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12:00 AM
Jesus, that's not just misogynistic, that's lacking basic human decency and common sense.
@Yuuki yeah, that is insanely fuct up
Lacking in common sense being this part: that another Kleiner partner inappropriately gave her Leonard Cohen's sex-drenched "Book of Longing"
Q: lag is horible so why am i getting it?

savannahmy brother says laptops are usaully laggy. But one day i deleted a world on my minecraft. I started a new world, but it was very,very,very laggy. i soon deleted that world. next world, even a little lag less.i played on that one a little. Then i went on some other world,and in my hotbar i could ...

Even as socially awkward as I am, I'm pretty sure that's a big no-no.
@Frank If/When you get the kit, you'll have to take meticulous pictures
12:04 AM
A lot of her claims are, of course, being heavily disputed. What's really notable about this case is less the specifics of Pao's own grievances and whether they are founded, and much more the fact that the company's insistence on fighting it to the end is forcing a lot of people to take the stand and a lot of documents to come out that are revealing a lot of very seriously problematic patterns about the culture at KPCB and firms like it, and their attitudes towards women in general.
> ... asking if they could get Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (then an executive with Google) on the Chegg board because she's "really hot."
@MattGiltaji wat
I don't know about you, but I would prefer my board of directors to be competent rather than physically attractive.
@Yuuki it seems that if you have more money than you know what to do with, competence doesn't matter anymore
@OrigamiRobot I have the kit.
I just need to finalize what it is I want to do with it.
I think an LED "ring", with a top plate with holes on it, would do the job rather well. But I don't know if such a thing exists.
12:22 AM
take close ups of the area you want to work and and figure out what you want the effect to look like
@Unionhawk Holy shit C3 lasers vs pythons
I can't even
@OrigamiRobot Yes
Fixed the traffic!
C3 lasers works surprisingly well, and have no large ship damage penalty
And I think pulses are really the best option overall
@StrixVaria also apparently joined the boyscouts? points at the knot-like road-thing
@Chippies I might take a stab and setting up the same graph (because that's what it is at this point) with a more aesthetic layout later.
12:24 AM
@Unionhawk I just took one down from 100% plus shields and he never even got a shot off
That's pretty crazy
I hope Skylines devs will add an undo button soon
bulldozing stuff because you misplaced it by one block is unpleasant
Vulture I'm sorry I doubted you
@StrixVaria I'm not sure that counts as fixed
@OrigamiRobot I could probably open it up and take pictures of the parts; I'm not sure if the hollow area for the knee joint would be made up of one part, or more.
12:27 AM
@MBraedley I fixed the traffic (it's better since I took the screenshot; that was residual from before).
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, I was skeptical but now I know about C3 lasers
@StrixVaria more that it's slopy
Oh great Steam, give me an error code you have no help for
thats perfect
Well, someone decided to abandon all pretense .
12:30 AM
@Frank oooooooooooooh
> GHOST BUSTERS!! – x-x 49 secs ago
@AshleyNunn @OrigamiRobot and I are fixing to "improve" what we can do with the space.
Since I think just adding a static LED isn't very fun.
What I've learned from this is that 4-lane roads are awful and I should build everything with 2-lane one-ways side by side instead.
Also, holy shit, here is my paint job for the kit:
12:33 AM
@Frank nice
@MattGiltaji To be clear, that's exactly how I want to paint it. I haven't even started construction yet.
@Frank good job
@MBraedley Not mine! Just how I want to do it!
@Frank well don't make it sound like you already built it
@MBraedley That's why I'm clarifying!
12:36 AM
Also, who says I was talking to you to begin with?
@MBraedley ...You replying to me? :P
@Frank that's for the benefit of the rest of the bridge
Now the beer is gone too.
What hell are you in?!
@TimStone Virginia
12:40 AM
i noticed that @Wipqozn went strangely silent as soon as @LessPop_MoreFizz announced that the booze had run out... perhaps the turtle stole the goods
@MattGiltaji I just decided it was fair to bully @LessPop_MoreFizz in a drinkless state.
Lego Stormtrooper is my favourite Area 51 troll.
> I am an expert on Vampires or as they are more commonly known das Wampire. – Lego Stormtroopr 1 hour ago
Totally unrelated, but found on the same image search:
12:48 AM
@Frank Are those the ones that come with it?
@OrigamiRobot You can buy them seperately, but the model was made to accomodate them, yes.
That's not what I meant.
Are the things in the picture what you have?
@OrigamiRobot No, but I can get some without any difficulty.
So those go inside what you have?
To my understanding, yep.
I should really double-check that, as I'm going off of what other builders have told me.
Yes, there are spots for the LEDs.
12:54 AM
Looks like you've got a good amount of room in there
@OrigamiRobot I'm suspecting so, yes. Especially if it can fit something in there with two batteries.
Well once you decide on the effect, we can go from there
I'm not exactly sure what you mean. If it's possible, I'd prefer spinning lights in it.
I mean what do you want the end result to look like.
I want it to look like lights are spinning inside it.
12:58 AM
Like rotating around the edge?
You'd need a teeeeeeensy motor
Question for those who know anything about stocks! Any suggestions for stocks to invest in? (for a school game/assignment/thing)
@OrigamiRobot I think... shield boosters may do more for shields than +1 grade shield generation both overall and measured per MW. (at least considering C5 shields) I can't tell. Also these are the estimated numbers, so...
1:01 AM
@Frank Small electronics are costly. What kind of cash are you thinking for this?
@OrigamiRobot No budget. I'm chalking this one up to personal R&D.
Well, dimensions are the next step.
Preferably of those little modules that go inside
Because we know those fit. probably perfectly
Those dimensions are in mm
According to Amazon, they're 2.5 cm x 2.5 x 2.5.
Ooooh, that's a nice amount of room
I almost want to buy one so I can mess around with it
The LED, or the kit?
1:06 AM
The LED module
I'm happy you think it's a lot of space. It seems awfully tiny to be able to fit what we're trying to do.
@Frank The motor I linked is only 15mm in diameter
@OrigamiRobot The biggest issue then is centering it in the space.
Now, those motors are $50 each, but it means there are things out there that can make this work
Actually, the main concern is speed
Derp. Did more research. There are cavities for these LEDs, but they're not for the knee joints; they're for the chest.
1:13 AM
That said, there is a "plug" part inside those joints that can probably be modified.
What is the name of this duder?
Darn is right. It's 1cm in diameter, and 1cm deep.
That's problematic
The kit? It's the 00 QANT
If we can't make that spin, I am perfectly willing to just drop a green LED in there and let 'er rip.
But we can certainly make the spots where the LEDs are supposed to go spin.
but I don't know what I want
also, I know what I want but I don't have it
That's what we have to work with
@OrigamiRobot I was looking all over for stuff like that!
It's that green part in the top middle I was measuring.
1:24 AM
Q: Will higher grade thrusters have any effect if my ship is already below the optimal weight of my current thrusters?

