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9:00 PM
@FAE in Latvia, we had this metal thing that you cooked or stewed stuff in for many hours either in the oven or on fire
although Idk if those can be bought nowadays, that one was like, from the early 90s if not older
maybe you have those in NL
re-reading my extremely vague description of the thing, I now understand that it's probably difficult to understand what that thing I'm talking about is
@AshleyNunn Yeah Jochem's grandma and I were at the Makro (a sort of wholesale place thing today) and I mentioned to her that I've never really see crock pots here for sale and she said they don't really sell them here. She's the one who lived in Canada for a while, so she knew what I meant.
@Chippies haha yeah, little bit
@FAE I never really thought about that - most peopel here I know have one so I never considered places not having them.
I'm trying to find an image of it, but it's difficult, because the only name for it I know is in Latvian and it also means duck
and googling for duck is difficult when the animal is not what you're looking for
@Chippies this just made me actually lol
Q: Treasure adventure game miner boss problem

Lukáš RutarI got stuck on "miner boss" (that giant two-legged miner drill that the pirates pilot and that throws dynamites on me) and i can not find a way to hurt him. All I found out by trial and error is that when i hit it into cockpit that animation shows as if energy shield was present, but not animat...

9:04 PM
I wish Club Nintendo had good rewards. All the good stuff has been unavailable for months. And the digital offerings are lackluster.
@AshleyNunn Do you still have any codes left?
@murgatroid99 I'm out :(
@Chippies try the word with -whateverthewordforbirdisinLatvian?
@Chippies That is making me laugh right now
9:06 PM
that thang
@Chippies So just this really heavy metal pan? It doesn't look like it's cast iron, what's it made of?
on my searches, I found out that there are more modern versions as well
@FAE yeah, it's cast iron
had to google the translation, lol
@Chippies Ah okies
@Chippies words, woo!
the one in the image seems either brand new or brigther than it should be
ours was darker gray
that one seems almost polished, lol
so yeah, a cast iron pot/pan
since it's kinda thick, the heat goes through evenly, so it's pretty much the same as a slow cooker
minus being able to power itself
Yeah, we do have those here, but those a bit different from a crock pot.
We cook with gas here, so I wouldn't feel super comfortable putting something on and leaving the house all day, for example.
because it's open flame
9:10 PM
@FAE well, we never left it when leaving home, but if someone's home it's all good
we cooked with open flame in Latvia as well :)
but if you want to leave it for hours while not home then yeah, you'd need an electric one with a timer
also, I believe crock pot is a brand, so, maybe you just looked for the wrong thing in NL? :P
I'm still kind of laughing over the duck thing
I don't know why, it just really amuses me
you have no idea how difficult it is to find something kitchen related that has a name that literally means "duck" :P
@Chippies haha, I was in a place that sold like a bajillion kitchen things, so I'm pretty sure it would've been there if they had it.
@FAE ah, that sucks then :) amazon? :P
@Chippies I'd need a stepdown converter if I got a US one. I wonder if Germans use them...
@Chippies Oooh. Now if only my house were big enough...
it's on the Crock Pot web site as one of the available dealers
@FAE big enough? are you planning to buy all of the crock pots? :P
@FAE I have a smaller one, it works well for just me (well, likely just me and one other person but I like leftovers)
@Chippies My flat is super small
We have no storage space in our kitchen.
but I mean, if the brand name Crock Pots are sold in NL, I'm sure you can find some nameless knock-offs as well
9:16 PM
The few cupboards we have are already full with our very small amount of pots and pans and dishes and stuff
also also, @Ashley, my friends and I are doing our girls night (well, afternoon) tomorrow
@FAE put it away in a different room when you don't need it?
there will be many brownies and cheesecake and nail polish and things
@FAE That sounds like so much fuuuuuuun
I found the best brownies I have ever had at this creperie in town
in Latvia, we had 4 people living in 2 rooms, here in Canada we have 2 people living in 3 rooms and apartments are so big
@Chippies We don't have a lot of storage space. :( Our flat is actually a flat that was split in half and made into two small ones, and is really more suited for one person than two.
