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9:00 PM
@Sterno Just looked at the question. Another lifehacks mod removed the lock and added in a close vote
Q: What is the best setting on iPad for reading eBooks

SandySandsI am an avid reader of eBooks and I do that mostly on an iPad. But there are many people who warn of deterioration of eyesight due to continuous exposure to the screen of an iPad. But I can't give up this habit. So what are the best settings I can use on an iPad to ensure my eye sight is saved in...

@Wipqozn After it was edited?
@Sterno yeah
Looks like the question has 4 close votes when it was locked, too, unless you voted on it after it was unlocked
No, it was at 4 when locked
Oh, well, he rolled it back too, so at least the close vote is consistent
@Unionhawk y u do dis
@MattGiltaji Because I know @OrigamiRobot isn't an idiot
9:04 PM
@Unionhawk Citation needed!
@Sterno Yeah, j musser just got a +1 in the respect book from me
@Sterno Well, I know @OrigamiRobot knows at least something about Elite Dangerous
Who doesn't know something about Elite Dangerous?
You made it positively impossible not to know something about Elite Dangerous.
You're... welcome?
The pile of things one is unable not to know about Elite Dangerous doesn't stop getting taller.
I for one cannot enumerate the number of things I no longer know as a result of my newly found knowledge about Elite Dangerous.
Knowledge of something about Elite Dangerous has become a permanent part of me, except for when it will be replaced with facts about stairs.
9:09 PM
@badp stairs?
I was just assuming it was a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff reference
9:32 PM
both are being referenced.
@badp i warned you about stairs bro. i told you dog.
i'm not sure how this requires a lifehack, but both mods have answered it
Q: My monitor turns off when fridge starts. How can I stop this?

Joaquin De La SierraI just moved to a new flat and I brought my monitor with me. My problem is that whenever the fridge starts, my monitor turns off. This is not only annoying, but I'm concerned that it could cause long-term damage to my monitor. How can I fix this? I'm thinking some kind of energy regulator, but I'...

@MattGiltaji don't start the fridge
@murgatroid99 tbh, i don't know how to start/stop a fridge. Mine is always on
@MattGiltaji Unplug it
(Don't actually)
9:48 PM
@MattGiltaji I'm not sure what you wanted to accomplish anyway
@OrigamiRobot that makes two of us
What's a good virtual cd/dvd program nowdays?
I've forgotten what I used to use
@OrigamiRobot i still use daemon tools
I actively stopped using Daemon Tools for some reason
I don't remember why, but I remember it happening
@SaintWacko Sorry, I forgot to specify free :P
9:55 PM
@OrigamiRobot them bundling adware with their installers?
@OrigamiRobot It is
virtual clone drive is free, and a clean / good alternative.
Q: Buy Imperial Edition or wait for ESO Unlimited and what DLCs exist?

ylluminateI'm debating right now on this final day of whether to purchase the ESO Imperial Edition or just wait for the Unlimited Edition to be released tomorrow. In our case we're going to get four copies for our family to play together. I see that the Premium subscription comes with access to: a new ...