UnionhawkI'm currently working out a loadout for my Vulture, which is a very light ship with high class (class 5) thrusters. It's a very light ship, weighing in at less than 500 tons at the absolute heaviest (in a very, very ridiculous setup). Class 5E thrusters have an optimal mass of 560 tons, so even ...

Happy birthday to meeeee...
@Lazers @OrigamiRobot Depending on the answer to this, this may be a thing.
Does anyone know the minecraft command that turns off explosive damage?
@Ben cake and confetti
Or if there is one?
1:36 AM
@Ben Creeper damage or in general?
@AshleyNunn Thanks ^^
@Unionhawk is there a specific difference?
Well, yeah I guess there is.
@Ben Creeper damage is easy to turn off (/gamerule mobGriefing false), all explosions gets complicated
Well there you go... would have though it was the other way around
Wait, no, there is a way I know it (it gets really weird though)
@Unionhawk and to be difficult, yes, the explosion still has to happen. just take no damage
1:41 AM
So, PrimedTNT doesn't have any sort of explosivepower data, so...
If you have mobgriefing off, and you summon a creeper fuse 0 at any PrimedTNT that is about to blow up, you essentially have what you want.
There is no simple way to do it that I know of though
@Unionhawk They've said before that "optimal" is a misleading word for modules.
Optimal mass is like it's baseline mass
@Unionhawk Well... to be difficult, I was thinking the reverse. Damage = no, griefing = yes
Ohohoh... hmm
Q: Can some one tell me HOW to play farm and grow!