9:18 PM
our bathroom is almost the size of the kitchen we had in Latvia
Canadians love everything to be big, it seems :P
@Chippies Oh boy, I can't wait 'til you visit Texas.
People tell me my apartment is small and I really don't know what i would do with more space
@AshleyNunn use the spare space for throwing all the shit you don't use
@Chippies I dont keep things I don't use
we have a room in our apartment which is filled with all the stuff we don't use >.>
9:20 PM
I tend to throw it out or donate it or share it or sell it
@AshleyNunn My requirements for next place is at least 2 more rooms. I have to have a guest room so I can have friends over from wherever and be able to say "You can sleep at our place" and I really want a hobby room for my art and stuff.
what if you need it TOMORROW?
@FAE Ah, yeah, I can see how that would be useful. With just me in here, it's fine because I use the living room as a multipurpose whatever room
our "storage" room is also a "guest" room
I am curious to see if it feels any smaller while @WorldEngineer is here.
9:21 PM
and by "guest room" I mean a room where someone can sleep, because there's nothing else to do in it
Right now it is impossible to have guests. :( Our couch is crappy and it's the only place to sleep and because the living room's our all-purpose room, including the kitchen and computer desks, it has no privacy for anyone. :/
Like I can't have anyone stay here that can't sleep either in my bed or on a loveseat or an airmattress in hte middle of my living room
@AshleyNunn if you have 2 desktop PC's, that takes up A LOT more space than just one
And even then I can't offer privacy
@Chippies He's just bringing a laptop, if anything
It's just a short ish stay
I have a ton of room in my house, but have managed to fill it with shorter versions of myself.
9:22 PM
@AshleyNunn well, for a short ish stay it doesn't matter, but for a longer while, extra space is valuable
@Chippies Pillow fort?
@Chippies Yeah, we have 2 desktop PCs in our living room, then the couch, an easy chair, the living room table that's also where we eat, then tv with all the consoles and stuff. The kitchen's not a full kitchen, just a half-kitchen that's open to the living room (which is sucky because of like, ambient cooking grease stuff).
(Note: That's the PG answer)
@Powerlord sure, if you bring pillows!
@JasonBerkan hahaha
9:23 PM
@Chippies Aye.
@FAE your living room sounds pretty big actually
@JasonBerkan That's one way to solve that problem
@Chippies 5mx4.5m~ or so, a bit less because where the hallway meets the living room takes out space.
@FAE I don't have anything for size reference here :/
I guess our living room is similar size
if only we had IKEA in Newfoundland... lol
@Chippies It takes me 8 steps to walk across my living room, but I take small steps because I'm short, so I'm not sure that helps much.
9:27 PM
IKEA would help fill the extra space efficiently
@FAE hmmm gets up off the chair
took me 6 steps from one wall to other and those were some real tiny steps
My living room is two of me times two and a half me
so roughly 12x15 ft
I like how we've said fuck it; neither metric nor imperial works. Let's just measure in random body parts.
@JasonBerkan it's the only thing we could agree on using
My living room is 175 thumbs x 150 earlobes.
@JasonBerkan Well that's how imperial came around, isn't it?
9:29 PM
@OrigamiRobot yeah
@JasonBerkan hey now, mix and match does not work!
@JasonBerkan Hey, at least I can tell you sorta how big one "me" is!
that's how imperial came around
@AshleyNunn We actually used me to measure this apartment when we were looking at it
We didn't have anything else so we took pictures of me with my arms spread while standing against the walls for later reference
@FAE awesome
9:31 PM
@AshleyNunn We were like "Okay, so the bedroom is 2 and a half FAEs wide" etc.
