMAxJr Lies, morning bad.
Any docker tips from you
7 hours ago, by Unionhawk
inb4 the rest of the bridge
Monday morning is bad because Last Week Tonight makes me depressed about the world.
3:06 PM
yes I posted it at 4am what of it
@Unionhawk inb4 "not starred, didn't exist".
@Unionhawk not starred, didn't exist.
@Unionhawk inb4. GET BACK TO THE PAPER @UNI =p
Dear Facebook: if you're going to give me a notification about a friend's birthday, and that friend lives in Australia, make sure you send the notification when it's actually their birthday in their local timezone.
@KevinvanderVelden GET BACK TO THE PAPER @UNI =p
@MBraedley Oh that's just silly why would you want that
3:08 PM
@MBraedley aah timezones
@AshleyNunn what do you mean? Don't send me notifications a midnight? My phone is silent then.
@Unionhawk Good stuff. Can't find the comic that started it all.
> $25,000
3:10 PM
You know what? I don't even care...
Q: Create a GTA V crew with a sub account?

Tinklepop560So I was on the Rockstar website and I created a crew and linked my PS4 account. So I went onto GTA V and I hit crew in the online section, then it said "based on the information provided you are not elidgible to access this option." Does anybody know how to get past that? Or do I need to be ran...

@MBraedley I meant it more sarcastically
@AshleyNunn on the internet, no one can hear your sarcasm
I mean, all they need is Matthew Inman to endorse it and it'll make millions (I still don't know why people throw that man so much money)
Okay, I can't figure out that Inkscape thing, going to go back to copy/pasting/remaking
3:13 PM
Also, Facebook app, how do you not have my friends list cached? That seems like something obvious to do.
@AshleyNunn I find the learning curve on drawing apps is either very shallow, or very steep. And with the easy apps, I find they aren't always powerful.
@MBraedley Since I just want to futz about with PDF's, I don't really want to take the time to figure this thing out. My system works, it is just slow
Yeah, I personally would not advise inkscape for PDF, it is at it's heart a drawing program, not a text program
(Though I have no experience with editing PDFs in it)
Well, decision made, not being considered at the one company. OH WELL
It would have been 45 minutes+ or finding housing here anyway
@Unionhawk that's the spirit
3:21 PM
@uni pls
I'm glad I held onto this offer, and I'm glad I went to the career fair to get it
So, I mean
Incidentally this means I will be working at least indirectly with my mom, so that's going to be weird
I hate the job apps that are "copy and paste your resume" because damn it I have a REALLY PRETTY LaTeX resume and it looks SO GOOD as a PDF
@AshleyNunn heh
A lot of the ones I've done are like "We will import linkedin!" and I'm like "skeptical @Uni is skeptical" and upload one anyway
@AshleyNunn LaTeX resumes are the best
I need to update mine soon
@Unionhawk We're not asking, we know it's not done yet, so GET OUT and work!
3:26 PM
I've got like 20 minutes to write 1 page. Plenty of time! #famouslastwords
This is all @OrigamiRobot's fault somehow
@Unionhawk WRITE HARDER.
You are forgetting that you still have to reread all of it.
@KevinvanderVelden It is just so pretty and nice and it is SO easy to update and just yes
Thank you for submitting your .DOC resume. Our automatic scanner has butchered it and prepopulated it for our form. Please review and correct the form. Thank you for submitting that. Now attach a copy of your .doc (PLEASE NO .DOCX FORMATS) for submission.
@Arperum lolnope
This is a completion grade, please
@Unionhawk No clue what that means.
US school system is weird.
3:29 PM
@Arperum "You handed something in that loosely fit the requirements? Done!"
I'm assuming from the words
@Arperum As in if I do it I don't lose points on things, it's more of a "were any of you fucks paying attention" assignment
At least, it seems that way
@MadMAxJr yep
Please list your COMPLETE job history..... Alright, there's all my part time jobs clear back to... high school.... Submit ERROR Submit at least one MANAGER reference contact and TWO employee references per job
But uuuhh. One of those isn't even in business anymore. REFERENCES PLEASE OR NO SUBMIT
@MadMAxJr A lot of things have stopped asking for references
Which is good because a lot of my jobs won't give them
Yeah. That's increasing rapidly
3:32 PM
@AshleyNunn Or if they will, all you get is a, "Yes, they worked for us."
I don't think giving references is a dutch thing
Since if they bash you, you can sue the company.
@Frank My current job can't even do that
@AshleyNunn Really? That's shitty.
"I cannot speak to you, you will need to contact HR." HR will verify worked from X to Y date.
3:33 PM
@Frank Considering they cut my contract short by a month, I am not expecting anything nice out of them at all
The other question they will /sometimes/ answer is "Is X person eligible to work again for you in the future?"
@AshleyNunn No doubt.
@MadMAxJr Doesn't work for me, because I was a contract employee and thus HR has no idea I exist
I got let go a month early too on contract, then my agent left the agency. So the agency HR has to answer and they have trouble remembering I worked for them.
@AshleyNunn huh, is that even allowed? As in, it seems clear that they did it because you had to go to the hospital
3:35 PM
@KevinvanderVelden oh no, they tossed out every contract employee
so it's not just me
Aah ok
@MadMAxJr That's quite often why I don't use my manager as a reference. Quite often, they don't even know what I do.
Not ok, but not illegal
(They might have spent a LONG time convincing my agency contact of that)
Contracting sucks. Hoping my current client just decides to bring me on board to the company.
3:38 PM
@MadMAxJr Yeah, it does. But it makes sense for the company, as it makes it known that the position is temporary.
@MadMAxJr Contracting sucks SO HARD.
Which is an important thing from an employment standards viewpoint, as contractors aren't held to the same expectations as permanent employees.
@Frank No benefits, no guaranteed vacation, no sick days, no nothing!
@AshleyNunn From a job perspective, yep, it totally sucks.
Seriously if I ever get a job with benefits/vacation again I will be SO AMAZED
3:42 PM
From a company perspective, it's the awesomest.
@Frank Uhuh. This I know too well.
It's good for them, shitty for me
I work for a company that provides contractors. Best of both worlds, IMO.
@AshleyNunn should just become a contract killer.
I hear it pays well.
@Wipqozn I'm Mennonite, silly bean, we're pacifists
@JasonBerkan And now so do I!
3:43 PM
@AshleyNunn Yeah, which means no one will ever suspect you
It's the perfect crime!
Or something!
Technically not, as we haven't gotten our formal offer yet, but that's coming.
Kingdom of Loathing