Camille JonesI am sorry, but I can not seem to find this information ANYWHERE else.

And if it makes it easier, just make it for Creepers. I can manage TNT. (I just won't use it!)
1:48 AM
I got nothing
@OrigamiRobot Found it
Optimal mass means no modifiers. More = Penalty. Less = Benefit.
May play around with that idea still though. That is a big shield number.
The thing is crazy maneuverable on its own anyway compared to viper
There's some interesting combinations with slightly lower grade shields and shield boosters, looks like
2:10 AM
@Unionhawk You can fit class B thrusters here
@OrigamiRobot With FSD going offline upon overload?
@Unionhawk FSD and Hatch
Barely is enough
Well, hatch already offline because who needs it
Actually, yeah, that does work
Heh, I had exited in the RES and just loaded up the game again.
Immediately attacked by four ships.
I was going to say if you had even a single hit on power plant you'd have to reconfigure power to escape but that's only true if it gets below 88%
2:13 AM
fuck my dad was here earlier and he was going to stay for dinner
I went to lie down for a bit because I was super tired and now it's 22:13
I guess he went home
@Unionhawk Put the shield boosters at 2 and FSD/Hatch at 3
@OrigamiRobot Or hatch at 4 and also turn it off
Point is, that's an easy fix
And as I've learned, reconfiguring power in an emergency isn't too difficult
Ideally you don't even want to get to that point because the shields on the vulture take forever to come back
2:36 AM
Hrm. So fun fact, examples without context are not how one learns effectively. In case any of you happen to be adjunct faculty at a university and didn't know that.
@Unionhawk yeah, that seems the opposite of helpful
@Unionhawk I put shields and weapons in 1 and everything else above that
@OrigamiRobot I was thinking thrusters in 1 and then go from there
Because if your thrusters go you are literally boned
Wheras if your shields stop recharging when you're already low on power you are only probably boned
@spugsley Finally hung up all your pictures
@Ktash :D Awwww yay!
They look good :)
@GnomeSlice the game breaks the moment I hit new game
nevermind, switching tabs and back seems to have fixed it?
seems kinda broken though
it seems to be working now... bad first impression with all the glitchyness
@Ktash it makes me so happy :3 I'm actually gearing up to do a shoot in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited to get back into doing some photo work. I miss it :3
2:55 AM
3:08 AM
@spugsley Yay!!
Wow. That episode of Better Call Saul. Wow.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Every 7 days like clockwork :P
You get three more weeks of this!
Heh, I'll take your word. Wasn't a big fan of Breaking Bad (didn't even finish it), and so I don't really have any interest in the spin-off
3:15 AM
Spider on your keyboard?
@Ktash :O wat
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ian and I still need to watch it haha
@Ktash You have Bad Taste and You Should Feel Bad.
@spugsley Just didn't really find it that engaging. It was too slow and never really drew me in
@Ktash I can't watch it too many bad things.
3:21 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Tell that to urmom :P
@Ktash urmom would be ashamed of your bad taste.
@Ktash BURN
@LessPop_MoreFizz Nah. She doesn't like it either. She stopped watching it too
@AshleyNunn FWIW, the spinoff is much lighter, and requires no real relationship with or knowledge of Breaking Bad. (Though it does have some bad things still.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz I am not good with bad things
3:32 AM
There is one episode where people get shot, but it is mostly financial crimes and scams and schemes and con job stuff
Guys, rocksmith is hard
omg I found a bunch of really old TV ads for some video games
> About as close to real arcade graphics and action as you can get!
btw @ktash, i had the immortals song stuck in my head all day
3:52 AM
@OrigamiRobot, yeah, the learning curve mechanic is broken. It doesn't tell you when it increases difficulty, and it doesn't go backwards either.
@Ben it's pretty easy to tell when it goes up
So if you can do one verse really good, you play the whole song at the difficulty :/
and I'm pretty sure it has gone down before
It's been a while since I played it. I lost the adapter then my guitar got stolen. Still have the game. No idea why though
1.3 million in bounties before having to go reload, not bad :o
Oooh and I combat leveled up!
4:02 AM
Q: What can I do to alleviate the pressure on my railroad network?