@FAE That's actually really smart
@FAE I remember when spreading my arms was "roughly 1m"
@AshleyNunn By my algebra, 6ft.
measuring stuff was much easier back then
@FAE My mom is exactly 5 feet tall, she uses this fact to measure many things when no other means are available.
9:32 PM
@JasonBerkan Give or take, yeah
I am like 5' 11" 3/4 so I round
tall @Ashleys are taaaaaaall
@AshleyNunn It definitely came in handy!
@TrentHawkins haha nice
I do carry a mini measuring tape in my purse
@FAE That's what I keep getting told :P
feet and inches are difficult to convert to...
@AshleyNunn I am 5'9" if I reeeeaaaaally think tall thoughts.
I'm between 5'9" and 5'11", depending on when I'm measured, it seems
9:36 PM
@Chippies Roughly 2.5cm to an inch, so ~30cm to a foot.
my passport says 180 cm (5'11), but last time I measured few years ago I was 175 cm (5'9)
so I have no idea
@Chippies Hey, you're taller than me and shorter than me at the same time!
@JasonBerkan the issue is you have to deal with the leftover numbers as well
@FEichinger Now that's a skill.
180cm is 5.90551 feet or 70.8661 inches
9:37 PM
@Chippies It's only good for a rough approximation, as 2.54 is harder to calculate in your head.
but you can't convert to feet and inches, like everyone is used to without extra conversions and calculations
@Chippies I'm 20cm shorter than you
@FAE my mother is around the same/shorter than that, depending on which of my heights you're comparing to, lol
I need a measuring tape...
I don't think we own one, I usually just go with the stretched arm method
I wish I could measure myself with stretched arms
maybe if I set a reference point somewhere...
k, I'm totes doing that
k, I am one arm span + 1 index finger tall
@Chippies Considering that arm span and height are generally about the same, that gives very little information
9:44 PM
maybe I should go hug everything in the house until I find something that's also one arm span long
@Chippies There are things in your house that have a defined size. Cell phones, pieces of paper, ...
@FEichinger Exactly
the laundry closet doors are a whole arm span + half index finger wide, but that's probably not a very standardized thing to reference
@JasonBerkan that requires using multiple of them and that doesn't seem as fun
Plus stuff like that isn't going to be precise enough to show a 5 cm difference reliably.
roughly 6 A4 paper pages, but it's difficult to be precise with that
9:48 PM
@Unionhawk Fold your paper into half twice = 5.4cm.
maybe I'll draw many little lines on the wall with an A4 page between them
@JasonBerkan have you tried reliably measure body height with paper pages without using anything else?
it's not easy, because of how not-flat the body is
@Chippies Hey, I'm just the idea guy. Implementation is someone else's problem.
@JasonBerkan well, I'll go for the better implementation, brb!
she'd smack me if she saw me draw lines on the wall
@Chippies Please explain to her why you are laying on the floor on six pieces of paper.
crap, that wasn't her, that was the neighbour suspiciously passing our window and our mailbox
oh well, back to business!
so, I am 6 1/4 A4 papers tall +/- half cm
quick! someone convert that into more universally used numbers
while I go erase the lines off the wall...
9:55 PM
@Chippies Does Canada actually use A4 sheets of paper or do they use 11.5x8 inch paper like America?
@FAE Idk, I specifically looked for A4 when we were buying them, but they were cheap, so maybe it's not true A4
8.5 x 11 is more common.
soooo, what should I use to measure my paper with?
it's like, a millimeter wider than my 17.3" laptop screen's height
now that's something I can google!
this seems much more complicated than buying a measuring tape
@MattGiltaji this does not involve changing pants and getting out of house
9:59 PM
@Chippies Time to do some trigonometry
@murgatroid99 might have to, it seems really difficult to find height*width dimensions for screens...
@Chippies Do you at least know the aspect ratio of your laptop?
@murgatroid99 16:9, 17.3" seems to be the most common size all websites and reviews say
some list it as 17", but I'm guessing they just rounded it down
@Chippies - Amazingly enough, if you are using A4, you are 180cm tall; if you are using letter sized paper, you are 175cm tall.