@SaintWacko Oh, my bad. Their download page lists all their software. I thought those were the mirrors
ofc will possibly go same way when it gains popularity.
9:56 PM
At the top it says "You may download and evaluate our products for free for a period of 21 days. After this time you must register the products to continue using them." so that only added to my confusion
I think I use MagicISO
@murgatroid99 That sounds like a thing I used to use
Augh how do I un-mobile chat
I accidentally hit "mobile" and I don't know how to go back :(
Should be a full site button uhh...in the room menu? I think
@OrigamiRobot I rarely use it though, because I rarely use ISOs except when I need a boot disk
10:00 PM
@AshleyNunn Ask the chat gods for forgiveness.
Yeah, button in the bottom left, then in the overlay button in top right
@TimStone oh hallelujah that was scary
@murgatroid99 I haven't needed one is a long time or I'd remember what I used.
Woo! One of the kits I was waiting for came into stock!
That puppy.
@Frank Pretty :D
That reminds me I should check my mail
10:09 PM
@AshleyNunn I haven't shown you my kit backlog, have I?
@Frank dont think so
That's all the kits I currently have to work on. Minus one that I finished over the weekend.
@Frank is the faded blue and white one a duplicate or just spans two boxes?
That is a lot of models O.O
10:13 PM
@MattGiltaji I have two of them. :P
@Frank Niiice
Next one is hopefully going to be the 00 QAN[T]. If @OrigamiRobot can help me figure out cool spinny light thingies.
(All those kits actually take up the vast majority of one of my closets)
@Frank do you have a huge display case for all of the models?
@Chippies Two, actually.
10:18 PM
Problem is, I continually lend out my best work for other places. So none of it is in my display cases.
@Frank oh, what happened with the contest a few weeks back?
I have @AshleyNunn's hug gun in a contest. I sold my only Perfect Grade. I have one at work, to remind me of the good things in life.
@Frank You kids and your hobbies
@MattGiltaji Still going, for the rest of the month.
I am still winning, surprisingly.
@Wipqozn When I pick up something new, I don't do it by halves.
@Frank MAkes sense. gives your choice.
10:21 PM
@Frank we are not surprised, you did a kick ass job with the hug gun
@Frank I am still delighted that the hug gun is doing SO WELL
I don't believe I've seen the hug gun
^ Hug gun
seriously I love it
@AshleyNunn That rainbow effect only happens on cameras. How, I have no freaking clue. But it does.
10:24 PM
@Frank even without that it is freaking gorgeous
@AshleyNunn I never did find a proper metallic white. But a polished aluminum works out extremely well as a substitute.
wife's playing Hyrule Warriors, found a map that gives amazing exp, I went from 83 to 87 in 10 minutes, she's now doing it on a lower level, went from 36 to 43 in 10 minutes
But then, I doubt I'll ever be totally happy with my work. There's always something else to change, fix, or otherwise improve.
@Frank even without flash?
@Chippies There's no flash there.
10:27 PM
Just a desk lamp shone on it.
@Chippies What map
It does interesting shadow effects.
@Batophobia very bottom left in master quest
have to get as many kills as you can in 10 minutes
@Frank nice
10:34 PM
@StrixVaria I vote something from Pokemon.
^ The obvious choice.
Also good.
Bridge, what do you know about Android phones?
(aka I need help deciding on things)
Any reason why it would be a bad idea?
@Frank added
(aka I know shit all about phones)
10:46 PM
@AshleyNunn the galaxy core seems to have better RAM and disk, but that is probably only relevant if you store a lot of stuff on your phone
The edit here. I just... is changing it to prostitutes instead of hookers better? I don't know what to do about that one...
@MattGiltaji I don't reallyu
I think I might go with the Moto G
@AshleyNunn my knowledge of those phones is limited to none. But I did like my last samsung alright. It did have some annoying features though
@Ktash I just picked the ones my carrier offered for no money on the current plan I am on, so poor me can have a new phone for nothing
The worst (imo) being the fact you can stop the camera from making a fake clicking noise
@AshleyNunn Probably a good enough way to do thing :)
10:48 PM
@Ktash I thought... that was a thing some law somewhere mandated? I guess not because it's a thing?
@Unionhawk It is a law in Japan
And maybe a few other places, I'm not sure. But it is not a common law. But all Samsung phones (last I'd heard) have the feature to turn it off disabled for everyone
Actually, my phone can too. So it's not a samsung thing, not sure if it's a broader android thing or not
It's not an Android thing. I can turn mine off
It's just some manufacturers
10:51 PM
@AshleyNunn are you ordering it online? if not, maybe go down to the store and see which one feels better in your hands
^ this actually
The feel of it is important. I really like mine a lot because of the feel and weight of it
If you have enough time, and care enough about it, that is
Wow. The Hawken devs went under, and Reloaded bought them out.
@MattGiltaji yeah, I plan to go down there because I need to hold it to know for sure
butr the Moto G is looking like a good option
especially with teh expandable storage
and it is guaranteed upgrading to 5.0 afaik from a friend of mine
or at least, can run it, and I can always go "here please do the thing" if needed because phones are something I know NOTHING about in terms of messing with their bits
Oooh, that'll be a good thing
How long are you locked into phones before you can upgrade?
Thank you for letting me rubberduck, Bridge
@Ktash I just got out of my current tab
hence the looking
10:57 PM
Is it every 2 years?
(that's what it is here)
well, it is now
it was 3, but then they changed the law
The Moto G has pretty good battery life from the looks of it (note: this battery life will assume you disable Moto Display, if it comes standard)
@AshleyNunn Yeah, and the version that comes with it is fairly free of manufacturer cruft
so I got stuck with 3
@TimStone Perfect :D
@Unionhawk I am not too worried over battery life, but that is good to nkow
The new Moto G has a slightly reduced battery life because it's got a bigger screen than the one that came out a year or so ago, but it's still a very solid phone for the price point.
10:59 PM
@Frank Oh yea, I forgot about this
@TimStone That's what I figured, a 5 inch screen at about 2000 mAh... Meh?
@TimStone I generally am not too far from something I can charge in so I am not too worried
I've always had phones with around 24 hours life
@OrigamiRobot No worries; I'm in no rush whatsoever.
@Unionhawk oh god my Galaxy Nexus rarely gets that but I also tend to use it a LOT
11:02 PM
My Moto X gets pretty good battery life most of the time except when the location service is being a complete idiot.
They're definitely improving overall battery usage (for definitions of "they" meaning "wizards?"), my old droid razr maxx had a 3300 mAh battery for a 4.3 inch screen, got about a day of life
I am just hard on things
I just really want to replace my phone because it restarts it self a lot randomly and just generally is slow and hates me
so this is a nice thing
that I can do for myself (even if at my current pace of movement, it will take me ALL day and make me super tired but whatever, one day at a time, it can be my tuesday adventure)
11:23 PM
Q: Can I play the Campaign without using the website?