Jeroen VannevelI have an extensive railroad network and a few train stations. The cargo portion of the network seems to go smooth but the passenger aspect is in certain areas a single line of trains that sometimes moves a little bit. I have tried to monitor what trains are going what directions and provide al...

@TimStone >_>
@TimStone To?
Gimme teh stats
2.1k kills and 16.5 mill in bounties 400k combat bonds/assassination profits
4:04 AM
I must be close then
But I don't think it's based solely on those stats as I mentioned the other day.
It's fine, at least I'm Expert and not just Competent
This is a good area for hunting above your level though so I imagine you're close anyway
I think resource extraction, in general, tends to have more large ships
In fact, I have noticed such things
Yeah, not sure what happened there but I got 6 anacondas in quick succession with a few clippers and dropships mixed in. Plus a python for flavour.
4:06 AM
Big ships don't spawn at navs
It went from being super slow to $$$
Like, at all
I saw some Anacondas in Pemoeri's nav, but not that often.
I've seen Clipper and Dropships at nav beacons fairly often
4:10 AM
Not super often, but enough that I was never surprised
I've mentioned this before, but I might want to try hunting in LTT 1581 (anarchy independent nearby) again now. Hunting in anarchy can be annoying though
Pemoeri was nice because it had an Empire and Federation faction in-system
Or Federation and Alliance, I'm not sure.
2 of the 3
Hell, now you could turn them both in in-system too
Or rather, in one station
4:11 AM
Very convenient
My main draw to AE is the fact that there is a RES very close to the station and the pirate faction is > 20%
I got decent bounties there but they weren't nearly as quick as doing this RES.
Ooo... I just thought of this, hunting in that spot will mean making a small hyperspace jump for repair (only one pirate station)
And we have it mostly to ourselves
Since once they go hostile you won't be allowed to dock
4:13 AM
Realised today that I have a C5 shield generator on my Asp instead of a C6 one and that I'm a bit over optimal weight which explains a bit.
@TimStone No you're not.
Oh right, it's based on hull mass
Not total mass
Optimal weight is only hull mass.
4:15 AM
But bigger is still always better
For shields, at least iirc
and/or if I understand elite shipyard right
And expensive :(
I really hope they redo the stat system to make sense
Bars for weapon damage? cmon
4:16 AM
lower damage, lower RoF, higher DPS
I always like when the value is the same but it shows it as an increase or decrease.
What the hell do these scales mean if not measurements in those specific increments?!
On paper (their paper) pulse lasers should be strictly better than burst
The ranges for sensors and stuff are annoying too. "4 km" "...Actually j/k it's 3.5 km and we rounded up."
4:18 AM
Yeah, well part of that is the fact that how far you can scan someone also depends on the ship
@Unionhawk Go try a conflict zone in your Vulture and report back
I'm too busy watting at this homework for the past 3 hours
All of the wat
What kind of homework?
Think there's several in Svass, even. And one of the other nearby systems.
@TimStone I only saw High Intensity in Svass
4:20 AM
@TimStone I've seen one, I think it might be a spillover from a neighboring system?
I don't know
@OrigamiRobot All the better for testing.
But the point is, I want him to do it
Allegedly people have made like 2 million credits in an hour in Lugh
I mean, that is capital ship combat I think, so there's more support I feel
Heh, I wonder if they fixed that sound glitch.
Which one?
4:22 AM
After seeing C3 lasers, I kinda want a python with 3x C3 pulse and 2x missiles
The when voice opens automatically by default with a wing?
that sounds fun
@Unionhawk Nah, a while ago I went into a high intensity zone with a capital ship and the amount of weapons fire caused the sound to cut out because it kept trying to play new sounds.
The ship's computer couldn't get a word in edge wise, and the sound when it did come in was a complete clusterfuck.
Almost got killed by another player then too, because I didn't notice their icon among all the other targets.
I bound a "select next hostile ship" button to replace "select highest threat", so that should help my survival
Because seriously, I don't care about missiles enough to target them and shoot them I have PD to hopefully do that for me
Next beta I want that
Wait, I thought they dropped python to 2 hardpoints or something?
What? no
...I could have sworn that was a thing
They did something to the python that made the forums cry
Wait, python is as agile as viper?
Oh, I see, the announcement came at the same time as the announcement that the vulture has 2 hardpoints
Got it
And the python had shields and speed and stuff nerfed
5:34 AM
import nerf
well done
wat levels rising I think I understand wh... wait, no, I do not
I understood the python joke don't worry
       MOVE UNIONHAWK TO SLEEP-AREA.                               UR DRUNK
Who makes cobol jokes are you serious
6:09 AM
Holy goddammit what are you even kidding me right now okay good I think wolframalpha may not be failing me?
wtf is this
Q: What does "frenzy gains effect of every rune" mean?