Proposed Q&A site for all people interested in the online game Kingdom of Loathing, and hardcore fans interested in strategy.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment dupe of us
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment lol
3:44 PM
I made 290 rep on Lifehacks from a "How do I floss without floss" question.
My current client has a policy of having to either let go or hire contractors after a year... Crossing my fingers on this one..
I can't wait to spend it on bounties
@Sterno Does that mean you can close and reopen stuff or not yet
@Unionhawk Not yet. I deleted about 300 rep of answers a few months ago.
@Sterno My mom uses her hair
3:45 PM
Step 1: Get to mod tools on lifehacks. Step 2: Close. Down. Everything.
I'd still be pretty far off that, I guess
@AshleyNunn ew.
@AshleyNunn Should totally post that
@Sterno It's a beta, so.....you need 1k? 2?
3:45 PM
I will +100 bounty that answer
I wonder how our favorite paranormal site is doing today.
I think it's 500?
Or maybe 1k
@Frank secretly look for a new job, when the offer comes go "No." and vanish off into the night with 0 documentation on what you've done
@Sterno I kinda want to but I haven't really touched lifehacks yet and I am happy that way
3:46 PM
Ghostbuster question now at SIXTEEN upvotes.
I want to delete my lifehacks account, but I also like being able to downvote stuff
@Unionhawk No, it's kol.
@AshleyNunn Oh, I guess 500. So yeah, I can do it
Q: Thieves Guild Armor

xXKooper1945XxI am looking for another set of thieves guild armor in skyrim on the Xbox. I have found the hood, gloves, and boots but need the body armor. Also I have gotten the full set from the fence in the thieves guild

Q: Embassy: will it be demolished?

BuddaIt looks like embassy cannot be build in "home country": I can only build it on foreign continents and only until MY provinces convert into 'colonized'. Does it mean that embassy will be destroyed once provinces separate into the colony? If so, will I get money back? Thanks.