@JasonBerkan god damnit, that takes us back to square one
10:02 PM
25 mins ago, by Chippies
my passport says 180 cm (5'11), but last time I measured few years ago I was 175 cm (5'9)
@Chippies It's an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper
Your laptop is 8.48 inches tall
@murgatroid99 so, that's the letter sized paper, right?
well, it probably is, since it has such nice round inch values
A4 probably doesn't have nice dimensions in inches
so, mystery solved - I am 175 cm tall
@Chippies Yes
@Chippies Unless it's legal paper, which is 8 1/2 by 14. But that's unlikely
now the real mystery... how come I was 180cm back in 9th grade and now I'm 175cm? Am I getting old?
will I get even shorter as I get older? :O
oh well, I guess I'll never find that out unless I get a time machine and measure my height 7 years ago
@Chippies yes
10:07 PM
@FAE Idk if I should be happy or sad...
My younger kids are still convinced that increasing age = increasing height. They are pretty sure by the time I'm 80 that I won't fit in the house.
I used to think I was tall when I thought I was 180cm and I always said I'd rather be like, 175cm
then I found out I'm 175cm and Idk what to think ever since
@JasonBerkan That is hilarious and adorable
@JasonBerkan tell them that once you reach certain age you start shrinking and tell them about me as an example
10:29 PM
Wow. The US government threatened Yahoo with a quarter million dollar fines per day for not complying with PRISM.
And then started using that same bludgeon against other companies.
@AshleyNunn That NSA information sponge.
I have no idea what you are talking about.
@AshleyNunn I believe PRISM was the, "acquire email metadata" part of the NSA information gathering.
So they were getting all the information about who was sending emails where and when.
10:45 PM
@badp Don't buy it
@badp I'm glad we (Google) reversed that policy
@murgatroid99 I don't have a console
@badp cc everyone else
@murgatroid99 So... what's wrong?
I mean, I've always scoffed at it because "console shooters, amirite" but I'd be interested in hearing about actual problems that would also carry over to a PC port.
10:56 PM
@badp Honestly, at least to my taste, nothing about it is good. And I absolutely love Halo, as a data point
@badp I'll need a second to collate thoughts on specific problems
I suppose this made me smirk, but again I suppose it's not like that on current-gen
@badp I have never played a game that made me feel less a part of the story. I am told by the game that I am doing important stuff, but nobody seems to care and nothing substantial changes
@badp Every mission has almost the same structure, with basically the same enemies.
JUST LIKE IN A REAL WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You fight through waves of enemies to get to the waypoint, then you plug the floaty thing into the waypoint and defend it from waves of enemies.
And they really love fake difficulty: the only difficult thing is fighting off 7 shielded mortar enemies as only one person
Everything that's not the story feels completely pointless: all you get is loot, so that you can be better at pointless side missions, so you can get more loot
They got some great actors to do voice acting, but NPCs besides the ghost rarely speak
Basically, everything about the game feels tedious and pointless. I tried to convince myself to keep playing yesterday until I realized that I probably have another 8+ story missions of just the same thing over and over again
@murgatroid99 oh, sometimes instead of the waypoint thing, you fight a boss with an absurd amount of health that isn't much of a threat as long as you stay in cover
The boss of the first strike mission took 3 of us a good 5-10 minutes to kill, and we were all above the level suggestion
regenerating health y/n
11:02 PM
@badp yes
And if we had all been dead at the same time in that fight, we would have had to start over
If you can think of another element of the game, I can explain what's wrong with it
crafting y/n
@badp The problem is that the ghost will say something like "This has never been explored before" or "this has been a major problem for centuries" and then it's baffling when nobody cares that I dealt with it alone
@badp not as far as I can tell
economy y/n
@badp With other players? no
11:06 PM
Oh right, the multiplayer. There's no variety within a match and it takes too long
pvp y/n
@badp yes, but halo style.