VaraquilexI just dropped a legendary. What exactly does Frenzy gains the effect of every rune mean? Does it mean that no matter what rune I choose on Frenzy, it will get the effect of every other rune in the Frenzy skill?

6:49 AM
I poked myself in the eye while cutting brush on Sunday, and tonight while trying to sleep it hurts like a bitch. Boo
@Wipqozn Mooseman's meta answer has been deleted, along with all those comments attached to it
As well as every comment on the main site question except for my reason for voting to close
Jan 29 at 5:54, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@OrigamiRobot http://geekdad.com/2015/01/danish-archer/
7:10 AM
> Happy hour is 3pm-8pm on Thursdays and you shoot for only $9/half hour on handgun lanes
An indoor gun range has a "happy hour?"
Morning @bridge
@Sterno I guess an indoor gun range also experiences third degree price discrimination
8:07 AM
@Sterno Sounds all kinds of ungood.
8:38 AM
Aw fuck yes, de-spaghettified the code somewhat.
8:52 AM
@Sterno You should have accepted the nom
Q: Is there a risk of inbred children with fake fatherhood?

PhilippI got an event where my wife cheated on me and got pregnant, but I was unable to proof it. So now her son is listed as my legitimate son. We appear as father and son in family trees, relationship screens etc., even though his actual biological father is definitely someone else. When I now marry...

Q: What is the pantone color of the Atari Pong cabinet yellow?

MitchellParts of the cabinet are painted in yellow, what is the exact color?

9:09 AM
Q: PSA: Minecraft Forge, Java 8, and you

UnionhawkMinecraft Forge has, in the past, not been compatible with Java 8. However, not only has this been patched in Forge for Minecraft 1.6.4, 1.7.2, and older versions of Forge for Minecraft 1.7.10, it has been fixed altogether in Minecraft Forge for 1.7.10, versions later than #1208 (the current reco...

9:30 AM
Q: How do you get your truck on ets2

Ben RossOkay so i downloaded this kenworth and i uploaded it to ets2 ive done the edit profile but when i go into the game its nowhere it not in any shop and its not in my garage dose any one have some edvise ???

@Sterno Not surprised.
9:58 AM
@Unionhawk MATHS
10:38 AM
@5pike If this isn't a shop I'll eat my chat
@fredley I don't know and I don't care.
According to this reddit post that offers no citations it's real and intentional: reddit.com/r/CrappyDesign/comments/2jz440/intentionally_ironic
But uuh reddit with no citations
Q: What is the logic behind the timer of the Sojourner Badge?

Montag451Does the 24 hours timer start: when you hack a portal on a particular day or does it use the calendar days and check if you did hack a portal on a particular day or does it simply use a fixed international timezone to calculate the 24 hour cycle or does it use the agent's ...

10:52 AM
@uni that's not how you win bounties
@fredley I thought about writing my own, but I cba to copy the directions right now
Literally the only thing that needs to be said on that question is "YOU PROBABLY DON'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM"
@KevinvanderVelden That's a lot of jigger-wats
It is, best bit? That's the kickstarter for the real laser

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