@AshleyNunn Okay. +200
@KevinvanderVelden Nah, I'm professional enough to at make an attempt at documentation, if I gave my notice.
@Unionhawk I like pointing out when they do things that make no sense, or don't apply their own rules correctly
@Frank Screw that! Be unprofessional :D
@Sterno nooooo I don't want to dirty my hands with Lifehacks rep
@KevinvanderVelden Chances are extremely good that if I gave my notice, they'd elect to pay out my two weeks.
In which case, woo! Two extra weeks paid vacation!
3:48 PM
That is awesome
Lifehack rep doesn't corrupt your soul. It's also not measurable in your blood content.
@MadMAxJr you say that now, but ten years from now, they'll do studies and find out how harmful it really was.....
Lifehacks rep is a direct measure of how awful a human being you are.
And test blood for Midilifehackchlorons?
3:49 PM
@Sterno Is this you just calling their moderators terrible people? It's not very subtle.
you never know
You were supposed to bring balance to the Stack. D:
its science it is unpredictable
@Unionhawk No, and there's only one mod who I think is a terrible mod. I was actually calling myself out as terrible
(and anyone else who has rep there)
@Unionhawk oh, they finally managed mods?
3:50 PM
@AshleyNunn YUP
@Sterno Yes, well, maybe I was being too subtle then WHO KNOWS
So, I guess, yeah, I'm saying their mods are terrible people. But not because they're mods. Just because they're Lifehacks users
@Sterno I wonder who that is!
@AshleyNunn "managed"
3:51 PM
I'm happy my repost of "A close vote is not a super downvote" is at +7
@Wipqozn Definitely not the guy I called out as awful directly on the nomination page.
Okay, I guess I didn't call him awful. I said I disagreed with every single decision he made
@AshleyNunn I broke out my spring jacket this weekend!
Which is more accurate. He might be a nice guy
@Sterno You disagree with me on a very regular basis, and I'm a nice guy.
Debatable :p
3:52 PM
@Frank I wore my fall coat which is really just like a giant sweater that is kinda weatherproofed and lined?
So it was great
@Frank eh, you're okay I guess
I disagree with you on things that are generally up for debate. I disagree with this other guy on things where he's clearly wrong.
@Sterno A fine distinction, that.
Also, plan is to finish this stuff later and email it because oops I forgot to submit it online before the deadline and now it's closed help
3:53 PM
And often, there are many things that really are up for debate.
@Wipqozn Better than you. You're the worst.
@AshleyNunn It's too bad, because I have a super awesome long coat for winter.
I look really classy wearing it.
I wonder if he deleted some of his meta posts, because I can't find the ones I'm thinking of
@Frank I just have a walmart long parka thing
Someday I will be rich enough to afford a fancy long coat (I want like a long trenchcoat thing someday)
Q: In TF2, how do resistances against dual-damage-type weapons work?

alexqwxFor weapons such as the flare gun and the Detonator (which both have a dual damage type: namely fire and bullet), how is the damage dealt by these weapons affected by bullet and fire resistance? e.g. What would be the overall effect of a flare gun hitting a Sniper wielding the Darwin's Danger Sh...

3:54 PM
All that's left is for Sterno to petition for custom close answers on Lifehacks. "WHY?" "THIS IS NOT A THING."
Already done
@Sterno Wouldn't surprise me
@AshleyNunn I got it for Christmas a couple years back. Since I'm done growing, and exercise will keep me trim, I'm thinking I'm going to wear it out before I grow out of it.
Someone proposed a "because it is silly" reason and I shot him down
3:56 PM
@Frank Yeah, I am kinda hesitant right now to buy things because I am still working on weight loss (35 lbs and counting)
Why didn't Baymax use a standard format like SD or MicroSD?
so I figure maybe when I reach my goal (100 lbs or so) I will be like FUCK YES VICTORY and buy myself a nice coat
My current weight loss plan involves making sure our combined weights stays the same when holding my son and standing on the scale.
@AshleyNunn Yes, don't tell them the weight loss is so your bone structure can support more cybernetic parts, like the ab-cannons.
@MadMAxJr shhhh don't reveal my secrets
3:59 PM
@MadMAxJr security, probably.
Alright, time to find socks, go acquire delicious sandwich lunch, and slowly walk to see the ducks (if they are back) at the park.
Q: How can I safely trim my fingernails without a fingernail clipper?

Matt S.On very rare occasions, I've found myself camping in the middle of the wilderness when I realized that I had forgotten to pack a fingernail clipper. I really hate having long fingernails. Especially when camping, they're harder to keep clean, so I don't like to bite them. I do always have knive...

Do what 80% of us do, and chew on them?
Makes me think the Baymax project got some funding from Sony then. PROPRIETARY FORMAT ALL THE THINGS.

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