Matthew ReadWhen I launch BFH from Origin it opens http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh which in turn (after some confusing navigation) launches the game on my PC. Is there a way to bypass this and just launch the game directly? Specifically the Campaign, which I would like to play offline, but if there's ...

Q: Minecraft keeps Crashing but graphics drive is up to date

PandaNovaHDHey so my Minecraft keeps crashing and I have been looking around for some answers and so far all I have seen is that I have to update my Graphics driver but its already up to date, so someone please help me ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Uh... Did I do that? Time: 16/03/15 4:10 PM Descrip...

hi @LessPop_MoreFizz
@Lazers oh hey, it's that guy
@Wipqozn another canadian... tsk tsk tsk
@Wipqozn ur a thatguy
11:32 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz ur a thatpuppet
@Wipqozn urmom is into thatpuppet
@LessPop_MoreFizz urmom is into lifehacks
@Wipqozn Ouch.
Them's fighting words.
@Frank I think I went to far.
@Wipqozn too soon
inb4 de-owner
11:42 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz what about other liquors?
@MattGiltaji 1) Would you ask a motorist, who is out of gasoline; "What about other flammable liquids?"
2) No, I don't have any others anyway.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Why's the bourbon gone?
Q: Is the well in the market functional?

Private PansyThe market structure in Banished features a well in the middle of the building. It looks exactly the same as the well structure that can be constructed to help with firefighting in areas of the town that are far from natural sources of water, but does it work in the same manner?

@Ktash The bourbon is inside me now. It is a part of me and will live on forever.
11:46 PM
@Ktash #alwaysblamewipqozn
@LessPop_MoreFizz your bourbon must be pretty shitty to compare it to gasoline
@LessPop_MoreFizz Are you saying that given another variety of liquor, things may or may not blow up?
@MattGiltaji Only in it's inability to be substituted for.
@Unionhawk POSSIBLY!
@LessPop_MoreFizz so it's not gone, it's just been relocated?
@Chippies more like it's passed on to another life.
The Bourbon is A Part of Me Now.
11:52 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes. Yes I would.
Just to see the look on his/her face when I do it.
@Yuuki I mean, I don't think you'd get much more than a confused face. It's just that it's not helpful advice!
> The New York Times reported that "an anonymous Reddit employee sent a letter to Kleiner's legal team, asking them to subpoena Reddit employees 'for information regarding conflicts with Ellen Pao,'" presumably as evidence that her personality was holding back her advancement at KPCB.
Yup! Reddit doesn't have a misogyny problem! Nope. NO SIRREEE.
Just gonna get involved in the biggest sexual harassment trial in decades and stir shit up, but NOPE! NO PROBLEMS WITH WOMEN HERE.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What's KPCB?
@Yuuki Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, one of, if not the biggest venture capital firms in silicon valley.
Pao is a former partner there, who is currently suing them regarding a variety of discrimination and harassment claims. It's basically being covered as the Trial Of The Century within that set right now.
So, essentially someone at Reddit wants to give KPCB evidence against Pao?
@Yuuki more or less, yeah.
just kind of anonymously sending letters to the attorneys saying "HEY! SUBPENOA REDDIT, HERE THAR BE DIRT"
11:57 PM
But is doing it by asking for a subpoena so it doesn't look like Reddit's jumping on Pao despite not really being relevant to the case?
> [Pao's 2012 complaint] said that a Kleiner partner did not invite her or any other women to an important dinner because "women kill the buzz"; that another Kleiner partner inappropriately gave her Leonard Cohen's sex-drenched "Book of Longing"; and that this same partner told her "the personalities of women" did not lead to success at Kleiner "because women are quiet."

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