I haven't played Halo.
Separate from other stuff
So it's basically Killing Floor without zombies.
11:07 PM
@badp never played Killing Floor
And you have some persistency between games.
@badp Your character goes into the games, so you have the abilities you've earned, but it normalizes damage and stuff
And I think you earn some experience from the matches, but I'm not sure because I only played 1
@murgatroid99 It's Left 4 Dead but you always crawl the same four rooms. Also cash upgrades.
Also, the environments. They're huge, but there isn't really anything interesting
Sounds like Mars! Except Mars isn't huge :(
11:09 PM
There are random events, but they all seem to be of the "defend a waypoint from waves of enemies" variety
go back to the mission area or you will die y/n
@badp Mars is an environment
@badp No, it's just boring
quick time events y/n
@badp no
random critical hits y/n
11:10 PM
@badp No. Every enemy has a weak point. It's almost always the head
(I just have no idea)
noscope headshots y/n
sounds like that's a yes
@murgatroid99 Devil's Lair?
@badp maybe.
@murgatroid99 yes you do
@FAE If that's the one on Earth, then yes
11:11 PM
@murgatroid99 There are boundaries like that. If you go too far out in the water, you die.
@FAE Right, but you can go to the opposite side of the moon from where your waypoint is
@murgatroid99 That took me over half an hour in beta with 2 random people because none of us had any idea what we were doing and we couldn't communicate with each other
@murgatroid99 Oh right
I kind of wish I had the drive to finish the story, but after dying 3 times on the same wave of a defend the waypoint section of a Venus mission, I just don't care any more
ending on that note a $60 game sounds like a really rough deal :(
It's just unreasonable to send 3 or 4 shielded teleporting robots with AOE weapons against a single player
And since it's like wave 3 or so, it means that I had to play through the first 2 waves repeatedly
11:16 PM
gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/183394/… Is there a way to put a single non-blockquote line-break between two blockquotes rather than empty greater-than-single-spacing?
I just don't think I've ever been more disappointed in a game
@murgatroid99 Biggest problem for this game was the hype.
@murgatroid99 Ugh, I hate that. I was already worried about soloing further on after noticing in the Earth missions in beta that the amount of enemies didn't seem to scale with # of players.
@Yuuki Same can be said about a lot of things, sadly. :(
@Yuuki From my POV, Bungie's track record was impeccable.
11:23 PM
This is a fairly new concept to them, to be fair. Shooters they can do. MMO stuff, the jury's still out.
@Fluttershy It's really a stretch to call this an MMO
@murgatroid99 True, but it does have some MMO elements.
I don't think I've seen a single player in the field since I got to the moon
@Fluttershy But not communication or trading
@murgatroid99 Right. Some, not all. :P
It's more like an Occasional Spatial Intersection game
11:25 PM
So more like a Dark Souls kind of multiplayer, sorta?
Only, with actual world interaction.
@Fluttershy If you mean the thing where you see intangible people, then kind of
@murgatroid99 Yeah, that one!
@murgatroid99 I hear that's the same problem Bioware had when they tried to break into the MMO field with TOR.
Also, according to a review I read, the MMO "features" mean that the game requires always-online to work, even though it's basically a single player game. Too bad they didn't have some sort of precedent to know how that would work out
11:31 PM
> Though the game won't function unless you connect your console to the internet, you can play the entire story portion solo. This is the asterisk to Destiny's MMO-like nature, because the game doesn't connect players to each other by way of giant, crowded worlds. Instead, it constantly creates small instances in which groups of roughly six-to-eight players might see each other on the same planet, running past each other and teaming up against particularly tough monsters as they please.
"Welcome to Earth. Population: 8"
@badp Roughly six to eight per planet??!!
@murgatroid99 #hashtagDarkSouls?
@Yuuki Each planet has about a square kilometer +/- of playable space
@Yuuki You can play Dark Souls offline. It just doesn't record achievements. Like every other game with achievements
@murgatroid99 Well that's not true.
@badp Yeah, it is. I missed one achievement because I completed it offline.
Steam in offline mode will still record achievements you unlock and tell the Steam servers about it when you go back online
11:33 PM
Now I have to get Gesture Maestro on another account.
@badp Oh. Maybe that's Xbox then
@badp Depends on the game.
Ah, perhaps it's XBox.
That functionality doesn't happen in Dark Souls 2.
I guess it's Dark Souls 2 that decides you don't get to have offline achievements then
I got my Freedom Planet achievements just fine.
11:34 PM
@badp This seems insane. With the maps so large, it's pretty improbable you'll run into anyone else
@murgatroid99 Clearly you just need to make a pretty big rufus to attract attention :P
6-8 is a really low number.
@badp If only there was a way to do that
@murgatroid99 I'm reminded of that exploit for L4D2 that made all the players scream really loudly all the time.
@badp Even the. As I said, the map is probably a square km, and each map has a large network of underground tunnels
You'd probably never hear each other
11:37 PM
Q: How do I open the secret doors?

atticaeDuring playing DMC, I stumbled upon a couple of doors, which seem to be magically locked by a blue web of fibres. I know you can open some doors with special keys, but that does not seem to apply to those blue doors. I also haven't found any explanation in the game yet. How do you open thos...

@badp I did one random event on the moon, and nobody showed up for the 5 minutes it was active, even though it displayed a waypoint to anyone who was kind of close
You're making it sound like Firefall might be the Destiny that wasn't.
And Firefall is f2p
Dunno about monetization, though
@badp Did it have a story? Because that's what I was really hoping for
Firefall kinda has a story.
@murgatroid99 um, I'm afraid not really.
11:39 PM
But it's really awfully implemented.
Firefall has heavy grindy-MMO-syndrome.
@FEichinger at least you're sharing the same space with more than 8 people
@FEichinger just like Destiny
I mean, yeah, I came back to Firefall multiple times across the last year and a half, but it never grabbed me.
Mostly because every time it insisted I did the tutorial.
And I play Runescape. I can appreciate a good grind.
Firefall has changed completely at least four times since I got into the beta way back when.
11:41 PM
Last time it pushed me into doing a "story" mission, then the NPC I was supposed to stick by simply vanished.
but that was a few weeks ago.
@FEichinger eh the core was kinda always the same, and the starting area hasn't changed much. Yeah, there's no more back and forth defending bases in PvE
That was perhaps the most memorable Firefall I've played.
@badp See, that's the other thing I was hoping for in Destiny. Because that's what the original reveal made it sound like
@badp Copa has changed a lot since the beginning. The bare terrain is roughly the same, but almost everything on top is different.
A global scale evolving battle to retake the earth
@murgatroid99 That was the ambition, but the battle ended up being kinda... static.
@badp And this magically disappeared shortly before launch. Might be back now, I dunno. :(
11:44 PM
@FEichinger I just didn't see anything even remotely like that last time.
and I spent some time getting around adding "cities" to the map, all the way to the purple goop that dissolves you (?)
@badp It happens in Sunken Harbor a bit, and quite a lot around Dredge.
@badp I think a lot of the hype came from what the original reveal made the game sound like, and a lot of it came from the "Bungie" name
But they've basically gotten rid of all the big open world events, for whatever reason.
It's weird, because that was still one of the really important things in the opening trailer. That attack on Dredge was friggin awesome. And then it never really happened in the game ... :/
...oooh now there's a world map.
Like, literally.
Oh, here it is.
And it's a level 40 area.
And there's no obvious way back
Wayfinding in Firefall has always been the weakest point
I dunno, I always liked that. Glider pads and LGVs solve the travel problem, and the map is pretty good.
11:58 PM
Navigation around outposts and mountain ranges is usually painful and they even monetize how painful it is by having VIP-only gliders.
Luckily now there's the yellow navigation aid arrows

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